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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 8, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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also coming out on top, president obama's approval rating remains below 50%. it still shows he would win the election against all of the gop presidential candidates. we will show you the numbers. >> this is an opportunity to define what a person is. >> it is that debate that has mississippi in the spotlight as voters decide on the personhood amendment. critics call it an antiabortion legislation. one writer said it's a "moment of truth." she will join us live. send in the stars. how a group of latino actors are using their star power to get hispanic voters to support democrats and the president. the "news nation" is
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following herman cain's expected next move. cain will respond to his latest accuser, the first woman to public low accuse cain of sexual harassment. she alleges cain tried complying with the unwanted advance implying she could get a job if she went ahead with his flirtations. they will hold a conference in a scottsdale plaza in phoenix, arizona. will cain follow the attack line from his staff, going after the woman by painting her as a person motivated by financial problems. the campaign reporter, what do we know about the news conference? will herman cain take questions? >> what we saw was an early press release with the campaign shooting down the credibility of her, cited the instances of civil suits she has been a party
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to while living outside of the chicago illinois area. we should hear a similar story line with really an attack on the credibility of this accuser who has come public. . >> we know that cain was on with jimmy kimmel last night. let me play a clip of whap on the show. >> all things considered, i'm still alive. it got off to somewhat of a rough start. we had a little surprise to show up on tv. did you watch that? we watched it because we didn't know this whole thing about woman number four was going to even come out. >> we saw herman cain trying to keep control and trying to appear upbeat. we know he had pretty tense moments with reporters when pressed about this. i am intrigued sbi by the strategy of saying she is in financial peril and had a
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bankruptcy in her history. this is cain blaming the victim. do we know if he will push the line? >> we certainly expect it would be odd if he didn't after his campaign sent out the release earlier today. it's also been the narrative that was an attack on the media as you know. really turning it around, showing that he raised $2 million since the story broke and to supporters, asked about raising $999,000 by november 9th. keeping along with the nine symbolism. he will say that shows strength that the voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the media and go after his detractors and the liberal media for trying to put what they call just a cheap shot at herman cain. this whole narrative about the sexual harassment charges. >> thank you very much.
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we greatly appreciate it. let's bring in the panel and talk show host, michael smerconish and msnbc contributor. a reporter for yahoo news and a former hillary clinton campaign spokesperson. i haven't had a chance to chat with you since the news conference held by the woman and her attorney, gloria allred. they will dig up information and some see it as dirt as a counter strategy. >> he dug in so deep, perhaps there some who are watching and thinking other women will be fearful to the ex-at the present time that there other women out there. do they now want to come forward and get in the midst? it's entirely possible that women one, two, three and four if i'm adding correctly because i think there five now, they may look at this and be so appalled
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on the part of the woman who came forward and say what the hell, i will get out there in front of a camera and tell my story and look out if that happens. >> let me bring you in. a lot of this dynamic is how people might perceive this woman happened many years ago. it can be seen as a he said she said because there is not a financial settlement and say the company paid me and obviously something was going on here. as a woman, you are observing this as a journalist as well. is there the potential here, the quick sand for herman to really alienate women voters with how he goes after this woman who is accusing him? >> it's a danger not just with women votersvoters, but all vot. people still like him. this has been driving the campaign. people like him. if there is any hint of.
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>> before we heard the nbc news, that did not confirm the allegations, but we have seen the replay of that tape when she claimed herman cain touched her and not just had flirtations, but physically touched her. >> if there is any bit of belief that that might be true or even the fact that the campaign attacked her personally and if that in any way alienates people or turns them off, that's a danger for the campaign. >> politico urges to address accusations. there is a concern with conservatives that the longer this plays out, it distracts from the candidates including mitt romney and rick perry who goes to the top and these guys can't talk about the policies and how they go to the country because everyone is talking about herman cain. >> it's true that neither herman cain or any other republican
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candidates are able to breakthrough with any real message at this point. that's a big, big problem for his campaign and the entire party. that advice made sense a week and a half ago. the story first broke a little over a week ago. he needed to get out in front of it and needed to do this press conference and then stay until every last question was asked and answered. his standing in the polls right now hasn't been affected, you have to believe that the longer this conversation goes on, it will begin to impact. herman cain's rise has been driven by the strength of his personality. we have seen numerous personalities from herman since this thing began. that will hurt him. >> speaking of personalities, let's talk about rick perry as a big personality and came out with a lot of support. now he is, if you will, at the bottom of the barrel.
