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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 22, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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libyan dictator to surrender to avoid calling what they are calling a possibleb bloodbath. and i'm here with the big story in this country which is of course the jobs crisis. the fourth annual job fair held by the united black caucus is being held in florida today. in florida t the unemployment is way above the national average. president obama has been facing criticism of his own party and base, and more of the same is expected here. we will talk to congresswoman fredricka wilson. and coming up, the changing and volatile situation in libya. gun battles and forces have erupted throughout the day, and others have fled. stephanie goss joins us on the phone near libya's border of
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tunisia, and rebels remain in control of his compound in tripoli, and what can you tell us that you have acquired as far as information, stephanie? >> well, stability is one thing, and it is surprising that rebels were able to go into that city as quickly as they did and seemingly as unimpeded as they did and it is another to go in to secure the city. what we are seeing now is that they don't quite have a complete control of the city. there are still gadhafi forces that look ready to fight back. but also keep in mind that gadhafi made a commitment in the early days of this to give guns to all of his supporters, so there are a lot of people armed with ep with upons in the city, and remains to be seen how many of them are willing to get out and the streets and fight, but that is the situation. it is incredibly volatile right now and the big question on everyone's mind is where is gadhafi? the rebels say they have three of his sons in custody, but that this is not over until they find him.
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tamron. >> and stephanie, to your point, threef of his sons are in custody and one reportedly tried to leave or escape dressed in women's clothing there, and let me talk to you specifically about the rebels are saying they have 95% of tripoli in their hands and they control 95% of tripolik and as far as gadhafi's supporters and those willing to fight for him, it seems that the numbers are dwindling even if you factor in what you mentioned which is the arming of the citizens which is willing to support the dictator. >> reporter: yeah, they did, and they fell away a lot faster than people realized they would, and there were some cases that the forces and their loyalty to him dwindled as well when the rebels came in. and people are hedging their bets and not knowing who would prevail in the contest, so they said they would support gadhafi, but now they may say they support the rebels, because the rebels are in control. so if there is some fight
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remaining, we will see in the next couple of days, but at least for right now the situation on the streets in tripoli remains incredibly insecure. >> all right. stephanie gosk live on the border of libya and tunisia, and as i mentioned we are waiting to hear from president obama any minute now and we will hear from the president as soon as the statement is released. meanwhile kristen welker is in martha's vineyard and has been covering the president and his family since they are vacationing there, and what can you tell us about this statement we are awaiting? >> well, president obama is holding a conference call with his national security council as we speak. they are discussing the situation on the ground in libya, and likely discussing when and if gadhafi does leave. as you mentioned the president is expected to speak momentarily, and white house officials telling us at this point they have no reason to believe that gadhafi has left libya, and we are waiting for the president to come out to speak, and he has been hesitant to do so, because information on
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the ground is so murky, and so the fact that he is coming out to speak likely represents the fact that they have gotten solid information about what exactly is happening there. and the president even though he is on vacation has been monitoring the situation closely. he has been getting frequent updates from his counterterror ism adviser john brennan, and we are weight for haiting on him t give us the most updated situation of the intelligence they have. tamron? >> and kristen, any new information regarding the u.s. involvement? we know that the u.s. led the nato strikes and at the latest talk from nato is that they will continue the air strikes until gadhafi does in fact leave. >> that is right. one of the big questions is what will happen when he in fact leaves? will the united states put boots on the ground? what we are hearing right now is that that is not the case, and
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the united states has no plans to do that at this point in time, and that is according to the pentagon officials and backed up by a white house spokesperson and the white house is according to the united states according to the white house officials has been playing more of a support role in the nato-led military effort there in libbia, and we ylibya, and w continue until this is finished in some capacity. >> thank you, kristen. reminder we will bring you the president's remarks as soon as we get them. now, let's bring in a correspondent for the london-based newspaper, and thank you for joining me. and many people have been remarking at the ease that the rebels were able to enter tripoli, and a fear that gadhafi's last stand could as some other world leaders put it, be a possible bloodbath in the end. >> well, the libyans have surprised us once, and they will surprise us again. i do not, and pray i not, but i do not expect a bloodbath and the people of the transition
