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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 18, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PST

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it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. this is "way too early." the show that can't keep this up much longer. i'm glad you are with us on msnbc. shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you are doing up this early. you can tweet me or do what mark sanchez does, text the word awake to 622639. we'll read your responses later in the show. the next 30 seconds is your cram session for friday, november 18th. a lot to tell you about including schoolyard back and forth between rick perry and nancy pelosi. plus, letterman sends regis off on a vespa he does not know how to drive. a sad ending to a wonderful.
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wonderful career. god speed, reg. we'll show you this clip later in the show. let's get to the news. new this morning, president obama unveiled a multibillion dollar trade deal in bally. it provides bowing with the biggest deal in history. hundreds of planes going to indonesia supporting 100,000 to 110,000 jobs to america. the president touted the nearly $22 billion deal. >> this is an example of a win-win situation where the people of the region are going to be able to benefit from outstanding airlines. and our workers back home are going to be able to have job security and be able to produce an outstanding product made in america. >> good news for bowing and perhaps for american workers. on the diplomatic front, the president announced for the
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first time in 50 years a united states secretary of state will visit burma. hillary clinton will head there next month. this follows recent reforms by the government since civilian leadership assumed power in march. that included the release of awning san suki. they will meet with officials to explore what the united states can do to support the mission. the military leaders had close ties to china. again, this raises china's eyebrow. a homeless man from idaho faces a life sentence after being charged with attempting to assassinate the president of the united states. officials say the suspect was in a parked car on constitution avenue about 800 yards from the building. president obama was in california at the time. no one was hurt.
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according to court documents, he was convinced the federal government was conspireing against him and president obama was the antichrist who needed to be killed. supporters of occupy wall street have new momentum after a day of wide scale demonstration. they called it a national day of action across several american cities. in new york city, at least 300 people arrested during clashes between police and demonstrators. ray kelly says five protesters were charged with felony assault. 17 people hurt. seven of them police officer. mike taibbi as more. >> reporter: scores of arrests in lower manhattan. police from daybreak on keeping protesters on the sidewalks, out of the streets and away from announced or expected targets like the new york stock
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exchange. protest spokesmen said they would disrupt or delay the opening bell. >> we are frustrated. we are angry. they can't just go about business as usual. >> reporter: the bell did ring on time as usual. on the streets outside, it's clear supporters were losing patience with the occupy phenomenon and the impact on the neighborhood. >> i'm supposed to be at work at 8:30. it's taken me an hour. >> reporter: they shouted. >> go out and get a job. >> reporter: overnight, occupy movement cities were in dallas and berkeley. >> every time we set up, the police trample on our first amendment rights. >> 99%! >> reporter: by day, the protests continued. in portland, oregon. >> we need good jobs, not cuts. >> reporter: in los angeles, albany and las vegas. >> we want to send a message to
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the 1% the 99% aren't going to take it anymore. >> revolution! >> reporter: they have been saying the same thing for two months. without a list of demands or a concrete plan, how much support do they have? >> we want the people out of our parks and city. the fight is in the wrong place. >> the new york city mayor, mike bloomberg commented. >> tens of thousands of people would be participating in today's protest. there have been far fewer. so far, they have caused what can be described as minimal disruptions to the city. >> he supports their first amendment rights but has no plans to let them rebuild their city in the park. new details in the penn state child sex abuse scandal. more people stepping forward telling a private attorney they
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were abused by the former football coach, jerry sandusky. peter alexander has the story. >> reporter: with the penn state sexual abuse scandal growing, more victims are coming forward and beginning to share their stories of abuse. some dating back to the 1970s. >> there's comfort in numbers. i think they understand we are not alone. >> reporter: he represents at least two victims, one not included in the grand jury report. that man was told by authorities he is victim number 11. >> my client was sexually assaulted by him in the '90s and on the grounds of penn state university. >> reporter: "the new york times" officials at the second mile discovered several years of documents missing. according to the times, investigators are concerned they may limit their about to determine whether he used charity funds to recruit new
