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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 23, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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protests. >> i don't see how the party, the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter century. >> plus, it's being called newt gingrich's perry moment. will his comments on last night's debate have any effects on the recent rise in several polls? hi, everybody. great to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. the "news nation" is following the close call for the millions taking the roads and the airways. major travel headaches were expected as severe weather threatened to dampen thanksgiving plans but so far airports and roads are running mostly on schedule despite forecasters calling for heavy rain, wind, as well as snow along the northeast and the northwest coasts. you're looking at the travel schedule for new york's laguardia airport. delays are moderate with some flights running up to about 36
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minutes behind schedule. however, planes were grounded a short time ago. that's because of rain. meteorologist heather tesch is keeping an eye on all of this from atlanta. give it to us gently. we were expecting it to be snarling out there but not as bad as predicted? >> i think a lot of the airports are prepared. we do have very windy weather through the northeast along with rain in the northwest is not very great. as we go from today into tomorrow, all of that wet weather will clear out. and check it out for thanksgiving. we are looking at some fantastic conditions except for the pacific northwest. unfortunately, not so great here. you're going to have the rain. you're going to have the win. snow in the higher elevations for thanksgiving. look how mild it will be across much of the country. that's pretty nice, isn't it? as we look to black friday, another day when many of us will be out and about. you can see some of the wet weather in the middle of the country.
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hopefully it won't be too hard hitting. it won't slow you down a bit but there will be some localized areas where there will be high pressure in the east. that will mean the shopping malls, easy to get to them if there's outdoor malls. no problems getting around. look at that beautiful weather for us on black friday. what's interesting about black friday is i was just reading that almost 60% of the people that shop on black friday plan to be out before 8:00 a.m. in fact, that's between midnight and 8:00 a.m. i have a feeling that some of the plans might not occur once they have that alarm clock going off in the middle of the night. as we look here to black friday across the midwest, easy going here. magnificent mile. if you're shopping at mall of america, no problems getting there. but again, it will be parts of the northwest where travel will be tricky. a lot of you, too, are traveling home on black friday. note here that we've got some of the sunshine across the southwest. what about the weekend? you know, as we go into the weekend, you're going to find saturday. we have wet weather here across the middle of the country. but things are improving even in
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the west except for washington. >> have a wonderful holiday. thanks for that update. >> chicago's o'hare international airport is one of the busiest airports this holiday. the chicago department of aviation anticipates nearly 1.7 million passengers going through the airports over the holiday. this officially beginning this past tuesday. it runs through monday. today is o'hare's busiest travel day for the entire holiday weekend. jay gray is live from o'hare. fill us in. it looks pretty nice behind you right now with some really quick moving lines. >> reporter: note to self, if you're going to travel, travel around this time of the day next holiday season. it has been busy throughout the morning. a bit of a little right now. we expect to it pick up this afternoon. especially after word gets out. more than 200,000 people will come through o'hare today. it will be the busiest day for this airport this thanksgiving season and o'hare will be the second busiest in the nation.
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everything moving just as it should be and peel getting through security. this is going to be a big day in a lot of airports across the country. and one of the reasons things seem to be moving better is new measures by the tsa. especially when it comes to kids. they are letting kids keep their shoes on when they go through security. you will see less patdowns or petdowns for that matter of children, as they go through security. and thomas, they are also moving to a more risk-based plan when it comes to checking those who go through security. one other note on that security for the screening devices. they've put a new privacy shield on about half the ones they're using across the country. that seems to speed things up as well. so it's been a good go so far. and as talked about, the weather is helping out. it's beautiful in chicago today. >> these are the lines we like to see when we talk about holiday travel. thank you, sir. i want to go now and check in at laguardia. and mike taibbi is standing by
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live. we had a chance to speak earlier today and thing were smooth there as well. are we seeing the same thing as we moved into the afternoon? >> pretty much. i can use the same thing and say it here, too. smooth sailing, mixed metaphor. yeah, there are a lot of people but they have both runways open. lots of staff, tsa does. i've had a tougher time on a wednesday morning run to chicago. an hour later being frustrated because i finally got through security. serving moving very quickly. the volume of air traffic, air travelers this holiday weekend will be a little less. about 3% less, 23.2 millionaire travelers. so will the null of seats be less, fewer, about 3% fewer as well. so there's not going to be the chance for people to show up at an airport and expect they can book a flight. most of the seats will be filled on all flights. we checked the departure board again and again. we've not seen that dreaded word cancel. not once at laguardia.
