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tv   Lockup Colorado  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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angry inmates spread their rage by flooding the segregation unit. targets of discontent including the sex offenders >> it's not the neighborhood that is bad, it's the neighbors. >> i need to put the fear of god in them. >> they are called into action.
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and another roommate nears the end of his sentence. >> 60 days to polish you up. i don't know if we can do it >> now i'm finished with the paperwork.
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>> the bus is bringing new arrivals. once they get here, all the excitement starts >> every week, dozens of new inmates arrive at lime on correctional facility. a prison located on the barren planes of eastern colorado. the prison sits on 320 acres and houses inmates in six different living units. >> the type of offenders we have are violent. 64% violent and 244 of the offenders are serving a life sentence. lymon had a reputation for being a violent prison. the majority of violent offenders come here
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. >> oh, my gosh. last time i was on tv, they were chasing us. >> arms up. behind your ears . >> as a level four facility, lymon houses some of the most dangerous inmates. some of the today's arrives are new and others have been through the process numerous times before. one in particular comes with a reputation that precedes him. >> one coming off the bus and going straight to segregation. that would be inmate -- she sent immediately to administrative segregation. at 23 hour a day lock up for disruptive inmates . >> at the facility that he was
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housed at prior to coming to lime on, he was found with a weapon, a homemade knife and he did have charges that were penning and he went straight into the segregation unit. >> msnbc, any time you need me, i will be here. >> he liked to talk. not only to our crew -- >> these people are threatening my very life. >> people have a lot to say to the correctional staff helping us set up for the interview. >> oh, my. >> you ready to go? >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to steal your 15 seconds of fame. >> when are he finished verbally sparring, he explained what brought him to prison. >> for a 13-year-old girl.
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i have a history of repeated flashing. i'm a serial flasher. this is my sixth conviction. i never flashed anyone younger than 13, but they are 13 to 18. somewhere in the danger zone for me. i call it the danger zone. it's very, very risky. >> [ bleep ]. >> there it is going off. they know about me. that's why they are doing that. >> around adseg and other cellblocks, voices echo and can be heard by other inmates. that's why most sex offenders don't speak openly about their crimes. >> as far as i'm concerned a man like that in my eyes, it's my duty as a man to put the fear of god into this man.
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when he goes back out on the streets and he sees me and your child walking down the street or my kid is playing in the park, i want him to be terrified at the thought of coming back to prison. he is not getting any worse treatment than the 13-year-old girl that he was bragging about sexually assaulting on the streets. basically ruined that girl's life. >> she was only 13! >> i don't want to be a sex offender in prison. it's hell on earth. >> the most inmates thrive to stay out of adseg, the place where the few privileges they are allowed to have are taken away, shriver knows it's probably the safest place for someone like himself. his stay here is only temporary. the prison he transferred from decided not to charge him for having a shank.
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he will soon be returned to general population. >> the intel officer that was sent here from the e-mail said they were not going to pursue an adseg over it and he could go into general population. we had no reason to adseg him from here. >> many are from their own protect, but not in colorado. inmates are transferred to another state prison. >> we are adamant that we'll not segregate the sex offenders here. we had a great rest of the population. we do that to manage the population and not close doors in regards to where we can house them. >> for creates problems because the general population offenders try to assault the sex offenders because they don't want them housed around them. >> they will put them around me on the yard. he will get smashed. simple as that . >> michael gill is one of the adseg inmates yelling at shriver
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during the interview. ironically, he served two years for sexual assault and is back on parole violation, but he won allies by carrying out other crimes in prison, including some against sex offenders >> a lot of write ups. tattooing. theft. unauthorized possession and assault. >> why? >> to fit in. i don't know. to earn respect. theft. i took someone's tv. he was a piece of [ bleep ]. that's crazy. what's that? >> our interview was cut short as massive amounts of water cascade into the cellblock from the second tier. >> that's awesome.
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. >> we are going to have to -- >> i have no idea. >> what's it look like happen? >> i'm not even going to say with the door open. . >> as staff start to clean up the cellblock, we would soon learn that the flooding had to do with another unwelcome presence in adseg. our crew . >> the interviews are going on and this is their way of having a protest. >> the ringleader of the flood suggest george graph serving three years for motor vehicle theft. >> i believe they are upset that you guys are interviewing sex offenders and they don't want that to be a representation of lymon offenders.
