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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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swing through the midwest, president obama sure sounded like a candidate. >> you've got to send a message to washington that it's time for the games to stop. it's time to put country first. >> and he made congress the opponent. >> if they don't start paying attention, then they're not going to be in office and we'll have a new congress in there that it will start paying attention to what is going on all across america. >> with his approval ratings low, the president's fighting to regain traction. >> he's running against the numbers. >> so he's promising a new economic plan in the fall. >> i'll be putting forward when they come back in september a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs, and to control our deficit. if they don't get it done, then we'll be running against a congress that's not doing anything for the american people and the choice will be very stark and will be very clear. >> i think you want a president that is passionate about
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america. that's in love with america. >> meantime, voters are getting their first look at texas governor rick perry. >> i know we were late getting in this process. but we're in and we're all in and we're going to campaign like our life depends on it. >> in the race for just two days he made the most of the intense media attention yesterday going after the president, his republican opponents even the federal reserve. >> printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treasonous in my opinion. >> he's getting in late. he has a lot of ground to make up. >> for now he's got to play catchup to mitt romney. >> my job records spans four years as governor and the 25 years that i lived in the private sector. >> romney took a swipe at you saying he has private sector experience and that makes him
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better qualified to create jobs. >> give him my love. >> what do you think about that? >> i think oranges and apples. running a state is different from running a business. well mark murray is nbc news deputy political director joins me live from washington, d.c. today. when we are looking at the president making congress now his opponent, in terms of where that gets him not only for real results in terms of passing bills and things like that, but in terms of politics, smart move here, mark? >> i think it is at least short-term. you saw is that gallup poll that had president obama's approval rating at 39%. it's inched up to 41%. that same poll has congress at 13%. so president obama despite all the troubles he's having is still a lot more popular and only 13% of the country finds that congress is doing its job. what president obama's doing is channelling his inner harry truman and saying this do
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nothing congress needs to start doing something. >> in terms of what the president is doing and they're we're seeing live pictures from iowa where he's expected to speak here in about an hour. when we're talking about this plan the president has promised to deliver in september, something solid he says this economic plan, but what's taken so long? >> that's a great question. of course, republicans and even some democrats were saying during that entire debt debate where is your plan, mr. president? there are a couple reasons they didn't introduce their plan. as soon as they would introduce their plan that would be unacceptable to republicans even if it was the most centrist plan out there. you even saw during that republican debate where all ten republican -- all the candidates raise their hands saying they want to have any type of tax increase even if it was a 10-1 spending cut to tax hike deal. it's tough politics -- it's tough policy for the president to put his plan out there. it's probably good politics. that's what we're seeing the
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president turn to after this debt debate's over. >> one more question for you here, mark. when we're talking about the campaign for the president. again, the president's people insist this tour is not a political tour it's a presidential tour. but when -- i was just asking yesterday with all this dissatisfaction even among democrats would there possibly be an opponent to the president in the democratic primary? we've heard ralph nader say yes. does that even show up on the radar for the president and his advisors? >> absolutely not, contessa. a lot of the frustration you're probably hearing right now from democrats during this summer of discontent is the fact that there won't really be a primary challenge. if you're angry at one reason or the other this is a cathartic moment where everyone's getting upset, but looking at people that might have the viability to challenge president obama. someone like howard dean, russ fine gold. they've all said no. the incumbent president won't