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national council are people of experience and they understand the importance of what is happening, and i would account on the new alliance between nato and arab countries. this is maybe a matter of convenience, but it is an alliance good for libbia, and together with the united nations. the security council and also the secretary-general ban ki-moon, and now they are talking about the post conflict plans and ban ki-moon will be calling on the security council to give a mandate and bring in monitors for peace, and see how to help the libyans not have a bloodbath, because transition of value. >> but before we get to any of those points of moving forward and who will take control of libya and what country will quite honestly emerge, we are looking again at colonel gadhafi nowhere to be found, and the last comments were audio and still threatening here in the
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next few hours and if not days, and what is your concern to play out here? >> well, it is important to see where colonel gadhafi ends up being, but i think that this is already almost the end of the story whether he is captured alive, commits suicide or delivered to justice. i think that what is important is for the libyan transitional council to make sure they play by the book when it comes to justice. colonel gadhafi and his sons are men wanted by the international criminal court, and it is wise for the libyans to deliver them to the icc, the international criminal court, instead of doing justice by themselves and hanging gadhafi and his son just like in the past like the iraqis had done to saddam hussein. it will be very important to be wise and slow down enough to take justice in their own hands, and really, i have a lot of people in the national
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transitional council and i trust their sense of where we are going, and this is a historic moment for them and they definitely don't want to lose it. >> all right. thank you very much for your time and analysis. thank you. >> thank you. and oil prices around the world have already started to fall as gadhafi's regime topples, and prices are expected to slide more and we will tell you what to expect in a half hour. as we told you earlier today, the congressional black jobs tour comes to florida and it follows cleveland and detroit and where job fairs attracted thousands of people literally lining up around the corner. members of the congressional black caucus has questioned whether the president has done enough to create jobs in the struggling african-american communities. david axelrod, an adviser to the president said that the emphasis needs to be on employment as a whole and not on one community. >> there's lots that is there with the eye towards those who
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need the help the most, but we have to move the entire country forward and not just one community, and he is definitely looking to do that. >> and joining me is one congresswoman fredricka wilson, who is hosting a town hall tonight in florida. and thank you for coming on and let me get your response to david axelrod saying that the unemployment issue is not exclusive to one community. >> well, it sounds good, but it is exclusive to one community. >> and how can you say that when the national unemployment rate is 9.1? >> well, when you look at african-american males, 40% of them are unemployed and those under 30 years of age, and i understand exactly that the entire nation must be involved in this recovery, but the black community is experiencing a great recession. that's what we are experiencing right now. and all of the growth in the past 30 years, we see it slipping away from
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homeownership, for the middle-class, and it is slipping away from our hands. and it has a lot to do with many issues, racism, shipping jobs overseas, access, no access to technology, you know, the digital divide is there, and many of the new jobs, and that is what it requires. so, we have a problem. we really have a problem in the african-american community. >> and this administration did not start the downturn in the african-american economy, because it has been sadly high. >> you are exactly right. i can say that the stimulus program that the president put out and when i was in the senate, the florida senate, that stimulus program saved us from a depression. and so, african-americans really were able to hold, keep their jobs as teachers, firefighters, police officers, and we watched our state budget be balanced. >> are you making the case for a
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second stimulus, because that is the word that the president may offer upper f efor a proposal a labor day? >> yes. when we did the first stimulus we thought it would be enough and the economy would rebound, and it didn't, so we have to do more, and we cannot sit back and watch people suffer. we need another stimulus. >> and i have sent out a tweet that i will be attending the job hall and jobs fair and to my surprise there were people online critical of members of the congressional black caucus and other african-american leaders who have challenged the president and we have talked about the much-talked about moment in detroit with congresswoman waters saying if you let go, we will challenge this president as we will any president, and the audience said to let go and they want to see the challenge, but with that said, the african-american lawmakers are taking heat if you will for calling out the president on this. what do you believe is behind
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this mindset that literally twitter would light up with people attacking lawmakers for challenging the president? >> i think that now that we are in in this election mode, it is not time to challenge the president. we can challenge congress, because congress passes bills. the congressional black caucus has put forward over 40 job bills. >> but you say this is not the time to challenge the president, so was congresswoman maxine waters out of step when she said tell us to let go, and meaning, we will challenge the president and demand he comes up with something for this community? was she out of step? >> i think that she says what she wants to, and that is her opinion. i think that right now with this election, the whole goal of the tea party is to make president obama, a one-term president, so we have president obama, and we have michele bachmann.
