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tv   Sex Slaves Motor City Teens  MSNBC  October 30, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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on the streets of detroit ed fbi is taking a hard line against those who sellunder age girls. >> i'm looking for young girls. >> police. >> how old are you? >> overhead. >> investigators are scooping up more and more teens. >> is she underage? she's 17? >> from rural michigan to the suburbs, romeo pimps sell dreams to the naive. >> you're a victim in all this. >> and even the girl next door. >> don't judge a book by its cover. just because i lived in a nice house doesn't mean i lived a nice life. >> mom?
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mom? >> it's an uphill battle for investigators trying to rescue children trapped and scared. >> we really are trying to help you. >> they have nowhere else to go, so for us to say to them, we want to get you out of this life, i don't know they necessarily believe us at that point. >> oh, my god, man. >> tonight msnbc goes undercover with the fbi in michigan rescuing the young and the lost caught in the grip of section slavery in the motor city. tonight we visit the streets and suburbs of detroit, michigan, joining the fbi, state and local police as part of "operation cross country five," a nationwide dragnet to crack down on those who exploit juveniles in the sex trade. in the process, we came across
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the destroyed lives often left in the wake of human trafficking. >> thanks, everybody, for coming out. as you know, today is the kickoff for "operation cross country five". >> how are these undercover voefgss anybody ated? >> oftentimes a number of different web portals we use. >> today much of the underground sex trade has moved off the street corners and onto the internet. investigators begin the operation by browsing the online ads and setting updates. >> calling to see if i could get some company. >> juveniles will never be listed as underage so police keep their eyes open for girl that look younger than 18. >> these are the runaways. >> special agent katie connell is the task force. >> they runaway at the bus stop. pimp looks at the bus stop and says, she looks like she needs to eat, sleep, and less than 24 hours they're working for the
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pimp. i dope think the general public knows the extent of the problems and the issues and i'm not sure they want to see that because there isn't a lot of answers for how do we help. >> the first step to helping the girls in the life, finding out who they are. >> we're going to boulevard to 75, 75 to 696 east. >> undercover officers make contact with one woman who seems quite young. >> hey, sweetheart. i just pulled in off civic drive or whatever it is. where am i going once i get in here 1234. >> the woman directs the undercover to a clean and quiet motel complex in the suburbs. >> okay. it's going to be building nine, room 12. going to be a black male with a white pad with a carheart jacket walking around in the area. >> they see a male teen lingering near the room. they suspect he may be the girl's pimp. >> he's at the door. >> oh, hey.
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>> backup officers listen carefully to the undercover's wife. >> oh, you said -- >> follow us. i'm going to take the male, drop him down. spanky's going to the door. >> police department, let me see your hands. keep your hands on top of your head. >> the male suspect is quickly cuffed in the parking lot. but inside the room, investigators make a troubling find. >> do you have anything with your name on it here? >> no. >> a very young looking girl with no identification. >> how old are you? >> i'm 19. >> where you from? >> i'm from arkansas. >> who else is here with you? >> nobody. i'm here by myself. >> who's shuf ask stuff? >> who's shoes? they're mine. >> you have some big feet. who's the guy outside? >> i don't have no idea. i was asking him -- >> just be honest. >> i'm being honest. >> no, you're not. >> the suspect outside is a little more willing to talk. he provides police with a first name for the girl. >> who is she? what's her name? >> alicia. >> what's her last name?
