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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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6:00 a.m. in the west. carmageddon is officially started and they have got the wrecking crews out trying to replace this stretch of a bridge. live pictures right now as we take you to los angeles was been called carmageddon. 53 hours of pandemonium. one of the busiest highways in the world, 405 running north to south in southern california is closed from 7:00 p.m. friday to 5 a.m. monday local time for a $1.2 billion construction project. the cost can be much greater as
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businesses there may be affected as all these cars cannot move and try to find their way up and down the parts of the southland there in california. we'll, of course, be going live to carmageddon in southern california throughout this morning here on msnbc saturday. we'll have more on that later. but we begin with the big fight in washington growing more desperate as the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches. the key question this morning will we to see any progress this weekend? we go live to the white house for more. are they working this weekend and might we expect more progress here? >> reporter: we'll to see. there's a lot of closed door negotiations. that's the phase we're in now. we're a day closer to what many experts have called a financial catastrophe, six closed door meetings that they had in the west wing. the focus turns to congress. whether or not they can reach a deal on a dramatically scaled back version, not that grand
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bargain, something smaller but do it in time for august 2nd when the country is due to run out of cash. taking his case public for the second time in a week, president obama accused republicans of refusing to compromise. >> the problem is members of congress are dug in ideologically into various positions because they boxed themselves in with previous statements. >> reporter: with the clock ticking towards what the president jidescribed as armageddon, mr. obama held out hope a deal could be struck. >> we have to get started now. that's why i'm expecting some answers from all the congressional leaders sometime in the next couple of days. >> reporter: for the first time the president publicly said he's considering asking wealthier citizens in medicare to pay more. mr. obama defended that stance. >> simply put it will take a
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balanced approach, shared sacrifice and a willingness to make unpopular choices on all our parts. that means spending less on domestic programs. >> reporter: the move has angered democrats but republicans say it isn't enough and after six closed door white house sessions there's still no agreement. the biggest sticking point remains taxes. >> our stand on the debt limit has been clear. there will be no tax hikes because tax hikes destroy jobs. >> reporter: behind-the-scenes a deal is taking shape in the senate. it would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling and require him to list specific cuts for congress to consider. >> listen we're in the fourth quarter here. >> reporter: house gop leaders are lukewarm to the plan and will hold a vote next week on a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. >> it's time for the democrats to get serious as well. we asked the president to lead. we asked him to put forward a plan. not a speech, a real plan. and he hasn't.
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we will. >> reporter: richard, yesterday the treasury secretary of the white house chief of staff both on capitol hill, behind closed doors in the speaker's office all kinds of meetings, former house speaker, the democratic leader now nancy pelosi also meeting with boehner, they are talking about vote counts, they are talking about any combinations of things, any combination of votes and policy that will get them over the finish line and avert that financial catastrophe. >> hats the thought there in washington right now. this is what we to see the sides coming forward. you mentioned the president coming to reach out to the u.s. citizenry and trying to get their support. who has momentum now? >> reporter: it's interesting and perhaps bittersweet for many republicans who were swept into power taking over the house of representatives on the strength of their platform of not doing business as usual here in washington and not to mention the president himself who ran on a similar platform. back to tried and true. they are behind closed doors.
