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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  October 17, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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silence the crics who say the movement is a passing fad. organizers say protesters in 28 countries rallied this weekend for a global day of action. and while places like rome are cleaning up after massive protests, occupiers in london are digging in. they're now firmly entrenched outside st. paul's cathedral. meantime, in the u.s., new groups are springing up. while some more established ones are having growing pains. for example, chicago, police arrested 175 people and tore down tents when protesters there refused to leave grant park. in orange county, california, police blocked demonstrators from setting up camp outside city hall in irving. and here in new york where the movement just turned one month old, organizers say they've now raised more than $300,000 to keep the momentum going. nbc is in new york and michelle franzen is in london. let's start with you, mar a, i
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understand the demonstrators have shown they won't be ehave itted from the park and they're going to march on times square. what's next? >> reporter: absolutely. in terms of planning, they want to keep this momentum going. as you mentioned, today marks the one-month on verseanniversa. they released a statement saying while they are gratified they are not celebrating because there is still so much work to do. one thing that is clear though is their support continues to grow like you mentioned, financial donations pour in. also donated supplies. multiple times a day dozens of shipments come here up to hundreds of boxes a day, donations of everything from sleeping bags to pizza coming from all over the world. there are also working off momentum from this weekend. they had large weekend of protests all over the country. here in new york and times square, thousands came out. it was part of a gloelk day of protests which saw demonstrators gather all over the world,
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including in london which is where michelle franzen joins us now. >> reporter: mara, several hundred people are occupying space outside of st. paul's cathedral called occupy london. they share many of the same platforms as occupy wall street and it's still in the organizing phase. day three here. they're just getting going. they're holding meetings similar to the general assembly meetings of wall street and they've intended to march to the -- through the gateway heading to the london stock exchange. over the weekend, london police had wanted to put barricades up. but the head of st. paul's cathedral said it's okay for them to occupy this space for now. they say they will stay here for as long as they need. again, many of the same platforms, including at what they see as corporate greed. there's high unemployment here in britain. the highest, chris, since about 1994. >> wow, mara and michelle there
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in london, thanks to both of you. as the occupy movement spreads globally, the political pressure is mounting here at home. lots of new reaction from the washington elite over the weekend. president obama said this at the dead asian of the martin luther king memorial. >> if he were alive today, i believe he would remind us that the unemployed worker can rightly challenge the excesses of wall street without demonizing all who work there. >> as we have elected leaders in this town who frankly are joining in an effort to blame others rather than focusing on the policies that have brought about the current situation. >> join meg now "the washington post" and msnbc's ezra cline. just what washington needed, one more reason to snipe at each other. now that occupy has gone global, do you think it's harder for washington to ignore? >> i don't think the global part is going to be very, very tough for them to ignore. i guess the real key here is that there are a lot of folks in washington who don't want to occupy wall street.
