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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 15, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PST

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boys and says he was just hoarsing around with kids. the reaction to jerry sandusky's interview with bob costas and defense team strategy to paint the alleged victims as liars. plus it is herman cain's giant oops moment. >> i did not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason. no, that's -- that's different one. i got go back and see. got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> herman cain brain freezing over a question about libya. can he salvage this pr disaster in a live news conference coming your way this hour? plus, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, first tv interview since the shooting that altered her life forever. we speak with the former intern credited with saving her life in
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january. nice to have you with me today, i'm thomas roberts, with he get trite t new developments have arisen in the child sex abuse investigation at penn state university, the "new york times" saying ten more people have come forward to report similar assaults against them by former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. news of additional accusations comes a day after sandusky did a jaw-dropping interview with nbc's bob costas. sandusky made staggering admissions of inappropriate conduct and contact including showering with and touching underaged boys while at the same time claiming did he nothing wrong. we want to warn you though, this sound is not appropriate for younger children. >> i say that i am innocent of those charges. >> inspect? completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> well, i could say that, you know, i have done some of those things. i have hoarsed around with kids. i have -- i have showered after workouts.
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i -- i have hugged them and i've -- i have touched their leg. without intent of sexual contact but so, if you look at it that way, there are things that wouldn't, you know, would be accurate. >> are you denying that you had any inappropriate sexual contact with any of these underaged boys? >> yes, i am. >> never touched their genitals, never engaged in oral sex? >> right. >> so these are just the latest twists in a case that's led to the ouster of several top university officials, including famed football coach, joe paterno, as well as the penn state president. joining me now live from philadelphia is attorney christopher malios, he is an adviser of part of the pennsylvania coalition against rape. christopher, when you hear this interview of sandusky saying that he showered with young boys, are you surprised that he gave this interview and then also how damaging could this be
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if used in court? >> thomas, if you look at the grand jury report, what we see is a textbook of grooming by a pedophile, founding a foster home for young boys, taking them to his home to sleep, bringing them to penn state football games and he seems to be admitting to a lot of that grooming behavior, yet he is stopping short of saying that there was anything sexual about it. i'm shocked that he made those statements i'm shocked that his attorney would let him make those statements because although he is denying the molestation and the rape, those statements are incriminating. >> we talk about the fact he is doing this interview on or at at the permission of his lawyer, he is doing so to play against the already massive amounts of information that's already out there about this case itself, but in this interview, sanduskys did does flat-out deny raping i have no these boys. take a listen to this. >> what did happen in the shower the night that mike mcqueary happened upon you and the young
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boy? nch>> okay. we were showering and horsing around answered actually turned all the showers on and was actually sliding across the floor and we were -- as i recall possibly, like snapping the towel, horseplay. >> so christopher that is in direct relation to the assistant coach mike mcqueary's information, which is in this indictment, the 23-page indictment, saying that he witnessed anal sex that this boy was being raped in the shower. now, there we have sandusky saying that this is just horseplay. so we have so many different stories out there by eyewitnesses, how could so many different people over so many years claim they saw similar behavior and there not be some truth to it? suspect this going to be the biggest uphill battle for the defense, and especially now that he has given an interview like this? >> the evidence has added up and tops to add up, what essaying is this is horse play, it was
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nonsexual, yet it is not normal for man in his 50s to be having showered naked horseplay with a young boy, a troubled young under his care. the victims continue to come forward and, of course, thomas, we know that victims often delay, they are often substantial delays in disclosing sexual abuse and that it may be that because some victims have come forward, because there are now eyewitnesses, according to the grand jury report, who have seen this, that may empower other victims come forward, knowing that they will be believed that there will be an appropriate criminal justice and law enforcement response and they will get some measure of justice and offender accountabili accountability. >> guilt, shame and fear keeps a lot of people suffering in silence, we are, however, getting a glimpse of sandusky's defense strategy. take a look at this. this is jerry sandusky's attorney this morning from the today show. >> what'senning now, in my opinion, is we have a bunch of people who have read the allegations, realized that there
