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tv   Lockup Holman  MSNBC  November 24, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PST

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. america's prisons, dangerous, often deadly. there are 2 million people doing time. every day is a battle to survive and to maintain order. >> down on your feet. down. >> located in the deep south, holman correctional facility, where most are serving life sentences. we spent months documenting life on the inside, where the prisoners have nothing but time and nothing to lose. this is "lockup: holman, extended stay."
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inchts prison is a lonely place for any inmate. >> if she wants to call it off, call me, let me know something. >> the ones that blossom within the prison walls are often dangerous. >> i cannot stop these guys from coming after you. you know that regardless somebody is going to make a play for you. >> or they can be simply a one-sided obsession, leading to nothing but trouble. >> i don't know what you got in here. >> [ bleep ]! >> the holman correction alpha silt in alabama is close to 1,000 enmates, all categorized
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by their behavior. the best behaved are housed in the dorm and those sebehalf bad are send to administrative segregation. >> they are individually celled and all here because they broke a rule infraction here in prison. >> human contact in segregation is extremely limited and interactions with others is at a minimum. this can take a toll on an inmate physically and man tally. >> been in single cells for a long time and they build up hostilities, it's highly explosive area. >> move [ bleep ]. >> right now!
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>> it's another typical day, that's part of it. >> these officers work here and on a daily basis deal with the inmates and you build up a relationship with these inmates and some are good and some are not so good. >> most people say when i started i wouldn't make it three days until i had a point to prove and i proved it. then they said i wouldn't make sergeant, if i did i wouldn't be a successful sergeant, so i like say i made another point. >> everything about it is a challenge, it's not a normal job where you just learn something and do it. nothing is ever the same. you make a decision today for one incident, maybe the same
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incident tomorrow but you have to make a different decision. >> you want to act tough, huh. >> she has to deal with many problematic inmates. >> i asked not to put me in my cell. >> when i deal with jammy bell i deal with his issue only. bobby gilbert, i don't have any problems with. i just know the problems that other people have. >> any that give you a particular problem? >> yes, i would say terrence moses. >> come look at [ bleep ]. >> you ain't got nothing to see. >> he is obsessed with me and will do anything for me.
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>> you get in trouble all weekend? >> and he likes to mass tur bait at the same time, all the time. >> show yourself this weekend to the officer? >> about my medicine. >> they aren't going to let you stand here and expose yourself. >> i exposed myself -- >> going to expose yourself, either way, it's wrong. why you keep doing that? >> they [ bleep ] with me. >> no, they ain't. >> i show it to you. >> they want to see another man, so worse form of disrespect. >> you ain't got nothing to see. >> i show it to everybody. >> with females, if it is a female that excite me sexually, you know what i'm saying, i tend to expose myself to them.
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>> she said he was mastur batting. >> a lot of people ain't against sexual activity, it's cool to people but they ain't going to participate. they can say what they want to say, i'm going to continue mastturbating, it's difficult, i like women and got to go through with it. coming up next on lockup extended stay. >> my ex-husband, deceased husband, he was standing there. i just stabbed him. and later, terrence moseley reaches the breaking point. [ bleep ] on november 26th you can make a huge impact by shopping small on small business saturday. one purchase. one purchase is all it takes. so, pick your favorite local business... and join the movement.
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5u open up k-14. >> inmates at the holman correctional facility who are found violating the rules are brought into a disciplinary hearing to determine their punishment. >> this is a disciplinary by correctional officer michael hanry by possession of contraband. circumstances of violation are as follows. you did have in your possession two set of dies one red and one white and one tube of lipstick. do you wish to plead guilty or not guilty? >> plead guilty. >> sign that right there. you know you're released from segregation pending the seg review board, right? >> yes, sir. >> since you are taking the plea, i'm going to recommend 30 days los of visitation privileges.
