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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 3, 2022 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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reward of $25 million to bring him to justice. >> after osama bin laden was assassinated, you can see the fraction and more apparent. reporter: he found that al qaeda's dominance was being increasingly threatened. in 2016, he urged afghan fighters to rally around the telephone. -- the taliban.
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the death of zawahiri brings an end to turbulent times. the world will be watching to see how they handled the death of prominent leaders. anchor: thank you for joining us. what more do you know about the strike and how significant is that that happened in the heart of kabul? >> this was a precision strike and that was confirmed by a ground team of cia, which really stands out.
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in the last few months we have seen more free movement by various leaders including those of the haqqani network who are no in positions of power in afghanistan. it is an interesting time that the strike takes place and takes out zawahiri. this was a strict which targeted and closely monitored. it also goes to show that now in afghanistan various outfits which have been operating under the shadows are now operating freely, are now moving around freely. this poses a challenge for all of these groups or countries who are trying to go after these groups. but also gives them an opportunity to carry out strikes, such as this one. anchor: since the u.s. withdrew
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from afghanistan, was this expected in? >> the taliban have always denied that they have particular links with al qaeda. it does have this, andriy -- camaraderie. what this shows now is that zawahiri had been rumored to be in afghanistan and other places. him being killed in a busy couple neighborhood goes to show there was some sort of relationship. this is not the first start we have seen on the head of a militant.
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you have seen others being taken out. you have seen al qaeda leaders being taken out. this is a major win for the u.s. administration. if you look at al qaeda's structure now, it is not the same al qaeda as we saw in the 1990's carried out strikes and attacking u.s. installations. this is an al qaeda which exists in the arabian peninsula in yemen. it has offshoots of various groups in small numbers which have placed allegiance to zawahiri and others. it will be interesting to see how the situation evolves. it has been facing challenges by
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other more radical groups. how will it continue? will its metamorphosis to get into some other guerrilla warfare? anchor: i don't hit -- i know it has only been a few hours, but what has been the reaction to the strike? >> we have asked for of official reaction from al qaeda. we are waiting to hear from them. as we saw initially from couple -- couple -- kabul, they did not want to admit that there were drone strikes taken place. there seems to be no agreement between the current afghan
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government and the united states although they are talking to each other. you have to remember that the taliban itself is at war with various areas as well. this killing opens up a pandora's box of who was actually consulting with the americans on the ground in kabul . being able to go into a building in the middle of that neighborhood means they have assets on the ground. are these people who are in desperate need of assistance or money? are these deep assets that the cia has? these are all questions that will have to be answered in the coming days and weeks. it is a major blow for al qaeda. this was the founding color of al qaeda. all its founding members are gone now. they have all been killed or captured. it will be a transition for its
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group. this is not a group which carries out its activities. it acts as more of the guidance body. anchor: where does this leave the relationship between the taliban and al qaeda? >> there has never been a formal relationship. the taliban have always denied that they harbor al qaeda. they denied they harbor any other groups. this was one of their pledges coming to power that they will never let afghan soil be used against other countries. there seems to be a test of the agreement between the taliban and other groups on the ground.
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i do not think there was an urgency for the taliban to go after them or push them out but it does fracture the relationships because people are going to be asking them questions, if the americans can go after the leader of al qaeda what does it mean for others? anchor: we heard saudi arabia has welcomed this killing. what do you think the international relationship will be with the taliban now? >> we are coming to the first year of the taliban in power. they are not recognized by any country. i think this is the first of many welcoming reactions that you will see from the leaders in the arab world and beyond.
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al qaeda posed a threat to not just american interests but interests of american allies as well. i think there will be a flurry of welcoming statements from various world leaders, including those from the region. we will have to wait and see what it will actually mean. anchor: thank you so much for coming in. the white house has criticized chinese strongly opposing a visit to taiwan by house speaker nancy police see -- pelosi. pelosi who was in singapore on a tour of asia has been critical of chinese authorities. several media outlets have reported on the visit by a has not been confirmed.
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china has warned against it. beijing continues -- considers the island a part of china. >> as we can see, such a visit is very much dangerous, very much provocative. if the united states insists on making the visit, china will take a and strong measures to safeguard our national sovereignty. anchor: mike has this update from the white house. kabul john kirby has addressed the possible trip of nancy to taiwan. she says this is not unprecedented. pointing out that in 1997 new english visited taiwan without any incident. even this year so members of congress have traveled to the
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island. john kirby says any decision is up to the speaker herself and any confirmation must come from the speaker or her staff. this is what he had to say. >> this is well known to the prc, given our more than four decades in diplomatic relations. the speaker has the right to visit taiwan and the speaker of the house has visited taiwan before without incident. >> he emphasized that even should nancy pelosi decide to visit taiwan, this in no way represents any change in u.s. policy. the u.s. one china policy remains and this was addressed to president biden's phone call with president xi last week. the u.s. policy is unchanging when it comes to taiwan and its
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relationship with china. nevertheless, john kirby says china is adept in a threatening posture and he has expressed concern about any misunderstanding that could arise out of this heightening of tensions. anchor: mohamed islam's remarks came hours before the u.s. announce fresh sanctions on entities involved in oil. >> it was a rare announcement. >> it is no secret that we have become a nuclear threshold state. it is no secret we have the capabilities to manufacture a nuclear bomb. >> i am announcing today.
