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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 21, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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in a video over t weekend. you can probably see a lot of people gathering now. i want to bring in a representative of student government. she was out here when this all went down on friday. how surprised were you to see the police take out the pepper spray. >> immensely after the implications that happened at uc berkeley. we had been accustomed to riots and protesting on camps and you we presumed that police would be better equipped to handle it. they were well-equipped, but their actions and behavior was embarrassing. >> was there anything you saw that would have provoked police to take that action. what were they doing that we didn't see in the video? >> outside the video, protesters were moving their tents. to be honest, the police had the authority and intent to remove those who were obstructing removing the tents. at the time of the pepper spray incident, all the tents on the quad had been removed.
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there was no need for physical force towards an individual since the tents had been removed. >> the protesters were sitting there are? >> yes, they were just sitting there. >> what's the campus reaction been and the student government to hearing the police chief and police officers being placed on leave? >> to be confusion and outraged. felt very left out of the loop. we are student government and student affairs. we do a lot of things and work hand in hand with the chancellor and do other things with the people in the building. to know that we were not given the ability to be enforcered in the decision was embarrassing. it was a slap in the face. >> the rally about to get started. what she told me earlier and things like that just don't happen here. back to you. >> joining me now, an expert on police training and misconduct from the john j. college of misconduct. you heard the student and her
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account of what happened. we see a portion of this video. what is your take on this? >> my take is that police officers around the country are on continual force. seven different stages of continual force. spraying people is number six. there stages that you can use before which would be pain compliance that could have generated an unpretty picture or because the force never looks pretty, but this is extreme in my mind. >> this is extreme in your mind. they are refusing to leave, but being peaceful. the closeness of the individual who is spraying and the fact that this officer casually walks up and down the line with the blasting from the pepper spray can. what does that tell you? is that how someone would be trained to handle that? >> definitely not. >> first of all, you start with
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the presence in most situation. the presence to send the message. then you use verbal commands. if that doesn't use, you raise your voice. then you grab individuals physically. if that doesn't use you use pain compliance which is not intended to harm, but make people understand they have to move. only after pain compliance comes what we refer to as impact technique and the spray would fall within impact technique. they trained to use it at that close of a range? >> again, it depends on the situation. there is an ideal range and then situations that evolve in a way that are far from ideal, but what i am not say seeing is the physical and pain compliance and i'm not saying this. it should have been before pepper spray definitely. >> we will see what they said as the investigation continues. we want to make sure we are fair
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to all sides and as we know, there is an investigation into people who have been been put on paid leave. stocks are plunging. the dow is down over 300 points and only improved slightly from the day's lows. this is all the imminent failure of the super committee to agree on $1.2 trillion in federal budget cuts. europe's crisis might spill over and disrupt the u.s. recovery. the committee is expected to announce any time that failure was an option all along. it appears to be the reality we are in. we are less than ten hours from the committee's deadline to reach a deal. committee members have been out in force since yesterday, pointing the finger at each other. >> i personally believe if the republicans would not insist on extenting the cuts and making them permanent for the wealthy,
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we are prepared to do it for 98% of america, but if they insist on doing it for the wealthy, it's hard to make a deal. >> they have a different idea. this was the opportunity to raise taxes. the price would be $1.3 trillion in taxes. >> we know if they did not reach a deal, spending cuts from defense and military would kick in and that was supposed to be the threat of all this. kelly o'donnell joins us live now. is there any hope a deal will be reached? >> there was a glimmer that was ignited when a number of members decided to get together and meet. it wasn't a formally scheduled thing. they got together and members from both parties and spent time talking about this, saying there is always hope. the last couple of months, no indication that that made any progress, but it might be a way
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for them to demonstrate an effort up until the final deadline. hard to know what the motivations are and they did go behind closed doors when over the message coming from both parties and all sides is that the committee couldn't reach a deal and preparing people for the part b, what comes next. the why idea of automatic spending cuts that would be triggered by the committee's failure and that would happen in january of 2013. that creates a new set of issues because many people believe there programs that would be targeted, including the department of defense that need to be looked at again so the cuts would not be as severe. they might have enough legislative time since it is a way to try to fix that. we are not able to say that they have thrown in the towel, but the towel seems to be getting closer to the ground. >> thank you very much. the clock is ticking and towel on the ground. what else can we say? let's bring in radio talk show host michael smerconish and