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that's almost unheard of. on a week like this at laguardia, they handle about 1.3 million passengers. so far everything is good. jay talked about the eased restrictions by tsa to get through security. kids not having to take off their shoes. they're also experimenting with prescreening for some pilots and crews and some already profiled frequent travelers. we'll see how that goes in those airports in miami and detroit and atlantic for future holidays. right now this looks like a terrific day to travel if you're traveling by air. back to you. we are following two developing stories out of the middle east. after nine months of bloody protests, yemen's president has signed an agreement that will end his 33-year rule. in egypt, there are conflicting reports about a truce between protesters and military police. earlier today riot police fired
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at protesters. the demonstrations have gone on all day despite the military ruler speeding up the election. meantime new details on three american students under arrest in cairo. i had the opportunity to speak to derek sweeney's mom joy earlier today. she was able to get some type of explanation from kerik about what happened on the phone this morning. >> i asked him if he did anything wrong. and he said no. of course not. he did not do anything wrong. neither did his friends. they were there to see what was happening. >> now live from cairo, as we understand it, the government is saying that there is some sort of truce that has been reached today. so explain what had happened. >> reporter: that's correct. what we learned from sources was that the military reached out to senior religious figures here in one of islam's revered institutions to come into the square and reach some of these protesters and try to pull them
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back from the front lines where these clashes have been taking plafls that's close to the ministry of interior building. the clashes have been primarily between the protesters and the various security forces belonging to the ministry of interior. they tried to intervene, these religious figures, and tried to calm the situation down. you can hear the ambulance sirens. that has not been the case. the truce for whatever reason has not been holding. the protesters clearly blaming the police for what they say is continued aggression. >> the other major story is the yemeni president signing this transfer of president. what does it mean now that he is officially out of power and this then explain what it means in context as syria is probably closely watching this to the north with president assad. >> reporter: removing the head or removing the president or the dictator if you will does not necessarily mean the end of the
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dictatorship. in yemen the case seems to be the protesters not necessarily satisfied with the decision that he is stepping down. the reason they cite is that the person taking over, the deputy or the vice president, if you will, has been his aide or stand for nearly 20 years. still, key members of the family still hold powerful positions in the military and the government. it is not the transition people want. so certainly it will raise more questions as to whether or not that protest dies down or whether or not it will only accelerate as we are seeing here in jip and other parts of the arab world. >> and do you think that assad is watching very closely, what's happening in yemen? >> reporter: there's no doubt the leadership of syria is watching very closely what happened in libya, what happened in syria and now in yemen. questions will arise about what kind of offer, what kind of immune, if any he has been given and yes or no something like that can be negotiated in syria. we know the arab league is very
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heavily involved trying to negotiate a peace settlement, whether or not that succeeds still remains to be seen. >> thank you so much. 20 years after being forced out of panama, the form he dictator is going hole. a french court approved his extradition today. he has been in jail in florida and france since the u.s. forced him out in 1990. panama wants noriega returned so he can serve sentencing convictions on embezzlement, corruption and murder charges. france's prime minister must sign a decree allowing that transfer. coming up, will newt gingrich's comments on illegal immigration from last night's debate come back to haunt him? a truly astonishing chopper crash caught on camera. the video is not the most stunning part of that accident. we've got the details. plus, turkey time. president obama takes part in a time-honored white house
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to politics, the fallout from last night's presidential debate. newt gingrich, the front-runner in the poll released yesterday may have raised some conservative eyebrows for saying he would not expel all illegal immigrants. >> if you've been here 25 years and you have three kids and two grandkids, you pay taxes, you belong to a local church and obey law, i don't think we'll uproot you forcefully and kick you out. >> i don't agree that would you
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make 11 million workers level because that in effect is amnesty. >> amnesty is a magnet. >> amnesty becoming the buzz word. let's talk to political analyst michelle bernard who heads her own organization called the bernard center for women in politics and public policy. when we talk about this, and what gingrich had to say last night, obviously we have bachmann and we have romney jumping in to put the buzz word of amnesty along with it to tag it with that. does this really stick gingrich into a box in terms of what he had to say last night and that he won't be able to get around this? >> he can't get around it. i think if you take a really close look at what the form he speaker did last night, it would appear that he has literally made a complete pivot and he is actually not thinking about the primaries but thinking about the general election. comprehensive immigration will be a key issue.