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so we have to decide who will we support and who will we get behind and who will we make a lame duck president so we can see him make efforts towards the black community, and if he does that now, he will lose his election, and you know that and ano that and i think that is why the public is acting the way they are acting. absolutely. >> all right. well, you have a town hall tonight and we will hear more to the people as you refer to as the public and see what the turnout is, and sadly, lines around the corner with the other ones and we may see the same thing here. >> and thank you, thank you, tamron. >> i will be moderating the town hall meeting in florida, and it will stream live on, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. eastern. and coming up, i will talk to the mayor of broward county where the employment has stalled at that area.
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and also coming up, u.s. officials want to uncover what they call a treasure trove of information on libya's role in the lockerbie bombing and that country's ties to terrorists. and hurricane irene takes aim at south florida after flooding streets and knocking down trees in puerto rico, and we will get the latest on the big storm. and prosecutors set to drop the case against dominic strauss-kahn tomorrow, and new details on the "newsnation" ahead. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union
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the "newsnation" continues to follow breaking developments in libya where it is just after 8:15 p.m., and we are awaiting a statement from president obama any moment. and rebels have taken control of
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the capital of tripoli, and meanwhile, forces have battled near the capital of tripoli, and meanwhile gadhafi's whereabouts are unknown while his 42 years in power are coming to an end. and just like when osama bin laden was killed, it is believed that moammar gadhafi when and if he is driven from power, he may leave behind a treasure trove of intelligence material, and joining me is senior investigative producer bob winthrop, and explain what you mean by this treasure trove, and what you expect to find? >> well, the key thing is the intelligence services archives, and remember, this is a dictator in charge for 42 years. if you think back going back to the '80s and the '90s, there were a whole range of terrorist activities supposedly financed by moammar gadhafi, pan am 493 and then the french airliner blown up over the desert, and the la bell discotheque bombing,
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and moneys to the i.r.a. and to abdul nidal, and there is a lot there that u.s. and other western intelligence services would like to get their hands on, because if they believe it is going to give a much better indication of how important gadhafi was, and also where his people may still be after the collapse of this regime. >> well, bob, that is so interesting in that, as i mentioned with osama bin laden, he left behind a number of documents recovered, but he did not know that the forces were closing in. moammar gadhafi has known now for six months that forces possibly would be closing in, so would it be realistic to believe that kind of intelligence and information would be left behind? >> well, certainly, what you have to understand is that there is more than one set of records here, and the other point, and someone former u.s. intelligence official pointed this out to me a few minutes ago, moussa
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koussa, who was the libyan foreign minister who defected back in march had been the intelligence chief in libya from 1994 to 2009. he knows a lot of this information, but also, he knows about the physical security, and he knows about where the intelligence materials are kept, so there is going to be a lot of intelligence that he is going to be able to point them to if indeed they get in and get to the key archives once the regime collapses. >> all right. senior investigative produce for nbc bob wendrem. and hurricane irene is on the way to the u.s., and earlier the hurricane struck puerto rico with heavy rains and 75-mile-an-hour winds, and that left some 85,000 people without power. the storm is expected to intensify as it heads towards the u.s. mainland where it could
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target florida or georgia or the carolinas by thursday. and nick walker from the weather channel joins us live with the latest. what is the latest? >> well, the latest from the national hurricane center is 80-mile-an-hour hurricane, and that is the winds in the center right now, but as you mentioned, tamron, it is expected to strengthen. the center is west/southwest of puerto rico -- >> nick, i have to interrupt you. sorry, i apologize that we have to interrupt you, because we have the statement from president obama on the breaking news out of libya. let's play it. well, this much is clear, the gadhafi regime is coming to an end. and the future of libya is in the hands of its people. in just six months, the 42-year reign of moammar gadhafi has unraveled. earlier this year, we were inspired by the peaceful protests that broke out against libya, and the basic and the joyful longing for human freedom