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he spent $500,000 of air time in iowa. is it over for him? is he an s asknl butt of the jo? >> it probably is over for him. a lot of attention on trump and bachman and now perry and now it's cain. there is something in this that is not favorable towards mitt romney. any time you have the alternatives who have bursts of energy and name out, it's a remind they're these are people who are unsettled with just jumping to the front-runner. >> what are does that say about the republican voters? you have the one radio personality quoted saying that on her radio show in iowa, i almost never get people commenting about rick perry. no one is even talking about him on conservative radio, she said. >> right. i think that's the case and these are also hard core conservatives who are uncomfortable with romney and
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looking for an alternative as the primary and caucus dates draw near. >> let me transition to the president's numbers. in the midwest, he is showing weakness. 56% of independents disapprove of the president's job. 57% of suburban residents and midwest voters. african-american households at least in this poll, 91% support the president. we know african-americans were significant in getting the president in the white house. in the midwest, are the voters down with african-americans despite the things we have seen at the town hall where they were angry at the president for not taking action in the way that those lawmakers wanted to see that he remains hot. >> look. i think fundamentally what the environment that we are in says that people are frustrated with washington and frustrated with the direction of the country and the economy. that's reflected in the
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president's job approval and more so in the job approval of congress and the republican party. in a head to head matchup, he continues to lead and it's widening a tiny bit because elections are not contests. they don't like the other choice. >> in the same polls t shows in head to head matchups, president obama defeating all of the republican candidates each though he is struggling with independent voters and folks in the midwest. >> for will be a turn out game. no doubt the campaign is happy to see the numbers among african-american voters and turning out people that voted for him. >> thank you to you. maria bartiromo will moderate the next debate tomorrow. watch your money, your vote. the presidential debate at 8:00 eastern. we are following developing news about president obama's health care law and a new ruling that
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helps set up a supreme court showdown. plus i will talk with rnc chairman to get his thoughts on what herman cain needs to say and how republicans are worried the scandal is overshadowing everyone else. today mississippi voters could approve restrictions on abortion when they vote on the personhood amendment in the state. it could prompt a new national battle over abortion. first, here's a look at another race we're keeping an eye on. the state senator who wrote the controversial and groundbreaking immigration law faces a recall election. russell pierce is seen as a referendum on the tough policy. we'll be right back. ♪
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a surprise victory for president obama's health care law earlier today. conservative-leaning panels in washington, d.c. ruled the law is constitutional and dismissed a lawsuit from a christian legal group who said it violated religious freedom. several challenges to the law and the supreme court is expected to take up the issue this term. now back to our super tuesday coverage. >> i think it is probably surprised most professionals that herman has done as well as he has over the last week and see if this has legs or not. he has to handle it his own way. >> presidential candidate newt gingrich talking about the sexual harassment swirling around herman cain. that was before a fourth woman made serious allegations 24
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hours ago, yesterday. some fear this scandal surrounding cain could hurt the chances of defeating president obama next year. joining me is the chairman and thank you very much for joining me. >> thank you, tamron. happy to be on. >> absolutely. let me read this quote. o ren smith, the read of the christian family council in south carolina said the american people and specifically republican primary voters need closure on this and really only he can do that, referring to herman cane and a couple of hours when herman cain walks out in front of the cameras, what does he need to say today? >> herman has to do with the campaign thinks is beth. primaries are tough and it's not a game of patty cake. i think they work. all of these things that they are going to pass and things are going to be -- the issues of the day come and go. president obama and hillary clinton went tooth and nail