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. >> as they attempt it restore order, correctional officers return gill to his cell. >> we will go and ask him to cuff up. we will put him on special controls because he is flooding the cell. he will comply and if not we will assemble a team and place him on the lower floor. if he floods, it won't go all over the tiers >> i will go ahead and move you. you want to go out of the cell? okay. >> shut up! >> okay. we won't. >> we will be back in a minute. >> coming up --
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>> we will not negotiate with terrorists! >> the conflict in adseg escalates and the prison responds with force.
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you can see the vehicle containing casey anthony leaving the orange county, florida jail right now. we don't know where she is headed and what her plans are after this point. we know she is not welcome at home. her father said she is not welcome there. this case fractured the family. she is leaving after serving a little under three years in prison. most of the time that she spent there was in waiting for her trial. after she was acquitted of the most serious charges and convicted of four charges of lying, he was sentenced and given credit for time served and again, if you are just joining us, that is the vehicle containing casey anthony in and
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her attorney after serving just under three years in jail. time credited to her sentence and her conviction for misdemeanor counts of lying to authorities. she was convicted of these misdemeanor counts about two weeks ago, but she was acquitted of the much more serious charges of first-degree murder and manslaughter. accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee who disappeared in 2008. this case has just riveted the public. it is estimated that 140 million people watched the verdict come in on television or were paying attention online or the radio. this case riveted public attention and her acquittal has sparked widespread outrage and a lot of people believe she got away with murder and believe she was guilty of the crime. she was not convicted of it. if you are just joining us, we have the breaking news that casey anthony has been released from the orange county, florida
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jail where she has been kept for just under three years. she was convicted of four misdemeanor charges about two weeks ago. she was given credit. this is the video of casey anthony being released. you can see her with mr. baez exiting. you can see the computer there with her. the defense attorneys said she received a lot of death threats since her acquittal came down. a lot of people felt passionately about the case and believed she was guilty and believed as a result she literally got away with murder. you can see there armed officers with her. she was receiving a lot of security. her defense team saying they even received doctored photos showing casey anthony with a bullet we do not know where she is going.
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we will not be knowing whether it's something they are concerned about given the public outrage in the case. you can see the vehicle she entered moments ago is leaving the florida jail where she has been held. we don't know where it's going. one of the most compelling parts of the case was the relationship with the family. it fractured the anthony family and the father has said she is not welcome at home. i want to bring in lillia luciano standing by outside the orange county jail. they have been covering this case for quite sometime and they are familiar with what's happening here. once we can get to them, we can get a better sense of what's happening. let's chat with you. what can you me about the
9:18 pm
process for release here in orange county and also where anthony is at this point and if we know where she is going? >> right now we just saw the four helicopters that were surrounding the area belonging to the local affiliates of the stations here in orlando flying over west. i'm sorry, in the east direction around where the airport is located. we would expect she might take a plane and leave the orlando area. she does face severe threats to her security. we wouldn't know who would be financing the trips. casey anthony does not own a passport or she didn't in 2008 when it was asked for her. she may not be able to leave the country, but there is a possibility that it was expedited. she could flee the country. in terms of her release, we heart that she left calmly and walked out of course with maybe the only person who is
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supporting her which is jose baez one of the few who stood by her from the beginning. she was calm. she walked out in a pink outfit and leaving to her freedom. >> the orange county jail took the extraordinary step of allowing a pool inside during the release. they knew the intended people would be outside the jail. they allowed three journalists into the jail while she was being processed and a cameraman. we saw him. he was coming out and has been feeding the video that he shot inside. i believe that some of what you are looking at, casey anthony with her attorney jose baez. there was also a reporter from the associated press and a still photographer as well. we will get more information from them as the day goes on. as lillia said, there helicopters tracking the car that they believe that casey
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anthony is in. a black suv. we don't know what that final destination will be. it's expected that she won't stay here in this area. after a case that captured so much national attention, there not very many places she can go where she won't be recognized. >> i want to talk to you about security. you have spoken to security experts. anthony's defense team said she received death threats and they're concerned about her safety. what are you hearing about security for her at this point? is she expected to get security from the state of florida? who is going to pay for all of this? >> if they have a verified threat against her, they would provide additional security as they would to anyone else. before having a verified threat, their only wonigation is to protect her on the property of the jail complex. it's unclear at this point if they are providing further security for her.
