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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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freedom for casey anthony but where has she gone after her midnight release and what's in her future. a live report with the inside word on her getaway next on msnbc sunday. plus the debt ceiling crisis. the stalemate shows no sign of ending. what are the chances a deal will be struck before the doomsday
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deadline. also ahead, searing, soaring, record heat oppressing many parts of the country. is there relief four in sight. making the grade. why are so many more college students getting as these days? are students getting easy passes or are they just plain smarter? good morning i'm richard lui in for alex witt. welcome to msnbc sunday. developing at the moment casey anthony free. the 25-year-old acquitted of murder, murdering her daughter, left the orlando jail just after midnight eastern time. several protesters and even a few supporters were waiting for the 25-year-old as she made her way from the jail to a waiting suv outside. >> i'm here for the baby. i'm here to protest her getting out. she should spend the rest of her life in jail. >> she's had a trial. been found not guilty.
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she's done her time for crimes she's did commit. >> last you and i talked in the past hour here, lily, there were still protesters there. what your seeing now? >> reporter: right now, richard, they have dispersed. i guess they've gone back to their lives. there were, i think, about 50 to 60 people protesting. there was an impromptu religious service that took place as well this morning. but everyone is pretty much gone. and the jail is just so filled with trucks, satellite trucks. right now it's just us. >> just you guys at the moment. and so things are winding down at this hour. so tell us about the release. we understand it happened just after midnight. >> reporter: just after midnight. we got notice, richard. people were expecting for several hours regardless of the rain that was pouring, actually throughout the afternoon, people were waiting, holding up signs. most of them protesting against
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casey anthony, and just a few in favor of her saying justice was done and there was not enough evidence. one person proposing marriage to casey anthony. but most of the people were actually angered. after 12:00 we know that three journalists were inside the jail. they were allowed inside. only three, one of which is an nbc photojournalist. we've spoken with tony since. he says the moment casey anthony walked out of the jail she showed no emotion, perhaps a slight smirk, maybe even holding back tears he's been reporting, nothing evident, nothing clear. she walked out. she was with jose baez who accompanied her in an suv that took off. that suv made a pit stop at cheney mason as you recall one of the defense attorneys' office building. this was a covered parking lot. after that the suv went on the orlando executive airport so we don't really know whether or not casey anthony was still in the
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same vehicle as they approached the orlando airport, the executive airport. we do know a jet took off. the jet's latest destination, where it was before it landed in orlando was in ohio. we do know casey anthony still has uncles and aunts in ohio. there's no way of knowing whether or not casey was inside that jet. she might still be in orlando. if that's the case she's still under the jurisdiction of orange county certificate arrive's department, and it's up to them to ensure her safety. if not she could be anywhere. >> there was some money involved when she left. >> reporter: that's right, richard. she had in her commissary account just under $540 that came from private donations. as we know casey anthony has a few fans out there. donations came mostly from men but also some women around the country, even canada. mostly in the amounts of $10, $20, $40, some up to $70. came along with notes that have
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not been released. she was using that money to buy candy and beauty products. but now she walks out with just that because she declared herself indigent in front of the court especially after she appealed and she needs the state to pay for her appeal trial. >> thauchg. we'll stop back with you in a little bit. for more let's bring in our criminal defense attorney, an bremer. jose baez is not commenting at the moment where she's is going or what she will do. to they separate. does her legal team continue to support or do they separate completely? >> at this point because she's got the appeal, good morning, she's got this appeal, they don't separate. she took the appeal on the lying conviction. if she's going to do book deals and a movie, she's going to need
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counsel. there's percentages. a lot of people think this case should go from where is caylee to where is casey, she needs to go away and not be benefiting in anyway. there would be involved if she benefits they will if she appeals. >> they will be involved. anthony has been in jail for three years now and she's been somewhat shell terrified along the way. is she prepared to face a world that's clearly as we saw in the protest, so angry with her, obviously concern about her safety, and as well they continue to look for her young daughter as you were describing there. that's all part of what she has to deal with,000. >> it has to be shocking. i think there's no second act in american life. what is she going to do now? what is she seeing? did she cho? did she really know being in jail how she's literally the most hated woman in america according to many.