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certainly easier for eric cantor to ignore if president obama wasn't making mentions of it in his speeches. occupy wall street, which is not a democratic party and i think a lot of the organizers have a real distaste for democrats, but for the democrats it is something of a godsend because it's putting a type of democratic friendly populous back in the frount of the news. and you hear now and you saw with david over the weekend, we're going to adopt the message for our 2012 re-election campaign. >> i do find it fascinating in their own way both sides are spinning to their advantage. david axelrod saying republicans, you get them into office, they will roll back all of the reforms in wall street that we put into place. republicans responding saying it's obama's failed policies that got us here in the first place. is either side likely to win the argument or are they preaching to the already converted? >> we'll see in 2012. but i do think it's an interesting argument from
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axelrod. it struck me last week when "the washington post" and bloomberg had their debate. there's a great moment where michele bachmann said i authored the bill to repeal frank. he said, she did but take out the capital gains tax. ron paul upped them all and said he we shouldn't just repeal don frank but sarbanes-oxley. taxes on the rich, rolling that back, and taking hold in the republican primary that's going to offer a pretty easy target for axelrod and the democrats in 2012. and again, i think sort of piggybacking on the occupy wall street gives that argument, that message an authentic grass roots side that it wouldn't have that was just coming from the white house. >> i think it's not just the politicians who are talking about it. it'ses forring the wall street titans to come in and issue statements. they're doing that on both sides, although mostly pro-wall street. what are the chances any of this is going to force them to change policies that, in fact, have widened the gap between the rich and the poor? >> they changed policies based
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on the rolls in washington and dictates of the market. i wouldn't look for a lot of personal behavior to change it. i don't think it's strong enough on wall street to do it one way or the other even if folks wanted to. as you say, people have an interesting take on this. i interviewed mohammed last week, co-director of pem co, largest bond fund in the world, over a trillion dollars of assets under management. he said he agrees with occupy wall street. it's gotten too lawless. it forgot its support in supporting the wider economy. a lot of folks participating and profited handsomely from the financialization of the american economy who were quite unsettled about it, quite uncomfortable with it. there's more disagreement and mumt tuesdays of opinions up there that sometimes is given credit for. >> ezra kline, always good to see you. herman cain has said some pretty controversial things about muslims and occupy wall street demonstrators. was he really just being funny when he said he wanted to
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electrify a border fence? that's ahead in "politics now." republicans may not have a candidate yet for president, but whoever it is, there does seem to be a sense of optimism that they might be able to pull off a win. despite the tea party threatening to go rogue, a slate of candidates who frankly, everybody by republican standar standards, are less than perfect. joining me now is chief political correspondent for the "new york times" magazine who wrote the cover story in the "new york times" magazine "does anyone have a grip on the gop"? matt, good morning. >> good morning, chris. how are you? 12k3w4ri >> i'm good. despite the low approval ratings of the president, he's raising big bucks. do republicans really believe that whoever their candidate is, they really have a good shot at the white house? >> yeah, i think you would have to believe that. if we're talking about what we call the establishment inside a republicans in washington. they're feeling pretty good. if you're looking at the economic data currently there's no precedent for a president winning re-election at least going back to the 1930s with
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this kind of economic data on the books. so i think they're feeling like not only can they win but maybe they don't need, as you said, the perfect presidential candidate. main they just need somebody who clears a sertd threshold. i think you've seen because of that in the last several weeks here in washington as sort of end mass rallying behind mitt romney who has become now i think much more the establishment candidate that people were saying he was several months ago. i think now it's true in terms of money, in terms of support, institution, i think the long-time republicans activist republicans inside the party have decided that he is the guy and the best hope to get them through next november. >> you wrote in that article which was terrific, by the way -- thank you. >> -- the republicans were looking for a channeler in the vein of a bill clinton or ronald reagan. explain what you will by that. >> thank you for reading, chris. i know it takes a good chunk of time. >> "new york times" magazine arms do go on and on but they're great. >> quoyou've got to get through.
