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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 19, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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mark: welcome to "life in paris." i am mark owen. these are the headlines. thousands of civilians are being transported out of her some, russian occupies say it is to save them from the onslaught ukraine says russia is forcing them out to use them as a human shield. putin has declared martial law and the other three regions are legally annexed. a putin problem for italy's far-right prime minister. how does he work with ber
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lusconi? gifts in kind letters have been exchanged. he backs ukraine. berlusconi claims he has been misinterpreted. the inside story. six weeks of the u.k. administered. but observe to see her exit is another sign of the writing being well and truly on the wall. liz truss, u.k. prime minister. this is live from paris. thank you for being with us. let's start with the latest from ukraine. a russian middle -- mitchell
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strike hit a station in the west of ukraine. the region's governor confirming this, in the ladies of the waves of -- wave of attacks the hand of windsor. the little mayor zelinski said 30% have been hit by the airstrikes. senior officials discussed security and the possibility of a breakdown in the energy system. martial law has been imposed on the four regions illegally annexed by russia. vladimir putin made the announcement this wednesday. he was speaking to a moscow security briefing when he admitted the invasion of ukraine has become very difficult. >> in this regard, let me remind you that martial law has been in effect in the people's republic, in the zaporizhzhia region, since their entry into the territory of russia. it is necessary to enshrine this in the russian legal framework.
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therefore, i have signed a degree on the introduction of martial law in these four subjects of the russian federation. mark: 60,000 ukrainian civilians in the occupied region are being moved by the russian army ahead of a predicted ukraine military assault. the local russian impost leaders said it is for the protection of the ukrainians in the elite annexed to territory. the russians are trying to use these civilians as a human shield, says one person. the residents of ukraine and illegally claimed by the russian occupies in the wake of the referendum on september 28. a forced deportation could be seen as a war crime. ukraine says there is some two and a half million of its citizens who have been deported to russia since the invasion was launched on february 24. >> as evacuations begin in kherson, bosco is tightening the screws. >> i have signed a degree on the introduction of martial law in
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these four subjects of the russian federation. reporter: the ukrainian counteroffensive is edging closer to the city of kherson and russian's -- russian installed authorities on the ground sent text messages to residents warning them to expect schelling, and telling them buses would be in place to evacuate them. >> according to our information, ukrainians encouraged will be -- will begin their offensive on kherson soon. a schelling cannot be ruled out. for two weeks, we have been insisting that people leave a ride back of the kherson region. reporter: warnings of the propaganda, saying ukraine does not fire on ukrainian cities. or into russia itself. russian authorities saying a total of 5 million people have left annexed ukraine for russia so far. >> everyone who wants to move from kherson will receive a housing certificate, according to which they will be able to
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choose any region of russia. reporter: in the last few weeks, ukrainian forces have pushed the russians back 20 to 30 kilometers. an industrial hub, kyiv is looking to reclaim the 250,000 inhabited in the city before the cold of winter sets in. mark: russia's deployment of kamikaze drones, suicide drones, is turning the spotlight on iran. the recent attacks on civilian infrastructure revealed the potency of these weapons. the u.s. is aligned with u.k. and france in calling the supply of these weapons a violation of the un security council resolution 223. as for the iranians, tehran is denying supplying these drones to russia. >> they are moscow's new trump card on its war on ukraine. iranian drones used to target cities such as kyiv.
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and can cause devastation where they strike, according to the u.s. iran has delivered 1009 reusable drones to russia since late august. for ukraine's president, it is a sign moscow is despera. >> we must remembethe very fact of russia's appealed to iran for assistance is the kremlin's recognition of its military and political bankruptcy. for decades, they have spent billions of dollars on their military industrial complex. in the end, ved that simple drones and missiles. reporter: russia has been tightlipped on any logistical support from tehran, wle i ran's foreign ministry calls the -- calls them politically motivated and says its stance on ukraine was neutral. >> as it is said, the islamic republic of iran is not on any side of the war between russia and ukraine.