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it's stunning for her. maybe on the other hand we know from what she's written in jail that she i looked media attention, she talked about thanksgiving media attentioimm a attention. >> you know another important case that's been fold in the past, that's mary kay letourneau. a case that the person was villified. some of those difficulties which you have a lot of knowledge of, how might some of those lessons as she got back into society might work here as you look at casey anthony as she gets back into society. >> mary kay was released in the middle of the night. she did keep quiet. when she had a wedding to her victim who was 13 at the time they had their first of two children, that was on one of the
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broadcast stations and was paid for. but after that time, no movies. no books. no nothing. she works in a law firm, believe it or not. i heard casey anthony wants to do that too. i think her integration was difficult. she lives here in seattle. she's raising her children happily. living a suburban lifestyle. she hasn't gone out and done these huge book deals, movie deals and very happy. happily married. happy ever after. very interesting. i was with her recently where she was recognized and the person said to her your name is mary. what's your last name. she said it used to be letourneau. go figure. >> you believe she can reintegrate into society as long as she stays away from movie deals. >> i was going to say mary kay letourneau is different. spawning jokes hot teacher. casey anthony, people in jail
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that are baby killers or molesters, it's so different. i think reintegration would have to be very private, like her lawyer said maybe she needs to go to montana, get married and have a private life. >> you mentioned the appeal that casey anthony is making for her four misdeamnor convictions. that flies in the face of trying to go away quietly. how long do you think this might drag out? >> years. and i agree with you completely, richard. technically she's doing it, she doesn't have to testify in a civil case, keeping her fifth amendment privilege. the fact is it's completely adjudicati juxtaposed to going quietly in the night. it's time to release all of us. we want to to see this resolved where she in the end get some just desserts. if that doesn't happen she's just got to go away from the
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courts, from the public eye, from everything. >> criminal defense attorney anne bremner. very familiar with mary kay letourneau after her many years in jail. thank you. don't expect a family reunion for casey anthony any time soon. the website tmz says casey does not intend visit her parent, at least not right now. the lawyer representing george and cindy anthony tell tmz that casey's attorney made it clear that casey does not want any contact with her parents. cindy attempted to visit her daughter in jail just last week but casey refused that request. so, how will casey anthony try to get on with her life? in just a few minutes we'll take a look back at some other famous acquittals. >> the white house has left the door open at this moment for new meetings as lawmakers look at a new plan to slash millions of
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dollars from the national debt. the president gave congress not so many hours necessarily to come on back and forward a deal, an idea to battle that debt limit. what is he hearing? >> reporter: robins, crickets, crooking of a frog. not much activity. happening behind-the-scenes. the president gave the republicans a deadline to come back with a plan. the deadline has passed. many freshmen republicans sent here with the back of the tea party swore they would not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless dramatic measures are taken. house leaders will put on the floor a constitutional amendment, an amendment to the constitution calling for a balanced budget. this would trig ear series of events that would eventually lead to a debt ceiling being raised. none of this will happen. that balanced budget amendment will be ratified.
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there's a plan cooked up by mitch mcconnell along with harry reid that would essentially allow the president to raise the debt ceiling, avoid default and a series of cuts that congress has to consider. that's where we are right now. sort of dancing around each other. there's talk of revisiting that $4 trillion grand bargain that everybody was talking about but the clock is ticking. we're 16 days away from a potential default. >> thank you. coming up this hour, reality check on the debt even as they work towards a solution. some lawmakers have been grandstanding and maybe even campaigning as the crisis continues. the politics versus the real issues coming up on that. china is furious with president obama for meeting with the dalai lama at the white house on saturday. the leader met with the president for 45 minutes. he's been in washington for an 11 day bud hit ritual.
