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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 10, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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following two major developing stories. joe paterno fired after 46 years of coaching the nittany lions of penn state. thousands of students erupt in anger and support for their beloved joepa. and what could be a major turning point for the gop candidates who squared off in michigan last night on cnbc. it is the oops that could end a presidential campaign and clearly the biggest moment from last night's debate. >> and i will tell you, it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the, uh -- uh, what's the third one there? let's see. >> you mean five. >> oh, five, okay. commerce, education and, uh, the, uh, um -- >> epa? >> epa, there you go. >> let's -- >> seriously?
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is epa the one you were talking about? >> no, sir. no, sir. we were talking about the agencies of government -- the epa needs to be rebuilt, there's no doubt about that. >> but you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the, uh -- >> commerce. >> commerce. and let's see. i can't, the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> national political reporter with politico, you're here to give grades. i've seen that clip now, i don't know, 20 times. it still is cringe-worthy. so let's start with that rick perry slip. how bad's the grade? >> well, i mean, it's an "f." and it's because you've seen it so many times within how many, a 12-hour period? this is going to be replayed on cable all day today. there's another debate coming on saturday. this is what the pundits and prognosticators will be talking
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about. can rick perry recover? on one of the morning shows he was asked, can he even stay in the race? that makes it pretty bad for him. not only because of this moment, because of the prior debates and the pattern he's had in repeated stumbles. >> yeah. the other guy that was watching was herman cain, but he got just one question on that sexual harassment series of allegations. li listen to this part. >> you've been a ceo. >> yes. >> you know that shareholders are reluctant to hire a ceo where there are character issues. why should the american people hire a president if they feel there are character issues? >> the american people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations. that's a fact. >> well, clearly it was a friendly audience there. and they booed the suggestion even of the question. but how did he do overall?
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>> that was his best moment. it was sort of predictable, because it's a partisan audience that doesn't like the media drubbing this up. his hardcore supporters don't believe it no matter how much, you know, facts are out there. they don't believe the sexual harassment allegation. it's always, you know, easy for republicans to pile on the media. but honestly, i mean, i buck conventional wisdom a little bit on cain. i put him at a "c" plus because i believe when you put him against romney, who he is vying with, he doesn't have as much substance. he keeps repeating the 9-9-9 plan, but what's next after that? so i would say it was an average performance for him. no death blows. no major mistakes. but not a great performance. >> was there any surprise in this debate for you? >> you know, not really other than rick perry which is the big story. i think jon huntsman performed pretty well. he doesn't get as much time at these debates as the other
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candidates. he's always usually at the end. but, you know, he does have some real substantive arguments to make on china, on the economy. he has real-world experience in those. i also think newt gingrich stood out with a lot of his answers. he always loves to use the media as a foil. and, you know, the crowd eats that up. you know, he was challenging the moderators last night on occupy wall street, that the media is not reporting right this issue. so you're going to have to watch him and see if his polls rise with his performances. >> david cantonese from politico, thank you so much. >> thank you. ijts i want to bring in mary francis berry, professor, jeff johnson is an msnbc contributor. things were obviously bad for rick perry last night. he tried to laugh it off. let's listen. >> i'm glad i had my boots on tonight because i sure stepped in it out there. could i name two more agencies of government than what the current administration is talking about getting rid of.
