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tv   The Squeeze  MSNBC  November 25, 2011 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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everything that we do here in this unit we work. >> he just took it. >> without a struggle? >> he knows everything. he knows the block. who's there. whose doing what. we can get play-by-play right from the block. >> there's our guy right there with the burgundy on. >> you got to be straight with us. >> you said she won't talk to you. >> who is the up and coming guy? >> how loyal is he? >> loyal. >> we always need guys in certain areas. go out there hustling you'll get popped or get paid with us.
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it's a tough spot, man. you ever work with the police before? 7-17, police helicopter one, we're en route to fort heights. >> over to the curb. pull over to the curb.
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people out front. people out front. go in the house. much go in the house. police search warrant, open the door. police, search warrant, open the door. walk towards me. walk towards me. walk towards me. right here. stand right here. >> it's another day in chicago's south suburbs where police raids are all too common. >> other than the crack cocaine that's on your dresser is there any more? >> not that i know of. >> okay. any guns in your house? >> no. >> it's not going to be a shock to us because that's what we're here for. >> authorities came looking for a boat load of firearms, that's what an informant had promised them. instead they got a bag of crack and one arrest. it's not the outcome that they
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had hoped for and a tough pill to swallow. that's the risk they take working with confidential sources. chances are they will be back soon serving another warrant in fort heights. >> you cut a deal with the same families. like the sergeant goes out there. the guy locked him up 12, 15 years ago, their kids are out here now that we're dealing that. it's that cycle that is never ending. >> when our informant was in there, this is the guy that served him. >> everything that we do here in this unit we work off of informant information. >> i'll sign you up as an informant. it's a fake name. that's what we'll use every time we use you. >> every informant signs an agreement. in that agreement all the things
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you can't do. you can't pretend you're the police or sell drugs. they sign it and abide by it. but they need to stay viable. if they need to run with the same crowd, still see the same people and that's the only way we'll get the information from them. >> this is my last time up here. >> how many times have you been locked up? >> three times. >> how many times did you say -- >> i'm going home today and only stay here one day. i ain't coming back. >> three times. >> many of the best informants begin their careers while locked up at chicago's cook county jail. detainees here are ripe for recruitment. most are accused, not convicted of crimes and are being held awaiting trial. those who flip and cooperate with authorities can get reduced sentences. some of them will continue
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working for money after they get out. that's exactly what one former inmate who grew up hustling drugs on the stipulate's west side is doing. >> basically his entire life has been a dopey. he was more successful than so now. he had a nice car and a hot girl. when you come home and out of the realm maybe the younger guys are running the block. you can still work but you're never the man on that block. that changes your motivation a little bit. how much are you guys making on a day-to-day basis? >> about $3,500. >> how often do you think the cops are on that block? >> every day. >> this informant whom we're calling roosevelt to protect his identity is providing intel
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about a west side neighborhood known for its heavy drug traffic and murders. he claims two dozen members of rival gangs have joined together to do business under one boss. >> how did he get it? >> he just took it. >> without a struggle? >> without a struggle. >> what are these guys, travellers? >> travellers. >> two main guys. >> two main. >> he knows the nicknames and what they look like. we're mapping out their entire operation right now. >> what's the security like out there? >> we don't serve cars that we don't know. >> what about walk up? >> no. >> what if you did an intro. if you brought a guy in the car or whatever, like, man. >> that's not a problem. >> he knows everything. he knows the block. who is there. who is doing what.
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we can get live play-by-play right from the block. we need one of them to get in there. >> now armed with a list of targets including the top boss, his right-hand man and workers below them investigators hash out a game plan. >> one side with the heroin. another guy with the cocaine. this is all the runners, lookouts and all that stuff. >> their first step is to set up surveillance on the boss who delivers narcotics every day for his people to sell. >> we put you on the block early in the morning. you stay in constant contact with him. you can call out to sandman and say do drive. >>er with trying to schedule a guy who drops the patch. we have the vehicle and the target. makes it easier to set up the surveillance. >> two main houses.
