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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  April 21, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> this is dw news, a life berlin. another massive shipment of american weapons headed for ukraine as president biden says vladimir putin never succeed. just as he did last week, biden announced another $800 million in weapons for ukraine. also coming out tonight, russian poodle claiming victory and control over the besieged city of mario paul -- mariupol.
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farmers on the front line, ukraine is one of the world's leading grain exporters. how farmers are trying to grow crops in the countryside. a countryside scarred by war. i am brent goff, to our viewers watching in pbs and the united states, welcome. we start with more military assistance for ukraine and a warning that russia's vladimir putin will not win the war. president biden made those announcements today in washington in a major display of support for the ukrainian government. this latest package of weapon shipments it is worth $800 million and it comes on top of the 2.6 billion the u.s. has already delivered to ukraine. biden says the package will contain heavy weaponry that the
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government says they desperately need. >> i am announcing another $800 million to further augment ukraine in the east. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers and 144,000 rounds of ammunition to go with those howitzers. it also includes more tactical drones. >> another very large shipment of arms to ukraine from the u.s.. i asked our washington correspondent how much help this will be forgive. >> that is right. this is a lot of money. the howitzers, the tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, he also pointed out that the u.s. has already supply plenty of antiarmor systems. he says these are not particularly effective against russian tanks. that they actually outnumber russian tanks. it is providing this again with
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this package. he says u.s. intelligence continues to share their information with ukraine to help the country defend itself. at exactly will it help? president biden made clear that this package is tailored specifically. especially with the type of weapons supplied to help ukraine defend the east where russia has ramped up his offensive. that is just a different battlefield to a city like kyiv. president biden said that the topography of the east of ukraine presents a very different challenge. according to him, this will in that effort significantly. >> we know the president is not shying away from his authority here to send these huge aid packages to ukraine. how much support is there for this aid among americans? >> i think it is safe to say there is broad support for ukraine among the american
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public and also condemning russia for its attack. i looked at a poll from the associated press just before coming on showing that 54% of americans think that biden has not been tough enough in his response to russia's invasion. around 36% think his approach has been just about right. the number of people supporting direct involvement is waning. it will be interesting to see how much support there is. that could cut into some support. president biden has exhausted the authority he has had with congress. that mean he has used up all the money and the ability to send weapons over. he will have to send a supplemental budget request to congress again to continue the flow of weapons and a.
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>> he has underlined that the u.s. and allies are in lockstep and pushing back against russia and ukraine. if you listen to the biden administration, a lot of cooperation happening on all levels of the government between the u.s. and its allies. president biden says the u.s. is also helping allies in europe get their equipment like aircraft systems from slovakia into ukraine. that being said, i spoke to an expert earlier who is a retired army general who said he was very critical of germany. he thinks it is absurd that
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germany is not meeting his obligations on and fermenting their oil and gas embargo and then germany needs to stand with its european partners in eastern europe. that is one voice and we are hearing more voices critical of germany. >> thank you. >> there is no evidence that mario paul has -- mariupol has fallen to russia. russian forces have successfully liberated the port city in southeastern ukraine. some 2000 soldiers and about a thousand civilians are still believed to be holding out inside the vast steel plant in the city. kyiv is demanding that they let civilians leave safely through a corridor. president putin called off plans
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to do that. he told his defense minister to completely seal off the area. a report on a steel plant that has been a symbol of ukraine resistance. >> this plant seen from russian state television. ukrainian forces are holding out inside. mario paul has witnessed two months of heavy fighting. president putin has claimed victory in the city and told his defense minister to seal up as defenders in their last stronghold. >> i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area pointless. i order two aboard it. there is no need to climb into these catacombs and grow underground through these industrial facilities. block off this industrial area. that way not even a fly can get through. >> we will never succeed in
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dominating. >> joe biden dismissed putin's claims. >> it is questionable whether he does control mariupol. one thing we know for sure is that he should allow humanitarian corridors to get out. that is what any head of state would do. there is no evidence yet that mariupol has fallen. >> ukrainian authorities have urged moscow to open humanitarian corridors to allow those sheltered in the heavily bombarded plant to flee. previous efforts to organize this have had little success. some 100,000 residents are thought to still be living among the ruins.
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there is a part of our city where our servicemen remain and they will stay there for now. there is growing concern that those trapped inside could starve. >> it is difficult to verify claims coming out of mariupol. what he is hearing about the conditions inside the city. >> not a lot, i am afraid.
