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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  December 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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to pervert another wave of covid-19 infections. pres. biden: we will fight this variant with science and speed, not chaos and confusion. host: u.s. president joe biden unveils his winter plan to combat an unexpected surge in coronavirus cases. ♪ hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. the u.s. reinstated a trump era
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policy requiring asylum-seekers to remain in mexico. signs of progress as i run submits 2 -- iran's submit 2 proposals to revive the nuclear deal. ♪ rising coronavirus infections and the arrival of a new variant are pushing several nations to look at stricter measures to contain the spread. in germany unvaccinated people will be banned from much of public life. going chancellor angela merkel calling the restrictions and active national solidarity. germany's parliament is considering imposing a vaccine mandate. correspondent: in less than one week the omicron variant has swept the globe with more uncertainty about covid. in many countries especially in europe new restrictions being introduced anyway with the
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winter surge in delta variant infections. germany is the latest to announce new measures, signs like these, vaccinate is the way this country is heading, the unvaccinated are barred from all but essential businesses. angela merkel says new, stricter measures are essential in a situation she finds depressing. >> to be quite honest the fact that we are now in the middle of such a strong fourth wave does not make me happy. it depresses me, especially when i look at certain regions. correspondent: it of france where the health service is struggling with record numbers of covid infections the government's scientific advisor believes the omicron variant will be dominant within a matter of weeks. >> the real enemy is the fifth
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wave with the delta variant. there will be sometime before the omicron variant establishes itself in france and europe in general. we estimated to be at the beginning of 2022. correspondent: in the u.k. where booster jabs will be available to anyone over 18 the arrival of the variant has led to the clamor for vaccinations. >> we are starting to see people anxious about the new variant that has come across inserted getting people come across for the first and second jobs. correspondent: u.k. prime minister boris johnson himself got his booster on thursday. in germany the government will also consider compulsory vaccinations, and as people put their hopes in jabs being able to ward off in -- omicron there is a chilling prediction from the european union public health agency. it says that within a few months the omicron.
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could be causing more than half of good event -- covid infections in eu, and from oslo, more than 50 people have been infected with the omicron variant at a christmas party. the government says they were all vaccinated. host: south africa has reported more than 11.5 1000 covid-19 cases, five times that of reported a week ago with the south african scientist alerted the world about the new variant. health experts say omicron is driving up infections in the country, but debts and hospitalizations are rising at a much lower rate. we are following two elements from johannesburg. correspondent: experts expect it is the omicron variant causing that sharp rise, where previously it had been the delta variant. this was their main concern, out transmissible omicron is, and
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how it would affect people and just what role that would play in terms of protection. the institute of communicable diseases as a today chances are people who had covid-19 before, it is likely that they still would be infected by the new variant despite having antibodies. chances are being reinfected have risen 3/4. in the last 24 hours there have been 11,500 new cases of covid-19, and one is of particular significance. even though south africa as a total of 40,000 existing active cases of covid-19, even though that number is significantly lower than many countries, the positivity rate is now 22%, up from 16% just a day ago. it is giving scientists a better
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picture -- bitter picture of how transmissible is variant is. host: the u.s. is taking steps to tackle rising covid-19 infections in winter. president joe biden's plan includes restrictions were national travelers. a is called for, while scientists learn about the new variant. pres. biden: we will fight this variant with science and speed, not chaos and confusion just like we be covid-19 back in the spring, and the more powerful variant in summer and fall. we enter this winter from a position of strength compared to where america was last year. last christmas 1% of american adults were vaccinated. this christmas that number will be 72%, including 86% of seniors. host: an epidemiologist and
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health economist joins us from san francisco, california. in addition to the temper stringent testing for international travelers, the administration has announced campaigns to increase vaccinations and booster shots, rapid at home testing for more people. that is just a few of them. what do you make of these measures? could they have gone further? >> is not just asking people to vaccinate getting into peoples arms and boosters are incredibly important. 2 doses we are trying to push as much as we can, but boosters are urgently needed with those over four to six months after their shots, that is the best protection against omicron. the testing is a good move, but
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testing, they make it free, but will it be available freely enough? that is the other question. free and quickly assessable without many -- accessible without many hurdles. how will we scale up and make them widely available and not just read. we also need testing at the international arrivals of every single person coming into this country. we cannot base it on predeparture testing. we need international testing, preferably some form of quarantine and another follow-up test, because we have seen time and time again many cases, when they arrive they are either negative and they only test positive at a later date after they arrive. if they do not have that we would lose a lot of cases.
