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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 22, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PST

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the problem, here's what then-candidate president obama really said. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> this hour with us msnbc's rachel maddow joining me to talk politics and protests. the president of thencaa and his investigation into the penn state scandal. they seem ready to kick the can further down the road, all of the way to next november. >> this fight just begins because now we're going to hold people accountable and we're going to continue to bring to the floor, continue to the bring to the senate, to congress, choices about how we can act spons my. >> i believe this election will be an opportunity for the presidential candidating on each side and the candidatinges of t
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house and senate to give washington more of a mandate of which way to go. >> kelly o'donnell joins us with oural daily fix. kelly, now what? are they going to let the automatic triggers go into effect a year from now are they going to try to revise that and create even more potentially more problems? >> well, it spreads now the responsibility because many people would ask me why was it called the super committee? in part it was because that group of 12 had the power to ram this through without the usual 9ñ since they failed, all of these cuts now go to all of the separate committees of congress where there is a well-establi well-established thieftom if you're critical. that spreads the responsibility and makes it even tougher in some ways to get something done. can they get something done during an election year where every member of the house will be on the ballot, very tough to get republicans in the house to do anything on tax changes under
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those circumstances and even some of the senate democrats who face tough re-election will be under a great deal of pressure to not do anything to rock the boat as they try to come back to washington in 2013. so it is a can kicked very far down the road. there are opportunities but will any of them seize that moment in try and get something done. >> the president today addressed that and the taxi issue in that speech in manchester, new hampshire. let's watch. >> republicans like to talk about we're the party of tax cuts. a lot of them have sworn an oath, we're never going to raise taxes on anybody for as long as we live. even though they've already voted against the middle class tax cuts once. the question they'll have to answer when they get back from thanksgiving is this, are they really willing to break their oath to never raise taxes and raise taxes on the middle class just to play politics? this isn't about who wins or loses in washington. this is about delivering a win
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for the american people. that is a big argument though to make the case that it is not about winning and losing in washington because, kelly, it seems as though washington is being blamed. the president as much as people on capitol hill. >> absolutely. the super committee is the old news now but they left unfinished business and that's at the president is ref to, will the payroll tax cut be extended, will unemployment benefits be extended, will the bush era tax cuts be extended? all of that has a very hard deadline of the end of the year and that means there will have to be some action on those things. the big cuts down the road, that may be off in the future but they have to take action on those other really critical everyday person issues and they've got to do that by the end of the year. andrea? >> a deadline fast approving. thank you very much. new york city's major outraged by their failure to reach a deal and blaming president obama in part for
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failing to lead. mr. mayor, thank you very much. >> in part is the right answer because there's no heroes here. it's both ends of pennsylvania avenue on both sides of the isle. >> but the president goes to man chaster, new hampshire, and blames it all on the republicans in congress. why is he wrong? >> let's step back for a second. we have a $10 trillion deficit. we are spending $1.3 trillion a year more than what we take in. in the last ten years the government's refrigerator kn re up. that was done during republican and democratic administrations. it was done by the white house and congress. everybody created this problem. and now they can't even figure out a way to save $1.2 trillion or one year's deficit over the next ten years. i would argue that we have to come up with something that can be done, can be implemented. there is one answer to this, all the president has to do, and i'm not trying to hold him more responsible but he is the chief
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executive, he was elected to lead this country. all he's got to do is stand up and say, i will veto any extension of any of the bush era tax cuts.ç everybody. not just the rich, but everybody. and that takes taxes off the table. then the republicans don't have an issue and they can start working with the m tdemocrats with coming up with intelligent cuts. because if you're going to close the deficit you have to increase rev neenues and reduce expenses. anybody who says you can do with one or the other is either just stupid or not telling the truth. you cannot do it without both. the president has the power with his pen to veto any bush era tax cut extensions. he does not have an votes to pass anything but he does have a vote with some support in congress which he would have to prevent the bush era tax cuts from continuing. and i think it would be his ticket to re-election he can
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stand up and say, look, i don't taxes any more than anybody else. i don't think this or that is fair or whatever. but this country is at a cross roads. people are starting to compare our legislature to the greek government's legislature. we are blaming the chaos in europe. we're blaming the monetary policy in china. the problem is right here. nobody is going to make loans or take loans, nobody is going to create companies and create jobs. nobody is going to go out and start spending as long as we have everything up in the air with a testify dit out of control and a federal government, both ends of pennsylvania avenue, both sides of the aisle, that can't seem to come to an agreement. the president can solve the problem. that's what he should do. >> do you think the president could have prevented the failure of this so-called super committee if he had said i'm going to veto -- >> i'm not about the past. you can sit there and we can analyze until the cows come home why we're in the çsituation.
