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tv   DW News  LINKTV  October 24, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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i welcome from supporters, finance ministers sorting out economic chaos left by predecessors. coming up tonight, russia claims kyiv is planning to explode a dirty bomb on ukrainian
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territory. president zelenskyy saying it is moscow that may want to use radioactive weapons. africa suffering a drought, parts of northern kenya have not seen any rain in years. we're looking at how communities are coping. he is serving a 23 year prison term. harvey weinstein is facing new sixwelcome. @@ererererera new era of stabil.
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liz truss stood down when financial markets rejected her economic plans. the first task is to restore government finances. >> a warm welcome. taking over the top job. ewdeep political crises.
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some are not so hopeful. >>eeeee onomy. we expect different things. we expect public service from
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our government. his methods are not going to provide at. >> his probably t only @@dw newslink@@@@í@@@@ dw newslt longer. the likelihood ofim inflicting economic catastrophe on himself is not going to happen.
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the self-inflicted wounds will give him an easy ri s s s s s ss warning this many budget could have dire consequences and that is exactly what happened. he could have said i told you so. what message does that send? >> he has a difficult path to tread. his criticms of economic policies, she does 92 say i told
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you so. he can afford to speak softly. >> pickup on the lord -- word, sumac is fantastically healthy. -- wealthy. is there going to be a large chasm for him to bridge between himself and ordinary britons were struggling to deal with inflatio
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>> while politicians are perceived as being out of touch, he is not in a different position to anyone else. clearly his enormous wealth is something his opponents might want to use to their advantage in terms of criticizing and highlighting him being out of touch. >> we appreciate your time and insights. thank you. to the war in ukraine, hitting back at russian claims kyiv is
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planning to detonate a dirty bomb on ukrainian territory. the defense minister is telling britain, france that the situation is deteriorating rapidly. russia is manufacturing a pretext to justify an escalation of the conflict. >> it means one thing.
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i believe russia will react as harshly as possible. >> i am joined by a russian team institute for the study of war. what is your prognosis? >> while his habits were alarming, we think it's a campaign to pressure ukraine as well as western backers. the statement is not unfortunately unique. they claimed back as far as last december the ukrainians were
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preparing a false flag attack and officials have stated repeatedly as a recurring claim against ukraine. a closely parallels what the russians have done in syria, claiming false flag attacks that never pan out. well we can't rule it out, -- >> worst-case scenario, what would that mean on the ground? >> a dirty bomb is not a nuclear weapon. there is no nuclear fission a close into the explosion.
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-- goes into the explosion. it would be in the range of a few city blocks. it's unlikely he would have a major battlefield effect. if it were p into practice, it would cause surrenders death and damage but it would not turn the war around for the russians and crucially not provide them the justification they are seeking. the u.s. and allies have done and excellent job debunking claims and it is likely much of the international community would be swayed russian claims. it would essential further
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isolate russia for not much appreciable gain. >> before we run out of time, there are reports russian troops are preparing defense of the city? >> we are seei some ruian troops lef behind in order to defend against ukrainian advances while other forces have been pulled across the river. civilian symptom from russia -- sent in from russia. russians are certain to set conditions to prepare to lose the city, but they are not evacuating wholesale. there is a good chance the ukrainians will retake or force
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russians to withdraw. >> we appreciate your time and analysis tonight. thank you. as fighting ranges -- rages, there are positives. among the counterattack, a couple who met on the front lines. >> an unusual love story on ukraine's front lines. >> i was a commander.
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>> we are leaving immediately. >> a target has been identified. 90 kilometers away. from the new position, troops determine the coordinates. > we will look for the right trajectory and shoot at the enemy. >> they are ready to intervene should something go wrong.
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it take a short break. >> it's easier for me, now i know what he is doing. >> it is better this way. i don't want to be away on another front and constantly worry about her. >> ukrainian army has recaptured 90 towns and villages. that keeps the spirits high.
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>> i was hoping we could retake the city this summer. >> that they can come soon enough -- can't come soon enough. >> ukraine says forces have shot down 200 drones in the last few weeks made in iran. the west says there is mounting evidence that says otherwise. >> this is a scene that ukrainns have grown familiar with.