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victims or buy their silence. weeks after then graduate assistant witnessed sandusky assaulting a boy in a locker room shower, mcqueary joined him in a flag football game. he showed up to support a golf tournament benefiting the second mile. he spoke briefly with nbc news. >> i'm not going to go into detail about anything but, you know, i think it's obvious i tried to do the right thing. >> peter alexander reporting from state college, pennsylvania. penn state students looking to help the victims of sexual abuse raising $400,000 since the alleged assaults were reported. another college sports program facing sexual abuse. two ball boys came forward
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saying they were molested by bernie fine. they claim the abuse started in 1970s and continued into the '90s. he's been placed on administrative leave as police look into the charges. they are just allegations. now with the iowa caucus weeks away, businessman herman cain and ron paul are at the top of the republican field in the hawk eye state. the latest iowa state poll shows cain four points ahead of paul. within the margin of error, they have tied for the lead in iowa. herman cain and ron paul. despite little campaigning, romney comes in third, four pounlts behind ron paul. he's facing criticism in the state of new hampshire. they are skipping an interview with a newspaper. the paper and cain accusing each other of cannesling it. later at an event they continue
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to defend the controversy surrounding his campaign including his foreign policy credentials. >> some people go to the public opinion. the thing about it, the people on the cain train don't get off because of that crap. who knows every detail of every country of every situation of the planet? nobody. a leader is supposed to make sure you work on the right problems, assign the right priority. surround yourself with good people. put together plans and lead. we got plenty of experts. and a leader knows how to use those experts. we need a leader, not a reader. >> a leader not a reader. this comes as the cain campaign confirms he will be protected by the secret service. he's the first republican candidate to be shadowed by federal body guards.
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a new feud brewing between rick perry and nancy pelosi. he sent a letter to pelosi requesting a public debate with her on his proposal to overhaul washington. pelosi said she had other things to do, poking fun at the governor's brain freeze. >> monday, i'm going to be in portland in the morning, visiting some of our labs in the afternoon, that's two, i can't remember what the third thing is. hours later, perry fought back bringing up a 60 minutes report that suggested lawmakers including pelosi and boehner may have profitted from information. pelosi did not answer the allegations. >> i get it about why nancy pelosi doesn't want to debate me in public. then she's going to have to explain why she profitted from
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insider trading information in the stock market. but, if she won't explain her activities in a public setting, i challenge her to turn over all that information to the securities exchange commission or an independent prosecutor to determine if she used insider information through her position in congress to make money off her investments. >> pelosi's offices called the "60 minutes" report incomplete and a right wing smear. the supercommittee with growing concerns a deal will not be made by wednesday's deadline. 72 house republicans sending a letter to the group urging members not to raise taxes. patty murray says her party agreed to lower their revenue level to meet a republican offer if the deal does not burden working families. house speaker boehner is
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dismissing the claims saying democrats have yet to agree on a proposal. they must agree to 1.2 trillion dollars. the deadline is next wednesday. they need to get something done over the weekend to get it to the cbo before the deadline. still ahead on "way too early," by god there's magic in those legs. tim tebow turned it on when he had to, leads the broncos in the final moments. plus, steven colbert makes exception. bradley cooper as the sexiest man alive and a check on weather when we come back. the chinese government finished their body count saying
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how much does he spend on gas? how much do you spend on gas? how much do i spend on gas? if i charge regularly, i fill up like once a month. he only has to fill up about once a month. [ woman ] wow. that's amazing. live picture at 5:46 in the morning of washington, d.c. let's get a check on your weather from bill karins. bill? >> what size tebow jersey do you want? >> i don't want one. i respect the man, but i don't want a jersey. i have a giants jersey, i'm good. >> i see how that works. good morning, everyone. let's go through the weekend forecast. it's a cold start to the weekend. significantly colder than it has been. this is how it should be in
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november. winds will be brisk. need the coat and gloves this morning. temperatures get into the mid-40s. it should be dry, a decent amount of sunshine. lake-effect snow off syracuse off the lakes. that's it. the rest of the country, the stormy spot is the northwest and the northern plains. we're going to warm up in the middle of the country. you were cold yesterday, now your warm up begins. temperatures getting into the mid-60s as far north as st. louis and kansas city. a storm from wyoming to north dakota, south dakota, minnesota. we're going to have a band of snow. some areas could get three to six inches. the east coast, another sunny day for you. sunday that's the best period of the weekend. temperatures should get back up to 60 degrees. the bottom line for the east coast, it was a quick cooldown. then we are back up near normal. sunday should be a nice day. >> thanks. turning to sports now.
