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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 14, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PST

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r >> i hit him and he came back and started firing at me. >> a daring maneuver. >> i saw the wheel coming at my face. >> a crash not to be believed. >> he was bent in half. >> one dog leads a trooper to a burning building and the dog whispering tells us why. >> he was charged with a message. find help. >> this cop takes a bite out of a bumper. >> as you see, he's playing. he's not being aggressive. >> this suspect seems to take a bite out of the evidence. >> he swallowed it. swallowed it fast too. >> tense situations. >> he fired seven shots very quickly. >> heart breaking stories. >> what happened was so senseless.
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it was senseless. >> and moments that have to be seen to be believed. >> i was dumbfounded. you're kidding me, right? hello. i'm contessa brewer. a police officer's working day may include violent confrontation, touching human dramas and even comic relief. for an officer in a patrol car, the dashboard camera is the silent witness capturing the action and preserving some hair-raising stories. our first video begins in new mexico with an amazing high-speed chase and a shootout caught on multiple dash cams.
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with their dash cams rolling, police cruisers chase after a 22-year-old man through highways and country roads in northern new mexico. the pursuit is not only dangerous, it's violent. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> i started hearing we have an officer injured. that was when i noticed sergeant faulk had blood coming from an the pursuit is not only dangerous, it's violent. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> i started hearing we have an officer injured. that was when i noticed sergeant faulk had blood coming from an area of his face. >> in may 2007, sergeant jackie budd in aztec, new mexico, is the first to respond to an incident that begins in a nearby town. that's where lionel claw gets into a confrontation near a laundromat and local police are called. >> he and his party were trying to leave in a vehicle. a bloomfield officer approached them head on in his vehicle to find out what was going on. shots were fired at bloomfield
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police. a taser was deployed and at some point he was able to drive out and around partially taking out a fence and then drove out to third street and headed north. >> by the time budd gets to the scene everyone is gone. budd rushes to catch up with the suspect who has two others in the car with him. as he closes in on them, he notices the rear passenger door opening. >> i see a head poke out. sure enough, somebody comes diving out of the vehicle. >> somebody is jumping out. somebody just jumped out of the vehicle. i believe the speed was 70 miles an hour and i'm thinking somebody wanted out really bad. >> the sergeant veers to the right who tries to avoid the passenger in the road. >> i didn't want to run over this person. he was just with them and they had all been drinking at the time and they were -- he was just along for the ride more or less. >> another officer stops to help the passenger who is then taken
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to the hospital. it's hard to believe but he has no serious injuries. the situation in the getaway vehicle escalates. >> shots fired shots fired. >> the passenger, a woman, fires from the front seat of the car. >> i didn't have any rounds come through my windshield. no impacts on my vehicle so apparently life is good. >> the chase scene continues as seen on these different dash cams as he enters the navajo nation. by this time a spike strip has been thrown in the car's path. >> at the time i caught up it wasn't high speed at all. the tires had already been punctured. >> at one point is looks as though the chase is over. as claw drives through the residential area of the reservation, he stops and the female passenger runs from the car into a house then claw gets out of his car.
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>> lionel claw actually gets out of the vehicle and points his weapon at me. and i'm thinking at this time, you know, i'm just going to run him over. and i keep going then i realize there is a house behind him there could be a baby on the other side of that wall sleeping. >> my concern wasn't so much capturing the bad guy, it was making sure everybody was safe. >> get in your house. get in your house. >> the officers shut down their vehicles and shout commands but he's not backing down. >> mr. claw got back in and took off and we started another pursuit. at that time i called out we need to go ahead and force this vehicle off the roadway. we don't need to let him back. >> a decision is made to initiate the pursuit intervention technique.
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also known as the pit maneuver. >> it is where the vehicle nudges the suspect vehicle one way or the other and it causes the suspect's vehicle to spin out. >> at that moment another officer corey faulk rams his vehicle into claw's car. >> i hit him. his arm went up in the air as he was balance an he came back and started firing at me. i leaned over my computer and began firing my weapon directly at him through my windshield. there were several officers firing rounds at him. i saw that he was down. he wasn't moving anymore. didn't have the gun in his hand and it was over with at that point. i got out of my unit and was going to engage him again and noticed i had been hit. >> he's been hit. he's conscious and breathing.
