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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  October 31, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early" the show dressed up again this year as tyler winklevoss. i'm glad you're watching on msnbc or listening on sirius/xm radio. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me. let me know what you're doing up at this hour and what you're wearing for halloween. is that weird of am he to ask? or do what cameron winklevoss does by text the word "awake" to 622639. the next 30 minutes had be a cram session for halloween, monday, october 31st. a lot to tell about you today, including the white house won r wondering allowed whether romney has a soul. rick perry pleased as punch in new hampshire gives an oddly giddy speech there. you'll see what i mean later in the show. this is good stuff.
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first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. more than 3 million homes are without power after an out of season winter storm dumped record snow up and down the east coast over the weekend, leaving at least 11 people dead. 750,000 without power in connecticut. 650,000 in the state of massachusetts. and more than 500,000 in new jersey. connecticut governor writing in a tweet yesterday, this is the largest number of outages connecticut has ever experienced. plan for power not to return for prolonged period. that from the governor of the state of connecticut. as for new york city, it was the largest october snowfall since the civil war. maintenance crews are hard at work, removing fallen down bravenls and electrical wires as schools in several states are expected to remain closed for days. all this winter weather before we even hit halloween. let's go to bill karins for the
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latest. >> how come power outages? it wasn't a ton of snow. >> yeah, just has to do with leaves on the trees. the leaves catch the snow and the leaves just weren't ready to fall off yet. we were hoping that -- we knew this was going to happen on friday. the storm behaved as expected. it wasn't a surprise to forecasters. i don't know if viewers were paying attention or not. but it wasn't a surprise to us. we got the amounts of snow we thought we were going to get. because the trees didn't shed their leaves, that's why we're dealing with, you know, worst power outages than when the hurricane came by a month ago. back-to-back, hurricane and then this october huge historic snowstorm. some in new hampshire pibed up around 3 feet of snow. those are totals we get in december. it will be a while before the snow melts, too. temperatures are very cold. yesterday melted a little but overnight these temperatures have really bottomed out, looking now at 27 degrees in hartford. that's where they picked up a foot of snow. all of that slush is now
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solidifying into blocks of ice in people's front yards and end of their driveways and sidewalks. be careful out there this morning. we had a couple tragedies yesterday where people were cleaning up and limbs falling on people pe we don't need any more of that nonsense to happen today. as far as this afternoon goes, a slow warm-up. where there's snow on the ground, we'll still only be on the fort inspect still people in their houses. temperatures have dropped and most of the people's homes, into the 40s. it's getting to that point where it's getting dangerous to stay in your homes. hopefully neighbors are letting neighbors in. in hartford we'll use that as an example because that's the center of the power outages. this week it will slowly warm up. i would imagine bit time we get to thursday or friday, most of the snow will be gone. once we get there into the upper 50s. no bad weather heading this way which is good because then the power crews can get full daylight work hours done. this week's weather pattern will feature a storm in the middle of the country on tuesday into wednesday. that will bring snow to colorado. that's not too unusual for november. november's typically a very
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snowy month in colorado. the pacific northwest has a storm. everyone on the kooes coast, we're doing just fine. as far as your halloween forecast f you're lucky enough to be able to do this today, we'll see nice conditions in most of the big cities. slight chance of shower or two in pittsburgh and around the rest the country it looks nice. the only exception, down there in south florida. but, i mean, take a look back at the snowstorm. this is something that i'll tell my grandchildren about some day. you know, it will probably never happen again. >> i think i underestimated it a bit. schools closed today, no electricity, that mean for some people halloween, i'm told, is now being delayed until next week. >> sad. >> bill, thanks much. we appreciate it. let's turn to 2012 presidential politics. herman cain's campaign is on the defensive after a new politico report alleges two female employees complained of inappropriate behavior by mr. cain while he was head of the national restaurant association in the 1990s. politico sources say women
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received financial payouts to leave the association and agreed not to discuss their departures. nbc news, we should say, has not independently verified the politico report. cain campaign responded to what it calls thinly sourced allegations. fearing the message of herman cain, shaking up the political landscape in washington, inside the beltway media have begun to launch personal attacks on cain. sadly, we've seep this movie played out before. a prominent conservative targeted by liberals simply because they disagree with its politics. last night cain's spokesman called into geral dough rivera's fox news program, attempting, not doing a great job, i should say, to defend mr. cain. >> was there or was there not a cash settlement to two female employees of the national restaurant association? >> all i'm going to tell you is that this is a tip fak on
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conservative doing well -- >> j.d., what you're saying and doing right now is a recipe for disaster, mate. i'm telling you, the morning papers aren't past their deadline yet. are you denying that there was a cash settlement to two female employees of the national restaurant association, yes or no? >> i would say you'd have to get that from the national restaurant association. >> are you not in touch with your client, with your boss, with herman cain? >> yeah, what i would tell you, you are to talk to national restaurant -- >> can we speak to mr. cain? may we speak -- >> doesn't hold any weight. >> may -- it has plenty of weight, trust me. >> the charges, although not made specific, politico's story call them sexually suggestive. they say cash payments were given to them to leave the national restaurant association. mr. gordon who you heard that went on to say his candidate
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will be speaking publicly on this soon. that could come in a few hour. mr. cain has two scheduled speeches today in washington d.c. the allegations around herman cain come as he continues to top the polls in this republican race. a new des moines register poll shows cain tied with romney. the only other candidate in double figures is ron paul at 12%. michele bachmann and rick perry rounding out the top five. herman cain talked about it on cbs yesterday. >> i believe that i'm doing so well because i'm connecting with the people. one of the other misperceptions about my campaign is that we just started a few months ago, right i announced in may. i've actually been connecting with people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida, for over a year, even before i made the decision to run. so, my message is connecting. people are connecting with me.