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>> he tried to sort of talk his way out of it, mary frances, but is he done, do you think? >> probably. all of us have slips of memory and forget things and then later on remember what they were. but when you're running for president, sometimes it's fatal. and it was the way he did it. even on the second go 'round, he couldn't remember the second agency the second time. the one he had already mentioned. the second time he wrestled with that too long. so that unfortunately, this is a big problem for him. this is primary season, so all we're really concerned about is whether he gets a stick in to stay in the primaries. so it's very much in doubt today. >> and as a contrast, you know, you have mitt romney -- and it was a very different kind of gaffe, obviously, but look at this in the way that he handled it. >> i think people understand that i'm a man of steadiness and c constancy. i don't think you'll find
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anybody who has more attributes than i do. i've been married to the same woman for -- excuse me, for 42 years. >> in fact, one of the column headlines was falling in like with mitt romney. could it be? could people actually be warming up to him? >> well, i think he did a great job last night really for the first time being very clear about where he has been consistent. it didn't really speak to his policy issues and his policy flip-flopping, but i think it was much stronger than he's been. and it sent the kind of message that he has the ability now to be able to be a little stronger in his language and a little bit more likeable. i agree with you. i think a lot of folks felt romney last night. and despite perry taking the spotlight with his gaffe, romney really was the clear winner coming out of last night. >> and did you hear herman cain's nickname for nancy pel i pelosi? listen to this. >> it's already been written. we didn't hear about it in the previous congress because princess nancy sent it to committee, and it stayed there. it never came out. >> princess nancy to a former
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speaker of the house, mary. later he said he probably shouldn't have said that. but what do you make of it? >> well, i think he shouldn't have said it. i love nancy pelosi, for the record. but i think that his primary voters, the ones who are his core voters, probably like what he said. and that's not going to hurt him in the primary. but he was also right to walk it back a little bit for people in the party who are concerned. so he had it both ways. >> given the fact there are these sexual harassment allegations against him. >> right. >> jeff, did it feel a little weird to you? >> it was very weird. and it was the kind of thing that you would have thought he would have been a little bit more sensitive about. but we have to remember, too, that this party, in recent years, has used a lot of derogatory language towards the democrats. whether it's been president obama or nancy pelosi. i think this is pretty consistent in the kind of language that members of the gop have used in a very derogatory way to members of the democratic
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party. >> and then there was newt gingrich, and some of his exchanges got a little bit testy. let's watch. >> historically, this is the richest country in the history of the world because corporations succeed in creating both profits and jobs, and it's sad that the news media doesn't report accurately how the economy works. >> what is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy? >> what? >> what is the media reporting inaccurately about the economy? >> i love humor disguised as a question. that's terrific. i have yet to hear a single reporter ask a single occupy wall street person a single rational question about the economy that would lead them to say, for example, who's going to pay for the park you're occupying if there are no businesses making a profit? >> it plays to the base, i suppose, but it also seems to me, jeff, that it's nonresponsive. and there are two newt gingrichs, i think. there's one the kind of professor who's so smart and you
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really like and learn a lot from him, and there's the grumpy uncle that you hope doesn't explode at the thanksgiving day table. who do you think showed up last night? >> i don't think he allows an opportunity to go by without it being grumpy old man 2011. i think that's just a part of who he is. and it's a part of him playing to the base. because the intellectual gingrich, and he really, i think, is a very smart man who knows politics and knows policy, doesn't necessarily inspire the base the way the grumpy old man does. and i think he wants to be able to create a balance between the two so that he can still be viewed as a legitimate candidate but also energize the base at the time that's necessary. >> well, you know, i said this yesterday. i was one of the people who thought there were too many debates, but we've been learning a lot, haven't we, and there's a whittling process going on. jeff, mary, thanks so both of you. the ninth gop debate certainly provided plenty of fireworks, but did the candidates tell the truth, or did they stretch the facts to fit their platform?
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we've got your fact check coming up. well, the stunning announcement from penn state came last night. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach effective immediately. >> after 46 years, joe paterno's storied college football career came to a shocking end, fired over the phone in the wake of a horrific sex abuse charge against a top ex-coach. there you see the violence erupting on campus after thousands of students got the news. car windows were smashed. a news van was overturned to widespread cheers. then with his wife at his side, paterno spoke briefly with students outside his home. >> hey, look. get a good night's sleep. all right? study. all right? we've still got things to do. all right. i'm out of it, maybe, now. a phone call put me out of it, but okay. good luck, everybody. thanks. one thing.