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i appreciate that. what i mean by a channeler, this is why there was so much interest in the mitch dan else or a jeb bush or the people we talked about who didn't get in the race, chris christie, is somebody who can take that support for the tea party movement, speak of the activist base of the party. but do so in a way that makes their cause for change sound like a kind of high-minded reform. something that can appeal to independent voters, rather than a fringy right wing audit the fed kind of thing. and you know, so you have people like a michele bachmann or sarah palin who is obviously not in the race, maybe herman cain who will try and seize on the energy in that tea party movement to create an insurgent voice. but what the party really hoped for in a nominee, and i don't think is actually going to get, is somebody who could appeal to those voters, give voice to that anger and resentment, but do so in a way that felt mainstream and uplifting in a way that ronald reagan was able to do and bill clinton was able to do for
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democrats in his moment. >> just for the record, i've never quite completed the sunday "new york times" cross word puzzle but hopes springs eternal. >> give me a call. the first thing i do. i can help you out. >> i know. you're calling that number and you're getting the hard ones. you're paying whatever. >> i just ask my wife. she's got the answers. >> there you go. matt bai, always good to see you. thank you. >> you, too. there is controversy this morning over horrible death indy car champ dan wheldon. they're calling the pile-up that killed him one of the worse they have ever seen. nbc george lewis has the story. >> reporter: just minutes in the race of the 12th lap with the cars hitting speeds of 230 miles an hour the tires on two of the cars touched sending them out of control. >> oh, here we go. >> trouble. >> huge crash. >> go low! >> up in turn number two. >> oh, multiple cars involved. oh, my, looks like dan wheldon
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may be involved. >> reporter: he started in the back of the pack, part of a challenge to win $5 million if he got to the front and moved. >> he moved up ten spots. you're on board with him. >> reporter: he was jockeying for position when one of the out of control cars struck him, sending his car flying through the air, tumbling end over end and into the wall of the raceway, where it burst into flames. one of several race cars to catch fire in the 15-car pile-up. medics quickly airlifted whedlon to a trauma center but doctors there were unable to save his life. >> indy car is sad to announce that dan wheldon passed away from unsurvivable injury. our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. >> reporter: three other drivers were injured. wheldon's friends and racing colleagues reacted to the news of his death in shock. >> he's a friend of all of ours. he will be missed. i just feel for his family.
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what do you get when you mix lady gaga and bill clinton? just watch. >> i just thought we all would get caught up in a little bill romance. ♪ caught in a bill romance >> that was gag a's tribute to president clinton's foundation and his 65th birthday. the concert, the decade of difference, was live streamed at
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yahoo! doom and clinton later admitted he thought he was going to have a heart attack. tonight donald trump will join michele bachmann in a tele-town hall. and the, quote, challenges and opportunities lying ahead. the donald had no idea it was even tonight. >> i said, i guess i could. i didn't even know i was doing it until you just told me. i just watched the show and found out i'm doing tonight. that's okay. >> here's a song that's become a tea party anthem. ♪ i am america ♪ one voice united we stand >> herman cain praised it saying he's got goose bumps listening to it before he spoke at a rally on saturday. finally, cain's insisting comments he made about an electric fence on the border was a joke. >> you said it in an event in tennessee you would build an electrified fence on the border that would kill people if they tried to cross illegal.
7:17 am
>> that was a joke, david. that's a joke. >> that's not a serious plan. >> that's not a serious plan. no, it's not. that's a joke. i've also said america needs to get a sense of humor. that's a joke. >> let's bring in our company, msnbc contributor and managinged or joanne reid and republican strategist and formerer newt gingrich adviser. should america get a sense of humor or can cain just say joking after anything that gets a negative response? >> yes. >> he did look like he was joking, really. >> we should have a sense of humor and at least at this point i will take him at his word for it. lines can be taken out of context. but, you know, you need to be careful, even when you're making a joke, about what you're saying. >> even at that, let's say it was a joke. he did seem to know what the rate of return was in one interview. he said, i don't know what i would do about iran, i would have to consult my advisers. what does that mean for her mma
7:18 am