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>> sergeant faulk is hit three different times. bridge of his nose, on the side of his head and into his hand. he is immediately taken to a hospital. >> i could have easily been killed. >> claw is also wounded. >> what stands out seeing sergeant faulk injured like he was. that was the reality check. >> the female passenger, a juvenile is discovered to be claw's girlfriend and is convicted of two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and sentenced to three years in prison. lionel claw gets 25 years for attempting to murder a police officer. turns out he and that police officer, sergeant faulk, are no strangers to one another. >> i had him on an armed robbery case in the detective division two years prior. >> claw's eventually convicted and sentenced to five years for that crime, too, and sent to
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prison. >> i don't think this guy deserves to get out of prison. i think based on his mentality he should stay in prison for the rest of his life. coming up, a robber chowing down on the evidence. >> he swallowed it. swallowed it fast too. >> a stolen police car. >> when i saw the wheel coming at my face, that was a very scary moment. >> and a german shepherd saves the day. >> he's telling you something wrong is happening in my house. >> it makes a person wonder what their pets are really made of. >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues. by the l who brought you the perfect pushup, the perfect situp re-invents the situp by combining the upper ab crunch with the lower ab leg lift. then the perfect situp adds an audible coach. you'll hear a click when you've done the exercise correctly. you hear it and you'll feel it. it's this one-two punch
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a bank robber in cuffs seemed to make a last ditch attempt to get rid of evidence. by swallowing it. that's right.
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while police pat him down, the suspect is chewing on what could be the note handed to the bank teller. >> we had no clue he did it until we saw the video. >> officers daniel biyata and alan chernowski have been patrolling the streets of twinsburg for years. >> i had picked up a bank robbery occurred in streetsboro to the east of us. >> a witness gets a good description of the suspect's car and the twinsburg police force spreads out knowing the bank robber is headed their way. >> it was a gray car with a certain license plate. and i saw a black car with the same license plate come past me. so i followed it and radioed it in. >> minutes later the officers kept up with the suspect and pull him over and shut down the freeway. with the suspect by the side of the road, they want to make sure
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they're not going to get any surprises. >> any time there is a bank robber in a vehicle it could go one of many ways. >> we handcuffed him. brought him back to one of our cruisers. as we laid him on the hood to make sure there's no weapons on him. >> i was patting him down and taking everything out of his pockets to make sure there's no weapons. >> the officer is searching his front left pocket. he's throwing change and paperwork out of it so he knows he cleared it. one thing was a folded up piece of paper. >> with the cops focused on a weapons search, the suspect seizes his opportunity. >> he stretched his neck out and eats the paper. he swallowed it. swallowed it fast too. >> even without the note they find plenty of evidence in the suspect's car. >> on the passenger floorboard we came across a back full of
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money and a loaded handgun on the floorboards which had been right at his feet. >> the suspect is convicted of this and two others in the area. surveillance video seals the case against him. the note the bank robber used is never found. coincidence? >> we're not aware of exactly what the note was. we know it meant something to him. enough to eat it. i would imagine it was the bank note. but it could have been a shopping list. backing up in tight spots is is one thing but to the limit like this is another. especially if it's a cop in a patrol car. >> i saw the bumper jump up and saw the wheels. when i saw it coming at my face that was a scary moment. >> that's what happened july 22nd, 2010, to officer seth
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carson in maryland. and it's all caught on his police dash cam. the fiasco starts when officer carson who was out patrolling gets word an attempted armed robbery has taken place and that three suspects are on the loose in a white suv. >> 15 officers flooded the area trying to find the vehicle that robbed the individual. one officer thought he had seen him. >> officer carson is right at that apartment complex and spots the van. >> my whole intentions were to make a left-hand turn but when i saw him i ended up turning right. >> a chase ensues and officer carson radios in a description of the car with the plate numbers and quickly discovers it's a stolen van. >> i knew we were heading for a one-lane bridge. my dash cam can't show it but i can see a vehicle coming across that bridge.