11:16 am
we'll have both parties trying to ostensibly do something about reaching out to hispanics and the hispanic vote and speaker gingrich came up with real solutions. he came up with what some would argue is the moral argument. for people on the far right that say this is amnesty and that the only thing we can do with regard to comprehensive immigration reform is focus on the board, gingrich separated himself out from the pack. it would be a huge mistake if he starts to feel pressure from the far right of the republican party and does a flip-flop. then he will have huge problems. i think he sticks with it. >> you make a great distinction about the primary to the general. gingrich drawing some sharp contrasts by suggesting that he would not rule out cuts to defense spending. but interestingly, he really went at it with ron paul over the patriot act. listen to this. >> i think the patriot act is unpatriotic. i'm concerned as everybody is about the terrorist attack. timothy mcveigh was a vicious
11:17 am
terrorist. he was arrested. >> timothy mcveigh succeeded. that's the whole point. >> is that showing right there why he is coming out ahead in terms of the poll numbers and really coming up on mitt romney giving hill a lot to worry about? >> absolutely. last night the speaker was truly exceptional when you looked at all the republican candidates during the debate simply because he gave very open, very honest and very direct responses to the vast majority of the questions that were asked of him as a debater. if you're sitting back last night and as we get closer and closer to the primaries and the general election, we start looking at voting blocks. women are one of the most important voting blocks in the country. and on national security issues, we have to remember that in the second bush term, it was women, whether they were democratic or republican women, they were sort of national security moms, national security met meant a lot to those women.
11:18 am
they put george bush back in for a second term and i would guess speaker gingrich picked up a lot of the we will's prospective vote last night with his questions to what do we do about people like timothy mcveigh. >> as we are talking about women, the only woman on the stage last night, michele bachmann, was really showing her foreign policy chops in about pakistan and rick perry. take a look at this. >> they've showed us time after time that they cannot be trusted. and until pakistan clearly shows that they have america's best interests in mind, i would not send them one penny. >> with all due respect to the governor, i think that's highly naive. again, we have to recognize what is happening on the ground. these are nuclear weapons all across this nation. potentially al qaeda could get ahold of these weapons. >> post analysis, obviously, people are saying that michele bachmann gave a strong performance. but is that really something that will help her campaign pick up the steam that so many say that it's lost?
11:19 am
>> i don't think it is really going to help her campaign. she gave a stronger than usual performance last night. but you might remember, thomas, for example, she made a statement last night that pakistan is too nuclear to fail. that might be just a little bit too whimsical and to cute of a statement to make when we're talking about national security and foreign policy issues which are so important to our nation. particularly since 9/11. she did better than last night but she didn't really break out of the pack. and quite frankly, it was interesting to watch the republican candidates over and over again. michele bachmann in particular kept saying that president obama is leading from behind. president obama has failed america on foreign policy issues and quite frankly, if you look at everything he's done on the foreign policy front, he has been an exceptional president and people are going to remember that. >> he has a good distinct record on that. it will be hard to take him to task over that. >> great to see you. still ahead, congress's favorability rating sinks to its lowest point in 25 years.