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msnbc contributor. we know the conversation when the super committee was form and it was supposed to be a threat. were we duped into believing that these major cuts that linger ahead would ever inspire these members of congress to come up with something substantive? >> i think there was probably something to be said for his comment. now already you hear conversation about unhinging the cuts from taking place in 2013. the observations i have, it's the third attempt at resolution of a debt deal where there wasn't even a vote in the congress. simpson bowles did not result in a vote and huh the boehner obama grand bargain and no vote and nothing that will come from this. if i'm at home and i want to hold somebody accountable, either r or d, there is not a
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clear line of definition. i feel let down. >> let me bring in the associate editor for the hill newspaper. to michael's point, he is not alone in feeling let down. the gut check, is this the worst congress ever? there is a case to be made. you have the first team saying the institution of congress needs too look into the mirror when you look back the add lines about the hope the super committee was supposed to offer and here we are at this point. you probably should have seen it coming. >> well, i saw it coming and like the word duped. i wrote a column saying it was the super duper committee designed to fail. michael has an excellent point that the american people are looking to hold someone accountable and they're looking for votes on real proposals and a lot of members of congress to their credit want to vote on something and be able to say i
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voted this down or backed this plan. this is becoming a run away train and the problem with the super committee is there wasn't a risk of default and wasn't any consequence and they knew the cuts that were supposed to take effect january of 2013, these so-called death triggers. they will never be cut. they can be replaced by different ones and the lame duck session after the election. they knew there was no deadline and no consequence. that was rigged from the beginning. >> let me transition from newt gingrich who is soaring in the polls and doing very well despite his obvious problems that we have discussed long and hard here. i have to play what newt gingrich said. several were in iowa at the forum, this thanksgiving family forum talking about their personal lives and personal struggles. before i play the controversial byte regarding occupy protesters, let's play his moment where he teared up about
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his own life. we are told we don't have it, but let's play the occupy wall street moment. >> go get a job right after you take a bath. >> of course he is referring to the occupy wall street folks, but he talked about his multiple marriages and personal struggles and failings as a man. he said to these people, go get a bath and get a job. i felt like he wanted sympathy or empathy with his struggles, but to turn and tell americans that same cruel thing there, what do we process about this man as a candidate? >> the problem for newt gingrich is he tends to enjoy being nasty newt. what he is doing to win over the voters now that he is topping the polls and he is the new front-runner of the month, he is trying to be humble and conciliatory? >> that is humble telling someone to get a bath and a job.
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>> in discussing his personal failings. he is looking for redemption and trying to show a humble side of himself. the problem is that's not his personality. when you see him talking about something like occupy wall street, instead of controlling himself and saying these people need to find a political agenda and folks in this audience here. they think that's a good idea to turn to another human being who said get a bath and get a job. >> both the crying about his
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past indiscretions and the comment that you just played, they are terrific in a political sense in iowa, but killers in a general election. all of this behavior thaw are seeing that placates that base is why he could never win a general election against barack obama. >> i have to ask you about this incident at the nascar event this weekend. the first lady and jill biden booed while many others applauded. it's a moment that maybe speaks to the nastiness that is out there. can we play it? >> the first lady of the u.s., michelle obama and jill biden as they deliver the most famous words in motorsports. >> there you have it. in case you didn't hear it, we played it again. they received a standing ovation earlier at a prerace event, but
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i will give you the last word on this. go ahead. >> look, you are speaking to a goy from a town where we booed santa claus. stadium behavior sometimes is inexplicable and i don't read into it. >> your thoughts? >> it's retched. no matter who you vote for or support you cannot be proud as an american and clap for a first lady or a president is a real problem. >> not to mention a sergeant who was injured for his service in iraq and afghanistan injured and his kids. class act. thank you. we are following developing news in the search for a 5-year-old girl who disappeared over a month ago. they surrounded the apartment where the child's mother lives. we will have the latest. penn state calls in a major player to lead the investigation and the sex abuse investigation. this will go we are told as far back as 1975. plus, the boss, produce springsteen and the e street
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. developing news we are following, police were at the home of a missing arizona child. the grandmother, 5-year-old jesse told a local tv station the girl's mother was arrested. police are not confirming the information yet. jesse disappeared from home october 11th after her mother said she went out for errands. the girl was left in the care of her older siblings. they will release more information later this afternoon. the mother of a terror suspect being held without bail here in new york is apologizing to the city and saying that's not how
11:18 am
she raised her son. authorities described 27-year-old jose as a lone wolf and al qaeda sympathizer. he was arraigned on charges of plotting to bomb police post offices and banks as well in new york. targeting troops from afghanistan and iraq. he was arrested saturday where he was close to completing three bombs. they had him under surveillance for at least a year. evan coleman, you and i were talking on twitter, the number one trending thing was this story. people wanting to know more facts. the fbi did not get involved in this. why? >> very curious. the vast majority of terrorism investigations here in this country are investigated by the fbi and prosecuted in the federal court. that was something that took place there. this wasn't. this was something done by the nypd division and local prosecutors here.