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is a large university involved and are maybe are a lot of money involved, the lawsuits that are going to certainly come and until we sort through these new allegations, we have absolutely no idea whether or not they are authentic or no. >> he also goes on to say they have tracked down someone who he believes is a victim but who has a completely different story. as we are seeing here, it seems like they are taking the approach they want to label these victims as people out for money or people just plain out lying, however, there is really no prestige that comes along with making a false accusation and labeling yourself as a sexual abuse survivor only to be proven wrong. so what do you think about the strategy that the defense is trying to lay out there that they want to make these victims victims once again by attacking their credibility? >> the defense's job is to poke holes in the prosecution's case and a smart defense attorney is going to try to take advantage of some of the myths and misconceptions that are thought about sexual violence about
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pedophiles and about the manner and the wait victims react and respond to sexual violence. no two victims respond the same way and when people don't come forward right away, attorneys are going to use that fact to claim that they are not credible, that they waited -- took time to come up with a story and that they are now looking for money but when a perpetrator is rich and powerful and has a position of prestige in the community and they use that position of prestige and power to exploit boys, children, that's perfect defense. that defense just leaps out from the facts of this case. you don't have to be a brilliant defense attorney to come up with that but it is something to be anticipated. they are going to say that they want money. they are going to say that they are not credible because some of them didn't report promptly and unfortunately, in pennsylvania, we have a problem because our law does not allow prosecutors to bring in experts to explain common victim behaviors that will play into the hands of the defense attorney and the defense team in this case and it is going to make it harder. but as you said, when there is a
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mountain of evidence and the mountain continues to pile up and pile up and pile up, at some point that can be insurmountable for the defense. >> attorney christopher melioss, thank you for your time, appreciate it. later in the program, we will have more of that interview, bob costas' exclusive interview with jersey sandusky. the other big story of the day we are following four, herman cain in full damage mode this morning trying to recover from a giant oops that would rival any of rick perry's disasters. cain is several minutes late to a speaking convenient he is having in iowa. we are expecting the candidate to take questions in debuque, no doubt, he will be pressed about this glaring stumble in an interview from yesterday. take a look. >> so you agreed with president obama on libya or not? >> okay. libya.
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president obama supported.uprising, correct? i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason. no, that's -- that's different one. i got to go back, see -- >> fred woodhouse is the communications director for the republican national committee and john feehery from quinn gillespie communications. he is a strategist. i want to start with you, if that wasn't bad enough, take a look at this, here is herman cain defending himself about that little mistake later on. >> mr. cain, do you think the libya comments reinforce the idea that -- >> let us walk through. u don't have a thorough understanding of for rip policy? >> 9-9-9. >> oh, please. >> there you have t when in doubt, you go back to your economic plan, which is easy to
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remember, 9-9-9. i think most americans can remember that after this. brad, we are probably past the point where going back to 9-9en 49 can save the big missteps when we talk about what is going on, especially when he is being pressed for logical answers on where he stands on libya. >> well, exactly h i guess to some extent, you could say in that last bite there, he was on mess. an but you know, look, thomas, i think what happened to herman cain yesterday speaks for itself but also i will lust try yachtive yacht ti -- i will lust try yachtive of what happened to him, major gaffe, the republicans have little ammunition to use against this president on the issue of foreign policy. they really have a hard time finding any area of disagreement or any -- poke any holes in his
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record i'm not surprised herman cain drew a bank but i think i will lust rattletive of a bigger problem of dealing with our president on foreign policy. >> gentlemen, we look at the "washington post," put out a new poll showing the spike in cain's negatives, pretty tough hurricane with republicans and women k he turn this around and are his pon nents going to stay out of this and let him implode, as some would say on his own? >> i think cain did the right thing when he said 9-9-9 that is his only positive message he doesn't have a big grounding in foreign policy. in his defense, foreign policy is not really that important to most americans who vote on domestic policy and to brad's point, he is right, the president has had some victories. osama bin laden and other victories on the for reign poli