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commercial he made for macy's. if you haven't seen it, it is really good. this has gone viral on the internet. >> i'll take that as a yes. [ screaming ] >> i guess you're excited, too. >> isn't that good? it's not just justin bieber who will be hitting the stores on friday. he is expected to know joined by 152 million other shoppers who will be swarming stores and websites in search of bargains. that's a 10% increase from last year. joining me with your black friday shopping guide, "washington post" retail reporter, do you really find the best deals on black friday? or for a procrastinator like myself, is it better to wait? >> i think that one thing we're seeing is that retailers are not only trying to start the season early but they're trying to extend it as well. you have stores opening on thanksgiving day. you have the midnight black
11:25 am
friday openings but you have events going throughout the next week. small business saturday going on. the day after black friday. cyber monday after that. you've got green tuesday for ecofriendly products. i'll getting out of breath just talking about it all. there are many deals throughout the season even if you choose to sleep in tomorrow morning. >> the gap between getting the holiday off and getting to the beginning of black friday, that gap seems to be closing so much. what are the best items or the highly promoted items that people will find the best deals on? >> consumer electronics are always hot. always a way to get people in the doors. i know that toys are us said if you buy every item on the store this year, you'll save $12,000 which is more than they discounted their products last year. so toys are some hot items. clothes certainly as well. it is really the electronics that get people to line up outside and camp outside a retail store. >> the predictions is that there will be a 10% uptick in what shoppers are out there doing and
11:26 am
spending. what is it that is driving everybody back and are they really going to find those best bargains? >> yeah, i think that part of what's going on this year, you're seeing people and retailers actually be creative about the promotions. for example, old navy will be handing out 3d goggles to shoppers so they can find hidden shoppers. you're finding best buy having a harry potter movie in the parking lot for people camping out. they're encouraging people to spend time outdoors. >> there's a cyber monday. if you don't want to go friday, you can shop at home on monday. >> cyber monday was created for a way when we go back to work and we're trying to get back into the grind and you still want to do a little leftover shopping, that's one thing you can do. i know that walmart said they will be launching their cyber week deal starting on sunday. over 250 items that will be on sale online only. jcpenney is offering the most cyber monday deals it has ever offered before. after you get back to work,
11:27 am
there is still shopping to be done. >> if you can be get it out of the system on the weekend, you can do it on monday. coming out, new fallout over the uk phone scandal. what role will murdoch play in their future? plus, gabrielle giffords takes a break in houston to go home for the holidays. plus first a live look at the 270. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about the personal attention tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you and your money deserve. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, that means taking a close look at you tdd# 1-800-345-2550 as well as your portfolio. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 we ask the right questions, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 then we actually listen to the answers tdd# 1-800-345-2550 before giving you practical ideas you can act on. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 so talk to chuck online, on the phone, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 or come in and pull up a chair.
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11:31 am
seen on video beating his daughter seven years ago. is temporarily removed from the bench. and a company under fire for this holiday ad. some are calling it cruel and defensive. aaa expects more than 42 million people to travel 50 miles or more from home for thanksgiving. that's an overwhelming majority of those travelers, 90% will be going by car. right now, drivers across the eastern seaboard are dealing with flood warnings and road closures because of heavy rain in parts of new jersey, new york and pennsylvania. now up to a foot of snow is expected now in parts of new england. nbc's ron mott is live to bring us up to speed. it looks pretty good right now. that could be deceiving for some travel here's will get a later start. >> reporter: i think these folks are pigging up the traffic after the lunch hour as they got the kids out of school, are now heading to their thanksgiving destinations. this is probably the heaviest we've seen on interstate 90 as people are leaving boston.
11:32 am
aaa expecting 38.2 million to hit the roads. another few million hitting the air. that's a 4% increase over last year which is significant, considering it is the largest jump we've seen in quite a while through this recession. but also because gas prices are significantly higher this thanksgiving than they were a year ago. last year about 2.87. this year, $3.83. i think this station is about the national average. people are shelling out about 45 cents more a gallon but they're doing it. they're filling up and heading out here in boston and up and down the eastern seaboard. fortunately the rain has stopped. they were forecasting rain for most of the day along the eastern seaboard. the system seems to have moved off. the real problem is up in northern new england. maine, new hampshire and vermont. central to the northern parts of those states, all seeing snow and some of them expecting as much as a foot of snow. it will be a white thanksgiving for a lot of folks able to get to that neck of the woods.
