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tv   The Squeeze  MSNBC  November 19, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PST

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evanston, 13 miles north of downtown chicago. home to northwestern university and multimillion-dollar mansions. an idyllic suburb. >> a police search warrant! >> until you look closely. >> got a guy right there. he's right there. >> y'all know what time it is? >> it's d-day for sergeant john o lander and the sheriff's police. together with the evanston pd,
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they are rounding up more than two dozen local narcotics and weapons traffickers. >> here we go. >> they spent the last five months building cases and about to net a big fish. >> go! downstairs! downstairs! go! >> ever work with police before or no? >> here we go, guys. >> police search warrant! downstairs!
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downstairs! downstairs. go. >> whatever you find that belongs to me. you going to tear the place up? >> that's me. that's mine. i don't have anything else. if anything else you find, i forgot about it. >> you have anything else? >> it's happening now too. i don't have anything on me. nothing. >> we are going to take them off. >> i told you there is nothing in there. >> evanston police have been waiting to nab this target, an alleged heroin dealer for a long time. they couldn't do it in a criminal community this small. they needed an ace. >> it's almost impossible for us to get into the drug dealers because they know us and our names and faces.
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>> been here a long time? >> yep. >> i'm not going -- if i say there is nothing in there -- >> you then guy? >> now the trump guard. >> not a good day for you, man. you know what i'm saying? you have a bad case. do you know what i'm saying? that was a question. >> i heard you. >> do you know what it is? >> no. >> the look on his face was i'm screwed. i love seeing the look. he's thinking at that moment, he knows he got drugs and this guy is a cop with all the gear on. we have video. he knows. >> that's not all that o lander and his fellow officers have on their target. they have seized enough firepower from his house for one man army. >> we have everything from a 50
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caliber desert eagle to nine millimet millimeter and springfield arms. >> all he can do is help himself. >> why would i want to talk to them? >> we had brothers give up brothers. the family. >> even as police send the target and 35 arrestees off to jail, they are making a dent in a larger problem. evanston's gang presence has been growing and so has the murder rate. in 2010, homicides rose by 600%. >> from northwestern university, a cultural suburb by the
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lakefront. held om do you hear two or three blacks in about the drug dealer and heroin and crack. literally two blacks. >> evanston's proximity was north of chicago. many customers are casual users experimenting with heroin and some pay the ultimate price. heroin fatalities in outlying areas have more than doubled in two years. >> a new strain of heroin comes in and they don't know how to cut it, they put it on the street. these kids are naive. that's frustrating. some kid for the first time comes out from one of the fluent neighborhoods and buys heroin and hearing that it's something cool to try and he dies the first time. >> he and his team begin
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planning another major operation with the evanston pd. this time they move higher up the food chain, taking aim at dealer who is move bigger quantities of drugs. >> some of these guys don't sell from the houses. they learned that police buy from the house. they do their sales on the street. they are mobile and feel more secure. they are moving and watching. we will make it from there. >> evanston. that knocks the project down. they are making thousands of dollars. i will show you whose block it
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is. evanston is not the only community with a gang activity from the city. it's a widespread phenomenon fuelled bite closing of the public housing projects. now gangs are sprawling into 88% of the suburbs throughout cook county. >> the chief of police said i didn't know you had a bank problem. i have this and i understand what this stuff neats. i can't be an expert if i don't know what it means. >> one of the best places to track the 70 plus gangs and estimated 1 hundr00,000 gang me are here. they have been charged, but not convicted of crimes. investigators with the criminal unit or ciu are assisting what it was from the evanston pd to the chicago pd to the sheriff's police. sharing the latest gang intel.