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do you have any idea? >> situation we're look at him is taking down the head of the monster and then everybody else will fall in line and that's how we decide to take the case where you might get 25, 30 guys and clear out the whole block. >> they might be doing 7,000, 8,000 now. 4,000 in cocaine. 28, 27 for weed. every day thing. got be looking at 17,000. >> one block. >> one block every day. >> what your looking to get out of this? >> i'm not looking to get nothing in particular because, you know, i've been dealing with them for so long. >> you have to show him that there's some reward in this and the reward for him is money. he knows that. >> we're not going to do a quick hit. this will take a while. you stay out of trouble. >> oh, yeah.
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>> you can't smoke weed. you can't do anything. nothing. all right. no drinking either. >> it's hard because i'm used to -- i used to be on the other side of the game and i'm tempted. >> how about tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. you're on the block. >> okay. >> being on the block for roosevelt, though, means playing a role. he's got pretend that he's still in the game without breaking the law. >> they will wonder why is i'm out there on the block. >> it's a fine line for him to walk. one false move could get him killed. >> it can change with one bullet. it can change in a heart beat. >> coming up on "the squeeze" -- >> there's something with this informant, something shaky. >> you have to sell my guy today. >> i want to figure out why he's lying to us. >> we're on the move. let me [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. your core competency is...competency.
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tell you, i work at the jail for six years, and it was, it's just amazing to see so many young black men being shipped off to the penintary every day. even if it wasn't necessarily my people, anybody just to see that was disturbing. wondered how do numbers get that high, you know? >> our plan of attack is to hit the south jets first. we've gotten plenty of guns out of there as everybody knows and a lot of drugs. going to the house authority so make sure you have police markings on. watch your backgrounds and stay with your partner. any questions? okay. let's go. >> there are certain area of the suburbs more so than others that we hit regularly and frankly it's because where the action
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was. i used to be prosecutor before i became sheriff and tried a lot of cases out here. a lot of these problems have been going on since the late '80s. many neighborhoods don't change. compromised with limited opportunities for kids that grow up here. if you look at the door, every single day they head off to school. when you see this activity, you think what are your options in life. watch your backgrounds and stay with your partner. any questions? okay. let's go. >> there are certain area of the suburbs more so than others that we hit regularly and frankly it's because where the action was. i used to be prosecutor before i became sheriff and tried a lot of cases out here. a lot of these problems have been going on since the late '80s. many neighborhoods don't change. compromised with limited opportunities for kids that grow up here. if you look at the door, every single day they head off to
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school. when you see this activity, you think what are your options in life. many people's options dried up decades ago on chicago's south side and in the south suburbs. abandoned steel mills and empty lots serve reminders of what used to be, a thriving community. now the criminal element that you have four different gangs in this area. >> yo, come here. >> they feel they can come out here and hide and get away with what they need. >> but gangs aren't the only ones selling drugs for a living out here. >> what's up, boss? >> today, sheriff police investigators are pursuing a very different kind of target, a middle class white female who allegedly traffics cocaine to support her family. >> she's been a dealer for a
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long time. she sells large amounts. and hasn't been caught. informant said she's really smart, she may see the undercover and say no i don't want to deal with him. we'll see if it works. >> is this -- >> their informant has agreed to set up a deal and introduce an undercover officer to the target but he's a self-admitted addict working for money which makes him difficult to trust. >> what's important is that flow. you got to sell my guy. call him your cousin. say this is your cousin, you make sure you take care of my cousin. >> he's kind of hard headed. we're trying to coach him what to say and he's not doing it the way we're telling him to do it. he's all nervous. >> this is it. you got to sell her today. this is my cousin he's always
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been with me. he took care of me when i was locked up. you sell it like that should be good. cousin or brother. cousin is better. okay. all right. >> i find myself with him that i always have to keep reminding him that, hey, this is the way we have to do it. you're not going to do it the way we want to do it then we won't use it. >> the informant whom we'll refer to as nixon can follow orders and completes the intro and drug buy. >> he'll callback later tonight and say hey my cousin, he liked that product. can he come back tomorrow. that's how it works. >> he says she hasn't been arrested in ten years. this is all she's doing. she's got a pretty good connection. we would like to find out who that is. hopefully we got a good case
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going. what if you did an intro. if you brought a guy into the car or whatever, like, man, my guy want as 20. >> handling informants is more of an art than a science. investigators never know when and if a confidential source will turn on them. >> we got good security. he's secured. >> everybody. >> impossible neighborhood sit on. guys on both end watching for police. they don't know you don't get served. you're not going to get served. >> that means authorities need roosevelt on the block to tell them whose coming and going with pay loads of drugs and money. >> wherever his stash is at. >> that first step doing reconnaissance with roosevelt
10:19 pm
the next day. >> our informant is going calling out real-time information to sandman and gleason, so they are going to be direct being everybody where they need go. >> their goal is to get an eye on the ring leader. >> all we're doing this morning is what time he's leaving his house, who he drops off at a block. maybe we'll follow him to a couple of places and then we're done. >> our guy is down on the block. >> a guy on the corner right here. these guys are working for sure. beautiful west side of chicago. >> today is all about intel and that's why we got our guy out on the block so he can call it out to us so we can keep a loose perimeter. give us his exact location. he's on the phone talking to anybody else.