11:33 am
>> that's for those who probably already had the white halloween so they'll be expecting it for the holidays. new developments in the phone scandal. james murdoch, rupert murdoch has resigned. michelle kosinski joins us live. a spokesman is calling this a housekeeping issue. what does the resignation mean or is this just title shifting? >> that's what everybody is trying to figure out. it is an interesting change. the timing of this is obvious. and now we know that james murdoch is relocating from london to new york. what he's done, in september this did not just happen but we're only just now finding out about it. that he resigned his board positions on a couple different boards for the parent company of some of these newspapers. some of which were under scrutiny. one which of was facing lawsuits surrounding the hacking scandal. but he is still in charge of
11:34 am
news international which is the overarching company that controls these british entities. so it depends on who you talk to. industry, analysts are trying to look at this and say he's scaling back his role in the company. is this for legal reasons? is this for looks reasons? the company is saying, well, he remains in charge. really, not much has changed. he is just relocating and we're schiffing things around but he remains chairman of news international. when you look at the scandal here, this was such an emotional issue for the british peel. it sparked not only investigations into the newspaper itself. it sent two people to prison over phone hacking. it called rupert and james murdoch before lawmakers to testify about what they did and did not know about hacking. and now it sparked an inquiry into how the press, the police and the politicians conduct
11:35 am
themselves. so every piece of this is one more bit of the puzzle that came from phone at the now defunct news of the world owned by the murdochs. >> so when it comes to his position and about the relocation from london to new york, it is just basic geography. nothing else. >> we don't know. his role has changed because he is no longer on the boards of these specific companies. the exact reasoning behind that, we really don't know. this just sort of came down the pike a couple of hours ago. the analysis is really only just beginning. some people are saying, okay. this is a change within the company. there have been public calls for him to step down outright. obviously, the murdochs are saying he is not going to resign. at least not at this point as chairman of news international. but he is scaling back from his roles on these wards. is it a huge change within the structure? not necessarily. is it a change? considering the timing of this
11:36 am
with these inquiries going on? yes. it is a change and it is something that obviously gets a lot of attention. >> michelle kosinski in london for us. nice to see you. a high profile resignation. that tops our stories around the nation. the man picked by president obama to overhaul medicare and medicaid has resigned months before his temporary appointment was to he said. earlier this year 42 senate republicans vowed to block his confirmation as the head of the centers for medicare and medicaid services. republicans criticized him for his praise of the british single payer health care system. in texas, a judge caught on camera beating his teen daughter in 2004 has been suspended. a texas supreme court said judge william adams will remain off the job until a state commission finishes its inquiry. hillary adams posted that online about a month ago. it has been viewed now millions of time. take a look at this
11:37 am
helicopter pilot walks away from a stunning crash in new zealand. the chopper was being used to install a fiberoptic christmas tree on to an island. when a blade struck the wire and the chopper broke apart, plunging to the ground. the pilot narrowly missed being hit by one of the blades. two more alleged victims have come forward saying they were sexually abused too, by the former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. now live from the campus. what do we know about these two alleged victims that have come forward now and about specifically their ages and when the abuse took place? >> reporter: we're learning new information about these two alleged victims even as we speak to you now. both are reportedly said to be under the age of 18. this was first reported by the harrisburg patriot news that says the two cases were opened up by child and youth services here in pennsylvania within the last 60 days. nbc news today has spoken to joe, the attorney for jerry
11:38 am
sandusky. he said he believes one of these cases was made by one of sandusky's family members. he said in that family there are difficulties within the immediate family, referring to some of his children's immediate families. he said that this case did happen, as he believes, prior to the arrest but it was not reported to him until after the arrest. he denies these allegations like he does all the others right now. it is significant though. if this is found to be credible, it could raise questions about why authorities waited until the end of a three-year grand jury investigation to arrest jerry sandusky. there has been some suspicion in this community that had he been arrested earlier, programs they could have stopped any of these allegations or any more of the sexual abuses from taking place. at this time there is no evidence to suggest any of those alleged abuses occurred during the three-year time of that investigation. >> peter alexander in state college, pennsylvania, for us. thank you. new details in the investigation into the pepper
11:39 am
spraying incident at uc davis. the school chancellor is now saying officers defied her orders when they sprayed protesters sitting on the ground last friday. she claim her office told police specifically to be peaceful when removing tents and protesters. and if there were too many, don't do it at all. now live from los angeles, kristen, this is a really big departure from what the chancellor had said earlier on. how are we getting this reversal of information? >> reporter: that's a good question. i spoke with the chancellor on monday. she wouldn't answer my questions. she never and that she had told them to keep things peaceful on campus. she is now telling "the sacramento bee," the local paper, that is what she told police. it is certainly a departure from what was said earlier. she apologized again, taking responsibility for it.