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take your glasses with you. the -- the thing of the dice is, they go down there and get to gambling and then they'll lose something they don't have to give back. the lipstick comes to the homosexual activity that goes on within the facility. we try to keep that down to as little as we can keep it down to. >> why? >> it causes them to want to fight over the homosexuals. most of the time when you have an incident, it will be something to do with fighting over cards, dice, and then they will fight oaf over a homosexual relationship. >> i have a complex about being called gay or homosexual. okay, i know i was born a male. i know that. that i do know, but i live as a woman. i see myself as a woman. i like to be respected and addressed as a woman.
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my ex-husband, my deceased husband, he was very overprotective. he just -- he used to beat on me. beating me, beating me. i manipulated to get away from him, ran up to the kitchen. you know, they had this knife set. the biggest handle that i seen, i grabbed it. and i ran outside, and he was standing there. i just stabbed him. he fell. i stabbed him again. they grabbed me, and i was covered in blood. they called the police. i still had the knife in my hand. they came and retrieved the knife and handcuffed me.
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i've been locked up ever since. >> once locked up, marcus was quick to develop prison romances and is currently on her third prison marriage. >> i see him as a man, a straight man, that's how i see it. you know? he's a man. he's my husband. i'm a woman, and i'm his wife. let me wrap my hair down. we exchanged vows, you know. he opened his heart to me, i opened my heart to him and we vowed to be best friends for life. >> marcus' husband is new to prison relationships and has asked that his identity not be revealed. >> i have a son that is 20 years old that i feel like wouldn't understand the situation right now.
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that's the only reason that my identity is hidden. i never thought in a million years i'd be in a relationship like this. in prison it seems like she's the woman, i'm the man and we're in a relationship. she's gay. that's it. on the outside, i'm gay. she's gay. i still haven't been able to accept that. >> i'm his first. i'm his first prison wife. and i can understand why he's a little shaky about it, you know what i'm saying? >> marcus is in ad seg for getting into a fight with another inmate, and while she's there she's not allowed to communicate with her husband. >> the hardest thing about being in lockup is not being able to sit, talk to him. he's just -- he's my everything.
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he's my everything. >> if you could say something to holly, what would that be? >> i would let her know that i love her, miss her, need her and i'm waiting on her. >> in order to get out of ad seg, marcus must be put on a release list. one of the people who can put her on this list is the deputy warden patterson. >> just let me out of this lockup to be with my best friend. >> what is it, marcus? june 14th you'll have your 90 days. and at that point, we can possibly consider you for population if you don't have an enemy situation. do you have an enemy situation? >> no, sir. you know i don't have an enemy situation. >> let me see your hands?
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cut them nails. >> yes, sir. i'm so glad when they let me out of this lockup. i'm going to give him the best life he can imagine. >> you don't want to be interviewed? coming up -- marcus pleads with the warden to be let out of ad seg. >> why should i put you out in pop? >> please, i learned my lesson. >> i ain't convinced right now. y itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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alan clark has recently been transferred to holman and has not formed any friendships with the inmates there, but he does have a relationship with someone on the outside. >> for 15 years i didn't have anybody come to see me or write me or anything like this. and then came [ bleep ]. she's a darling, you know. she's the love of my life. i miss her so much. you just wouldn't believe. you know, i really miss her. last year in september i became real sick. you know, i had been sick all that day. and when i got to the infirmary, they took my blood pressure and
10:21 am
found that it was real, real low. and they rushed me to the emergency room. but i met a nurse there, and when she walked into the room and we made eye contact, i knew, you know, that she was going to be my girl. you know, when we started seeing each other, i said, i've got life without parole. i may not ever get out. she told me, she says, you let me worry about that. finally, you know, one day on the visiting yard up here when she come to see me, i got down on my knees and i asked her, will you marry me? and she says, yes. so i said, okay, then, i'll put in a request for marriage. and so i did. as it stands right now, at last count, the chaplin said that i was ninth in line.