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you talk about the death threats, i was looking online and there dozens and dozens of i hate case anthony facebook pages. some include images with a bull's-eye on her forehead or a gun photo shopped into the picture. there definitely have been threats and her attorneys confirm that. they said that should she was even concerned about her own safety getting out. one of the attorneys told the associated press he is now carrying a gun. they are thcarrying a gun they put barricades and there were dozens of police officers and sheriffs officers outside of the jail. they were fully dressed in bulletproof vests. they all were armed. there were mounted police on the scene. a high security presence here. we are not sure if that continues where she is going. she is expected to get private security.
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i talked to one security expert today. she said it would be likely casey anthony would have a body guard. through an entire security detail with her. it has been suggested that the best thing for her security may be to go to a safe house. somewhere where she could be isolated. there is so much attention and talking about-face book pages, there is a page that is where is casey anthony. people are being encouraged to post sightings. >> you can expect all the sightings to start taking place as soon as possible. we would like to call in tony, our own photojournalist who was in there. >> i will try to talk in between both of you. >> tell us what happened. >> they took us up to the fourth floor to the second court. we stayed there for about 45 minutes. then we were told to come down at about 11:35.
9:23 pm
we went down to the main lobby and set up the gear. they told us where she was going to be coming out and how she was coming out. everything well organized. when she walked on she had a smirk on her face. >> dear she say anything? >> she said thank you to one of the sergeants standing there. walked out quickly. it was a quick shot. she was wearing a bright top and blue jeans and blue sneakers it was very quick. we heard the crowd yelling outside >> her attorneys, did they express anything? >> jose was in the front and blocking her. that was it. it was very quick. very fast. >> you described a smirk on her face. >> not a smirk, but more like it's over. i'm out of here kind of thing. relief. she was very, very bright tank top and jeans and blue bright tennis shoes >> from there it was just jose with her? >> just her and jose.
9:24 pm
that's it. we were not allowed to shoot the outside. we heard the people screaming and yelling. >> how long did the processing out take. was there a lot of paperwork? >> everything was predone. when they told us she was coming, the shot was maybe eight seconds. >> between the moment she was released? >> from the moment we saw her. >> was there a media following the cars? >> i don't know. i was inside. i didn't see anything that happened outside. >> would you like to ask that he has to go to the press conference. >> if i can just -- a quick question and tony and the cameraman who is witnessing casey anthony's release. i know that you have read some of casey anthony's jail house letters to friends. did she give indication as to what her plans are now? what is she going to do now that she is a free woman? >> i went through almost 500 letters of casey anthony.
9:25 pm
a lot of them might seem delusional at times knowing it's a person facing charges for first-degree murder. she talked about caylee and missing her. cays she called her. at that point she was planning to take a vacation. she mentioned going to costa rica. she was talking to a friend giving her support and going through a romantic situation that her friend was going through. she mentioned wanting to adopt a child and adopt a child in ireland. she talked about having a child with an accent. that was off for the situation. she talked about having a dream of being pregnant at some point and saying she felt like she was having caylee all over again. she would like to provide a home for children across america who don't have one for homeless children. she showed a great deal of concern. she was most likely aware that these letters would actually be exposed to the media and every time of communication she had whether with her family or the
9:26 pm
videotapes jail conversations we saw in the trial, shoe knew they were going to be release and knew the letters would be sent out we don't know how much was kping for a sincere point of view and how much of it was her trying to share a certain image of herself. she was already aware was being scrutinized in the public eye and the public opinion. she talked about changing her appearance and said she would not get plastic surgery, but she would die her hair blond or red and change her name maybe to marie. she mentioned a different name as alyssa. people said she looked like alyssa milano. the press conference that is taking place, tony is talking to other outlets. i wonder if we want to go to that and hear about their experience. >> i want to walk over there. >> touching about your comment.
