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tv   DW News  LINKTV  October 26, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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♪ brent: this is dw news, tonight reports of iranian security forces opening farm protesters. it reportedly have and in the hometown of the young woman who died after rns police arrested her last month. the nationwide protest in her name continues. also coming up, a russian nuclear show of force. vladimir putin oversees
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exercises simulating russia's retaliation after a massive nuclear attack. and a new u.n. report shows ring house emissions hit record highs last year. saying the world is heading in the wrong direction toward climate change. i'm brent goff. to our viewers watching on pbs in the united states and to all of you around the world, welcome. we begin tonight with the turmoil in iran. no testers today took to the streets across the country to mark the official end of morning for the young girl who was detained for allegedly not wearing her headscarf properly. her death sparked outrage, at first among women. all sectors of society had joined in the demonstrations
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demanding human rights for everyone. >> thousands locked to -- flocked to her grave, despite heightened security measures. their purpose, to pay tribute to her at the end of the morning period. inside the cemetery, the chant, this year is the year of lead. -- of blood. security forces clashed with protesters. authorities also cut internet access. in the capital tehran, cars honked, protesters chanted, but they were dispersed using tear gas. the protest triggered by her death are not dying down.
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iran blamed western powers for fueling the protests. >> we have announced a new list of sanctions against eight entities and 12 individuals. those eight entities and 12 people, during what happened in iran, supported and encouraged terrorism, extremism, and violence. >> hundreds of protesters have been killed by the government's brutal crackdown. but they seem united in their mission to push for a regime change. the movement has begun one of the biggest challenges for the country's current leadership. brent: the reigning government has imposed sanctions on german politicians and institutions, including dw's farsi language service.
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>> i expect politicians in germany and europe to increase -- the fact that we appear in such a list now will not stop us from providing our users in iran with reliable information. jazmine ramsey is the deputy director at the new york-based center for human rights in iran. i ask her, does she see any indication of the iranian regime backing down in the face of all these ptests? >> no, absolutely not. it is actually increasing its repression on the streets and we saw massive security presence in more than a dozen cities across iran today as there were mass protests on the 40th day since her death. brent: it's been six weeks. we know that in the past there have been protest movements that have been snuffed out by crackdowns by the regime. do you think the protesters this time can keep this momentum going? >> of course it's u to the
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protesters themselves, but the fact that they have been going on for as long as they have, given the lethal force that the state has been using to repress these protests speaks to the commitment. of course is not just now that the protest started. it's part of the evolving movement that has been going on for years in iran, trying to address the crisis of impunity that runs rampant in the government. brent: we have reports that more than 100 people have died since of protest began. do you worry that the actual death toll is much higher and are you worried that the crackdown we are seeing is going to get worse? >> of course it's going to get worse, and that's why were calling on the you and human rights council to set up a special urgent session to establish independent reporting and accounting mechanisms. this call was bolstered today by more than 20 specials -- who had
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called on the irene government to allow an independent investigation, and those calls were ignored. so now they are calling for the u.n. council to establish the special. it needs to move to condemnation on the international stage. brent: iran is already dealing with massive sanctions coming from the west. i do you think then that getting anything from the united nations will make the regime change its course when these sanctions have not been able to do that? >> wl, what you' seeing right now is people rising up to callout against the mass repression that's going on in the state. that's why the international community needs to band together to support these people. there needs to be costs enacted on the government in iran so it doesn't believe that business can go on as usual. iran has membership on status of
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women commission in the you in, the most important instituon in the you and for genr equality. iran should be ejected from that. the needs to be caused and there still needs to be aot more done, and it can be done on the international stage before we can give up and say there is nothing the world can do. brent: the supreme leader, the ayatollah khamenei has claimed the protest are being controlled by foreign governments. how do you read that claim? >> this man has been in power for decades. he is unelected and he holds absolute power over the entire country. one of the chants that you hear among the massive protest from different facets ups society is just to the dictator. the islamic republic has been calling for ifor years. it's been saying that all these protests are somehow third by outside powers, but there's
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hundreds of thousands of people that are risking their lives to come out into the streets. they are the ones that live in that country and under that government and they have every right to exercise their constitutional right to protest without the threat of death or lethal force. brent: jasmine ramsey with the center for human rights in iran. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. hundreds of syrian refugees have returned home to lebanon under a scheme from the pandemic. there is concern that refugees may be pressured to return to the war term country. -- war-torn country. there is a deadly cholera outbreak inside syria. there are fears that it could
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spread across the entire middle east. russia's military today staged nuclear exercises under the watchful eye of president vladimir putin. the drills included multiple practice launches of ballistic missiles. osco says it was a simulated retaliation for a nuclear attack on russia. >> ballistic misles blast off, the dramatic show of russia's nuclear capability, weapons lunging from land, sea, and the sky. all under president putin supervision. russia's defense minister reporting drills, which are held annually, simulated a massive nuclear strike in retaliation for a nuclear attack on russia. the exercise comes as putin blamed the united states for its involvement in the conflict. >> we see in the example of