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thanks and pray for all of those victims. >> boy, nobody expected it to end this way. we've got a couple of local pennsylvania papers. paterno is just about the whole front page there in "the express times" in "the morning call." i'm joined by bob flounder sports report for "the harrisburg news." they have been closely watching this story, obviously. and i think we can say joe paterno is synonymous with penn state. tell us a little bit more about how astonishing this turn of events is. >> actually, i think it's not really that astonishing that joe -- the university board of trustees acted on joe. i think what's astonishing is how they did it, how they let him know by phone. and i think all along that joe was probably not going to last the season. he made the statement yesterday -- i think he took -- he took -- he tried to take control of the situation by saying, you know, he messed up. he wanted to be gone by the end
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of the season. but i think he desperately wanted to finish out the season. i think the board of trustees was thinking about getting rid of joe all along. i've heard from a very good source close to the board that when they canceled joe paterno's news conference on tuesday around 12:30 at the last minute, the board was very close to getting rid of him right then. they decided to wait a little bit. but i heard that they were getting their support in order, their boats in order to make this move. i think it was the right move. i don't agree with how they did it, but i think the board of trustees' mission was clear. they wanted to change the face of the penn state program. and that starts with joe paterno and graham spanier and they did what they had to do. >> how do you square, though, this beloved icon and a terrific reputation with a man who chose not to call police, really dropped the ball when he was told assistant coach jerry sandusky was seen raping a 10-year-old boy on campus way back in 2002?
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>> well, i mean, it's impossible to square that image of joe. i mean, i think that's what penn state fans and especially penn state former players who love joe are trying to do and have been trying to do all week. what's happened to the people that we thought we knew and what's going on right now. it's not only joe, it's also obviously jerry sandusky. there's starting to be some spin coming out of the paterno camp about maybe him addressing the situation either today or tomorrow and give his version of events. and there's starting to be some talk about maybe, just maybe, what mike mcqueary said to him is not what he said to the grand jury. i find that difficult to the believe. i think in the next day or two, there's a strong chance that paterno will address this. i think he wants to address it. he wanted to address it on tuesday. but it's very difficult to imagine or to visualize joe paterno, this icon, getting this
7:14 am
information. and other than forwarding it up the chain to tim curley, doing nothing when the police weren't contacted, i agree. >> so what's next? where does the sexual abuse investigation stand now, and what does this mean for penn state? >> oh, it's definitely not good. and it's an ongoing investigation. you know, if the allegations are true, i think everyone needs to remember one thing. jerry sandusky, the guy that's in the middle of all of this, formed a children's charity in 1977 called the second mile. and a lot of the allegations that have come to light really only deal with the last maybe 10 or 12 years. so if they're true, i think people are starting to come to grips with the fact that jerry sandusky might have been a kid in a candy store for a long time. i'm not saying it is true, but if the current allegations are true, this is just horrific. i think there's a lot of legal implications. and the stain associated with the penn state program will last a long time. i think that's why the board did what they did.