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china considers the dalai lama as a separatist. sources confirming rebekah brooks has been arrested in the hacking scandal. brooks resigned last week. she was formerly the editor of the "news of the world" newspaper. brooks is the 10th person arrested by british police in their investigation of phone hacking by newspapers and allegations of police bribery. we'll get more on this story in just a few minutes from our thrown bureau live there. emergency and health be officials are warning the shaet on for much of the midwest and the northeast. forecasters say temperatures in the nation's mid-section are running 15 degrees higher than normal, even hitting triple digits in some places. the big question is there any relief in sight. alex wallace has an update. it's the duration that we're concerned about here. >> absolutely, you know if it was one or two days we could
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take it. we've complained but we can handle it. unfortunately we're talking about all the way through at least the end of next week having to deal with this heat and because of that we got excessive heat warns that stretch as you mentioned right in the mid-section of the country. already this morning out there for us we have very warm feel like temperatures, feels like right now this early morning in minneapolis, 91 degrees. we're only going get hotter as we get into this afternoon. sunday afternoon highs from texas all the way to the northern plains, triple-digit heat, rapid city dealing with that. once we work our way into monday, working with 100 in oklahoma city and start to to see some of this heat begin to spread its way to the east. some areas that are not too bad by the end of the week will feel pretty hot in a lot of those areas. we're tracking some rain. much needed rain along the gulf coast. been extremely dry in some of these areas here along the gulf coast, exceptional drought from new orleans back over towards tallahassee and again we're seeing rain over the next 48
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hours sore. some areas picking up an inch and a half to two inches of rain. beneficial rain in the south. middle of the country extremely hot. >> alex wallace, thank you kbroop still ahead the debt crisis reality. how likely is it that the u.s. would go into default and what would be those consequences? >> they are chasing glory and hoping to bring a little back to the u.s.. in just a moment we'll go live to germany where the u.s. women's soccer team may be on the brink of making history. stay with us. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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just hours now from the women's world cup final for a team that has captured the heart of this nation tuesday women in the final preparations right now to play in the world cup finals today in germany against japan. ann thompson is in frankfurt
6:20 am
with the latest on what makes this team so special. how is the excitement there, my friend? >> reporter: richard, we're seeing lots of american fans walk through this old city square here, carrying flags, wearing u.s. soccer team paraphenalia. we're seeing some japanese fans as well. this is it. this is game day. and alex morgan who scored the final goal in the semifinal against france tweeted that this is going to be a great day because it's going to be day her dreams come true. around the world soccer practice is a saturday morning ritual but for these 21 american women this workout in frankfurt, germany is one to treasure. the final run through before playing japan for the world cup. >> only thing they want is to win a tournament. >> reporter: how they won is all the talk. high school girl teams from mississippi on tour here in
6:21 am
germany, playing a little four on four on the banks of the rhine river. >> so amazing, last second. to do stuff like that. >> reporter: in new york central park, super soccer stars are learning the names of the players like she did with the world cup champion squad of 1999. >> so exciting to have a player come and say they want to be just like one of them. >> reporter: the difference is it's now not just the girls. >> we like to watch soccer. >> reporter: true in new york and on this field at the u.s. army garrison in weisbaden. these 8 and 9 year olds have parents who did multiple tours. guess what they like best about the women's team? it's the hallmark, a member of
6:22 am
the 99 team. >> to show this courage and will to persevere when everything is against you will be, i think their legacy if they can win this game. >> reporter: the americans have already achieved a big victory. they are regard as more than just world class women's soccer players, they are world class soccer players period. >> the women are now being appreciated for what they wanted to be appreciated for all along, simply their skills as athletes. >> reporter: skills they hope will bring home the cup. well, richard, the women are not only going to be playing japan but have to deal with the elements. it is cold here in frankfurt today, just 64 degrees and as you can to see we're having a rain storm. back to you. >> in a manner of two minutes you have to break out the umbrella and boy what a day. big difference yesterday. nice and sunny. thank you. still ahead, inflation on college campuses across the country and we're not talking
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when it comes to fixing the debt problem we've heard lots of grand statement from lawmakers on where they stand. in a week or two a plan will be on the table requiring a yes or no vote. both parties want political cover so they can tell voters they stuck to their guns but got something done. for a look now what lawmakers really want, our reporter from "politico". james, start with the republicans. we certainly have heard their stances. they are saying they will not budget on the tax issue. what do they really want? >> well, richard, as we heard from mike they are going to get a chance this week to vote on the cut cap and balance plan. john boehner the speaker of everyone knows it won pass. it will pass the house.
