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tv   Sex Slaves Oakland  MSNBC  November 27, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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on the streets of oakland, california, and all across america, good kids are going bad. >> every major city has a place where the girls can be found. >> i've seen them as young as 12 years old. >> the young and lost the runaways, survivors of child sexual abuse, forced into the service of johns and pimps. >> we're talking about american children being bought and sold by american men in epidemic proportions around the country. >> today it takes the click of a
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mouse to send our most vulnerable kids into an underworld of degradation of drugs and despair. >> do you want me to break your camera? >> it's a career that's like the pits of hell. >> actually exposed right now. >> tonight msnbc goes under cover with oakland's human trafficking task force as they battle to rescue the young and the lost. and turn the tables on the johns and pimps that take advantage of america's children. just across the bay from the glitter of san francisco lies the rough-and-tumble port city
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of portland with ships and cargo coming and going, blue-collar oak town has become a hot spot for a different sort of trade, human trafficking. >> oakland, california, has unfortunately been identified by the fbi as a hub for human trafficking, and specifically the sexual exploitation of children. >> sergeant holly is part of the task force. >> the fact we've been identified by the fbi as a hub is very disturbing to awful us in this city. even though we do have budget challenges, we have made it a priority to get out there and run these operations on a weekly basis. >> we just kind of combine resources to get by. >> a veteran cop with 20 years working the streets of oakland. >> every major city has a place where the girls can be found. >> in oakland many of the girls can be found here on a desperate two-mile stretch of international boulevard known simply as the track.
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>> the track is an area known for prostitution, customers go there to get certain types of girls. >> i've seen them as young as 12 years old. >> this sergeant commands a tactical unit recently charged with cleaning up the track. >> imagine if it was somebody you cared about, who was forced into that type of lifestyle and imagine if that was your neighborhood. imagine all the deterioration that that type of element brings from this type of activity in this specific community. it completely deteriorates it and brings it down. >> we've been battling prostitution in oakland a while. >> today the task force is hitting the track conducting an undercover sting operation in the hopes of punishing juveniles and punishing the pimps who
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exploit them. >> we have undercover officers out in the area we know are hiring illegal sexual activity. they will go out there, try to make contact with the girls, try to solicit some sort of sexual act with them, then we'll come in and actually arrest them. >> 14th to 23rd. >> down this way, this is a more popular area for teenagers, 20s, typically younger prostitute. >> a veteran undercover for oakland pd's trafficking unit. he says targeting the working girls is necessary to get to the pimps that exploit them. >> it's unfortunate the girls have to go to jail. the main objective is targeting the pimps. we don't get to them without targeting the girls themselves. >> less than 10 minutes into their operation the undercovers get their first nibble.
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with the first woman in custody, it only takes the team a few minutes to zero in on another. >> walking to my car. >> black jacket, purple dress, getting in. >> on move, signal given. >> right here, right here. >> the undercover vehicle stopped by the arrest team and the woman is cuffed for prostitution. >> i didn't say nothing. >> a quick search of the woman's belongings reveals a handful of items sadly all too often out on the electric. >> crack pipe. a poker they use to scrape the residue off the actual pipes to get more of the pipes. condoms. >> i did not solicit him. >> is that your crack pipe? are those your condoms. >> those are my condoms. >> that your crack pipe?
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>> that's not in my possession. >> that crack pipe got pulled out of your coat. >> thatch coat my sister had on. that is not mine. i do it but i haven't done anything all day. officer, i did not do anything. i did not solicit him at all. >> the police carefully document the evidence and move on. >> all right. female, white jacket, blue jeans. >> coming up there. >> copy. arrest, a swoop. >> this young woman is done for the night but not before offering police a living, breathing reminder of exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish out here on the track. >> what are you recording me for? >> right now light is being shed on this issue perhaps for the first time.
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>> alameda county prosecutor says operations like these are not about harassing girs, they are all about raising public awareness to the growing problem of domestic trafficking. >> it's about really throwing the door wide open so people can see what's going on on the street corner every day. we're talking about american children being bought and sold by american men in epidemic proportions throughout our country. >> be cooperative know how this works, right? >> i have to go to jail. >> so many people think this only happens in third world countries or women and children coming over in shipping containers from the far east. you know, if you open your eyes and actually look at what you see throughout the bay area on the street corner, those are kids. those are our kids. up neck, face-to-face with a vicious never ending cycle of drugs and despair out on the
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police department's human trafficking task force out on the city's prostitution track conducting undercover stings. >> so we've been out here about 40, 45 minutes. within about a five-block radius, within a short period of time. it's the type of activity that's going on here. >> this 21-year-old is no stranger to the oakland pd. it's tough to figure out how this well educated, articulated young san diego native ended up trolling the boulevard.