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i know no other car could get through it. i knew there was nowhere for him to go. >> once on the bridge he tries to maneuver around an oncoming taxi. but instead hits it. now the passenger side is up against the guardrail and it seems like these guys have no choice but to give up. >> just when i thought it was over i'm telling dispatch there's nowhere for him to go. >> but instead the driver puts the van in reverse and guns it. >> i saw wheels coming at my face. it pretty much to the point where i saw the wheel coming at the windshield, i didn't know if the car would cave in. i didn't know if i would have a roof when it was done. even when the car flipped over they were still hitting the gas. >> the officer jumps out of the car and with another officer grabs the three suspects. aside from cuts from the broken glass, no one is hurt. >> the roof caved in, maybe five, six inches in the center, the windshield was pushed the whole way down. >> all three suspects are arrested. among the charges are armed
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robbery and motor vehicle theft, malicious destruction of property and two counts of resisting arrest. looking back on that incident, officer carson realizes what a dangerous situation he was in and how lucky he is. >> i'm just happy that when it's all said and done i walked away from it. >> holy [ bleep ]. coming up, a driver plows into an overpass at 100 miles an hour. >> the driver was three lanes over from where the crash had occurred. >> a shootout from the back of a taxi. and the tale of two very different dogs. the dog whisperer weighs in. >> well, look at his tail. it's up and he's having a great time and the police car, taxpayer money. he doesn't know that. >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues. breathe robert, out of your mouth.
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[ male announcer ] that onion after taste after you again? new crest complete with scope dual blast technology blasts away bad breath germs and food after tastes. new crest complete with scope dual blast. blast your way to fresh breath. what you're watching is not a stunt from an action-packed
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movie, but a real-life car crash with 19-year-old brennan eden, a student from mason, ohio, at the wheel. >> it just was a freakish, freakish accident. >> it's early in the morning on august 23rd, 2010. an officer from sugar creek, ohio, near dayton is scanning i-675 for traffic hazards when suddenly he sees a car flying fast through the air. sergeant james williams, a crash reconstructionist, rushes to the scene. >> the first thing i noticed was what appeared to be the engine compartment on fire in the high speed northbound lane which is opposite from where the crash occurred. then i noticed the occupant compartment in the center median and then the right side of the vehicle sitting underneath the bridge. >> the car is totally demolished with pieces scattered all over
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the highway. >> the driver was three lanes over from where it occurred. >> miraculously eden is alive. he is rushed to the hospital by helicopter. >> so i described it as a bi-fold wallet. he was bent in half. it's amazing that he's even around. he hit the drainage ditch and went airborne glancing off the guardrail at that point. i would say he was going well in excess of 100 miles an hour. >> eden's mother is stunned. >> from what the police and the doctor told us, we really feel this is a miracle that brennan is alive. >> as it turns out brennan was pulled over by police just an hour before the crash. >> brennan had alcohol inside the car, trace amount of marijuana with him and also a device that was used as a pipe. >> sobriety tests shows brennan is not under the influence but he receives a summons less than an hour later he ends up here. after the accident eden's
12:23 am
license is suspended for two years for reckless driving. all involved believe eden is lucky he got a second chance. >> based on the manner that he was ejected and distance and circumstances, he should not be alive today. it's january 10th, 2009 and state trooper ian henry is patrolling interstate 90 outside albany, new york. in the westbound lane he spots a speeding taxi and takes off after it. eventually the trooper catches up and pulls over the cab. >> first thing he noticed was out of state cap which was unusual all the way from connecticut. pretty expensive cab ride. >> the trooper talks to the driver and then focuses his attention on the passenger in the backseat who has two duffel bags with him. one has clothing in it. >> the passenger was somewhat
12:24 am
hesitant to show him the second duffel bag but trooper henry was able to see an assault rifle amongst the clothing there. >> the passenger grabs the rifle before henry can get at it. the trooper quickly backs off leaving the taxi driver in the car. >> the trooper made that choice to retreat because really that was all he could do at that time to save his life in case the passenger started immediately firing. better to have one person than two people die. you know, you just can't stay there and spend a minute trying to get somebody out of the vehicle. >> the passenger turns out to be 23-year-old darryl brown from hartford, connecticut. the cops later find out he's a member of a gang called the bloods and is fleeing hartford because he was involved in a car jacking the night before. >> he seriously injured the man involved and he was made to believe from a third party that
12:25 am
he had killed the person so he thought he was dealing with ray homicide as well. >> he jumped in a taxi and told the driver to head for the albany area. >> he told the driver to keep driving. look for signs for albany. >> on the dash cam you can see him waving his hands putting his head out the window. then in a dramatic move, he makes a run for it. >> he shouted to let him go with him. >> trooper henry while retreating to the rear is telling the cab driver, put your hands up, i want to see your waistband. he wanted to make sure he wasn't a co-conspirator or a buddy. >> with the cab driver out, daryl brown opens fire and shoots out the back window. >> he fired seven shots very quickly. he knocked out the back window and peered around then his eighth shot knocked out the video cam of the trooper's
12:26 am
camera. at this point all the other police departments are picking up on the radio what's going on and we're getting a quick response within a matter of a few minutes. >> the interstate is shut down and police position themselves with the taxi in their line of fire. after a 40-minute standoff, brown is silenced by a sharpshooter and dies two days later in the hospital. miraculously everyone else is safe. >> the only person that died that day was daryl brown. and he had initiated the entire incident. it just is amazing someone can fire that many rounds and have no concern for the public or police and have it as contained as it was. we are certainly grateful for that, as well. coming up, one dog leads police to a burning home. >> buddy saved us, i would say. buddy saved our home.