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>> she never tell me. she said her name is alicia. hey, man, she told me she was 19. like i say -- >> how old are you? >> i'm 35. >> now, first thing's first. i need to know who you are. do you have any type of identification? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> alicia claims she left her i.d. home in arkansas, but she also says she flew to detroit. >> if you're flying back and forth, how are they putting on you an airplane? >> i had an i.d. from down there, but i don't -- with i do this, i don't have no -- nothing on me. >> so, where is that i.d. right now? >> actually, i threw it away. i ripped it in half and threw it in the garbage. that's gone. >> the lack of an i.d. and transparency of alicia's lies are hints she may be under age. >> yeah, there's no pimp, no nothing. i'm going to have the money for myself. if i'm going to sell my ass, i'm going to sell it for me. >> what's your connection to the
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guy outside? >> i don't know who that is. >> right now she'll admit to nothing, not even after detectives point out the room she's in has been paid for by the male suspect under arrest in the parking lot. >> so, you don't know the guy outside? >> no. >> then how come this is in his name? >> i don't know. >> she's protecting -- >> i'm not protecting nobody. i just don't know. >> you're going to protect that guy right there? >> i'm not protecting nobody. i'm protecting myself, so -- >> yeah, but you can do a whole lot more to help yourself than this. >> i am helping myself. i just started doing this. i just need extra money. that's all it is. >> yeah, but, again, you're protecting this guy right here. >> no, i'm not. >> he's got your room rented. he knows you. >> i don't know him, so -- if he knows me, i don't know how he knows me. >> so, it's just some crazy thing you're in this room and his name's on the room, paying for it? >> i don't know who he is, so -- that's just my answer.
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nearly an hour after her arrest, alicia's real name, age and address are still unknown. it's a story that's all too familiar to veteran investigators like the fbi's victim specialist katie connell. >> are these girls -- i do they consider themselves victims when they come in? >> many times, not. that's your initial hurried whl you're asking them to tell you about what's happened to them. they don't want to. they want to protect the pimp. >> so a lot of the girls aren't going to raise their hand and say, i need help 1234. >> absolutely not. pitches work on breaking though girls down, beating them down, physically, emotionally to where they're so dependent on that person. again, that's their family. that's who they think cares about them, even though that's not happening. they have nowhere else to go. so for us to say, we want to get you out of this life, i don't know they necessarily believe us at that point in time. it's going to take trust and gain that trust from them and say, we're really here to try to help. >> i am not a prostitute, so i
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police department. let me see your hands. >> the fbi's human trafficking task force is conducting "operation cross country" a nationwide crackdown on juvenile prostitution. >> nowhere to run to. >> the operation here in detroit is less than one hour old when team one pulls their first juvenile off the streets. >> we still are their phone numbers? >> meanwhile, across town, team two has set up a sting in adjoining rooms of an upscale hotel. >> you got the record button there? >> a hidden camera will capture audio and video in the target room. all that's missing now are the girls. >> i was just hoping you might be doing some -- >> undercover officers browse
7:12 pm
online ad for adult services in metro detroit. >> you want to try this chicky baby? >> what's her name? >> kris ale. >> over the course of an hour they make 100 phone calls to book dates with prostitutes. >> two hours for three. wow? that's not bad at all. >> i'm looking for a two-girl outcall. anything for me? i'm kind of looking for some young girls, if you got anything. >> the team is hunting specifically for ads like this one, for daisy oliver, a young looking female who may likely be a jooul. >> does she look like a juvy? >> i would say so. daisy. she says she's 18. that's her right there. >> yeah, we got to try her. >> yeah, trying to get ahold of daisy oliver. >> a female undercover makes contact with daisy's agency and makes an unusual request. >> yes, i was hoping -- it's mine and my husband's anniversary, i was hoping she'd do a couples.
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>> couples date is double the money. he tells the undercover to sit tight and wait for daisy's call. >> she's going to call back on a blocked number. >> hopefully we can get an underage girl in prostitution or assist in our cases now. that would be the benefit out of all this tonight. >> it's a little after 7 p.m. when the first date arrives in the hotel lobby. >> oh, really? okay. yep, i'm on the way down. >> got one. >> he's going to walk down there and see if that might be her. >> the undercover goes down to the lobby to retrieve his date while arresting officers set up in the surveillance room and wait for the show to begin. >> make yourself comfortable. you look good. >> thank you. >> an unsuspecting young woman going by the name nicole is the first to take the bait tonight. >> all right. what do i get for my $200? >> full service. >> officers next door listen
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carefully for the bust signal. good deal. >> all right, good deal. >> let's go, good deal. >> arresting officers move in to make the bust. >> police. >> do you have any weapons, guns, knives in there? >> no. >> anything on your person? >> no. >> a quick search of nicole's pockets turns up $380 in cash. a records check shows nicole is not a juvenile. her arrest is barely five minutes old when detectives learn their next date is on the way. they stash nicole in the bathroom while they lay a trap for daisy, the girl they suspect may be under age. >> got to be very quiet. >> tried this once before. didn't work out. >> daisy has been lured to the room by a female detective on the pretext of providing sexual services to a married couple. >> you're my first couple. >> really? >> yeah.