ca cain. >> i mean, yeah, there was a certain lack of seriousness. he also doesn't know what neoconservatism is. first of all, if that was a joke, the requirement for a yoke is that it at least be funny. that's not funny. he was talking about an electrified fence that will kill you. that's not funny for people who are looking at the illegal immigration issue. the problem in his "meet the press" interview is that an issue after issue herman cain dint seem to is a depth of understanding. he didn't know what was going to raise taxes for some people. he said, there's other benefits that will make it okay. on iraq, he said he would ask his advisers. >> i have to push back on that. look, i mean, when he's talking about his advisers he was simply saying, look, he doesn't have the breadth of knowledge or of information the president of the united states has who is making the policy. how can he make a call? he's got to rely on people who are going to pr vid him
7:19 am
information. that was perfectly fair. look, he was going through his 999 plan. lots of elements going through it, vetting. and i thought he was clearly had depth in terms of that particular exchange with david gregory. i would have to push back. i thought he was showing quite well. >> we have said that he was done well in the polls but we should mention that in that other poll that really matters a lot he's raised less than $3 million. when you look harder at the numbers, wall street is doubling down on mitt romney, according to analysis in both t"the new york times" and the "wall street journal." romney is pulling in a lot of money from the big banks, millions. three times more than wall street gave to rick perry. six times more than what they gave to president obama. does that mean bet on romney or trouble on him with the larger electora electorate? >> i think the message is poor because wall street is extremely unpopular. romney is a wall street guy, he may not want to be associated with wall street but wall street has made a decision they are not happy with barack obama, they want the person who they think
7:20 am
will be most friendly to them. it's a plus and minus for romney that they think it's him. >> thanks to both of you. in football, the game was over before the unsportsmanlike conduct. it started with jubilant san francisco 49ers coach. aggressively shaking hands and slapping detroit lion's coach jim schwartz on the back after the game last night. take a look like this. apparently that was all too hard. schwartz didn't appreciate it. he exchanged some words with hard ball. running after him. eventually the players and others had to step in to separate them. you might guess the 49ers won, 25-19. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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15% or more on car insurance. the occupy wall street movement tapping into frustration over rising bank fees has designated november 5th
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as bank transfer day. they're telling people to ditch their bank on that day and move their money to a non-profit credit union. but of course that's a lot easier said than done, and the banks know it's a major hassle to switch. personal finance expert and cpa joins me. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> you know, it might surprise a lot of people, i know it did me trngsz banks have a 95% retention rate in many cases. what's going on? >> well, it's not really that much of a surprise if you think about it. what the banks want to do is provide you with a lot of online ancillary services to keep you tethered to your bank. the banks spend millions of dollars trying to figure out the threshold of pain that their customers and consumers can take. think of it this way, with your online bill pay, it's going to be a painstaking experience for me to move my account from bank of america to another bank. >> i did it recently. it took me about three months. i had to -- it was a nightmare. so what is the best way to move
7:25 am
your money from one bank to the other? >> at the end of the day you have to do it yourself. so, there's a few things to do to take what transition a little bit easier. consider small community banks or even credit unions. do some research. there are a lot of online resources you can use to find that information. the second thing i would say you should do is to make sure you -- to make sure you change your paycheck direct deposit so that you automatically -- everything will be done in order, correctly. another thing you could also consider is make sure you order your debit cards and checks in advance because the problem is, like you said it took three months. you want to make sure you do that in a time period so that you're not -- you're not subject to overdraft fees and other charges that your previous bank will have. one other important thing i also stress is that you link your old account with your new bank account. and you are starting to see that now with, say, bank of america
7:26 am
allows you transfer money from one bank account to the other. it would be easier for you to make the transition, rather than having to go to the branch, get a check, wait several days for it to clear. another lastly, another important thing is to keep a record of all your online bill pay information. you have it in a file anyways with your other important papers. >> that's something i did after the fact. learned my less san a little late. i wish i had talked to you beforehand. ebong, thank you so much. there is new revelation about that missing baby. baby lisa's mom admitting she was drunk on the night when her 10-month-old disappeared. president obama will be talking about jobs and the economy in just about 20 minutes. the crowd is gathering. [ male ] wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover? if there were buttons for this? wouldn't it be cool if your car could handle the kids... ♪ ...and the nurburgring? or what if you built a car in tennessee that could change the world?