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stopping the cases at the borders is critical in the early stages. i cannot stress that enough. vaccine mandates, osha is trying to make these mandatory but it is being fought in court, all of these things, carrots and sticks to incentivize people to vaccinate. host: if i could just jump in here for a minute, it does there need to be further investment in combating all of the misinformation still out there, particularly in the u.s. about vaccines? >> combating misinformation is very hard. it is often times a politically charged situation as well. right now we are trying to fight the misinformation as much as we can with good information but sometimes fighting misinformation just creates
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greater -- facebook need to get more involved and youtube and all social media platforms really have to crackdown. they have a moment here. google, apple, facebook, and all of these other major companies, are they going to be on the right side of history and save lives or just sit there and make profit based on information -- misinformation clinics? host: -- clicks? host: good to talk with you, thanks for being with us. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken has meant the russian foreign minister as the divide between moscow and washington widens. blinken says he remains concerned about russia's aggressive policy toward ukraine, but the foreign minister is adamant russia will
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protect its is worse. -- it's interests. correspondent: this was the first face-to-face meeting between blinken and lavrov since joe biden became president. the secretary of state you submitted to ward pressure of serious sanctions. >> it is under pressure to de-escalate tensions by returning forces to peacetime situations. we are watching the situation very closely. we are in close contact with coordination -- close contact and coordination with our allies. correspondent: -- a buildup of russian troops along the border, more than 90,000 is fueling fears of a russian invasion. across the field, ukrainian
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forces articling exercises, russia says ukraine is being provocative them at more than half its army to the east. russia dismisses as inflammatory any suggestions it is preparing to attack. the kremlin is splitting the idea of a new european security pact to try to stop nato from expanding further east. >> we do not want any conflicts. nato partners have stated they have no right to dictate to a country who does not want to enjoy it nato, every country has a right to [indiscernible] correspondent: tensions eased after a first summit meeting between the russian and u.s. presidents. russia's deputy foreign minister says he is hoping for confirmation that there will be sensitive contact between vladimir putin and joe biden in
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the coming days. that could be a phone call or virtual meeting. if it does happen, then just as in earlier this year that could go a long way to coming tensions on the ukraine-russia border. host: the u.s. government will restart the trumpcare reporter program the forces asylum-seekers to wait in mexico for u.s. immigration hearings. the biden administration had scrapped the controversial program, but a court order in august force them to reinstated. migrants are expected to be sent back as early as next week. correspondent: the texas court's ruling was upheld by the supreme court, which agreed the biden administration had not investigated fully enough before removing this particular law. biden had described the law introduced by president trump as inhumane, and his administration got rid of it immediately.
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in light of the supreme court judgment, at administration is reintroducing this remain invesco program. he has spent the last room is discussing with the mexican government ways in which this can be imposed in a far more humane manner. this includes providing transport for individuals to encampments within mexico where they can stay while they are awaiting their court cases. a significant matter as well was the was a great -- agreed to mexico's demand for a time limit on the process, a maximum of six months to decide the case of each individual. this is going to have a massive impact on tens of thousands of people. the biden administration is looking at immigration particles to see how it can rewrite its immigration policies in a way that would satisfy the courts
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and conservative politicians. host: back in the race, a libyan court reinstates gaddafi is a front national candidate. campaigners fight to save a historic palestinian village from a redevelopment plan. ♪ >> look forward to brightest because, the weather, sponsored by qatar airways. meteorologist: we are starting the day in bengal where we have got this disturbance that was lime into cities on friday. we will see where it goes, still plaguing all of these areas, amber alert's are out to see rain and flooding.
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monsoon rains active south of indochina. central and southern portions of vietnam have seen landslides, but we aren't drying off across indochina on friday. we are going to go to china, i pressure carving out sunny conditions. not much to report. a mix of sun and clouds in hong kong. a number of records broken across japan for rain and w inds, and we still have it coming at you for the western side, and the cool full of air still in play here. it looks like sapporo got the dry side. that is it. see you soon. ♪ >> the weather sponsored by qatar airways. >> a secret himalayan summit
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more treacherous than everest. ♪ revered and feared locals, yet an irresistible challenge to western climbers. -- the wall of shadows on al jazeera. ♪ ♪ host: hello again. germany plans to ban unvaccinated people for much of public life to stop a fourth
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wave of covid-19 infections. at the u.s. is placing the restriction for international travelers as the omicron variance continues to spread. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken estimate with the russian foreign minister at the divide between moscow and washington widens. tensions remain high. the biden administration is record -- resurrecting former u.s. president's donald trump's remain in mexico policy. it requires asylum-seekers to wait outside the u.s. while they wait for the hearings. the son of libya's former leader as been given the go-ahead to run in the presidential race. gaddafi was disqualified by the election commission because he was convicted of war crimes in 2015, but he appealed. supporters gather to celebrate.