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an estimated 2000 servicemen and maybe 1000 civilians, maybe more, maybe less are still on the attack that has been going on for the past few days. the supply of ammunition is limited. the mayor ha said ther is little hope to evacuate because no cease-fire could be achieved. there have been attempts to do that but they have failed so far. they could establish another corridor.
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for prisoners, all these things are being discussed. for the moment, the russians have the upper hand. they could just starve them or keep them in there as long as they want. >> we are getting reports tonight of mass graves that have been found near mariupol. what do we know about that? >> since satellite imagery has shown there were many fresh dishes that look like graves in a place where russian authorities have buried the dead. 20,000 people at least have died in these weeks where the city was under siege. that would be a big part of the people who had still been living
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there in the beginning of the war. they would quickly vary the people at least temporarily. these images support what the mayor has said about the number of people who have died in the city. it is very high. >> the spanish and danish prime minister's name for a visit. what more do we know about what they said? >> they announced additional weaponry and aid. additional military aid. the spanish prime minister has visited one of the places most
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devastated and occupied by russia. he was deeply moved and what he saw there. it is a show of solidarity. >> as always, thank you. >> let's look at how things have changed on the ground in ukraine. >> this week, ukraine's president declared that the battle for the donbass had begun. russia said that they were focusing on the important industrial region to the east. cutting ukraine from the seed
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here. russia and its efforts to take more territory across the donbass. u.s. analysts say they believe russia appears to be trying to encircle ukrainian forces between its territories. up to 40,000 ukrainians may be positioned there. that is about 20% of the known forces. these ukrainians have been well practiced at fighting separatists here for years. russia is estimated to have up to 70,000 troops across the southeast. some western analysts believe russian forces are not ready for this new offensive. they say they appear to be rushing to attack without proper training, preparation or supply lines.
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this week's bombings are being seen as a test by russia to find weaknesses in the frontline for attempting to move tanks or troops forward. >> pressure is growing under me to speed up shipments of weapons to help ukraine fight russian forces. the government in berlin says it is preparing a swap with the fellow eu and nato member, slovenia. slovenia would send a large number of tanks to ukraine. to replace these, germany would provide slumming it with tanks from its own supplies. germany is already sending military aid to the ukrainian army but it has faced criticism for not getting details on those shipments. we have more on this deal. >> these are unconfirmed reports
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so far. berlin has been making clear for some time. if other countries could send their soviet era equipment to the ukrainian military, they could step in and replace the equipment. those tanks could be sent immediately. no training required because they would already be familiar with the t 72 tank.
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that could be key because all the observers say the next few weeks are very likely to be decisive in this battle for the easter -- the east of ukraine in particular. >> russians were in ukraine is having a major impact on food supplies both in and outside of the country. >> the war has left its traces on this property. alexander is a farmer. he owns a thousand hectares of farmland. he sits where the harvest is. >> they came to the gate and began rattling. when they realized that the troops were barging for the
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gate, they ran over there, across the fence and into the village. thank god they are all alive. >> the russian forces have installed themselves inside the facility. >> the russian troops that occupied this place for around three weeks -- when they left, they blew up this place. >> now he is picking up the pieces. it is not just his farm house that was destroyed, the fighting has also affected his farmland. >> they have not been here yet so we don't dare go out. we can't work at the moment. collect the money be great -- mining brigades are out and about. they have not even started the money -- demining the cultural land. and the military administration hopes they will be able to help
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in time. >> people can more or less walk around here. we do the fields only after we have done that first. >> i guess it might take years for agriculture to get back to normal. meanwhile, the winter is growing. >> we flew drones over the field and where we see traces of vehicles. my workers have been searching for mines with metal detectors. the consequences of this war will continue to be felt far and wide as ukraine has been feeding the world for decades. >> and economist here.
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grain shortages stemming from the war in ukraine could lead to food shortages across the globe. >> we do thi the consequences -- we see the consequences radiating with collateral hunger across the glo. wheat prices are up, maize prices are up. you look at the powerfuprice index ich is a msure of the global prices. it reached the all new high in february. this is the first of nine here to feel the effects. they don't have the ability to afford food anymore.