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legislative wizards are trying to work out something, trying to get the right alchemy of writing this bill. not in any transparent way but in a way that they know will gather just enough votes from the right or left or somewhere in between to avert what everyone, even republican leaders now are saying is going to be a financial catastrophe if they don't get something done, richard. >> working on that debt science that you were alluding to. the debt ceiling talks will be the number one topic on "meet the press" when white house budget direct jacob lew joins david gregory for a one on one. more than 200 people are planning a search today in missouri for the missing mother of 5-year-old triplets. missouri police discovered evidence they believe jacque waller was carrying the night she disappeared. her business cards were found few of miles from where her car was found. cards were planted there, her parents believe. >> this lady goes gets her mail
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every day, how come that day she happened to find that packet of business cards? because they were placed there for somebody to find. >> police say her husband is now talking to detectives. he was the last person who saw jack i can on june 1st, the night she disappeared. he's a person of in but not a suspect. new developments in the casey anthony story. a day before she's released from a florida jail for one the 25-year-old acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter is now launching new legal action. let's go live now to orlando. what's this legal action we're talking about? >> reporter: right now casey anthony yesterday filed an appeal on the four guilty charges of lying to law enforcement. we do know she was found guilty of. legal experts say this is a strategy to save her from having
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to testify in other civil suits that are being filed against her. after three years in this jail, casey anthony has only one night, richard, before she walks out and becomes a free woman. and she is about to go free, but let me tell you. new legal battles as you said are rising outside of her jail. so when she walks out there's a great deal of issues she will have to deal with and we have a story for are you on this, richard. casey anthony's fellow inmates have set up a security barricade for her imminent release from the orange county jail. the woman who escaped a murder conviction in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee has become the target of multiple lawsuits. >> creating some emotional problems. >> reporter: friday anthony's attorneys argued she was too exhausted mentally to face questions in a civil defamation lawsuit filed by a florida
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woman. at issue zenaida gonzalez's reputation. she said they are babysitter zenaida gonzalez kidnapped caylee. she continued that lie until the trial. zenaida said because of that lie she lost her job and home. anthony has to give a video-taped deposition on august 8th. in another lawsuit leonard padilla, the bounty hunter is seeking $200,000 for the money he spent for searching the toddler who investigators say was already dead. while she fights the lawsuits anthony wants her name cleared completely. she's appealing those four guilty counts of lying to police. she can lame the fifth when it comes to deposition in the civil case. she can say i'm taking the fifth, i'm not going to talk about it until my appeal process is over and that can take several years.
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an appeal funded by taxpayers because anthony filed documents claiming she is indigent. this morning, richard, we have new information regarding her release tomorrow. now there are safety measures taking place in the jail. the whole area around the jail is barricaded for expected protesters. there's also for security only three journalists allowed inside the jail to witness what will be the freeing of casey, one of those is an nbc news photojournalist. as for her security when she walks out the sheriff for orange county already said his department will assess any threat made against casey anthony but they don't plan to become her personal security team. >> thank you so much. o now take to you los angeles. the traffic dave reckoning arrived. the so-called carmageddon. take a look. part of the 10 mile stretch of 405 that's now closed. it's one of the busiest highways
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in the country and closed down around midnight pacific time. it's now 6:00 a.m. local time. let's check back in with los angeles. i can still hear something happening. obviously working very, very quickly now. >> reporter: they are. they need to because they have that 5:00 a.m. monday deadline where they hopefully will be finished with demolition of that feel bridge. i'll step out of the way, richard so you can take a closer look at the lay of the land. there's a lot of activity going on. the media is standing back and looking at wonder at all the construction gouing on. they will demolish that bridge and there will be three bridges and an extra carpool lane going through this area. that will end up reducing travel times by as much as ten minutes. that will help out commuters in the long run. >> when i look at the live pictures. it's weird to to see the 405
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completely empty of cars. like half a million cars normally pass through that area a day, is that right? >> reporter: i know. almost an eerie sight. 12 hours ago we were at this very spot and there were cars going through here. the 405 is such a lifeline in this area. in part of a country that's such a car culture. here in california people get into their cars and travel and to tell them to stay home important the weekend as transportation officials have been doing for the past several months in advance of the carmageddon weekend, it's almost counter intuitive to what people do here on a typical weekend. >> we're showing some pictures of the way 405 normally looks. that is what it looks like 4 hours a day. watching carmageddon for us live in los angeles. thank you. now to frankfurt, germany
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where the women's u.s. soccer team hope to be on top of the world. playing against japan tomorrow afternoon. this after beating brazil and france in a thrilling fashion and buzz for this team has grown to a fever pitch in the united states and across the world. ann thompson is one frankfurt with more for us. hi, ann. >> reporter: hi, richard. the u.s. women's team went through their last practice this morning before tomorrow's world cup final. teen u.s. came into this tournament ranked number one in the world it has not been an easy journey for they women but as you said those heart stopping victories against brazil and france have earned them a whole new group of fans, germany, around the world and back at home. this is what winning does. the press corps following the u.s. women's soccer team has gone from five people to a genuine media hoard. >> it will take passion to yuan
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this world cup. >> reporter: it doesn't have the frenzy of a super bowl media day but every bit unpredictable. >> tell them slow down, you move too fast. >> reporter: this is the coach. yes, she sings to her team. can you imagine vince lombardi doing this? ♪ looking for fun and feeling groovy ♪ >> reporter: don't let the coach fool you. these women are very serious about the task at hand, beating japan to win the world cup. >> yes. >> think since we were young kids that's been our dream so you don't let anybody, media, family whatever it may be distractions stand in the way of reaching your goals. >> reporter: standing in the american's way is a surprising japan squad. smaller but very skilled, it beat bigger teams germany and sweden to reach the finals. the u.s. has defeated japan
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three times this year. but this is the world cup. and anything can happen. >> this is emotional. whether people want to admit it or not, the stage is as big as it's ever been for this game for the players and this team. >> reporter: now there will be some 48,000 people on hand tomorrow night to watch this game in what is called the force stadium here in frankfurt. two of those people will be dr. jemaah islamiyah bid-- jill bid as well as chelsea clinton. >> thank you so much. tiger woods golf game has fallen off since his private life became a sordid public saga.
