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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 29, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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undercover people and they would say, some of your detonators were sent to iraq and used to kill three soldiers. when he was told that, he said, good that's exactly what i wanted. they say he definitely wanted to kill americans, but they also say that he didn't have the means to do it. >> pete, let's go ahead and switch topics and talk about the health care law. the department of justice has appealed the recent ruling on health care reform, they've appealed it to the supreme court. what happens now? >> well, what happens now, we have to wait and see if the court will take the case. all of the stars would seem to be aligned in that direction because all of the parties involved in these lawsuits, two cases here, one from an appeals court in atlanta, other from the midwest. they went two different directions, the southern one said the law is unconstitutional and the one from the midwest said no it is constitutional. but all of the parties in those cases have said please supreme court, hear the health care case. the next step is for the court to decide whether to do that. you have all of the parties saying they want the court to
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take it. you have normally something that would get the court's attention. federal appeals court overturning an act of congress and a split among the circuit courts. i would be astonished and i think everybody else would be too if the supreme court did not take this case. the earliest it could be argued is this coming february. and that would mean a decision by the end of june in the middle of the presidential campaign. pete williams, thanks. >> security guard alberto alvarez on the stand right now in the michael jackson death trial. alvarez was jackson's director of logistics, he was the one who placed the 911 call. he also testified in a previous hearing that dr. conrad murray ordered him to remove drugs from jackson's bedroom before calling an ambulance. nbc's kristen dahlgren is live outside the courthouse. what has alvarez said so far this morning? >> so far they've talked about what exactly he did for michael
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jackson in security. also, how often he saw dr. conrad murray at the house, he said five to six nights a week. now they are talking about that final rehearsal. he was with michael jackson that night at the staples center saying he appeared to be doing well, in good spirits and looking pretty good that night. of course expected to get more dramatic as we go through the day because he was the first person other than dr. murray and michael jackson in michael jackson's bedroom on that fateful day that he died. he's expected to talk like he did in the preliminary hearing about how dr. murray ordered him to get rid of propofol bottles and what looked like an i.v. bag before he was ordered to call 911. we're expecting to hear from michael jackson's personal chef today. she has said in preliminary hearings that dr. murray yelled down to her the kitchen that he needed help, that something was going on with michael jackson but she said she wasn't told to call 911. time permitting we'll also hear
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from two paramedics on the scene who have said in preliminary hearings that when they got there it appeared to them like michael jackson had been dead already for 20 minutes but dr. murray said he just lost consciousness and they asked dr. murray if michael jackson was taking anything and he told them no, craig. >> one of the things yesterday that was particularly striking to me, at least, was when we heard a description of the kids watching their father die after the overdose out there. how emotional was that inside the courtroom? >> reporter: well, we all remember seeing the children at michael jackson's memorial service and they were there on the day he died so yesterday faheem mohamed talked about what he saw when he got to the bedroom. he said it appeared to him like conrad murray was nervous, performing cpr and also talked about what he saw from the
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children. take a listen. >> paris was on the ground balled up crying and prince was just standing there and he was just -- he just had a real shock -- just slowly crying type of look on his face. >> reporter: michael's son prince is on the witness list. it's still unclear whether or not he will testify. the children have not been here although the rest of michael's famous family has been here. they will be here every day through the trial expected to take five weeks. >> kristen dahlgren stationed outside the courthouse, thank you. legal analyst, former sex crimes prosecutor and criminal defense attorney joining me now here on the set. how big of an impact would that be? would that have if we heard from one of michael jackson's children during the course of a trial? >> it's powerful indeed but it would be really coruel to call them. it's a dangerous thing because
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people may hold that against the lawyer who calls them, despite the emotional content of the testimony. >> as we just heard jackson's personal chef, two paramedics due to take the stand today. where's the prosecution going to go with these witnesses? >> the prosecution is doing this in a very smart fashion, craig. they are doing this as i say inch by inch, row by row. they just go moment to moment. and we know what sets up the death and eventually the aftermath of that death. >> there's testimony going on right now from mr. alvarez, talking about what happened the night of michael jackson's death. let's listen in for just a bit. >> now after the debriefing in the trailer, what did you do, sir? >> after the debriefing, we all headed out, those that were
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relieved would head out and house security would stay. we just headed home. >> and did you head home at that time? >> that's correct, sir. >> and were you scheduled to work the next day, june 25th, 2009? >> yes, sir, i was. >> and did you report back to carolwood the next day, june 25th, 2009? >> that is correct. >> what time did you get there? >> i got there after 10:00, sir, somewhere around 10:15, 10:20. >> in the morning? >> in the morning, sir. >> mr. alvarez, what did you do when you arrived 10:15 in the morning? >> same routine. we would check into the security trailer, see if there was any instructions at that time and if there wasn't anything to be done, we would sit around in the trailer waiting for any specific instructions. >> okay.