7:15 pm
i've only been doing escorting for less than a month. >> after a few minutes of small talk, the male undercover enters the room to complete the illusion. >> hi. >> this is my friend daisy. i got her for our anniversary. >> clearly, daisy has bought into the three-way setup and now all that remains is to negotiate a price. >> how much is it? >> $600. >> good deal. that's awesome. >> it's another good deal and another bust. >> police. >> nothing in your purse at all? nothing in your pockets? >> a quick search of daisy's purse and pockets yields no identification. another possible sign this young woman may be under age. >> our girl doesn't have an i.d.? >> no. >> how old are you? >> 18. >> okay. we just need to verify your age because you look pretty young. unless we find out your age and that you're over 18, you'll be
7:16 pm
all set. >> daisy provides detectives with an address to run a records check. in the meantime, she provides our camera crew with an impromptu interview. >> okay? >> okay. >> pretty good. >> a little surprised? >> a little bit. then again, not really. >> no? >> no. i mean, i knew i was going to get caught either way, you know. >> seriously? >> yeah. i mean, like, can you really go, you know? >> our initial interview with daisy is interrupted by word that yet another date is on the way to the room. >> got one coming, too. >> all right. i'm going down. >> you got one? >> yeah. >> this time, however, the business transaction does not quite so smoothly. >> full service here? >> well, that's going to cost you. >> how much are you talking? >> the undercover has two female prostitutes on the hook but he can't seem to reel them in. they are, perhaps, more experienced than nicole and
7:17 pm
daisy and they seem to sense something's not right. >> well, let's get comfortable. because we are like -- >> what are you tripping about? >> i have no idea. something is not okay. >> what's employigoing on? >> the woman ask the undercover to get comfortable. that i way of saying take off your clothes to show he's for real. >> what are you talking about? >> i don't want to you be shy. >> what you sn? >> how about that? >> no. >> the bust signal never comes but detectives have seen enough to pull the plug on the show next door. >> where's your shirt at, real quick? >> how old are you? >> 18. >> i've seen you before, haven't i? >> no, you haven't. >> i've seen that face before. i haven't seen that one. >> the young women go by the name deshonte and diamond. neither is a juvenile. >> she's 18. she's of age, yes. >> she's of age. >> that's our main concern.
7:18 pm
>> michigan state trooper recognizes deshonte from an earlier sting but diamond insists they've done nothing wrong. >> like i said, i was an adult entertainer. i didn't take any money, no agree answer for money, sexual favors, promise, nothing was agreed upon. i'm not a prostitute so i don't know what this is about. >> the team makes four arrests in less than an hour. and now a records check turns up some troubling news about daisy. >> so, is she underage? she's 17? >> with a juvenile in custody, team two decides to pack it in and head back to the state trooper's station where they hope to learn more about the person or organization that is pimping out this teenager. >> hello? mom? could you come and pick me up from the police station? low-prid medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium...
