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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  January 15, 2022 6:00am-6:31am PST

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(explosion booming) - overnight north korea launched its first intercontinental missile. - his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. - officials in hawaii are launching a campaign to help residents plan for a possible nuclear attack from north korea. - we will have no choice, but to totally destroy north korea. (timer beeping) they will be met with fire and fury
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like the world has never seen. - [reporter] another potential target within kim jonun's range is hawaiian. - it is imperative that we be prepared for every disaster and in today's world, that includes a nuclear attack. - [trump] roetman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his for his regime. (sirens wailing) (dramatic music) eagus squawkg) (tone being) - oh gos what haened? holy cp. did sothing haen? "balstic misle threat inbound thawaii. seekmmediate sheer. this is t a dril"
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my god. at do weo? - [womanit says, "thiis not arill." - [man] issile teat bound toawaii. seek immiate shelt. th is not drill." but i dot even know where wgo. - it wasurreal to ar althe phes go of - "balliic missi, bound toawaii. is is noa dril th is not drill." - aneverybods he went inync. (phone rging) - [operator] 911 poli, fire, bulance. - aller] yh, i jus goan alertn my pho thathere's aallistic missilthreat. ishat coect? - perator]e're tryg to fige it outsir. [caller]ur hotels on thalert. ithat tru [calr] is a ssile cong? hey gu, i don't ow ifnybody ee got it t i receed a notication aut a balltic misse threat ading tords hawa. it says 's not arill, bui'm not sure. i'm re at scfield barrac right n. i'm pposed tstart workn a few urs. i was ju hanging t on thex. don't kn if thiss for re, but i'm ying to nd cover ju in case'cause..
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thisrap is njoke, ma you nnot jokabout th crap. - [manrun! getnside! - all rit. wasn'tntil i g inside, en i saworkers cing. - oman] myhild is at ho! (sobbi) shopperseing consed. does schield havbomb elters jt in cas that'shen i ben to belie like, okay, mae this ireal. - we a that yoremain calmremain ithe builng and we get formatiowe will annnce it othe pa. - i began tohink about thpearharbor attac nobo saw thacoming. thiss actuly for rl. i ed everyingle onof you, fami, friend get to ver. ease geto cover becausi don't ow... i dot know wt's nna haen afterhis.
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eople chring) kids wergetting t of the war and ju running (peoe chatteng) ruing towas ala moana st forhelter. it was rlly... my hea was hurng becau u just dn't know what do withour emotns. d i oked at kids and'm like, et the (ep) out thwater rit now." u want tremain cm, but othepeople ia frenzy anso you'rthinkingwhat they kn that i n't know okaywe need to gowe need go. we need to te this siously. (soln pianmusic) - [jeff]'m rling onanuary 1h. i'm waikikihonolu. d just, my phon i st got aalert that sd "balliic missi reat, inund missile. this is t a dril seekhelter - 10inutes ler, the one ringand it'sim. the rst ing he ss is, "honeyi need you toheck theews." - [jef yea i chked my nificatio anit emergen broadcasng syste
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coming blisticisle. - oh mgod. [jeff] iust saw grp of pple ruby out the seet. - i' goto go! i don't ow wherehe (bp) to go right n. i mean, 're sittinducks he. thers nowherto run. i don'have a car. thvery fir thing thought s, "omy god, at guy hit e buon." mean, th literal cou behe startf a nuclr war. we weret in this nlear debe orhis rampg up of clear tensio with noh korea, i ink i wod have been slor to go ere. but because weere, i loed at itnd my heart nk and ient, "i'm gonna die." - did u ys get that? th alert ce in as i'm le-streamg d talkinto thousandof peopl my god. at do weo? yoknow, yokind of throu the stas ofhether onot the ert is rl.