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echoed the voices that we had heard all across the region from tunis to cairo. in the face of these protests, the gadhafi regime responded with brutal crackdowns. civilians were murdered in the streets, and the campaign of violence was launched against the libyan people, and gadhafi threatened to hunt peaceful protesters down like rats. as the forces advanced across the country, there existed the potential for wholesale massacres of innocent civilians. in the face of this aggression, the international community took action and the united states helped to shape a u.n. security council resolution that mandated the protection of the libyan civilians and unprecedented coalition was formed that included the united states, our nato partners and arab nations, and in march, the international community launched a operation to stop gadhafi and his administration in the tracks. in the early intervention, the
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united states provided the bulk of the firepower and then our friends and allies stepped forward. at the transitional national council established itself as a credible representative of the libyan people, and the united states, together with our european allies and friends across the region, recognized the tmc as a legitimate governing authority in libya. gadhafi was cut off from arms and cash and his forces were steadily degraded. from benghazi to misrata to the western mountains the libyan opposition courageously confronted the regime, and the tide turned in their favor. over the last several days, the situation in libya has reached a tipping point. as the opposition increased the coordination from east to west and took town after town and the people of tripoli rose up to claim their freedom. for over four decades, the libyan people had lived under the rule of a tyrant who denied them their most basic human rights, and now the celebrations that we have seen in the streets
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of libya shows that the pursuit of human dignity is far stronger than any dictator. i want to emphasize that this is not over yet, and as the regime collapses, there is still fierce fighting in some areas, and we have reports of regime elements continuing to fight, and threatening to continue to fight, and although it is clear that gadhafi's regime is over, he has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by relinquishing the power to the people of libya and calling for the forces who continue to fight to lay down their arms for the sake of libya. as we move forward from this pivotal phase, the opposition should continue to take important steps to bring about a transition that is peaceful, inclusive and just. the leadership has been made clear that the rights of all libyans must be respected. true justice does not come from reprisals and violence, but from reconciliation, and a libya that
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allows the citizens to determine their own destiny. in that effort, the united states will be a friend and a partner. we will join with allies and partners to continue the work of safeguarding the work of the people of libya as other regimes have done, i have directed mine to stay in contact with other regimes from other nations to stay in contact with the security, and that supplies reach those in need particularly those who have been wounded. secretary clinton spoke today with her counterparts of the leading coalitions of the nations, and i have directed ambassador susan rice to use next month's general assembly to support this important transition. for many months, the tmc has been working with the international community to prepare for a post-gadhafi libya. as those efforts proceed, our diplomats will work with the tmc
11:26 am
to ensure that the institutions of the libyan states are protected. and we will support them with the assets of the gadhafi regime that were frozen earlier this year. above all, we will call for an inclusive transition that leads to a democratic libya. as we move forward, we should also recognize the extraordinary work that has already been done, and to the american people, these events have particular resonance, because the gadhafi regime has murdered scores of american citizens in acts of terror in the past. today we remember the lives of those who were taken in the acts of terror and stand in solidaire with their families. we also pay tribute to admiral sam wacley and the men and women in uniform who have save sod many lives over the last few months including our brave pilots who have executed the mission with skill and extraordinary bravery and all of this was done without putting a