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the islamic republic of iran has not exported rapine's -- weapons in this conflict. reporter: the u.s. has warned iran it would impose further sanctions against its weapons applies to russia. >> we have extensive tools available at our arsenal to disrupt not just iranian arms producers but to continue to hold russia accountable for their preposterous acts in ukraine. reporter: iran appears to be under turned. the french daily reports personnel are instructing russian forces in ukraine by the washington post reported tehran has agreed to supply russia with surface to surface missiles. mark: staying with this story, we were joined by ukrainian philosopher analyst and journalist, chief editor at ukraine world. he was here speaking more about
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the use of kamikaze drones in ukraine. >> the fact that they are addressing iran to get drones means they are running out of missiles. the high precision missiles or low precision missiles. they really run out of the equipment to do something on the frontline. therefore, they are attacking ukrainian civilian targets. we are in kyiv two -- under the threat of the missile fire. so the drone fire, this is an attack on civilians. they want us to rest during winter to be without electricity. this is kind of a bumping of despair. mark: we are watching all the violence on the situation in ukraine. we will bring you everything as it happens. next, the italian x prime minister, silvio berlusconi, under fresh scrutiny over his friendship with the vladimir putin. after being recorded, apparently
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describing a birthday present of vodka from the russian leader, expressing concerns about arming ukraine. aids insisted that berlusconi had been misrepresented. coalition allies, led by far right leader giorgia meloni. as they prepare to form a new government following last month's elections. baloney has said support for ukraine and its fight against the russian invasion. launched by berlusconi's friend, the vladimir putin. let's get the inside story. this is a strange one. i will hand it over to you to tell us more about it. for giorgia meloni, there is a guy llama. -- a dilemma. >> and clearly tensions within this right-wing coalition that is even before they formed this government, clearly they are
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cleared divisions. in these audio recordings that were released on tuesday, essentially we hear berlusconi talking about his closeness with the russian president vladimir putin, describing lovely letters that he has received from him, how they have exchanged bottles of vodka and how mr. putin describes him as being number one among his five best friends. clearly, very embarrassing situation for berlusconi who has made it clear that she supports the ukrainian's in this issue. and is very much on the side of europe and the united states, in dealing in this issue. a further recording was released on wednesday in which it appears as if berlusconi is attacking the ukrainian president and saying that vladimir putin did not want the war, and that
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zelenskyy, the leader of ukraine, should simply be forgotten about and that he had triple the attacks o the donbass region. and that mr. putin had no choice clearly, a lot of tensionstion. within this right-wing coalition, over this issue. and just on wednesday evening, we have meloni releasing a statement saying she has been clear and always will be clear, that the issue of foreign policy is not something to be negotiated. she says italy is a full and proud member of europe and the atlantic alliance. and anyone who does not agree with this cannot be part of the government. and the cost of not forming the government. clearly, a strong statement. she appears to have had enough of this and wants to be clear on her side as the consultations with president marta rella are scheduled to begin third --
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thursday in for -- informing this government that has created this coalition going forward in the elections, it is supposed to form the government in italy. mark: even if you detest giorgia meloni's politics and what she stands for and what she wants to represent, at least one can respect the fact that she has had the integrity to stand up and say what she has said about this present situation. does anybody believe, anybody where you are, because anybody there believe that berlusconi has been misrepresented, as his people are claiming? seema: his people will claim that, and we have seen and a lot of back-and-forth between these two individuals, and what clearly is happening, what many insiders and analysts say is a fight or a disagreement about cabinet positions, perhaps is
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what has been happening here. earlier in the week, late last week, we saw a statement that was revealed in mr. berlusconi's handwriting in parliament, and a close-up was taken of that in which he described pedroia maloney as being overbearing, domineering, arrogant, and offensive. ms. meloni responded to that by saying he forgot one thing, i will not be blackmailed, he conclude that in the list. then we saw some rapprochement being met. it appears that things were resolved, and we see yet again, mr. berlusconi saying certain things. some analysts believe this is an issue of 86-0, former prime minister silvio berlusconi cap being able to deal with the fact that he is playing second or third fiddle in this new government with a woman, a 45-year-old woman, who he gave his first big break to he made her the youngest and esther in a government back in 2008.
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perhaps it is the issue of personalities within this formation, and that is what is really coming out. concern as far as europe is concerned, and perhaps even across the pond in america, about support for vladimir putin and the government that will come in place here when it is formed. mark: also the thing that might be called into question, is who would end up as italy's chief diplomat, the foreign minister? i understand berlusconi is trying to put a claim on that position, not for himself, but one of his cronies. seema: that's right. a member of his party, let's not forget, he was the former president of the european parliament, so seeing -- still seen in some person -- some circles as the obvious person to take on this role. many in the opposition are saying well, this is a question whether he can take such a role.