9:27 pm
nothing preventing her from writing a book or paid appearances. i want to ask you about the climate at the jail. you have been covering this and spoken to a lot of protesters who were there. people were coming out to observe the court proceedings and people who protested after the acquittal. after she is being released, what are you hearing from them? >> we were estimating that they were probably about 50 or 60 or up to 100 protesters outside the jail. there were some that had signs there against the verdict. against casey anthony getting out of jail. many people to be honest were there for the spectacle of it. a lot of people taking pictures a lot of people watching and
9:28 pm
there were three guys shooting a music video here and had written a song to casey and i think a lot of people really just trying to profit from the hype that surrounds this case. it's gotten so much publicity and we knew there would be a ton of media. as i was walking through the crowd, it was here to take in the spectacle of it all. this area hasn't seen something like this, a trial that captivated so much attention and a defendant that has seen animosity and there really is a spectacle surface. >> even a marriage proposal. >> we will have to end it on that note. >> lillia and christian reporting from the orange county, florida jail. casey anthony just released from prison and headed to an undisclosed location with her attorney we will send you back to your programming after this brief break with breaking news of casey anthony's release.
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. breaking news. new video just in of casey anthony being released from jail in orlando, florida. the 25-year-old mother is a free woman less than two weeks of after being found not guilty of killing her daughter, caylee. she got four years for lying to police, but was released after getting credit for time served. we don't know where she is headed, but has been covered by a tight blanket of security since the verdict. back to lock up. when lock up producers were there, they were backing up their toilets.
9:33 pm
now only 60 days from being paroled, facility is facing a disciplinary hearing board for allegedly attempting the same act. it all began when he asked staff for a mop. >> sergeant wagner writes in his report, gill stated if i did not give him a mop right now he would attempt to flood his cell. i believe that meets the definition of the charge. >> your turn. >> i wanted to piss them off by flushing the toilet 100 times in a row. i have to walk around in the crap. he failed to mention i asked him times previous. >> gill claims he wanted his water spread into gill's. >> oilt water on your floor and you clean it up immediately, wouldn't you?
9:34 pm
>> i had a renal time frame to clean up the toilet water. >> ordealing with something else? >> then they listened. it's not my fault it's short-staffed. we can't get down here in an adequate amount of time. >> 950 guys here in which they were looking at 60 days. this is what you make of it. >> i will give you 22 days of punitive segregation and credit for 10 days served and probate the remaining 10 days. >> thank you. >> 60 days to polish you up. i don't know if you can do it. >> i you. >> doesn't look good. >> it's going to be -- you hear it all the time. when i go home, it will be different. i will make more money than anyone in here when i get out. this ain't my life.
9:35 pm
>> good. hope i never see you again >> i'm going to move up here. is there a lot of work. are they hiring at denny's? >> no, there is no work. no housing. nothing. nothing out here. >> later, levity gave way to an ominous warning. they have the one inmate who can cause him to prolong his stay. >> his name is shriver who flashes little kids and sexually molests 13-year-old girls, that's a piece of [ bleep ]. >> he came in two days ago and scared to be at this facility because of his offense. he acted out in an effort to get locked up. >> for shriver could have his way, he would remain locked up in segregation. they are planning to move him to unit one, a general population cellblock >> he knows how they treat sex
9:36 pm
offenders. we try to explain to him how we have a large number of sex offenders and deal with the population very well. let the process run its course and explain how it works. if he comes up with issues, he needs to come up here. >> even before he can escort to unit one, he receives word that she antagonizing others in adseg. >> what's he saying? you do a job and we are not here to act professional. i can say that this one offender is the ultimate test that you
9:37 pm
can maintain your professionalism. >> these, man. i'm sure you are going to step in if anybody does anything too, right . >> why you are not adsegging me is beyond me. tell me why you are not. >> there is no valid threat right now. >> oh, yeah? look at my write ups. i got a write up for possessing a razor knife in my cell. >> prior to placing him in general population,ed warden wants to make sure he doesn't take himself into a deeper hole. >> you need to understand i'm not going to waste a bed. you are not a legitimate threat.
