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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  January 24, 2022 7:30am-8:01am PST

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announcer: on this episode of "earth focus," lessons learned rinhurricankatrina e ing put the tesalong th coa of louiana. someredictew orleans will be suerged byhe endf this centu. the reon' survival depds on its abilitto adapt tolimate cnge. if succeful, louiana may provide bluepri for oers arnd the wld. [film advance clicng]
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cker: tre were milies werkids in e streetlayingootball,ight? therwere nghbors. this house was the candy lady. as kids,e would me down andpend ouruarters d si here onhis porcand eat itnd just joy the mosphere ofthe commity, rig, and that went ay just ornight it justot washeaway. elicopt whirrin ma: we areeeing sces like th one thrghout thcity. lberman: you rember if y told thm that e leees had oken? browni don't recall specifally, buit was tt
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ne orleanss floodi. walts: no. s. ocked over em planton heir poch lastnight, hh? mis is somupset wi you. couple months o, we haa in stor just a dinary rainstorin southst louisi it waone of the days tt we thoht "heyjust a ltle rain but low anbehold,he city flooded.he draine sy was not up to par. cker: we loved hricanes kids. i rememb when thcalm me, we wld play t in the ater. itas just other da ff from hool, right,ut now
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it'terrifyi. i's terriing. lters: ts is not hoax. ths is rea climatehange is rea so how we liveith it? i thk in thisection of wn, we're srting to understd that wer and lima change goes hd in nd. johnsn: new leans ithe la 5 to 7 ars has ally ken on areat adaation of climateesiliencand clate chae. elevaon is onof the maor adaptions thayou sotimes se is thathe housesre raisehigher. this is t center r the sustnable engement a devepment. have rn gards here. help mmuniti how to ild rain
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rdens.e also he a orard. youee over re, we have mons. geus one o re. ater katina, yohad all ese toxi from thwater, s tht went io the il, and that's all ov the lower ninth ward and probably a lot in louisiana. evidently, the process of going through the trs to beafruit, idoesn't ome in theruit. so, we recommend above-begardens where u can pufresh soil to ve you cps that e not tanted witthat poi. whawe've trd to do help th the cmunity tfirst edate em becaue they t coused abo, you ow, is climate ange a pitical issue.s it rea we ju try o give tm the fas. then we y to shohow th can be advates f how we apt to th clima. cker: ife don't do methin all ts beautyof ew orlea that erybod loves,ouristcome dowto e, the' be loong at
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just water. tt's . willia: the pl we' relied on bieves th we can ght ter, anif you've ev been to a beh when there's a iptide nd youhink yo can fighwater, y will len that y will le that btle. waggoner: with a climate adaptation plan, you have a wet system and a dry system, so when you need to lift water out, you can do that, but when you needo let thwater you n let thwater in thrgh that stemnto the nals a circula it arou thcity. wiiams: imeansome peole mighwalk pas here an think "oh, yh. it's just orgrown it's a lolying ea thatas certain
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vegetatn in it at is th perfect vegetion wheyou nt wateto absorand be le to ssipate a more gradl rate. mean, itoesn't loolike a t of natur science,ut ther's aot of naural scice that es into it. wagoner: cts less ave green frastrucre becau this is low-maintenance. this is a model of a part of the city as the main drainage basin. you ve an unrground stem e white lis under e ear. the id was to t the ater io these pes, to t thatater tthespumps d ph it outthat washe thod. wiiams: trh of theatter is, the is no y to sol our waterssues wi just ou pumps andurbines. it'not ough. will never be enoh. ggoner:ou know,ecades of dong thwrong thg usuall killou. wgot our ath rning in005. lliams: thereas a poitical ll to ma sure
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hat thisity seesnother00 ars, would mean ving ery beatiful, very aesthetic blueways along with greenways throughout the city, us living with water, so that when that next storm comes, because it's going to come--that's a fact-- that water has a place to go other than your cars and your homes and the street. [film advance clicks] reed: at some point after hurricane katrina, people started get reay serious aboucoastalssues, a they strted to ink abourisk reductn, proteing peop from ooding, gether wh restoraon as onthing th eds to baddresse and s we ca up wi this cotal aster plan whichs a list of rojectsthat hae been scieifically vette and so we ve projes that ddge mateal from e place and pu
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it ianother ace to aually bui new mares wherehere's opn watert the mont. on th risk-rection de, we ve extsive sees of vees a floodgas around ome crital coast commities. these arerojects that thi will wo, not wok now, b work in the fute. n: this skyla 5478 noember. kolke state's coaal maste pln is a $ billion50-year plani conser myselan eanograpr and coastal geologis so i ok at ises likwhy we sk in louiana and ilso look at issu like ow we rebuilcoastal landspe. the rrier isnds are one of the rst lineof defens ainst atorm, rit, so notichow thiss now prty ch connuous. tre'no chnnels inhe middlof it.