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recently investigators. the battle on the streets between two long time rivals. the maniac latin disciples. >> what are you? >> a maniac. >> it's hot over there. fighting with kings. other big gangs. one of the biggest and floodiest wars was for themselves. >> i got to see my face. shoot me. >> the maniac disciples or mlds represent the second largest latino street gang in chicago. founded in the 1960s, they got
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their start in humboldt park on the city's northwest side and branched out from there. they now claim up to 3,000 members who must obey strict codes of conduct and above all, no one is to cooperate with law enforcement. sandoval and carpenter have seen gang members break that rule time and time again. they recruited many informants from the latin disciples including this man who we are calling pancho to protect him identity. he has been in and out of jail several times and he helped him work out a plea bargain. >> now that he's out, he will call us and let us know who did what and what was it about? he keeps it and what's going on. >> pancho takes sandoval by surprise and brings a fellow
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member of his gang in. they will be working alongside each other as pate informants. he failed to buy from me. me being that is what i want to do. the first disagreement. . >> kos means kill on site. both of these men are taking precautions like wearing disguises on camera for their safety. we are giving the partner the nickname lefty to conceal his identity.
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>> everything is to give to the boys. it disappears. >> a fine line you crossed and once you cross it, you can't come back. >> someone who can get it, you don't want to believe. maybe that's family because the neighborhood would be that we grew up in, all these guys can use it. >> for all of the gang's talk, they run deep in the upper ranks and for good reason. the ship is full of leaks. pancho and lefty with self preservation to play both sides of the fence. they have another motive. money. both offer to help sandoval and carp epter set up numbers of a
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you got the evidence and you open it up to see the guys. >> summertime is traditionally
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the bleedest season and the long time rivalry between two major latino gangs is already flaring up again. ciu investigators adrian sandoval have a pair of street informants from one of the gangs, the maniac disciples ready to go to work for them. >> they have guys here. >> besides acting as eyes and ears for law enforcement, these confidential sources offered to set up a drug ring in hurricane for money. we are calling them poncho and lefty for their protection. >> who can get us to this? you could? >> yeah. >> more than a kilo? >> even though black and latino gangs occupy territories, they will work together if there is a financial opportunity. they are giving up members of a black street gang they do business with. >> although the opposition is all about money, especially on
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the westside, it doesn't matter what gang you are in. >> we split up and that guy in the northwest corner. >> the police ending an under cover officer. >> it's hard to buy people and select clientele. that's one of them. >> sandoval rides with one surveillance unit while the deal goes down. >> where is he at now, jay? >> to the guy right now. >> it's a good deal. they got 12.
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>> the new yorkers and those are things and you know you are doing good. >> with one successful buy, investigators plan to do many more with pancho's help in order to build a experience case. they want to send out his partner lefto an under cover buy before he gets second thoughts. >> there is only guy working. >> everything hinges on the relationship between the informants and within a matter of days, an unforeseen event put that to the test. 13 miles north, another operation is in full swing.
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the gang unit is helping the local pd put away their own usual suspects. >> did he have anything besides the weed in the car? >> just the weed, but it was all bagged. >> in nickels or dimes or whatever. he said i saw it. >> that will be a felony. >> for investigator john rigio, it's his fifth time in six years assisting his counterparts. >> we know how they work. surveillance, we can play and the bad guys, they haven't seen before. that's why we are successful. he often builds trust with a variety of unsavory characters. >> it's junior. what's up. are you going to be around? >> one of the newest targets, an ecstasy dealer. >> i'm looking for the skittles. let me know what the paper is.