9:38 pm
>> damn right i'm trying to check in. i am trying to save my neck. >> you would not move in and if we verify the threat, we will deal with it. >> you acting out is not doing you any favors. that will cause problems for you throughout. keep your mouth shut and don't talk about why you are here and don't threaten others. that will get you hurt. >> do you realize by walking into that pod, how many people knew what kind of offender i am? >> they don't know. there is a bunch of offenders just like you and everybody knows what they are. they are not standing here threatening their families. you do what i told you and keep your mouth shut and you will make it here. you don't and you will be in trouble. >> you put me out there in the population, i will get my as beat down and end up in the
9:39 pm
infirmary if i'm lucky. if not, in a grave yard. >> if threads are made against you, we will deal with it accordingly. end of story. that's the way it's going to be. you are setting me up for a beating. even if i'm lucky. >> listen while i'm talking to you. >> all right. >> our units are segregated the. they don't interact with each other. if they don't know you, you can make it there. >> it's not the neighborhood that is bad, it's the neighbors. that's what it is. >> listen to me. you are not going to manipulate the system here. you have manipulated the system and that's not going to happen here. you are going to go through the process like everyone else that comes in. if that means you go out in population, that's where you are going to go. if it means we verify custody, that is what happens we will not do yours >> i will do everything in my power to make the system work for me.
9:40 pm
in my favor. in regards to going to the hole >> coming up, george faces the disciplinary board for flooding his cellblock. >> you know of all people that happens here. >> unexpected development. more trouble for timothy shriver. >> as i was walking by for count, he had his hands down his pants.
9:41 pm
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9:43 pm
. >> confined to lymon segregation unit, the inmate found a way to make a statement when he flooded
9:44 pm
his cell and released a deluge under the rest of the cellblock and refused to leave his cell, prompting a forced cell extraction. >> here's the thing. i will explain it simply. my actions that day affected how many people? your actions only affected me. they live in a box. life is in a box. i have no way of knowing that i affected them as much as they affected me in. their day was as hard as my day. >> now he faces the prison's disciplinary hearing board to account for his actions. >> it's a position of the department that as a result of this man's actions, numerous people were called away from duties to participate in the forced cell movement. that's all i have at this time.
9:45 pm
>> in my opinion, this is a little bit out of character. you were doing good. it's a good time down there. what happened? you want to discuss it? would you rather not? >> personal things. of all people, it happens here. >> i agree. >> it doesn't take long for the board to render a decision. >> sanctions are going to be imposed. 10 days? >> it took me longer than that. >> she adsegged. >> they will eventually transfer to one of the most highly restrictive prisons. all locked down 23 hours a day. it's a matter of waiting for a cell to open up. he released four inmates ahead of him, but not for long.
9:46 pm
>> we are going if in to take four guys out of adseg. >> i got 61 days left and you are going with me. >> he's a hot head. he gets upset easy. you have to walk around him easily >> i was secure here. i know everyone here until the request for a shower seemed to hit a snag. >> were you told to take a shower yesterday? why not? i'm going to talk to the staff. >> they said -- she said they would be here. >> okay. i will go out and talk to him right now. give me the chance to fix this. if you don't give me the chance,
9:47 pm
you lose >> the patience doesn't last long. >> you don't take a shower. >> i haven't taken a shower in three days. . >> though adseg inmates are limited to three showers a week, the confusion would be cleared up. >> i got my shower in. i'm good. >> really? how is your head?
