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tv   M. Jackson Dr.  MSNBC  November 13, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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we are interrupting our regular programming because there are reports that the singer and pop culture icon michael jackson has died. >> lapd detectives have gone to the home where michael jackson was renting. it was part of what was essentially a routine death investigation. >> the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide, and the last person to see him alive is his doctor. >> conrad murray figuratively and literally abandoned michael
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jackson. >> conrad murderer. conrad murderer. >> though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil. >> justice for michael! justice for michael! >> dr. murray is not a perfect man. he's an imperfect man like all of us. but the prosecution is going to get up here and tell you he's greedy and callous and reckless. you need to hear the full story about him.
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>> in the spring of 2009 michael jackson, the so-called king of pop, was poised for the biggest comeback of his career. he would perform a record-breaking 50 concerts that summer at london's o2 arena. in difficult financial straits, the concerts would help jackson get out of death. >> i'll be -- i'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. >> to get through this grueling schedule, jackson turned to dr. conrad murray, a las vegas-based doctor he knew. >> this is it. i mean, this is really it. this is the final. this is the final curtain call. >> michael was an incredible human being. the greatest performer of all time. we were friends.
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and i could never, ever betray his trust. >> on november 7th, 2011 a los angeles jury found dr. conrad murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter. for two years we followed dr. murray as he awaited and then went on trial. this is his story in his own words. >> my story is one of david and goliath. i've seen the whole world coming at me. that's the goliath. david was clearly not expected to be victorious. but he has had god with him. >> you cast your faith to the wind. and it's for others to judge and make a decision.
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>> conrad murray, as the doctor on scene, had a legal duty of care to use his best medical judgment to do no harm to michael jackson. he left this vulnerable man filled with valium and midazolam and lorazepam and propofol, with no medical monitoring equipment, no necessary resuscitative equipment. conrad murray's actions directly caused the death of michael jackson. >> we believe that the evidence will tell you this -- that michael jackson wanted to sleep for ten hours, was frustrated, unable to sleep, and his doctor would not give him propofol, the drug that he wanted, and michael jackson swallowed up to eight lorazepam on his own, without telling his doctor, without permission from his doctor. and when dr. murray left the
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room, michael jackson self-administered a dose, an additional dose of propofol. and it killed him. and it killed him like that. and there was no way to save him. >> during his opening statement to the jury, ed chernoff, murray's lead attorney, introduced the defense's theory that unbeknownst to dr. murray michael jackson took a lethal combination of drugs that killed him. >> i think the whole notion that you laid out with lorazepam that killed him, i think it went, wow. >> surprised. they didn't know that. and that's because of what the media was portraying. >> so am i okay to go around to the media and say you do hear what happened, right? you do hear what the defense theory is. is that cool to do, ed?
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>> i told you it was a surprise today. go over the opening of our opening statement. you know what killed him now. and it wasn't propofol. >> for months dr. murray's defense team struggled to get their message across to what they perceived as a hostile media. >> the way the media is running this, it's as if dr. murray came from hell up to earth specifically for the purpose of killing michael jackson. >> the entire planet wants to know, what happened to michael jackson? >> dr. murray is perhaps the only person who might know what really happened that fateful day. his relationship with jackson began in 2006 in las vegas, when he made a house call to care for jackson's children. murray had been recommended by one of jackson's bodyguards.
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>> this is where i met him. and i took care of him and his three children initially. then we developed a relationship as of that time on. he could not really enjoy his property. paparazzi were here. fans were round. everybody was look into the property. and we escaped many a time actually in this vehicle. he would climb into the back seat. he would tell security, don't follow us. they have no authority. he liked those risks. he -- i think he kind of cheered it on. >> one thing that murray says that he and jackson had in common was a difficult relationship with their fathers. he says his father didn't publicly acknowledge him until his late 20s. >> i think in many ways, you know, there were some mirror images of our lives, especially to not have the full appreciation from our fathers. i had a dad that was
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affectionate to me, but i could not allow that affection to be known publicly. and of course that was tough to handle. and he had a dad that never hugged his own children. >> he'd cry so many times. i'd tell him, it's okay to cry. it's okay. it's okay, michael. you can cry. he lived a life greater than 100
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years of pain for any human on earth. all of his life he was searching for a friend. he had very close acquaintances. but friends, he did not have. he said, "of all my life i have found one friend, which is you." dr. conrad.