11:27 am
single u.s. troop on the ground. in short, the libyan demonstration illustrates what the international community can achieve when we stand together as one. although the efforts in libya are not yet over, nato has again proven that it is the most capable alliance in the world, and the strength comes from both the firepower and the power of of the democratic ideals, and the arab members of our coalition have stepped up and shown what can be ap chichieved we step up to act together, and their actions show the unity of our efforts and support for the future of libya. finally the libyan people, your courage and character have been unbreakable in the face of the tyrant. an ocean divides us, but we are joined in the basic human longing for freedom, for justice and for dignity. your revolution is your own. and your sacrifices have been extraordinary. now, the libya that you deserve
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is within your reach. going forward, we will stay in close coordination with the tmc to support that outcome, and though there are huge challenges ahead, the extraordinary events in libya remind us that fear can give way of hope and that the power of the people striving for freedom can bring about a brighter day. thank you very much. and that is president obama's statement on the breaking news out of libya. the president saying that nato efforts will continue, but the regime is over with the leadership of moammar gadhafi. let me bring in rhita, a correspondent for the london-based newspaper, and you heard him there applaud nato and the efforts of the united states to bring down this regime after 40 years, and the president obviously being cautious in stating clearly that this fight is not over. you have some still loyal to
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moammar gadhafi on the ground in libya. >> it is like the president said, unprecedented coalition, and he gave everyone the due recognition, arab state, the international community, but he also hinted that listen, if we work together then other tyrants can be brought down, but i'm not sure that the russians and the chinese are going to take the quote of that especially through nato. and however the message of the president is very, very important, because it is recognizing the people of libya as he spoke to the pursuit of human dignity and prolonging for freedom and these are good messageses to say we are with you and to direct ambassador susan rice, and the united security nation to help in the institution building that particularly the heads of of the regional organizations have been invited by the secretary-general to come to new york and work together to help this country build the institutions and celebrate its new day. >> and it is, as the president
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noted, the will of the people here who as the president said, they reached a tipping point, and they were in the pursuit of human dignity, and we have seen that in what is become known as the arab spring, but it naturally brings me, and we don't want to get ahead, because the libyan revolution is still going and we don't know what exile or capture means for moammar gadhafi, but thousands of people according to the human organizations have lost their lives there and a brutal government crackdown and friday that this president and other world leaders called on assad to step down and a call he is ignoring at this point, and what do you believe is next for syria? >> this is a very important moment for the syrian leadership, because if they are watching what is going on, they have to conclude that the other option they imagined in their mind is not over. they can't be in denial any
11:31 am
longer. this is a very major breakthrough for bringing down the leaders who have insisted that the despite the will of the people, they are staying in power. that is a lesson for them. they have to learn before it is too late, and if they don't learn, i think that there will be an end for the regime in syria. i don't think that through nato, it is is going to be through operations, but the president spoke of the unprecedented coalition, and particularly between the nato members and arab states, and then that means that there is going to be different action and maybe arming people to go across and bring down the regime instead of bringing the nato aerial bombardment, so it will be a different kind of war, if you will, war of liberating syria. >> raheta, thank you. and also with us is the leader of the national foreign affairs council, michael, and thank you for joining us.