9:48 pm
>> it's fine, but i didn't smash it against the window. >> three days without a shower. i can't do three days without a shower. >> you don't know what i'm looking forward to? being out in the van with the radio on. that's what i look forward to. how long of a drive is it? >> a couple hours. >> that's all i care about. now i have to take -- [ bleep ]. >> there is ice on the ground. i don't feel comfortable. i like to say goodbye to lymon. they can kiss my as. 60 dis and i will never look back. >> the one inmate who strives to annoy all those he comes in contact with. tim shriver who lives in general
9:49 pm
population. >> what's your name? state your name. >> get your meal and go back to your cell. >> just the housing sergeant and he won't tell me her name. what's your name? >> get your meal and go to your house. >> here wants everything right now. he wants it instantly on his time. i don't do anything anybody tells me to do ever >> i will find out your name. >> even if i say it, you won't understand it. i have to write it down for you. >> they hate him. he brought so much heat on to this pod and disrespected him. heed them inappropriate language, racial slurs, all this stuff. they are not going to put up with it. >> neither will the correctional staff. shriver has been written up yet again. last night they caught him
9:50 pm
masturbating. he chose to be masturbating during count. >> as i was walking by for count, he had his hands down his pants making the masturbating motion. i asked him to stand for count. he kind of sat there and slowly stood like he was annoyed. he looked at me and pressed his face up against the window he followed me. the entire time. >> i was sitting on my bunk with my hands on -- i was going to deliberately not stand up for count. i wanted to get a write up for disa baying the law to help my cause of getting adseg. it's cool that she falsely accused me of this because they put me in seg. >> shriver's assumption that he will be placed in adseg is
9:51 pm
false. he will have a disciplinary hearing before it is even considered. >> you are the enemy. >> policy is only put inmates in prior to a hearing. when they pose an immediate -- >> i feel that i don't deserve to be mad about it. i'm mad about having to do the time the way they want me to do it. i will do everything in my power to bug these people to death. that's a fact. >> coming up -- >> the twilight zone again. >> timothy shriver's day of reckoning. >> i know you believe you are getting out in august. work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone
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9:55 pm
he antagonized inmates by talking of sex crimes and made false accusations. he has verbally abused staff and masturbated in front of a female officer as part of a campaign to be sent back to administrative segregation. now shriver has taken things to another level. officers have discovered a shank in his cell. we intrude him the morning of the hearing on the matter. he was still sleeping. >> i found it underneath the bed. turned up at the right time. that's what happened. >> driver is opted to not defend himself at the hearing.
9:56 pm
>> would you read the notice in the record? >> he has been convicted and housed at nine facilities and about a six-month period. >> the homemade weapons? >> since he has been here, he attempted to insight other offenders and masturbated in front of female staff and made inappropriate comments and had a homemade knife. >> he is not going to change behaviors. >> here wants to be placed in adseg. >> the reactions he might take because he wants to be segregated. >> do you believe if we put him in general population, he will hurt an offender or staff member? >> yes, i do. >> do you believe it? >> i do. >> based on the seriousness of his continuing behavior, this
9:57 pm
community minds his conduct poses a serious threat to the security and staff of the facility. therefore this community will recommend adseg placement. >> this is what i have been planning to do since september. i went to five different prisons and landed up here and finally they did the right thing here after it took me 10 write ups. but they finally did the right thing. they got rid of one of the biggest management problems in history. me. i got what i wanted. >> shriver got exactly what he wanted. for now. what he doesn't realize is very soon his actions may result in a consequence he never anticipated he has been summoned to the associate warden's office. >> probably something i said. they probably heard me say something they want to talk to me about. that's all it is. i made a comment.
9:58 pm
probably what this is about. i hope that's all it's about. >> in reality, the matter is far more serious. shriver's attempts to manipulate the prison might have come with profound repercussions. >> i know you believe in your mind you are getting out in august. it's probably not going to happen. you are looking at a bunch of time. they are even talking about filing habitual on you. you could be looking at the rest of your in here. >> you understand what that's based off of, correct? the shanks that were found in your possession. as i understand you have been found with two previous to lymon and the shank found in your cell at lymon? >> i found them, i didn't make them. >> that will be handled in court. i'm telling you with the amount of time you are looking at, quitan taginizing the inmates.
9:59 pm
you will have to live with them. what you are building now, you will pay for down the road. >> dude, i will tell you right now, if i get charges of that, i'm not going to be doing that time. i will tell you right now i won't be doing that time. >> i'm hoar to tell you that you are. >> i will kill myself if i get criminal charges on that. that's what i amming you i'm not doing any more time in prison off of this bull. period. if i get criminal charges past august, i'm killing myself, plain and simple.


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