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>> mr. alvarez, prior to today's date, did you have an opportunity to review your telephone records? >> yes, i have. >> and did you also have an opportunity to review a summary of your telephone records as to the relevant time period? >> yes, sir, i have. >> i have a summary of the phone records of alberto alvarez, his number being area code 909-273-4846. may this be marked people's 26? >> it is. >> it's previously been shown to defense counsel, your honor. >> all right, there's alberto alvarez, his official title is director of logistics, he's there on stand presumely in the
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next few minutes he's going to talk specifically about what happened the night of michael jackson's death. we want to bring ricky back in here. let's talk about what we heard yesterday as well. one of things i found particularly striking, we were talking about this, moments ago, dr. conrad murray a cardiologist, board certified based in houston. all of a sudden michael jackson goes into -- i don't want to speculate over what he went into -- >> he died. >> before that though, before he dies, here's dr. murray trying to administer cpr. yesterday it sounded like this doctor didn't know a whole lot about how to do cpr. >> it's as stoundsing, craig. if you had any doctor, an emt, police officer, a firefighters, they know how to do cpr. this is a cardiologist. for heaven's sake he didn't know enough to put him on a hard surface. he started to do cpr with one hand and asking for help in how
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to do cpr. that's an astounding fact. >> also the demerol yesterday, we had all heard there was demerol that michael jackson used but it sounded like demerol was common place. >> the thing with the demerol is of course the defense says look, it's not ultimately that it was this dose of propofol that they say of course that michael jackson took but this addiction that he had to demerol that was prescribed by dr. arnold klein, whom he used to see on a regular basis, emerge from klein's office with slurred speech. >> we'll monitor the trial throughout the course of the hour. we appreciate you as always. to alabama now, that state now has the distinction of having the strictest immigration laws in in country. a federal judge upheld two key aspects yesterday, authorities can question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally and also can check the
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immigration status of students and public schools. wednesday the govern alabama defended the state's stance on illegal immigration. >> it would not have been necessary to address this problem if the federal government would have done its job and enforced the laws dealing with this problem. however, they have failed to do that. >> helene, how do you respond to what the governor said, if the feds had done their job then alabama would not have been forced to enact such stringent rules and laws now? >> we absolutely agree with that statement because what waive been asking for for a number of years now is for federal action on immigration, which is where the jurisdiction actually lies, states are expanding beyond what they should be doing bypassing these kinds of immigration laws like arizona did before and now alabama did. >> there are a number of states
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where there are laws pending, south carolina comes to mind, georgia as well. specifically, what are your qualms with this particular law in alabama? >> well, this -- the alabama law goes way beyond what arizona did, which went way beyond what was done before that, which is basically it deputyizes officers and that basically subjects anybody to racial profiling and discrimination based upon the way they look or if they are perceived as foreign. very problematically asks for teachers to check the immigration status of students. really undermining the ability of schools to focus on what they are their mandate is and also leading to deterrent to enrollment for many parents. >> what do laws like this say about the climate in this country when it comes to not
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immigration but specifically illegal immigration? >> the climate in the country has been very difficult with regards to finding common ground on immigration. that's why we've had such a federal stalemate on the issue. basically it's left the states in a position where they have to grapple with the situation. unfortunately what we've seen, these laws in many states have led to many more problems and they have led to solutions. in other words, states are facing terrible negative consequences by passing these types of laws, like arizona did and other states as well. >> elena, thanks so much. we appreciate you. >> thank you very much. coming up, new details about governor chris christie's potential plans. there's a new report that he may be close to making a really firm decision this time on the 2012 bid. it's being called the
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the campaign to draft chris christie still going strong. a report that the new jersey governor could decide as early as monday but our next guest says christie's record may not live up to its billing for his fans. bureau chief michael crowley wrote about this. let's start with timing here.