11:40 am
the university is offering to pay medical expenses for those hurt in the pepper spraying incident and she has asked for the charges to be dropped against anyone that was arrested there on friday. officials say some have been receiving threats but so far a spokesperson says there are no plans to have any special security for the chancellor or any others receiving those threats. >> the campus has this very secure or long stated no camping policy. obviously, the protesters who are back are not being told to leave. they put the tents back up. the former lapd chief that i understand is expected to head up the university of california review of the incident. do we know specifically what they're going to be looking for? obviously, the videotape speaks volumes. >> yeah. they're going to be very closely at that. you're talk b william bratton
11:41 am
interesting former lapd and nypd chief of police. he is heading up this indiana investigation, at what happened. the sequence of events. who said what, whether the chancellor did tell police to remain peaceful and whether they did defy an order from her. there are a couple of other investigations as well. the county d.a. is looking into this to see if there should be any criminal charges. the state legislature said it plans to hold hearings on this. and then also some students have asked the california attorney general to look into this as well. so several ongoing investigations. >> n.'s kristen dahlgren in los angeles for us. thank you. coming you, jennifer lopez appears to be driving through her childhood neighborhood in the bronx in her new fiat ad. it turns out she was nowhere near there.
11:42 am
here are some thing we thought you should know. congress now has its lowest favorable rating in more than 25 years. a new "washington post" abc news poll out today shows 23% of americans have a favorable view of congress. 69% have an unfavorable view and 7% have no opinion. gabrielle giffords is home for the holidays. her office said she has returned to her home town of tucson to spend thanksgiving with her husband mark kelly and other family members and friends shelf spend the past ten months undergoing extensive rehab in houston after suffering a gunshot wound to the head back in january. two 45-pound turkeys got the traditional thanksgiving pardon from president obama today. the birds are from minnesota. minnesota produces more turkeys than any other state. >> the turkey's name is liberty. there he is. and along with his understudy named peace, he has the distinction of being the luckiest bird on the face of the earth. right now, he is also probably
11:43 am
one of the most confused. >> meantime we got the thanksgiving menu for troop in afghanistan and iraq. they will have a choice of main courses. the military has shipped 168,000 pounds of turkey. nearly 94,000 pounds of beef. and 24,000 pounds of shrimp. plus all the trimmings and of course, pie for dessert. ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ ♪ come with me, let's go ♪ ♪ come with me, let's go ♪ ♪ cruise like a norwegian
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thanksgiving is here and the table is set. when it comes to politics, what should we be thankful for? we'll talk about the republican debate of homecoming for congress and where congress goes from here. now back to thomas roberts. >> thank you. jenny said she is from the block
11:47 am
but was never actually in the block in her new fiat ad. we have the rundown of the must-see movies after you eat turkey tomorrow. what's next? we get the scoop from's pop culture columnist. you have my stamp of approval on all these topics because i know something about each one. let's start with the block. >> jenny from the block didn't go back to the block. we're talk b the bronx neighborhood where she grew up. the commercial airs like every four minutes on your televisions. here you see jenny ruling through the gritty streets, stopping to dance from time to time spontaneously. it turns out that was a body double. jennifer lopez was in los angeles. are we surprised by this? i don't really know about that. are we misled? absolutely. even the advertising agency behind the ad said afterwards, they describe this commercial as jennifer lopez exploring her personal take on how life in the new york city continues to
11:48 am
inspire her to stay sharper. think faster. the obviously wanted you to think this was very, very real. went to great lengths to say that. >> like she drove that fiat on the stage of the amas. >> a lot of jenny and the fiat. >> paramount has a nice lot on its back lot. >> and i think that's where she is most comfortable. the movie that i'm most excited about, to see the muppets. >> this is a big, big deal. we haven't had a full length feature film from the muppets since 1999. too, too long. it's family friendly and the great thing about the muppet movies, it is not just family friend bubba it appears to adults as well. >> gen-xors and older. >> if you're looking to do something for purely adult fare, my week with marilyn.