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it was a business decision, pure and simple. and the fact that paterno is an icon doesn't matter. he's associated with it, and he had to go. >> bob flounders with "the harrisburg patriot news," thank you so much. that video, proof a lot can happen in five seconds. that's how long it took for a police cruiser to hit a car and then crash into a house near portland, oregon. the officer was on the way to a call when it happened. nobody at the house was injured. the officer and the two passengers in the other car, though, did have to be taken to a medical center for treatment. it happened back in december, but investigators ruled just yesterday that the officer was not to blame. n't want a parade; they want a job. the postal service employs more veterans than any other civilian employer. but congress is debating a bill that would force the postal service to fire tens of thousands of vets, close post offices, shut mail processing plants, and disrupt mail delivery. drastic cuts won't fix the postal service
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president? well, the website gopdebatewatch asks people to put your money where your mouth is. donors can pledge a couple of bucks every time a candidate says "obama care" or "9-9-9." the site is run by the obama campaign. new jersey governor chris christie took an opportunity to take a shot at the president yesterday while he was out stumping for mitt romney. >> forget that we disagree with the president of the united states philosophically on most issues, and we do. but what drives me the most crazy is the ineffectiveness. i mean, even if i disagree with someone's philosophy, i can admire their execution of their philosophy. this guy goes 0 for 2. >> and in three brand-new polls from swing states, president obama and mitt romney are neck and neck. in florida, ohio and pennsylvania, just a few points separate the two, well within the margin of error. since 1960, no candidate has won the presidency without carrying two of they see three important
7:20 am
states. check out nancy pelosi on "the daily show" last night, was taped before she was dubbed a princess by herman cain, and she talked about congressional approval ratings. >> their approval rating right now is slightly below, from what i understand, hepatitis c. >> and you wonder, who are these people who approve of congress? the last time i was here in april of 2009, that was the last time i was on the show, the democrats were in control. the congressional rating was 40%. >> the gop candidates made a lot of bold statements last night. how many of them were true? glen kessler writes the fact checker blog for "the washington post." good to see you again. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> i want to start with something night gingrich said last night. we'll play it. >> i have never done any lobbying. every contract that was written during the period when i was out of the office specifically said i would do no lobbying. and i offered my advice. my advice when they walked in and said to me we are now making
7:21 am
loans to people who have no credit history and have no record of paying back anything, but that's what the government wants us to do. i said to them at the time, this is a bubble. this is insane. this is impossible. >> okay. true or false? >> well, you know, we don't know exactly what he said in private conversation, but we do know what he said publicly for his $300,000 consulting contract. and that was that -- i'm sorry, freddie mac was a business model to be admired. and he said that repeatedly. >> all right. let's go to mitt romney and the flip-flopping charge. here he goes. >> your opponents have said you've switched positions on many issues. >> i think it's outrageous that the obama campaign continues to push this idea, when you have in the obama administration the most political presidency we've seen in modern history. >> so what exact reply did you fact check there? >> well, what i fact checked was the fact that he put all his onus on obama without noting
7:22 am
that two of the main candidates against him, rick perry and jon huntsman, have been running pretty nasty ads calling romney a flip-flopper. >> all right. finally, everyone's favorite number now, apparently is 9-9-9. here's herman cain. >> it is fair. the reason it's fair is because of the definition in webster which says everybody gets treated the same. all businesses get treated the same. not having washington, d.c., pit winners and losers. >> well, is it fair? is that right? >> well, not really. you know, every study that has looked at it sideways and from top to bottom have said that the poor would pay much more in taxes than they currently do. and the rich would pay much less. so i'm not sure that meets webster's definition. >> glen kessler, always good to see you. thank you for fact checking for us. >> you're welcome. cities all around the country are having trouble making ends meet, but in alabama, it's really bad. take a look at the front page of the newspaper. jefferson county, alabama, it includes birmingham, filed for
7:23 am
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it's part of the healthcare law. so it's time to look, compare... and choose the right plan for you. learn more at 1-800-medicare or think before you tweet. ashton kutcher learned that lesson the hard way after tweeting about joe paterno. and what he's doing to make sure it never happens again. we'll explain later in the hour. during his second grilling in british parliament today, james murdoch insisted he told the truth when he said he knew nothing of the widespread phone hacking at news corp.'s british newspaper division. murdoch accused some former employees of blindsiding him and misleading parliament. but one labor party lawmaker went so far as to say, quote, you must be the first mafia boss in history who didn't think he was running a criminal enterprise. a search is under way in venezuela after wilson ramos, one of the washington nationals' most promising young players, was kidnapped. last night, four armed men
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welcome back to "jansing & company." we've got our eyes on something that's very nearly a hurricane in the southeast atlantic. this is tropical storm sean. and it's just shy of being a hurricane. it's been sitting out there for a while. unbelievably, it started as a snowstorm in colorado last week. it made its way out into open water and developed into a tropical system that's been bringing high surf into florida. some of that moisture will be drawn up into this front that's now coming through the northeast. so we've got rain here today. we're going to see a lot more of that in eastern new england, in particular, very wet weather now coming up, you'll see a few showers across the interior of the northeast. a wet day today. more of that tomorrow in eastern new england and into saturday morning, one to two inches of rain possible.