11:19 am
there have been a few cases that happened and of course there have been questions about if this is such a serious terrorism case and plot, why are the feds not getting more directly involved. >> police say he was able to buy bomb ingredients and images of what they said they recovered from him. he has been under surveillance a long while achl year or more. >> that's the key. regardless of what did the investigation, there is a lot of evidence here. this guy left a long trail online of his thoughts and interest in bomb-making and interest in al qaeda. this was something that was videotaped as he was building. is this the next osama bin laden? that might be overstating the case. the nypd did feel where he was ready to hurt people. >> what are more did we know about his background. he was an al qaeda sympathizer, but he is a dominican republican
11:20 am
and naturalized citizen. >> he is a very extreme guy. he was so far out on the extremist end that he was intimidating and scaring other extremis extremists. he nicknamed himself osama hussein after two hero,osama bin laden and hussein. this guy is really far out in the extreme expect yum. i don't think he is tied with any serious organization. >> up next, did you hear? a strong storm system forming all the way from the south to the northeast. here's the really bad part of the story. it could put the brakes on thanksgiving travel plans. the congressman will join me live. he is one of several democrats taking action to repeal al bam's tough new laws and why she holding a hearing at the 16th
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the weather is expected to be nasty on the biggest travel day of the week. thunderstorms and torrential rains are expected to pound the entire east coast. todd santos is tracking the storm from the headquarters and you are focused in the texas area. this could be a lot of problem. >> yes. the whole set up are channelling the activity back in texas and it's riding up towards the northeast. this is what we are looking at. a few showers in pennsylvania. the area of concern for today is back towards dallas with potential severe thunderstorms. we had a few of those and a couple of these and some of that channelling over western oklahoma. the bigger threat was the hail potential through the afternoon and evening. we will see better chances and maybe even for tornadic storms and wind gusts and additional
11:25 am
hail. once you get to the northeast, the best chance into tomorrow may be showers over into the 95 corridor and especially for new york. it's tomorrow and into wednesday. we start to see them taking hold across the area. back towards atlanta, delays earlier on and looking good. most of the showers to the north, streaming some of those through northern portions of mississippi as well. you look towards texas and a lot of activity and most is off to the west of dallas. shouldn't be much of an issue to the north term, but they're starting to see they are dicy out there on the roadways. using caution through texas and western oklahoma. getting into the northwest into thursday. we will see the snow showers continuing. today right through thanksgiving day, across portions of the northern cascades and the coastline. we are dealing with the chances of rain showers and gusty winds. we want to talk about the potential today.
11:26 am
located through texas and southern oklahoma and central arkansas and the greatest threats are still a potential for tornados and win energy to maybe spin up a couple. you have a way to get warnings and be safe and tuesday they see the threat shifting east. i wanted to show wednesday considering we watch a lot of that in the northeast by thursday. that is out of here and that's the best news i have for you. >> thank you very much. the good news is that we have a heads up to make plans according 3. this is a rare and compelling look in the look of white supremacists. an fbi mole who infiltrated a white supremacy group and what he was able to uncover and why it is so timely given that there is an african-american president in the white house. republican governor jan brewer and who is behind it. that's next on "news nation." this new at&t 4g lte is fast.