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but you have a number of members of the gop running for office, and criticizing the strategy of the president and now we are watching the rule of moammar gadhafi end six months after nato launched the attacks and the unprecedented coalition as the president saw it. and looking at what is playing out now, this administration seems to have made the right call here. >> well, i think they, look, it is natural now that the president would try to take some credit for what seems to at least tentatively be a successful conclusion of this phase of what is happening in libya? >> what is wrong with that when he was heavily criticized by mitt romney and congresswoman michele bachmann and he did not take credit, but he applauded the coalition with the decision to have the strikes. he would be criticized if it did not work and it appears to have worked and so are you unable to say that the decision made by this administration was the right decision? was pit right decision is the
11:33 am
question i eemg aski'm asking. >> well, don't mistake me. i am saying it is natural he would take credit and we are in a political season and this is touted as a success for the president assuming that things continue to go well there. and those of us who advocated for the u.s. to get involved, it is true that the u.s. can do good overseas and we should not allow our experience in iraq and afghanistan and all of the sort of the criticisms that has caused us to lead to a policy of deisolation or withdrawing to the borders. there is plenty that you could say could have been done better by nato and countries in nato including the united states, but i hope this serves as a vindication for internationalism in the united states that we believe we can be a force for good overseas and lead overseas and continue to be a force for say building democracy and freedom overseas. >> but is it vindication and we did not see this in a previous administration of a vindication for the u.n. and for nato that
11:34 am
we cannot forego it alone and not be dismissive when we are trying to move forward as the global leader, but not the only leader, which is what the president was saying in his remarks. >> well, look, obviously, we do need to work very closely with our allies. i think that the role of the french and the british was very important here, and the role of certain arab states was very important here, but at the end of the day u.s. leadership is required. we cannot be reluctant or slow to lead in this type of effort when it comes to syria or other issues in the middle east. when it comes down to it, tamron, many countries in the middle east or around the world will continue the look to the united states for leadership and very few countries to play the role that we can to bring these international coalitions together, and i would hope that sort of anyone who is sort of watching this experience would see that there is a need for u.s. leadership and a need for u.s. to be active around the world to try to promote its interest and also the value and
11:35 am
causes that we believe in. >> well, there's a need for other leadership and it is obviously the direction of our lead sher ership and a part of deba debate. thank you, michael singh, and raheda. and oil prices are falling today with the thought that libya could join oil output, and joining me now is sam from cnbc. >> well, oil prices are coming down not much, but 2%, and theoretically, it is good to have a window into the regime before the oil is returned to the consumers. first of all, a lot of of targeting in the region and important equipment for production and we need to know the extent of the damage there, and secondly, they need to redo
11:36 am
all of the commercial agreements between the new regime when it comes to into place, and the traditional customers of libya which is mainly europe. >> sam, explain to me the knee-jerk reaction of the prices falling when you point out the important factors to continue to focus on? >> well, we are still well above where we were before the conflict started, so when you say that the prices are ul fa g i -- falling, we have to get to the level of $90 a barrel range which is where we were seeing on the international conflict prio down, because of a window to having the oil returned to the market. libya has been out for five months now and a month after the conflict started and put a lot of pressure on the international market and specifically europe and asia and so just the idea that this could potentially come back within the next six to 12 months is enough to get the speculative money out of the
11:37 am
pool here. >> all right. sam, thank you very much for coming on to explain exactly what is happening and putting it in great context as well. thank you, sam. >> thanks for having me. and new responses on libya today from the gop white house hopefuls and many who sharply criticized president obama. and jon huntsman said that the impending fall of colonel gadhafi is developing story of a nation in turmoil. gadhafi has been a long time opponent of freedom. and he said he would not have intervened. pennsylvania governor ed rendell said on "morning joe" after all of the criticism, the president is not getting the credit he deserves. >> he was mocked with this plan, and it will never work and the rebels are disorganized and we have to put ground troops on the ground and overthrow gadhafi, and it worked not one american fighting man or woman got hurt
11:38 am
and worked to a "t" and we have gotten rid of gadhafi. >> and joining me now the talk more about this is michael tamaski from the daily beast. and as we hear the rule of gadhafi is apparently coming to an end, but there are people who are still willing to fight, and we don't know what lies around the corner, but we can talk about the silence by a number of the gop candidates. michele bachmann no comment so far, and mitt romney initially supported the effort, but said it is not muscular enough, but it seems to be enough to bring down the rule, and what do you make of the gop candidates being silent and the comments from huntsman? >> well, the silence is unsurprising, because the republicans hate to see a democratic president succeed on what they think is their natural turf of national security issues. this is a second pretty big score for obama. the first one of course being