10:22 am
>> until his wedding day, alan must rely on letters to communicate with his fiancee. but before he opens his mail, it must undergo a meticulous screening process. >> good morning, holman mail room? if it doesn't have dorm numbers, ais numbers, they can't have it. if it doesn't have a name on the return address, they can't have it. if it doesn't have a return address at all, they can't have it. they're not allowed to have any kind of nude pictures, pictures that are sexually explicit. that's not allowed. when i was going through the mail, i was looking at the envelope and i noticed it was like a big sticker. so, you know, i've never seen one of those. it looks kind of weird. i took a letter opener and peeled it up. and when i did, nude picture. i was like, okay, well, that's rejected.
10:23 am
at first i was like, okay, the nudity pictures. now it really don't bother me. i'm used to it. it's just like a normal routine. i go through it, look at it. okay. reject it. we did have once, one woman for three weeks in a row, she purposely hid her nude pictures behind cards. she would like open them up on the inside and try to glue them back down. she'd paste them behind other pictures of, like, her children. that's a great one. i love that one. so she kept doing that. i mean, it was every day i was opening them. so i took it to the warden, and he banned her from corresponding for 90 days with him. she has to write for permission to start writing him again and he also took away her visitation rights with him. when it goes to that extreme measure, that's when they pretty much learn, hey, i can't do this. i can't get it by. so they leave it alone and don't
10:24 am
do much anymore. >> we're in the conference room awaiting on your arrival. >> meanwhile, marcus thomas has been writing warden culliver and he's granted her a meeting. she hopes to be released to general population and reunited with her husband. >> what's going on? >> he's maintaining. i mean, it's hard for him. he wants me out there with him so bad. just as bad as i need to be out there with him. we've been writing each other back and forth, but, i mean, we just haven't had enough communication with each other. so i really don't know. i'm not there with him. i don't know. >> marcus, what's up with you? >> what are you doing interviewing me? >> you don't want to be
10:25 am
interviewed? >> next question. >> what question did they ask you? >> have i seen [ bleep ]. >> that causes you to cry? because they asked you if you had seen [ bleep ], that hurts you? >> because it hurts. >> marcus, marcus, marcus. you ain't going to win no academy award with that [ bleep ]. stop that crying. i don't want to hear your crying. i'm just going to go on back and not talk to you about this. they wanted me to talk to you about being released to general pop. i'm not going to listen to you crying about some other man. >> i'm so sorry. i'm sorry. >> last time you were here, how long you stay? about three or four months. and both of them times you were in population, you caught
10:26 am
yourself being with one individual, yes or no? >> yes, sir. >> even though you call yourself being with one individual, do you not have people that are coming after you all of the time? yes or no? just yes or no? >> well, yes. >> whether you say they're your problems or not, i cannot stop these guys from coming after you. and you know that regardless, somebody is going to make a play for you. so why should i turn you out to pop? >> please. >> tell me why. >> please, give me a chance. >> i don't want to you beg me, i want you to give me one good reason why i should put you out in pop. >> i've made a change. i'm not coming back to lockup. i promise i'm not coming back. please. let me show you. >> i'll think about it. i ain't convinced right now, though. and the reason i'm not convinced is in the past, your past tells me if you go to general population, you've got about 60
10:27 am
to 90 days of general population, and there will be problems. that's what history tells me. >> but you're wrong this time. i bet you're wrong. >> we'll see. >> it's unfair. it's unfair. coming up, terrance mosley gets written up again, but this time it's not for indecent exposure. >> mind your own business [ bleep ]! >> and alan clark's fiancee may be getting cold feet. >> i had asked her if she was still interested in getting married. would you like to hear how the conversation went? what are the to-do's we'll check off and the prices we'll brag about?