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realm. he doesn't have the solid understanding of libya, you saw him try to play it through his head, what the heck should i say about libya, i don't know co-never come one it. ultimately that will hurt his chances to went nomination.he could never come one it. ultimately that will hurt his chances to went nomination. >> herman cain scheduled to speak live in dubuque, iowa. we will have that live when he speaks. thank you, gentlemen. appreciate it. >> thank you. as we are taking a peek at lower manhattan, 600 wall street protestors matching back to the park after being woken up, kicked out of the park the middle of the night, roughly after midnight, around 1 a.m., for cleaning crews to come in there. they were warped, don't think about spending your nights in a warm sleeping bag and tent at this site anymore. at least 70 pro-testers were arrested overnight when police in riot gear cleared the park. early today, those who left without a fight, they are now trying to return but with one huge change. the city has deem it had hazardous for protestors pitch
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tents and essentially set up house inside glue is catty park. the protesters were told they could return once cleaning crews left. this is their biggest fear, if they allowed city to get in and clean up, they would find the city saying you are not getting ba income on their return. >> reporter: when they were moved out yesterday, the mayor said the protesters would be able to return back to the park but have to obey park rules which included things like no tents no sleeping. i want to point out the scene behind me, it pulls together, several hundred trying to get access back into the park and that is because this morning, a court order was issued saying that the city could not, in fact, enforce rules that were put into effect after the protests had start and that included those very rules of no camping, no sleeping and the
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like. so, now you have -- and i can show you this court order that a number of people here are carrying around, carrying around a copy of the court order which they believe gives them the right to reokay pit park. however there is a hearing going to be taking place at 11:30, just in a few minutes to determine ultimately what the permanent solution would be homered and constituent wants to wait for the outcome of that hearing to decide what they are going to do for now, they are keeping people out of the park. you just have these protesters gathered here, walking around peacefully, very few scuffles or confrontations but everybody is trying to determine what the next step will be, because the issue is will they be allowed to come back into the park the way they were before, essentially occupying this space with tent and staying the night or will they only be allowed back in to gear around congregate as anyone who wanted to use the park would? thomas? >> major development almost two months later getting them removed from the park. see how this unfolds, nbc's mara key is ya vo campo in new york. thank you. newt gingrich is the latest
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republican contender to rise to the top of the polls, of course come the attacks, a lot of his previous marriages. more from nbc's exclusive interview with former penn state coach jersey sandusky, what he admits was wrong and wishes that he didn't do.
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welcome back. today, wisconsin democrats begin the effort to repeal governor scott walker, working with state union leaders to collect more than 540,000 signatures by january 17th that is the one-year anniversary of walker's inauguration. walker has been under fire from liberal groups since stripping collective bargaining rights from most state public workers. mitt romney is about to talk jobs at a campaign event in south carolina, which is picking up more importance for the campaign these days and is because not only is there no clear front-runner south carolina but the romney camp is
8:19 am
now downplaying expectations in iowa. stung by a caucus loss in '08, romney is skipping an event for state governor terry bran stat this weekend along with the social conservative for forum that most pon nents will be attending. romney missed iowa's faith and freedom coalition dinner last month but polls show him at or essentially tied for the lead in the state of iowa. this morning,ry is pushing a message for a smaller federal government that starts with him as commander in chief. the third piece of perry's plan was revealed in iowa today, there he discussed a part-time congress slashing pay in half and mentioned what he called the corrupt nature of the legislative branch. perry advocated ending lifetime pints for unelected federal judges. the revolving door of candidates falling by the way side, will newt gingrich suddenly catapult to the top of the gop heap or just another flash in the pan for disenfranchised republicans? national cnn poll has gingrich at 22% running neck in neck with
8:20 am