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cool. >> she asked me if i wanted one and i said no. anything over 15 we are good with. that's all they need to buy. buy a half jar for them and we have a search warrant. i wanted to see if i can roll through. when we debrief people we arrest, you are talking and we will know the terminology. >> probably on the 500th. >> he paces. we are out a piece up there. >> each time he and his officers launch a new operation in evanston, they face a screweder,
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more calculating adversary. >> we're teach them how to do their job better. you have to think like them to a point. people me they tarnish. my wife's pharmaceutical rep. i can't be late. after doing this job so long, it's hard to relate. then she said are you sure you are not the police? >> i said i wish i was i would have a real job then. she said you have the money? she reached in her bra and pulled it out and the better ones are the lighter ones. they have the specks in them. >> the ecstasy dealer that he was pursuing, the sheriffs police and evanston pd are lining up 20 other targets with the help of informants. they will make multiple drug buys from each to get the
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strongest cases. eventually they arrest them all in a massive sweep. >> that's why they call them skittles. all the happy flavors. >> 37 miles to the south in the suburb of mark um, members of the south gang unit face an immediate mission at hand. they are getting ready to execute the fourth search warrant in the past week. there is never a dull moment in their neck of the woods with the greatest proliferation of street gangs outside of the inner city. >> the target, we did a buy and all crack cocaine. >> pretty much his whole family is locked up. >> on the ground. >>
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the target is basically an older guy. you call up and let them know
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what you want. >> the south gang unit based in chicago's south suburbs. matt jenna is juggling five cases and has many more. >> we arrested this guy seven times. >> on average, the sheriff's gang units served 10 search warrants for drugs and guns every month. he and colleagues are focused on places like robins, harvey and the south suburbs represent the single hottest focal point outside of chicago city limits. >> there was gunfire. you have a position to move to. >> let's go outside and rehearse. >> this guy is selling crack cocaine and yet to see any jail
1:27 am
time. >> here we go. >> hands up. pull it down! get on the ground! then they hit his apartment. they find what they came looking for in plain view. >> he had a nice size amount of crack cocaine. that's a good hit. >> remember me? i guess i caught me. >> based on how much activity they see, the gang investigators find it hard to believe claims that crime is down in chicago as the city and suburban police departments have reported. >> that are explegz about the
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lies and statistics. different downs have different agendas and most of them are noble. then other ones that the last thing they want to do is acknowledge a crime problem. it's all the rest. you are left with educated guesses based on activity. the public would be flabbergasted if they knew how little they talked to each other. >> one thing's for certain, and the housing unit. gangins migrated outward. they became part of low income sites, forced to relocate in the past two decades. that made a lasting impact on communities to the south and the north including evanston. >> on the way a lot of section 8
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housing and poverty and pockets of bad areas. within the good areas. >> evanston police officers are part of the joint operation with the sheriff's police. they say they know all of the key drug dealers in town and have recruited informants to keep them down. >> we do whatever it takes to get big charges. >> there is a lot activity. this stop is here. >> you guys posted up as look outs and whistling down the block. >> or handing out business cards. >> you have this guy handing out business cards. this particular business card at one of the red line stations. he actually gave it to one of my informants. his card says 100 bags, call me
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first. that is bags of crack cocaine. he had a stack of them and handing them out to people at the station. >> today an under cover sheriff's police officer will be buying product from the enterprising young dealer. six unmarked units roll out to set up surveillance outside the spot. >> the targets inside the subway sitting down looking at the street. right underneath the daily special sign. >> they are around towards our management. >> here we go. >> the target is still inside the vehicle. the target just got out. he has a marking eastbound.
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they claim the good deal. >> stuff was good. on to the next one. >> next on the squeeze -- >> in an uproar over police. >> they will hit the whole gang.
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> here's what's happening. the white house said president obama and chinese premier
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focused primarily on economic issues. in a meeting on the sidelines of the asia pacific summit in bali. a proposed balanced budget spending. mcdonald's is dropping a major egg flyer after an animal supplier showed inhumane treatment at one of the facilities. >>are right there against the wall. >> i don't care how you will see this.
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>> one informant alone shoulders enough risk by working with authorities, but a team of two enormously upped the stakes as each entrusts his live with the other. this investigator and this pair of informants who we have been calling pancho and lefty started an operation to nab a drug ring on chicago's westside. one week later. gunfire erupts in avondale park, a neighborhood on the northwest side. bullets strike two girls and a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old, piercing one in the back and grazing the othered in head. both survive their injuries and police capture the alleged gunmen, a maniac disciple who was trying to shoot at a rival and missed. >> this was an outrageous act. >> chicago's new superintendent declares war on the latin
1:37 am
disciples. >> the entire organization is held accountable for the actions of one. >> everybody knows we are not going to be playing. we will set an example and anybody shooting kids. >> pancho and lefty who belong to the gang find themselves caught in the middle. prior to the shooting. they helped sandoval map out the hierarchy of the entire organization. >> now that information takes on a new relevance. >> was he the chief? >> well organized obviously and can help them and hurt them. they have structure and somebody to answer to and somebody to dictate and relegate what will happen. if one of the main guys who was highly involved decides to help us out, it's easier to take everybody else.