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let's just fix it and go ahead. i don't care who caused the mortgage crisis. we have to get ourselves out of this. we have to get people willing to take mortgages, banks, willing to make them so the housing industry can get going and create jobs. we have to figure out a way to stop the growth in our deficit regardless of why we got here or how we got here. >> could somebody argue that that would be the equivalent of a tax increase at the point where the economy is teetering and could it actually throw us into another recession? >> there is no question it is a tax increase because you're going to stop the cuts that were there and they'll have to jump -- rates will jump balk. >> break on the economy? >> no. let me tell you. there's no businessperson, i'm sure you will find somebody to interview, but most businesspeople think this is about the wrong thing. it is about tax policy that's always being changed and it's not fair. it is about regulations that are being put in without any understanding of their effect on business or the cost of complying with them.
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it is about a government that can't seem to focus on what's good for america. all they're focused on is short-term political advantage and trying to create a disadvantage for the other guy. the business confidence and the public's confidence that would come out of the federal government getting us out of this mess would be the single biggest job creator. you go back to even in the clinton era, we raised taxes and job creation went up. >> the president is a smart guy by all accounts. why do you think he's not doing that? >> ask him. you're a reporter. >> is it political fear? is it that we also in 1984, he said we're going to raise taxes. >> i don't know what goes through anybody else's mind. >> has raising taxes become the absolute -- the real third rail in american politics? it. >> has never been easy to do. raising taxes from the day the first tax wss created has never been easy to do. so nothing's changed here. the answer is, in the olden days we came to the and when we needed to pay for something we
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raised our taxes, whether it was world war ii or paying forgetting us out of the depression. we did what we had to do. today we are unable to do that. and i think it requires leadership. leadership starts with the chief executive. barack obama is, as you say, point -- he's a very smart person. he said i'm going to campaign -- i campaigned on change and he said he was going to do what's right for this country and i'm telling you here, maybe he's got better idea, but i haven't heard any idea other than blaming each other and outlining the problem to everybody else. you want a concrete solution, just veto anything. if the president said that today, then the whole debate about taxes is over. people might not like it but it's over. then we can focus on how you cut our expenses and i would say everybody there is a relatively simple solution. helen simpson was in a committee and they did an awful lot of real research as to how to cut
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the budget without damaging the safety net or the security of this country, and without hurting business any more than is absolutely necessary. adopt all of their cuts because if we start getting into the minutiae of this one versus that one and i start trading with you, you protect me and i'll protect you, we'll never get any place. tax code, i will protect your benefit and you protect by benefit, you never get any place. you do it one time and the opportunity is right now. this opportunity if the president doesn't take it is going to go away. >> occupy wall street, it started here in new york city. it spread across the country.ç it's spreading around the world. people are angry, frustrated. what about the movement itself? what it says about us and the way you, the police, have handled it, the overnight clearances of the park, the controversies over arrest gls this is not the vietnam era when you rad 48,000 people in a mall saying let's get out of vietnam. this is more of a frustration
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kind of protest. they were chanting we don't know what we want but we want it now. but that is, in fact, what's really happening out there. they don't know how to fix this. they want their government to fix it. they don't even know what the problem is much less how to fix it but they know that things aren't working well. was see that around the world. partly it's technology that's automating representative jobs. globalization that let's labor move to the lowest salaried place, the lowest cost of labor, partly it is just we've been over-spending all around the world. monies we don't have. and now we're going to have to pay the piper. if you have to raise tuition in a school, the kids object to that but somebody's got to pay for the schools. if we have to stop some of the services, we just can't afford them anymore. so it is a general frustration and it comes out in many ways. it comes out with occupy wall street. it comes out with a tea party. they both go about it differently. people say you can't compare the two. the tea party does it through the system.