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michigan operation center. >> where are you going to put the other juvy? >> team leaders, troopers ed price and christopher sanchez try to get an accurate head count of the underage girls they have successfully for now pulled off the street. >> you have one you don't know and then the one -- >> right. >> through the evening we covered three juveniles confirmed thus far. there's two additional possibles that we have. so, total for the evening we're looking at three, possible five. >> is that the juvenile or somewhere else? >> yeah, 17. >> fbi agent mike and his team have already clocked a long day. 12 hours. but the hard work of identifying girls and building cases against the predators who sold them has just begun. team members now begin to process the evidence and pull information as the first steps towards uncovering the criminal network, profiting and enslaving these juveniles. >> i'll be in contact with you and your mom. >> often, the best source of information can be the girls
7:23 pm
themselves, but securing their cooperation is not easy. >> we meant what we said when we walked in today. i said to you, we're here to help you. >> the girl we found turned out to be 16. we went through a couple birth dates before she finally admitted that she was actually born in 1994. >> 16-year-old alicia was the first juvenile pulled off the streets tonight. >> who's the guy outside? >> i don't have no idea. >> she was caught working in a room rented by this man. >> who is she? what's her name? >> she told me her name is alicia. >> alicia denies he's her pimp or she even knows him. >> she has no idea who he is, what he does and can't tell me anything. i said, i don't believe you. i told her what his record was. i said, you are going to put yourself in danger with this guy and have. she doesn't care. you know, its not a great situation at home. she's had some definite issues over the past couple years. so, now we just have to work on trying to figure out where she should go tonight, what kind of
7:24 pm
help we can offer her so hopefully she doesn't return to this kind of life. >> alicia's silence is all too familiar. they suspect she's muzzled herself out of fear of reprisal from her pimp. >> one jail cell down one teenage girl more than ready to talk. meet daisy oliver, not her real name, a suburban girl next door who made a wrong turn and ended up being sold for sex to strangers. the teen's arrest for prostitution is less than an hour old when she sits down with detectives who want to know more about her pimp. >> so what did he say about the money? >> he gets 40% of everything the girls make. >> okay. >> did he look at your i.d.? >> huh-uh. >> didn't care to look at your impkts d. at all? how did they find your ad or tell about you your advertisement? >> she just told me -- like, we needed some pictures so we can
7:25 pm
advertise you online. i said, go on my facebook and get whatever pictures you think are cute. >> despite her youth, they find her to be remarkably cool and poised. >> write out what your interaction was with him. >> she provides information that will lead to a search warrant later tonight. >> okay. >> okay. >> so -- >> you don't fit the mold for the type of girl we're used to dealing with. >> yet they're getting used to it. girls from the right side of the tracks ending up on the wrong side of the law. >> as evidence i think a lot of people think that the girls involved in prostitution are those, you know, involved that don't stem outside of the inner city. here's a prime example of a young lady from a pretty prestigious area. >> okay. this is the situation. who do you live with? >> i live with my parents and my brother. >> your parents and your brother. >> nicole mcgee is an fbi victim
7:26 pm
specialist working with the task force. >> because you're still a juvenile under the age of 18, we have to contact your parents. >> okay. >> how do you feel about that? >> i'm not so happy. >> that's where we are with this. i'm letting you know ahead of times. i know it's uncomfortable. i'm sorry this is the way it has to go. unless you would like to call them yourself. >> hello? mom? could you possibly come to downtown detroit and pick me up from the police station? >> understandably, daisy is nervous and doesn't want to give her mother her full story. it's 2:30 a.m. and daisy's mother, awakened from sleep, seems too disoriented to comprehend what her daughter is telling her. >> i'm at the police station.
7:27 pm
because. will you just get down here and pick me up? the police station. just come pick me up. [ bleep ]. >> hello? yes, ma'am. can you hear me? >> it's a phone call that will change daisy's life. >> okay, no problem. are you able to come down here and pick up your daughter? >> somebody picking her up -- >> her mom. >> yeah, her mom. [ female announcer ] when kate collects her pink yoplait lids
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here's what's happening. 11 people have died as a result of this weekend's snowstorm that struck the northeast. 3 million homes are still without power and airports are reporting delays. trick-or-treaters are told to be be aware of downed power lines. three people died when a grain elevator mroectioned in kansas. two others are hospitalized in
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critical condition with burns. now back to msnbc "undercover." it's a thursday night in detroit and investigators with the fbi's human trafficking task force are in the middle of operation cross-country, a national crackdown on juvenile sex trade. >> they should in the command center have a packet on each individual that's been brought to. >> so far the team has already pulled two underage girls off the treat. then they get a lead on another possible juvenile. >> okay. she's got a girlfriend. she's going to send the girlfriend for a walk. >> undercover officers set up a date with the girl. then move in for the arrest. >> hello, police department. are you here by yourself? >> no. i didn't see one. >> inside the room detectives find a young woman, who goes by the online name of tonya. >> how old are you?