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windy across the southeast. beautiful in the middle of the country and very nice in the west. but rain is on the way for the west this weekend. chris, back to you. >> all right, carl parker, thank you. a new study shows that a simple medication could lead to weight loss with no dieting and no exercise. researchers in texas gave monkeys a protein compound called etapoteid. it targets the blood supply of fat cells and kills them. after just 28 daily injections of the drug, obese monkeys lost an average of 11% of their body weight. researchers have applied for fda approval to begin trials in people. the november 23rd deadline is fast approaching, but the congressional super committee working to develop a plan to reduce the deficit has hit another roadblock. they're trying to find at least $1.2 trillion in budget savings over ten years. kelly o'donnell is live for us. what's the latest problem? >> reporter: it seems very bleak because you've got some of the
7:32 am
entrenched positions we've seen from erepublicans and democrats back and forth over time. what has been going on is they have been offering each other proposals, and there has been some sniping back and forth about that. now, republicans say they are willing to make some changes in tax revenue, and that would mean cutting deductions without raising more money to bring up the tax rate. but they also want to keep in place the bush-era tax rate levels set to expire. democrats have been giving on things like entitlements that they consider very dear and costly. but they aren't on the same page yet. the white house has been quite hands off on this for both political and practical reasons. and chris, as we get closer to that deadline, you know, the president will be out of the country, so he will be even more literally and mehtaphorically ot of the picture. so can they get something done? they continue to talk, but there's been sharp words from aides and members on both sides saying the other side is not doing enough, not willing to
7:33 am
really seriously negotiate. so we've seen this kind of thing before where the urgency of a deadline seems to bring people together. that's what we're watching. but at the moment, pretty glum, chris. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. there's a new snapshot of the housing market this morning, and it shows foreclosure activity is picking up again, hitting a seven-month high, up 7% between september and october. the republican hopefuls tackled the housing market in last night's cnbc/nbc debate, blaming the government for the mess. >> markets work. when you have government play its heavy hand, markets blow up and people get hurt. and the reason we have the housing crisis we have is that the federal government played too heavy a role in our markets. >> well, msnbc's richard lui has been looking into the numbers. foreclosures up 7%, things are getting worse. >> and not good numbers. good morning. all you have to do is really look down the street, and odds are you can still see at least
7:34 am
one house in foreclosure on your street. and compared to last month, here's the data. it is worse. this is september all on the right-hand side. this last dot right here. this is a rise of 7% between these two points right here. according to realty track. now, the reason according to what we understand right now, the reason, as we look at this, a year ago right about here, when you look at this data point here, this is where banks started to handle foreclosures. and there was a question about whether they were doing it properly. so the rules have now been cleared, and numbers now could go down as low as that point or maybe even as high as this. since those rules have changed. five states make up over half of the foreclosures. california, as you can see over here, 24%. that's a big number. second of all, you've also got florida. and then third, michigan on that list. and then the others on this right now. i want to show you also this heat map from realty track which basically lays out where all of the foreloeschers are. when you look at the numbers on this map right here, notice
7:35 am
there are particular hot spots. those hot spots are both in the midwest, when you look at the midwest, because i want to highlight this for you, as well as the west as well as in the southeast. and as you take a step back from this, you notice each holds key election toss-up states like michigan, nevada and florida. and we look at those numbers, that is an issue because the foreclosure rates are particularly bad in those areas. and let me drill down on that for you. when you look at michigan at the moment, 1 in 282 homes, that's basically double the national average of foreclosures. also when you look at nevada, that is the worst in the country. right now 1 in 180 homes. basically, you'll see a foreclosed house on each square block or two. and then there's also florida to take a look at. florida at the moment, that's a key state because it's