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they try to get candidates. >> occupy wall street is on the streets and you have to deal with it as a mayor. are you prepared for them to be there indefinitely? >> new york city allows you to come to and protest. the right to protest does not include the right to set up a tent and sleep in a public park or even in a public place. and the courts have upheld that argument. and so we just took away the ability to set up tents and to sleep but you canç go right in the park right now and you can protest, you can yell and chant and scream. we have noise regulations. you can't disturb the neighbors. but as long as you stay within those rules you can march on the streets. we will give you protest. you just have to obey the laws, obey where the protestser permits you to do so. in spite of everybody yelling and screaming, virtually no arguments that the police abused their power. remember, every cop has to make a decision right then and there. somebody is starting to throw somebody at them or punch them, the cop has got to make a decision. it's easy to second-guess
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everybody. i think we have the best police department in the world. they're rwell trained, well led and i think they handled themselves in an emp particularry manner. will every single cop do everything right 100% of the time? of course not. that's not the real world. we have reason to be proud of our police department and in new york and throughout america you can come and say what you ant to say the same way you can pray where and when however you want to pray, you can be in charge of your own destiny. we are going about in this country complaining and we're going about things pointing out what's wrong. just remember when somebody in this world decides to pick up their family and all their belongings and move to someplace where they can express themselves and pray and be in charge of their own destiny, they come to the united states. they don't go any place else. >> with that faith in the united states and deep concerns about the way it's being led, aren't you inspired to want to run for president? >> no. >> you can finance yourself.
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>> it's not -- >> i'm told you have enough money. >> i have a commitment to the public to serve four years. i'm going to honor that commitment. i've got a great job. i love it every day. that's what i'm going to do. >>ç mayor mike bloomberg, than you very much. >> thank you. and game on in new hampshire. can newt catch up to mitt? but first, this video under could be worse on capitol hill. chaos erupted in south korea's parliament today after a member of the opposition party threw tear gas at its political rivals. the scuffle came as the ruling party forced a vote over a long stalled free trade agreement with the united states. the treaty passed 151-7. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. you can m and be invisible! [ child 2 ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive it's never been easier to get the all-new passat,
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news gingrich surged the top of some national polls but they
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have a lot of ground to make up in new hampshire. it shows mitt romney with with a chanding lead among new hampshire voters. 41%. gingrich and ron paul are tied for second with only 14%. andrew hemingway is the gingrich campaign new hampshire state director. andrew, thanks for joining us. let's talk about the gap. it's a pretty big gap between mitt romney and newt gingrich. and new hampshire voters might be asking what is the real newt gingrich because he's been talking about himself as a washington outsider at the same time he says that his washington inexperience helps him to become a leader. which is it? >> there's a lot going on in new hampshire. several polls, last week, magellan poll had romney and speaker gingrich 22-21 respectively. there are a lot of polls coming out. obviously the suffolk poll was an in-depth poll. the reality is that on the ground there's definitely a lot
10:19 am
of momentum picking up for speaker gingrich. we're seeing a lot of volunteers coming in the doors. the recently launched a website we had over 350 people sign up and vol fear. we have people filling out all the different volunteer opportunities and things like that all over the state. there is definitely a lot of momentum here. we're seeing a lot of people coming from other campaigns who are changing their support to speaker gingrich's campaign and it does seem like right nowç mt romney versus newt gingrich race here in new hampshire. i'm not sure of the exact members. i think with the number of undecided voters here in new hampshire and the suffolk poll there is a huge number op undecided voter there's. there's still a wide open primary here with six weeks left to go. >> andrew, how do you explain to people what is clearly a long record of gingrich taking money
10:20 am
from freddie mac and helping pass the prescription drug benefit, unfunded mandate and taking other position which are in contradiction with some of his current positions? >> speaker gingrich has been with his record. >> how so? he spoke out aggressively against freddie mac while making millions of dollars from freddie mac. >> as a speaker when he came into office in 1994 dlfs deficit of projected ten-year deficit of $2.4 trillion. when he left after four years, balanced budget, the only speaker to do so -- >> democratic president. >> yes, absolutely. with a projected surplus of $2 trillion. speaker gingrich was able to change that by almost $5 trillion deficit. what happened during that time was with his experience, working with, learning how to negotiate which is a rare trath right now in washington and something we would like to come back to
10:21 am
washington. he was able to work with democratic president to be able to bring about conservative values and conservative positions in washington. now, he has held those positions the same way as he was running a private business, private entity doing consulting work. i'm not going to get into the whole, you know, money from freddie mac and all this stuff. there was a very large business that he was the ceo of that he ran. and that mo%ey was used to support offices and employees and businesses things like that. written directly to him for his own personal profit is not right. he gave advice. he was giving advice. i think he's been very specific with the positions he's held. the reality is the people here in new york know newt gingrich. they've known him for several years. he's been here more than almost any politician has over the last ten years. he's been consistent with fighting for conservative values and principles.