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if the party is not behind what giorgia meloni wants to present, which is a strong relationship with the united states, a strong member of europe, and that italy will not be the weak link in the last. at is what she wants to put forward with this ultimatum of a statement she has made on wednesday evening, say it may be at the cost of not forming a government. perhaps she is trying to assert she is the one who got that 26% of the vote. she is the one in the power position. and she is trying to deal with these tensions. we will have to see what comes up next. these exultation's are expected to happen thursday and friday. we will see what comes out of it, and whether they will be able to create the cabinet positions that will be happy among all of the three members of this coalition. let's not forget, there is also matteo solve any from the right wing party. mark: wearing a vladimir putin
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t-shirt in red square. the different pop -- a different box of pandora. keep your phone on, i'm sure this one has a lot of legs. thank you very much, seema gupta there with the rooftops of rome behind her. we are waiting to see how this spat between berlusconi and meloni pans out. problems ahead with the new government in italy. meloni saying she backs ukraine. the u.k. continues to back ukraine. berlusconiberlusconi and -- and perhaps the only positive point in liz truss has come up with, there is more bad press for the u.k. conservatives this wednesday. a home secretary quit. this comes in the wake of the crisis caused by the disastrous mini budget of the sacking of the then chancellor, or finance minister, in its wake. the now prime minister, liz truss, uses -- loses another
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part of hurting. it is my dream, she said, to send a plane full of migrants to rwanda. in her resignation, she said she is resigning because she used the personal email account for government business. this is to speculation. as to what is the real reason. >> how long can the prime minister last? reporter: arriving at downing street for the last time in what is another revamp for the british government. u.k. home secretary so well a brakeman announced she resigned from liz truss' cabinet. she said her departure was due to technical infringements after sending an official document from her personal email. she also blasted the pm's leadership. >> it is obvious to everyone that we are going through a to multi-was time. i have concerns about the direction of this government. reporter: the 42-year-old was
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known for her controversial anti-immigration policies, including plans to send asylum-seekers to rwanda. after only six weeks on the job, this is the latest quick turnaround for members of trus'' government, after former -- a former chancellor lasted 38 days in the role. this adds further chaos for truss faces intense pressure to resign, just two months since her premiership, after being accused of throwing markets into turbulence and drastic policy u-turns following her disastrous mini budget plans. >> last week, the prime minister stood there and promised absolutely no spending. they all cheered. this week, the chancellor announced a new wave of cuts. what's the point of a prime minister who prompt -- whose promises don't last a week? reporter: downing street has confirmed the former transport minister has taken over as brave men's replacement. 'smark: let's get more analysis. rosa is here, professor of law
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at the university of reading. thank you for being with us. why do you think this has happened? >> it is very clear this is a government in casts and in crisis. whether she was pushed or she jumped is anyone's guess. she has not got very good record since he has been in ofce. she jeopardized a trade deal with india because of the remarks she has made about immigration, disparaging remarks about that. she was very clear she wanted to send back votes that were rescued by the royal lifeguard institute, out of the water who would bravely go out and rescue a regular migrant on these dinghies. her record was not very good in the first place. she was very junior to have been given this post. she clearly did not have the same interests as mistrusted toward the end. mark: that remark she made
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regarding her dream, that is what she said, her dream would be to send an aircraft load of migrants to rwanda. some people might question it as being distasteful. others might say she was completely disingenuous or naive. what do you think it said about her? proble iterms of humare huge righ in the u.k.'s international human rights obligationas well as domestic ones, in terms of deporting a regular migrant who tried to claim asylum to rwanda. those problems have been highlighted time and again, the cases that have been taken for the few people who did try to get deported. i have a hard -- her hard-line stance on immigration shows what type of government has been created post boris johnson, and post brexit. it is getting more and more hard-line and less interested in human rights.