7:36 am
electoral-vote rich. mccain lost in that state by just 3%. that is 1 in 168 homes. all right. now, let me take you back to how the republicans could use this data against the president come 2012. when we look at the numbers locally in florida and we drill down on a district level, this is the way it looks. this is right now the heat map of foreclosures. and as you can see in the southeastern portion of florida where miami's at, that's where you have a lot of foreclosures, also in the orlando area. then on the right-hand side, i have here how the districts voted in 2008. blue is where obama won. red is where mccain won. but you'll notice some of the parallels there. they're in the miami area as well as orlando. what may be concerning for obama strategists is how those foreclosures might translate to these districts. because they kind of overlap at the moment. now, this could change, though, in the next year. b of a, for instance, is offering up to $20,000 to short
7:37 am
sale rather than foreclose. >> it will benefit the banks. it will benefit the home sellers. it will benefit the buyers. and it will benefit the court systems. >> bright spots to look at. washington, d.c., vermont and new york with foreclosure rates 10 to 20 times lower than the nation. a nation with more than a quarter of its homes under water, according to zilo. when will you be able to look down the street without seeing a foreclosed home? some experts are saying as long as 40 months. >> wow, that is discouraging. thank you so much. jon huntsman has been continuing to look for a big campaign boost, but it has not yet materialized. he did stop short of attacking romney directly at last night's debate. after romney criticized chinese trade practices and currency manipulation, moderator john harwood asked huntsman to respond. >> are you saying governor romney is pandering? >> i'm saying that you can throw
7:38 am
out applause lines and you can say that you're going to slap on tariffs. you know, that doesn't work. >> but you're suggesting that he's standing right here, would you say he's pandering on this issue? >> i've said before that i believe that policy is one of pandering. >> joining me live, anchor of telemundo's signature newscast. good morning, my friend. >> good morning. good to see you. >> jon huntsman will be on telemundo this sunday. and i know you covered a lot of topics, but an interesting point apparently was huntsman stand on immigration reform and the federal dream act. what did he tell you? >> it's fas fating. and chris, you know, he is the first of the republican crop of canned da candidates to come on telemundo in an in-depth issue. that says a lot about his understanding of the hispanic community and its problems. but what really makes him different from the crop of candidates is precisely his position on immigration reform. >> you have to turn realistically to the 11 million
7:39 am
or 12 million people who are here. you can't wish them away. logistically, it would be impossible. and you have to say, how do you bring people out of the shadows who are working, who in many cases are paying taxes, who are raising families and kids who are growing now. i think you have to say, what is a systematic approach that deals with a sense of humaneness and a sense of pragmatism. >> and you know, he also says he is in favor of the federal dream act which is in deep contrast with the other candidates. the question is, chris, will this be enough to get his momentum going in, for example, latino voters that may be disillusioned by president obama's lack of leadership they perceive on immigration reform. >> yeah, he has such a tough slog. he's been at 0%, 1%, 3% in the polls. what did he tell you about that? you wonder how they hang in there when they see those kind
7:40 am
of poll results. >> look, i think in all of them, and the governor is no exception, kind of points out to the last race when, you know, everybody said that it was hillary, and it was maybe giuliani before things started going into the ballot. votes were going into the ballot boxes. you know, look. giuliani put a last stand in florida, waited until that. they all seem to think -- the governor seems to think it's too fluid now, and if you stick around long enough, people will eventually pay attention to your ideas. we'll see if that's the case. >> people can see more of the interview this weekend. britain's prime minister calls italy, quote, a clear and present danger. wall street is rebounding this morning after the dow plunged nearly 400 points on fresh worries about europe's money problems. cnbc's mandy drury is here with "what's moving your money." how are we doing this morning, and why did we see such a negative reaction yesterday? >> you're absolutely right. of course, the dow was down by 400 yesterday. can you remember volatility