10:22 am
and he really is the only candidate that is right now proposing solutions to america's problems on the level that the american people feel that these problems are. these are not isolated. they're not isolated the war in afghanistan. they're not isolated to domestic tax problems. they're not isolated problems as many of the politics in today's arena want to propose that they are. speaker gingrich, through the speaker and now as presidential candidate, has been able to capture the entire scope of the problems and provide conservative solutions through those problems. >> andrew hemingway from the gingrich campaign in new hampshire. thank you very much. >> thank you. next top white house adviser gene sperling on president obama's not very warm welcome in new hampshire. and rachel maddow on this super failure and occupies wall street. plus, the ncaa president on his new investigation on to a. possible cover-up at penn state.
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responsibility. what's your policy? has the white house been trying to avoid the blame and should it have done more to rescue the super committee? gene sperling is the director of the national economic counsel and joins me now from washington. gene, thank you for being with us. mike bloomberg was just here and suggested that the president can actually with his veto threat and the threat of the veto pen accomplish something here. let's watch. >> i'm sorry. >> all president has to do and i'm not trying to hold him more responsible but he is the chief executive. he was elected to lead this country. all he's got to do is stand up and say, i will veto any extensionç of any of the bush a tax cuts.
10:27 am
everybody. not just the rich, but everybody. and that takes taxes off the table. >> what about it, gene? >> i don't think that punishing typical middle class families who are working hard and playing by the rules is the right way for us to deal with the dysfunction that we've seen on the republican side and not being able to agree to the most reasonable types of compromise in which would include significant spending cuts in entitlement savings together with reasonable revenues for those who are afford it the most. they led from the beginning from this year and he's the one who brought parties together. he signed a trillion dollars in spending cuts. $3 trillion in additional deficit reduction. he stands ready at any time to work together to get a bipartisan agreement. but less be honest, the reason
10:28 am
this has failed over the summer and the reason it just failed now is one reason and one reason only. two many republicans refused to come to the table and have an honorable compromise that would include revenues from the most fortunate americans so that we can have a plan that adds up and call on shared sacrifice and not put all the burden on debt reduction on middle class, students, medicare recipients. >> gene, will is so much blame to go around, democrats and republicans. this all who should go first in this game, the dance that's been going on on capitol hill. could the president have come in and putting both sides together and said, look, i'll -- you know, you give me the to me tax proposal, i'll raise you on entitlements. isn't that what the president iç supposed to do? >> andrea, that is exactly -- andrea, sometimes you've just got to call it. you can't just sit there and say as you said, it's why aren't both sides moving? democrats did move. democrats since the spring have been willing to take on some of
10:29 am
the most difficult entitlement issues. they've been willing to put medicare and medicaid savings on the table. the president did over the summer. you know that. everyone knows that. what didn't happen this year is that republicans were never willing to come to the table for a political pledge that had nothing to do with what is needed for our country to bring down our deficit, get debt sustainability in a way that meets our values. you need two to tango, you need two to compromise. right now the single thing holding us up is the refusal of too many republicans to come to that cable and compromise when democrats have been sitting there waiting. and you have to at times be willing to assign fault where it exists and not simply say it's all equal. it's not all equal. the president put forward very significant spending cuts. he has helped move our party, the democratic party, to be willing to take significant entitlement savings as part of a
10:30 am