6:27 am
it's a balanced budget amendment. it will fail in the senate. it will clear the political deck but gives republicans a chance to say i voted for these cuts without tax increases and compromise on a grand bargain that could raise taxes. >> how will that work if it won't pass the senate? >> they will be able to say i voted for this. i went to bat. i took these huge cuts and they were on the table. a lot of them are until going to vote against any debt ceiling no matter what. this clears that political debt which is important to freshman tea partiers. >> have they been reasonable and will they be able to also find political cover at the end of the day when perhaps what they want will not come to pass? >> it's going to be really tricky for lot of them and that's why republicans can't count on all their members to vote on any compromise that comes along pap lot of these
6:28 am
republicans won't vote for a compromise no matter how good it is or how large the cuts are. >> let's turn to the democrats. how do you to see their political cover? what do you think will happen? >> well, the best thing that could happen politically for democrats which is the worst thing for the country is if the country reached a position where there was a default. they can point to republicans, tea partiers talking about how they wouldn't allow this thing to happen that avoid economic catastrophe and that would be the worst case scenario. in the short term democrats can hope for something that gets republican and democratic votes so that they can point to the bipartisan nature of it and that puts the country on the long term fiscal right track. >> when will we start to make that turn where they move away again getting on the record or when we look at the political cover, when do we make that turn
6:29 am
past trying to say the right things to actually doing things? >> next weekend, probably. the smart money in washington is this will be a week of political posturing. >> another week. >> another week. but, ultimately no one really wants a default. so, what will happen is people will cast a lot of votes this week. next weekend they will seriously negotiate. smart money both sides people telling me next monday we'll get some kind of an agreement and move to it the legislative pipeline. >> that means we have something to talk about for another week. >> we'll be here next weekend. >> when you look at the plan out there, those to tackle the debt at the moment, are any of them really just playing dead in the water right now? we now have the grand option, option a being discussed, b is out there and c is still there too. >> yeah. at this point negotiations are pretty fluid and everyone is trying to figure out where they can get the votes. people are feeling out the polls.
6:30 am
at this point anything really huge is off the table. tom coburn will try to get $9 million in cuts in the next ten years. on the maul side, mitch mcconnell has gone back to kentucky is still having conversations with harry reid the democratic leader about something that would essentially for all intents and purposes punt this for down the road. so, there really is the whole gamut still under discussion. >> option c could be something, again, that the s&p and others don't want to hear. give me 4 trillion or more. thank you. breaking news that hour about an arrest in the investigation of that phone hacking scandal in great britain. we'll bring you a live report from london. we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chicken. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type, and always raised cage-free.
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scandal in britain and a big name. chapman belle is in london. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, richard. what we do know is that a 43-year-old woman was arrested by police here who success identified as rebekah brooks, a former editor of "news of the world" and chief executive of the british arm of the newspapers for rupert murdoch's newscorp company. we're being told that brooks is being questioned on suspicion of essentially phone tapping and corruption which would relate to the bribery of police officers, people that has been suggested happened amongst "news of the world". now, we're awaiting to hear more details now. it is being described as an arranged arrest. she came by appointment to the police station and was arrested to start questioning formally. it's important to remember that neither rebekah brooks nor the
6:35 am
other nine people that have been arrested have been charged with this latest round of allegations of phone tapping and bribery. >> bell in london, thank you. casey anthony has disappeared from public view after being released from a florida jail early this morning. we do have some video from that. the 25-year-old walking out a free woman shortly after midnight eastern time. 12 days after she was found not guilty of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. kristen dahlgren is live in orlando and, tell us how this all happened? how was this carried out? >> reporter: good morning, richard. with all of the protest, all of the publicity there was a lot of talk about using decoys or sneaking casey anthony out one of the back doors at the orange county jail here. in the end she walked right out this jail's front door. just minutes after midnight a
6:36 am
first glimpse at casey anthony free woman. in a bright pink shirt and showing little emotion she and her attorney jose baez wasted no time. >> she was just total vision through the door and that's when i think i saw that, you know, that smile or relief if you will because she saw freedom. >> reporter: but that freedom may bring the start of an even tougher trial for anthony as she walked out the front of the jail and into an suv crowds of protesters erupted in anger. security on high alert as anthony's suv drove away. news choppers attempting to track its trip. but while her final destination for now is a mystery, there is little secret to how many feel about her lease. after almost two weeks of being acquitted in the death of her daughter, casey anthony is called the most hated woman in
6:37 am
america. few recent cases have drawn such attention. and few defendants such animosity. >> her demeanory made you so angry. i'm still angry over all this. >> reporter: her lawyers report anthony has gotten multiple death threats. tens of thousands has lashed out on social networking sites. fears of vigilante justice can't be ignored. >> she needs an entire program. it will take more than one body guard or two or three. she needs a complete program. >> security costs that could run into tens of thousands of dollars or more. on friday anthony's attorneys asked the court to declare her indigent. she left with $537 from jail. there are those who show support
6:38 am