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have a serious primary challenger. that's the situation heading into november 2012. >> good to talk with you. appreciate that. with me on the phone is the mayor of piasta, iowa, population 1300. it sits behind cedar rapids and madison. mayor, good to talk to you today. >> yes. >> do you think the president can do anything for your town without the cooperation of congress? >> i don't think if he can do anything for our town. we've got -- we're pretty much established right now. our economy is good and our housing is good. right now we've got 14 houses being built right now. and our population keeps growing. so i don't know if we can really help him help us. maybe we can help him. >> i think a, you might be one of the very few politicians in this nation who says hey, everything is pleasantville in
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my town. in what way do you think you could help the president? >> well, maybe we can give him some pointers about what to do to pass into congress to get them to -- so they aren't butting heads all the time. maybe we can help him stir up the economy. >> what kind of advice would you give the president? >> well, you know, tax breaks are good. you've got to work with the small businesses. and you got to work with the farmers. if we can get those two things going again, those other corporations are going to pick up because they depend a lot on the smaller businesses. >> listen, just in terms of what the president's visit does for peoasta, am i saying that correctly? >> yes. >> in terms of the president's visit, what does this do for the town? it's got to be a real boom? >> it's a boom with all the people in town today. our town itself we have a population of 1377. and when the college is on and
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the workers we have probably an extra 4,000 to 5,000 people here in town. during the week it's kind of boom. and today it's really doubled again. >> i'm sure it has. mayor, so good to talk to you. thank you for spending a couple minutes with us today. good luck. >> thank you. >> again, you're watching now the live pictures from where we're expecting the president to speak on his rural economic forum. again, the president rolling on in this bus tour through several mid western states. congress went on vacation without working on a jobs bill. american companies are sitting on $2 trillion in cash. more than twice the amount of the federal government stimulus. and they're not spending that on hiring new workers. so my big question today, why is the president getting all the blame when it comes to jobs? i want to hear from you on this one? find me on facebook.
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i'm on twitter and my email. texas governor rick perry's wasting no time making headlines on the campaign trail. he's taking on the fed, the president and the gop front runner mitt romney. >> running a state is different from running a business. what i would say is go take a look at his record when he was governor and look at my record when i'm governor. then you've got some apples to apples. >> i'm joined by "the washington post" political reporter and "the wall street journal's" writer. good to see both of you guys today. >> hi. >> the governor's getting plenty of attention, will perry style get him support from voters? >> that's exactly what we're going to find out here in the next few months. the governor has been a strong campaigner in texas. he's very much in his element. i think in places like south carolina people are going to feel that's a comfortable accent to be hearing.
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the question is how well he translates in places like new hampshire and the upper midwest. >> he implied that fed chairman ben bernanke would get ugly treatment in texas. really bernanke's a bush appointee? there's lots of big corporation based in texas who aren't going to like that kind of criticism. do you think perry went down the wrong road here? >> i've been talking to some people up in wall street, folks who deal with wall street and they're really actually taken aback by his comments. i think this has hurt him. he needs to raise money. he's got some deep pockets in texas. it's a traditional place to go wall street for republicans to raise campaign cash. and he really has to be able to present himself as presidential. and he's getting a lot of heat not just from democrats but even from some republicans who just said that -- talking about physical violence against the chairman of the federal reserve if he goes down to texas just wasn't sounding like a
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presidential statement. if he was elected he would have to deal with chairman bernanke who's still going to be the chairman of the federal reserve next year. >> that down home folksy style can win you a lot of support. it's like walking on thin ice out there. it can turn around and get you in the bottom, too. karen, mitt romney he's been oddly silent these last few weeks. now he's talking about his opponents which previously it seemed like he was going to focus on attacking the president and don't worry about the other republicans. is this an indication now that he's taking the competition seriously? >> he doesn't have any choice at this point. one of the big surprises i thought in last thursday's debate in iowa was that romney just basically floated above it all and that michele bachmann and tim pawlenty were going at each other's throats. and nobody really directed a lot of criticism at romney. now, i don't know, rick perry's in the game.