10:20 pm
sammy. seen him coming up the alley. this block, this area, this dope line these guys are out early in the morning, getting their hustlers. here's one of your friends. white guy definitely doesn't live in this area. the heroin addicts get up early. they need that as soon as they get up. it's coffee for them. these kids should be walking to school or catching the bus. a mixture of foot traffic. unfortunately it's going to be kids and dope fiends. >> as surveillance teams continue circling the area their informant phones in updates over the next two hours. >> so our main target is on the block. he's not working. but he's supervising the product. >> when roosevelt reports that the dope hustlers are getting suspicion because he's not buying anything.
10:21 pm
investigators call him off the block. one unit takes a quick past drive the target on the way out. >> there's our guy right there with the burgundy hoodie. >> did he ask him if he wanted to work or ready to work? you want to work. yeah, probably later on. so, he said that they kind of flag him like man what are you doing out here. they don't want guys to hang out just to hang out. >> their informant says he's willing to go back on the block. that way he can help undercover officers make dope buys there. >> this is a job. but i understand you got your own decisions in life, you know, and hopefully you go the right way because, the jail will always be here and cemetery only one time to go there. it can change your life. if not you get the same results. >> coming up on "the squeeze" -- >> he says a body.
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i can't remember a whole year straight from the age of seven that i've been out of jail. i seen a lot of guys don't make it my age at all. >> this informant who we've been calling roosevelt is helping authorities infiltrate a drug ring on chicago's west side. they've already scoped out the target neighborhood. now the police will begin sending undercover officers to try to purchase narcotics there. it's a start of a long term
10:26 pm
operation naming "game over." roosevelt will be watching for the main players. >> can you talk? all right. whose out there? how many people out there all together with you? get out. that many people? what have they got? rocks and blow? weed? all right. stay on the block. don't be serving. all right. bye. >> come in gleason. there's about ten people out there already. >> all right. 10-4. >> we're getting a live play-by-play. it doesn't get any better than that. >> far from the open air drug markets on the west side, more and more high level dealers are setting up shop in the suburbs. >> this is prime real estate. prime real estate. >> one successful female dealer has been catering to users out here for years. >> apparently she owns several
10:27 pm
houses and cars. all she does. that's how she supports her family. talking to the informant, he says if we arrest her she will flip. >> their informant nixon already set up one narcotic buy between the officer and the target. he's skittish about bringing them together a second time and insists on doing the handoff himself. >> all right. i got a white chevy coming on to austin. i think that's her. it's the target. >> nixon is behaving suspiciously but they will play along with him for now. >> target is driving northbound, austin. >> we got the -- >> he came out of the car. he got so worked up this guy. two ladies walking down the street and he comes up here take it. i'm going, can you wait until we got around the corner or get away from these ladies.
10:28 pm
oh, god. calling 911. he's running to the -- >> it sounds like the whole place is busy with people. no reason this guy can't walk up. he looks like a target. i would stop. >> you can see why he gets popped up. >> it's on the informant. if they want to sell you they can. i keep telling you we're not going to pay you until you do what we ask you to do. >> police decide it's time to cut nixon out of the picture. they try calling the target themselves to set up another deal but the phone number is no good. so they bring in their informant to find out what's going on. >> this guy better to have him in person because he changes his story so often. for all we know he might have went back if this guy calls you we don't know what he's up to.