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7:30 am
could be as much as five inches of rain here. ft. myers down towards the keys. also going to lift up into tampa. we may see tropical developments and that storm is going to figure into our forecast later in the week. for today, pretty quiet across a lot of the east. warmer than average. 85 in raleigh and atlanta. wet weather in the central plains. 89 in dallas. a lot of sunshine in the west. that storm in the middle of the country will make its way across into the midwest, northeast, and be one heck of a rain and wind maker late in the week. and look at the temperatures, only, chris, in the 40 s in the wake of that storm across the northeast. back to you. >> i'm so not ready for that. carl parker, thank you. here's a look at other stories people are talking about. the fbi is investigating the death of a newborn on board that carnival cruise ship. the cruise line says a crew member found the baby in the stateroom while the ship was in st. martin. authorities questioning the 20-year-old mother. they say they didn't know she was pregnant. parents of 10-month of old
7:31 am
lisa irving is talking once again after a week of silence. her mother made a big admission to our own peter alexander. >> were you think drinking that night? >> yes. >> how much? >> enough to be drunk. >> so you were drunk? >> uh-huh. >> a lot of people are going to say, deborah, you were drunk that night. is there any chance you did anything that hurt your daughter, that you're just not telling us? >> no, no, no. if i thought there was a chance i would say it. no. no. i don't think that alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that. >> deborah bradley says she believes she could be arrested for her daughter's disappearance because she was the last one with her. but she says she doesn't know where lisa is. a man is under arrest after setting huh off this massive fire at a massachusetts apartment building. police say the explosion left about a dozen people injured, including a young child who was dropped from a third floor window. investigators say the suspect who has been charge with arson and multiple counts of attempted murder escaped to a local hospital where he conversatiofe
7:32 am
starting the fire. energy provider con ed is telling them to pay their rent or get ready to be einvestigated. they own part of the site and claim the developers, $1.7 million in back rent. after they raised the rent from $3,000 a month to $48,000 a month retroactive to 2008. a court date has been set to resolve this dispute. a sick new hampshire woman who has been working in the south pole for a year has been successfully evacuated to new zealand. she works as a manager for a research station asked for emergency evacuation after experiencing vision and speech problems. some medical experts believe she may have had a stroke or could have a tumor. one of the cool new features of the i poen 4s is that you can ask it questions and, well, your won't believe some of the stuff people are asking. we'll show you in about five minutes. we are also expecting to see the president in north carolina
7:33 am
air any moment now. he's kicking off a major bus tour, pushing his jobs bill in two key states that could help decide the 2012 election. nbc's kristen welker is in ashevil asheville, north carolina. what are we going to hear today? >> reporter: hi there, chris. well, president obama will speak shortly here at the asheville airport. you can see the crowds have started to gather in anticipation of the president speaking. when he gets here he will make the case that this airport would benefit if the american jobs act were to be passed. he will make the case that this airport needs to be renovated and, if the american jobs act is passed, this is one of the projects that would get some attention. as you know, though, the jobs bill failed last week in the senate. so right now the president and democrats are focusing on breaking the bill up into pieces. first up, the president is going to make the case for $35 billion that would fund new jobs for teachers and first responders. so we're going to hear him talk a lot about that during this three-day bust tour. he's going to make six stops,
7:34 am
including to some schools, a ymca, as well as a fair station. but, chris, as you mentioned, what's interesting about this trip is that it untderscores th fact that north carolina and virginia are now a key part of the president's re-election strategy. he won these two states back in 2008. it had been decades since a democrat did that. they won them in part thanks to an influx of voters from the north, businesspeople, professionals, as well as minority voters. but a lot of those younger independents have soured on the president. since then, republicans know it. so these two states are right now very much in play. chris? >> kristen welker in asheville. thank you. we will be there with the president when he has his talk there, expected in about 15 or 20 minutes. call it an app-ology. plaq blackberry is giving $100 worth of free apps for the service
7:35 am