7:32 pm
>> 18. >> how long have you been 18? when did you turn 18? >> january. >> it's tonya's first arrest for prostitution. and she's willing to tell investigates everything she knows. >> who's the person that left the room recently, before your date? >> [ bleep ]. >> tonya says she and her friend ely, not her real name, work for a woman named victoria, who's in the room next door. >> human rooms do you guys have? >> i think she just has two. >> three girls total. you all working? >> yeah. >> hello? >> police pay a quick visit to the room next door. >> nothing. pair of boots. >> ely and victoria are absent but their effects remain. at this point it's not yet clear to detectives whether the women have fled the scene or whether they just stepped out. >> where did you meet her at? >> i met her at a bus stop one day. >> tonya tells police that victoria recruited her a month
7:33 pm
ago at a local bus stop, promising her a career in modeling. >> she said she got a company. her investor's rich and all this stuff like that. when i did pictures and everything. >> then she says victoria began to change her tune, explaining that success in modeling would not come overnight and that tonya would have to bide her time by becoming an escort. >> she said, you got to make appointments and pay magazines to even get me in. so, she said until then, you know, i would have to be in this area because she said like she a manager of adult entertainment. so, it was like different fields, i guess, like porn and escorting and modeling and stuff. >> tonya's story is sadly one that these detectives hear all the time. a young, naive girl chasing the glamour and fame, falls under the spell of an older, more sophisticated predator who promises the world and delivers nothing. >> you could tell there was a relative newness, if you will, about her.
7:34 pm
really was evident that she was brought under kind of fraudulent terms, if you will. a bait and switch where she thought maybe, hey, i need to earn extra money in order to go to school. that turned into something else which turned into something else which then turned into prostitution. >> huge how long are you going to continue to do this until you realize she's selling you this dream or lying to you to get you to sell your body and make money for her? seems like after a month, this has got to start to sink in at some point. >> the interview is briefly interrupted when tonya's phone rings. >> tell her you need to be picked up. don't tell her we're here, though. >> it's victoria. she's unaware of the arrest and calling to check on tonya and the status of hadder date. >> he left. >> tonya informs victoria the deal did not go down because the john rejected her. that's all it takes to set victoria off.
7:35 pm
>> you just cost money. you pay me for the money like. >> the scolding gives tonya a painful opportunity to see the true nature of victoria's character and agenda. >> what is she mad at you for right now? >> the only thing she cares about is you getting money. >> she never talked to me like that. >> i just heard it. >> she's exploiting you. she's using you to make money. if she really had connections or a model agency or something like that, investors, she wouldn't have you at the extended stay and all the other hotels you've been at selling your body. you're a victim in all this but the thing is, we need you to see that and to understand that. >> the team is about to wrap up when the undercover officer gets a call back from tonya's
7:36 pm
partner, ely. >> she says she'll be back here in an hour if you want to see me. >> detectives clear out of the room and lie in wait for her companions. agent glennen makes a quick stop to retrieve a few items from victoria's room, he find the chain locked from the inside. >> there's somebody in there. hello? do we have to bust the door down? police department. >> it turns out the room was empty. the incident left tonya shaking and hiding behind our cameras. >> looks like the vehicle is pulling up. >> oh, that might solve this one. take the vehicle down. >> detectives get word victoria's car has been spotted pulling into the hotel parking lot. >> not like this, sir. i'm not trying to be mean.