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>> welcome back. here's what the "news nation" is following. new reaction from the white house on egypt's deadly crack down on protesters. is egypt's revolution unrattling? a live report from cairo. taking action against alabama's tough new law launching the new campaign at the site of the birmingham church where four little girls were killed in 1963. today's "news nation" gut check, the approval rating is at atoningly low 13% and with the super committee at a stalemate. is this the worst congress ever. what do you think? it's our gut check. you are looking at a huge crowd in cairo where it's about 9:30 at night. the crowd has been swelling all day following three days of bloody protest where 24 protesters were killed in clashes with egyptian security forces.
11:31 am
the white house issued a statement just this afternoon, urging the egyptian government to use restraint and they're demanding the military hand over power to government. joining us live from the square and egypt's state tv reported that the cabinet submitted the resignation to ruling council. what does it mean? give us perspective on the action. >> it won't mean much. president ma bar action was thrown out of office almost a year ago. the military took over control of the country almost as a custodian and always maintaining the promise that it would transition to democracy. there has been a kind of a government operating under the military since then. today that government said that it would step down, but the
11:32 am
military will remain in charge. that's what these people are opposing. they are coming out in the streets right now to demand that the military itself, not the civilian functionaries that operate underneath, they want the generals to step aside. there is no reaction from the crowd. the crowd is not dissipating on the news that the government submitted the resignation. >> more than 20 people as we reported killed. there reports that the military opened fire on civilians. what can you tell me about the reports? >> most of the casualties came and there were accounts that during this violent president, some ammunition was used that pools of blood on the ground and injuries that were consistent
11:33 am
with gunshot wounds. today there haven't been widespread reports and tear gas. it's out of alabama and a new campaign to repeal the tough new immigration law. a group of democrats will gather at the location central to the civil rights movement. the 16th street church where four girls were killed after a bombing of 1963. they chose the location because they say it violates civil rights by requiring police to detain anyone who cannot prove they are in this country legally. we are waiting for congressman luis gutierrez who is heading up the group and is the chair of the immigration task force for the hispanic caucus. we hope to have him in a live report. in the meantime, the man accused of trying to assassinate
11:34 am
president obama drive-by shooting at the white house is in court and tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today. his first court appearance and federal investigators say he fired at the white house on november 11th. the president and first lady were away at the time. he is described as a troubled drifter who believes he is the reincarnation of christ. >> an antiabortion group that tries to declare life begins at fertilization. the group needs about 79,000 signatures to win a spot on the ballot. personhood amendments have failed twice before. the mariners and their fans are mourning the death of one of the players who was stabbed to death in the netherlands. he was just 24 years old. his brother was being questioned. he played with the mariners over the last two seasons. >> developing news out of
11:35 am
alabama. the state's tough new law is promised. luis gutierrez of illinois is heading up the group and the chair of the task force for the hispanic caucus. thank you very much for your time. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> let's talk about the location here. the 16th street baptist church and we know that what that means to americans so the lives were taken. why have you chosen the location? another appeal attempt at the law? >> we will start it at 3:00 today where we will have an ad hoc hearing with the congress people to and you are right. at 7:00 tonight under the coalition 1 alabama, i feel a sense of honor and privilege to be invited to the reverend's widow will be there to receive us. the civil rights community has decided that this is the best
11:36 am
and most appropriate place to host the activity tonight. all of alabama came together with all of americans to repeal the law. >> robert bentley reacted to a times article that talked about the immigration law in comparing it to the movement. it's somewhat of an insult to the four girls who were killed in the bombing in birmingham and the people who were beaten at the bus station and those who lost their homes and churches. it's a disservice and insult to them. this is totally different. those are again the words of the republican governor in that state. what is your reaction to him? >> you know it seems to me we have been invited by the civil rights movement. we have been invited by those who fought and struggled in alabama. it seems to me that 40 years ago there were those that stood and the front door of schools to deny black children access to quality education and finally
11:37 am
come to the jim crowe laws of separation and segregation. american citizen children and four million of them and tens of thousands of them here who don't feel they can access the school system and don't feel they can access health care because parents are undocumented and because of these laws that they are attempting to enforce here in alabama. look, we understand discrimination when we see it. the please show me your paper law of alabama can only be enforced if you take apart racial profiling. let me say this is an anti-al bottoma law. there crops in the fields that will never be harvested. they will never be taken to market for sale. there will be empty restaurants and a hurt in the state because part of the driving as the new immigrant, last week an executive of mercedes benz opened up a huge plant here in alabama.