7:41 am
quite like this, chris? i mean, today we're higher, but we certainly are off the highs, and the nasdaq has even turned negative. this does, however, seem to be the new normal. stocks moving higher this morning, stocks moving lower yesterday. today we got unexpected and a welcome drop in unemployment claims. we're also seeing signs of progress in europe's debt crisis. and that, unfortunately is where all the headlines do seem to be grabbed. the progress over in europe comes in the form of italy being able to sell nearly $7 billion worth of debt at borrowing rates that were actually more favorable than analysts expected. recall, yesterday part of the problem we had from the get-go with stocks was because italy's borrowing costs were soaring and people were thinking things are getting worse, not better. but today you've got it'dly's president reassuring the markets that berlusconi will step down, that's the prime minister, after a new austerity budget is passed. and you also have progress, chris, in greece. and now to the vice president, lucas papdemos of the new
7:42 am
interim government. that new interim government has to pass also austerity measures. if we get them passed in greece, then they'll get their additional financial support from international lenders. so unfortunately, we're still very much focused on europe. and that is why we're having so much volatility from literally day to day. >> let's focus on something maybe fun or funny. >> okay. >> dome is 11-11-11. and i guess those are going to be lucky numbers in vegas. >> yeah. in fact, the chapel of the flowers, i believe, is prepping for an onslaught for 11-11-11 wedding ceremonies. the first service kicks off at 8:00 a.m. they're going to run apparently nonstop for 15 hours in three chapels until 11 past 11:00 p.m. and apparently couples are arriving from as far away as the uk, canada, hungary, singapore, from all over for this auspicious and special day. and apparently several even made their reservation 12 months ago. and some have even made reservations for next year's
7:43 am
12th of the 12, 2012 which would be the last of the century. did you know las vegas is the world headquarters for marriage? there you go. apparently yeah. more than 4% of america's expected 75,000 weddings will be held there tomorrow. >> wow! >> unbelievable, right? >> cnbc's mandy drury, we'll stay right here in metropolitan new york. thank you. some help is coming to washington to veterans looking for work. the senate is expected to approve part of the president's jobs bill that would provide tax credits to companies who hire former service members. senators are also expected to repeal a withholding tax on government contractors. if they are passed by the house next week, these will be the first measures in the president's jobs bill to get through coming res.
7:44 am
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supplements appears to slow the growth of prostate cancer in just a few weeks. researchers examined prostate tissue samples from patients who had eaton a lowfat diet for four to six weeks and found actual changes in the competition of the prostate cells. these changes helped slow the growth of cancer, making it easier to treat. hi, everybody, good morning. i'm thomas roberts. in the next hour of msnbc, breaking news on the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. the new football coach will hold a press conference at the top of the hour on the heels of paterno's firing. meanwhile, the criminal investigation hits federal attention in the quest for justice. two out of three ain't bad, perry's campaign spin today after perry goes blank last night. do his supporters have the energy to forgive him? and the newly crowned miss new york is here talking about her anti-bullying platform in schools which is getting the attention of lawmakers. that and a whole lot more coming up in the next hour. chris. >> my producers just reminded me, how about you want to do a
7:48 am
few bars of that meatloaf song? is it meatloaf? >> i think so. herman cain, he's campaigning in michigan at this hour. he is wasting no time meeting with supporters after last night's debate. tea party supporters, as a matter of fact, in the city of ypsilanti. joining me is alex wagner whose new show debuts monday at noontime on msnbc. welcome aboard. >> thank you. >> herman cain defended himself last night and even the question about sexual assault allegations drew boos from the audience at oakland university. but how do you think he did? >> i think it was a reperformance for y cain. this campaign was supposed to focus on economic policy. and he focused on 9-9-9. the public was looking for broader thinking on the economy, broader thinking about jobs. he was asked about fannie mae and freddie mac and really