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and the specific solutions i'm putting on the table. >> that interview with bob schieffer was taped before this issue came to light. it's clear the white house thinks he will be the nominee. senior adviser to the white house, david plouffe, taking aim from mr. romney's changes on issue over the years. >> mitt romney continues to have 75%, 08% of his party looking somewhere else. so, it will be interesting to see if he can turn that around. >> will he be a diminished candidate if he's the nominee? >> well, here's -- we'll see what happens in their primary. i'd make two points about him. one is, he has no core. issue after issue after issue he's moved all over the place. working a few steps down from the president, i can till one thing, what you need in that office is quick. you need to have a true compss and willing to make tough calls. you get the sense with romney, if he thought it was good to say
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the sky was blue and grass is green to win an electric, he'd do it. >> remarks similar to those made earlier this month by david axelrod. an ambassador campaign strategist. comment didn't end with rival campaigns as chris wallace of fox criticized romney's lengthy absence from his own program and others. >> we have now interviewed all the major republican can days in our 2012 one-on-one series except mitt romney. he has not appeared on this program or any sunday talk show since march of 2010. we invited governor romney again this week but his campaign says he's still not ready to sit down for an interview. >> meanwhile, rick perry doing an about-face regarding upcoming republican debates announcing he'll participate in the next five contests just a week or so after his spokesman said perry would not commit to any debates after november 9th, citing a need to get to know voters in early states. perry spoke about his preferences and why he thinks
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good debate skills are not the only requirement for being commander in chief. >> i really like getting out and being able to talk to people, just like i'm talking with you today, where you have time to lay out your ideas. we got a great debater, a smooth politician in the white house right now. that's not working out very good for america. >> perry went on to dismiss concerns he would not be able to hold his own on stage with president obama, saying he would be able to, quote, draw a clear contrast with the man he hopes to replace in the white house. perry says there's a long way to go before a nominee is chosen. >> i think as people of iowa or new hampshire or south carolina or florida, any of those early states, look at the plans. and i think that's what they're just now doing. obviously, this race didn't settled at all. they look at our plan that really will get america working. and then they take and know that there is a ten-year record of being a solid, conservative on issue of whether it's immigration or whether it's on
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physical conservativism or social issues. i feel comfortable where we'll be on election day. >> republican voters will get their first chance to weigh in on these candidates 64 days from today at the iowa haw. washington report is reporting the yat had early warnings of, quote, systematic torture" at several afghan prisons. a new report out today in report. one across the street from the headquarters in kabul and also claims united states continued to hand over prisoners as initial warnings even as other countries stopped doing so. they write on august 30th united nations raised concern over torture in the prison that the united states stopped sending dough taken ees in the location in question. u.s. official deny any warning or prisoner abuse. a deadly car bomb attack killed 13 foreigners, mostly american. and at least four afghan citizens. the taliban quickly claimed
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responsibility for the bombing. according to "the new york times," afghan and u.s. officials suspect the hakkani network were behind the attack. a week after president obama announced withdrawal of troops in iraq. ed administration is looking to strength combat forces. the move will allow the united states to respond quickly should the situation in iraq become more unstable. still ahead here on "way too early," michael vick leads the eagles to a whooping of the cowboys. is philly still a contender even after that all-start? a lot of people think so. plus, as if herman cain didn't have enough to worry about, with the politico report of section you'll harassment, now he's the victim of bad
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the very latest victim and a check on weather. following the assassination of prime minister indira gandhi. the violent climate of uncertainty is expected to continue for some time. -one. -two.