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we begin with football. the jets and broncos playing a thursday nighter in denver. jets up, 10-3. sanchez going to look for burris. this is not a real good throw. goodman steps in front of it for the interception. 26 yards for the touchdown. taunting sanchez on the way in. giants kick a field goal, a three-point lead. they are up three. tebow gets the ball with 95 yards to go to win the game. 15 yards on the first down. tebow, again, taking the defenders on head. rushing for nine yards. he gets his team down to the jets 20. with just over a minute left to play, there he is. he's the blitz. blows through the defense, powers it in. 95 yard drive. tim tebow responsible, personally for 92 of those yards. that was his first and only
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offensive touchdown of the night. the other one was defensive touchdown. 104 yards. broncos win 17-13. tebow 4-1 as the broncos starter. the broncos and jets are both 5-5. bad night for the jets. tebow talked about the winning drive and why he's hated by some in the media. >> what comes over you at five minutes to go? >> first and foremost, i have to thank my lord and savior, jesus christ. my teammates stuck with me. i'm extremely blessed. god blessed me with so many people that support me. a great family that supports me. great teammates. that's what i'm focused on. >> do you feel like it's your throwing motion, your faith? what is it that promotes anger or hatred of disdain from journalists and publicists? >> i'm not sure. something i learned early in
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college is not worry about something i can't control. what i can control is my attitude, effort and focus every day. that's what i'm trying to worry about. >> to baseball, changes for the american league. the houston astros moving to the american league west. it will happen in 2013. it follows the sale of the team to jim crane. major league baseball pushed for the move as part of the deal. it sets up an in-state division rivalry are texas rangers. coming up on "morning joe," the latest on the newt gingrich/freddie mac story about when he was working for the mortgage lender he was bashing. details at the top of the hour. we'll huddle around the water cooler to say bye to regis. perhaps she should have
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we told you earlier, the president announced awhile ago the united states and burma are set for a historic dialogue. secretary of state, hillary clinton, will travel there to assist in government reforms there. she's the first american secretary of state to visit the area in 50 years.
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it will add to her tally of frequent flyer miles. she's traveled 632,452 miles and visited 90 countries. she was on the road 165 days, a record for any u.s. diplomat during that time period. she definitely qualifies for pastries. the last day on the air today of the great regis philbin. letterman laid a kiss on regis right there before kelly. last night, regis visited dave to collect parting gifts. >> what is it about you that people are drown toward or to you. >> why are you drawn to me. look at him. he's closing in on me. suddenly, it was this. thank you very much. what are we talking about here? and on the lips.
2:55 am
on the lips! wait a minute. you haven't heard what happened. kelly ripa said this out loud. she said did i see a tongue? >> look at this, cover of "newsweek" magazine with his buddy jerry seinfeld. >> i love you more. >> are you getting ready to kiss jerry? >> i'm not going to kissingerry. >> have you taken a couple test shots at this? >> no, i'm a natural athlete. >> have you ever driven one before? >> no. >> regis, are you ready by friend? >> i'm ready. >> for the love of god, be careful. god speed. regis philbin, there he goes. >> i made it! thank you for my birthday present. >> oh, my god.
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>> one show left and we kill him. >> he's all right. sick about this whole mess. >> ready. >> oh, gosh. good night everybody. get your hand off my [ bleep ]. there we go. >> that would have been terrible the day before his last show. still ahead on "way too early" why are you awake? tweets, texts and e-mails are up moments away. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. [ female announcer ] give a little cheer to a family of a soldier. just cut out the cheer from your specially marked box of cheerios, write your message, and we'll see that they get it.
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