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ba, what dwe do? - dohat? - d you noget th? - at is it there's emergen ballisc missilthreat. - what - t a dril - no w. - yes. what dwe do? tell me. - i dot know. hold o relax. you're seaming. yoshould pbably turnhat off. okay. byguys. - amond he in the backoundere and pel harborff to theeft of tt. our backrd is pel harbor my firsthought wa you kno ey're goa atck pearl haor first (soln music) my bt bet wa gog undergund. - ye. - ah. my nepw andre me ovehere and fted thi80 pound manhe cover one far - d garrets just le, "get ithe le, get that ho!" i'not gettg, i'm le i'm not goa get inhe manho! ani'm recoing ony snapch 'cse everye's aski me, hat am ioing?" dad. i don't nt to gon. - looked, was cleaand safe d i stuck i thin o kids dn first.
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watch gog down. that one is aittle bibigg. and the fe went aft and en my sowent dowafter. it was perfely clean solid corete bunr, 10 by 10unker. (soft ano musi - we in waii hava saer prepadness miset t we alsin the backf our mis know th in the ent of an internional colict on this side of the planet, we're a target. my colleagues far and myself now. i'm in the state legislature and i've been leading ice in state government to try to prepare the state with disasteemergencplans. soeing intately awe of theystem th we have i took ivery serusly. - [autated voi] a missilmay impa land orea withiminutes. this is t a dril - we p our kids in the thtub antold theto py. u know?
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got ourmergencyupplies. we went to t inner most rooin our hse, hunkeredown, sheer in ple, t ready r pontial imct. anat some int, y kw, i ok down d my kid are justooking uat me, pring. and i ew i had stop evything d just g in with th and hold them [automat voice] you are doors, sy indoors. - you kn, my wife and were just waing for flash and were coveri them wi our bods. my e year olasked if we we at war, and for l i ew we we. - i gothat tex i wausing th baroom at e time, so i wasust li in sho really. d corbin iediately jump into acon. he w like, "ay, kai, les pack o bags ango." - m an inftry man the ited stas army.
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i pack this hu suitcas th cloth a foothings and firetarting thin and watproofing so tt we canreate li a littleamp of sts. and my we comes t with hihalf fild backpa. - when iead a ne article a couple oweeks bere this incent had ppened, it sd that oe u got yo message you onlyad a coue of nutes bere it hi anso that'what real panicked me w i don't ve time do anytng but pk and go every ngle sond and mite wasike, when it gonnhit, when'st gonna t? i ssaged mparent that i love em. and thateally goto me. i thinthat's wn it reay hit me wh i sent at te messageut at i mht not live thrgh this. i might dying i e next0 minute (sffing) and th feeling
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of likalmostnevitae deh (chucks nervouy) wajust so ary. - eporte if nort korea laches a msile, it wouldake abou20 minutes reach haii. - those us who tch the ws ha always own that it w a possility. we've beenold thathe state has beenorking othis ssible ctingency so it's not ke it wa out the blumessage. and one the tougst decisns at i sti questio inyself toy was as i'm collectg my fily, myoungest n who's 13 was ft asleep d i madehat callery quicy. d i saidyou know"i'm ju gonna l him sle." ifertain dth is cong, there's reason give hi10 minut of pani as t last thg he expienced if he don't haveo. if sometng happe, ift does sike near then he ould just remainalm. and i jusgot evyone elsento the ving roo but evenhen we're down tre
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and my oer kids re askin "wt about e younge?" i said, et him sle." i wasn'tven su in that mont ifhat wathe righcall. and still don't knowf i uld makehat sameall toda - i,atie. - i,at. - ke you, il. - take y, phil. - to be husband to be myusband. - i w to.. - was clo nine tis 10 like bond any her day i'vever had. take youkatie. - toe my wif - toe my wif we had just ti the kno onhe most rfect, beauful weddg. anhere we e starti a new chter in o lives. oft musi here y are, yo brout all the people tohe hawain island wanted go to a placthat heavenl and weight end up in a place at's likhell. - [aouncer] ease mak your wayo the loy and thstaff wi direct u