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ukraine, which has become an instrument of american foreign policy, it is actually lost its sovereignty and is directly controlled by the united states, which is using it as a battering ram against russia. >> putin again claiming russia is preparing a so-called dirty bomb. his claims have been roundly rejected by ukraine and western leaders. >> president putin is failing on the battlefield. he is responding with more indiscriminate attacks on ukrainian cities against civilians and against critical infrastructure. and with dangerous nuclear rhetoric. >> the russian drills come as nato holds its own annual nuclear exercises in northwestern europe. brent: how worrying are these
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russian nuclear drills? i askdw russia analyst. >> there are reasons for both to be worriednd not tbe worried. first, theserills come, this is not a surprise. russia normally does such drills, normally in october. russian -- western countries were warned about them. because the situation there is tense, and russia is using its nuclear power to threaten the west and ukraine. so it is noturprising at all. on the other hand, the war in ukraine has been ing on for overight monthsow, and everybody is very under presre, including the russian military. so we can conclude in such fashion sothing may go wrong. it was a test of missiles capable of carrying nuclear
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warheads, but these are strategic weapons in their vy, very dangerous. one thing more which makes me worry is that the last time russia did this was in februa, just a few days before the invasion of ukraine. so it could become a signal to the west that russia is preparing to escalate there. brent: it does make you wonder where the exercises be taking place if there was no invasion of ukraine taking place right now. so how do these drills fit into putin's overall strategy? >> nuclear signaling is very important to russia's policy, and russia is doing this to threaten the west, as i just said, especially to threaten it and to prevent the west from delivering certain types of weapons to ukraine, especially long-range missiles. russian officials have repeated that many times. there are two ways russia is
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doing that. first, president putin himself is threatening the west to use nuclear weapons, and also he needs a show of force. this is exactly whawe are seeing now. maybe last but not least, these nuclear drills, this demonsation of russian force, we've seen missiles carry by sea , by underwater submarine, we've seen a launch from strategic bombers, we've seen land launches and three types of nuclear weapons were used to invite the west and ukraine to negotiate. so it is a russian way of inviting western countries, and especially the government of ukraine, to finally negotiate, on russian terms, of course. brent: as always, we appreciate your time and your analysis tonight. as winter approaches, soldiers in ukraine will not just be battling the russian military,
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they will also be fighting against the elements of mother nature. in eastern ukraine, preparations are underway to survive the winter cold. >> weapons and ammunition are crucial if the ukrainian military hopes to continue retaking ground seized by russia, but the soldiers in eastern ukraine's donuts region know that being for -- donetsk region know it will be crucial to survival in the upcoming months. they are not just bracing for battle, they are bracing for the cold. >> winter in the donbas is held. temperatures down to -30 degrees celsius. i felt it in 2014. it is hell. there are no forests, and brutal temperatures. >> this trench is just 700 meters from russian positions,
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but life goes on for the soldiers of the fifth assault brigade. they wash, eat, and sleep by a wood fire stove. there's also a sauna built using the tutorial they found on the internet. >> it took three days to build this sauna. first we dug the ditch, then we covered it with a special membrane and bags for it to sustain at leastinimal mortar fire. we think it cod survive an explosion from 82 caliber fire. >> close to the russian border, preparing for combat and the cold oh hand-in-hand for this ukrainian national guard unit. the logs will be used in a wood burning stove in a trench several meters down. there is already ground frost outside. inside, a functional kitchen and sleeping quarters. >> this modular capsule is a few
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meters below ground level. there's lots of soil above, and soil on the right. basically it's a very warm space . it's also very safe. it provides good protection in case of explosions, and at the same time, it protects us from cold. >> by planning ahead, ukraine's soldiers want to make sure that winter is one battle they are prepared for. brent: let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. at least 50 people have been killed and dozens more wounded after gunmen attacked a major shiite area. the attack was blamed on sunni muslim extremists. officials say two were arrested in the loose. germany's chancellor met with french president emmanuel macron for talks in paris.
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relations between the leaders of europe's two biggest economies are tense. there are disagreements over europe's defense, energy, and trade policies. the talks come after a regular meeting was postponed last week. the german cabin has approved a plan to personally utilize cannabis. germans will not be punished for possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana or for growing limited amounts in selling it to adults and licensed shops. turkey's health minister says the changes must square with e.u. law before -- germany's health minister said changes must square with e.u. law before it is put forth. the finance minister promises to fix the uk's economic problems. he has reappointed the interior minister days after she resigned from the liz truss government. more common alarms coming from the u.n.. a new report shows the three
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main greenhouse gases at record highs in our atmosphere last year. the report says that agriculture is to blame for rising levels of nitrous oxide and methane. the latest warnings, week before delegates from around the world are due to meet for crucial climate change talks in egypt. >> climate activists spray painting the windows of a luxury car brand private it is guerrilla campaigns like this in london that cause much criticism lately. but the activists say it's their only chance to break through with the message that the world isn't doing enough in response to the climate crisis. now a new u.n. report delivers the same message. the world's current climate pledges are far off track to limit temperature as the three main greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, hit record high levels in the atmosphere last year. >> what is particularly
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frightening this year is that as we look at the growth rates of carbon dioxide, it is comparable to the actual growth rate in t air. but if we look at methane, it is the scariest ever. >> the planet is already battered by weather extremes. but experts say the worst is yet to come. at the moment, earth is on track to warm around 2.5 degrees celsius, compared to preindustrial levels by the century's and. around point -- around 1.5 degrees was the goal set in the paris climate agreement. >> yes, climate protection efforts are being made, but way too slowly. the world's governments are still not seeing climate change as a crisis, but it is a crisis that threatens our existence.