7:37 pm
>> do me a favor -- >> victoria is arrested along with ely and a young male friend. >> lighter in here or something? what is this? >> arresting officers bring the trio inside for questioning. >> hold on. ready? >> sergeant ed price can sense this situation will be better handled downtown at the state police station. >> we'll talk to everybody down at the police station. >> you have to tell us why we're being arrested. >> you're under arrest for pandering. >> what is -- >> pimping, prostitution, escort. i'm not going to sit here and we're not going to have a conversation. >> so, you have somebody saying they -- >> everyone is under arrest. >> i'm just asking. >> period. we'll talk later. there's nothing to talk about. >> that is not there. that is not there. >> make sure you grab her phone. >> victoria protests her innocence to the police, our camera crew and everyone else on the hotel's third floor. >> i'm on my period. who have you seen up in here with us? >> victoria will seemingly
7:38 pm
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the fbi's human trafficking task force working with state and local police are out on the streets of metro detroit looking for juveniles and the pimps who exploit them. >> everyone is under arrest. >> i'm just asking. >> period. we'll talk later. >> that's not fair. >> there's nothing to talk about. >> meet victoria, an outspoken 26-year-old who has just been arrested on suspicion of pimping out two very young looking females. >> who have you seen up in here with us? who have you seen up here?
7:42 pm
>> although this point she says she has nothing to do with anything, she's innocent, she doesn't understand why she's down here and very irate of the fact that we've even brought her down here for any type of questioning. >> back at the headquarters, investigators confirm that one of victoria's girls, tonya, is 18. but in the case of the other girl, investigators make a troubling discovery. >> what's your name? >> [ bleep ]. >> ely is only 16. >> are you going to be nice to me? >> what? >> are you going to be nice to me? >> i'm nice. >> ely tells investigators she's only been in the game for three months. she claims victoria lured her away from her previous pimp. >> tell me what's up. >> we all have money together. >> under questioning victoria begins to backpedal, saying she works with the other girls but is not their boss. >> i am not an escort service. i'm legitimately a female companion. we all work together.
7:43 pm
they're all female companions. i'm not trying to pimp nobody. you know when i'm saying? if something wrong with any of them, i'm there for them. we pray all together, you know what i'm saying? that's just the way it is. >> but victoria's three musketeers narrative does not square with the statements of tonya and ely, nor with the evidence pulled from victoria's laptop. it's clear she handles the posting of ads and the production of explicit photos of 16-year-old elly. >> we all do what we got to do. if you look, they got more money than me. >> the problem -- do you know how old [ bleep ]? >>, no i don't. i never knew but when the police ran her name they acted like everything was good. >> she's 16. is so you see the predictment that puts us in? >> oh, my god, man. i didn't want to abandon her. i had a feeling because of how she was acting sometimes.
7:44 pm
she's so immature. >> yeah. >> oh, my god. >> while the gravity of the situation appears to be sinking in for victoria, investigators down the hall struggle with their next move with elly. >> where would you go if we let you go? >> with my friend. >> with your friend. so, you don't have anybody who like has guardianship over you or anything like that? >> uh-huh. >> who is that? >> my mom. >> your mom. but you left her house? >> if we take her home to her home at this moment in time tonight, she'll be gone within an hour after we leave. and she'll be back on the streets again. so, we have to figure out what's -- what's the best case scenario for her that we can try to keep her safe. >> as bad as this feels and looks, we really are trying to help you. it's not to punish you or anything like that. but the problem is, if you don't want to go back to your mom, we can't just let you go back out
7:45 pm
there. >> what police would like for elly is some sort of alternative to a juvenile detention facility. but, unfortunately, those sorts of social services are few and far between. >> that is the biggest deficiency we have in this system for juveniles, is there isn't enough programs that would support these girls to keep them out of the life. >> okay. well, our only options are to take her back home. that's it. >> i think so, too. they didn't have an active case because of neglect. >> no, no, no. right. okay. >> it's very frustrating. >> but this is a typical -- this is the typical story. this is not, you know, the exception. this is the typical story. >> it's not like i'm trying to pimp this girl, you get what i'm saying to you? nothing like this is happening. >> as for victoria, she's on the hook for a federal juvenile trafficking charge. but investigators may cut a deal that will help them dig deeper
7:46 pm