mitt romney h gingrich is doing all he can to capitalize on this recent momentum. >> who knows what the polls are going to be two months from now. i'm not going to tell that you i'm on the way, but i'm -- i have to say, i'm very humbled that millions of people watch the debates and the general conclusion was, in fact, i had real substance and real solutions. >> wendy shiller is an associate professor of public policy and political science at brown university and joins me this morning. professor shiller it is nice to see ya. as we look over this, first, there was trump who surged, then bachmann, rick perry you herman cain, do you think newt gingrich has the staying power to emerge to be up there with mitt romney but then sustain that balance? >> well, i think the way to sustain momentum is to treat yourself like a real candidate who is an actual, viable nominee for the nomination and can win the jeep election. and so far, we have seen
8:21 am
gingrich be very, very bright and articulate during the debates but very, very hesitant to really go after and attack his opponents and when you really want the nomination, you really want to be that guy, you really have to go after your opponents in a much, much more vigorous way than he has already. in the next week or two the debates coming up in the future, we have got to see whether ring rich is really going to go after romney, maybe perry a little bit, focus on romney and treat himself as a guy who can whip the nomination, if he doesn't, i don't think his momentum is going to increase, i don't think his support is going to increase. people are going to wonder what is this guy in it for if he is not going to go for broke? >> gingrich is no social conservative darling. iowans are out with this flier is this there nothing sacred to newt? and another, if gingrich can't be faithful to his wife, how can we trust him to be faithful to conservative voters in he is on his third marriage with his wife, can a calista, on the
8:22 am
campaign trail. how much baggage that his baggage has, how much is that going to haunt him? >> i think it can haunt him in a couple of ways, one among conservativ conservatives. some, even the noted ann coulter is a has said she is not rooting for knutenewt. he is the guy. a lot of people don't think he is conservative enough. believe it or not, he has crossed the aisle, on occasion, including president clinton to pass nafta and done some things that seem not wholly partisan, plus his personal life. everybody has a personal life with problems, yet is how long ago did it happen, has learned, is he in a stable marriage now? i'm not sure that is going to hurt him with the bulk of iowa, new hampshire or south carolina voters. in the general public this is a man quoteded as saying he thinks medicare should end. he was the paul ryan before paul ryan on medicare. when you think about the potential general election, ads against him, romney running against him, ads out there footage out there that has him against basic social programs
8:23 am
that a lot of people support. so i think he is going to get hit from both sides within the republican party. he has to see how he can manage to balance that as i said, fess really serious. we have to figure out does newt gingrich believe he could be president of the united states? >> professor shill her, great to see you this morning, wendy. thanks for your time. >> thank you, thomas. keeping a close even at developing situation in new york right now, downtown manhattan where hundreds of occupy wall street protesters are now returning to zack catty park after they were evacuated at roughly 1 a.m. this morning. police came in and said that everybody needed to leave so the city could clean the park. they marched back to the parks only to be told they can't get in. the city has a no-tented or share the has in place at zuccotti park. things heating up downtown. we will be back with more after this. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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former penn state football coach jersey sandusky admits some wrongdoing in the sex abuse case stacking against him. >> i shouldn't have showered with those kids. hear what else he has to say about this scandal that took down coach joe paterno and other school officials. yo spending ag in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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8:31 am
that aired last night on "rock center." >> when mike mcqueary saw what he says was a rape in the shower in 2002, he reportered it the next day to joe paterno. to your knowledge did joe paterno have any information regarding objectionable activities on your part prior to that report in 2002? >> my -- i can't totally answer that question. my answer would be no. i mean that would be my guess i don't think he had information. >> did joe paterno at any time ever speak to you directly about your behavior? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> you were around the program. you used the weight room up until recently. you were seen at penn state events. how did joe paterno greet you? what was your interaction like with him subsequent to 2002? >> he greeted me as he always had, if i saw him at football
8:32 am
practice, he was cordial. we didn't see each other very much. the last time i saw him was this summer. at a golf out. >> he never asked you about what you might have done? >> no. >> he never asked you if you needed help, if you needed counselling? >> no no. >> never expressed disapproval of any kind? >> no. >> how do you feel about what has happened to penn state and joe paterno and to the penn state football program and your part in it? >> how would you think that i would feel about a university that i attend, about people that i have worked with, about people that i care so much about and, i mean, how do you think i would feel about it? i feel horrible. >> do you feel guilty? do you feel as if it's your fault? >> guilty?