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the los angeles county coroner ruled that michael jackson's death was homicide. the autopsy stated that an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol killed him. a drug murray admitted to police giving jackson that morning. >> i'm holding lapd item 119,
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your honor, containing two 100-milliliter propofol bottles. >> justice for michael. >> seven 20 milliliter propofol bottles. i'm opening the bag. >> the use of propofol in jackson's home was the most damning evidence against murray. but the defense argued that the 25 milligrams of the drug he says he gave michael wasn't enough to cause his death. >> we're not communicating very well, doctor. i asked you a question. what amounts of propofol do you use? >> in my practice for procedural sedation i couldn't imagine i would give a dose at 25 milligrams to an otherwise healthy 60-kilogram male and give it over three to five minutes because i would not expect that would produce any level of sedation for me to achieve the procedure i wanted. >> so is what you're saying is that 25 milligrams is a very small amount of propofol to give a patient? >> 25 milligrams would not be a
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sufficient dose in most patients. >> got some really good feedback about your performance. >> we needed that. >> yeah. >> well, she would start off with 60 milligrams. the doctor starts off with 25. he's obviously not overmedicating. >> lots of encouragement. letters. >> the point is to get the information to the jury. you did that perfectly. i got it. they got it. i saw them get it. >> the main witness. this week or next week? >> we will not start until the prosecution finishes. >> justice for michael.
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>> i kept going back and forth today because i know i was forgetting things because of my head. i wasn't seeing things. i couldn't see. >> murray's defense team hasn't been paid for months because dr. murray is financially strapped. so to save money michael flanagan, the l.a.-based member of the team, and his wife, susan, invite ed chernoff, murray's lead defense attorney, to stay at their home outside of l.a. chernoff comes from dr. murray's old hometown, houston, and prides himself on his closeness with clients, saying on his website that clients consider him a savior and a friend. >> everybody flocks around. and there's got to be 100 cameras. so she says, well, what about michael jackson being so screwed up? i said yeah. you see why he needed dr. murphy -- or murray? that's what happens when dr. murray's not around. >> you know what? there's nothing wrong with that. you have a first amendment right to that. in fact, i think that's fantastic. you just didn't call him murphy.
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>> what's his name? >> four months before his death murray says jackson began pressing him to close his las vegas and houston medical clinics and become his personal full-time physician. he wanted murray to keep him in top health for the 50 "this is it" concerts. >> he said, "dr. conrad, i have watched you. i have looked at you for so long." and i said, why are you looking at me? what was that about? he said, "i looked at you because i tested you, and you are the one. >> in april 2009 murray agreed to make michael jackson his only patient. he shut down his private cardiology practice and moved to los angeles to live with michael in the beverly hills mansion
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that was being rented for michael by the concert promoter aeg live. >> i had the entire rein of anybody to be in the house. and the only people that was home would be the children, michael, and myself. security never permitted to come into his house. >> but there was a second bed chamber and adjoining bathroom which was off limits to everyone but michael. >> he always had a chamber that was exclusively his. and that chamber was reserved and completely locked out. not even the maids could go in there. the children would go in there with him once upon a while, but they always walked in there together. so that was off limits. the bedroom that he slept in, where i worked with him during the night, that i had to persuade him eventually to have it cleaned because it did not smell good.