grand bargain. and the republicans simply have refused to show up. i think there are some who do want honorable compromise in the way ronald reagan did in 1983 in social security in the way the older president bush did in 1990. but so far they are not able to prevail in their parting. >> gene sperling from the white house. thank you very much, gene. >> thank you. and what is the ncaa doing about the sex abuse scandal at penn state? does it have any jurisdiction over the school's athletics program if college rules were indeed broken? the ncaa president joins me now on the phone. mark, thank you very much. what is the nca a's jurisdiction here? what can you do and do you have concerns that the athletic program may have broken some of its own rules? >> first of all, andrea, good to be with you. of course i'm deeply concerned about the whole circumstance. i think everyone is. the criminal conduct is a matter that the appropriate criminal justice system will look into
10:31 am
but our concern and my concern is to make sure that the university and all of the people that are there were operating in accord with our constitution and our by laws which try to hold everyone to high ethical standards and to make sure that the university itself is in control of its program. so issues of appropriate ethical conduct of all the people in the program and institution's ability to control that program are what we're looking into. >> there are reports that they're not sending investigators to the campus. what can you do from afar? >> first of all, we've got to let the criminal justice system look into the facts. we want to get into the path of the criminal investigation, will be able to use the information that comes out of that investigation and then also the information that comes out of the investigation, the board of trust trees has just launched to help us make an initial judgment. if that's insufficient then will
10:32 am
certainly send investigators in if we need more investigation. >> is there any prospect that the association itself can be at risk at penn state? >> i think it would be inappropriate to speculate on what a penalty phase might look like. but we would have available to us all of the usual penalties that are in ourç structure and they run a full gamut, from none whatsoever to very, very harsh sanctions. >> mark i, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. we are live are richa. andrew, come on over here. sit over here. [ boy ] cool. [ kid ] i was a finally a man. on my way to shaving, driving and staying up past midnight. and then it happened. my two favorite things in the world. together. i learned something that day.
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fast breaking developments out of egypt. military rulers there say they will move up the date to transfer power to military leaders.ç they are l. accept the resignation of the current cabinet. tens of thousands of people are
10:36 am
in tahrir square. not clear that's going to satisfy the protesters. wanted to ask you about three american students studying in cairo who were reportedly arrested. i don't know if you heard anything about that. >> reporter: yes, i have. we've been told they were detained by prosecutors and egyptian television is reporting that they're accused of joining in clashes, throwing stones and mol totov cocktails. this is confirmed by the university of cairo. the egyptian military who is the field marshall in charge of to this country gave a speech not long ago. it was widely anticipated. it was designed to stop the protests still going on behind me which don't have tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands of people in them. these people are asking for the military to step down. the field marshall came out to give a very rare televised address and it was clear
10:37 am
immediately that the protesters weren't going to hear what they wanted. tone was arrogant, con desce descendi descending. no apologies for any of the violence we've seen so far. he said the military used maximum self restraint. he accused the protesters of trying to sabotage egypt's economy and reaction here was immediate. they called on the field marshall to step down and they called his regime illegitimate. >> richard engle, continue ing there and the protests spreading many egypt. the crisis of egypt in egypt is only one example of just how events overseas can overtake whoever is goingç to occupy th white house. tonight the republican candidates are facing off a debate national security is not exactly been their strong point so far. just last night rick perry offered a prime example on fox. >> i don't know if venezuela is getting any money or not but we sure shouldn't send them anything in foreign aid.