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through the end of june before the national convention. they nearly split their party in half. obama pretty much cruised to victory and brought a 60-vote majority to the senate and a super majority in congress and now we are living with those results and the american people are not happy with the direction of the country and they will fire barack obama and put a republican in the white house. all that was is going to come true. what herman cain should say or not say or who did it and professor plum in the library, it will come and go. these are the issues of the day. the news is fixated on this, but it's not going to change the fact that the person people by over 70% think that we are moving in the wrong direction in this country. >> two things. the news is fixated on this, but an article in front of me quotes heavy hitters in your party who are fixated on it as well and want herman to deal with it. the list goes on and on. it's not just the news. >> it takes the news and folks
11:18 am
in the news to constantly talk about it and make phone calls to create the news. >> we are talking about sexual harassment allegations. >> here's my quote on herman cain. in the end, this election is not going to come down to this issue. the election is going to come down to what the president said the election is going to come down to. using president obama's words, are you better off today than you were three or four years ago? he promised that we would be and said if we are not, he should be fired as president. i am holding him to the standard. >> with that said looking at the new numbers on the "wall street journal" poll, it shows in a head to head matchup, president obama defeating mitt romney and the list goes on and on. with romney he would defeat by 6 points. what then are the people not convinced of when they look at the republican party and the candidates that we are putting before them. we are a year out, but we are
11:19 am
looking at the number. the 49% and 43% romney. if you are certain the american people are ready to kick obama out of the white house. it's a snapshot. >> and there many polls where the president is losing. number one, the candidates are campaigning in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. this president is campaigning across the country and has been president for almost three years and the people know what they have got with barack obama and he is not breaking 50%. for him to be in the margin of error or slightly ahead or behind against candidates that are not campaigning nationally is bad news. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> the number that i told you before, the most important number and all of these polls is not the head to head. the question is do you believe that this country is moving in the right direction or the wrong direction? you have over 70% of the
11:20 am
american people saying this country is moving in the wrong direction. you know what, the fish rots at the head. historically the people will hold the president accountable. few exceptions. this president has not delivered on any promises. this is no secret. our economy is in the ditch e. people need to work. the president is out campaigning. i think he has a big hill to climb and i'm telling you. >> speak of declean. if mitt romney is the front round e runner, mitt romney looks like the last guy standing. that doesn't sound like a vote of confidence. i know your party wants to put the best person forward to compete even with all of the things that you lined up. the economy, 9.0 unemployment rate. the president wants to help. unemployment rate of 12%. the list goes on and on. >> you might remember a group.
11:21 am
>> you have to let me finish. it appears your party may end up with the last guy standing. does that concern you? >> our party will end up with the next president of the united states. however you want to spin it. there was a group of democrats called the seven dwarfs and everyone assumed that president gorge hw bush and a guy named bill clinton served for eight years and they didn't give them much credit either. the reality is when the president has not fulfilled his promises and people are out of work and we have a guy who is in love with the man in the mirror and everyone is struggled to pay the bills. they will show mr. obama the door and put a republican in the white house. >> we will see if herman cain has tough words to defend himself against the serious allegations. thank you. a great pleasure to have you on. coming up next on "news nation" -- millions of dollars
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spent and a lot is at stake in ohio. will unions score a win that limits collective bargaining rights? ohio congressman who supports that law. plus, how one state is looking to make history with ipads in today's election. pretty cool. the postal service is critical to our economy-- delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices,
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>> a heated battle on 360 unionized workers tops the ballot and decide whether a repeal or to repeal a much-debated union law pushed by john casic. they strip collective bargaining rights for teachers and police officers. support for the repeal of the law has grown steadily since march with 56% of the voters now in favor of repealing it.
11:26 am
joining me on the phone by ohio state representative. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> you said the state will be a juggernaut when referring to this vote today. why do you believe this is the right way to go? what's on the ballot before ohio voters is what's best for them. >> understand that this is just piece of a five-part foundation to turn ohio around to get the economy going upward. we have been going backwards and it gives the government the ability to manage with less dollars. we have closed down the cost and what we are doing is lowering the cost, including business in ohio and we can create jobs in the private sector.