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>> at the united nations conference on nonproliferation, antony blinken criticized iran's nuclear policy. >> i ran remains on a path of nuclear proliferation. since march, i ran has been unwilling to accept a deal. >> talks aimed at returning to the deal have been stalled since march. earlier this week, joseph burrell encouraged both sides to restart negotiations. >> after reviewing the draft text, it is possible that we can reach a conclusion regarding a timetable for the negotiations. >> negotiations to salvage the
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nuclear cord began in april 2021 but have been in deadlock since february. iran wants the u.s. to lift all economic sanctions. but the biden administration says guaranteeing the deals survival beyond 2024 is not possible. and it wants confirmation that iran will not r reach uranium to military grade. >> we had comments from the u.s. secretary of state date. he was speaking at the 10th review on the treaty of the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. the meeting comes at a time of heightened global tensions over the ukraine war. our reporter has more from the you one. >> the you in a sec. no kicked off the review conference by sounding the alarm. >> we have been lucky so far but
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luck is not the strategy. >> his pessimism stands in sharp contrast to one the u.s. and russia signed on to the treaty. it was the height of the cold war and the goal was to prevent a nuclear conflict. as recently as january, the five permanent members of the q1 security council -- un security council. they all pledge not to further disseminate nuclear weapons, but a month later, russia invaded ukraine. others consider that a threat.
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>> they engage in dangerous saber rattling. >> and then there is the iran nuclear deal. it was heralded as a step toward reducing proliferation until the u.s. withdrew. now iran says it has enough uranium to build a nuclear weapon. while few nations have gone as far as north korea and trying to build them, and campaigners say other countries are expressing a willingness to host them as a deterrent. >> there is a widespread belief that nuclear weapons have prevented a big war. it turned out not to be true. >> signatories are meant to gather every five years in an
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attempt to advance the goals of disarmament. this year experts say there is little hope of action. anchor: kosovo police have closed to border crossings with serbia. they are protesting. kosovo declared independence from serbia in 2008 by more than 50,000 serbs use serbian license plates. the government does not recognize kosovo as a country. >> there is no crossing on this border crossing because the government of kosovo announced
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new rules that were supposed to be implemented today for the cities. new rules include that all the citizens from serbia want to come to kosovo will have to replace their ids to the temporary document which will be for them during their stay in the country. that is a measure that serbia implemented for citizens of kosovo 11 years ago. there is no traffic at this border crossing and this is not the first time that tensions broke between serbia and kosovo. a similar thing happened in december. similar things have been happening since kosovo declared independence in 2008. in northern kosovo, we have a lot of ethnic serbs that are still loyal to serbia. anchor: a fuel truck has exploded in libya, killing nine people. it overturned, but it caught
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fire and exploded. 76 people were injured. there is a shortage of fuel in libya and high prices. the united nations secretary general has apologized to q1 peacekeepers. the violence came just days after three peacekeepers and 15 protesters were killed during anti-you one -- united nations demonstrations. >> united nations peacekeepers are morning soldiers. some were killed during last week's protests in the eastern democratic republic of congo. the demonstrations against the q1 nation started in, the
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provisional capital and spread rapidly. some congolese are calling for a force of 16,000 troops to leave. each time we gather under circumstances such as these, we recognize the human sacrifice that all have made. >> 15 protesters were also killed during the riots. police and the army had to be called in to contain the situation. families of the protesters are morning their loved ones. they showed pictures of three young men who caught up in the violence. >> we are sad but we will not stop protesting.
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we want the peacekeepers to leave. we have lost our family members so we have to continue the fight and keep their memories life. more than 100 armed groups operate in the region. they have killed civilians and forced more than 300,000 people to leave their homes. many congolese say they want to feel safe and the peacekeepers are unable to protect them. anchor: next year ssa has destroyed more than 1500 illegal oil refining sites and a renewed campaign to collect down a crude oil theft. it has cost more than $3 billion in one year.
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>> in the air, on land and at sea, the nigerian military is under strict orders to end the plundering of the country's oil. one security forces returned to the site they destroyed five weeks earlier they encountered oil seeps. as they were chased, the vandals ran towards their boats. one is captured. >> in terms of crushing this illegal sites, we have crushed thousands of them. >> this pipeline is one of the most frequently vandalized. it delivers half a million barrels of oil per day. for the past five months, not a drop was delivered. >> we have had them set fire to
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the camps. >> most of the story own -- stolen crude are hard to apprehend. the devastation caused his message. the oil thieves are putting finishing touches to this facility capable of refining tens of thousands of gallons per day. instead of using wood, they now steal gas to distilled the crude. military commanders say there are hundreds of these illegal distilleries. the operations damage the environment because they are not
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properly equipped to process crude oil. it has left the country unable to meet its quota. the company looks to the renewed clampdown to return to profitability. but with oil thieves change in their tactics, it could be a long while before that happens. anchor: that is all for this hour. i will be back with more right after the break.
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