8:33 am
no, i don't think it's my fault. i've obviously played a part in this. but i don't think that i should have -- i should be accused as i have been. >> how would you define the part you played? what are you willing to concede that you've done that was wrong and you wish you had not done it? >> well in retrospect, you know, i -- i shouldn't have showered with those kids. you know, so -- >> that's it? >> well, that and -- yeah, that's -- that's what hits me the mochls >> the children who claim sexual abuse by jerry sandusky are all children that went through the foundation and the charity that he started called second mile. he started that charity back in 1977. however, we are just getting word from the fresh air fund, which is another charity based
8:34 am
in new york that sends inner city children to country homes to experience family and country life is saying that a review of their files confirms that the sandusky family was a fresh air fund host and can confirm that one child stayed in the home of the sanduskys in the mid-199. now, also, they are saying this they are continuing to review their files for earlier time periods because they do believe that more children play is stayed at the sandusky home during the '70s, however, they are confirming that at least one child stay there had during the 1990s. so this ass another layer to the investigation. they say they have reported that two pennsylvania authorities who are investigating. bj selector is joining me now the assistant managing editor of sports illustrated. bj, as we learn all these layers of things coming out, now we have this completely eye-opening interview that bob costas did last night with jerry sandusky as well as his in the studio, jerry sandusky on the telephone, in the lawyer wanted jerry to do
8:35 am
this because he is being tried in the court of public opinion. do you think this interview is going to do more harm than good? >> quite possibly in could be. anybody that listened to this interview couldn't help but find it chilling and how unconvincing that he was. some of his answer he is were very short and if it were me and i was charged with such horrible crimes, i would shout from the rooftops that it was absolutely not me. i did not do this i'm not guilty of what i'm charged of doing, which are these horrible crimes which strikes a chord in everybo everybody. and i think it could do more harm. >> the lawyer in this case is going to be going after assistant coach mike mcqueary, who reported being an eyewitness to sexual abuse activity that he saw going on in the showers in 2002. the fact that they are going to be going after him is very interesting because here is a guy that's been on the campus, obviously, he is still there he is on this paid suspension, but why go after him?
8:36 am
why go after his credibility when there are so many other people that knew things? >> the whole strategy is very curious, especially when you look at this thing as a whole and you consider that if somebody is tried with these very serious crimes, would you think you would try it in the courts which is -- everybody is entitled to a fair trial, certainly yearry sandusky is entitled to a fair trial but to come right out and to lay out kind of your legal strategy right here doesn't seem to be very smart and mike mcqueary has brngs you know, a lot of people have come after him for what he may -- may not interest have done and we are going to find out more about this but this whole grand jury investigation was about what jerry sandusky has done, not just in the incident that mike mcqueary had witnessed over the years and now we are starting to hear about more and more incidents, so, just to isolate on this one
8:37 am
incident doesn't seem like a smart strategy. >> we talked, bj about the grum blings that are coming from the sports world, here we have what we are learning from pennsylvania authorities who have investigated, what we have learned from the 23-page indictment that's online that everybody can read, what are you hearing from the sports world about any type of conduct that people now, in hindsight, now, thought was suspicious or odd behavior from sandusky over the years. there have got to be tons and tons of witnesses over the years, scratching their head thinking maybe office witness to something that maybe is a little seizier than i just thought. >> in 1999, jack mccallum of "sports illustrated" did a story on sandusky, he didn't hear these brirms found him as odd and very aloof and just strange and i think a lot of people that i have talked to that has covered penn state over the years and i have could have order penn state over the years have found him a little strange. there were certainly not rumblings of this nature but
8:38 am
there was something about him, it wants to come together it is really kind of eerie how everything is starting to come out. >> the layers are peeling back, sport"sports illustrated" assis editor bj sherkt. thank you for being here. >> thank you. six years after hurricane katrina and the aftermath of the bp oil spill, these are some major concerns that the environment in the gulf issing day what happened does it mean for the future? we are going to talk more to pell lisa maris perry as she sounds off. young voters helped barack obama win election in 2008. cheering with him, yes we can. why so many are saying no, we can't this time around. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. there's a different cream.