11:27 am
we want to grow the economy and it's one piece of the puzzle. >> this is not a new debate. you are wanting to do these things on the backs of union workers and i am not telling you you have not heard. >> those 360,000 represent about 7% of the workforce in ohio and middle class is much larger and it is stagged in an for so long and what it needs is to be released from the burden of increased spending and taxing and regulating that held our economy down. you understand that i was a member of the legislature in 1983 and world trade center democrats.
11:28 am
the democrat-controlled legislature and the government. >> your colleague in the state senate said that in his mind's eye, what the democrats did was an extreme on one side and the republicans are doing this time around is an extreme and he believes they need to finish out and moderate the sharp edges of all of this. the bottom line right now, the polls show that people are with the union on this. what do you believe this overall will say if the unions can get the enthusiasms going and declare victory here tonight. >> the reality is, here's the dirty little secret. what you are going to have is more layoffs and more unemployment because we are out of money. that's the bottom line in ohio. we have gone backwards steadily. in 1983, i voted to redistrict
11:29 am
21 congressman in a few weeks ago, i voted to redistrict 16. it doesn't take a genius to figure out ohio has been back pedalling because we are not competitive with other states. what is going to happen is because of contractural obligations with the defeat of issue two and less money in the budget, they only have thing to do to reduce cost and that means they will have to pay off more people. >> we will see if the voters are convinced the argument that you are making there. ohio state representative, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thanks for asking my opinion on it. >> ed schultz will be here 8:00 eastern here on msnbc. >> wanted to make sure once you are properly registered, when you show up to vote, you are voting time and you are voting
11:30 am
for yourself. >> it's a debate that comes down to party lines chlg the fight over requiring voters to show id at the polls. they wanted to suppress voters and we will get the details. sending in the stars. how president obama has latino superstars to bring in support for 2012. first, among important contests, the mayor of san francisco ed lee faces 15 challenges with five other raisian-americans running to be the first elected mayor of the city with the largest asian population. slooet front runner and you might recall lee had the viral video campaign with mc hammer and a lot of other superstars where they spoof the too legit to quit. [ man ] flight 373 is delayed. who needs internet? hotspot $5!
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welcome back to the super tuesday coverage. reigniting ithe abortion debate. battle ground 2012. we will talk about three key states. plus, today's "news nation" gut check. we didn't leave you hanging. the debate over adding a prayer to the world war ii memorial. on d-day, some say there is noplace on the memorial. as mentioned, a controversial and emotionally charged antiabortion ballot in mississippi could win the first victory. the issue is whether or not to designate a person the moment an egg is fertilized. if approved by voters, the nation's first so-called personhood amendment would make abortion murder and restrict access to some birth control.