1:38 am
>> sandoval and his colleague share the intel with chicago police who launch a massive crack down on the gang. within two weeks of the shooting, the pd arrests 120 maniac latin disciples and many of them are misdemeanor charges and outstanding warrants. >> you sent a message to all. >> they mead with an informant lefty in the meantime. >> everybody is good. >> lefty claims that the shooter had acted alone without authorization from the gang. he was fighting with latin kings, but now not even his own gang will defend him.
1:39 am
as the maniacs wait for the dust to settle, drug sales dry up with the heat on the neighborhoods. they also expect their rivals, the latin kings to retaliate since they were the intend targets of the shooting. for pancho and lefty, the stakes suddenly couldn't be higher. >> >> you can be caught and sitting behind them. >> investigators sandoval and carpenter decide to strike while the iron is hot and want to use pancho and lefty to take down a nation house where the maniac
1:40 am
disciples store their firearms. >> this is where they mostly all hang out and the house is in charge with supplying the guys in the neighborhood. >> despite the risk, their informants agree to help. they identify one house in particular where the gang keeps guns, but sells narcotics. the next step, the sheriff's police will send an under cover officer to buy drugs to obtain a search warrant. >> we will try to take off with the mid-level people in the gang hopefully that from that point and the violence slowed down. >> they are off there shooting people. if you can hurry up and get the guns off the street, that will be great. >> coming up on the squeeze -- >> like he doesn't exist. >> it's like the person that you
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and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. ask r >> inside the jail, it's not acceptable. they don't accept guys who shoot or kill little kids. a lot of guys with a lot of anger and animosity and would love to beat up one of the guys who follow the rules. >> in the gang related shooting that wounded two little girls on should go's northwest side,
1:45 am
authorities are cracking down on the maniac latin disciples. as police saturate the neighborhoods, they are sending more and more to jail. the alleged shooter is being held here under tight security. >> these kids fear for his life. his action caused everybody to get locked up and now what? now the maniacs from humboldt park can go where? retaliate and send a message over there and have wars because this kid affect the drug sale and send a message. there is action. >> let's going on with you guys? >> i don't know. >> chicago police number one hit list right now. >> i know i want to beat them up myself. that's crazy. >> not part of the game? >> you shoot at the person you
1:46 am
shoot. not into the park. >> when you are talking to them, you listen to the troops. others are happening all over the scene. happened to be the middle girls and in a nicer neighborhood. >> chicago police, their objective is to catch us and arrest us. our objective as gang bangers and criminals, get the hell away. they are doing their job and i'm doing mine. >> 24 miles south of chicago, sergeant tery and his team are playing the cat and mouse team in neighborhoods full of gang activity. >> they will call and say this person is selling drugs over here. this person was seen with a gun. different stuff a lot of times. we try to follow-up a lot of times we get a complaint. >> the lovely town of harvey.
1:47 am
we have a couple of citizen complaints and a area with a lot of vice lords. >> as he and fellow officers roll through a hot block, they make a traffic stop on a driver who is too eager to get away. . >> you aware of the charges right now? >> you want to start playing games, i will lock you up right now for obstruction. i need to see the id too. >> the house we passed by is the house that we are looking at. as soon as he stepped out of the car, he gave us attitude. absolutely nothing is coming back. i need to be able to identify who you are. >> you look at them and see how nervous they are. you have to pay attention to things like that. somebody might be ready to take off and pull a gun out and do
1:48 am
anything. >> he is shaking like a leaf. >> i ran his name and got nothing. like he doesn't exist. what's up with you? you never have been arrested before in your? >> what's your social? >> i don't know it by heart. >> he don't know his social, nothing coming back. something ain't right. >> while mac focuses on the passenger, the sergeant makes a curious discovery on the truck's rear bumper. >> those look like blood drops. those right there do. >> what were you hauling that was allred. it looks like blood all over your tailgate. i have to make sure you don't have a human being.