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in 2008, when president obama unrolled his yes we can campaign, young americans joined the bandwagon in full force in droves. college students, college grad, energizing the president's campaign of optimism, fast
8:42 am
forward three years and it is a different story. joining me now live from washington, rod shah fired in, president of young democrats of america. so rod, president obama may have some work to do this time around, a new pew poll out showing unemployment rate for people ages 18 to 29 in this country, it jumped from about 9% to 13% during this administration. so how hard is it going to be to sell young voters on this obama ticket when so many who may have voted for him in '08 are now struggling to find work and struggling to succeed in his economy? >> well, thomas, i think the president is very, very aware of the difficult economic situation, especially for young people right now and that's exactly why the proposal he has been rolling out over the last year or two are meant to directly, you know, help people who are in college and just recently graduating from college a number of innishtives recently, just two weeks ago, announcing an easier way to consolidate federal loans and capping repayment of loan he is
8:43 am
at 10% of your annual income, things that should have a direct help for recent college graduates. so i think he is going to have a message on this that should resonate. >> think one thing he can play up is the death of osama bin laden, the capture and killing of osama bin laden, especially for young americans who have grown up over the last ten years, not being able to really put a face or any type of major wins on the war on terrorism that we've been having? >> well, you're absolutely right. this is the 9/11 general rattge young people coming through college, profoundly impacted, as i was, by september 11th. and barack obama has done more to confront the war on terror than any time in the last ten years and the capture of osama bin laden being the pinnacle of that but it doesn't stop there i mean, you look at 1 million new young people have health insurance now since the health care reform bill passed last year. there is just proposal after proposal he has been able to
8:44 am
bring forward, i think when young people take a look at the alternatives next year, he has really been working for this generation and it's -- i think they will continue to stand by him. >> how do you encourage those to get to the ballots, though, because the one thing against the youth vote, we can't encourage them enough to get to the polls, we can't encourage them to vote, they are apathetic? >> presidential elections are generally easier. the 2010 midterms turnout was lower, that is fairly normal built young democrats of america are starting to get organized and mobilized for next year. it is interesting though, republicans across the country are doing the opposite. they are trying to suppress voter turnout by making ballot access more difficult, photo i.d.s, letting students know they can't vote on campus, our message session actually the opposite and tell people the gop doesn't want you to vote there, is a reason for that you support the values of the democratic party, you support progressive values of the president and we have got mobilize to make sure that the president can keep working. so, that work is starting now. we can't wait until next october and we are excited to start
8:45 am
reaching out to young people across the country. >> how do you think the youth contingent of occupy wall street is going to factor into all this? >> the occupy wall street movement is interesting, people compare it to the tea party, i would say that okay spy a much younger subset, for sure, not tied to any political party, but there is a frustration there that is palpable about the economy and i think if you talk to most occupy voters, i think they have a very hard time fulling the lever for mitt romney or newt gingrich, my hope is we can okay pit voting booth next year around channel their energy to making sure we will like the people that work for the 99%, a message i think will resonate in 2012. >> rod schneider of young democrats of america. i appreciate it. >> thanks, tom. talk more about occupy wall street protesters right now marching their way through downtown new york. hundreds of them are determined to make their way back into zuccotti park after being kicked out last night. look at the video there you can see protesters jumping over the
8:46 am
barricades, being tossed out after trying to jump over the barricades to get back n these are police barriers set up last night, roughly 1 a.m., the people occupying the park, we are told that they needed to leave so the city could get in there and clean up, once the park was cleaned out and people were evicted basically in the overnight hours, now trying to get back in they say they have the right to be there we will keep our eye on that back with more more after this. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms,
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8:49 am
so this entire squeak green week on the networks of nbc and six years after hurricane katrina there are still questions whether or not the big easy has the barrier protection needed to stave off future storms. you add that to the aftermath of