11:35 am
supporters say it's about defining life that they say begins at conception. >> with over a million couples waiting to adopt these babies, isn't it time for the senseless killing to end? >> acknowledging the demands that would change our minds. >> personhood will protect the innocent baby conceived through rape or incest from being executed for the crime. >> the ultimate purpose of the measure is to lay the legal ground work to overturn roe vs. wa wade. they wrote expensively on the measure and erin joins me. you say this is a moment of truth. why do you say that? >> it's gotten heated in mississippi. nobody thought it was going to be this close. we have a moment of truth where we have people confronting the measure and saying what about ivf? what about birth control and in
11:36 am
vitro. they would put such stringent regulations on the way embryos would be treat and they would shut the doors and leave the state because the practices would be illegal. >> that has conservatives and even haley barber concerned. let's me play what the governor had to say just an hour ago. let's play it. >> it does concern me. i think it is unnecessarily ambiguousuous and could have said live begins at conception, period. i don't understand why it has cloning in it. it's already illegal and it mentioned the equivalent there of. does that mean in vitro fertilization? >> a lot of people are talking about the national implication here. let me stop the map because other states who may follow mississippi's footsteps, florida, ohio and montana looking at similar legislation. that's why this is a national
11:37 am
concern and the challenge of row visit wade. >> if it cannot pass in mississippi, it can't pass anywhere. this is the most conservative state in the nation. in the beginning, the polls were saying 80-20. once they got the message out and saying it would have the impact as well as restricting the access to birth control, we are looking at a split. >> these other states are all watching what happens in mississippi. >> we're have petitions trying to get them on the ballot for 2012. if mississippi is a success, those people are going to be emboldened. >> great work and greatly ooh proveiate you coming on. we want the broader pick and a look at the battle ground state wees have on the interactive map. we see of course a lot of things shaking up and in iowa for
11:38 am
example, let's look at who is there. texas governor rick perry is trying to regain footing in the state with just 56 days until the iowa caucus. transitioning from rick perry, we take you to south carolina. michele bachmann attending the fund-raisy raiser today. getting crowded. it's getting crowded in new hampshire. huntsman is there. santorum is there and chris christie not running for president, but he is there to help out his buddy, mitt romney. let's begin in iowa. nbc news campaign from des moines. what's happening on the ground? >> we don't have candidates in iowa today, but yesterday mitt romney was here for the second trip in less than three weeks in iowa. he drew crowds of several hundred people on the eastern
11:39 am
side of the state. last week you mentioned rick perry here. it seems he is trying to bring more momentum to the campaign and stops at a local coffeehouse and stopping at a shopping boutique. newt gingrich it seems is making a bigger push in iowa and opens three campaign headquarters and increasing the staff here. it seems like the race is wide open and they are trying to make a bigger push here. >> in iowa, we mentioned he has a big ad. i read an interview from the conservative radio show host saying people are not asking about him anymore. what kind of reception did he get? >> he is one of the only candidates with tv ads in iowa. he had a good reaction when he was at the coffee shop in des moines, but he was not that well received at the ronald reagan din they're happened on friday night. just moderate to weak applause
11:40 am
compared to newt gingrich and rick santorum. he is coming out with ads on tv, but we are waiting to see if it pays off in the end. >> thank you very much and up next, the battle for new hampshire where the jury will be stomping for mitt romney. from manchester, bringing in the big gun to help out. what are we hearing on the ground? >> it's been a very busy past few days here in new hampshire. rick is hitting 12 different stops in just two days. with two months to go to the primary, you see a lot of candidates and surrogates coming into the state. we have chris christie here representing mitt romney who will be away and campaigning for him aggressively and john huntsman who focused and launched a new website called scare mittless where he attacks mitt romney directly. he has been trying for several months and he is coming out.
11:41 am
>> thank you very much. right now voters back to mississippi are caving ballots on a new voter id. the measure would require voters to show photo id to prove identity. that is already in place in seven states with several more states expected to follow suit by this time next year. these measures are with another divide. they prevent voter fraud and democrats argue they keep minority and elderly people from going to the polls. voters are considering whether to restore same-day voter registration. it's good to see you again. thanks for joining me. let's take a look at this again. first of republican argument or the argument from those who say it is to prevent voter fraud. how prevalent is voter fraud? >> you talk to voter fraud experts and they generally tend to think we only see the tip of the iceberg. they only see a few busts here and there.
11:42 am
last week they were arrested in florida for supposedly stacking the deck on absentee ballots and a few cases in wisconsin. you have to hear them say we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. >> not seeing huge numbers to that of the people who can be sskted by this. five million people can be affected by some of these changes. >> obviously people are impact skpid think the democrats exaggerate the numbers who are impacted. right now one of the big things that the obama for america campaign is doing is trying to get out to the seven states and make sure everyone has an id.