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another u.n. climate conference will start in egypt next week. scientists and activists alike urge leaders to do more, much more, to tackle the climate crisis. brent: to the united states now, where it's less than two weeks until those crucial midterm elections. the latest polls point to an upswing for the republicans who are seeking to regain control of both houses of congress. that would be a major setback for president joe biden going into the second half of his term. biden's party, the democrats are hoping for a strong turnout, especially among their core constituents, including black voters. a reporter went to the state's biggest city, milwaukee, to find out more. reporter: the days getting started, black leaders
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organizing communities. this outreach group is gearing up for another day of knocking on doors. it says it has endorsed democratic candidates as the best home for the group's core mission, improving the lives of milwaukee's black community. milwaukee is the largest democratic stronghold in this battleground state and black voters are a crucial part of it. but lack voter turnout in milwaukee has been -- black voter turnout has been decreasing for years, something they're trying to turn around. he is leaving a canvassing team today. he didn't care much for politics until he got this job, fighting for the black community. he says despite the decline in voter turnout, black voters helped flip the state for democrats in 2020. >> just that little bit right there, they made change. i feel it in my own life and i
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want to be part of it. >> but not everyone feels that change. inflation is creating frustration and the lack of change on public safety, education, and economic opportunity has led to voter apathy. >> like change ain't helping, they ain't doing the stuff that people need. that's just terrible. how can a person live on that? how can i buy 12 eggs? it's just rough out here. reporter: black voters have delivered important victories for the democrats, but many are asking whether they got a fair deal in return. that question is an opportunity for the african-american outreach director for the wisconsin republicans. >> the democratic party has just
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really gone too far away from what at least i knew what the party was and i think the republican party is sticking to the message, once again, whom are the individuals putting these failed policies and who are the ones you are voting for? try something new. >> he says the message resonates with the growing number of those coming into the black community center, like this man. >> i get the feeling is just going downhill. we've got trash everywhere. the city is just deteriorating. it is time for change. >> one more voter for the republicans. democrats might feel reassured by voices here at an institution in this black neighborhood where everyone seems to stand by the party in the hope for meaningful action that will help them. >> a lot of these politicians only stand for one thing, reelection.
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rather than hearing what is going on in the community. >> at some point, we will get some candidates that talk the talk and walk the walk. >> that is the challenge for the democrats, to deliver for their supporters who see them vote with their feet. brent: you might be the wbc heavyweight champion, but tyson furey wants to prove that he packs a punch in the music studio as well. the englishman frequently breaks into song after a victory. now he is putting those pipes to good use, by covering an evergreen classic song to benefit the man's mental health charity talk club. >> tyson furey's choice of song for his new charity single won't surprise anyone who has seen him fight. >> ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ♪ >> neil diamond's classic "sweet
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caroline" has gained popularity in recent years, the perfect choice for tyler -- tyson furey. the man they call the gypsy king has long been open about his own mental health struggles. >> i have two characters, i have tyson. , and have the gypsy king who is unshakable. anything that can go wrong with him and tyson. the man >> >>. those problems dogged him after he had risen to fame with drink and drug abuse as he relinquished his hard-won titles for now he says he wants to do more to shine a lateral problem that especially among men often dare not speak its name. >> since the demise and return, i've been very vocal about the
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mental health struggle. i've tried my best to keep talking about as much as i can and keep trying to smash the stigma, i suppose. >> but is he punching for a mash hit -- mass hit? >> my wife keeps saying fake it until you make it. >> crooners everywhere, beware. brent: the next time john's. here is a reminder of the top stories we are following for you. protesters have taken to the streets across iran to mark the 40th day since -- the end of the traditionalmourning period. russ's military has staged nuclear exercises under the supervision of president vladimir putin. the drill included multiple
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practice launches a ballistic missiles in what moscow says was a simulated retaliation for a nuclear attack on russia. you're watching dw news, live from berlin. after a short break, i'll be back to take you through "the day." stick around, we will be right back. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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paris, world news and analysis from france 24. these are the headlines. fears that the conflict could turn nuclear. latimer putin with his capable troops. macron and schulz meet to make up the differences in the way that france and germany see the world, primarily falling out for the rising cost of energy in the wake of the ukraine war. protesters steed


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