11:38 am
thousands of jobs. he was arrested under the new law. >> to your point, republicans now are saying that they are seeing the unintended consequences of the law and saying they have no one to pick the crops there. 60% of the people supported it. now again some republicans are saying this has gone too far. they may need to change it. it is not just democrats. you and others are on the forefront here. >> let me say, look, the state legislature here is now considering repealing sectors. they should repeal the law completely. the justice department is in court saying this law is unconstitutional. i think as we hear the voices from the people of alabama, people in alabama and across the country are going to say it's a bad law and something ill-considered. >> congressman, thank you so much for joining us. we will follow the developments. thank you. the former head of the fbi is leading part of the penn state
11:39 am
sexual abuse and he is now overseeing the probe into crimes allegedly committed by jerry sandusky. it will go beyond the report and encourage other witnesses to step forward. >> i will encourage everyone to seek to us and cooperate with us to the fullest extent. there may be people who don't want to speak to us. we accept that, but our task and invitation will be for everyone to speak to us truthfully and candidly. give us leads that we can go forward with. >> live in state college with more and when you name louie freed, the former head of the fbi, that lends credibility and helps in the pr damage control as many criticized pen state for the reaction throughout this process. >> undoubtedly the university
11:40 am
has been tainted by this scandal right now. we have heard from analysts and retailers to give you a sense of it, merchandisers say it dropped 40% for this period of time to the same president a year ago. this is a national and even international story. louie freed said his investigation would look all the way back to 1975. that goes much further than the grand jury report as he communicated in the news conference, he will deliver that information to authorities if he gathers anything new as well. even as we speak about this, the outrage is growing here today. there new reports that victim number one who was among the eight boys victimized by jerry sandusky has been victimized again. the counsellor at his high school where he is a senior said he was forced to leave school because he was bullied by other students, the students were upset that the coach of the university here, joe paterno's
11:41 am
football team, because he was fired, they are blaming victim number one. they say it only continues at this point. >> thank you very much. the arrest in new york this weekend of the so-called lone wolf allegedly planning to attack troops returning home and government buildings is yet another reminder of the threat of homegrown terrorists. for nearly two decades, this man tracked alleged terrorists not loyal to islamic radicalism and loyal to the kkk and right wing extremists and for the first time he is revealing secrets uncovered in the world of white is you prem simp supremacy. my life as a white supremacist is on the cover of "newsweek" magazine. ross, thank you for your time. >> thank, tamron. >> this is incredible for many reasons. we don't get a glimpse into the
11:42 am
worth. we covered it a lot with the militias in and around this country. what are we learning in this story here. >> what we learn from matthews is exactly how these groups operate and what they were doing back in the 90s. i think that the example is telling for now. a lot of the conditions present for then in the 80s and in terms of a down economy and people not liking the direction of the country. you have foreign wars going on. >> interesting in your piece that the southern poverty law center said that the number of these right wing extremist groups, in the story of matthews, a lot of them are in part to reconcile with his family and to allow them to know what he had been doing to
11:43 am
infiltrate the dangerous organizations. a danger to all of us. >> that's right. that's one of the sort of tragic parts of the story. he did all of this for the country and to try to keep people safe. for years nobody knew about it. this is the first time he came forward. not only did he risk his life numerous times, but he also sacrificed a lot for his family and an interesting thing is what we saw, you mentioned the 800 something groups in the 90s. the numbers were even higher. we see not only that the numbers are that high, but they have risen back up. >> he talks about infiltrating more than 20 group, preventing them from trying to get weapons and some of the same things that were a great concern now. >> yeah. absolutely. in the 90s at least, people were worried about the millennium and the new world order. in some ways, even though they
11:44 am
are passed, some of the same fears are present. i remember talking to a guy unrelated to the story who told me he had had over 100 guns turned to fully automatic. i looked at him and he said if there is a revolution, what do you need a gun for? you have two hands. he said guns will be the new currency. that's a look into the mind set of folks on the extreme right. >> we should point out it's the cover of "newsweek" magazine and lightning. frightening all at the same time. great work, thank you. >> thanks so much tamron. >> up next on "news nation" -- >> i would love to hear what the daily mail or explanation for that was. what their source was. >> actor hugh grant testifies at a hearing on the phone hacking scandal that just continues. details ahead. first, a lot going on today, things we thought you should know.