10:29 pm
>> while nixon is in another room, they scroll through the phone to get the target's number. >> it's very important. we do this so it works out. you need be on board. we'll take care of you. you got to do what we ask you to do. >> he gave us -- i got it written down. >> he gave us 705. >> yeah. he gave us one number off for the phone number. >> that's not the only secret he's been keeping from them. >> he's still talking to her. he talked to her yesterday. look he's lying now. he talked to her, looks like twice yesterday. yeah. he's been talking to her six, seven times a day. he told me he hasn't talked to her since last week. yeah. >> since the last buy we did. she won't talk to him. >> let's see if she's been calling him. yeah she's been calling him too.
10:30 pm
no she won't even call me, answer my phone calls. she's calling him three times monday. >> i want to figure out why he's lying to us. he doesn't want her to go jail. >> he had second thoughts about it. she's his best -- that's his most, pretty sure consistent dealer and so now he done want to give her up. >> just got to be straight with us. because we looked at your phone. you said she won't talk to you. we looked at your phone. you got calls and text messages back and forth to her. what are you trying to say then? she's texting you. tell us what's going on. >> you don't want us to do her? you don't? >> i told the guys that. i told the guys that's what you was doing. >> are you scared of her? she beat you up? she take care of you?
10:31 pm
okay. so the next question is what will it take for you to continue so we can -- what you can't answer that? >> you're going to have to call her up one more time. that's all. put her out there to begin with. he's probably mad at her. now he has a change of heart and feels bad. you know how hat goes. probably in love with her. continues to jerk us around and waste our time and we have to cut our ties. >> you'll get arrested by somebody. we're like whatever it takes to get her and then we could care less with what happens to him. >> your best informants always go bad. >> next on "the squeeze" -- >> we always need guys from certain areas. go out there hustle you'll get popped or get paid with us. >> after it all went down he said man i'm going to get high. that's not part of our agreement. you can't follow the rules we don't need you, period. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about fees.
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okay. thanks. >> a confidential source has been feeding authorities real-time intel about dealers on the west side. >> this can go on for two, three months, building case on these
10:36 pm
guys and eventually shut down the whole block. >> it's part of a sheriff's-police operation called "game over." >> today was huge. we know we can get buys out of there easily. we'll get the guys we need to be transactional and on tape and then the whole thing will come down. he was out there. investigators find their informant roosevelt already slipping back into bad habits and getting high. >> you get any sleep last night? >> i'll be going to sleep about 3:00 in the morning. >> so both of these put the coke out there and the heroin comes from him. where does the weed come from? you need a cigarette or
10:37 pm
something. you got to wake up, man. your reaction time is very slow right now. >> you ask him a question it takes two minutes for him to respond. not good. we got to go. we got to keep moving pop who is wearing what. you can't be out there halfway. you go to be all the way ready. >> i think part of what you saw today was nervousness that he knew we were on the block making buys, so if something were to go bad, maybe he thought he could be somehow be found out. after it all went down he needed to release some stress and he thought i'll go get high. we had a long conversation with him about that. that's not part of our agreements. you can't follow our rules we don't need you period. you can't trust them 100%. >> who is the up and coming guy
10:38 pm
in this group? who is the guy with some ambition that wants to be up here? how loyal do you think he is? >> knowing how quickly an informant can go astray, investigators already have a back up strategy in play. they've begun gathering intel from another confidential source on the same block unbeknownst to roosevelt. >> checks and balances. neither of them know each other but they know of each other. >> two guys will be looking at each other without knowing the other one is doing. we got an eye ball on an eye ball. doesn't get better than that. >> there's potential to recruit even more informants for operation "game over." with hundreds of new detainees arriving at county every day someone from the target block is
10:39 pm
bound to show up. that's when authorities will put "the squeeze" on them. >> you said that, man, that's a hot spot. >> that's my partner carpenter. >> the place is the hottest. >> who else do you from from over there? anybody? >> man. everybody. >> there's a lot going on over there. there's a lot of these big ones hanging out in that area too. hey. i'm just saying. you can make some paper on that. we always need guys from certain areas to get some of this. we know you can't work. go out there and hustle you'll get popped or you can get paid with us. it's a tough spot, man. >> he was a little scared at first. threw a couple of names at him and he was just stuck. man, you guys know everything. no. you know. he's out there. i'm sure he's got to be on there
10:40 pm
somewhere. these guys are coming in and out. >> drug rings are a dime a dozen on the west side. nearly every block wane 60 block radius has its own boss who is selling narcotics. that means the area is a magnet for law enforcement and investigations are bound to overlap. >> up have other agencies that are also running case, not going after the same targets that we are but they are running parallel cases maybe two blocks over. >> the chicago pd and fbi have been building their own sting operation for months. it's no secret to the sheriff's police who just started "game over" but now the feds announced that they are ready to make sweeping arrests and the timing takes the sheriff's police by surprise. it will be much more difficult