11:39 am
the osama bin laden situation on may 1st. it burns them. they can't stand it. huntsman did react and rick perry did react and neither gave credit to the obama administration or to the president. romney's reaction was probably the most interesting of all. because he immediately said in his statement that this should now lead to calls from the new regime to demand that the new regime return the lockerbie bomber to authorities in britain which puts a new twist on things. >> you know what is interesting and i'm not sure if you heard my conversation with michael before the previous administration, the bush administration, but he was quick to use the language that the president wanting to take credit which is not what we heard in that statement. it is quite unfortunate that these things become as the people in beltway like to call political footballs, but that is where we are at this point where everything matters both on the domestic front and the international front and as you
11:40 am
pointed out, this is a major success for this administration. >> it is. and it is a shame that we are not at a point in the country's history where people can be a little less grudging about something like this. of course, as you said in the beginning of our segment, there is a long way to go here and we don't know the direction that the country is going to go, but the other thing that michael singh said that was particularly interesting even though he did not quite say it, but you can hear it between the lines of what he was saying is that all conservative eyes now are going the turn to syria and they are going to start a major pressure campaign on this white house the do something on the ground in syria which many people think i'm one of those many people, and many people think that it is a really dicey situation and a much higher-risk situation because then you are talking about involving iran, but the neo conservatives will start
11:41 am
howling about syria and make them completely forget that obama had a victory here in libya. >> thank you, michael. we will be talking to you more about syria, and as you pointed out sadly, we are not done with what is happening in libya, but the conversation is forced that direction as thousands of people are being slaughtered in that country. thank you, michael, greatly appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> and also coming up, the first -- well, over to for more information on what is happening in tripoli. we have a live stream there, and the first major national memorial for dr. martin luther king jr. opened the doors to the public today and sits on the national mall between the lincoln and the jefferson memorial, and officially dedicated in a ceremony sunday, but already today, the visitors were enjoying the stroll of the four-acre tribute. >> it is a dream come true for all of us in america to be able to have such a tribute to him.
11:42 am
so, it is inspiring to me. >> in my mind, he is probably one of the greatest americans who has ever lived and to have this monument here is outstanding. i'm excited. msnbc's maria coampos toure the area, and we will be there live on "newsnation" friday and you had the opportunity to see it up close and tell me about the memorial, itself, and the sig n significant things about it that makes it so incredible? >> absolutely, tamron. it is hard to see from this vantage point, but it is off in the distangs over my shouce ove there, and you can see people coming out at 11:00, a couple of hours ago, but hundreds of people out for the public unveiling which has been 15 years in the making. the monument, itself, is the first for the national mall, it is the only major monument of a nonpresident and of an
11:43 am
african-american, and it consists of essentially three main parts all composed of granite. you have the mountain of the stairs which is a mountain-like structure, but it has a passageway in between which is split into, and that is how the individual or thes enter into the area into the stone of hope which is the granite which has the statue of dr. king which stands over 30 feet tall to give you perspective the lincoln and the jefferson memorial stand 19 feet tall so it is higher than both of those. there was also featured within the memorial there are two crescent shaped balls that have his speeches incrested on them, and the whole motivation did come from one of his most famous quotes from the "i have the dream" speech which says out of the mountain of fair comes the stone of hope. and you mentioned that the official dedication is sunday and about 300,000 visitors are
11:44 am
expected tom coll for that. >> thank you very much, mara. and this friday i will be anchoring "newsnation" to preview the official dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial which will take place friday. and coming up the mayor of broward county, florida, joins me to talk about the unemployment crisis. about 9% of all broward county residents are unemployed. so this is all around the nation, and how do we help people get back to work? we will explore that after the break. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
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11:48 am
now back to tamron. president obama says that the situation unfolding in libya has reached a tipping point. the president said that moammar gadhafi's rule is over, but the fight is not. it is just before 9:00 at night in libya where the rebels have been celebrating after gaining control of much of the capitol city. they have taken checkpoints and renamed green square martyr square, and meanwhile gadhafi is nowhere to be found. and the u.n. is urging them to build a government through peaceful and just measure. and the congressional black caucus is holding a jobs fair in miami tomorrow, and it is part of the people's initiative and made three stops across the country and while the national jobless rate is 9.1%, it is higher in miami, miami-dade, and unemployment is at 13% in broward county and 9.6% there.