11:45 am
they made their way to the southwest. the citizen for a better arizona. announcing their plan to attempt to remove jan brewer earlier this month. the group helped outstate senator pierce, the architect of the state's anti-immigration law and the president provided a boost to veterans, signing a new law originateing for his jobs bill, giving businesses tax credits to help give former service members back to work. >> just as they fight for us on the battlefield, it's up to us to fight for our troops and their families when they come home. to our veterans, know that we will stand with you as long as it takes for you to find a job and to our businesses, let me say again, if you are hiring, hire a veteran. hire a veteran today. ould you rd my list? it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's here. deals start thursday 10 pm. but we're open all day and night
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hour, a new republican front-runner is a man called newt who said we should bring back child labor and protesters should take a bath and find a job. we will have strong responses to mr. gingrich in a moment. rupert murdoch's empire takes a battering in baparliament from e actor, hugh grant. >> speaking of hugh grant, we will tell you what he has to say. breaking dawn breaks records. let's get the scoop from courtn courtney. take it away. >> hugh grant has been the only celebrity to be outspoken by the hacking scandal and personal experiences as they pertain to the papers. today in parliament was no exception to that. he spoke out about how he feel that is a certain story that ran in 2007 about his then love life couldn't have been obtained
11:50 am
without hacking. take a look. are you suggesting that that story must have come from hack something. >> i cannot for the life of me think of any conceivable source for this story except those voice messages on my mobile telephone. >> you mentioned he said the mail on sunday which is not owned by murdoch and this is the first time they pointed a finger on a non-murdoch-owned newspaper. he went on to say in interesting testimony that this is widespread, something has to be done about it. it's not just the one newspaper. over the weekend, breaking dawn, we read about this on friday. a huge success. $139.5 million and made $283.5 million globally. it was beaten by new moon and not by a lot. just a few million. this grossed over a billion
11:51 am
dollars since the movies began. say what you will about the substance of what you are watching and or reading, but a huge money maker for the industry. >> wow. now that it's fading out, hunger games will be the next twilight. >> hunger games and solid franchises. finally bruce springsteen fans will be happy to know he will be back on tour in 2012. he hasn't toured since 2009 and has european dates set up. they will go through mid-july in super europe. they are working on the dates and they will be new music too. >> it's bitter sweet. >> the first without plans. that's correct. >> a bitter sweet time. >> indeed. >> fans love it. for the latest entertainment news, logon to or be a fan. already you guys have lit up the twitter accounts reacting to the gut check question. we will set it up for you after a quick break. i wouldn't do that. pay the check?
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>> time for the gut check. patty murray said the super committee in the process of still talking, the super committee is expected to announce any time that it's failed the mandate to come up with an additional $1.2 trillion in budget cuts despite the recent words by senator murray. we asked the question, so many of you might be pondering yourself. is this the worst congress ever? first read notes it this way. last summer in the height of the debate, scholar norm ownerstein wrote an article dubbing them the worst congress ever and there is now even more evidence to back up the assertion. the team points out to a gallup poll showing 13% approval number and also this congress has enacted 55 public laws so far and 34 of them extending existing laws compared to the
11:56 am
average over the last 20 years of 149 public laws for the first full term. also on the list, this congress nearly allowed the federal government to shut down this past spring. don't forget, standard and poor's said congress was part of the reason they downgraded the credit rating for the first time ever. what does your gut tell you? is this the worst congress ever? go to "news nation" to cast your vote as the clock ticks on the super committee. take a look at what they said about friday. should police reopen the investigation into the death of actress natalie wood? 63% said yes and 37% said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall and thank you very much for joining us. you can catch us every weekday at 2:00 p.m. on msnbc. we will check out your tweets. martin bashir is up next. ♪
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