12:27 am
it was just a miracle. >> while another takes police for a totally different kind of ride. >> look at his tail. it's up and he's having a great time in the police car. >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues.
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welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. so far our dash cam videos have shown us people who have deeds ranging from the outrageous to criminal but humans aren't the only ones that step into the limelight here. next are two of man's best friends, remarkable dogs with two very different tales. he's just received word about a fire on someone's property. >> we had quite a bit of snow on the ground yet. the roads were all covered. it was dark. and visibility was poor just because of low light conditions. >> at an intersection he decides to go straight. >> something caught my eye about 100 yards in front of me. as i came to the crest of a hill and rounded a corner, i saw that there was a german shepherd in
12:32 am
the middle of the road coming towards me. >> shanigan discovered something different about this dog. he spends much of his time with his four-legged pals so when he sees this canine out on the road, shanigan knows the dog is there for a good reason. >> there was that split second where immediately we connected and there was some type of second nature that i was falling back on and following the dog on a hunch. >> the german shepherd is a 5-year-old dog named buddy. >> it was just the body language of the dog, the way he would look over his shoulder giving me prompts to speed up or slow down almost in tune with the speed of my vehicle, the sound of my engine. and i was just totally focused on the dog. >> the trooper follows the german shepherd and incredibly the dog turns up the driveway that leads to the fire where a building is engulfed in flames. >> buddy stopped at the end of the driveway, quit running, and
12:33 am
came around to my vehicle and greeted me at my driver's side door and started to nudge me in the palm of my hand. >> the property is owned by tom and lynette heinrichs who live with their 23-year-old son ben, buddy's best pal. >> i would say buddy has pretty much been shadow. when ben leaves, buddy leaves. you could tell that buddy was ben's dog because he was right there with him and he listens to him real well. ben is definitely the master. >> the night of the fire, buddy is right beside ben who's working on his car in the shed when gasoline ignites. the blaze leaves ben with first and second-degree burns. >> one of my parts had fallen into the tank of gas and splashed up on my heater and ignited catching me on fire. i ran outside in the snow. told buddy we need to go find help.