7:49 am
didn't have an answer after again saying 9-9-9 saying he would unwind both agencies, it didn't look like he put in the legwork. >> but at least he remembered the agencies. >> that is a mark for him. >> let's also talk about mitt romney. msnbc senior political analyst mark halperin gave him an "a." the "l.a. times" op-ed is "romney's challengers fade away." have these debates silenced a lot of the people who have had qualms with mitt romney? >> look, nobody is working harder in this campaign season than mitt romney. he has kept his head down. he's putting in the work. he is great at debates. i think he was really good last night. he seemed more comfortable. he was not fending off attacks from the rest of the field. i think that was good for him. he was passionate when he was talking about his pro-business agenda. he dug his heels in on china. he was unwavering in that. he showed conviction. and my favorite mitt romney moment was when he likened
7:50 am
working with the massachusetts state legislature to a college athlete always at away games. it was a side of romney we don't usually see. i think he's hitting his stride and may get the brass ring because he wants it more than anyone else. >> what people don't see is the legwork he puts in. he's never met a chicken dinner he didn't like. >> exactly. he's eaten more rubber chicken than anyone else in the pealfie. >> let's talk about your show, debuting on monday. >> it is. we are going to be focusing on politics. it will be conversational, incisive, irreverent. there will not be a backing band much to my chagrin. i'm excited and thrilled to be on the channel and hosing the noon hour. >> do you have any secret guests you want to tell us about? >> i don't know if i'm allowed to say, but we have a great lineup. >> she won't even let me say the name. all of this will be unveiled on monday. >> it's top secret. >> we're happy to have you on board. today's "tweet of the day"
7:51 am
comes from ashton fire, coming under fire after he criticized the removal of joe paterno. he tweeted, "how do you spire joepa fan? as a hawkeye fan, i find it in poor taste." then not realizing it had to do with the handing of child sex abuse allegations. heard joe was fired, fully recant the last tweet.
7:52 am
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best dressed, taylor's win and penguins on ice. let's go down to the wire. remember when they were the cute little twins on "full house"? now the olsen twins are labeled the best-dressed sisters by "vogue." mary-kate and ashley beat out kate middleton and pippa for their signature style. the special edition hits newsstands november 15th. hard not to like taylor swift, and she's a winner again. last night second time swift was named the country music
7:55 am
association's entertainer of the year. only the second woman to win the award twice. you know who the other one is? barbara mandrell. here's a way you could be in two places at once. get your wax double made. kate winslet's wax figure was just unveiled in london wear are the same red gown she wore to the emmys. the actress was added to the collection by popular demand. here's something you don't see every day, penguins on ice, but not their native kind. these penguins were brought out to open london's only outdoor ice rink. how nice of them to dress up in tuxedos for the occasion. and speaking of ice, check out this diamond, serious bling, 100 carats. the nickname, the sun drop. it's expected to sell at auction for anywhere from $11 million to $15 million. what recession? and are you getting in the christmas spirit? a 65-foot white fir tree is on its way from california to the capitol. it was cut down this weekend. the u.s. forest service calls it
7:56 am
the perfect tree. and look at rockefeller center. where's our perfect tree? getting ready. very exciting there, too. that's going to wrap up this hour of "jansing & company." i'm chris jansing. thomas roberts is up next. neowgie hawir thha r an's
7:57 am
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ncfomi b d s te f huge developments this hour on two stories. one, fallout from the gop debate. we're going to talk with cnbc's john harwood about what it was like during two employee moments last night. rick perry's historic gaffe and other boos from the crowd. plus, the other breaking story. this hour, serious new questions raised this morning on the penn state sex abuse scandal and the firing of coach joe paterno. hi, everybody, good to have you with me. we have a busy hour. we get straight to it with breaking news. a press conference at penn state where


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