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he is for traying romney as a creature of wall street. and romney has to answer this and explain why his credentials for job creation are better than rick perry's. >> with him pushing away the wall street with the fed criticism in terms of criticizing mitt romney for being too close to wall street, it seems like republican strategists are focused on fundraising for perry. do you think romney has lost some momentum here? >> i think romney really is just not in the conversation right now. and he made a decision not to contest the iowa straw poll last weekend. it might have been a wise one if he had had a bad showing it would have been bad for him. he really has not been part of the conversation. he's still out there raising money. he's in new hampshire raising money. he's about to go out west to california, utah, wyoming, idaho and raise more money and stay out of the spotlight. their hope is that michele bachmann and rick perry are just
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going to tear each other up and he's going to be floating out there. at some point he has to start making some traction. he has to start getting the attention of voters and make them want to vote for him. >> good to see you both today. thank you. >> thank you. a judge has just ordered officials to jail a man suspected of terrorizing a young woman in australia by chaining a fake bomb around her neck for ten excruciating hours. police tracked paul douglas peters -- to track down the 50-year-old. clint van zant is a former fbi profiler and msnbc analyst. how in the world did they find him? >> this was good work by both the australians and the fbi. they were able to put this suspect together based upon part of a description provided by this 18-year-old victim this young teenage girl who was
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studying for final exams. somebody breaks into her house and straps a bomb around her neck. this takes us back to 2003 when we had brian wells in' ree, pennsylvania, the so-called pizza bomber that the fbi believed had some participation in a bank robbery and on national television that device blew up around his neck in. this particular case the device turned out to be fake. inside of the device the fbi has found a memory type device that they've gotten fingerprints off of. and between the description provided by the victim, tracing down a car they believe the suspect was driving, they were able to track him back to the united states. that's where an fbi swat team supported by two australia january officers were able to find this at his ex-wife's house. they hit the house. took him in custody. this terrible case with this young woman 18 years old having this fake bomb around her neck for ten hours not knowing if it was going to blow up or not,
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appeared to be solved. >> here's the thing, peters is the father of three daughters himself. he's a businessman. what possible motive could he have had? >> i think it's going to turn out to be an extortion. there was a note, a message attached to the device around her neck that suggested there was a financial motivation. you know, contessa, we see this so many times, people think they're smart they put so much time in effort like in this case building the device, identifying the victim but they don't know how to carry it off. they don't know what the next step is and that's where it comes to trip him up. fortunately nobody was hurt in this. they could have been very easily. where did he get the idea? again, i think this man who travels back and forth between australia and the u.s. probably was aware of the 2003 case. criminals aren't really smart. they copy the actions of other criminals. i think this guy is a copy cat. he was looking for money. he tried to extort one of the richest men in australia and
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he's going to wind up being extradited back to australia and do a lot of jail time for this. >> clint, thank you so much for weighing in. appreciate that. >> thanks, contessa. former detroit mayor admits he was plain old stupid for getting caught up in a sexting scandal and then writing a book. plus shocking new video from the riots in london. on wall street stocks are falling as we're looking at a slowing global economy. it looked like there's a mixed economic picture. housing is somewhat weak. but industrial production rose last month. a mixed balg, but red arrows across the board. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. re/max agents know their markets, and they care enough to get to know you, too. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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a judge has ordered an american tourist held for 16 days in the mysterious disappearance of a woman he was traveling with in awe rue baa. 35-year-old robyn gardener was last seen diving with the suspect two weeks ago. >> reporter: this is a set back for gary giordano who has proclaimed his innocent. his attorney asked that he be set free. allowing him to return to maryland. instead a judge ordered him 4 eld in an aruban prison for 16 days. that gives prosecutors more time to collect evidence. they have very little that ties him to any crime. that ties him to the disappearance of robyn gardener beyond the fact that he is the last person to see her when the two were snorkling together, his story at a beach here called
9:20 am
baby beach. the area is a rough area and the currents authorities say were not as he described that day. there is doubt on his story at this point. they have that 16-day period now to see if they can collect more evidence. they are reaching out to the public because they have very little in the terms of witness statements. people who have seen the couple or saw them when they were here on this island. he will be held. this is not the type of situation where bail is granted. his attorney said he has nothing to do with this and he should be released. for their part robyn gardener's family released a statement yesterday saying they were pleased with his decision and they still have hope that she's alive. no sign of her since she went missing on august 2nd. >> thanks. the neighbor charged with murdering a 3-year-old girl is being arraigned in a missouri courtroom. sean mor gon told authorities he suffocated the little girl after
9:21 am
finding her playing in his backyard swimming pool and threw her in a ditch. her body has not been found. police in connecticut are on the hunt for five masked men who stormed a home and held the family hostage. the armed men left three of the family members tide up for more than four hours while they ransacked the house. the 3-year-old boy was asleep in the bed the whole time. police said the home invasion in an upscale neighborhood appeared to be a random crime. the bart transit system in san francisco is up and running today after protesters caused a lot of chaos last night. thousands were stranded at the height of rush hour during demonstrations. protesters are rallying against cell service shut down in the subway meant to thwart protests over a fatal shooting by police. the move outraged free speech advocates. a scarey situation for a new jersey teenager hanging on to a tree for dear life. we'll be right back.
