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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 4, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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it's "way too early" for this. good morning. this is "way too early." the show that will go forward on its quest today. i'm glad you're up with us this morning. you're listening live on sirius radio. you can do what nick saban does and text the word awake. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for friday, november 4th. a lot going on today. we'll tell you what they have been up to. a great moment in history of game show innuendo.
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it's not the newlywed game blooper, but it's close . let's get to the news. the turmoil in greece continues as the country's prime minister faces a critical vote of confidence today. that comes as he announced he would abandon his bid for a bailout in the wake of sharp criticism from other european officials. other members of the party will not support him today. in an address yesterday, pappen droe said, i don't care about being reelected. i'm interested in saving the country. he added that he's open to the creation of a transitional government to ensure greece gets the next round. recent polls show about 90% of greece oppose his policies with
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just 20% supporting his party. fast-moving developments overshadowed the latest g 20 summit in france where president obama says finding a solution to the european e debt crisis is the group's most important tax. last month, the president said i'm sure europe is the biggest obstacle for the u.s. economic recovery. but today news is sparking a return to stocks for investors and driving global markets higher. let's take an early look at today's session. ross westgate is live in london. >> reporter: we saw asian markets firmer overnight. the nick chi up. tracking the gains we got in new york. right now, europe very slim gains. there's a lot of caution. there's a lot of question marks over what happens to greece. much will depend on the opposition parties. are they going to support the
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government in this vote today. and agree to approve to get the bailout money before they press for elections. that's still not clear. they have suggested they will do it, but there's a lot to suggest. a lot of horse trading to go on before they get the vote tonight. markets also cautious out of the employment report we have coming out of the states later. >> the forecast perhaps a little better. we live in this day when it's about expectations. better than expected, but still not great. what are those expectations for today? >> reporter: the expectations are for the headline payrolls number to be up 95,000. private payrolls about 25,000. the unemployment numbers are a little better. so markets might be ready for something that's a little more than that. on the downside, the unemployment rate is expected to tick up to around 9 .1% from 9%.
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and the trend here has been slow and steady. i don't think we'll see a big change in the overall trend. much will depend on what we get from previous numbers. >> all right. thank you. we go back to the unemployment crisis. in washington democrats and republicans debating rival jobs plans to bring relief to the working class. as the senate blocks a $60 billion plan, the bill from the president's jobs plan. it would have provided $50 billion in infrastructure improvements made to highways, railroads, and airports with $10 billion towards investments in private construction projects. it would have been funded by .7% surtax on individuals making more than a million dollars a year. that bill voted down in the senate yesterday. the bill was doomed from the start. mitch mcconnell harry reid were in a back and forth over the bill accusing each other of
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playing politics. >> they deliberately designed this bill to fail. so the truth is democrats are more interested in building a campaign message than in rebuilding roads and bridges. >> their goal is to do everything they can to drag down this economy. to do anything they can to focus attention negatively on the president of the united states in hopes he can get my jobs perhaps. i would say, we can stay here all day. i will get the last word. >> he can always have the last word, but i would say with all due respect to my friend, he just made another campaign speech. >> this is the second piece of the jobs plan. the senate has blocked the previous bill that failed. it would have provided $35 billion to states for teachers and first responders. it's clear none of the pieces is going to make it through the senate. with 19 days until the deficit deadline, the super committee appears to be at a
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standstill. sources say no additional meetings for the panel are currently scheduled. each party sent pieces of proposals to the office where lawmakers were hoping to unite behind one plan. they wanted to review the plan earlier this motto give an accurate cost estimate before the november 23rd deadline. revenues continue to be a sticking point. all but six republican members of congress, including john boehner, have signed the tax pledge sponsored by the head of americans for tax reform. but speaker boehner yesterday down played the influence on the party speaking to nbc news. >> our focus here is on jobs. we're doing anything we can to
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get our economy moving and to get people back to work. it's not often i'm asked about some ran don person in america and what i think. >> is he a random person? >> our focus is on creating jobs. not talking about somebody's personality. >> blas fa my. republicans have signed the pledge. speaker boehner said his party could soften its stance on tax increases if democrats agree to real reform on the entitlement side. new details coming out about the alleged incident that led a female employee of the national restaurant association to accuse herman cain of sexual harassment. the employee says cain made an unwanted sexual advance. the woman left her post after the incident with one year's salary. the other woman received a
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settlement of $45,000. they will decide if they will allow the akuszer to come forward with her story. mr. cain said the story reported was completely untrue. later he offered opinion on why people are critical of his campaign and had been even before the harassment allegations came out. >> they can't stand someone who is his own man. period. they can't stand it. and what makes it worse, i'm a black conservatives that causing their heads to explode. >> in march of the exploratory stages, herman cain reassured conservative bloggers he didn't have any secrets to worry about. if anything came up, it would be a lie. i have an original copy of my
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birth certificate. i don't have any misstresses or skeletons in my closet. despite allegations, voters still rallying around herman cain. since the charges broke on sunday, the cain campaign has received $1.2 million from supporters. trying to move past the scandal, cain made a stop in new york city for breakfast in a private briefing with former secretary of state henry kissinger. still ahead, it's the game of the year. dare i say the game of the young century. lsu and alabama. they are set up. tailgates are out. ready for tomorrow night's big game down in tuscaloosa. we'll have a preview. conan getting a couple visitors.