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th is an emple of restored rrier island. all rht. th you can senew orles, so th's e the maj post-kaina leve improvents, so the ea was t basicly to wa off thiarea prevent storm sge from getti to the wer nintward. leve are somimes bui with earth,nd sometes they're ilt withoncrete, b the core pnt ithat theare all a walthat procts an aa from was anrising waters rom a srm. the ggest variae in thiis sea lel riseif the sl level ri tes are the lownd of th specum of what peopl pdict, th you cou rebuild rge are of the ndscape and prove flood otection for lot of pple. if tes are at the gh end, en i think lot of areas wl be lost, en wi thetate's besefforts.
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l rightwell, weome to codrie. thmasterlan neds a lotf input,nd so th kind of rk that do feeds into t paramets thathe ste needss part oits masteplan. so younow, i jt wantedo gi you a vw of whathe salt marshes ound here lo like. you canee that ere's mah oriles in at direcon. mahes prove a lot buffer frm storm ergy, sohey' a buffebetween r human vilition andhe sea, the storation involvepuing sedint into marsh li this to rai the eletion tallow it toetter keep pace with sea level re and toill in aas that haveroded.
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so thiss the bua dove struure, whi is one the major fldgatesn the morganzto the gf levee syste with a vee, o questionhat you ve is ho'insid and whis outde the lev system.y drawin this walin the msh, you're channg the eironmentbut yo'ralso setng down series princips of who lives wre and t kindsf chices thathese counities face inhe years ahead, me of which e going be veryvery toughhoices
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alrt p. nain: thisrea used tbe lover' lane cause therwas treeall overhe lace. u cou get in re and go hide ck thereso we'd listen music a hang ou with ur girliend. y'al do't md if i s that, h? all rit. i wasorn and ised rightere, ithe tall grass rightere. i gss it reresent wre all omy anestors w born anraised and dd, and aot is bued overere, awell, soo me, it means ahole bun. mardell the land is importt to us cause i's whre our ancestors stled. at'where arfamiliesre. that's whe the hea of who e are i. it's a space at we becomone with
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albe p. naqu: the inans werin the w of thwhite man, so ty all signed trties forore landnd more nd, and that'sow we goto ov here. t governmt chased , so we settleover re and s happy,nd now mother ture is tting us away. brnet: thiis my grdparents ony mothe's se, my grandmothernd my andfatr right ere. was raid here whole fe. yesisle de anharles h alwaybeen a wonderfuplace toive. t islandidn't actuly open to the rld full not until outhe earlyifties wn our ro was bui. itas very sy to wa up in he morni and seermadillo in the yd or opoum or a
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raccoon, yoknow, cssing th yard whateve whatnotall that hashanged bause, wi a lot of just beg water w, the treesave diedff. what y're sing isctually st a skelen of whait used you kw? alert p. nuin: to , it means almo, i guesyou can y, like family mber havi ncer, yoknow? 'seing eatenway, younow, whe it'just a ttle bity little bit getng destred. now,he only ting is,he piecof land is lasng longethan theuman bo can.
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the one right he is an o fielcanal. ere's one tht passesere. the's one at pass a bit fther anthere'one th passes the , so yo're oking at wateor saltwer intruon ming fr the peline cals and ey destred the getationhat wesed to have.. but, u know, st of th ople worfor the l compaes. the're e one that's putti food anpaying the nt and mtgages a stuff likehat, so,s much ayou hate the you he to like em. dupreisle de an charl is-- what's theommon ying?-he
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nary ithe mineield. w're seeing-ver herewe call relate sea lel rise. u havehe globasea leverise ich islight, t about % the seaevel rishere is becau of subsence, we bo subsidi and youave the global a level se at th same te, so w are snking b i ink it's 3 mlimeters yr. it don't und like much, t you gonto 40 years50 yearsand you art o noticeifferenc when you're alrey only sghtly ove the ter likesle de jean crles. brunet: the binning, was slow press. it s really not rely noticble, but tn whener the wer start coing in en more wh it, it got toe more pid becse they h more war comingn and t land di'ttand a chanc
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so many ople on eir ownid makthe decion to go becau of the ter. na naqui my dad ved off the isld, i wanto sayrigh bere i wasorn becae he wasn't able get to rk with theoad floong and hneeded to wo t i amrom the loxi-chimacha-chtaw band isle deean chars, and that's my hetage, th is my dghter's hertage. y know at'our faly legac alber pnaquin:aah! [lghter] t all t people o will b namedhurry upfarmer b. a chd was bo evebody wenand visi
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and bught a gt. now 's no appening tnk you f today's sunse. den, you want andian me? yes. your names littleox. theisplacemt reallyreally made change iour culte. now weind of le-- ha ha !--likthere arno iians, ok dre: the ly way tse astal counities ll rvive io the ter 21st cenry is torotect oselves from the lf of xico. i realize 300 yea, this wl probay be allpen wate i mea the seaill takes all overwhat i'm tryg to do th e leveeystem, wt i' tryg to do, is y oursels tw or 3 gerations.