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here's what's happen being. three u.s. students arrested for rioting in cairo are now free after five days of clashes that killed nearly 40 protesters. sandusky's lawyer confirms there is a new investigation into sex abuse of a family member. shoppers are gearing up for black friday. experts say up to 152 million consumers will shop tomorrow. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer direction is advised. i probably got about 100 hours worth of tattoos. i got a good side and a bad side. i have jesus on this side with angels and stuff, and then i have the devil on this side, freddy kruger, medusa, stuff like that. that's tony montana from
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"scarface." i got two 45s and a shoulder holster. and i have vini vidi vici. it means, i came, i saw and i conquered in latin. the cadillac sign. i want to go on and get the rest of my chest covered and have the whole shirt. whenever i get out, i'll work on the rest of it. >> after six weeks of shooting at holman correctional facility, our crew went to check up on terrance mosley, an inmate who has repeatedly exposed himself to officers. we weren't prepared for what happened next. >> i told you [ bleep ]. >> you wanted to say something? >> i said i wanted [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]! >> what's wrong with you? >> all right, let's go. >> the reason he did this is because on a particular day we
10:33 am
were walking in the hall, and he was masturbating and i had to use force on him with my baton. i hit his arm and i broke his arm. he told me then he was going to get me. on this particular day we were feeding inmate terrance mosley and he threw a tray in my face. so i guess today he got me. >> what started as an obsession with sergeant banks has now escalated into a grudge match between terrance mosley and officer montgomery. >> i don't know what to do with that terrance mosley. he's been a problem with all the shifts. he's got into it with two other officers on the third shift, the same way he did with you today. i know you had a problem with him before. i don't know what the solution is for that individual. if we can find any way to get him to start complying with the rules and quit being such a troublemaker. disciplinary action doesn't seem to be having an effect on him. that's all we've really got.
10:34 am
we are past the days where we can just whip him, we can't do that stuff anymore. we have to find other ways to try and get him to comply. >> like you said, keep writing him up. >> write him up and hope eventually he will come around and do differently. i really don't see no hope for him right now. >> while officers hope to change terrance mosley's behavior for the best, another inmate's future may have taken a turn for the worse. >> alan clark's in lockup. he's an inmate we're going to go see, and he didn't know whether his fiancee was going to marry him or not. he was under the impression they were okay, but apparently she hadn't returned any letters when he had written her. so apparently there was something wrong, and he had me call her to find out if they still wanted to get married. al, you got a second? you know what this is about? have you had an opportunity to talk to [ bleep ]? >> no, i haven't.
10:35 am
i haven't even heard from her. >> okay. remember you told me to give her a call about you guys getting married and all that kind of stuff. i had called her and when talking to her, she sounded pretty upset. and i had asked her if she was still interested in getting married. and she said, married? and i said, alan has been wanting to get married for a while, as i understand it. and i want to see if you guys are going to get married. and she said in emphatic terms, absolutely not. so i don't know how all that sits. apparently she's upset. did you know that she didn't want to get married, or -- >> yes. she's the one that asked me. you know what i'm saying? she told me to go ahead and put in the application for the marriage, and that's the reason why i come to you and asked you about going about getting married. >> what do you think changed her mind? >> i have no idea.
10:36 am
>> she's noticeably upset. yeah. yeah. probably need to straighten that up, whatever miscommunication might be taking place. >> yeah, definitely. all right. >> okay. see you later. >> apparently, she's mad at me for some reason. i don't know. i don't know why she's mad at me. this is news to me. you know, she's the one that asked me to get the ball rolling on getting the marriage going, you know? and, you know, i don't know what's happening. coming up, terrance mosley's problems forces the warden to take matters into his own hands. >> we came to an agreement if you keep your nose clean then i cut you loose. but you couldn't do that.
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for marcus thomas, another meal in administrative segregation is another meal without her husband. >> it's all day, every day. it's hard. my biggest concern, i mean, something is changing.