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quick that a disturbing number of people. what about these countries that are important ukrainian wheat and food? are they able to diversify their imports as quickly? >> that is a huge issue. there are countries like egypt and turkey who are major importers of wheat and they depend on them for more than 60% of their weight on ukrainian and russia. they supply 30% of the global exports. there is a number of other countries that depend on russian
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or ukrainian wheat for half of their imports or more. there are other countries that could fill some of the gaps but they are? . the potential for other exporters was anticipated to be limited. if you look toward argentina, the government is trying to convoke -- control domestic inflation. >> there is a supply of fertilizers from the black sea region. can you tell us why that is
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important and what kind of consequence it is having? >> energy prices he been highly volatile. that means that there is probably lower productivity and less supply in the longer term. >> difference where the two
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candidates in the election squared off in their only televised debate. it is one of the last chances for incumbent emmanuel macron and his challenger marine le pen to sway voters. quickly only tv debate between emmanuel macron and the woman who wants his job, the foreign challenger, marine le pen. >> under the glare of the studio lights, the gloves were off. macro attacked her over her past dealings with russia. >> you depend on russian power, you depend on mr. putin. you don't talk to other leaders,
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you talk to your banker when talking to russia. this is the problem. >> la pen -- le pen insisted that she would not return to moscow. >> i agree on on the sanctions taken against the oligarchs, against the banks. the only section i disagree with is the one blocking russian gas and oil imports. why? i think that is not the right method. this is not what will actually hurt russia and above all, it will hurt the french people a lot. >> the candidates clashed over climate change and the economic track record and his first five-year term. on immigration in the treatment of muslims in france, the candidate's policies are far
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apart. >> i want to been the hijab in both spaces. i was eight in the clearest possible way. this is a uniform and by islamists. >> you will create a civil war in the housing projects. i am being honest. >> that is because what you said is very serious. >> an opinion poll found over half of them surveyed -- french voters will have the last word in sunday's runoff election. >> you are watching dw news, here is a reply. the united states will send more military aid to ukraine. the biden administration says it is sending another $800 million worth of heavy artillery and drones to ukraine. and vladimir putin is claiming
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victory over the deceased city of mariupol. the u.s. administration says there is no evidence that russian forces have completely taken control of the city. a small force of ukrainian soldiers are still holding out inside the steel plant there. you are watching dw news. after a short break, i will take you back to go through the day.
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■x■x÷÷ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ñ■ >> it is 10 p.m. here in the
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french capital.. here in the here the top headlines. russia claims control of the ukrainian city of mario. even though hundreds of ukrainian forces are still holding out at a steel plant there. the city strategic for moscow has been under relentless siege since the war began nearly two months ago. the u.s. unveils new aid for ukraine including $800 million of million -- military assistance, $500 million to keep its government running and a new program for ukrainian refugees.
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in the latest developments of the uk's party gate scandal, boris johnson is to be investigated by british parliament over allegations that he lied to lawmakers about flouting lockdown rules during the pandemic. welcome back to the program. glad happy with us. russian defense minister says the besieged city of mar you pull been liberated. a claim hailed by rep -- russian president vladimir putin. the last ukrainian probe forces are still holding out there at the vast steel plant.
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russian troops to control most of the city. >> very long struggle for control of the city, volodymyr zelenskyy has can flirt -- confirmed that russian troops have the hand in mario the >> i know that he has captured much -- much of the city. there is much of the city where our troops who are there are still stationed. they remained there at the moment. >> the ukrainian leader said around 100 20,000 civilians remain trapped in the besieged city. efforts are underway to secure their safe departure through humanitarian quarter doors. -- corridors. some of already managed to flee. earlier this thursday, three
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buses with evacuees arrived. according to the international organization for migration, around 7.7 million people are now displaced within the rain. --within ukraine. >> i am so relieved i could cry now. i feel much calmer. >> longest silence lasted for 10 minutes and fear, we lived in the basement the whole time. >> in the city, the situation remains dire. russian state television has released images the damaged city. the steel plant is the last bolthole of ukrainian resistance. capture of the 10 kilometer site would allow russia to say it has full control of the city. ukrainian families are sheltering in underground bunkers at the plant. all the russians previously seemed determined to take every last inch of the city, vladimir
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putin has today told his defense minister to hold back. >> i consider the storming of the steel plant unnecessary. i order you to cancel it. this is a case where we must think, we always must think, but in this case more so. think about preserving the lives and health of our soldiers and officers. >> the battle for the city has been devastating. at least 20,000 civilians are estimated to have died since the city was besieged by russian troops. on the 24th of february. >> for more on this, we can welcome to the program the security studies program director at the foreign director council of ukrainian prism. she joins us from odessa. thank you for taking the time to speak with france 24 this evening. mariupol has been under relentless siege since the war began. why is the city so strategic for
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russia? >> there are several reasons why the city is important. first, it is the main port. it is the route from russia to the occupied crimea. considering that the current bridge is not good or reliable, they need this age here and to find a way to control the land route from russia to the peninsula. this city is quite industrially developed. it has alreadyeen occupied for onmonth by the russian forces. at that time, it had been possib to liberate the city. there was a punishment that you had a chance to be within a controlled territory but you prefer to be with ukraine. the mix of the strategic cation and the moral punishment that the russian forces implement against the city. it created a really awful situation there. >> and thousand civilians are still trapped in variable.