9:17 am
when it comes to declaring, how long can you wait before you you have waited too long? >> it's getting close. the legal deadlines are still a few weeks out. i heard people say halloween is the drop dead for these candidates. but as far as building a staff and getting people on the ground in the key states and raising money, it's really pretty late in the game already. >> let's start with christie's rock star billing, one of the reasons of his appeal, chris christie is just as much an anecdote to barack obama as george bush was to barack obama. >> that's right, i think it might be overstated. christie is very talented, terrific when he's taking questions and doing the jersey tough guy thing. he's a lot of fun to watch but he has got a lot of holes in his conservative record from the perspective of conservative activists looking for a savior, as anecdote to barack obama in
9:18 am
the general election but conservatives -- >> holes in the resume like what? >> we've seen in the debate this year and past several months that republicans are very skeptical of the science that says ma manmade climate change is happening in a serious way. kric christie has said, who am i to question the scientists. he said it was a lie to describe him as a friend of the nra. that's really an essential thing for a lot of republicans. very telling episode when he pointed a muslim judge to state court. there were people complaining about this, a big issue for some conserve tichs is the idea that sharia law may be expanding in america. christie said it's the crazies who are saying that, i don't think sharia law is a big problem in america. but a lot of activists think that radical islam poses a real
9:19 am
threat in america. it's tough for them. >> what about his position on same-sex marriage as well, his position on homosexuality? >> he has said he does not like the law new york passed. he thinks marriage should be between and man and woman. he's also pro-life, not socially liberal as rudy giuliani. they felt giuliani was an electable candidate. look what happened in the primaries, it was a total disaster. it's possible that may happen again in christie runs. >> do you think some of the conservatives pushing him have projected their ideas about what their perfect candidate would look like on to chris christie? >> i think so. i think again they are taken. he is very talented, has this
9:20 am
authentici authenticity. he seems very authentic when he speak and had good accomplishment from a conservative perspective, but the guy is a really solid politician, i'm saying what problem is he trying to solve? if it's conservatives dissatisfied and think rick perry does not have a rock solid record, i don't think christie is the guy. >> what about those who said chris christie doesn't look presidential either? >> as far as if you're asking about his weight, that's an interesting question. the only thing i would say, the latest census bureau statistics show one third of americans, 30% right now are obese. i think it may have changed as america is growing larger, maybe our candidates will as well. i think that is an x factor. >> michael, thank you, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. amanda knox, days away from learning if an appeals court will overturn her murder conviction. her attorney told the court that knox has been crucified in the
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the husband of a missing utah woman has lost custody of the two young children, at least for now. a judge in washington state ordered the two boys stay temporarily with susan powell's parents. susan powell vanished in december of 2009. her husband, josh, is a person of interest but has never been charged with the crime. the kids were living with their father until his dad, the older powell was arrested on child pornography and other charges. the tainted cantaloupe listeria epidemic is the deadliest outbreak in more than a decade. 16 have died and 72 more have become sick in 18 states. health officials say they are expecting more sickness and more deaths as well. cantaloupes in question appear
9:25 am