10:38 am
>> pakistan? >> listen, pakistan is a -- every country to start. >> would you end up oh we. >> i don't know. and i can't say i know that answer. that is such a complex issue. >> joining me now, two real experts, retired general wesley clark and here with me wes moore, retired u.s. captain and combat veteran of two wars. thank you very much. general clark, first to you. i know you come from the obama camp but let's talk about the what you've heard so far, iran first of all, what your take and what we've heard from past debates and what we can anticipate tonight for what to do about iran? >> andrea, what we've heard is that foreign policy is mostly bipartisan. in this case, our president has taken a really tough position on
10:39 am
most of the issues that have come across his desk. and it's been very hard for the republican candidates to move to the right of the president, for example, on iran, the candidate has toughest sanctions that's ever been put on. it's not acceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon and probably a lot going on that we can't see as it should be. so when republican candidate says i would use covert action, okay, check. i'm sure that's being done. when theyç say they're reprepad to use military force, our administration said, all options are on the table. >> wes moore, we talk about iran. you've heard mitt romney said, iran will not get the plan if he is president, whereas with barack obama, it's moving towards getting the bomb. is there anything that a president mitt romney can do to stop iran from getting the obama? >> it's interesting. it's very easy saying iran will not get the bomb.
10:40 am
it's a great applause line. it's the same kind of applause line saying we're going to zero out foreign aid for pakistan and we're going to send china to the wto. i think people understand this is a season we are in where people can make statements and specially if you're run for president and not running for the seat you can make those statements without any real consequences. important for tonight, whether it be what's happening with iran or any other foreign policy issue, it's about the memization of facts and understanding context and having real clarity about the complexity about these situations. i think the president has been very clear and very assertive about where he stands about iran getting nuclear weapons. i think the president knows from the seat he's sitting in it's not as easy going to say that they're not going to get the bomb and bang his chest without getting back to reality. >> wes clark, isn't the white house vulnerable though in some part on the lack of action in the middle east, no negotiations between israel and the palestinians, the way he's
10:41 am
handled israel and the fact that this president in his first term unless something changes dramatically and unlikely in the middle of a campaign will not having even gone to israel as president? >> i think you have to put it iç context. as wes moore said. look at the previous administration which said they absolutely weren't going to do negotiations. condoleezza rice said at the very end of her term, maybe there was a chance for an agreement, sure. maybe want israeli prime minister who is on the way out and on his last legs. so i think we've had george mitchell in there. we have worked this back and forth really hard. i think you have to look at the direction of the administration. you can judge by results when results are attainable. you also have to look at the effort that's gone into this. a lot of effort has gone in to working this problem in the middle east. and frankly we haven't heard any better suggestions out of the other side. and it's one of the problems of this debate, is that you really cannot make foreign policy by
10:42 am
sound bite. and what we have here is a very strong president who has had a very robust foreign policy. he put the troops in to get osama bin laden thanks got him. they did the surge in afghanistan. he's followed flew through on the pledge to stay there in iraq and he was willing to leave troops behind. it was the iraqis who decided they couldn't treat our troop 'right way if they stayed behind. our military decided we couldn't leave our troops there under those conditions. when you add all of this up, this is a president who takes national defense and national security very, very seriously. and i think that what we're looking for here is to see the challengers produce the same level of thought, the same level of reflection, and some ideas that would be different. mostly foreign policy. and the people who work it underneath. they all have been to the same schools. they know about the same things. so it's hapd@
10:43 am
candidates to draw a distinction. i would say this. what we've seen thus far is it is damaging to america because it gives the impression that that group of people really aren't serious about america's role in the world and keeping america safe. that's the very dangerous impression to give. >> we're going to have to leave it there. thank you both very much. up next, msnbc's rachel maddow joining me right here. you name it. i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications.
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i'm craig melvin, coming up, what happens now? i'm going to talk to super committee member congressman jim clyburn and what's next now that theç super committee failed to strike a deal to cut the nation's debt. we'll also talk about whether president obama should have been more involved in those negotiations. and, meteorologist bill karins warning that major travel headaches are in store tomorrow from the mid atlantic to the northeast, snow and rain expected.