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what is the latest on evacuation? >> the news is not so good. you presented in the news that those buses left yesterday and i was only 79 ople that have been left by that. today they had agreed that the buses did not happen because as soon as people started together, the shelling started around. there were no tactical possibilities to evacuate people today. that is why we do not know the exact number of those who are still in the city because we do not know the exact numberf those who have been killed and today we just found about the new mass grave about 300 meters long in the village near the city. that is why it is very difficult. as you heard from the russian president, he is thinking about the lives of his soldiers but he is not taking about the lives of the civilians. otherwise he would agree to the initial -- who proposed the
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evacuation corridors including by c. >> all of this comes as russia intensifies its attack t donbass region. >> as part of it, but it is not the only one. currently, it'd the military operation and all the fighting is happening at the whole eastern world -- border of ukraine. from kharkiv on the north to the city on the southeen the fact that what russia is trying to do now is have the control over the region. not the full territory but the gion. in this way, the city is part of the administrative region and definitely very necessary to not allow any operations from the south. while they are fighting on the south in kharkiv, they need to have control from all dimensions
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against the warfare. they need these victories. they realize that no victories from the north, let's try to have as much as possible on the east. >> thank you so much for that analysis and for speaking to us tonight on transferring -- france 24. the u.s. meanwhile has announced fresh assistance for ukraine. president joe biden unveiling $800 million in additional military aid. the package that includes heavy artillery and ammunition as ukrainian forces face and intensifying russian offensive in the eastern donbass region. 800 million dollars in security assistance and 500 million indirect economic assistance. since the start of the russian invasion of ukraine, the u.s. has committed a total of around $3.4 billion in military aid. and $1 billion in economic aid. >> today i'm announcing another
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$800 million to further augment ukraine's ability to fight in the east and the donbass region. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers, and 144,000 rounds of ammunition to go with us howitzers. it also includes more tactical drones in the past two months we have moved weapons and equipment to ukraine at record speed. >> up until april, the u.s. had steered clear from providing artillery weapons and systems. something that can make it look like an active priority to be conflict. on thursday, joe biden also announced new sanctions against rocks at. this time targeting russian affiliated ships. the measure follows a similar announcement from the european union more than two weeks ago. >> today i'm announcing that youth the united states will and russian affiliated ships from our ports as they did in europe. that means that no ship that sails under the russian flag or is owned or operated by russian interests will be about allowed
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to dock in u.s. ports or access our shores. none. >> the new aid comes as they step up their offensive in the donbass region in eastern ukraine. russian president vladimir putin claimed victory in the battle for mariupol. the strategic city that has been under siege for weeks. two deadly bomb blasts rocked -- rocks northern afghanistan today. leaving at least 16 people dead. attacks claimed by the islamic state group affiliate. at least 12 were killed in an explosion at a mosque. it occurred during midday prayers as muslim worshipers absorbed the holy month of ramadan. it left at least four dead according to local officials. since the taliban seized control last year, the number of bombings has largely fallen, but the islamic state group remains operational in the city -- country and continues to focus
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on shiite. >> boris johnson continues to be wrapped up in the party gate scandal. the british prime minister now set to be investigated by parliament for allegedly lying to lawmakers about whether he broke lockdown rules by attending gatherings during the pandemic. our u.k. correspondent has the details. >> lawmakers have approved a plan to open investigation in serving u.k. prime minister as to whether boris johnson misled, very serious offense, the house of commons on lockdown parties. de facto, he has because by his own admission and we know because of the police inquiry, mr. johnson himself has been find and his wife and the counselor and that was his last week. we know he paid the fine and he has apologized repeatedly. as recently as tuesday.
