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tv   Witness  LINKTV  August 10, 2022 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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>> what is compelling about a night? maybe it is the optimistic thing inside of you, thinking, maybe, tonight is the night. everybody comes together and we experience the nirvana. >> you fall in line. the muse.
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>> it is a very cultural, that handsome one. ♪ ♪ >> if you ask any kid, where are
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you from? that is what it is. a unique territory. >> it is treated like pop. >> people look up to djs. >> you can ask anyone, join us. >> we come from poor famils, come on. we are now making music so therefore they are as well. >> when we are young, it was typical. the only way out is through
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that. a lot o them is through music. djing is an art. that is what you want to see. >> music gives people hope, opportunity. if you want to be an active dj, do that. >> everyone is here. anyone should stand with hard work and following the dream.
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>> we are the biggest consumers. >> going to a house, you will find it. going to a shop right now and they are playing it not just it, it is life. >> house music is commercial. people, musicians, artists. it is big internationally.
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>> in america, in euro, we have to be the big ones. >> their hundreds of thousands of people and programs. we have the voice across the country. >> this is where it happens.
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>> and i will show you it. i will use this and everything is surrounding me. and inspires me to do more and more. >> one of the biggest groups at the moment. >> yeah, man. >> we do it. whatever the elements. where are we going.
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>> i'm laying down. >> we have had choices, getting a beer studio. everything out of this. >> we met in 2010. >> it felt on a real because of what was happening.
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when he got a call, we bring like, oh, oh my god. >> 10 gs. >> we created a mini studio. and we were helping them. this is the part where we take through all these guys. and then i became a mentor for a long time so they can develop. this is the future. they wanted to meet them and see howe can help.
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maybe i can come and help with joining them. >> it is very difficult to talk about south africa and not mention how the country has come forward. >> experiencing quite an atrocity. but we always found a way of enjoying outdoor space. >> it was a struggle. we are not allowed to go out at night. they we going to do that.
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>> it was much less than what was happening in the minds of people, the features of people. in terms of being inferior. >> a big part of the struggle was music. >> because of the segregation of the past, because black people were forced into one part of the country, we decreed create our own superstar. . >> hello. >> it is south african vocals.
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>> and really celebrates the streets. you can take it out there. ♪ >> tkz was one of the most successful groups in south africa. if you didn't have this cd, you were not good. everything was a hit. it was amazing. ♪ >> freedom of speech, for once. >> black youth was allowed to
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express themselves without any limitations. and therefore, it was like wow. i can relate to this. it is for black people. everything changes. more security, it is another
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world -- it really is. >> ghetto, but not a lot of violence. it is freedom. people used to tral, but down, now people are coming. >> the atmosphere, i felt like this when. the music closed down very well. >> the freedom is there. >> without you, the dj is
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trying. >> you can just come and have fun. >> that is where you come in.
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>> black coffeeto play records. he is good. >> he brought the african soul. >> is a big festival. ♪
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>> i feel like a reflection of a hard-working, african men. when i was young, i was confident. i feel every day and, my job is to show anyone that it is possible. on my way home when i'm driving, you know, wow, this is amazing. it is a very overwhelming life. i have experienced house music. i've dreamt of playing. it is amazing. >> i think we are a heavy bunch.
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there's a good chance that there are certn things, it is dismal. >> it is known to be quite dangerous but he could clean out . >> it was the coolest place to come to. it was an alternative lifestyle. a lot of undesirables and people
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running it. >> really shad place but it is improving. it is raw. you can just park and go through it. >> it is a new way of enjoying the city. >> it is a sound system.
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>> music has been the thing to get us through life. it fixes our pain and all of that stuff. all the things we have been through and growing up through music. >> you can come here for 100 reasons. >> i feel very positive.
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the music that everybody is making now, it unifi everybody. >> finding your guys -- younger guys, it fits. they are able to think beyond what we have done. >> we came up and it does not look easy. we are growing. do something. >> me to keep our heads up. we have to be positive. >> south africa is being more blast, more everything, more beautiful and pure we have a big feature ahead of us.
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>> they see soone to look up to. >> icons. legends. >> sometimes. >> there is an accident and they are finished. >> i wish i had his heart. a good spirit of not giving up. >> a changed my le and showed me how good it could be.
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♪ >> i know how it can happen at times. everything is so far away.
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i wanted to know that it is up to you to make that first step and make anything you want to be what everyone it to do. by the grace of god, i have the faith. >> he has decided to honor us. he i part of this institution. ohh. >> going through the top of my head and not seeing it.
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♪ >> i was born in section e. this is where i was born. this is where i used to run around. i grew up here. this house w already like this. >> no, no. it have to be nice.
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>> the music was always there. one of my family members, she loved the reagan music. ggae music. it took me back to this house. every night. she would hit the radio, bringing out here. in 1988, i left.
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there had been fights before but since i left, -- >> he was a very nice gentlema,, so he was very abusive. >> it is oen -- on a normal day, when he was drunk, he became totally a different person. >> that environment, we believe him before. >> very young age, drinking., i just could not, the memories of my father drinking was not great. ♪ >> my mother moved out.
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>> sometime, i had noption. i need someone to look after them which i cannot afford then . >> like an independent state.
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>> a changed. a different environment. >> i used to be very angry about it. i spent most of my time alone. i did not talk much. >> at home, the shower.
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>> this was my second album. i was never a superstar or as fired to be well-known. i was just a person for music. i would sit in this room and trawl and that was my dream room. i would make it with the table. everything to me was chance and a. this is new what i want.
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>> you can get it. >> everyday, wake up in the morning and milk the cows. >> i have never seen a cow. go to school, come back in the afternoon. >> the greatest superstars.


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