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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 19, 2011 3:41pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> is this my part? >> yeah. >> so so look, one reason texas has the stats they have, and no one denies that texas like any other state has something to work on. >> you have areas that are very critical. that's not like every other state. >> that's right. we have people fleeing to the texas economy. that jacks up not only the unemployment figures but insurance figures. >> it's obama ae fault. >> yeah, along with many things wrong in america lately, i will blame obama. >> who was the governor before that, josh? >> his name was george w. bush, al? do you want to blame bush? >> so bush and perry are doing well and when obama came in, you became number one in these
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areas. pe found out how you became so well developed in these areas. people, 25 and older with a high school diploma, credit score, 49. high school graduation rate, 43. all that happening in the last two years too. >> funny enough, despite all this, again, we have a thousand americans -- >> despite all this -- >> no, listen. the texas economy in the pave five years, have a net increase. so you have to set stats against the reality that texas is the only thing propping up barack obama's's con my right now. the reason to quote the poem, give me your tired, poor, huddled masses, be free. the huddled masses are moving to texas because there is a real need here. >> yeah, there is a real need, for -- minimum wage and below.
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for min pum wanl and below minimum wage laws. >> that is absolutely false. bogus stat, al. >> more minimum wage than any other state. >> do you know what median wage here in texas is some. >> josh, let me give you the facts. i wonder if you have the same attitude that rick perry has. you don't like facts, josh. >> i know the facts. that's why i love the fact that texas is create be jobs. >> you don't have a jacket on. are you hot down there? you wouldn't be believing in global warming, would you? thank you josh. good night. thanks for cupping. we will talk soon about rick perry's record. >> i sure hope so. >> i head, it wasn't elvis this time. but michele bachmann gave us another guest. here excuse was priceless. >> rick perry had some real low lights this week. but the other guy from texas, will be tough to catch.
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see your lexus dealer. welcome back to the show. some big political talkers today, let's bring in the panel, bob franken, syndicated political columnist for king features. kneea henderson is a political reporter for the washington post. rory is direccor 6
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communications for the heritage foundation. let's start with michele bachmann's blooper machine. check out what they said in a radio interview just yesterday. >> there's a fear that the united states is in an unstoppable decline to see the rise of chaina be the rise of india, the rise of the soviet union and our loss mill tearily going forward. >> the soviet union. does she realize -- now this is a lady that's going to -- well, is running to be in charge of foreign policy. and she doesn't realize that it doesn't exist any more, that it dissolved in 1991. the same day bachmann justified her job at the irs. >> a chance to learn about the enemy. >> how many of you love the irs?
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no. it's time to change it. i went to work in that system because the -- the first rule of war is know your enemy. so i went to the signed to learn how they work because i want it defeat them. >> now, nia, when i ran, i did saturday night live and we were never that funny. but do you think that these guests are going to really matter to the far right voters that she is appealing to and but will it turn off the middle and the more moderate voters in reflect of the primary? >> certainly. you have to look at this because there is becoming a mattern with michele bachmann. she argued that the founding fathers weren't really abolitionist and fought to end slavery. we all know that founding fathers owned slaves. she made another gaff about john wayne growing up in waterloo,
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who i believe it was really john wayne gasey who was a serial killer. i think the thing about michele bachmann that we are seeing now is she is getting more scrutiny. she is out there, learning about the reality of national campaign. we will see how she behaves in the debate. in september there will be three debates and she will be on the stage again. it is hard it imagine they will move out beyond this base. this tea party base and really appeal it moderates. i think one of the things that happens with her, it it does get often they gets momentum. >> do you know something we don't know? >> reverend al, if you want to talk about u.s.-russia policy and how it deteriorated the last two and half years, gore gorbachev says this reminded him of the soviet union -- >> wait, wait, wait.
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he said what? >> my kel gorbachev -- >> you are sitting on national tv saying michele bachmann is credible because she said something credible to gorbachev. >> what i'm saying is -- >> what you're saying is unbelieve but go ahead and say it. >> if you want to talk about something hurting our economic growth, talking about the letter taj system and loop holes that you always talk about. we can talk about them in all 57 president obama states. >> okay, let me let you hear what ms. bachmann said today, let's go to her statement, all right? >> slip-ups can occur and of course i rectify that about elvis and then i also, we all know that it is russia, not the soviet union. i didn't say that it was death
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that took them down, i made the statement that this was a company that had accounting problems and that was their issue. >> bob franken, i will just call your name, go ahead, i know -- >> look, you know the gotcha questions that newt gingrich complained about? you remember newt gingrich, don't you? >> in the last debate, yes. >> well, michele bachmann is kind of self contained. she is a walking-talking-gch gotcha answer. she doesn't need a question. it is not sur surprising that the person whispering in her air is from the -- >> are we talking about the substance or the guests? you can look at every -- >> you're missing the point here. the point is when she talks about speaking six times a day, the president of the united states probably speaks more times than that and probably should be called upon, called upon to make sure, as a regular
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basis, he wouldn't make this -- >> that the standard you hold president obama too t.o.? >> to be perfectly honest, sure. >> maybe she needs a vacation. but you guys beat up on president obama about taking vacations, don't you? you think he shouldn't be in martha's vineyard, don't you? >> no, actually he is in washington our economy gets worse. so maybe he needs to stay away lock longer than ten days. he is on two and half year vacation from dealing with unemployment we don't get any real ideas or solutions. maybe in martha's vineyard he will come up with a plan. >> you know, al, sorry, you but i think the republicans would be happier if they could see video of barack obama clearing brush or maybe splitting logs. maybe that would bring back wonderful memories for them. >> i would like to see him at a decks writing a plan to create jobs, create conditions for economic growth. that's the only thing we haven't seen him do the last two and
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half years. >> oh, maybe-db maybe rory -- maybe if you would look at what he has outlined and compare it to the ons bill -- >> where can i find that, reverend? >> can you let me finish, sir some. >> yes, sir. >> compared to jobs bill that mr. boehner and the republican majority has brought in because they ran last year saying, where's the jobs, let's look at their jobs bill and compare with the president. but the problem is, they never came with the jobs bill, not one, rory. >> they passed the bill. >> bob, nia and rory, thank you. tell michele bachmann to get rest, rory. thanks for a great weekend ending. we'll be right back.
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texas governor trying to become president. it is deja vu all over again for a nation still recovering from george w. bush. as we told you, the two have
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more than a few things in common. but as ridiculous as perry can be, he has a long way to go before matching this -- >> as yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high. i got my ear plugs in. underestimate the compassion of our country. i think they misunderestimated the will and determination of the commander-in-chief too. >> i call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorists killers. thank you. now watch this drive. fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. fool me -- can't get fooled again.
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i think, as i remember it, i was raising the desert but it is easy to see a tide turn. did i say those words? >> rick perry has


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