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dramatic surveillance footage just release from the london riots last week. the group shows a group of police officers trying to stop looters in northeast london when one of them was mowed down by a speeding car. the officer survived but only by sheer luck. they're hoping this will encourage members of the public to come forward and give them more information. a new jersey teenager clinging for dear life to a tree. emergency crews from several towns rushed to the scene. they were finally able to rescue kevin reed. he's believed to be 16 years old. he was stuck for an hour and a half after record breaking rainfall burst a dam nearby. chaos caught on camera at a maryland 7-11. a flash mob stormed the aisles making off with candy and ice cream. some three dozen young people
9:26 am
showed up at the same time, ransacked the store and left without paying. by the time police arrived they were long gone. investigators have already identified four of the suspects. round two, james murdoch might get called back before parliament to answer more questions about the phone hacking scandal. which apparently was openly discussed at news of the world. plus detroit's unemployment rate is higher than 12% right now. what a group of lawmakers hopes to do about that. and hot on the web today, it's been 34 years since he died, twitter and google didn't even exist then. and yet the king manages to rule both today. today's the anniversary of elvis presley's death. this is a candlelight vigil in the middle of the night. he was 42 years old when he died at his home in memphis, tennessee. fans come to honor his music. says a 24-year-old from brazil,
9:27 am
elvis music keeps the family together. preach it, sister. perhaps kate gosselin should have tried that. the queen of reality tv went solo in life and on tv. now tlc has cancelled her show "kate plus eight." in a recent episode the tv mom says she's glad to be divorced and on her own. she says she's just about what's best for the kids. he said his ex-wife always wanted a big rock. now the mayor of a small town in quebec always wanted a big rock. he dumped a 20 ton boulder that says happy birthday. it was spray painted with a birthday greeting. in terms of what it costs, he owns an excavation company and he's refusing to take it back because it was a gift. so police are considering criminal charges against him. oh, yes, the things we do for
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fitch ratings will keep the u.s. rating at aaa. its outlook on the u.s. economy is stable. the stage that collapsed at the indiana state fair likely never had an official inspection. the city requires a permit for temporary structures, but inspectors don't have the authority to inspect on state owned properties like fairgrounds. indiana police are searching for a landfill for evidence related to the disappearance of lauren spierer. she was last seen june 3rd. according to a new study exercising for just 15 minutes a day can add three years to your life. we're talking even low levels of physical activity. so climb the stairs. we're keeping our eye on peosta, iowa, where president obama is expected to talk about the economy and jobs. this is the northeast iowa
9:32 am
community college. we're expecting to see the president in about half an hour, 20 minutes thereabouts. this is day two, of course, of his bus tour he kicked off in minnesota yesterday. as soon as we see the president begin talking we will bring that to you live. the detroit area is still reeling from the effects of the recession. ton employment rate is among the highest in the nation at 13.7%. right now the congressional black caucus is holding its second of five job fairs across the country. jeff johnson contributor to msnbc joins me now from detroit. so tell me about the turnout and host there doing the hiring? >> like we mentioned earlier, there are upwards of 5,000 people that are here in detroit that have been standing in line since 6:00 a.m. i had the opportunity to talk to a young man in particular who was here received an mba from hampton university and is still looking for work. but the kind of people that are here, contessa, are the
9:33 am
government sector actually is the largest sector that's here with an incredible contingent of opportunities. i talked to somebody from coca-cola that talked about wanting to expand manufacturing in detroit. i talked to somebody from at&t that said, and i quote wanted to invest in detroit and america through technology. there are people here from all forms and sectors of the business community. although there are only 0 representing 2,000 jobs, i think it's a move in the right direction. >> jeff johnson reporting from detroit. jeff, thanks a lot. appreciate that. stocks are lore today on new worries about a slowing global recovery. let's take a look at the dow halfway through the trading day now. it looks like we're down 100 points. we're falling fast. we were down only 30 at the beginning of this hour. one of the bright spots here in europe, germany is now reporting that its economy stalled in the second quarter. obviously all of this taken into account when investors are looking whether it's a good time
9:34 am