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tohe lowerevels of t hotel. thank yo - our itress camover d said vy calmly. - "i don want tolarm you t they'rasking everyone to come inside becae there an incomi missile you coulfeel your hrt sinki. okay, weeed to gethe car ys, beuse as sn as theomb hits there's t gonna electrity. we're not nna be ae to useur hoteloom keys toet back . we shod get blanket. i shld put osneakers in ce we're nning thugh rubble a not fliflops. like iyeah, itind of we into li a war sne iny head. d as i w like grbing stuff om arounthe room kehat do need in aime of w? likeyou know, we d our weing dres we had o like pho album, wead o guest bk. like a those a real amazingemories, but none othat was worth sang or grbing orven thinng about itas like at do we ne to surve right w? [man] ye, we're do the basent. - anin this ment and tal and pe cover hallway
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is wre we al arted toram in. (peoplchatteri) - wh we wererabbing uff, there s a mome that we opped and ju like hued each her. ansaid, "wl, if we he four ds, like they re four great days." and like there's no one else we'd want to spend it with. - but i n't even ow wheree go. - [bce] okay. i don'know whato do. - [nele] why d't ey expanmore lik - [bry] yeah. wh about trists? we havno idea ere to g [nelli sheer's neay. - weent to hawaii to hava babymo aseople duit now. i lance yo we didn'come to hawi expectg thate we gonna get t by misle. - we were just here tenjoy time as a couple before our baby came and swirled in. to treasure each other and we're so excited for our future, and then the thought of this all might not be. - ap. i might di and toy, today my lastay.
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- was jusawakenin mont of li we're hpless. ere's lirally noing we c do, t pray a wait anhope. - itas just azy, lik evything w just inhe air. - and everythinge were finding line wasike, "just ek cov, wait tbe updat." this is t a test - and e crazy ing with our worldight now is couldotly happe our babymoon. here's o baby that'sonna be rn just a w weeks. and yopicture is entirperson d this wle life andotential anthen youhink, ma all that, th could a just go - it wasust like"dang, i'not gonnget to b might noget toe a mo" think th out of erything s the mo disappoting thi abt this spid misse scare is not being able to have my daughter. - [automated voice] the us pacific command hadetect a missi that to haii.
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- emergey. baeries. bagsf extra clots right re. i warunning ound the whe house, getting e house ady. i wa lock l the ors, ose althe winds. thought was goingonna di i thght hawa was gon be ped off e face ofhe plane i acally rannd got aosary, arted ju holdingt and prayg the "o father. - dad wasn a diffent isla and i ought i uldn't be able see him oln music) - i haa split cond so i got tca my kids i hato putn thatupermaface and thatuperman voicand tellhem, "hey lk, dad'skay. i'm in mi workin u guys kw that. yore in oa." they we scaredbut i had to put on at voice whereverythi's gonna fine. you knowi'll find u.
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and bacally inhe back myead, i w saying odbye. and i id, "i'lfind you i gave mlittle ster's a bihug and ss. anthat'sctually when ty realiz, oh, thers a bomboming. and that's wn they actually srted cryg becae it wasctually al. it wasctually ay, i love y elsie. i love youhelen. i couldn say evething's goa all rit. i coul't say tt. n't worr i'm rig here. i ve you gs. - at daythat morng, no onwas home so t house w empty. is is itlike i'm goa die ale. no one here.hat's it everyone accoued for, bui neededo accept thathis may it.
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mentali already bere this ppened was at if anhing es happe i'going tory to suive. you kn, that'sy an. there's a stairwl right xt to oudoorway. , okay, m like, w, i needo step io action i grabbethe bagsnd they we down inhe stairll d i wait there. when ias in e stairwl, chrisan calle i member wting to ll him that love hiwas on the tiof my toue, but didn't wt it to be goodbye i didn want ito be a gdbye so i didn't sa"i lovyou" becausi just dn't... i ju didn't that to it. (semn music) - [larrygod, the ther of rcies, through e death d resurrecti of his n has conciledhe world himself - [denisit w a satuay morni
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at sainttephen dcesan ceer in kaohe. - had o morningrayers thene went io mass. - mewhere, would s in t middle mass, bish larry, walketo the nter of e church and just kne somethinwas wrong. - i s comingown. i ought, wl, you kw, this cou be the d of us. - [dise] he shed us hiphone. - so told th we just recved an art saying tt there s incomg missil ballistimissile. and at this s noa test. - looked ally sadnd he id he wasorr you kno anyou coulhear it ihis voic but thene said, ut at i cano for yo is i canive you geral absotion." - rmally wn a pers sins, they gto cfession a prie, it very prate. d thenhey reive the lo's forginess.