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the dwe bait over raising the debt limit is the fasting rising issue. president obama is taking his case to the vote towers get the deal he wants but he may get a simpler back up plan. how is the battle being handled? joining me now is jonathan alter. good morning to you. when you look at this you're very much in touch with what happens inside the white house here. what's happening at these
6:20 am
meetings? >> there's a lot of hard bargaining on details that are on a granular level. they are talking about whether to sell a plot of land in downtown los angeles. >> down to those specifics. >> but what's happened now is that the big picture, big deal as the president yesterday was still calling for has become essentially a political weapon. there is not going to be a big deal. we've lost the opportunity for the big fix that would put us on a sound financial future. >> that $4 trillion deal. why did he bring it up again. >> political. because essentially what's happened is the president moved a long distance. as he said yesterday, he's even willing to go for some changes in medicare that are very unpopular within the democratic base. the republicans have not moved a
6:21 am
millimeter off of their position. there position is no revenue increases at all. no closing tax loopholes. no making corporate jet owners pay more. politics is supposed to be the art of compromise. what you have and honestly it's not a political opinion it's a description of facts. you have one side willing to make quite a number of concessions and another side that decided to stand on what they consider to be principle. now what is their principle is what's been clarified. the principle is not deficit reduction, it's making sure there are no tax increases of any kind. that's their bottom line. >> the house majority leader was saying that well the fact that they were even discussing the possibility of increasing the debt ceiling, that's our compromise. >> yeah. they are going to come up with some kind of a fig leaf. that's not a compromise, that's avoiding armageddon. that's a peculiar statement to
6:22 am
say that's a compromise. i don't think he would consider avoiding default to be some sort of a concession. what? so we don't go over the live? but what they are going to do, richard, is have a fig leaf along the lines of what senator mcconnell suggested where maybe a trillion dollars in cuts after all the fanagling on capitol hill over a ten year period and then create a situation where republicans can say that they did not vote to raise the debt ceiling, and democrats can say that they were out there pushing for these big cuts in the deficit, and the republicans wouldn't go along. so both sides can have some cover politically going into the 2012 elections. >> political coverage is so important. mcconnell, reid and the senate plan time is interesting.
6:23 am
we've been having these discussions, watching these discussions for some time. a little late in the game. we're hearing from mcconnell and reid now. >> the action is shifting from the cabinet to the white house back to capitol hill. you had house speaker john boehner and minority leader nancy pelosi met yesterday. so they are now working out the details of what this fig leaf will be to get it past the debt ceiling and show the american people that they cut some but not nearly as much. historic opportunity has been missed here and really put the united states on a firm financial footing and to cut up that credit card. could it have been done. i think historians and i know in my next book i'll look back at this period as a period where it was really all on the line, these discussions sound abstract but they affect every household in the united states and the politicians could not get it
6:24 am
done. so in that scene it's not a happy week. >> jonathan alter telling us about his next book, it will be called "the fig leaf." what will happen if the u.s. goes into default. will it create an economic catastrophe? we'll sort it out for you in today's fact or fiction. a dead woman found bound and hanging in southern california. was it murder or suicide? you're watching msnbc saturday. [ male announcer ] the network --
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will simply say no. they will reskrebt it and tell you to come up with something more difficult. current hot mail users with a common password will be told to change that to a stronger password. something like 2345678. dangerous hot weather continues. a sweltering july. 882 record temperatures recorded so far this month alone. bill karins has the latest they want to be wave. >> like weekend after weekend, all we're talking about is these heat waves. this one will special. this has a chance of being historic and unfortunately historic usually means loss of life during major heat waves. that's why it will make this one different than the rest we've had this summer. let me set it up for you. today, worst of it in areas that have been hit hard, oklahoma, texas, louisiana back up to k. what will happen this weekend the heat wave will expand.