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♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ there's a beautiful picture of the rink. let's get a check on weather with bill karins. >> a few spots aren't the greatest. we're looking pretty good. this area of rain is going to stay to the south.
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jacksonville and new burn, you're going to have a rainy morning. the afternoon should be okay. the storm will begin to leave. here's the forecast today. it's a little cooler than yesterday. not too bad. 40s in new england. as far as the rest of the country goes, it's a cold start to your day. minneapolis is in the 30s. once the sun gets out, it will be a nice afternoon. 64 in new orleans. all the stormy weather will be in the west. areas like phoenix and san diego. even l.a. has a chance of wet weather. through your weekend, breezy in some spots. but this weekend is going to be quiet on the eastern sea born -- sea board. unsettled weather on the west coast. this is now going to be the longest stretch of dry weather they have seen this year. it looks like no wet weather until thursday of next week. that's how wet this year has been. >> we just had it on saturday
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and sunday. >> now it's been a week. it's been one of those years. >> good weather for the big game saturday night. >> gorgeous. >> all right. thank you. we turn to sports now. the nba is still trying to save their season. a new round of talks is scheduled for tomorrow. there's signs of unrest between players and the union. some 50 players held a conference call to discuss the possibility of desert if iing the player's union. dwight howard among one of the vocal critics of the union. the players vote to desert if i would allow players to file lawsuits. the leaders of the union denied reports of a rift forming among the players. to baseball. a possible reunion in the windy city.
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theo epsing says he's talking to terri francona about taking over the cubs. tito and i have spoken regularly. we are going to see if it's a fit. the two went on to reach the players for six consecutive seasons. winning the world series twice, breaking the curse in 2004. regardless of management, it could be an uphill climb for the cubs. they finish the 2011 season in fifth place. college football with many are calling the game of the century. tomorrow night lsu and alabama will face-off in tuscaloosa. the first time a number one and number two ranked teams have played each other during the regular season. alabama is favored. one player who many think could be the deciding factor is
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alabama runningback trent richardson. he's having a heisman-caliber season. 18 touchdowns over eight games. i want to refer you to an patri yesterday. he's the exchange. he asked how much he bench presses. he said i can't tell you the truth. i did 475 easy and they won't let me go above that. 475. patrick asked again. they won't let me go up from 475. do you have an idea what it's like to bench press? alabama trainers, as he said, will not let him add anymore weight to the bar for fear of his health. yikes. we've been accused on this show, but only showing the fights from hockey and not the
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beautiful goals and saifs. that charge is completely unfair. canucks and wild last night. a fight breaks out. referee sticks his nose in there and regrets it. he gets punched in the face. not once but twice. gave the ref a bloody nose. both players ejected from the game. we also show refs getting punched in the grill. coming up at the top of the hour, president obama speaks this morning at the g20 summit in france where they are sorting through an economic mess. back in washington, the senate votes down part of his jobs bill. we'll discuss that ahead. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch a classic game show moment. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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we told you earlier a setback for president obama's jobs bill. the senate blocked a $60 billion infrastructure plan. it represents less than half the annual cost for americans for the crumbling infrastructure.
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tell your friends last year decaying roads, bridges, and railroads and transit systems cost the u.s. $130 billion. $32 billion to travel delays. just over a billion for safety costs. $590 million in environmental costs. for the real news, let's check out a meeting. conan is back in new york this week. last night there were a couple sleeper agents in his audience. >> i won the ticket. i won these in a fake ticket contest. so i got to come. because i missed you. >> shouldn't you be doing "the daily show" right now?
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>> look at that now. now we have an empty seat to fill. can we get one of the standby audience members to come in and fill the seat. boom. >> steven, same fake ticket. steven. >> found it on the sidewalk. >> again, i'm honored, but don't you have a show to do as well. >> i got like 18 minutes. that's plenty of time to write a show. >> actually by my watch, you only have 17 minutes. >> [ bleep ]. >> pretty good trio there. game show history yesterday to
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determine champions from jeopardy. let's watch. >> if andy yearns for brenda and brenda cares about charlene who pines for them. >> what is a threesome? >> no. >> what is a love triangle. >> yes. that's it. kara has obviously had much more experience than i. >> tre beck, you sly dog. that didn't even approach the newlywed came in the '60s. get yourself on youtube. incredible video. santa kruz, california. a surfer is on their boards. look at that. caught on video. unbelievable. those are hump back whales
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surfacing. whales have been creeping close to the shoreline in santa cruz. it looked like they stayed upright in the kayak and she stayed on the surf board. unbelievable pictures. last night on letterman, matt lauer who is going on his week-long trip offered a few travel tips in the top ten list. >> matt lauer travel tips. number ten. get drunk before your flight. airplane booze is expensive. try greece where the current exchange rate is one u.s. dollar equals all of their money. foreigners do not like it when you call them pap pi. when smuggling wildlife, remember liz saturdays in your shirt, monkeys in your pants. honeymooning with kim kardashian, get refundable
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tickets. >> and the number one matt lauer travel tip. >> never look at your hotel room under a black light. >> liz saturdays in your shirt and monkeys in your pants. good to remember. still ahead on "way too early," tweets and e-mails are next 37. i don't want healthy skin for a day.
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number one story on a sports caster won the lottery on live tv. lottery sponsored by a children's hospital. the sports caster has long supported since his daughter was treated. no word on which prize he chose. they announced it live on tv. john towerer has a couple answers. >> we have a big demo. disoriented travelers. >> we're big with the jet lag