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it was mildew. and i had to get it clean. >> dr. murray's never been in that bathroom. that's off limits even for him. nobody's been in that bathroom. and it looks like it hasn't been cleaned for months. when those pictures start coming out and the public -- and the public finally gets to see what that bathroom looks like, what are they going to think? they'll start turning around. >> explain a 50-year-old man who sleeps with a baby doll and has pictures of basically infants to 2 years old children looking at him every night. >> i think everything about him is sick. it's weird. >> well, he's as weird as -- >> he's amazing in his field, in music. >> i think the media -- the media made him appear weirder
9:19 pm
than he is. i mean, he's not normal but -- >> you've got to be kidding me. he can't be any weirder than he is. >> after moving to los angeles, murray's relationship with jackson deepened. it was then when dr. murray says michael confided his vision that god had asked michael to reach out to the world's children to save the planet from destruction. >> michael felt that he was ordained. >> murray says michael asked him to be his partner in this great endeavor. >> as he said, we are selected to do this. it's coming from his lips. "we are selected to do this. we can do it. we have to do it. we're going to do it." >> a more troubling take on this
9:20 pm
conversation was played in court. a recording of a conversation michael had with dr. murray. >> god wants me to do it. god wants me to do it. i'm going to do it, conrad. that's the next generation that's going to save our planet. >> a religious man, dr. murray had his own revelation less than a month after michael's death. >> the -- within the first few weeks commencing with the passing of michael. july 15th, 2009, 3:00 a.m. things changed. the holy spirit came to me, and i could feel the warmth. i can see his face. i could see his garments as he came down to touch me.
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fe ]flsulo i no june 2009. the rehearsals taking place at l.a. staples center for michael's "this is it" tour were not going well. during the trial the prosecution showed footage from the rehearsals to demonstrate the vigor and health of michael just prior to his death. what they didn't show was
9:25 pm
footage of the many earlier performances where michael was late or didn't complete his rehearsal. >> the producer, kenny ortega, had made several statements, this could not go on. if michael was not going to do what he was expected to do, they could not have a show. and they could not get michael to conform to what they wanted. michael, on the other hand, was saying they were working him too much, he was going -- he did not want to be worked as a machine. he felt like a machine. ♪ >> kenny ortega, the director of "this is it," warned of michael's poor condition in an e-mail he sent to his boss five days before michael's death.
9:26 pm
>> my concern is he appeared quite weak and fatigued this evening. he had a terrible case of the chills, was trembling, rambling, and obsessing. tonight i was feeding him, wrapping him in blankets to warm his chills. i believe that he really wants this. it would shatter him, break his heart if we pulled the plug. he's terribly frightened it's all going to go away. it broke my heart. he was like a lost boy. sincerely, kenny. >> london welcomes the king of pop, mr. michael jackson! >> with aeg live advancing a great deal of money for the production -- in fact, aeg live was bankrolling michael's house, his staff, and had agreed to pay dr. murray $150,000 a month -- it was no surprise that ortega's e-mail resulted in an emergency
9:27 pm
meeting at michael's house between randy phillips, the head of aeg live, ortega, michael, and dr. murray. in court phillips was asked about that meeting. >> kenny opened the meeting up by talking about his concern that michael needed to really focus and to really pay attention to this production, that it was massive and they couldn't do it without him. >> and what was michael jackson's response? >> michael didn't respond immediately. okay? dr. murray spoke for michael on the situation. and michael's focus and michael's showing up and guaranteed us that michael would get into it, would connect. >> jackson's problems at the rehearsals stemmed in part from a severe sleep disorder he had been dealing with for years. according to dr. murray and others who testified at the trial, jackson treated the problem by having doctors give him propofol.
9:28 pm
murray himself admits giving jackson propofol soon after he became michael's full-time physician. >> he spoke as if because of this current concert he needed to have sleep so he can compose properly, be ready for the performances, and this was only because of the "this is it" concert. >> days before his death michael stepped up the pressure on murray to help him get the sleep he needed to perform. >> he said, i want 15 to 18 hours of sleep, that's what most doctors give me. give me 10 minutes. give me 20 minutes. and i said to him, why would 10 minutes help you? it doesn't make sense. how would 20 minutes make a difference? "oh, it will. it will. it really helps me. it doesn't -- i can really -- i'm compoesing.