8:50 am
the bp oil spill and the erosion of wetlands and an overall lack of infrastructure and you have got a recipe for environmental disaster. this issue is very recipe for n. melissa lives in new orleans and professor of medical science at tulane. when we talk about the disaster s. the oil spill, this affected you on a very personal way. how does the effort to maintain consciousness in the rebuilding measures against what is actually being done in realtime. >> as important as this was to me personally, this is incredibly important to us nationally. louisiana has 40% of america's costal wedlands and we lose a foot balentien field an hour of the wedlands. those are barrier protection against storms that cause enormous property damage like
8:51 am
katrina and also protection for the oil and gas pipelines that provide about 15 to 20% of the oil and gas for this country. so what we are seeing is massive erosion that has real impact for the whole country. >> when we look at some of the good news that is happening because on monday fema announced an additional $390 million in aid. is money the greatest obstacle in getting the region back on sound environmental footing? >> that is only part of it. very early on, the governor of louisiana cut a deal that meant we didn't get nearly as many of the revenues of the oil and gas production. part of what has happened is in the absence of that money is we need to go and fill in with land, with gravel in some cases. many of the canals that were cut because they are providing more opportunities for erosion. these oil and gas companies and now some of the federal money
8:52 am
needs to go to actively addressing the coastal erosion which has the impact on the whole country's wedlands. >> thanks as always for joining us. a reminder to viewers, you can read her thoughts on a variety of topics at the after a bullet was fired directly into gabrielle giffords skull, her colleagues and family have all talked about her courage. a victim in arizona, giffords had to relearn how to do everything. and her latest decision to speak pubically may show as much courage as everything else. there was an interview on 20/20. it takes just seconds to see how far she has come and how far she has to come. she struggles to even speak a few words. >> no, better. >> it's better?
8:53 am
>> um, i -- oh. um -- >> she wants to get better. >> better. >> you want to get better. >> better. >> so you think to yourself i'll go back to congress if i get better? >> yes, yes, yes. >> joining me now is daniel hernandez, who rushed to her side in the moments after the shooting and credited with helping to save her life. you are live joining us from tucson. anyone who watched this interview knows that she took a big risk to speak pubically before completing her recovery. does that surprise you knowing your former boss the way you do that she would open herself up in such a vulnerable way now? >> one of the things i have always admired is her courage. for her to show the progress is
8:54 am
an effort to let others know that's possible with hard work and determination and a fighting spirit, really anything is possible. i am glad she was able to finally show us the work that she has progressed in showing us that she is still fighting. >> as you know, she and her husband co-wrote a book. called gabby, a story of courage and hope. is that something you plan to read? >> you know, it is something that i am planning on reading. i am actually in the middle of finals right now and i just finished up an election. it's one of the first things that i'm doing but i am really excited to see the progress that she has made and detailed in the book. >> you are a student but also congratulations in order. you just won a seat on the school board in your arizona district. we expect big political things from you in the future. appreciate. >> that's going to do it for me today. i will see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern
8:55 am
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try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. before dawn today, police moved in to close the occupy wall street protests in new york city by order of mayor michael bloomberg. >> at 1:00 this morning, the new york city police department and owners of the park notified protesters in the park that they had to remove tents, sleeping bags. >> everything. >> it is a real mess down here. it needed to get cleaned out even for just a little while. >> the police were beating people. >> the police made it bigger. so foolish. >> make no mistake, the final decision to act was mine and mine alone.
8:59 am
>> joining me today is a writer at newsmax, time magazine white house correspondent and msnbc political analyst back for day two. thank you all for joining me. let's get right to it. occupy wall street is now clear. it is unclear whether protesters will be allowed back in. is it over? >> i think we are moving into a different phase. even if they get back to the park today, there will have to be some sort of an evolution. a new type of protest movement. >> michael is exactly right. thank you for having me on. they took my tent away. happy to have some place to be. >> there is a burner in the makep