10:47 am
mitt romney has the first campaign ad in new hampshire and it is a doozy. >> we need a rescue plan for the middle class. beneed to provide relief for the homeowners. if we keep talk tath econoabout economy, we're going to sglooz the only problem he's taken that line out of context from then candidate barack obama. judge for yourself. >> senator mccain's campaign actually said, and i quote, if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose. >> i'm joined now by rachel maddow right here on msnbc. well, that is about as blatant as it gets. >> that's not even out of context, that's the opposite, opposite of being in context. he's quoting somebody else in order to point out that he disagrees with that. and they run it as if that was his own belief. i am -- i mean, i realize that everything is in campaign ads right now --
10:48 am
>> shocked? >> i am actually a little bit shocked. you would think the mitt romney campaign know that they're going to be nominee, likely to be the nominee, essentially running general election ads. to do something this, not just sloppy but wrong. they just blew it makes me question mitt romney's campaign apparat apparatus. >> there should be an embarrassment factor at the minimum. >> it's a screw-up. when you look at the eric statement on this and he's they meant to do this, this wasn't an error, they knew this was planned all along. it was -- they intended it to always go out with ans a center risk in a press release associated with it. i think they screwed this up. it makes me wonder if the mitt romney campaign team is on its heels. this is not actually on -- is not actually ready for prime time even though you really think they would be given the competition they are facing for the primary. i'm legitimately surprised by how bad this is. >> what do you think about the criticism that president obama did not engage enough and just let the super committee flail
10:49 am
around and fall apart, that it was tactically smart but not showing real leadership? >> i think that the president signed the bill that said congress would like to kick this particular decision down the road. we will come to an agreement that involves executive action based on congress' professed willingness to work this out on their own terms. when it became clear the super committee wasn't going to work notice the republicans of said president obama we would like to associate yourself with this thing that we know is going to fail. essentially asking him to strap himself to a sinking ship since they knew it was going to sink. politically i don't think it makes sense for congress to blame its own failures on this president. and had he not put forward deficit reduction ideas of its own, opting out of this tough decision. he just can't do it without congress and if congress can't get their act together, they should play the political price for it. >> occupy wall street, this is a movement that had a little
10:50 am
difficulty gaining traction for a while and then we saw the pepper spraying of the students at uc davis. and it seems analogous to me not in scale but scale, but to that moment with kent state when the nation all u going on here. watching the pepper spraying right into the faces of those protesters. a handful of protesters. i heard last night there were only 11 people there if you look at the whole scene and not just at what the video has been cut to show. clearly not engaging the police. >> no. we have been led to think of pepper spray as an alternative for police when they would otherwise use more lethal force. >> it's not benign. >> it is not at all. it is supposed to lessen the harm you would cause to someone. not something you use to against someone who you wouldn't use force against at all.
10:51 am
they describe its a compliance weapon to get compliance out of people and not to stop violence towards other civilians or towards police officers. i think in a lot of direct action movements, the thing that turns people around in terms of making a crisis of conscious is recognizing that a disproportionate amount of forces used against people acting in a peaceful way. i think it's galvanizing those of us who are watching. >> what's on the show tonight? >> so much. it's the 11th debate for the republican nominees as you were describing. we will be doing a little child's treasury of great debate moments this year. this has been the year of the debates. with newt gingrich as the undisputed front-runner right now, there is a lot to say about his former career and what he brings to the front-runner status. >> former careers a consultant. 9:00 tonight and every night week nights. great to have you here.
10:52 am
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10:55 am
>> which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor joins me right now. hey, jonathan. >> we will be talking about turkeys and herman cain and they are not one in the same. we will talk about the two turkeys that president obama will pardon from being slaughtered for thanksgiving. since 2 thousand 5, the turkeys have been taken to frontier land where they live out the rest of their lives in luxury.ç with herman cain we will be talking about this seven-page mailer he sent out where he said one of the reasons he is going to be elected president of the united states is because he will take a larger share of the black vote than president eisenhower did in 1956. president obama has a lock on the black vote. 95% in the latest "wall street
10:56 am
journal" poll. 41% of blacks who could vote in 1956. the voting rights act wasn't passed until 1965. >> thank you, friend. that does it for us. craig melvin is here for tamron hall. hi, craig. >> good afternoon to you. next hour we are following the latest developments after the super committee's failure to reach a deal to cut the debt. president obama urging congress to do the right thing. super committee member jim clyburn will join me live. developing news out of egypt. they are prepared to hold a referendum on the transfer to civilian authorities. richard engle is going to give us more. all that and lots more on news nation. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you!
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