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in the vote will be held in three weeks. this is director of the first public policy think tank libya who says there are no clear legal rules to establish what makes a person eligible for december's elections. >> you have the current interim prime minister who pledged he would not status president for the elections. he has been reinstated over the last 24 hours. you have a man wanted by the international criminal court for investigations of war crimes. a case was filed against them in the last 48 hours. he may choose to run anyway. that is why this process seems to have no legal integrity. it is almost like if you have an opinion from the courts, you could run. at the election laws itself
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passed by degree, libyans never saw a date where that election law was cast by the elementary votes. -- parliamentary votes. a supreme court could come out after the elections and ruled elections law we are basing this on is illegal. the supreme court is not sending organization. these lower courts are in session. it is so confusing that even analysts are struggling to understand what the structures are, what the legal mandate is and you have other issues, mercenaries being deployed that have not withdrawn. all of those things coming together that means the situation is really unpredictable. the military situation, many of which attacked the armament, all of those armed groups are so volatile that the situation can erupt into conflict. host: the united nations fears
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ethiopia could descent into sectarian violence that will factor the country. the u.n. is warning of a chaotic repeat of the exit is afghanistan. it needs a record $40 billion next year to meet military needs. the european union has ordered all nonessential staff to get out of ethiopia. in recent weeks rebel forces fighting government troops have made gains near the capital. at that your lung more as killed thousands of people and displaced more than 2 million. iran estimated proposals to european powers negotiating the revival of the nuclear deal. it is the sum of the seventh round of talks aimed at bringing iran and u.s. back into the deal to limit our run's -- iran's
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nuclear program. our correspondent as more on draft proposals. correspondent: there are 2 lines, one on the sanctions. the second is on irna -- iran rolling back its measures. iranians will be waiting to hear from world powers whether this is acceptable or not. it's we have heard from an iranian diplomat these proposals are not what was agreed on during the past six rounds of thoughts. some of the points that contradict with the nuclear deal struck in 2015 were omitted. additional elements that iranian see as crucial to have with the talks were added. today the iranian top negotiator
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with europeans and russians and chinese is believed to be meeting also later today with the head of the iaea. host: our guest is an advisor to the iranian negotiating team. he says i run's -- iran's latest proposal should be considered seriously. >> both are in accordance with the jcpoa. iranians have not submitted anything to the different negotiating teams that goes beyond the nuclear deal. what iranians have been saying all along is that if the united states and europeans expect iran to go back to 2015 they too have to go back to 2015, and that is the major problem.
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the united states was to keep some trump maximum pressure sanctions and iranians are saying that is impossible. i think one can say there has been progress. the fact that europeans recognize that it would ministry and in tehran will be more steadfast in protecting iran's rights within the framework agreed on six years ago, that is progress itself. when iranians made it clear there will not allow the money is take advantage of our run -- iran to keep certain sanctions in place to be as them. that is a violation of the nuclear deal itself. everything that the iranians are doing today are in accordance with international law and that the nonproliferation treaty. the caps put on the iranian nuclear program were basically the result of jcpoa, so when the
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united states tore up the agreement they should've thought about this. host: iraq's political rivals have come together to put an end to protesters. demonstrators gathered to oppose the final results of the parliamentary elections. someone who has won the most seats of iranian backed political blocs. protesters claim the vote was raped -- rigged. correspondent: after six weeks of political rivalries and tensions, controversy over iraq 's parliamentary elections, political rivals met on thursday in order to reach consensus and end the crisis to diffuse tension. on thursday the shieh -- shia
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religious and political leader met with leaders of the coalition tremor, the iranian backed political blocs at parties. they agreed on a number of major points, on top of them that all foreign troops should leave the country by the end of this year. they also agreed on supporting and enhancing the role of mobilization wings of iranian backed political race. they agreed on criminalizing any type of normalization with israel. among the points during the meeting is to support under privileged areas across iraq with financial and political support. at the agreed on combating
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corruption, especially those abusing the state authority in order to serve their own interests. following the meeting, someone úoúóc?c?c?c?ióqoxoxoúoúoúoqoúoq■
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