to be from colorado. here's something you don't see every day, a flash mob taking over the campus of ucla, all of those folks dancing to franky valley's can't take my eyes off of you. so a guy could propose to his girlfriend at the same spot where they first met. >> will you marry me? >> duh. [ applause ] >> duh. yes. the lucky guy's mother actually posted that proposal on facebook, saying it was an amazing weekend. >> congressman dennis kucinich will join me live, talking about that, president obama facing a tough road to the white house and ohio could play a key role. also, shark strike, a swimmer attacked off the coast of south africa. but this time the warning signs were there but he chose to jump
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what's your policy? welcome back, i'm craig m l melvin, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits is down sharply for the first time since the beginning of august. we want to head back to the michael jackson trial in los angeles. this is day three, this is alberto alvarez on the stand talking about when he found michael jackson in the room there in his bedroom. let's listen in. >> as reflected in people's 22, was he on a particular side of the bed? >> he was. he was further to the furthest part of the bed. >> so as you look at the bed in people's 22, he was on this far side of the bed? >> correct. >> okay. was he laying as one normally would with his head in the pillow, headboard area and feet
9:30 am
at the feet of the bed? >> that is correct. >> describe for us what you personally observed during this time in the bedroom of michael jackson's condition? >> i remember seeing him and he was laying on his back. his head was -- >> i'm sorry could we get the lights, your honor? >> thank you. he was laying on the bed which you describe as the far side of the bed. >> correct. he was laying on his back. with his hands extended out -- >> you've indicated extended out to his side with the palms up? >> yes, sir. and i observed that his eyes were slightly open and his mouth was open. >> okay.
9:31 am
>> and was he looking straight up at the ceiling? was he looking in one particular direction? >> his face was slightly towards the left. >> okay, you say the left, that would be toward the foyer area essentially? >> correct. >> now, as you came in and saw conrad murray giving compressions or what you described as compressions, was he using one hand or two hands? >> he was using one hand, sir. >> can you describe for the jury exactly what you saw with that one hand on the bed? >> he had his hand with his palm open and he was giving chest compressions in this manner. >> and you've indicated his -- you used your left hand. is it your recollection it was conrad murray's left hand? >> yes, sir. >> so you've indicated for the record he -- while michael was on the bed conrad murray used
9:32 am
his left hand and pushed down on his chest. >> correct. >> at some point in time, did conrad murray indicate that he needed to get him to a hospital or words to that effect? >> yes, sir. >> when was that? >> when i came into the room, he said, alberto, hurry, we have to take him, get him to a hospital. we have to get an ambulance. >> and after he said that, did paris and prince enter the room? >> yes, when he said that, i was walking towards the bed and i was reaching for my phone in my pocket and as i was doing that, prince and paris came behind me. >> okay. and did they actually enter the
9:33 am
room as reflected in people's 22 or were they still in the foyer area or where we they exactly. >> what i recall is i was closer -- coming into that specific area and they were right behind me. and paris screamed out, daddy. >> when you heard paris scream out daddy, was she crying? >> yes, sir. >> and was michael laying on the bed palm's up looking slightly to the left at that time? >> yes, he was. >> would he have been actually looking slightly toward paris's location? >> yes, sir. >> did you at that time escort the children out or indicate to them to go out of the room?
9:34 am
>> yes, sir. dr. conrad murray said, hurry, don't let them see their dad like this. don't let them see their dad like this. and i proceeded to turn around to the children and kind of ushered them out and said, kids, don't worry, we'll take care of it. everything is going to be okay. and so i walked them out towards the landing area, towards the front door of the suite. >> and at that point did you ask conrad murray what had happened? >> yes, sir. when i returned back to the situation, i was approaching the room or the bed and i asked dr. conrad murray, what happened? and he said he had a reaction, he had a bad reaction. and i was standing at that time at the foot of the bed.