11:43 am
it's not easy, but the world that democrats are living in. >> it's mississippi and break that doubt in maine. what do we see happen something. >> mississippi would join seven others with voter id laws and some of these are tough. you can use it to vote and the university id has to have a signature and an expiration date. not a single jfrt actually meets that criteria. some of these are drawn with a lot of detail and democrats would say they are drawn to make it more difficult to vote. they are talking about reinstating the same-day registration, but again, what wisconsin has, they made much tougher and you have to prove you lived in wisconsin for the
11:44 am
previous month and it's hard to do. it will be interesting to see the imact it could have. thank you. >> stars support hispanics and president obama is trying to get the most famous latinos in hollywood as part of his strategy. a lot going on and things we thought you should know. today, oregon is the first state to use ipads in the voting process. some disabled voters use an ipad instead of a paper ballot to replace. responsibilities are changing for senior staff at the white house. several published reports say embattled chief of staff bill daley is turning over responsibility and the white
11:45 am
house confirms that they are taking an expanded role. those are a couple of things we thought you should know. the employee of the month isss...
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innovation upsized. innovation for all. ♪ >> i'm martin bashir, herman cain's day of reckoning. he appears poised to tear down the accuser. >> a date with mid-. we will ask them about the ad on this busy super tuesday. back to tamron. >> president obama may be seeking more than fund-raising dollars for major stars in hollywood. a president has been holding events with prominent actors including multithousand dollar dinners hosted by eva longoria and that strategy may be a way to reach latino voter who is could be a key voting block. political editor for variety magazine, it's a pleasure to have you on.
11:49 am
>> republican parties and democrats and independents bring in the superstars. how is this different from what we have seen? >> the campaign is trying to reach different groups and the latest being latinos. this was obama's first fund-raising event thatty wee had in los angeles a couple of weeks ago. it was at the home of melanie griffith and antonio banderas. there is an effort not only to raise money, but a hope that they will get out there on the campaign trail. people like eva longoria have been important to the white house. the president has brought her into meetings to talk about immigration reform and she has been very effective as a fund-raiser. she raised i heard several hundred thousand that puts her
11:50 am
in the elite group. it will be just as important that she gets out there and motivates the people in the latino community to get out there and vote. >> let me ask you, are we seeing new faces that were not in the forefront when the president ran before? >> yeah. eva longoria was involved somewhat, but pretty much as just a donor. she has a much more active role involved and certainly antonio banderas and melanie griffith were not involved in the past. it remains to be seen who else gets involved. the campaign has been anxious to expand the base of people in hollywood who are interested in this election and so far what we are seeing is really grabbing for the fruit. those people who have been engaged in the 2008 cycle. i think it's interesting that
11:51 am
obama has been meeting with representatives for a number of young actors to try to get them active and out there on the campaign trail in the coming year. >> it's an interesting article and obviously an interesting strategy from the president 2008. 67% of latino voters and the numbers do count. appreciate it and thanks for joining me. >> thank you very much. >> next in or special super tuesday, "news nation" gut check. controversy surrounding the world war ii memorial and politicians want to add a prayer, but critics say it dilutes the central message. what does your gut tell you? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the personal attention
11:52 am
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>> objections raised to adding a prayer to the world war ii memorial. ohio congressman proposed a bill
11:55 am
that would add a plaque with part of franklin d roosevelt's d-day prayer on the memorial. they asked the nation to join the prayer as u.s. and allied troops to launch the invation on 1944. the bureau of land management said adding a prayer would violate the act that prohibits new commemorations on existing ones. he also said it would dilute the message. several politicians called it unconscionable. should a plaque be added to the memorial? go to "news nation" to cast your vote and that does it for this special edition of "news nation." you can catch "news nation" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. eastern time on msnbc. mart [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun.
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good afternoon. it's tuesday, november 8th. here's what's happening.
11:59 am
it's time to get serious. >> i want to talk about any and all. >> herman cain ready to answer the accusations. >> it's not about me. i'm not the running for president. >> stories of sex and scandal that won't go away. >> you almost made me say something that they said you should not say. >> a serious candidate? mr. cain, these accusations are no laughing matter. >> and we begin with super tuesday here at msnbc and this time next year, americans will be going to the polls to vote in the presidential election. at this moment, we are two hours away from herman cain's much anticipated press conference in arizona. the embattled candidate vowing to set the


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