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tv   DW News  LINKTV  April 4, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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this is dw news, live berlin. evidence of a civilian massacre by russian soldiers near kiev. hundreds of dead bodies were discovered in the streets of the capital suburbs. >> these are war crimes and will be recognized by the world as genocide. you are here and can see what
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happened for yourselves. they are increasing lesson sanctions. also on the program, the u.n.'s top climate scientist says it is now or never to save the planet. the latest report warns that climate change could spin out of control without swift and drastic cuts. i am phil gale, welcome to the program. the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky has accused rush of genocide after hundreds of bodies were discovered near the capital. mass graves and body shown signs of torture have sparked widespread condemnation. moscow claims the killings were staged.
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the next report contained some disturbing images. >> lining the streets, evidence of pressure problems coming to light. over 400 courses have been retaken by the forces. a visibly shaken volodymyr zelensky game. the longer pressure delays the talks, the worse it is for them. because when our troops advance and reclaim territory, we see what is going on. it is very difficult to conduct negotiations when you see what they did here. the images out of butcher have
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shocked the world. joe biden plans to continue to support ukraine. >> i got criticized for calling putin a war criminal. the truth of the matter is this warrants -- he is a war criminal. we have to gather information and continue to provide ukraine with the weapons they need to continue the fight and we have to get all the details. this could be an actual war crime trial. >> they said in a tweet that the european union was ready to send investigation terms to ukraine. sergey lavrodenied his companies culpability and called this a staged propagation. the kremlin's are becoming less believable if everybody -- with
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everybody retrieved, left behind by the retreating army. >> let's join nick connolly who was in butcher earlier. welcome. what did you see? >> i saw shocked that has been destroyed. even before it could be fully finished. lots of high-rise new apartment blocks that have been ruined while still under construction. you see a lot of people under shellshocked happy to see outsiders. a mix of hope, relief and a shocked energy. people very keen to tell their stories and share what they have been through the past few months. we were at the main website next to a church. about 100 people are lying
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there, several letters. you can see we are just buried in this. as locals told us, they were shocked in the streets and collected by neighbors and other ukrainian locals who brought them there to get them off the streets. the top layer of people are in body bags. they did their best to collect the passports or any other kind of id to be able to reconstruct who they were and let them know we went to the seller of a children's holiday camp where the ukrainians say several people were executed with their arms tied behind their backs. the bodies are being recovered by the authorities today but there are still bloodstains on the walls. it is a very extraordinary and disorienting place to be.
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the rest of ukraine and most of people here were hearing the artillery shells. it was not reliable for a long time. they were not actually able to go and take a look at themselves until the last few days. >> from what you are saying, there was no shortage of people there. >> we were in another part of the kiev region. as soon you enter that vision, you get an automatic text message, encouraging you to report whatever you experienced to a government website. they are talking about their
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attempt to try to find the next of kin and there isn't a mobile phone connection in there. one of the most haunting things i heard today was from an older woman who spent most of the last month hiding in the house, scared of living and she talked about going out to buy some food and being shocked. it was dangerous that they would also lose their lives. they would only be able to recover that body after weeks of that body lying on the road.
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>> we are not going to expect any help from the russian side. >> i think that is a given but for now it does not seem like they are advancing any alternative explanations as to how these people died. i think it is about looking back to 2014 and the flight over done bus by what was then later established as a russian missile. it took possible explanations.
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now, advancing those charges against people who will be tried . they are not available to the corporate years of work did manage to achieve a clear picture of what happened in 2014. >> thank you for that. following those discoveries, germany has declared 40 officials at the russian embassy in berlin -- effectively expelling them from the country. the german foreign minister would also boost the support for ukraine's armed forces and tightened economic sanctions against russia. >> the images of the past week and have highlighted a brittle dimension of this war. with the most serious war crimes
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against humanity. we must not only close the remaining loopholes in the sanction system but we must also intensively and rigorously implement this package. and with regard to ukraine's self-defense, we will now also examine things we have not examined before. >> let's get more from thomas. let me start with a simple question. the call for even more sanctions. >> this is the decision to expel those 40 diplomats. they will say that it is all about securing germany. maintaining official security
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against russian lies and propaganda. we also heard the official russian reaction, that coming from the russian embassy in berlin, stressing they presented their view to german officials of what happened. they rejected germany's announcement of this 40 diplomats being expelled. stressing that these actions would not be left without consequences. we don't know what those consequences would be but according to the russian officials, they say that this damages russian and german relations even more. from a german perspective, -- this is only the beginning, or actions are actually expected.
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quite what other cards does germany have to play? there -- there are already stringent measures in place. >> existing sanctions is something that they stressed. but that is something that germany will probably not do unilaterally. what germany is reluctant to do is impose an embargo on russia imaging imports. that is why germany has said that it needs more time before it supports a decision. what it is against is doing it immediately because that will affect germany to an extent that germany does not want.