to jump into the stock market. i'm joined now by "today" show financial editor gene chats ki. she writes about ways you can profit from all of this recent pain. let's start with your first here long-term option. you say invest in the market as a whole. what do you mean by that? >> if you've not rebalanced your 401(k) in a while or you're giving me that look, that means i've not rebalanced by 401(k) in a while or you're sitting with cash in a mattress or safe haven that you want to put to work, you're not a stock picker, you can buy the broad total market oor the s&p 500 or the russ 2,000 and know you've captured some of these stocks low. >> i would imagine it's more important for people who may be closer to retirement age to make sure that they have a right mix in there. >> absolutely. because the money that you need in the next couple of years to spend whether you're retired to live on or paying for college tuition doesn't belong in the market now and it never did.
9:35 am
it belongs in a safe haven. >> then you say go for high quality defensive stocks. >> right. you're looking for opportunities here in companies that people will continue to buy from even if the country in recession for a while. we're talking about p and g. companies like intel. things that we know people will continue to use the products. >> you say think about your list of dream zoks, the ones that you wish you bought when you knew it was going to take off. my mom points to crocs. >> a lot of people point to apple and say i wish i could own that. the key is to know what price you want to own it at and keep that list when prices fall and you can make that purchase it's a not emotional decision. >> then you say, okay, look not only for the stocks people love, but the stocks people hate. >> those are the stocks that are falling on negative news. the banks recently have been in this basket. people don't like the banks these days. okay. you'll look at the fundamentals
9:36 am
of the banks. >> again, same deal. we had a deal with the s&p 500 was totally red across the board. that probably means it's a bad day to buy the s&p 500. >> transunion is making news because it reports that credit card payments have hit a 17-year low in the second quarter. why are people now so intent on paying their bills on time. >> a couple of things. first of all they've narrowed the window of the people who have these cards. the people who have cards have better credit to begin with. they are traditionally more responsible. people know there's a big cost associated with not paying your bills on time a in terms of fees, but also in terms of keeping your credit up. people want to get into things like homes and cars and are not able to because they don't have the credit rating. and so they're taking the steps to actually protect that because they've understood that it's important. >> jean, thank you for coming in.
9:37 am
>> sure. new -- i need to go back right now. i need to get back in and diversify those stocks. it's going to nag at me all day. new developments in britain's phone hacking scandal. a former reporter at the news of the world warned in a letter four years ago that illegal eavesdropping was widely discussed at the newspaper and even approved. the letter was just released by british lawmakers investigating the scandal who now may recall chief operating officer james murdoch to testify. jay gray turns me now. this seems like a turn around from what we heard when they were in front of parliament. >> reporter: just when you thought you heard it all. they centered on a letter apparently written four years ago. goodman spent four months in jail for his part in the scandal. you may remember it initially started after a story that he had written about prince william's knee injury that had not been released to the public.
9:38 am
at the time he was characterized as a lone, rogue reporter at the tabloid. in his letter published for the first time today, goodman indicates that phone hacking was widely discussed during editorial meetings carried out with the full knowledge and support of superiors and the practice was widespread. the new information along with other testimony from senior managers does contradict testimony from rupert and james murdoch last month. even murdoch's lawyer has called some of the evidence they presented to parliament, quote, hard to credit, self-serving, inaccurate and misleading at this point. there are new questions about whether they may have misled parliament exactly about how much was paid to goodman when he was finally fired. they had initially said it was no more than 60,000 pounds around $98,000. new paperwork seems to indicate he received almost $400,000 at the time he was let go by the paper. so, yeah, a lot changing here as
9:39 am
they continue this investigation. >> i know you're keeping tabs on whether james murdoch gets called back #front of the members of parliament. jay, good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you, thanks. cell phones are used for so much more than just talking these days. texting, surfing the web, playing games and even as an excuse so you don't have to talk to somebody? come on now. according to a new q survey 13% of adults say they have actually used their phones to look busy so they could avoid having a real conversation with somebody. that number more than doubles with the younger crowd. 30% of 18 to 29-year-olds say they have faked a phone call. i'm against faking it. just be honest. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours.