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it's just about impossle to clude em into a levee sysm. it wod cost pbably $300 million, and it would be nearly imposble because the salt coitions a so bad. u know, build a fod-proteion prect, you ve to he more befits an cost. onehing th's t facted in thcost, th only look at t cost ofhe homes the co of the sinessesthe infrastrture, bu you kno i do't ow how youut a pce ont, buthey do n conside the co of a whe cultur filmdvance ccks] [tom-m playin cordelle: displacent
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kepsappeningnd we just fuher sepate our communy, it'llust get st. [men anting] man: turto the lt. coardelle:e learneabout a natnal disaer resilnce an compition, swe submied our pns. we wked to fit wh thstate's master planand theyresentedt, and it t funded saders: rit now, t way elocatio typical happein the unid stateswe rely individl buy-oumodel, and s in oher wor, someon
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receivesome compsation to live sowhere se, but in doinso, we o lose at culral fabr, so we n't real kw if we n move people clectivelas a gro cheapeand morefficient than iividuals comardle: the's ve litt positivin t form of rettleme of peopleyou know, gernments just don't do well.e presend a diffent mode communitdesigned comunity-rien. i thnk that wa, hud loed on thatnd saidlet's try i. let's try a pilotrogram, e ife can fiure out w to do is on a smallescale soe can chge it for--we have many commities inhe u.s. an aboad th's fang theseame clite issue and i thinkh's whso many peple are tching, cause it' like, ". can weeally get ts right?" becauswe know how imrtant its for th uture the world tget it right
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brnet: the's realityhere that don't ke, butt' soething that have to ce up to beuse, yosee, i h to go there d make aecision lee a placthat's alwaybeen ho for or 8 generationnd that wn't sy to let of, and, in fac in spe of answing thatuestion few times, it still doesn't make i sy. ilm advae clicks mardellesohis is t new prerred sitfor the land. his is wre our cmuty is gonna mo to. it's a betiful ple. to methis is nelife, nebirth, a sustnable ple. this a healthspace.
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saders: no we do uerstand that is is a storical trbal commity, ande also unrstand tt populaons have ft thisarticula locion over period time, an those fks who are successf in thisroject wl hae an opptunity t reonstitutin the n locati, but ouprimary t benefiaries arthe peop ving on e islandwe want to pk up theeople th are livg in thidire scenar and ense that ty live mewherehat is se now an into the future comarlle: i hope that t ibe wou own theand, and acually, we sorof like xed ownehip. younow, the folksould havfull rigs to theiland, buat the se tie, if th were too and want tmove offf it, itould reve back tohe tri so that ay, that lanwill be rever sacred for t tribeo have. sands: we've goto walk a pretty fe liney which 're deveping somhing thamakes sese for ts communy but so coulde applicle to a uch widearray ofommunities at may in a silar siation. wsimply d'tave
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a ood answ to tht questn yet. omardell i find is ver empowering. it's allong us to breadown somof those cultul barrirs, som of those griebarriershat's en in ple from yrs past. you di'tven reale it. if evy other rricane ason ou' havingo replaccars r furnite, you d' have a chanctoave savis, and y do't he a chan to allo yourids to hava betterext step life. srting ouin is piecef proper, they canave a ho and a w to progresinto theuture. ii was tportray on an ndangered spies listthis is ourebirth ere we c starour new pulationo get off at endanred specs lt.
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation.
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amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> you don't ve to imagine what it looks like when the court overturns roe v. wade th film shows you. amy: saturday marked the 49th anniversary of roe v. wade the landlocked supreme court decision which legalized abortions nationwide. many


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