outage. mandy drury is here. >> good morning. it's better than nothing. that's for sure. rea rem is going to give away $100 for consumers about if you're an enterprise consumer you will have free help. especially what's going to happen here, chris, you will be able to download premium applications such as simms 3 or bejewelled and many others. they will be available for download until the end of the year. i guess everyone is saying that sounds good. how do i get it? the apps will be available at the blackberry world starting this wednesday. as to whether or not all of these problems are going to happen again? rem obviously says taking immediate and aggressive steps to prevent it from happening again but no details on what exactly those measures could be. >> and today the government announcing some changes in our cell phone bills. >> yeah. you know, they should be fewer surprises, hopefully, when you get that monthly cell phone bill. the government announcing changes today that if you are
7:36 am
about to go over your monthly voice, data, or text message limit you're going to get a friendly warning. a real-time alert. this is hopefully going to start next year. new industry standards. the cell phone companies agree to face international roaming charges. i've certainly done it many, many times. you pick up your phone. you're overseas and you can easily and unknowingly rack up very large roaming charges on your phones while you are traveling overseas. hopefully these new guidelines will stop that as well. >> cnbc's mandy drury. thank you. it has just been confirmed. more than 4 million units of the apple iphone 4s were sold in the first weekend in stores. here's a reason why. the wow factor of siri, the new voice recognition feature. i'm joined now by editor and chief of what a fun weekend. a lot of people have been trying this out. they've been posting these little videos on youtube. first of all, i guess does it
7:37 am
work? >> yeah. you know, siri is an intelligent voice recognize system. it uses information on the phone to sort of come up with relevant answers. but there's all of these easter eggs in there, at least financers that people just keep findsing. you just keep trying to ask different stuff. >> here are some of the funnier ones. >> right. tell me a joke. and then you ask it to tell you a joke now, i don't know if you will be able to hear this. of course, now she can't hear me say it. >> what can i help you with? >> basically, she didn't hear me say that. it's an odd -- it's an odd environment. tell me a joke. so she should start to tell you a joke. these easter eggs were put in here by apple. and she's not going to tell me the joke here today. so, you know, there have been things like how many chucks can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. she's having trouble connect to the network here. >> my favorite is, who's your
7:38 am
daddy. she responded, i'm your daddy, now let's get back to work. and that's fantastic. who was sitting in that room and saying, we need to program this into that. >> right. when we asked her about the joke she said, two phones walked into a bar and i forgot the rest. this is the kind of stuff she does. also if you ask her, where are the pumpkins this weekend, and she quickly sort of found pumpkin patches all around my neighborhood. she's more than just a joke. she's using location. she's using contacts. she's using e-mail. she's using -- if i said, when i get to this location, send an e-mail and tell them i'm on my way, she will do that because she's geo locating. she's using the gps. so it's certain lay fun game for everybody to play here. but the more times she can't tell what we're doing now, but your do need to have access to the network for her to work because sometimes she's going to pull in information from online and that's why she's not functioning so well here. >> let me ask her a question in my anchor voice. maybe that will work.
7:39 am
sorry, lance. i couldn't, could you please try again. >> hold that button. >> do that? >> yes. >> she doesn't work if you don't know how, actually, to play the game. >> she didn't understand you. now go ahead, ask a question. >> what type of smart phone should i buy? lance, i didn't -- one moment. >> yeah, if she can find the information through the network, she will. a lot of questions you're going to ask, she is going to have to go online. if she's looking at a map, she's going to go outside and figure out where you are and then what fits. and also what local stuff you might be interested in. >> well, she's working on it. we may not get it because we've got so much noise. >> i don't understand. sanderson and gratis. i didn't understand me in my anchor voice. >> she mispronounces my last name on a regular basis. but if you tell her who you are, if you identify yourself in the contact da da base, then she will start to know who you are, you can dell her who your family members are and she will use all
7:40 am
that information to pull together intelligent responses. >> how many people do you think sat at home this weekend and all they did was talk into this phone? >> i did. i did it quite a bit. i looked like a kind of lunatic in my house. my family would look at me, why are you talking to the phone? because she's so entertaining. >> great stuff. >> mashables, thanks so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. hugh jackman's latest film is in the reel, "real steel" took in $16.3 million. "foot loose" was a close second. "the thing" debuted in third. $8.7 million the george clooney and "dolphin tail" wound out the top five. [ telephone rings ] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa auto repair? gary... he hung up. ...why do we have so many a's in our name? so we're listed first in the phone book. ya know, gives us an edge.