12:34 am
>> buddy obeys. that's when he runs to the road and meets up with trooper shanigan. >> i am very proud for what my dog did leading the state trooper to our house. by doing so, he saved our house. >> but buddy isn't finished. he runs back out to the road again. >> i had a firefighter that had come to up to me during the whole episode and told me they had followed a german shepherd in from the same general location that i had met the dog. the dog led two different people in to the same location doing almost the very same thing. >> the fire is so intense, it could have spread to the heinrichs' home if it hadn't been for buddy and his heroic act. the family says buddy's actions are totally out of character. >> the reason it's hard to believe he's always so shy and always kind of skittish around people. i just didn't think he'd do it. >> it makes a person wonder what
12:35 am
actually what their pets are really made of. you know, well, what did we do to have him do this for us? we didn't teach him that. how did he do that? >> perhaps the best person to answer this is cesar millan, host of national geographic channel's "dog whisperer" and author of "cesar's rules." >> this is an instinct. animals are not afraid of life. they just have an internal understanding about fear of fire, fear of earthquake, fear of natural disasters so they're in tune to mother nature, you know, especially dogs who get to live in the woods. >> looking at the dash cam video cesar sees how buddy communicates with the trooper. >> a stray dog in the road and he does this, you know, he's not concerned about anything else except who you are. but a dog that's expressing this is telling you something wrong is happening in my house. the dog was charged with this
12:36 am
message and dogs do listen to our message, and this case is go find help. >> i'm really speechless. i didn't think my dog was that smart to do what he did. >> this example of heroism. >> since his act he has received numerous awards and accolades. >> we need to recognize the value of our animal companion. >> at a special ceremony in anchorage, he receives a stainless steel dog bowl with the state trooper badge as well as some treats. >> buddy saved us, i would say. buddy saved our home. it was just a miracle. >> he'll always be there for me and i'll always be there for him. >> and for trooper shanigan who is now buddy's pal, honoring him means a great deal. >> i think that our animal companions do deserve a lot of credit for many of the things they do every day. for the heinrich family for their own dog to step up and do something that people rarely get
12:37 am
to experience but i think was fortunate enough to be caught on a camera. >> this example of heroism should open our eyes -- >> if buddy proves dogs can be heroes, winston proves dogs will be dogs. the 2-year-old pit bull mix is caught on camera chomping away on the bumper of a police car. >> this almost has his whole bumper ripped off. >> on march 14th, 2010, the naughty winston unlocks the gate from his home and ends up here where he discovers a new doggy treat. the police tried prying loose the 80-pound dog by moving the patrol car back and forth but winston just won't let go. >> do you want me to take action
12:38 am
or just sit here and wait. >> hang on for a minute. do you have the video on recording this? >> that's correct. >> so what is it about this bumper that winston so thoroughly enjoys. is it the smell, the taste? it's neither according to the dog whisperer cesar millan. >> if he was smelling an animal he would be peeing on it or rubbing himself against it, not chewing. this is the smell of plastic that triggers a memory to him. this dog was encouraged to bite plastic or tires. they're not born wanting to buy a tire. they just get encouraged. the dog learned to release his frustration on that object. >> from the sidelines other dogs seem to be cheering on winston. >> as you see, he's playing, he's not being aggressive, this is why the other dogs are not attacking him. if he was aggressive, the other dogs would be attacking -- see. now they're going to a chase change behavior because now the
12:39 am
car is a toy. they're playing the car. >> believe it or not the dash cam video lasts for almost an hour. >> now he's trying to chew his tire as he drives off. >> look at his tail. it's up and he's having a great time on the police car, taxpayer money. he doesn't know that. he's just having a good time. see look at this guy right here. >> police even try to catch the dog on foot, but winston remains steadfast. so what would the dog whisperer do? >> i would stop the car and put a leash on the dog or i redistrict him with food. stop it. ask him to lay down in front of the bumper. you know, so he learns to relax in front of the bumper. >> finally, the animal center arrives and takes winston away. then his owner comes to pick him up. >> we're glad that he's getting to come home and get back to his old life. free of all the excitement.
12:40 am
>> but winston isn't off the hook yet. charged with being a potentially dangerous dog winston is ordered to attend both obedience school and a canine good citizen class. in september 2010 he graduates. as for the damage to the patrol car, winston's family paid a hefty fee. >> he did act very badly, but that was not his typical behavior and we're sure that he will be a model citizen from now on. >> and he was. sadly winston died of heart failure on october 15th, 2010, but we're sure he's on his best behavior in doggy heaven. coming up, a chase that even the cops can't believe. >> behind a drunk driver that's really -- >> this is somebody who took it to the whole next level. because now he's putting many more people's lives at stake. >> but next, two officers pay the ultimate price in the line
12:41 am
of duty. >> what happened was so senseless. it was senseless. >> and a police chief that will never forget. >> it was the worst day of my life ever. we were totally caught unprepared, and we won't be again. >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues. r crashe] [ snoring ] [ thunder crashes ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] vicks nyquil cold and flu. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪ [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day,
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ldesresehalyhiy. thple.