9:35 am
>> at some point during this episode, is it fair to say this was all happening very quickly? >> yes, sir. >> at some point during this time period in the room, did you notice something that struck you as unusual regarding a medical device on michael jackson's penis? >> yes, i appeared to see what appeared to be a plastic bag or some sort of medical device like that and it was on his penis. >> okay. >> and this plastic device on his penis was tubing attached to that? >> yes, sir. >> did that tubing go to a urine receptacle or urine bag? >> there was a bag on it, yes.
9:36 am
>> do you know what a condom catheter is? xbl i do now sir. >> you do now? a medical device used so someone can urine ate in the bag without moving from the location? >> yes, sir. >> did you know what a condom catheter was at at a thythat ti this. >> no, sir. >> eventually you called 911 per conrad murray's instructions, correct? >> correct. >> at any time prior to calling 911 or after calling 911, did you observe any heart monitor or any type of equipment monitoring equipment in that room? >> no, sir. >> did you ever see -- do you know what a blood pressure cuff is? >> no, sir. >> did you see anything attached to michael's arm, like a black band that would be used to monitor someone's blood
9:37 am
pressure? >> no, sir, i did not. >> you didn't see any type of heart monitor or any equipment anywhere? >> no, sir. >> double negative. >> is it true you did not see any type of heart monitor? >> that's correct. >> no equipment with lights on it or any type of ventilation equipment? >> no, sir, the only -- no, sir. >> you started to say the only -- zpl the only thing i do recall seeing was oxygen, tubing attached to mr. jackson. >> and when you said that, you said attached to mr. jackson, you put your fingers to your nose? >> correct. >> there was some type of tubing was that a clear plastic tubing? >> correct. connected to michael jackson's nose? >> indicating the nasal area? >> that's correct. >> thank you, adjouyour honor. >> did you see an i.v. stand? >> i sure did. >> where was that when you first saw it if you remember?
9:38 am
>> can i use the pointer? >> please. >> it was in this general area, right on the far side of the bed. >> you've indicated the far side of the bed in the general area between the bed and the chairs and night stand, is that accurate? >> that is accurate. >> showing you people's 23 for identification, does is this people's 23 reflect the general area where you saw the iv stand? >> yes, sir. >> okay. and where was it as reflected in people's 23? >> it was in this direction, right around here. >> in the lower portion of people's 23 near the chair? >> correct. >> do you see to the side of that what appears to be an oxygen tank?
9:39 am
>> correct. >> did you see that at that time? >> no, sir, all i saw was the tubing connecting. >> you're not saying it wasn't there, you just don't recall seeing it? >> i don't recall seeing it. >> and do you know what an ambu bag is? >> no, sir. >> do you see this device on the floor of people's 23? >> yes, sir. >> did you see that at that time or did you notice it at that time? >> i recall seeing it while -- after everything was happening, i do recall seeing the bag. >> was that later on? >> i'm not quite sure but i could remember seeing that, the bag. >> now, these observations
9:40 am
you've described as far as what was in the room and the condom court and ju catheter on michael january jack sob son, these are taking place simultaneously? >> yes, going back to physically what happened. you indicated the children to leave the room, is that accurate? >> yes, sir. >> conrad murray then as you are coming back tells you michael had a bad reaction? >> yes, sir. >> did he then instruct you to take some viales or do something with some vials. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and reached out to me and said, here, put these in a bag. >> where was conrad murray when he did that? >> he was kneeling down here in this area here. >> okay. and you've indicated the area to
9:41 am
the side of what we've described as the far side of the bed in front of the night stand. you said he was kneeling down? >> correct, with one knee with his i believe his left knee then he had his other leg like kind of -- >> he had his other leg -- >> well, he didn't have his neon the floor. >> neither knee was on the floor? >> the left knee was. >> and the other knee was not? >> correct. >> from where did he pick up the vials? >> he picked them up from this night stand here. >> and just to be clear, people's 23, there's this -- there's a wood night stand directly adjacent to the bed, correct? >> correct. >> there's some other type of table to the left side of that nightstand, correct? >> correct. >> so the location from which
9:42 am