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thugh the nistry of h church, may god gi you a pdon. in geral absution, ere's a ecial ovion for ergencies. ani absolvyofrom you si in the me of thfather d of theon and of theoly spir. thosare the rds that said. yes, and i figured if there's any ocsion wherthis cou be done, is is it - i'veever seehim do th and he oked so d. i had ner given it bore. no, no. we don't know if we would've died we woulhave st been rned whetherhe air would ha been pouted ore would ve had to stay shelteror ys, week months. - e mood w somber. sense ofnxiety 'cau everyon we werehere, but our milies wen't. - th was theost saddt feeling had to gthrough
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at thaparticul time wa my husba and i a not th our children. (suspenseful music) - we're iving an abt a halfile out, th of ouphones wt off. you kn, we're st loing for rage sal anheading wards thbeach, and th of ou phes went f saying "emine alert, bound, ballistimissile bound." - and om everying 'd heardn the mea that, s, thiwould beeal. weidn't doubt it f a minut we jt were ishock. - i ju pulled straight uphrough t interseion d pull over an that'sueens beh. (wav crashin i xt my ki, "i lovyou." i di't say missis are cong in rit here. ju, "i lovyou." got myon, "i le you." sat downn throck and di't feel ll. i started sweang d dizzy little b and en i got sk and then got sic
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and th i g really ck. i ok my clhes off and jump in the ttle tidpool that washere and just sashing mface. i was rowingp unrwat. wasn't tnking abt the miile, i wasn thinkg abou anythinglse at tt point, just mwhole cht was onire. (busy sial beepi) - trd 911, a you coul't get tough 911 itas so sy. - i remeer pulli in the parng lot. i waed in and, and i said, "i think have fo poisoni. myhest is rning." - theyot him io a room andown he wt. (heartonit beeping anthey sai "he's not eathing. ey came d told mee was de. (hea monitorlatlining) (phone dials beeping)
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- i called the suicide hotline because i... (sobbing) i feltlone. d... only onci called icide hoine, d i firslike sayhe rd out ld that ias gay. i ha i hadt done it fore tha - said, "y know, it'seally obous somethins bugginyou. and really wh u woultalk to . just lete help. just please talk to me. and stopp, we were aut 50 yas fr the hou, he stoed and he dn't say,i'm ga" i thk he sai "i'm n strait." and i t my armaround him and lled himn anhe start sobbi, shing and bbing. and i id, "it' not a bideal. 's not aig dea" and thiss the ing that uck withe, he sa,
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"i wanto get mried. i wanto have ks." d i said kenny, yocan haveove. you n have a of the lo in yourife yowant, and you n have ks too. none othat hasone away all ofhat can ill happ." bui rememb thking at at poi th it waa secret the ree of ushared and heasn't rey to are withther peoe. (suspeeful mus) - i wasleepingnd i woke up because my phone got thmessage. i can'really rlicate w like mheart drped. - anthe language othe text was so iisputabl rong andlear. - it said,this was t a dril" - becauswe have hurricane ason her x monthsut of e year, have bags ready to g bapacks wi food and war and blkets aneverythi like that. we kind ietly meodically we about pparingor what wthought cod be, but , i thindeep dowhoped
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wouldn be nuclr annihilaon. - elly] nny, he s strick anhe was wking ound hding theog. - did not nt th to be rl. (solemmusic) i salike a bch people snapcha thatere like postg confesons or thingabout li, they werlike st sayin"i love yo to evyone. and wiout real thinkinguch, i ju kind of posted a blk screshot of jt the te "i'm ga" was st of liki closed my es and jued off aliff when i st the meage. - was surpsed and mpletely supporve of hidecision be trueo himseland sharthat infmation. he almoslost his life a lost evything, or at ast had look athat asest as a5 year old uld lookt it en he hato look it and ok it inhe face, decided don't wt to live auntrue le anymor