6:29 am
that area of orange is under heat warnings. message for people with young children, anyone that has any illnesses and especially the elderly to make sure you're careful and check on them because it will be the high humidity too. today we're talking about 104 around wichita, 101 in dallas. dallas was 107 yesterday. warmer than areas like phoenix and vegas. even around omaha and kansas. not just the heat but what humanity. this is sun's forecast. not a lot changes. both days brutally hot especially in the midwest. that's the worst of it this weekend. as we head through the gulf, we're getting a break, we have showers and thunderstorms. if it's raining where you are you are actually happy it will help cool you off. sunday we continue to watch the same areas. as far as what's going to happen, and this is next week. this is when the worst of the heat wave expands. two-thirds of the country will be in the grips of this massive heat wave. go all the way to the east coast. humidity will be up. heat is high. this is typically the hottest
6:30 am
time of summer. this is not disappointing. day after day. getting pretty redundant, i guess. >> unfortunately, we're looking forward to now august an september when we can to see cooler weather. >> i don't know about august. maybe september if we're lucky. a meaculpa for rupert murdoch. will that make any difference in the telephone hacking scandal? i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn.
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> welcome back to msnbc saturday. richard lui. alex witt is off today. new big developments in the hacking scandal in britain to tell you about. the controversy is not over even after rupert murdoch apologized. we go to thrown. what was the response to that apology? >> reporter: well, good morning, richard. people are still taking it in. it is astonishing. this is the newspaper, the first revealed the hacking scandal,
6:34 am
kind of like "the washington post" doing watergate. inside this newspaper, for example, is that full page apology from rupert murdoch. that apology is in every newspaper in britain today. rupert murdoch, of course one of the most powerful men in the media. he runs fox television, "wall street journal" 20rth century fox. yesterday the publisher from "wall street journal" resigned. it began with revelations of wrongdoing by journalists, listening to people's cell phone messages. this weeks there's reports obvious mail of 9/11 victims might have been accessed. prime minister is one fire because he was so close to rupert murdoch's people and the police despite the fact that they were investigating them for what may have been criminal activity. to call at it crisis, richard, just doesn't do it justice. >> it's early here but you
6:35 am
mentioned the resignation of the head of dow jones which runs the "wall street journal". any concern some of those practices might have happened hereunder his watch here in the united states? >> reporter: i don't think that's the concern. the fact that he was chief executive of news international here and came up through the "news of the world", around this period when this was taking place. there are questions about rupert murdoch's son james. one executive who has had to resign was treated like a daughter by rupert murdoch, now they are asking whether his own son will be next because he had to deal with this scandal over the last few years. >> the company actually, excuse me, rather who you alluded to, james murdoch did issue a statement and said cute the company has made mistakes. it is not only receiving appropriate scrutiny but is also responding to unfair attacks by setting the record straight. that's what james murdoch said. alluding to the possibility of
6:36 am
him stepping down. what's next here for the family? what will they be doing next? >> reporter: he issued that apology. rupert murdoch met with the family of a teenage girl who died and this set off this scandal and really exploded it in the last few weeks because journalists allegedlissened to her voice mail messages, desperate messages from her family after she went missing. the thing about the apology in newspapers it talks about a few steps they plan to take next. we'll to see what those will be. rupert murdoch and james murdoch will be up in front of an important committee in the house of commons this week. we'll to see what answers they provide. >> it's getting larger and larger for us. president obama appealing to the american people to within support for his plan to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the debt. the president wanting to urge congress to make a deal. with the deadline approaching republicans are focused on back
6:37 am
up plans. joining me from washington is neil irwin a reporter for "the washington post" who wrote an article on friday called "five truths about the debt." let's do a pop quiz on these issues. fact or fiction. first off the nag debt is about the government spend go to much. fact or fiction? >> fiction in the sense that there's a real debate to be had in this country whether the government spend too much or not enough tore right amount. that's separate from what the deficit should be and debt should be. you could have a large government that has a balanced budget and comes into a balanced fiscal situation pretty quickly. you can have a small government does that. you can have a small government with a large deficit. we pretend the question how big the government should be is how big the deficit should be. they are separate thing. >> built are intertwined. fact or fiction the debt is a
6:38 am
new problem? >> we've been building this accumulated national debt about $6,000 per american, taken us 200 years to build that. it's accurate ad lot in the last five years especially since the recession happened in 2008. the truth is debt is not something you can deal with overnight. even if we go to a balanced budget tomorrow which no one is proposing, we would still have a $14 trillion debt. only if we have surpluses would it come down. >> it's not new. we've raised that debt ceiling 100 times in the history of this country. fact or fiction, all debt is bad. >> yes. just not true. just like a family can borrow money for good reasons if they are looking to invest in education or looking to buy a house, but can also borrow money for bad reasons if you just want to go on vacation or pay for your day-to-day expenses. if you're making investments that will make the economy stronger in the long run the debt can make a lot of sense.