10:41 pm
for them to do undercover work once the other agencies heat up the neighborhood. >> so, whereas if, you know, i rolled out and was able to get it just like that now they are going start looking at me differently, see the police. they might start questioning the buyer more. >> the sheriff's police decides to put "game over" on pause. >> we're going hold off for a little bit and go back and tart making some more buys. >> that leads their main informant roosevelt to his own devices. the risk is if he's like most informants he'll have a hard time take motivated without a paycheck. >> when guys are calling you every day when they get out it gets on your nerves. but you ought to be glad they are calling you. then every other day, then every
10:42 pm
week. every two weeks. then you know you're lotion them. >> coming up on "the squeeze." >> today we have a search warrant for weapons. not everybody can be on the beat. some law enforcement will only deal with the certain people. in county jail, you have every neighborhood. so, you have to deal with a lot of personnel. >> while he waits for "operation game over" to come to fruition, he found a person he knew since the smarter power, today. learn more at ♪ ♪ ♪ when the things that you need ♪ ♪ come at just the right speed, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ medicine that can't wait legal briefs there by eight, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, ♪
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>> while he waits for "operation game over" to come to fruition, he found a person he knew since childhood. he found him earlier when he was brought in on a weapons charge. and asked him if he wanted out of the gang life. >> it comes to a point when they get tired. at some point, they have to grow up. whether it be at 18. or they grow up at 40. they have to grow up some time. when he got out of jail, i told him, you want to work, you want to make some money, give me a call.
10:46 pm
he gave me a call one day. and he jumped in, no hesitation at all. >> his informant has decided to helped the sheriff's police acquire illegal guns. now, he's talking about an alleged dealer who is about to make a big sale. >> did he say who was coming to look at him. >> the guys? >> sergeant jason o'malley wants to move quickly before the target sells his merchandise. >> they talk about using them guns? shot the guns? i used this one to do a drive-by? >> yeah. >> he talked about stuff like that. >> he says the .380 is a buy out. talks about weapons all the time. >> your going tomorrow to look at it. >> yeah. >> what time? >> i'm thinking probably at night. >> at night. >> some of us chose the right
10:47 pm
way. some of us chose the wrong way. now, he's starting to see where he's leading to. hopefully, he doesn't end up that way. hopefully, we can help him. >> i didn't like tricks. i guess. >> we have a search warrant for weapons. >> i give up on people because they're not my friends. i'll use them as a leverage to get out of the life. >> the target has six arrests. one of them for ag assault with a weapon. a documented member of the latin saints. he lives in the residence with his parents. he has a 16-year-old sister. and there's possibly on infant child in the house. it's going to be a breach hold and fall out operation. your team move up.
10:48 pm
get that door open. once the breach is there. we get back and cover until we actually move into the house. >> all right, jay. we're on the move. >> all right. >> cook county sheriff's police. we have a search warrant for your residence. put your hands up. this is the police. we have a search warrant for your arrest. exit your residence. exit your residence through the front door. exit your residence. policia. policia. exit your residence. >> our target is not home. the family thinks he is at work since 6:00 this morning. >> once the dog goes through, we're going to search. and once we find a place of employment, we'll shoot a couple of cars over there and take him in custody. >> but police don't find what they've been expecting inside
10:49 pm
the house. >> we just have a bunch of ammunition. there's ammunition for an m-16, .45s, .22s. still, no weapons. >> they believe the intel was good. the problem was, they arrive too late. >> that's the chance we take when we do search warrants like this. especially for weapons because they're constantly moving around. >> they have evidence, more than 4,000 rounds of ammo to make an arrest. but the suspect will face a lesser penalty for ammunition and no fire arms. >> damn. >> just mad. >> still a hit. still got illegal ammunition. >> in order to nab the target red-handed, they'll need help from an inside source again. >> it's going to be real hard, unless we can get somebody else to work him. wouldn't want to use the same
10:50 pm
guy. try to get somebody new. find somebody new in the area. >> protecting confidential sources is just part of the job for any investigator. but there are limits. they can't save informants from their own bad choices. a month of the police put "operation game over" on hold, roosevelt landed where he started. the chicago police and fbi busted him as part of the city sweep on chicago's west side. >> i'm not going to deal with anybody. and i'm one of the chosen ones. >> being on the block, hanging out with the cops and getting paid here and there for whatever information he's giving. is never going to equal what he would make working the block. i think he decided to double-dip. he was working in an area we weren't watching. now, he's incarcerated.