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a new study from the national cancer institute projects age 65 will increase by nearly half over the next decade. breast and prostate cancers have two of the highest survival rates while lung cancer is the deadliest. these results indicate there will be an increasing need for doctors who specialize in both oncology and geriatrics. good morning the i'm veronica de la cruz. next hour coming up, president obama is speaking live from the first stop of his throw-day bus tour to drum up support for his jobs proposal and re-election. we're going to cover his comments for you live. you're looking at live pictures from air force one touching down. tragedy on the trap. safety questions being raised in the death of dan wheldon killed in that 15-car fiery crash in
7:45 am
las vegas. occupy wall street goes global with protests spanning the globe but can a leaderless movement sure vice? melissa will standoff on that in the next hour. chris? he's's se to remember his 999 plan has gotten a lot of attention for herman cain but now tough questions as well. on "meet the press" cain acknowledged that 999 would mean higher taxes for some americans. >> some people would pay more but most people would pay less. >> who would spay more? >> the people who spend more money on new goods if sales tax only applies to people who buy new goods, not news goods. that's a big difference that doesn't come out. >> and there's more. turns out if 999 became law, herman cain would benefit handsomely. nbc news national correspondent has been digging. brilliant, michael, tell us. how much money would cain save
7:46 am
if he became president and 999 became the law of the land? >> you don't know how much he would save himself personal li because you have to compute his tax returns. but what we do know by looking at his financial disclosure statement is that he is a pretty wealthy investor who has been investing in the stock market and made between $230,000 and up to $1.3 million in capital gains over the past year and a half. the important point here is that under the 999 plan, capital plains would be -- taxes would be eliminated entirely. they would go from 15% now, which is the rate that herman cain and other wealthy investors have to pay on their capital gains currently, to zero. so while a lot of focus had beenen on sales tax and middle
7:47 am
americans would pay more on sales tax, why people think this is unfair is that wealthy people like mr. cain would benefit enormously from saving entirely on their investments in the stock market. >> well, then, what's his response to those criticisms that it's not fair? >> i had a lengthy interview with rich lowery who is the author of the t 999 plan on friday and asked him about this. the response is, look, if you work hard like mr. cain does and you accumulate capital and you invest in the stock market, you should be able to reap the benefits of it. that's america. that's, as he called it, fairness. now, that's an argument and certainly it's something that's going to appeal to some americans, but whether the majority of voters are going to -- when they hear that, are going to think more favorably of
7:48 am
the 999 plan as another question entirely. look, nobody is saying herman cain devised this plan to benefit himself. that's not the point. but he is a pretty graphic illustration of the kind of person who is going to benefit the most under this plan. >> so interesting. michael, thank you. we're looking at air force one. waiting for the president to deplain. he is in asheville, north carolina, kicking off his bus tour in north carolina, of course, talking about jobs. there's a crowd there gathered at the airplane. one of the points he's going to make is that it would be good for that airport if his jobs plan went through. i was looking at the local newspaper today. they said tough to get a ticket to be there today and that they considered at least the person who was blocking for the newspaper said the event was very well organized. so we will have the president for you. there he is. president of the united states. we'll be hearing from him shortly. of course, se we will have his remarks for you.