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in parliament. just a short while ago, it was a labor motion and he started this inquiry by the privilege committee. the privilege committee will be the ones who will ultimately decide whether the prime minister has knowingly, deliberately, intentionally misled parliament. what is interesting is that there was no opposition to the vote and in the end it was not needing a formal vote. the government had planned to bring an amendment and dropped it at the last moment. that would have been seen as an attempt to delay all of this. what is interesting is that the prime minister is in india on an official visit and that he is been talking to reporters, british and indian ones and saying i am very keen for all forms of scrutiny and he denied misleading parliament did
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although the word liar and lying is not allowed in parliament, it was referred to as the l word and basically there is a huge lack of trust of all opposition who are still calling for boris johnson's resignation. >> boris johnson dismissed that parliamentary investigation during a trip to india saying that he had nothing to hide. the british prime minister is in the country for two day visit focused on boosting economic ties. he said that he hopes to complete a new trade agreement with new delhi by the end of the year. after a pause in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, rio de janeiro's carnaval is livening up the event city. somebody answers and musicians and floats paraded through the somber drone the dedicated carnival said -- venue.
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they have -- some are expected to be held. our team on the ground reports. >> after an absence of more than two years, what better sign that brazil is emerging from the shadow of the return of rio's carnaval? it was canceled last year and postponed this year, for two months, it is back in february because there was a surge in the omicron variant. they decided to hold it in april for the first time. now he considers this as the biggest cultural export of brazil. not only that, but it is also fundamental to rio's economy. in 2020, it generated 800 million euros and employs thousands of people all year round. as well as the joy and elation here, there is also a huge sense of relief that carnaval is back.
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>> we are going to have fun, we are going to sing, >> the people who make the parade floats, the costumes, the women who work with us here on the avenue, the music is like me. they are full of professionals. we are all workers and from the favelas. >> carnival celebrates life. we're celebrating the life and joy of rio again. it is our big come back and it is all right. it is fundamental to celebrate life in >> over the next four nights, 27 somber schools will held up -- parade on this avenue cheered by thousands of people. it remains to be seen whether carnival and april be as popular as those at the normal time of
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year but with the government recently declaring officially an end to the health caused by covid, that is more than enough reason for these people here to celebrate. >> it is time for business news with france 24's kate moody. high kate. >> in case anyone thought he was bluffing on that offer, he has put in a filing with u.s. regulators. the billionaire owner from tesla said he has lined up more than $46 billion in financing and is trying to negotiate with the social media platform. he also suggested he could take the offer directly to shareholders instead of the more traditional route through the board of directors if he thinks that that will be more effective in musk owns around 9% of twitter shares and has refused a seat on the board. he confirmed an offer to buy twitter outright or $43 billion. that was the number he said at the time. must is a prolific user and
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increasingly vocal critic of twitter, and particular he set the plot from should be committed to his brief -- free speech rather than its effort to remove or police false or harmful content. he has become the richest person in the world although much of his fortune is currently in tesla's stock. musk is currently poised to collect a hefty bonus after his electric car company reported hefty profits. they closed up around three there. one wednesday they brought in $3.3 billion in profits for the first three months of the year. despite raising prices for its cars, like many other carmakers they have had to slow production because of factory closures and supply chain issues related to the pandemic. musk says that he is confident that deliveries will recover in a months to come. >> checking and the rest of the day's trading action, a sharp turnaround on wall street has seen stocks reversing the earlier gains to close lower. the nasdaq down over 2% there in
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the s&p up about one and a half. the investors tuning in on comments by the comments on jerome powell at the central bank will be moviepass moving more aggressively to rein and very high inflation with bigger rate hikes at its next meeting in may. european indices and stocks being slightly in the red there. gains about 1.3 and 1% in paris and frankfurt respectively. >> the food giant nestle said they pushed global prices up by more than 5% in the first three months of this year. even more in some parts of the world. eight and a half and 7% respectively in north and latin america. the food giant said it was raising prices in a responsible manner and that consumer demand was not impacted. sales actually grew around 8%. other consumer giants like brian campbell and heineken have also raise their prices by around -- a concrete sign of the inflation that is dogging economies around