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at's whai think ppened. i justanted tourry u d start ving tthfully. ke i didt want to wt any loer. i just hrd h yell, "t the tubget in t tub!" - i'm in the military, i'm a pilot, i've done five tours overseas. two of them were direct combat tours. you know if you start getting emotional, that's going to hinder your ability to react properly to any kind of fe-threatening situation. - he ld on hisack and i d to g down. i d to layn top ofim, kindf on allours and the g was he. it was ally uncfortable because wanted us to be belowhe tubine. do i reay want tdie in a tubhunkeredown, scared in a sition ofear? or di wanto go outside d you kn, lookp towardthe sky, e the suand you ow,
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have marms towds heave acceptae of dea. oft musi me slod down. - and th time pt ticki on. d then t rationa me ces back d says, "we shld be de now. why ar't we de yet?" (alarm beeping) - [autated voi] false arm. theris no miile thre or danger tthe statof hawai - [jill] so i'm twitter and it says, "civ defenseust confmed that t ballist missile alert hawaii s a miste." - [jef holy (bp). false alarm! - i kissed my wife at that point, i grabd a t-sht and i said, "i gotta go. we got get on e air." - e ste of hawi tting evybody kn at:45 thisorning that e missillaunch w false. - [bry] update, just go anher thinon our pne.
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it's aemergey alert, "tre is noissile teat danger the ate of haii. repeat. lse alarm." - you'reust thinking to yrself, "it, e you seous? are u... is it ally alllear?" and th once yofind out, is reallyll clear yore like,how can is happe" - aprently somody slippeand presd a butt at sent e entire isnd into nic. - "oop" that w the headne on thnewspape "oops!really? - this inot a oo. (pne ringi) - [calr] yesi'm sureou guysre getng indated. is there missile comingowards haii? - [operator] oy, sir, there is not. at was aistake. that was mistake made bthe stat - [operar] the msage s suppos to say, "this a drill but the ong head went ou - aller] tt's really bamistake make. - [cler] is e missilcoming? - [operator] okay, ma'am, ignore the message you got on your phone. it was sent in error. everything is fine. it's a false alarm. - [caller] oh, thank god. (soft music) - so i just brought them all in and hugged them
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ansaid, "wre goa to be ay. it's ove we're se." - d we jusended upugging. gging ancrying r a lo time. - so wclung toach her d sobbed for qte a whil (chuckl) - ry, veryumb becae lo of us tsome extt had to eertain t notion that wwere abo to be porize - reliefabsoluteelief. and th came anr. i was soad at i hadust gottenaken thrgh is rolleoaster of etion andanic anrealizatn of h unprepar we were - peopleere running ghts. pele were eaking thspeed lit. - there was al panicere.
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pele waite38 minut fore theext aler cameut from e state. 38 mutes! the biggt reization at we had that ve moment s, wow we are cpletelnot preped r any ty of atta. we a not prered die. - just as 're advid, always tbe prered with od and wer and alan. we should be prepared spiritually becae the is a life bond thisife. - it taut me to apeciate my life apprecia oers, moreto love hers mor to be caful how inract witothers. d at are mlast words others? was itplifting? and wait encouging? hodid i trt others
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- yomight wa to ve an evuation pn. you mighwant to ow where thnearest elter is d have fd for twweeks, but es your faly know w you fe about tm? do youcoworkerknow w you fe about tm? e there estions answers thatou've be hesitant to t and addss that you ould befe the fil mome? getting to the mhole mahave held us get little b of prottion, but think all felt li if it we to hapn, we wouldave diednyway. anbeing tother, yoknow, inhe last ments th we had we good engh for u one of t things leard from tt day is that morrow isever prosed. ballistimissile reat. i waed away om janua 13th bei gratefu ing thanul to gothat that we' still gna be he for threst of at day. d i walk away teing myse th i need be able to snd more me with tse i ce abou


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