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babies who are exposed to mold in homes could be at risk for developing asthma. asthma is three times as likely in 7-year-olds when they lived in moldy homes as baby. some symptoms include coughing eespecially at night, weezing and having frequent colds that settle in the chest. millions are fighting for their lives in somalia amid war and famine. right now somalia just might be the most dangerous place in the world. nbc's ann curry is there. >> reporter: mogadishu, somalia, is the center of chaos. it is filled with weapons and suffocated by fear. this is where blackhawk down happened. where somali pirates operate. it's considered by many the most
9:44 am
dangerous place in the world. even by the battle hardened. >> i think -- it's no lace in the world like somalia. >> reporter: an african union peacekeeper takestous the front line of just the latest fighting. our armored personnel carrier at the ready for any sign of attack. we keep moving. ieds and suicide bombs an ever present threat. at one stop seconds after an ak-47 sounds off, we move quickly out of the area. is this the best view? >> i think this is the highest. >> reporter: we reached commanded high ground. peacekeepers at the moment are winning the battle for territory against alshabaab. you're saying over there is a steel factory where they were manufacturing bombs and ieds. >> yes. >> reporter: we were given an exclusive first look at the bomb factory seized less than 24
9:45 am
hours earlier. a munitions expert was still securing the site and gathering evidence for the fbi. hand grenades, ieds, those are? >> those are all mortars. >> reporter: the bombs were made to be triggered using cell phones, similar to ieds used by al qaeda in afghanistan and iraq. you're saying that this is a training ground for kooid yooid? >> you got it. >> reporter: the spread of islamic terrorism has turned a drought into a famine that didn't have to happen. the fie vens making it hard for international aid agencies to reach people in need. these children are hungry. they have their hands out. they're shaking my hand. and yet there's just not enough. with the need so great, especially with the lives of millions of children in the balance, one frustrated aid worker asked me where is the humanity? political side bar now. today under the radar.
9:46 am
politico's reporting on what could be a new trend in political town hall gatherings, pay-per-view or per question. according to the website a number of lawmakers including wisconsin congressman paul ryan are scrapping those open to anybody town hall meetings that got so heated last summer. instead constituents who want to ask paul ryan a question will have to pay $15 to attend meetings. arizona congressman ben kwail is holding a $23 plate luncheon next week. another republican chip kra vac took heat for holding private events including a $10 a head meeting. michele bachmann very proud of her roots. she wants everyone to know. >> there is nothing more american than apple pie. and water lee, growing up in water look, growing up here in waterloo. >> in a speech in waterloo on sunday she smengsed growing up
9:47 am
in the state at least 16 times. bachmann told the crowd that she showed up late to to event because she was attending a family reunion. here's something she may not want you to know. politico reporting bachmann's mother and two cousins say michele bachmann was a no show at the family reunion. although her husband and children were there. in bachmann's defense her mom also said she hadn't been expected at the event given how busy she is. at that republican dinner bachmann wowed the crowd with an all american treat. >> there is nothing more american than apple pie. i bought the biggest, fattest, deepest apple pie that i could for you tonight. >> that big fat apple pie is going to the oldest republican mom in the room. >> 100! oh my goodness! yes! >> and for michele bachmann to ron paul, his supporters want you to know, hello, he placed a
9:48 am
very close segd to bachmann in saturday aim's straw poll. i pointed it out yesterday. a lot of other people just ignored it. you may not know it from all the attention he's been getting lately. >> there's now a top tier in this race at least for now of romney perry and bachmann. >> i think that's fair to say. >> really fair to say? you're not forgetting anyone say an idealogical 12-term congress who came within 12 points of winning the straw poll. >> we haven't mentioned and we should -- >> thank you. >> we haven't mentioned and we should, rick santorum. >> rick santorum? he didn't get half of what ron paul got. >> for the record, ron paul was only 150 votes behind bachmann. we'll be right back. it has microparticles and enters the bloodstream faster. works twice as fast as before. did you invent this or something? dr. eric first, from bayer.