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the world. france has a long tradition of winemaking and drinking. cannot tradition adapt to some new packaging? cans of wine are already popular in some parts of the world, producers are now hoping to crack open a new market. >> how about a nice can of cold rose? it is a hot topic for some in the industry. these winemakers are going all in. >> first of all there is the infinitely recyclable. there's an environmental aspect. on top of that, can stay fresh very long time. >> these cans of rose should soon find their way to french supermarkets. priced at three euros and $.50. it is supposed to have a cork can be have a glass and be shared. what do you do with it, drink it in the street? >> it could be pretty convenient
3:50 pm
like that. it depends on the line. for rose, i think you could work in the summer but not all lines. >> red, white, or rose, according to a recent poll, seven out of 10 french people are willing to give it a try. the other 25 say it is 85%. >> we are aiming for a younger market. to sell them on this type of drink with the hopes of later convincing them to move on to higher quality wines. . >> but do cans ruin the taste of wine? >> we stock our wine in stainless steel for sanity qualities and its taste neutrality. we can we can say that cans do work for wine. >> >> he is focusing mostly on exports but france's markets is
3:51 pm
still tiny. u.s. sales exploded in recent years. more than 200 brands are available. >> very controversial indeed. an unofficial self -- unofficial survey at our french colleagues, the speaker seem little more. >> we are now going to turn to france 24's james creedon. he is here for our daily fact checking segment. james, you have been looking into the french president debate that was held last night. fact checking the debate live. tell us more about the advantages and disadvantages of live fact checking to. >> it is become more of a fashion and a fad in last five to 10 years bid beginning in the u.s. the u.s. elections. the rise of fake news and the fact checking to counter fake news. it is still an exercise that is
3:52 pm
not without its flaws or faults. some of the analysis of the whole fact checking fad if you like, is especially with presidential debates, this is an article going back to 2008 what is worth noting there is that social media was still in its infancy at this particular time. but even then, there is a degree of concern about whether or not or could be pitfalls. if it has been done at a fast pace. the fact check that he says his opinion journalism masquerading as straight news. like movie reviewing, the fact check a subjective process. the facts are sufficient. fact-check steel in murkier areas of context and emphasis making it very easy for journalists to make up standards as they go along. that is going back to 2000
3:53 pm
eight. somebody saying that there could be some risks in the general fact checking exercise. this is in the columbia journalism review, another analysis. twitter and fact checking do not mix during debates. this is a piece. he says there is a constant pressure to publish on social media in particular about what audiences expect and that the resources needed to confirm or deny new factual names need to be there. i suppose that key issue of voices being found in that piece. the pressure to public -- published quickly and the resources to do so accurately and journalistic fashion. this is an interesting one. we see the faults or the risks in one recent fact-checks think that fact checking exercise that took place, this is going back to september of this year when the far left candidate faced off with erickson moore, but they
3:54 pm
had their was a journalist coming on set in fact checking live. with candidates were miffed i that in certain ways. what you have between that was a debate between candidates but also a debate with the journalist over there numbers and figures and how those figures were assembled. certainly there is a degree of concern with that. with reacting to that, there was one social media and information technology and communications researcher, he again looks into the whole issue of fact checking live debates and he highlighted a couple of issues. he spoke about fast checking versus fact checking. fast checking, this whole notion that if you are doing it live perhaps the journalist will not have the time or the resource to assemble all of the data and do so in an effective way. we certainly saw with that
3:55 pm
debate early on in the french presidential election season that the candidates were quite miffed by that but you could also argue that that is just journalism and calling the candidates to task. they will not always be pleased by the exercise. >> give us a sense of some of the inaccuracies that were thrown out by fact checkers. >> france tv and info published article this morning as did several other france medias. with a certain degree of time to gather the facts and figures. one issue that was coming up that was less than factual, she spoke about the whole issue of wind turbines. that was a divisive issue. she is against them and i know the other is in favor of them. she said they would be put up all over the french coastline. 50 or so turbines. she use that number. that is factually incorrect. there are seven wind turbines.
3:56 pm
seven fields that are being looked at the moment along the coastline. that is information that is from the ministry of ecological transition. she also said the only area along the coastline that was not going to have wind turbines was where they have a holiday or second home. that again is a degree of accuracy in it, but this is actually put in place during the presidency. but indeed there was opposition by locals and certainly they did have voice its opposition to this but it is not the only area of coastline where a wind turbine is going to be absent. there will only be seven coastal wind turbine fields in that is one area where the facts were off >> fact checking as you know is it tough job. thank you for that analysis.
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we're going to take a quick break but we will be right back, stay with us. >> i am the france 24 correspondent in new delhi. i got my news from india and other countries in south asia. catch me on our news bulletins. >> one of the 200 france 24 correspondent around the world.
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