for anthony. ♪ >> reporter: as she heads off to her new life many speculate a paid interview or book deal will have to be casey anthony's next stop. now, independent television producer has already offered hear million dollars for that first interview. mean time those news choppers lost sight of casey anthony last night so at this point we still don't know exactly where she is but with so many people around the world waiting for that first glim of her in her new life it's unlikely she can stay out of the public eye for very long. >> well-planned exit on casey anthony's lawyer's side. kristen dahlgren, thank you. in light of casey anthony's release we'll look at other famous acquittals to to see how those people got won their lives. can casey learn from them. back to our reality check on the proposals to solve the debt crisis this week house to will vote on a republican plan that involve changing the u.s. constitution to solve the debt
6:39 am
crisis. the bill is called cut cap and balance. it would allow the debt ceiling to be raised so long as there are short term cuts in spending. it would require long term spending caps be put in place over the coming years and then the balance part represents a so-called balanced budget amendment. joined now live by a political reporter from roll call. thanks for sticking around and being with us. what's the likelihood this solution when it hits the floor on tuesday will pass here? >> you know, i'm going to say not very likely at all. if i were to shake that congressional eight ball i would say try something else later. democrats who control the senate are not a fan of the balanced budget amendment. republicans in the senate who don't have the majority have signed on to the proposal and house republicans are backing the proposal. they are bringing up a vote. very unlikely it will pass. >> why is it being pushed
6:40 am
forward. >> very much a symbolic thing. republicans, especially many of these tea party backed republicans in the house want to say they took a vote on this, they did everything they could to pass a balanced bill amendment. it's important for them when they go home and talk to voters in their district to say they did what they were elected to do last fall and to get the country in fiscal shape. >> to get on the record with that but how far back will they take a retreat as tissue gets debated further and further. will they stand strong on this issue and vote no all the way through? >> that's the $64,000 question. it's really a battle between democrats and house republicans and basically been the theme of this congress because house republicans have such a huge majority in that chamber. we don't know how much. it's been a moving target. we don't know what the final deal will look like. it's a jumpball at this point. >> $64 million question.
6:41 am
>> or a trillion. >> throw that in. amending the constitution, the balance part of the ccb, that takes a while, doesn't it? just to drill down on it. we got only to august 2nd. >> right. my understanding of the cut cap and balance bill is they intend to try to pass this thing. i don't think it's possible to ratify this. in toward amend the constitution you need three quarters of the states to approve of this. all of these state legislatures are on vacation. nearly impossible to bring all of them in to pass something. >> i want to get your response to this. i spoke with gop congressman reed rebel who is on the budget committee and this is what he said about the amendment. >> what congress has prove convenient in the last 60 years they have very little restraint p.m. all we're asking for let's
6:42 am
go ahead and turn it back to the states, right to the american people and let them weigh in. i'm not sure what people are afraid of that the american people will say yes we want the government to live within our means. >> so maybe not by august 2nd but clearly congressman rebel saying the u.s. voter has some interest in this. maybe should it be considered later on outside of this deadline that we're currently underneath. >> perhaps. congressman rebel has a point many states have their own equivalent of a balanced budget amendment. they cannot spend more money than they take in. but that's also known politically as passing the buck. if congress can pass this balanced budget amendment and then just pass the buck on the states, if the states don't pass it congress can throw up their hands and say that wasn't our fault we did everything we could. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> great to be here. the debt is topic number one
6:43 am
on today's "meet the press." we'll get an inside look at the status of the debate from dick durbin and senator jim demint. if it's sunday it's "meet the press." you can watch it 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. record high temperatures in this country proving to be a little dangerous pap lot drougs for many people. weather channel'serric fisher is at target field in minneapolis and i can already to see the sweat beading on your forehead. >> here i thought i looked all right. you telling me i look like a hot, sweaty mess. >> go ahead. >> much of the country waking up to oppressive temperatures. walking to target field this morning, 4:30 a.m. local time 80 degrees. right now heat index values over 90. over a large chunk of the country you to see values over 90 degrees. that's a combination of the temperature on the thermometer
6:44 am
and how much humidity is in the air. i can tell you there's plenty of humidity in the air. take a look at what they were most concerned about when they built target field. heaters ringing the stadium for those cold weather games. they won't be in use during the day today. also a place to avoid is out around third-base line and left field. that's where sun will be beating down. heat index values over 105 degrees by the time this wraps up. a day game. might be the hottest in target field's history. temperature in the metrodome will be in the low to mid-70s. we'll continue this heat to go on for several days and that's the big story the fact that it's not just a hot summer day or two. but six, seven days of extreme heat across a large swath of the country. next saturday we'll to see some relief in places like right here, the twin cities. >> enjoy those lakes in
6:45 am
minneapolis. it's always fun in that part of the country. >> i'll be taking a dip. here's one way to beat the heat. ice cream. which flavor do you prefer? a new poll shows that adults like vanilla and chocolate and they are by far the country's favorite flavors. each flavor getting 23% of butter pecan, the third most popular ice cream with 9% giving their thumbs up. that's butter pecan. sprauberry at 8% and cookies and cream 8%. today is national ice cream day and go ahead and get out there and enjoy your ice cream. indulge yourself.