7:49 am
people are remembering to life of indy car driver dan wheldon who died on the crash yesterday. marco andretti writes, i looked up to you both as racing driver and a person/friend. you will be missed forever. espn's stuart scott tweeted. death in sports, no answers, no figure this out. i want to focus on innovation. but my data is doubling. my servers are maxed out. i need to think about something else when i run. [ male announcer ] with efficient i.t. solutions from dell, doug can shift up to 50% of his company's technology spend from operating costs to innovation. so his company runs better, and so does doug. dell. the power to do more. [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪
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7:52 am
president obama live in asheville, north carolina. let's listen in to the president talking jobs. >> you guys gone down to asheville? that's a nice place to be. so it is wonderful to be back in one of my favorite parts of the country. our family has great memories of staying here, and it's always nice to get out of washington and breathe some of that mountain air. i want to recognize a couple of people who are here. first of all, one of the outstanding senators notice united states senate, your senator kay hagan is in the
7:53 am
house. kay's daughter just got married this weekend, so congratulations to kay's daughter. we are so thrilled by that. and we also have your lovely and intelligent mayor of asheville, terry is in the house. the last time i was here terry said she could play basketball. and so we went out. it turned out she was a cheerleader and not a basketball player. but she's doing an outstanding job overall. thank you both for coming. now, as you may have noticed, i came here on a plane. it's a pretty nice plane. but i'm leaving on a bus.
7:54 am
the bus is pretty hard to miss. and over the next few days, we are going to take this bus through north carolina and virginia, and i'm going to get a chance to hear from folks about how they're doing, what direction they want to take the country in. and i'll be doing a little bit of talking, but mostly i'm going to do a whole lot of listening because there doesn't seem to be much listening going on in washington these days. people don't seem to be paying much attention to the folks who sent them there in the first place. and that's a shame because once you escape the partisanship and the political point scoring in washington, once you start really listening to the american people, it's pretty clear what our country and your leaders should be spending their time on. >> job! jobs! >> jobs! >> we should be talking about
7:55 am
jobs. when you hear what's going on out in the country, when you take the time to listen, you understand that a lot of folks are hurting out there. too many people are looking for work. too many families are looking for that sense of security that's been slipping a way for the past decade now. here in north carolina you've got thousands of construction workers who lost their jobs when the housing bubble went burst. some of those construction workers are here today. they've got experiences, they've got skills. all they want to do is be back on the job site doing what they do best. and there is plenty of work to go around. in this airport, right here in asheville, you've got a runway
7:56 am
that needs to be widened and repaired. you've got a taxiway that's in the wrong spot, which means that planes sometimes get too close together. so we could be doing some work right here at the asheville airport that would help boost tourism, help to boost the economy here, put people to work right now. but it's not just here in asheville. all across the state. you've got highways that need to be built. you've got bridges that need to be fixed. you've got schools that need to be modernized. that's what america used to do best. we used to build things. built the trans continental railro railroad. built the golden gate bridge, the hoover dam, the grand central station. there's no reason to sit here
7:57 am
and watch the newest highways and airports being built in china. we should be building them right here in the united states of america. right here in north carolina. now, our problems were a long time in the making. we're not going to solve them overnight. but there are things we can do right now to put people back to work, right now. there are things we should do right now to give the economy the jolt that it needs. so that's why i sent to congress the american jobs act. keep in mind -- keep in mind, asheville, this is the kind of bill containing the kinds of proposals that in the past have received support from democrats and republicans. it's completely paid for by asking our wealthiest citizens,
7:58 am
folks making more than a million dollars a year, to pay their fair share. independent economists, not my economists, but independent economists, have said this jobs bill would create nearly 2 million jobs. that's not my opinion. it's not the opinion of folks who work for me. it's the opinion of people who evaluate these kinds of things for a living. it says this bill will help put people back to work and give our economy a boost right away. but apparently none of this matters to the republicans in the senate because last week they got together to block this bill. they said no to putting teachers
7:59 am
and construction workers back on the job. they said no to building airports and bridges. they said no to cutting taxes to middle class families and small business when all they've been dock is cutting taxes for the wealthiest americans. they said no to helping veterans find jobs. essentially, they said no to you because it turns out one poll found that 63% of americans support the ideas in this jobs bill. 63% of the americans support the jobs bill i put forward. 100% of the republicans in the senate voted against it. that doesn't make any sense, does it? no, it does not. now it turns out that the republicans have a plan, too. i want to be fair. they call -- they put forward this plan


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