11:49 am
and joining me is the broward county mayor. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> and the governor says that florida is key to the presidential election, but it will be boil down to the job situation in the state and throughout the country, and what do you believe is preventing us from seeing an improvement in the jobless numbers? >> well, unfortunately, we have been told to work smarter and smaller and when you are working smarter and smaller, you are eliminating jobs. >> and that is one of the fears and i'm happy you brought that up, because a number of analysts say that the companies have downsized and said, listen, we are running effectively and efficiently and we don't need to bring back the people that we laid off or the jobs we cut or send the jobs overseas. >> 245 that is the worst to sene jobs overseas where we are not getting any bang for the buck except for the people who need to buy things cheaply. >> and what is the solution?
11:50 am
we have been talking about and hearing the complaints of jobs sent overseas and congresswoman maxine waters said if you call a bank it is likely that the person that you speak on the phone side of the bank is not a person here in the united states, and that is a simple job to have here. >> that is a simple solution, you can say, i would like to talk to somebody from the united states, and i'm having problems understanding you, and if everybody would do that think of the number of jobs they create. >> but what about -- well, more substantively. >> i will give something more substantively. we are working hard at creating job and broward county as a whole is a job creator and we have over 2,000 new jobs at the portal loan becaualone, because shipping and we are expanding in the new courthouse and parking garage. >> but it is not enough. and part of what happened in this state sadly enough is the
11:51 am
housing market, and construction is gone, and places gone for phenomenal prices before are rent- to-own or leases or unoccupied and home construction we are not seeing in the state. >> that is why we are starting to have construction jobs to offset what is happening in the housing market, which is also a reason to get more jobs down here, because the cost of housing is so much less than in other parts of the country that we can encourage people come on down, and we have homes that you can afford that are beautiful, and we have usually good weather. forget this week. >> yeah, yeah. and we have optimism at this point that we will see the numbers go down. >> well, the reason that the numbers didn't go down is because the school board eliminated 1,300 teachers in broward county. we work slowly eliminating empty spots, and this year we have laid off no one from broward county government, and we have reached the bottom and starting to turn around and it is going to continue with the number of
11:52 am
projecting ongoing to create thousands and thousands of jobs, and we have jobs incentives which range from 2 to 6,000 and even greater if they are a targeted industry. we have libraries that are helping people doing someof the same things at the cdc where they teach them how to do the resumes and computers. >> and computer document training, but there are some companies who say they cannot fill the jobs because they need more training, but mayor, we appreciate your coming on and ahead of irene, hoping she is not going the make landfall. >> i hope she is going to make landfall further on. >> and a weather woman as well. well, we will stream live the congressional black caucus "for the people" jobs fair from miami
11:53 am
on "newsnation" live in miami at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. this is the fourth stop for the cbc and we will bring all of the developments to you live. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam
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we continue to follow breaking news, and the latest out of libya for you, and rebels gain control of much of the tall of tripoli and much of the airport. and gadhafi forces are still putting up resistance particularly around his compound, but meanwhile, gadhafi's whereabouts are still unknown at this hour. we heard from president obama a half hour ago. >> the situation is still very fluid. there remains a degree of uncertainty, and there are regime elements who pose a threat, but this much is clear, the gadhafi regime is coming to an end. >> and again, that was the president just a short time ago and that does it for this edition of "newsnation" and thank you so much for joining us for the hour. i'm tamron hall and be sure to
11:57 am
catch "newsnation" and we are live from the cbc jobs fair in miami and a lot of questions of the the job fair is working and how many people have secured interviews at this town halls and job fairs? martin bashir is up next. in hery can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because it can relieve pain all day
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