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i kamikaze drone. civilian of the structures. the unmanned aircraft is one of the series by iran. it can carry explosives. it can stay in the air for hours. then it becomes a missiles. military experts say they have been extensively carrying out strikes against ukraine. the drones are cheap. ukraine says russia has ordered
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2000 more. it represents a new challenge to the air defense even if they report having shot down 220 jones over the last month. it can cause considerable damage. >> africa is suffering its worst drought in 40 years. four consecutive rainy seasons have failed to take place in northern kenya. the land has become more barren. with their livelihoods gone, the situation is dire. especially in one county as tw reports. -- dw reports. reporter: four children of her
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own. with the drive, she is unable -- ports are mostly empty. >> i have to go to the bush. reporter: it's costing -- causing unbearable pain. >> they are sick most of the time. they go to bed on an empty stomach. i just feel terrible. reporter: her husband once had so many codes in capture and money was morthan enough. the drought has killed nearly all have his stock area. >> i can't count the number of
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livestock we have lost. right now really have five animals left. reporter: at a nearby water point, cooking and washing close. >> the water is not clean. we often of diarrhea. >> before the rain stopped falling, they were harsh climate conditions. the drought is partly caused by climate change. >> the poor copulations -- poor
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populations experience significant impacts of climate change. >> that affects a lot of people. >> from drought, drones and drugs. el salvador has long been plagued by drug gangs. it's not just narcotics traffickers ending up behind bars. >> when henry was taken away by
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police in april, it was the last time his brother saw him alive. with this photograph, i started looking for him. i look for him in every hospital. i could not find him. reporter: henry was taken to the prison. despite facing no charges, he died less than a month later. i was responsible for my brother, left my number and address. it really hurts because they buried him without telling me. jesus says his brother was as far from a gang member as anyone cod be, but with the government granting police powers to arrest witut warrant, is not just gangs being locked up. these women have loved ones behind bars. not knowing where and how my son
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is and having my baby here is not easy. i hope god will have mercy not only on my son but on many innocents. since the crackdown began, 80 people have died. the governments war shows no signs of slowing. a single gang member in the streets of our country will multiply. we need to eradicate the cancer. the government says another
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30,000 gang members remain at large with the operation to last six months, even innocents salvadoreans fear being arrested. >> harvey weinstein is facing a new trial on top of a 23 year prison sentence he already serving. he is charged with raping and sexually assaulting five women going back to 2004. the latest hearings are in los angeles where he once called the shots is one of hollywood's most powerful producers. the scandal triggered a wave of protests around the world. female journalists uncovered the weinstein story. the search for the truth is being featured in a new film. >> these young women walked into
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what they believed were business meetings. >> how taking a hard look at itself. >> the film spoke to me as being full of women being heroic. the survivors, witnesses. >> i am an investigative reporter for the new york times. >> before 2017, harvey weinstein was one of hollywood's most influential figures. ashley judd and other women went on record for the first time about the harassment and abuse they have endured. the article was a turning point.
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numerous stars denounced sexual abuse. it's important we'll talk -- we all talk and support each other and people understand is wrong. many men did not understand it wawrong. >> more and more women showed solidarity where 82 filmmakers and actresses made a statement against silence. in 2020, harvey weinstein was found guilty and sentenced to 23 years in prison, among other felonies, for rate. now he is on trial for more sexual assault allegations. the #metoo movement which has been ongoing has change the world. women in all walks of life are fighting back and no longer soundly accepting sexual abuse. >> in the u.s. they have rolled out a marijuana joint in front
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of the white house. activist one president biden -- new may remember biden pardon people in october but protesters say it's not enough, as many as 30,000 people remain in prison. stick around. we will be right back. ♪
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■ú■x■xpppxxxx■]■t■]■o >> welcome to life in paris.
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world news and analysis from. france 24. i am mark and these are the headlines. rishi sue next said to become the latest prime minister of the u.k.. the conservative party has dropped out. we will be analyzing what he brings to the job in this all attend and he will become britain's third prime minister and less than two months. as ever, standing by in downing street. the very latest. russia accuses ukraine of developing a so-called dirty bomb or use on its own soil.


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