1:49 am
>> come on. out of the car. step out of the car. >> this guy you mention the blood and his neck was shaking like you wouldn't believe. >> you want to take my vehicle, take it. >> i want to make sure there is nobody in the tailgate. >> i'm being simple and profession professional. >> i'm upset right now. >> you can do whatever you top the do. >> you tope or you go to jail. >> i'm upset. >> i'm making sure there ain't nobody in here, man. you want to tell me what that red stuff is? >> that's red marks. >> what are is it? >> mulch. >> that's mulch? >> nobody in the trunk, but they discover that the passenger has a warrant for assault in illinois after he confesses his real name. their records show he is
1:50 am
classified as armed and dangerous. they take him into custody and reluctantly let the driver go. >> this guy, he has been around the block quite a few times. he's the type of person who say you want to be able to take it further. he seems like he was hiding something for sure. he thought we had something on him already. >> how many guys are they asserting? we have to figure out a way to get the warning in by thursday. >> time is of the essence for adrian sandoval who planned to target the disciples is in motion. >> two of the informants who we call pancho and lefty agreed to help take down a house where the gang stores weapons and sells narcotics. their access will enable the police to make under cover drug buys at the house for the
1:51 am
purpose of getting the search warrant. >> they see the stronghold to that block or area. this location is not just a hang out. >> within i few days, investigators wrap up enough buys for a warrant. they want to hit the house fast before the maniac latin disciples who are feeling the heat move their weapons elsewhere. >> they get one inside the house. >> police, search warrant
1:52 am
1:53 am
1:54 am
kennedy is in an uproar over at the police. hitting this house, we will hopefully send a message.
1:55 am
>> police declared war on the maniac disciples in chicago following a gang-related shoots of two girls who were bystanders. now eight days later, the sheriffs police have a warrant to search a so-called nation house where the gang allegedly stashes guns and drugs. . >> kids go on inside the house. get in the house. come to the door! police, warrant! police, search warrant. come to the door!
1:56 am
>> police clear the house within minutes. they find the tenant and an alleged maniac disciple and his family inside. they take him into custody and begin searching the premises. while the neighborhood watches. the last thing that investigators expect to happen however is to walk away with almost nothing. they find a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and paraphernalia, but not the weapons they counted on. >> you have two options. we charge you and you go to court or you work with the police. i know there were guns in your house at one time because there is a stash house. you moved them. i am going to take that weed and the paraphernalia and send it to the state lab. after that i can charge you. any time i want. within the next week, you hand
1:57 am
me two guns. this is how your case will go away. >> it was a lot of guys on the block. a lot of people see them get hit and him get let go. >> we will see what happens. >> if he doesn't come through it won't be hard to catch him. >> in the weeks that follow, the suspect decides to take his chances with authorities. he never turns over the guns. >> we will be seen at the meetings. >> after the failed police raid, investigators sandoval and carpenter follow-up with their informants. pancho and lefty claim that the gang moved its weapons to another location a day before
1:58 am
the police arrive and they found out after the fact. >> in certain respects, both weather the storm more than anyone else. timing and luck were on their side. >> it worked out better for them. they are not worried about thinking everybody is trying to hide from the police. >> they have an officer. the code of silence will be strong. >> as long as chicago police continue cracking down on the maniac latin disciples, the gang will stay on its heels losing status and money in the drug trade. . >> they knock the whole
1:59 am
organization out and done damage. it sends a big shock wave. >> i'm retaliating or fighting back, but they try to keep a step ahead of the game. that's normally what these guys do. someone that big, they doll what they have to do to survive. >> authorities are getting ready to hit the gangs in evanston in one swoop. as the joint operation between the sheriff's police and evanston pd nears the end game, investigators are looking at arresting 20 targets in the area. >> i would like to keep this rolling through july and august and do the sweep before school starts. once we hit them hard like that, everything shuts down. these kids can go to school and pretty much all the crap will be off the street for a while. that would be ideal. >> before the summer ends in chicago, a reputed maniac latin disciple bludgeons a 14-year


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