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andy reid undefeated in his career, coming off a bye week. first drive of the game, eagles on the board, vick with the sidearm sling. follows his blockers 12 yard for touchdown. the eagles' defense shut down tony romo. late in the fourth, eagles -- in the first, eagles up 14. romo's pass tipped right into the hands of a philadelphia eagle. romo held to 203 yard and a touchdown. eagles blow out the cowboys 34-7. the nfc east leading giant at home looking for an easy win against winless dolphin. miami, though, had the lead for most of the game until late in fourth quarter, five minutes left, manning hits cruz of new jersey. steps his way into the end zone from 25 yard. nice moves, too. eli, two touchdowns, giant eke
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out a win. dolphin winless. giant 5-2. eagles, cowboys and red skin down there at 3-4. in the afc pittsburgh struggled to beat tom brady and new england in recent years. brady, 6-1 lifetime against the steelers. how do you beat a quarterback like tom brady? don't let him touch the ball. pittsburgh offense was on the field for more than 39 minutes in the game, twice that of the patriots. second quarter, roethlisberger hits brown on the outside for an easy score. big ben threw for 365 yard, 2 touchdowns. steeler beat new england 25-17. buffalo shut out red skin 23-0, so the bills and the patriots now tied atop the afc east at 5-2. lions and broncos playing in denver. tim tebow had a horrific day. matt stafford finding young. where's the "d"? wide open. picked apart from broncos. 267, 3 touchdowns. on the other side of the ball,
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tebow had a horrific day. first he get sacked. takes the opportunity here. let's see what he's got here. oh. oh. it's called tebowing apparently. tebow was sacked seven times, given up a fumble for touchdown throwing appear interception. lions beat broncos 45-13. most point scored on the road by detroit on the road since 1967. saints and rams in st. louis. cardinals showing off their trophy before game. tony la russa sporting a ramsiercy on the sideline. rams riding the excitement. jab soj powers it if. jackson, 159, two scores. rams get their first win of the season. stunning the saint. remember week beat colts 72-7. rams win this one. new orleans fall to 5-3. 49ers, hosting the brown. 12-play drive.
2:50 am
alex smith, michael crabtree. san francisco wins 20-10. niners now 6-1. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," herman cain's campaign on the defense responding to allegations of sexual misconduct and cash settlement for two female employees who once worked under mr. cain. details ahead. when we come book here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch rick perry get knee-slapping sill to be in new hampshire. yikes, this color just sucks the life out of me. i was just gonna say that! about this flat haircolor! [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy anti-flat, always dimensional. in one simple step, get tones and highlights built into every shade with nice 'n easy.
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♪ according to an explosive politico report out this morning, it is halloween. the latest figures show you're waeing astounding amounts of money dressing up. tell your friend, halloween spending this year is at a record high, 72 bucks per person. really? i don't believe that. that's according to the national retail federation, which says that adds up to $6.86 billion nationally. the reports americans are spending $6 more per person on candy, costumes and decorations than last year. i want a second opinion on that. who's spending $72 on halloween?
2:54 am
i'm not buying it. for the real news let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch rick perry get downright giddy about being in new hampshire. the texas governor not polling well but you would not know it by the excitement he showed at an event there on friday. >> this such a cool state. i mean, come on. live free or die. i mean, it's like, live free or die. bring it. texas rangers, after 50 years, are going to win a world series! oops. i grew up on a farm. i grou up -- i grew up on a farm. if they print any more money over there in washington, the goal's going to be good. our that, 20% flat tax, put it on there, take your deductions off, is send it if. that little plan i just shared with you doesn't force the granite state to expand your tax
2:55 am
footprint. you know what i mean. like 9% expansion. i love herman. is he the best? today's been awesome, girl! this has really been a great day. >> holy cow. i'm not going to editorialize. i think somebody got into the stumble biscuits. first rick perry, then michele bachmann, then mitt romney. now we're on to herman cain. yes, the very latest from the people at >> yes, i'm rolling in it. i can probably freak on you, mcdonald's special. give me a large plate. then i sing, sing, sing about it. i'm going to leave a dime for you to eat at whoois castle. pouty people and whitey people, friends, shut your [ bleep ] up
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time for a quick halloween e-mails. what are they saying? john, you there? we can't hear you, big guy. take off your mask. plus, you're not pressing the microphones. a whole sear of problems. >> sorry about that. >> t.j., what a nerd. what is that, a tron or transformers? nerd. >> it's halloween. >> give me an e-mail. >> all right. anthony in texas says, my dag echo decided to pass gas laying at the foot of my bed.