10:41 am
i can't say. i really don't know. it's as stressful for him as it is for me. sometimes i just wish that it could be me and the one that i love away, just me and him, away, away from all this. nonsense. i'm just praying that he remains strong nm until i get there. >> while marcus thomas struggles with life in ad seg, her husband is struggling with whether this will succeed as a long-term relationship. >> i'm having a lot of mixed feelings. five, six months from now, who knows, we may be in different prisons. the marriage may all be down the drain. she always has to have a man's support. you know what i'm saying? you know, that mentally, you know, if we separate, is she going to be with another man? we've been in a relationship two years and a couple of months. but i really can't say, you
10:42 am
know, like i said. at any time we can be going our separate ways. >> alan clark is being moved to another cell in ad seg. it's been nearly two weeks since the chaplain told him that his fiancee seems to have moved on. >> any communication from her? >> not as of yet. i wrote her two letters. i asked her in the letter, you know, if she would write me and let me know what is really going on, you know? if she wants to call it off, then, you know, that's fine, you know. but tell me, you know. don't -- you know, let me know something. i don't really know what's going on. >> maintaining relationships can be difficult, but just getting
10:43 am
into them can prove to be dangerous. inmate marion dent has been sent to the hospital for hitting on the wrong man. >> i had it in my mind i wasn't going back to the street no more, so i might as well get me a friend. then i started messing with homosexuals and things because they were taking the place of a female. >> marion's attempts at making contacts with perspective partners hasn't always gone according to plan. >> i heard he was offering the homosexual activity, so i wanted to talk to him about that, you know what i'm saying? the man took one blow and knocked me out. and then i -- in an incident down there, in one cell i got stabbed up down there. oh, yeah. another inmate hit me in the head with a lock.
10:44 am
when the fellow hit me in the head with the lock, i was stabbed in one cell. the good lord woke me up and told me and said, hey, don't you think that's enough? if you give the lord just one minute -- you don't give one second of your time, you don't know what you might be missing. let's give the lord some time. so i started going to church and started getting into christian studying, bible studies, and stuff like that, and i kind of started liking it. ♪ >> with marion becoming more and more involved in the church, he decided it was time to make a real commitment to the lord and get baptized. ♪ >> marion, if you would, just stand up here and stand in here and watch your step. turn around, and then you're
10:45 am
going to step with your feet down there and then sit. >> okay. ♪ >> all right. now, brothers, based on your confession that jesus christ is lord and that you believe in your heart that god raised jesus from the dead, i'm going to baptize you in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. amen. ♪ >> i'm a christian, and i live for the lord. i gave my life to the lord. i gave my life to the lord. i want to walk that right path. ♪ >> while marion dent has found
10:46 am
the right path for him, others have problems finding direction. warden culliver has scheduled a meeting with terrance mosley to confront him on his most recent incident. >> [ bleep ]. come on! >> come on. what's your problem? >> i ain't got no problem. >> i got to get your attention one way or the other. i can't do nothing about the thought process. i can't let you out of lockup. how am i going to let you out of lockup? >> you have me locked up. that's the problem. >> no, no, no, no, no. you haven't proved that to me. if you had been locked up and wanted to come back to pop, you would have came down, did your time, let all the steam out, and you'd be back in pop. you've seen that happen before. that's how we came to the agreement, if you can keep your nose clean, then i cut you loose. but you couldn't do that.
10:47 am
>> i slipped. >> okay. there's a consequence for slipping. >> i know the consequence for slipping. >> okay. >> i know what it is. >> okay. >> i'm taking responsibility for what i did. >> i'm taking responsibility for what you did, too. this is what you have to do, though, terrance. before we can talk about working the deal we had before you slipped, you have to do these 14 days. you're still going to get disciplinary and all that other stuff. >> i know that. i ain't trying to manipulate the system. i'm just being straight up. if i do these 14 days, if i do 14 days, can i get a five-minute phone call to my mother, man? just five minutes. >> if i can talk to her first. >> you can call her and talk to her. and then i'll talk to her. >> deal? >> all right. >> all right. anything else? >> yeah. i'd like to apologize to her, all right? >> okay. do it. >> i apologize for my behavior.
10:48 am
>> you have to wait and see. sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. coming up, desperate to get out of ad seg, marcus thomas becomes bold. >> why are you so hard on me because i'm a homosexual. the only way you will know who is telling the truth, me or you, is you're going to have to let me out and let me show you. the most epic day in america. and the end of a journey that began here... ...when the swipe of a visa card... ...gave one man the chance to bring happiness to ten friends, including the knuckleheads at the car wash. those are super bowl tickets? yes dude! you're going to the super bowl!