9:29 pm
i'm at this stage of the production." >> and i have now spiked the bottle of propofol with this spike. >> the prosecution's case is built on the belief that murray should never have given michael propofol at home to help him sleep and that the drug in fact caused his death. >> to be treating them with a potent anesthetic that has no proven role in management of insomnia is just really hard to really, really grasp. it's inconceivable. >> to win their case the defense needs to successfully undermine the prosecution's expert medical witnesses, who are hammering away at the dangers of propofol and the fact it should never be home administered. because of his strong background in trying complicated medical cases, michael flanagan will be the defense's attorney in
9:30 pm
cross-examining the medical witnesses. >> now, how much propofol did he give him? >> he gave 25 milligrams of propofol and then started him on a drip. >> no, it doesn't say he started him on a drip. does it? >> i think it does, yes. >> well, it doesn't. >> it doesn't? >> no. >> can i look at -- >> sure. >> -- the report? >> i think that doctor is simple. i can cross-examine him, and he wouldn't stand a chance. i'd swipe him like a sword. he's stupid. however, i take offense when my damn attorney is not prepared for that man. >> he never said he gave a drip. >> i disagree with you. he gave a drip here. dr. murray goes the dose and the drip. line 22. he says it. this is about that night. >> flanagan got to wake up. he needs a lot of coffee and some pit bull, or red bull after
9:31 pm
lunch. end of story. this is why i said i'm available, ask me questions, i am the source. talk to me. spend time with me. get to understand it. i'm available. so when you go up there and you're fumbling around, of course it pisses me off. okay? that's what i explained. okay? stop. i'm talking to mommy. please don't interrupt me. >> the dose and the drip, didn't you understand that to be referring to what he'd handled before fine? >> i don't see it that way. he didn't say i didn't give a drip. he said i gave a drip, dose and drip. can we agree to disagree? >> i probably should have controlled him a little bit better. i think tif the prosecution rested right now they'd win. inus don't treat a cough. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus sinus liquid gels
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president obama spoke about the penn state child sexual abuse scandal at a news conference in haw aw this evening. the president said excitement about sports should never get in the way of a basic human response calling for all institutions to step back and make sure they are protecting vulnerable people. and mario monti is italy's new prime minister designate. he replaces silvio berlusconi, who resigned yesterday. i'm veronica de la cruz. let's get you back to our program. michael jackson's performances during the rehearsals at staples center had not been going well. after the crisis meeting at michael's house between michael, murray, and the producers, the doctor decided to try to wean him off propofol. murray says that two days before jackson's death he managed to get jackson to speak without
9:36 pm
propofol. the impact on jackson's performance at rehearsals was immediate and could readily be seen in the footage played at the trial during kenny ortega's testimony. >> he entered into rehearsal full of energy, full of desire to work, full of enthusiasm. and it was a different michael. ♪ we had two very successful days at rehearsal. michael was feeling great. and he looked at me and he asked me if i was happy. and i said i was happy. and i asked him if he was happy and he said he was very happy. >> as you now know, he never returned to staples center. following that rehearsal, michael was taken home. he arrived home at about 1:00 in the morning. the question becomes what transpired then, from 1:00 in the morning till michael's death. >> his last rehearsal was one that all agreed was wonderful. and murray says that when
9:37 pm
michael jackson arrived home he was excited but anxious to get his sleep for the next day's rehearsal. according to murray's police statement, at approximately 2:00 a.m. he gave michael some valium and lorazepam, heavy sedatives but no propofol. at 3:00 a.m. the doctor gave him another sedative, midazolam. despite all these drugs, jackson couldn't sleep. hours passed. murray says jackson begged for propofol, which because of its milky color jackson called milk. >> he was basically hysterical. he really could not sleep. and he begged and pleaded and asked me, please, please, dr. conrad, i need some milk so that i can sleep. if i don't get any sleep today, i could not perform. i could not do anything. aeg will be upset.