conrad murray grabbed the vials was the wood nightstand directly next to the bed? >> yes, sir. >> and did you -- when he -- i'm sorry, what were the exact words he said when he had these vials in his hand and reaching them out to you. >> he said put these in a bag. >> did you grab a bag? >> i did. i looked to my right and there was a plastic bag on top of a chair. i proceeded to get the bag and i opened it and he placed the vials in the bag. >> you held it open and he dropped them in there? >> yes,sir, he reached into the bag and dropped the vials. >> did you then pupt the bag somewhere? >> yes, he proceeded to instruct me, he said, now place that bag in a brown bag. there was a brown bag that was on the side of the chair, on the
9:43 am
floor. >> okay. >> did you then ask you or tell you to grab another item? >> yes, he did. >> what did he tell you? >> he pointed towards the i.v. stand. >> i.v. stand, again, was in this general area right there in people's 23 near this chair? >> correct. >> what did he tell you to do? >> he pointed to a bag and said, now grab that bag and put that in the blue bag. >> and when you say he pointed to a bag, where was this bag and what did it look like? >> it was on the i.v. stand. and if i'm looking towards -- if i'm looking at the i.v. stand, the bag was on the right side of the i.v. stand. >> was it hanging from the i.v. stand? >> yes, sir, it was. >> did you take it off the i.v. stand? >> i did. >> what did you do with it? >> when i took it off, like i said, he instructed me to put it in a blue bag. so i grabbed the bag and i went
9:44 am
and ip put in the blue bag, sir. >> was that all in this general area you've identified in people's 23 to the side of the bed? >> yes, sir, the chair was more close -- further down to the foot area of the bed. >> looking at people's 22, you see the bed, correct? >> correct. >> the wood nightstand to the side of the bed? >> yes, sir. >> the other table you identified and the white chair? >> yes. >> the oxygen tank? >> okay. >> right? >> yes. >> you indicated the i.v. stand was in this general area near the white chair, is that accurate? >> correct. >> you said there was another chair more towards the foot of the bed, is that what appears in
9:45 am
this picture to be this reddish chair? >> i believe it was this chair, sir, this one looks more familiar to be there. >> is that where it was located? >> no, it was closer to the bed sir, it was right around this area, sir. >> show me again where it was when you retrieved the bag from it? >> well, the chair was in this general area here, sir, like right in front of where the red chair is at. >> i'm sorry. in front of the red chair, would it be on the wood floor or on the rug? >> i don't recall. >> it was in this general area at the foot of the bed, generally in front of this red chair? >> correct. >> i think we need to identify the particular chair at issue which is in a different location. this is a smaller wooden chair that's in the far left-hand portion of the photograph? >> that is correct, sir. >> and in the photograph, people's 22 as you look at people's 22, it would be this chair directly to the left of the television monitor on this
9:46 am
table, is that accurate? >> correct. >> and were you able to take a step or so and reach over and grab that bag? >> i'm sorry. what do you mean? >> you said you grabbed the bag from the wood chair, right? >> no, no -- oh, yes, sir, the grab where i bagged where he placed the vials, the bag was to my right. it was on the far -- on this side over here, down here, the wooden chair or the chair was on this side here. >> okay. let me zoom out. so the wooden chair, you indicated it was in kind of at the foot of the bed in front of the red chair that we've identified and on this photograph where was it? >> if i may clarify, i think i'm a little confused. we're talking about when he
9:47 am
placed -- when i grabbed the bag and he placed the vials? >> yes. >> that chair was on this side down here. okay. that's when i turned to my right and saw the chair and the plastic bag was sitting on top of that. >> so okay now i'm confused. you were on the far side of the bed over here? >> correct. >> just a minute, you need to i point from looking at the foyer, if the vantage point is from looking into the room from the foyer, you've identified the far side of the bed as being near this wooden nightstand, is that accurate? >> yes, sir. >> go ahead. >> yes, sir. i was in this general area when i was standing and he was giving me the instructions, sir. >> so for the record, you were
9:48 am
at the foot of the bed as conrad murray is telling you to take the vials and take off the bag from the i.v. stand? >> correct, yes. >> at that point in time when you're standing at the foot of the bed, are you as you stand in front of the bed and are looking at the head board? >> correct. >> are you more to the left side of the bed or more to the right side of the bed or in the middle? >> i was closer to the left side of the bed, sir. >> so in the diagram, people's 22, you would be closer from a vantage point of the foyer, closer to the far side of the bed? >> correct. >> you have been watching and listening to the michael jackson death trial in los angeles. we're going to take a quick break. before we do that, ricky, are you still with me, right? >> i am, indeed. >> let's talk quickly about what we just heard. this sounds like at least right now this is the prosecution's strongest witness to this point.