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i got good news. >> they recommend my release this morning. the warden is working this morning. they recommended my release. >> this elevator -- >> after nearly 17 months of waiting in adseg, marcus tochl as is waiting to discuss release to general population. >> i just can feel myself getting closer to my hood. >> marcus is optimistic her name is on the release list this time. >> if i had put you on my list for to you get out of seg, is that what you are talking about? >> yes, sir. >> it's not so that's what we are going to do. talk about why i don't have you on that list. when you first got here, we turned you out to population and
10:53 am
they met you like a herd of horses. it wasn't long before it started being a lot of confusion between two or three different guys and all of a sudden these guys wanted to try to go to fighting over marcus. i also believe there is going to be a problem. >> there is not going to be a problem. >> the last two times you were down there -- >> there is not a problem. they are hard on me because i'm a homosexual. >> no one never got hurt. no one never got hurt. i really do. i promise you i am not coming back to this jail. i got it together. i got it all together. >> you can tell me you got it all together, but you can't tell me what they're going to do. >> yes, i can. i know him. i know him more than he knows himself. he's not going to get into anything. the only way you are -- the only way you know whoa is telling the
10:54 am
truth, me or you is to let me show you. >> that's true. i don't know if i want to take the chance. if there is a lot of new guy, you hit the hall way, there is going to be one of them saying i got to have him. i'm going to have him. somebody down there with knives. >> ain't nobody is going to mess with me. it's not going to happen. it's never been that serious. yes i can. >> i tell you what. i take all of this into consideration. i don't know the warden will release you, but if i agree to release you, you will be on a strict stipulation probation. if i find out that you have caused problems down there or get into it about somebody about you, i will lock you back up. >> i will accept that very restrict probation. >> let me think about it and i will get with the warden and see if he agrees with it also. >> i appreciate that.
10:55 am
>> i feel a lot better. i feel relieved. he is going to take it into consideration. he dwnt didn't just say no. if he said no, i would have broke down and said take me back. i'm ready. back to my hot little cell. >> open the cell. please open. >> you leave my house alone. >> while marcus thomas may found the tenacity could reward her, terrence moseley is about to be rewarded for good behavior over the last two weeks. >> today i will call your mom. >> i kant talking to your mom.
10:56 am
>> december. >> really i'm doing you a favor. >> the warden has been keeping terrence's mother aware of his behavioral problems and he hopes she can trigger a permanent change. >> hello? how you doin'? i'm trying to. i will be trying to, right? i just got that problem. i just got that problem. it's a problem. she wants to talk to you. >> yes, ma'am? we appreciate it. we got a contract. i contract with him if he can go until november 15th without getting a disciplinary, we will try him in general population again. it's something he has to work on.
10:57 am
i don't know. we may make a couple of months and he continues to do well and i will let him call you again in a couple of months. maybe we will get him read the bible. yes, ma'am. thank you. all right. you all right? >> i need a transfer. >> you need a transfer? you want to transfer in november to go to population? >> i will never make it, man. >> you will make it for six months. you know you ain't going to make it? >> i got it until september. i ain't going to make it. >> he is touched right now. i think five hours from now or this time tomorrow, he will refer back to his mother and it kind of got him and he was shaking him for us and he realizes she is not truly well.
10:58 am
i don't have a problem getting transferred out. that's not going to happen. he is actually closer to his mom here than he will be at any other max facility we have. i don't know. he's got to do it and that's where it's at. >> after meeting with the warden, captain craft will deliver the final decision to marcus as to whether she will get out the adseg. >> i will talk to marcus and explain that we will try this. just not right now. >> here you go. how are you doing this morning? >> all right. >> good. i sat down and talked to what we spoke about about the contract and coming out in population. he agreed to let me let you out
10:59 am
if you sign this contract. one catch right now, the warden is not willing to turn you out right now. he wants to turn you out late summer and early fall, but it will be then. is that agreeable? maintain yourself. all right. i am talk to you later. are there is nothing at all. nothing.


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