9:38 pm
everything will basically go down the drain. he looked to me during that morning to be like "thriller." have you ever seen the "thriller" image when he was made up. now, i did not want to give him the medication because i'm trying to show him a different path. but he had the pressure that he puts on me now. he can't practice. can't go to concert. aeg's going to be on him. the tour will fall apart. it's not going to happen. this is it. it's over for this man if he
9:39 pm
does not make this happen. i fought and struggled. i rubbed his feet. i felt such a weight. i was so, so worried about this man who was my friend, thinking about where aeg's promised future would lie. wow. >> it was dawn now, and dr. murray's medications were still not working. >> you know, there were several times he would walk away from me and go to the other room. and to me that was a break. that was a break.
9:40 pm
that the longer he stayed away is the less i had to deal with the fact that i couldn't get him to sleep. after he begged and pleaded, it was i said you know what? if i give him just a tiny amount of propofol, 25 milligrams, slowly infused, i may just tip him into sleep. and the other medications may now get a chance to work because he had a fair amount of medication on board. and the medications he had on board, i even told him before in regard to that point, michael, i could put an elephant to sleep. you are not -- this is not normal. it's not normal. he fell asleep. i was very pleased. >> by now, according to murray's
9:41 pm
police statement, it was 10:50 a.m. murray says he watched over michael for 25 minutes until he felt the small amount of propofol had worked its way through his system. he then began making phone calls. >> so it was not unusual for me to make calls. or return calls. during the morning hours while he was still asleep. it wasn't unusual. >> his last call was to a waitress he had met recently. he never completed it. >> i said hello, hello? and i didn't hear anything. and that's when i pressed the phone against my ear and i heard mumbling of voices. it sounded like the phone was maybe in his pocket or something. it was shhh. >> during this call dr. murray sees that his patient, michael jackson, has stopped breathing. >> he was not breathing. so my concern was has those agents, the valium, the atavan,
9:42 pm
the vercet, acted in concert, has now overwhelmed him once he went to sleep? not 25 milligrams of propofol. >> instead of dialing 911 immediately, murray attempts to revive jackson while calling for help from the household staff. >> i saw dr. murray come down the stairs into the kitchen in a panic, in a frantic. what did he shout? "get help. get security. get prince." >> the first security guard that showed up finally when he realized there's an emergency comes to the door, and his name is alberto alvarez. he got to the door, and he remained static. >> i was reaching for my phone in my pocket. and as i was doing that, prince and paris came behind me. paris screamed out, "daddy." >> and i told security to get
9:43 pm
the kids away from there. get the kids away from there because i did not want them to see their father getting cpr or having such a resuscitative event. >> dr. conrad murray said, "don't let them see their dad like this." and i proceeded to turn around to the children and kind of ushered them out and said, "kids, don't worry. we'll take care of it, everything is going to be okay." >> and he says, "oh, doctor, doctor, what happened?" i need help. i'm doing cpr. mr. jackson's not breathing. come in here. call 911. i need you to call 911. >> what is the emergency? >> we have a gentleman here that needs help, and he's not breathing. he's not breathing, and we need -- we're trying to pump him but he's not -- >> okay. >> in addition to me doing cpr, chest compression, and trying to resuscitate this patient, he's -- i'm controlling him on the 911 call.