into detroit's underground sex trade. >> these pimps, just like anywhere else, very interbetweened with others involved in the industry. they have a lot of information. they, you know, have a lot of connections. >> he's going to have to talk to you later. >> yeah, yeah. >> while investigators weigh the pros and cons of a deal with victoria, detectives just down the hall are scrambling to secure a search warrant based on a tip provided by one of the juveniles they recovered in tonight's operation. >> what type of sex acts did they tell you you had to deal with? >> 17-year-old daisy was nabbed just hours before at a hotel sting. >> who is this? >> that's [ bleep ]. >> and before she called her mother to come pick her up, she i.d.'d her pimp. >> where would he take you after he pibed you up? . >> to the loft. >> what's the loft? >> daisy directs the investigators to the pimp's primary place of business, an apartment in downtown detroit she calls the loft. >> how many days is he at the
7:47 pm
loft? >> at the loft, i'd say, probably six or seven. >> whenever you're ready, just let me know. >> is that in detroit? >> on the grand river. >> just after 1 a.m. when a judge signs off on a search warrant. >> just brief the ops plan, everything is good to go. >> we're rolling. >> this is a location off grand boulevard lofts area where known prostitution happens, where one of the juveniles says she's conducted dates. >> what floor? >> eight. >> 60 seconds later the team is coiled up outside the eighth floor security door. >> we good? >> we're good. >> when verbal commands to open up go unanswered, they go to plan "b." >> clear. >> see a switch, anybody? >> the loft is empty but the search turns up valuable evidence. >> i got a residence right here.
7:48 pm
>> business side of escorting. >> oh, contracts. he's got all the girls right here. >> tonight's raid will mark end of a long successful day of work for these officers. but it's only the beginning of an ongoing fight. >> we recovered four juveniles during the operation. we've identified numerous pimps. and i think we've probably opened up roughly 20 state cases as well as six federal cases. >> he has everything in here. appointment books, schedules. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003.
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7:51 pm
police. >> it's been almost a year since daisy oliver, not her real name, was snagged in the fbi's "operation cross country." >> don't judge a book by its
7:52 pm
cover. just because i live in a nice house doesn't mean i live a nice life. >> at first glance daisy appears to be a girl unlikely to have been sold into prostitution. but the 18-year-old wants people to know that living in a professional two-parent household in a comfortable detroit suburb doesn't guarantee a life of happily ever after. >> it takes like a certain person to do what i've done. and it's more of, like, well, you know, i've lived such a [ bleep ] life and it's just like, i don't think that much of myself. >> like many girls trafficked into the sex trade, daisy's road to exploitation began when she was raped as a child. at a family gathering 12-year-old daisy was in the bathroom of a relative's house when a 23-year-old man, who was dating her cousin, violently raped her. >> then my aunt came bargaining in, ripped him off me. >> but her family's lack of action after the crime left her angry and confused. >> it was just brushed off.
7:53 pm
we kicked him out of house. he's never allowed to come back. it's not done and over with because it's like who has to go to bed every single night thinking about that? who has to remember back and think, this happened to me? i do. >> for daisy the trauma of rape turned to despair and a deep sense of worthlessness, compounded by her mother's refusal to tell her father about the incident. at 13 she ran away and fell in love with a high school senior. to make ends meet, daisy worked at a coffee shop while her older boyfriend spent all their money on drugs. to fund his cocaine habit, her so-called boyfriend began selling daisy for sectixual fav. >> at first i was like, why is the person that loves me, supposedly, asking me to do this? but then like, at the time, i didn't have anywhere else to go. >> michigan supreme court justice mary beth kelly, an expert in family law, says she has seen too many teens like
7:54 pm
daisy. >> being safe is something that these young people really don't have a sense of. there's no sense of boundaries when a relationship could be dangerous, could introduce them to a dangerous set of circumstances. and so the decision-making process that even a healthy adolescent could make in terms of what would be a good choice, a bad choice, is really not -- it's not even present in these young people. >> trapped in a downward spiral and he stranged from her family, she says her darkest hour is when in a drug-induced rage her boyfriend and now pimp choked her until she blacked out. >> all of a sudden the next thing you know they're putting their hands on you calling you a worthless [ bleep ] and you mean nothing to nobody and so you don't get over things like that. >> a court granted a restraining order against daisy's boyfriend. he eventually went to jail. but at 16 with no income and no place to go, she fell into prostitution again.