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two police officers are dead tonight. killed in the line of duty around the noon hour today. >> what happened was so senseless. it was senseless. >> what happened on may 20th, 2010, was something the town of west memphis, arkansas, will never forget. particularly its police chief
12:45 am
bob paudert. >> there's no such thing as a routine police call. nothing is routine. >> on that day in may officer bill evans is patrolling the interstate and pulls over a white van with an out-of-state plate. inside are jerry cane and his 16-year-old son, joe. >> the license didn't appear right when he stopped the van. then when he checked it, the paperwork started out an order. it wasn't issued by the state. >> instead, the paperwork is issued by the department of heaven, a bit suspicious, evans calls for backup and a second officer arrives on the scene. >> i think they realized that it was up. there was two officers there then and they were in trouble. >> off camera, jerry cane pushes officer evans down an incline and then on the dash cam cane's son joe appears with a gun.
12:46 am
>> bill is stumbling down this incline. he shoots at him. he didn't have time to get his weapon out. he hit him many times in the body, in the back. >> at that point, the second officer tries to help evans when the 16-year-old turns his weapon on him. >> officer down, officer down. >> a delivery driver witnesses the whole scene. >> these guys just shot a police officer. >> through the statements of the driver, this kid was very methodical, very slow, knew exactly what he was doing and he handled that ak-47 like a military person would. >> the father/son team calmly gets back in the van and takes off leaving the officers bleeding on the ground. >> shortly after, more police arrive and find that officer evans is alive but just barely. >> and there was about three officers standing over him and they were saying, bill, you're going to be okay, you're going to be okay. there was quite a bit of blood
12:47 am
around and then i saw another officer lying on his back. one of the sergeants stopped me and said don't go up there. >> sadly that second officer lying on the ground is the son of the police chief, 39-year-old brandon paudert. >> i saw brandon when i pushed him aside lying on his back facing straight up with his pistol in his right hand. to find your son in the condition i found brandon, no parent should have to endure that pain ever. >> officer bill evans dies later at the hospital but brandon is dead at the scene. >> it was the worst day of my life ever. still. we'll be affected 'til the day we die by brandon's death. >> with the suspects on the loose, an all-out man hunt begins. >> 911. >> there's a white van here and here at walmart. >> less than a mile from the shooting, the white van is spotted in a walmart parking
12:48 am
lot. gunfire erupts between the suspects and the van and other police officers. then out of nowhere comes mike neill, an arkansas wildlife officer who has his police scanner on. >> i pulled my m-4 up and i was driving towards the suspect. i was holding the steering wheel with my left hand and the m-4 with my right and i drove straight towards him. i made the decision at that point to ram the van to shut it down. >> the suspects begin firing spraying neill's truck with bullets. within a matter of minutes it's all over. jerry cane and his son joe are dead. whether it's mike neill's gun that silences the duo is not certain. other officers were also firing them. >> it went right above my head. i took multiple rounds into the grill, the hood, through the dash, the windshield. everywhere i was sitting in the truck was shot.
12:49 am
there's no reason i shouldn't have been shot. >> it's obvious that mike neill was a hero in this case. had those two got out of that van and got in walmart, there is untold how many lives would have been lost. >> still, the question remains why all this happened in the first place. the west memphis police discover that jerry and joe cane were radical right members of the sovereign citizens movement, the canes traveled america giving seminars on how to avoid following some of the laws of this country. this video was posted on youtube by one of the seminar's participants who wanted to spread their message. >> you're being lied to just so we can wrap our hands around your throat. >> they don't have to go by any rules of this country. they misinterpret the constitution. they say that the federal laws do not affect them, that they have their own laws. >> at the time of the murders, no one at the west memphis
12:50 am
police department had heard of the organization. >> we were totally caught unprepared and we won't be again. >> the chief is informing other law enforcement communities about the sovereign citizens movement and he's on what many view as a controversial mission, arming his police force with more powerful weaponry and changing police procedure so that what happened to his son and fellow officer won't happen again. >> we're arming our police officers with ar-15 rifles. when an officer does a traffic stop a backup officer will be standing out in front of his patrol car with an ar-15. i know we'll catch some heat from some in the communities but i personally don't care. i'm here to save officers' lives. >> if each police officer doesn't believe they're going to war every day they pin that gun and badge on, they're in a fog -- they're living in a false world. >> reflecting on his son's death and the dangerous criminals police face every day, the chief
12:51 am
is convinced if officers bill evans and brandon paudert had the right information and the right ammunition, the outcome would have been very different. >> brandon would have been there with an ar-15 and could have taken this 16-year-old punk out. coming up -- a cop on a slow-speed chase can't believe who's at the wheel. >> i was dumbfounded. i was -- you're kidding me, right? >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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911, where's your emergency? >> i'm behind a drunk driver that's really bad. i'm in greenfield. she's going off -- she is about off the road. >> patrol officer anthony newmeister is following a drunk driver out on the highway late at night. and it's all caught on his dash cam.