9:44 pm
how old is this patient? 50! >> we have a personal doctor here with him, sir. >> oh, you have a doctor there? >> yes. but he's not responding to anything, to no -- he's not responding to cpr or anything. >> oh. okay. >> i said, tell them where we are and get the [ bleep ] over here. get here, i need you to come. come on! help me. >> you just -- if you can please -- >> we're on our way. we're on our way. i'm just passing these questions on to my paramedics. they're on their way there. >> ti, sir. he's pumping his chest, but he's not responding it to anything. sir, please. >> okay, okay. we're on our way. >> you as the on-site emergency room doctor authorized the paramedics to pronounce the patient dead? >> yes. >> okay. hey, everyone's eating tacos outside bill's office.
9:45 pm
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♪ with the trial drawing toward a close, dr. steven shafer, an expert on propofol, is proving to be an effective witness for the prosecution. >> dr. shafer, you've very
9:49 pm
clearly described 17 egregious violations of the standard of care. these 17 violations individually were likely to result in injury or death to michael jackson? >> yes. >> murray's defense team will call its own propofol expert, dr. paul white, to the stand. the pressure is growing on chernoff and flanagan to persuasively counter the prosecution's strong case. >> they have absolutely no examples of that. >> well, he presented dr. murray as a non-doctor. less than a lay person. >> right. >> and i think the jury believes all that. we have to bring them back to the issue of causation. >> you've got to get it to be a cardiac arrest that starts this thing. otherwise, you lose mathematically. >> you really honestly think that during cross-examination of shafer he's going to admit that it's a cardiac arrest and we're going to have that argument, that conversation? >> no, he's not. >> i think he's got to admit he
9:50 pm
doesn't know because he has never studied the effects of -- >> and as soon as i ask him isn't it true you don't know, he's going to say i do know, and here's why i know. this,
9:51 pm
from the vital cross-examination of dr. shafer. >> one of the things that you were asked your opinion about that you testified to yesterday were the actual iv setup, infusion, how michael jackson received the propofol that was in his body. you do understand the difference between opinion and fact, don't you? >> objection. argumentative. >> do you? >> i'll sustain the objection. >> you understand that everything you said in the last two days was your opinion. you do understand that, right? do you understand that? >> it might be the opinion that i have as a physician, but i believe it's -- that's an interesting question.
9:52 pm
>> chernoff's cross of dr. shafer resulted in a falling out with flanagan, causing chernoff to move out of flanagan's house. >> my theory with experts is you don't cross experts in their area of expertise. you're asking for trouble. you're not going to be smarter than the expert. and flan abegan disagrees with that theory. but it's important enough for me. and that's why i took it over. you know, i'm fighting the judge anyway. fighting the prosecution anyway. i'm hoping that it will all pan out. but it may not. >> with his personal liberty clearly at risk, dr. murray has reevaluated his own relationships, especially with jackson. >> i do not think that he would have had an active intention to do me harm.
9:53 pm
but i think through his most intense desire to have me there with him it was interwinded with a degree of betrayal. >> teach me your way, oh lord, and lead me in the spooth path because of my enemies. do not deliver me to the will have my adversaries, for false witnesses have risen against me. wait on the lord. be of good courage. and he shall strengthen my heart. wait, i say, on the lord. >> yes. ♪ >> they want you to convict dr.
9:54 pm
murray for the actions of michael jackson. >> poor conrad murray. everyone is to blame but conrad murray. this type of medical care has never been seen. this was a pharmaceutical experiment. justice demands a guilty verdict. >> we've been dancing around this for six weeks. somebody's got to just say it. if it were anybody else but michael jackson, would this doctor be here today? >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i am advised that the jury has reached a verdict. >> we the jury in the above-entitled action, find the defend, conrad robert murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. [ cheers ] >> guilty!
9:55 pm
>> guilty! guilty! guilty! >> the judge, michael pastor, denies dr. murray bail and sends him to the l.a. county jail. >> michael! michael! michael! >> it was so sad. i -- i remember running down the hall in the e.r., and i was punching the wall.
9:56 pm
i was punching the wall. i loved him. i don't want to talk anymore. ♪ i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now.
9:57 pm
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