6:39 am
that's not what we've been doing. we've been using debt to pay for our expenses. >> too much debt is bad or bad debt is bad. fact or fiction. less debt is better. >> you know this just comes back to what you're using it for and whether, you know, whether you'll spot that you can handle and how big your economy is. the key question is not just what the deficit, what the debt looks like in five years but how big of a u.s. economy can handle it. a household that's rich can handle a million dollar mortgage and a poor household can't. >> our debt is pretty much equal to our gdp how much we basically make in a year. japan is much worst off than we are, 2-1 and related to that our interest rates. interest rates matter. final fact or fiction? >> they matter. what manageable deficit problem we have right now very low interest rates, 3% for the ten
6:40 am
year treasury bond, less than half a percent for two year money. the u.s. government can borrow more money cheaply than any other entity on earth. if rates start to rise it's more expensive to main thain this $14 trillion debt. then we can run into trouble. it would cause a drain on the treasury. >> we have a bonus question. fact or fiction the u.s. women's soccer team will win tomorrow. >> fact. has to be. >> absolutely. you're the right guy to talk to on this saturday morning. thank so you much. president obama is raking in a record cash at the moment from big donors as he starts his re-election effort. the "new york times" said fundraisers collected $5,000 each. the democratic national committee said they raised $86 million for the quarter. are we moving towards an all blastic economy? growing number of businesses are adopting credit only purchase policies and just last week the u.s. treasury announcing its
6:41 am
printing less money. that's great news for the banks and credit card companies but some economic experts are calling this a step back wards. they are opting for a cash only spending diet. joined now by msnbc analyst vera gibbons. we talking about cash diets. is that good? >> some people are doing them because they are tired of the banks, the sneaky practices, the fees. they can't get credit or their credit card rewards are not that great. other people are doing it because they feel they need to go on a budget. do you have a certain type of person who is going on this cash only diet. >> is it good for us? does it make stones have a cash only diet, fiscally does you want make sense? >> the primary benefit of going all cash you can't spend above your means, right. that's the main thing. also you're going to have fewer impulse buys. have emotional attachment to cash that we don't have to our credit cards.
6:42 am
there are anxiety issues. you'll be less anxious because you won't have any debt. your purchases will be private. you don't have to worry about identity theft. those are the pros. some negative sides. >> growth. investments. >> all of that stuff. if you don't have credit, established credit how do you go out and gate loan, a car, a house, your options are definitely limited on that front. that's one of the primary down sides of going all cash. then convenience. you mentioned that. some of these airlines, for example and other merchants don't take cash. if you need a snack on a plane, want to buy a soda or whatever the case may be -- >> you're stuck with a pina colada. >> we have been this credit card plastic economy which is good for the credit card companies and banks because they can track your purchases and target you more effectively not best for some people. >> definitely brings on the idea and the thought of acting more
6:43 am
frugally and more responsibly. >> that's right. that's the plus side. i don't get a bonus question? >> thanks a lot. talk to you later. major sponsor of tiger woods has made a big decision and it will put a hurting on his wallet. a mystery at a mansion. this morning police are trying to figure out if a woman took her own life or somebody killed her. you're watching msnbc saturday. . spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... . by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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tiger woods apparently not worth as much as he once was. "forbes" magazine has now said that nike cut it in half its payments to woods in endorsements last year to $10 million, down from $20 million that nike paid woods in 2009. a source telling forbes that nike penalized woods for his extramarital discretions by reducing his payment for two years.