11:49 am
>> michelle williams stars in it. she is getting tons and tons of oscar buzz for this. it is about a week that marilyn monroe spent in england with a production assistant when she was filming the prince and the show girl, i believe. if i'm not mistaken. and she basically escaped the set and hung out with this p.a. for a week in london where she got to be a normal person. >> because she was running. this at the time, she was like the most hounded woman presswise. so she was able to slip out under the radar and have a little fun. >> i think this will show you a sign of norma jean as well as a side of marilyn monroe. also a lot of buzz, hugo. from martin scorsese. it is 3d if that appeals to you. also family friendly as well. i talk to some people who say this is their favorite movie of 2011. you've got jude law who we don't see nearly enough in movies. i'm a big fan of his.
11:50 am
it is about an orphan living in a paris train station who befriends some peel. >> a big night though. "dancing with the stars" which i also watched. >> spoiler alert if for some reason you've missed this. it is almost 3:00 east coast. >> you've got it on your tivo. close your eye for one second j.r. martinez won "dancing with the stars." first, he will take that trophy, tuck in it bed, sleep with it at night. but on a more serious note, he hopes to write books, continue acting and tell his story. >> such a great role model. >> a fantastic role model. >> he was on all my children. now he will be looking for a job. a great way to job hunt. >> job hundred. exactly. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> for the very latest, logon to scoop or become a fan of the scoop on facebook. coming up next, controversy over a vodka company's holiday billboard. some are calling it anti-semitic. aisle 10. nice.
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11:54 am
time for the "news nation" gut check about a controversial billboard along a roadway in new york. critics called it offensive. those behind it said they are trying to be funny. we get details from a reporter in new york, wnbc. >> reporter: chihuahua in santa hat. russian wolf hat in yarmulke and a text that reads christmas quality, hannukkah prices. outraged viewer nan e-mailed us this anti-semitic billboard should come down. the bright red advertisement is practically eye level on riverside drive and clearly visible from both directions of the henry hudson. we grabbed a photo of it, took it to the upper west side and asked people what they think. >> i would find it offensive.
11:55 am
you can see hannukkah pricing meaning the cheap. >> i don't find it offensive. >> you find it funny. >>? humorous. >> i saw it on the highway and i was offended by it. we're all god's children. >> reporter: the peel behind this bill board already had some controversial ads in the past. so what were they thinking with this one? >> we were celebrating hannukkah. we're saying it is a great holiday. it is eight nights. great value. come on. >> we have four partners of the jewish faithful we had a lot of people to poll off of. >> reporter: previous billboards have said hampton's quality, new york prices. movie star quality, reality star prices. even escort quality,ing whoer prices. they never anticipated such a back lash. >> they're a nice company, a little fun. it's about vodka. it is not being mean and nasty about things. >> reporter: negative reaction has been fast and furious. the anti-defamation league website labels the ad crude and offensive and demands the billboards be taken down.
11:56 am
and that is something that is already underway. >> what does your gut tell you? was the vodka ad on the board offensive? you can go to that will do it for this edition of "news nation." thanks for your time. you can catch it every day at 2:00 people eastern. have a fantastic day and stay put. eugene robinson fills in for martin bashir. she puts on her g. but is she eating sugar this week? maybe she wants the all natural, zero calorie stuff. but if you're wrong, you're insinuating she's fat. save yourself. it's only natural. how about making it brighter. more colorful. ♪ and putting all our helpers to work? so we can build on our favorite traditions by adding a few new ones. we've all got garlands and budgets to stretch. and this year, we can keep them both evergreen.
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