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that is why german officials are so reluctant to support this immediate embargo on russian energy. when russian forces invaded ukraine, the russians against the war joint protests around the world. >> on the very first day of russia's invasion of ukraine, this designer took to the streets of berlin in protest. first with banners and then she realized russians like her opposed to the work need their own flag. >> the russians are invisible at these protests. we don't look any different from ukrainians so everyone will think we are not protesting in
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that we support the work. we realized we needed a symbol to show we are russians against the war. >> a white flag with a blue stripe became that simple. it was not the idea of a single person. but the red and the russian flag represents blood and violence. they replaced it. they make the flags and hold. -- at home. >> the idea is that everybody can make the flag from fabric they can buy in the local store. the color on my flight is not ideal. i have paper tt is better. the fabric is to green. many people are using colored paper belonging to their children. that is why there is no specific tone of blue that should be
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used. no one is mass-producing this flag yet. quite the flag has appeared at rallies around the world. russian authorities have also noticed it and banned it from being used at public events. the new flag has a lot of interest. the main colors of the antiwar movement are the yellow and blue of the ukrainian national were flagged. -- were flagged. >> this informs u.s. policy set in russia and supports the country's democratic development. she joins us from washington.
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welcome to dw. you said the pro-democracy russians are in this tragedy with ukrainians. what did you mean by that? >> i mean this is the worst possible scenario at the moment. this is the work of pressure ainst ukraine. it is the war between the dictatorships. we are fighting the dictatorship from the beginning. this is what we are tether, we are doing everything. in 2008, we were standard -- standing together in georgia. we were doing a lot of things. one of the main programs of my organization is on behalf of the
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kremlin's political prisoners. a big part of that was ukrainian hostages. as soon as this will began, we are together and doing a lot of things. we are doing humanitarian assistance, everything we can. >> understood. i suppose people will look at this and commend your actions. but just wondering how effective you can be from outside pressure. -- russia. >> the pressure keeps coming constantly. you can be in jail, even using the word the war in russia. even before that, even if there
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was any activity or any expression of dissent with the current russian regime. this is just for leading the thg. i had to flee on a 48 hour noce. i established this from my tchen table. it is already a global movement. everybody can be much more influential and impactful. >> there you are in washington. your organization forms in
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russia. what more would you like to see the biden administration do? >> they are a little bit too late, a little too little. if the sanctions were all introduced in 2008 or 2000 fort lee -- 2014, the situation might be different. especially in the long-term perspective, all of these energy experts that they will get this year will be even bigger than
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before the war. it should be much more condemnation between the u.s. and the european union then and there should be an energy embargo. >> thank you for outlining that. hungary's prime minister has secured a fourth term following this weekend's election. he also got a super majority in parliament. he faced accusations of eroding democracy during his 12 years as prime minister and has clashed frequently over the of law standards. >> pro government news papers have this splashed across the front pages. a fourth victory that comes as little surprise for some. >> i trust they will be wise when investing the money they store.
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-- install. despite some predictions, they want two thirds of the popular vote. >> error message to europe is we are not history. we are the future. the opposition alliance was disappointed, the challenger sees himself as a victim of the pro-government media system. it should be clear to everyone that the media tipped the scales in favor of this. there was one big surprise, our homeland made it into parliament, shifting the country further to the right. osc election observers say the election was well organized but not completely fair because of government influence on the media. the effects of the latest victory will be felt at the eu level.
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>> election promises have to be financed. high inflation has to be fought. but it looks like the relationship between hungary and eu will continue to be difficult. >> the war in ukraine has prompted european countries to take steps to decrease their reliance on russian gas. but climate action is still not happening fast enough. climate scientists just released a new report and the findings are stark. saying series because to pollution are necessary and the world needs to act now. que the world is hurtling toward a climate danger zone and the options to avoid it are running out. this assessment is clear. drastic action is needed to --
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some government and business leaders are saying one thing but doing another. simply put, they are lying. the results will be catastrophic. this is a climate emergency. climate scientists warned that we are close to a tipping point that could lead to cascading and reversible climate impacts. >> climate impacts leading to more extreme weather events. the world is on a pathway to exceed 1.5° celsius warming limit agreed on in paris. >> if we continue acting as we are now, we are going to be warming to 2°, never mind 1.5°. the mission in the last decade was the highest they have ever been and have continued to increase. >> scientists have said that they must do this to prevent disasters climate affects that
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only drastic reduction will secure this type of future. >> that is the hopeful message we're trying to get over in this report. it is not all lost. we had the chance to do something. >> the wor must leave behind the age of fossil fuels or face the disastrous consequences of climate change. >> the grammy awards returned to live for the first time since the pandemic. a full capacity show. there was a dose of reality. ukrainian president address. >> john legend teamed up with prerecorded ones.
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>> on our land, we are fighting russia which rings horrible sounds with its bombs,. feel the silence. we are able to tell the truth about the war. in any way you can. and then this will calm. >> there was also a lot to celebrate. silk sonic, the r&b supergroup from bruno mars and anderson pack won song of the year for leave the door open. olivia roderigo won best new artist. and billie eilish paid tribute
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to the foo fighters drummer taylor hawkins who died suddenly in south america but the night belonged to one artist. >> we are jon batiste. >> jon batiste was crowned grammy king. >> this is dw news, live from berlin. here is a reminder of our top stories. voldymyr zelensky has accused moscow of genocide and work times. following the discovery of what appears to be a civilian massacre. people were found in mass graves, sparking international
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outrage. the german foreign minister has announced moves to expel 14 russian diplomats. france and lithuania are expelling numbers of russian diplomatic staff. if you are up to date, more welders at the top of the hour. i am back in a moment to take you through the big stories of the day in the day. goodbye for now.
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young under france 24 and france >> welcome to life from paris. these are the headlines. zelenskyy says russia's war crimes made the possibility of negotiation more remote. ukraine's president was speaking in bucha. zelenskyy visiting the town of killings and mass rates. -- graves. a busy weekend of campaigning in the french


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