6:47 am
nike has no comment. they vanquished brazil and france and now that stands in the way of the u.s. women's soccer team winning the world cup is japan. the two teams will meet tomorrow. it won't be an easy one. a lot of people are calling them the faufrt. japan has surpassed predictions. maggie gray is here with a look ahead at the final. maggie, we were mentioning this earlier. and she is saying 1-0 the u.s. what your saying? >> i think all bets are off because it was so unpredictable that both of these teams would make the final. you can tell that the japanese they control the mid-field. they play position style. they have a system. they are very disciplined but aggressive. they scored half of their goals in this world cup within the first 20-minute.
6:48 am
they are looking to score and looking to get there. final score, i don't know. >> give me one. >> don't want to make predictions. >> a low score? >> it will be low scoring because if the japanese are going to play that position game and use the entire field it's going to not lead to a lot of chances for the u.s. and that's hat the u.s. coach is trying to express to her team. her team we have to be patient. we have to take advantage of the opportunities we have because they might not have too many. >> she sings a lot. >> she has a pretty good voice. yeah. >> she didn't break a single note when she was doing that during the press conference. some of the weaknesses of japan what are they? >> only one player on their team that's over 5'7" tall. >> size. >> obviously the u.s. is a lot bigger than they are and that helps when you're in the box and going for headers. you can out muscle your opponent. the other thing is depth. the u.s. has used 18 of their 21 players. they have a strong team
6:49 am
throughout. the japanese don't use as many players. >> what do you think about the weaknesses of the u.s. team? hard to fine. patience you said is one of the considerations. >> you saw in the second half against france the u.s. got out possessed in that game. they were able to come through on a couple of key positions but they had a little bit of trouble keeping the momentum and keeping the ball in their court. that's a huge key in points for the u.s. in the final. >> an unexpected underdog here, japan -- the perennial is what we're used to seeing in there. germany, france. but we have japan now facing off the united states. rachged number one versus ranking number four. >> real david versus goliath. they were able to knock off the host company, germany to take out sweden who were the big tall swedes and very accomplished. was huge for them. then you bring in the fact that their country was ravaged by a
6:50 am
tsunami back in march. there were times when they couldn't practice at night because there wasn't enough electricity throughout the country so they could actually get on the feel and train. their training was setback a month. the fact playing in the world cup despite making it into the finals is really remarkable. >> they have had a very difficult year as they move forward. finally for you, we have got chaec china, they're not here, but they're normally successful. >> i don't know if i could actually come on and say i could -- considering what they have done, they have been fantastic. i'm going to go with the yanks on this one. i'm going to say 3-1, usa. >> the average has been like 2.6 scoring so far in this world cup. >> just please don't hold me too it. >> it's all in good fun. a lot of good tips on how to watch the game. maggie gray, appreciate it. this coming from the british
6:51 am
open wherele jimenez found an amusing way to warm up. he did so with style and grace and with a cigar in his mouth to boot. that's an interesting sort of achilles stretch there. he's doing pretty well, and with that, we're going to break, see you in a little bit. ♪
6:52 am
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a 32-year-old was found dead this week, her nude body was found with her hands tied behind her back with her hands and feet bound.
6:55 am
well, an autopsy has been conducted on the victim, so far the police have kept that file closed, but one of the things that would be important is the toxicology, did she have any drugs or any substances in her body and number two was there any evidence over and above her hands and feet being tied that she had been beaten or anything like that. when somebody dies, it's an homicide, it's suicide, it's an accident or it's natural causes. even though this woman died with her hands and feet tied behind her back and nude, you still have to consider four of the potentials, three three of the four. >> there's a case in 2010 that you had in that situation, there was a woman there that was found dead in a mansion. >> there was. in the case of august busch, the
6:56 am
former ceo of an nice ed an hig busch. there was a -- his hands duct taped behind his back, his feet duct taped, a rope around his neck, tied to a tree. that was suicide, he had two new insurance policies, he wanted to provide for his children, so he had to make it look like a suicide. so do people commit suicide and try to make it look otherwise? the answer is, yes, they do. and even though how dramatic this sounds right now, law enforcement can't afford to close their eyes to any potential. >> difficult case no matter what for the family. clint van zandt, thank you so much. the search for a missing
6:57 am
mother of 5-year-old triplets, but how can police find her and one stay before -- a live report from florida next. ty comes to l. ty comes to l. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. we inspect your air filter, cabin filter. there's bugs, leaves, lint, crud. you'll be breathing that. i do believe it's part of a locust. make sure your alignments good. your brakes are good. you've got all sorts different things that you check off. your fluid levels. pretty much everything you could need. it gets done. it gets done quickly. and it gets done correctly.
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