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detroit former mayor is just out of prison on parole. he spent 19 months behind bars
9:52 am
for obstructing jous tis by lying under oath about an extramarital affair he had with his chief of staff and for a probation violation. now he faces an even bigger legal nightmare, federal charges of major criminal wrong doing along with his father he's charged with fraud, extortion, tax evasion, public corruption he's with me now, his new book is called "surrender the rise and fall of revelation." it's good to see you today. >> good to see you. good to hear you. >> it's got to be a weird thing to sit there and to listen to the charges outlined against you. you're charged with crimes so extensive that they're collectively known as the kilpatrick enterprise. how does it feel to you to hear those listed out on national television? >> i've heard them several times. it says that i have a big fight in front of me. i'm looking forward to it. unlike the previous fight,
9:53 am
though, where i was wrong, i admitted my wrong, i took responsibility for and i was guilty, this one is absolutely ridiculous. and i believe i'll be proven innocent and i'll absolve myself from all those charges. and that is the type of thing i wrote about in the book. i think so much misunderstanding, misinformation is so much sheer rage and anger has proffered so much misinformation in the city of detroit and gave rise to this ridiculous laundry list of charges. >> the detroit free press interviewed a san francisco law professor who's an expert on public corruption that said the charges against you are so wide ranging that they suggest to a jury truly pervasive conduct. that you represent the type of defendant that has dug such a hole for himself and his credibility that it is very difficult to image that he could ever take the stand in his own defense or garner sympathy as a victim of potential government overreaching. as an expert, do you plan to make a deal?
9:54 am
>> absolutely not. but i think even further that to quote the local press in detroit about anything with me you might as well quote "married with children" or a tv show. >> mayor, he's a san francisco law professor. >> well, you know, one of the things in the book, if people buy the book, they get a much better picture of me. what's going on with me than from anybody in san francisco who you can get a one liner from. even if they are an expert on the issues that you listed in that laundry list. i think more than anything else people need to understand what happened in detroit because it's one of the great american cities in this country. and it's going through a horrible period. and because of the lack of leadership, the lack of focus and the continuation of focus on me, it hasn't been able to bounce back. it's not just economic development and city services, and crime, it's also a deep spirit of hopelessness and loss of faith in our town. detroit moved the world in the
9:55 am
1960s and 1950s. it's been a place where people have been realized their american dream. and that's what i think is more important in my story. that's the detroit that revolutionary spirit that i was born out of. it will speak to the charges. >> but you had a chance, you had a chance, you missed the chance to make your impact or perhaps, i don't know, let me ask you to answer this question, do you think that detroit would be a better place now if you had never been mayor? >> i think all detroiters feel that. if i had never been mayor? contessa just so you know, i'm glad you quoted some of that news article, there's so much that you don't know. i built more houses than any mayor. fixed more streets, built more parks, built more rec centers. brought more national events to the city of detroit than any mayor. more economic development than any mayor many the history of
9:56 am
the town. we brought casinos, major league baseball games. detroit took a giant step forward. i think detroiters will tell you that. i believe that my mistake, my issue of lying under oath, let me finish this of lying under oath did set detroit back. but what happened after that is what i talk about in my book i think people need to know the truth. we all can be set free. >> i really hate to cut you off. we're at the end of the hour. the book is called "surrender." you were supposed to be on earlier, i understand traffic was a problem for you. good luck to you in the future, sir. >> hey, i'm good. that wraps up this hour for me. a full hour. thanks for watching. we're waiting for president obama now. he's expected to speak about the economy from peosta, iowa, any minute now. "andrea mitchell reports" is next.
9:57 am
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