7:55 pm
at a party a woman told daisy she could make big money as an escort. >> one goes, i would like to you meet my boss. i was like, you know, why? she says like because you're really pretty. compared to all the other girl that work with altima, you're really pretty. >> daisy agreed to meet the smooth-talking pimp that picked her up in his shiny bmw and took her to a loft downtown. daisy says she was blown away by the upscale glamour of the escort service he ran. >> and they just like obsessed over me. like, first day i was their vip girl. like, i wasn't just their vip girl. i was the bait that got all the guys to come in. >> you realize that they have been preyed upon and their psyche is so weak that they simply can't withstand the lure of what is going on here. >> for a month, the escort service consumed daisy's life. she worked in the club or did
7:56 pm
out calls every day from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. the next morning. compared to the abuse she had suffered from her first pimp, the altima club seemed like a dream come true. >> it was kind of like my famsed family. >> but it was a dysfunctional family. >> he was like, you disrespect, you'll get your ass beat or kicked to the curb. he ruled everything. like, he was the pimp. >> today daisy agrees that the night she got arrested altered the course of her life for the better. it was a chance moment that almost didn't happen. >> literally 20 minutes before i was supposed to go home, i got a phone call from a couple saying they wanted to meet me. >> i was hoping she would do a couples. >> the call was from a female undercover agent, posing as a wife who was looking to buy her husband a young girl for sex. but when daisy entered the room, she felt nervous. >> makes you feel better you're
7:57 pm
my first couple. >> the second i saw two beds in that room and a double door, i got the feeling -- i was like, maybe i should just leave. this is sketchy, definitely. >> what you did is wrong, you understand that? >> yeah. >> but in deciding to go through with this particular date, daisy ended up taking the first steps back towards her real family. >> hello? mom? >> the look on my mom's face was so heartbreaking. like -- because, like i'm her only daughter. for her to find out that her only daughter is selling her body and that's how she's paying for everything and, you know, it was just really hard. >> the shock of being arrested in a federal sting succeeded in scaring daisy straight and forced her family to deal with the rape and abuse that led her on a path of self-destruction. and now daisy says she's finally able to communicate with her father. >> he finally started opening up to me and like, you know, telling me how sorry he was for
7:58 pm
never doing anything when i got raped and telling me he was sorry for like never doing anything to my ex-boyfriend. he just wants to be there for me. so, it's been a lot better. i'd say so for sure. brought my family a lot closer to me. >> today daisy is living at home with her family and working towards her ged. she has hopes of going to college. she has a message for girls who might think the life of an escort is glamorous. >> your dignity and your pride and everything you've ever once stood for is just down the drain because it's like, the second you lay down on your back, it's just like, you know, pure disgust. >> and what about the love she thought she felt from her second family? >> you think your pitch cares about you and he wants your safety. no, he wants your money. you're an object and you're a tool. that's all it is. >> ultimately, daisy's grateful to the fbi for the arrest that she says saved her life.
7:59 pm
>> i just got lucky. you know, i got blessed. i can walk away from it, you know, and never look back. most girls can't. they either wind up dead or they wind up worse. >> the detroit task force, which rescued daisy, is just one of 26 the fbi operates with cooperation from local law enforcement agencies. investigators spend months, sometimes years, gathering evidence to make state and federal cases. their goal, to end the network of criminal as i understand cats, big and small, who profit from selling woman. >> further shows the need of the task force. in a way, everybody's so diligent and they pour their heart and soul to it, as you can see, have fight. >> what time are we rolling tomorrow? >> 4:00 for everyone else. >> it's very worth it. the guys and girls who do this job, we do it for the kids. we do it because it needs to be done.


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