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as well as the human rights of people who are escaping wars or escaping climate price -- climate crisis and trying to reach these shores to lame asylum, which they have a legal right to try to. claim mark: a blinkered look at the whole affair. briefly, where does this all lead liz truss? where does it lead the conservative party? rosa: the bgest question is where doest lead the country? they after day of this crisis -- day after day of this crisis means there are children who go hungry, there are people who are being thrown out of their homes, either rented accommodation or people who can't afford their mortgages, there are businesses closing around the country. whether or not this government manages to pull it together or the conservative party manages to install a new prime minister, or if there is some sort of war cabinet with ministers from all
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parties to try to get through this crisis, each day that this rolls out, not only does this impact the country and the individuals, but also the u.k.'s position on the global stage and the way it is seen economically and politically, particularly by allied countries in europe and north america. mark: that idea that you started that answer with, kids going hungry in the u.k., it seems unthinkable. given what a country it is and what a country it should be. it is unthinkable that nurses are going to food banks to feed themselves, even though they are working the massive hours they have to work. it is a disgraceful situation. thank you for your analysis, balanced as it was. the situation in the u.k. is bad right now. thank you rosa friedman, from the university of reading. rosa: thank you. mark: we will be watching for all developments on the situation in the u.k. as it happens. we have had one resignation today. who knows what happen in the next 24 hours. the u.s. president joe biden
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taking more steps to bring down oil prices. kate: he has ordered the release of 15 million barrels of polio -- of oil as he has done over the last year or so. gasoline prices in the u.s. have dropped over the summer. the current national average is about three dollars 80 seven cents. the cost of living is a top issue on voters minds, heading into the midterm elections. as our correspondent reports. reporter: with midterm elections looming in three weeks, and opec plus countries except to cut oil production levels, joe biden is opening up the doors of america's strategic reserves. with the release of 15 million barrels of oil, he hopes to keep prices from rising by ensuring there is enough supply to meet demands of the market. pres. biden: we are going to continue to stabilize markets and decrease the prices at a time when pensions of other countries have caused
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volatility. reporter: this latest announcement completes the release of the 180 million barrels authorized by the american president in march. since russia's invasion of ukraine, global oil supplies have been significantly disrupted, piling pressure on biden were pleaded calls for output and energy companies to vest profits in further producti. most analysts say the relief will be short-lived. >> any little bit of additional supply into the market is going to help ease prices, not just any u.s., but globally. the biggest deal, or global -- for global energy markets, is russia. reporter: the u.s. reserve contains 400 million barrels of oil, its lowest level since 1984. the president said he is open to more drawdowns in the winter if necessary, and promised to refill the oil reserves when market prices dropped from their average of $90 to $70 a barrel. kate: inflation in the u.k. has
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spiked again, back at 40 year highs. after dipping briefly to 9.9% in august, consumer prices in september were 10.1% higher than they were a year earlier. dude prices have risen at their fastest rate in 42 years, 14.6%. earlier i spoke with susanna streeter about the pressure on british households. >> despite the bank of england's efforts to turn down the heat on this bubbling of prices, it is still spitting out problems for the banks. we have had inflation for septber sping back up to 10.1 percent. go back up to where it was in july. aunt it is increases in food prices. that is what is propelling this headline rate, upwards. if you look at the numbers, really it is scary. low-fat milk rising by 40%. grains and cereals up by 30%.
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part of this is being driven by the war in ukraine. and on international exchanges, the price of wheat has dropped back down from those i watering levels that we saw soon after that. it takes many months for those prices on wholesale markets to feed fruit the prices on the shelves. that is why you are still seeing food prices rise so dramatically. kate: let's check in on the day trading action. slightly lower close for the major european indices. ftse 100 taking it in stride. that was not the closing figure for the footsie today. we have seen wall street with a choppy session. stocks snapping at today winning streaks. the yield or 10 year treasury bond trading at its highest
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level since 2008. netflix was an outlier. its shares jumped 13% after it reported better than expected earnings and a jump in global subscribers, which was reversing the steep losses it reported earlier this year. mark: it is a volatile business. thank you very much, kate with the business. great to see you. stay with us. more to come. "live from paris." ♪ >> they observe, they contact us, report, film, photograph. they are the voice of the voiceless. your eyes in the far-flung reaches of the world. the observers, a network of 5000 committed citizens working with france 24. amateur footage and testimonials checked by our journalists and broadcast weekly on the
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