10:51 pm
you're hot on the block. we have two targets out there. i need you on the street. obviously, this isn't dead. but it's changed. listen. if you've been talking to her, we don't care. you just got to be straight with us. >> deception is part of the trade in policework. whether it be going undercover, or using a paid source to set someone up. so, investigators aren't surprised when they catch their informant, nixon, weaving his own web of lies. he's been sabotaging their case against an elusive female cocaine dealer. >> the thing is, you're going to have to call and order up one more time. that's all. ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.
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>> deception is part of the trade in policework. whether it be going undercover, or using a paid source to set someone up. so, investigators aren't surprised when they catch their informant, nixon, weaving his own web of lies. he's been sabotaging their case against an elusive female cocaine dealer. >> the thing is, you're going to have to call and order up one
10:55 pm
more time. that's all. >> i'm not even with her. >> idiot. at one point, he might have been so desperate, that he wanted to give her up. he's changed his mind. rethinking it. she's probably his best connect. >> when we first met him, he was getting it a couple of times a week. now, he's doing it every day. he will be caught on drugs or some kind of break-in. now, when he calls us, i'll be going there to the station, to telling the police what can i do to help them with the case, so we can send them away as long as possible. informants, they come and go. there's a little, thin line. they have one end, and you have the other end. it's a tug-of-war. once the line breaks, it can hurt either one. >> the target, police bought cocaine, but through the informant. that weakens the case against her. so, they might try to catch her another way.
10:56 pm
>> we have enough to send her to cook county. she will probably be out the same day. she's going to get a low bond. i'm going to be patient and wait it out. >> she's going to get caught. based on her history, i would like to see her in jail, at least a couple days. >> no matter what target they're chasing, authorities can always expect the best-laid plans to change. a sheriff's police informant called roosevelt had been helping them to set up a narcotics ring. now, he's behind bars again, after a federal sweep scooped up him and more than 100 other alleged drug dealers. the roundup also hit part of the crew that sheriff's police were targeting for "operation game over." the ring leader and his second in command remain untouched. but the west side is too hot for
10:57 pm
now. >> something like that sends shock waves throughout the whole neighborhood. so, that puts them on point. you have people dealing on the street corner, are a little more careful who they are selling drugs to. >> the whole area, police say, is teeming, not just with drug hustlers, but also informants. roosevelt initially wasn't a target for the chicago p.d. or fbi, until someone set him up. >> he was given up by somebody we know. he's so disgusted about what happened to him, he he's thinking i can't go on the block and make money anyway. it's the nature of the beast. >> your hot on the block. we have two targets out there. but i need you on the street. you know what i'm saying? i don't know what you're going
10:58 pm
to be able to do as far as us trying to get out there. >> when we orren the the block, still guys out there. there's guys on a lot of different blocks that we hadn't seen before. >> there was like 100 guys. and 50 of those was bosses. the bosses is these guys here. they are their own boss. >> there's our guy, right there, with the bargain di hat on. berg di hoodie. >> he is going to expand. he can become one of the biggest double-agents. available for him right now. he's feeling like a king on the throne right now. >> the original target of "game over" is about to become a lot more powerful, taking their operation to a whole, new level. "game over" isn't over. it's just getting started. >> the guy who used to control one block might now be in charge
10:59 pm
of seven or ten blocks. it won't go from just that one area we were looking at before. it's going to get a lot bigger. it's better for us, actually. >> they'll have even more opportunity to flip someone in his ranks, as more people begin working for him. and they've already got 100 new arrestees from the west side sitting in lockup. >> i was going to grab a couple guys. and let them work each other. somebody's bound to el us something, who are you going to point the finger at? we're going to do what we can do for you. but we're going to pull you up another day, too. we're going to look at the other


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