12:55 am
>> the vehicle was over the road, left to right. i got behind him. >> but he's in for the surprise of his life when he eventually catches up with the car after a 20-minute slow-speed chase. >> i was dumbfounded. i was -- you're kidding me, right? >> it's august 29, 2009 in greenfield, indiana. and the seemingly intoxicated driver is oblivious and just keeps on going. at one point when the vehicle stops at a stop sign, the officer thinks the driver is about to pull over but instead the car goes right through traffic just missing two other vehicles. >> oh -- >> i thought he was going to get hit. i thought it was going to be bad so i knew there would be some sort of chase. there was. >> as the pursuit continues, the driver becomes even more reckless switching lanes numerous times, driving over the median and driving straight into
12:56 am
oncoming traffic. >> he took it to the whole next level. now he's putting many more people's lives at stakes and he's driving the wrong way on a two-lane highway that has a 60-mile-per-hour speed limit. that's when it got really interesting as far as this isn't just a regular thing that we see every now and then. this is the real game and let's try to get it ended before somebody gets hurt and it had the potential to get really ugly. >> by this time squad cars from four counties are in on the chase. one gets ahead of the out-of-control driver and throws down a spike strip in the driver's path deflating one of the tires. >> and the vehicle come back into the right lanes and then slowed way down, went off the right side of the road and veered off and went down to the field. i mean, it ended. >> the chase is over. officers order the suspect to get out of the car.
12:57 am
but no one comes out. carefully they approach the vehicle and find a little boy hunched down on the floorboard. >> of course, we make sure he's okay. we ask him what happened and at the time we're asking where the other person went. where is the other person and we're asking ourself, we didn't see anybody run. >> police believe there has to be another person. someone else had to be driving the vehicle and then -- >> it clicked that that kid was driving the car. >> the driver of the chase that had officers from four counties and a canine unit after him was no drunk driver. it was a 9-year-old boy who could barely see above the steering wheel. >> i never experienced anything like that. i think i was just shocked. i wasn't really sure what to think about it. the kid was cool, calm and collected. probably a little bit more than me. >> so what made this little guy do such an impulsive thing? >> he was mad at mom and dad.
12:58 am
mom and dad made him come in, get ready for bed. he didn't like that so he was going to go -- he was going to leave. he took the vehicle and left and he was going to a friend's house and had 2 or $3 in his pocket and that was going to get him wherever he needed to go and his worry wasn't running from the police, his worry was, officer, i really tried to stay around the speed limit as you were behind me. i really didn't want to speed. >> a call was made to the parents who had no idea what had happened. they thought their son was asleep in the next room. little did they realize he was keeping several police forces very busy that night. >> he had told me that mom and dad are probably going to ground him. i remember looking at him and i said, i'm pretty sure that you are going to get grounded, young man. >> the 9-year-old was charged with fleeing and resisting law enforcement. the juvenile was released to his parents, ordered child counseling and put on probation.
12:59 am
since his infamous escapade, no further incidents have been reported. >> a lot of people could have got hurt. a 9-year-old kid who gets hurt or killed in a car crash where the police are chasing him, i don't even want to begin to think about where that went. the only damage to the vehicle was a flat tire. and a 9-year-old at home. i don't think you can ask for a better ending to a situation like that. >> officers of the law step in when people or situations get out of control. whether they're facing robbers or rambunctious dogs or a mischievous 9-year-old. and when they do it in front of a dashboard camera, we may all witness the challenges they face every day. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."


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