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grade inflation. students at public and private
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schools are being awarded an a grade more often than in the past. joining me is "new york times" reporter who wrote a story this week about the history of grade inflation. good morning to you. so did you get good grades? >> i did get good grades. i would like to think it's because i worked hard but probably to some extent i was the beneficiary of the grade inflation that's going on. >> what is this in. >> it's that over the course of the last 40 or 50 years the share of as given out to college students have been rocketing up. it used to be around 15% of grades were given as as, now it's about three times that share. >> that was back in 1960, 15% of folks got an a grade. now it's 43%. the reasoning behind when it you saw those statistic from the report, what was the reasoning that they provided? >> the conventional wisdom is grade inflation picked up in the
6:50 am
'70s and '80s because college professors were unlikely to ris dramatically and the explanation favored by the authors of this study is generally the consumerization of college education, that is, as students are shelling out more and more money for tuition they're sort of expecting a quid pro quo in that they expect to be able to extract what they want from the college experience, including a great report card. it's sort of, you know, tuition inflation in exchange for grade inflation. >> so it's kind of a consumer focus if you will. if the consumer wants that, give it to them. >> right. >> some more statistics here. i want to look at not only "a" grades but also "a" and b grades in public colleges. we're seeing 73% getting "a" and "b" grades as well with private 86% saying "a" and "b" grades. so it's not just the "a" grade. we're talking about an overall movement. >> right.
6:51 am
well, the b grades have been relatively flat over the last 20 years. it's really the "a" grades that have taken off. and it's the cs that have really taken a nose dive. it's sort of the idea of the gentleman's c almost no longer exists. it's no longer gentlemanly. it's a very poor grade. >> i'm a proud c student. you're not going to hear that. >> well, but you're not in school today. maybe if you were in school today you'd feel differently. >> oh, lord, i'm glad i'm not in school because i might not be in this space of grade inflation. this puts pressure on standardized tests. >> right. one consequence of grade inflation is it's harder for employers and grad school admissions committees to distinguish between a mediocre student, a good student and an excellent student. as a result they're having to resort to other types of indicators including, however perfect or imperfect, standardized testing like the lsat and the mcat. >> catherine, thank you very much. grade inflation.
6:52 am
we've got some statistics behind at least what some are saying is an increase in those numbers of as as you go to public and private schools. thank you. >> thank you. check out this fan at safeco field dancing. not sure what i can say about this move. oh, gee, what are you doing there? come on, stand up. but he really enjoyed himself. and so did the young girl with him, who has, as you can see, got in on the act. the question is would they have danced that way if they knew they were on tv? well, we're enjoying it nevertheless. you're watching msnbc sunday. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer.
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california senator barbara boxer was the target of alleged death threats. the threatening messages were left on voicemail, and police say they were able to track them back to a 47-year-old suspect who lived north of san francisco. he was arrested and faces arraignment on tuesday.
6:56 am
secretary of state hillary clinton is in greece today praising the country's efforts to reduce its debt. this is new video this morning of secretary clinton's arrival in athens. she is urging greece to go ahead with painful reforms despite the unrest that they have sparked. and then in indonesia a volcano today shot lava and ash more than 9,800 feet in the air. the volcano started erupting friday and has forced more than 4,500 people to flee their homes and go to shelters. so far no reports of injuries there. and it could have been a whole lot worse in dallas, where a bus collided with a car and then just plowed right into a salvation army store. police think the bus hit a car going the wrong way on a one-way street yesterday morning. both people in the car and the bus driver and a passenger were sent to the hospital for minor injuries. fortunately, no one was inside the store, which was closed at that time. in just a moment, questions about casey. where she has gone after a midnight release. and what's next in her legal drama? and a stalemate in
6:57 am
washington. is there any sign of a break in a standoff over debt reduction? ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment
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