9:49 am
>> it's really powerful, what you have is dr. murray calling in the security fellow and he says to alvarez, basically, help me clean up this crime scene. he asks him to take the vials of medicine and throw them in a bag and take the i.v. material and throw it in a different bag. this is really great stuff for the prosecution. and terrible for the defense. >> we also heard his description of michael jackson's daughter. when she walked in and saw her father there, palms up, mouth open. >> palms up, mouth open and looking toward her because that's the way his head is placed. and she is screaming daddy and crying. and the one good thing dr. conrad murray says is he says basically get the kids out of the room. then the security guard alvarez says don't worry, kids, everything is going to be fine and moves them out of the room. this has to be a memory for
9:50 am
these children unfortunately they will never be able to for get. >> real quickly, why do we think the prosecution spent so much time having mr. alvarez describe in great detail some of the medical devices we saw in that bedroom as well? >> well, the prosecution is trying to show a gross deviation from the standard of care, truly reckless conduct when it comes to a doctor. what's miss rg the devices that should have been there, a blood pressure cuff, oxygen monitor. what we do have there are all of the things that possibly led to the death of michael jackson. this is the crime scene. this is exactly what the prosecution needs to show that this doctor went beyond the pail in order to prove the case of involuntary manslaughter. >> folks at home stand by. we're going to take a quick break and come back and listen to more of the trial. works to restore enamel, help prevent cavities,
9:51 am
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michael jackson's director of logistics is on the stand. ricki, how would you characterize the prosecution's case? >> huge day for the prosecution, banner day. they got to show the depth of michael jackson and show a doctor who is not caring for michael jackson. this dr. conrad murray as a defendant instead of dealing with his patient and trying to revive him in a way that would save his life if it could be saved. he's more worry it appears about hiding the evidence. take the vials and i.v. bag and get it out of the way. consciousness of guilt. >> that picture is the i. virks stand that alvarez mentioned seeing inside the jackson bedroom moments before his daughter walked in. we'll have more from alvarez
9:55 am
today and expected to hear from michael jackson's personal chef in addition to the paramedics who responded as well. we'll continue to monitor the trial should there become any major developments, we'll of course bring those along to you. i'll be back here tomorrow at noon eastern, andrea mitchell will pick things up from here with andrea mitchell reports. see you back here tomorrow. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic.
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9:59 am
and that's what we're seeing, a fed that is getting involved in things that does not need to be involved with. printing more money doesn't do anything at this particular juncture but to make the dollars in our pocket worth less money. >> paper, pencils and proof the citizenship? alabama begins enforcing one of the toughest new immigration laws in the nation. all public school children will be subject to immigration checks. president obama is trying to rally in supporters but according to a new poll, only 45% are enthusiastic about voting for his re-election. on the republican side, 58% say that their fired up, that's the widest disparty between the two parties since 2007. editor in large with "time" magazine and john


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