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>> you're cooperative, you know how this work. >> i have to go to jail. too many hours. >> the teen rings up a quick string of arrests but it doesn't take long for word of a sting to travel up and down the track to scare off other women. >> she's looking back, spooked from the other. >> police recognize this pair from a previous operation but they refuse to take the bait tonight. >> they might see one of their friends or a girl they are familiar with get picked up, in the distance see a couple of police cars go by. they have their little -- their little radar going. they also have that phone starts buzzing when other girls see their friends getting picked up. word travels quick.
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>> that's the same girl you tried to pick up, 653. >> good for 653 for sure. >> that's a simple loitering charge but that will be enough to scoop up these two before they blow the cover off the whole operation. >> you get somebody like that, she's going to tell every working girl watch out for the police. they are still down there, if you want to arrest them and pick them both up. they are still together. >> the pair are transported to a substation where they flow into a larger pool of women already swept up in tonight's operation. >> watch your head. >> you're pissing me off. do you want me to break your camera? >> the moods are defiant to distraught. >> walk up there. watch your head. watch your head. >> please don't. please.
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>> officer, i didn't even do nothing. only thing i did was get in a car. it's not fair. all i did was get in the car. >> all right. call it as you see it. let's go. >> meanwhile the sting team rolls to the west side of town. there conditions seem even more desperate. >> a lot of times the prostitutes associated with this particular area are known or have known drug users and have some sort of addiction. >> making the stop. making the stop right now. >> put your hand behind your back. >> don't. >> relax. come on. >> here in what's known as san pablo corridorish many of the women working the streets are older, addicted to drugs and often available for as little as
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$20. >> code four, in custody. move on. there's a few others out there. >> she's wearing a white usa basketball jersey. >> okay, guys. i'm going to pick her up. >> the cop saying one on board. arrest team stand by for the signal. >> all right. the swoop has been given. >> just relax. >> 46-year-old lamar anderson is sadly typical of the women working the streets in this down and out stretch of oakland. >> you see the girl that is the 50-year-old drug addict turning tricks to buy another rock. if you look back at her life and find out where this all started, you kind of start seeing there
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was actually probably a fair amount of abuse. you want to try to get to these girls before it gets to that point. >> do you want to explain what happened at all? >> wrong choices, wrong decisions. >> a lot of these girls didn't wake up one day and say, hey, i want to be a prostitute and hook up with 10, 15 dudes, get raped and beat up every few weeks for a few bucks. a lot of these girls get started young. they come from broken families. they are looking for that love, for that attention, somebody that's going to make them feel like they actually matter. they end up finding it kind of in the arms of some fast talking pimp. it doesn't take a pimp long to take a girl that's never done anything wrong in her life to have her convinced turning tricks on the street corner or on the internet at the age of 12
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or 13 is perfectly fine because he lsu you. you're doing it because he promises to build a life with you. it's something they have missed. they have probably never had or their own family was too abusive and they are looking for someone who will take care of them. >> you guys want to give her a shot. she's ready. >> in the day's dying light, the team finally finds what they are looking for. >> female black with a blue dress. >> a very young looking female working the corner of brockhurst and san pablo. >> she's in the vehicle, in the vehicle still working. >> giving a signal already, eastbound. >> copy. >> the swoop signal is given and the team makes their ninth arrest of the night. this case turns out to be a little more urgent than the others. >> i'm 17. i'm not doing nothing wrong. >> a 17-year-old we'll call
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kelly is exactly the sort of girl police in oakland and human trafficking task forces all across the country are trying to reach and rescue before it's too late. all that police can really do for kelly tonight is get her off the streets and connect her with social service agencies that specializes in rescuing young girls from pimps and prostitution. >> many are looking for love in the wrong places. you are more susceptible to this if you have no idea what love looks like. if you think at the end of the day you want that sense of belonging maybe he's right, have sex with 10 or 15 guys so you can have a mcdonald's happy meal at the end of the day. to them they think that's what
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today on the streets of cities big and small all across america, the fbi estimates one in five of those picked up for prostitution is an under age child. >> most people when they hear human trafficking, they think of it purely as an international issue. that doesn't happen here. >> illinois states attorney anita alvarez is lead prosecutor for the task force. >> the public needs to be more aware of, yes, it does happen here. it does happen in our own backyard. >> increasingly the business of sex for sale is moving off street corners like the track in oakland and onto the internet.
7:23 pm
with profits in the millions, alvarez says selling juveniles online is relatively low risk nearly anonymous crime for numerous syndicates that traffic in american children. >> i was calling to see if i can get some company. you'll come to my hotel, right? >> it is frustrating because it's so easy. when it's out there on the internet and all these websites, so quickly being able to pull it up on the computer, it's frustrating. >> even more frustrating says alvarez is the growing number of good kids from american families that are bought and sold online. >> it was extremely easy. i mean, take pictures, right a few words, and there you have it. >> meet raleigh, a former straight a honor student who at 17 found herself being sold for sex only. >> i would say in a day i would make about $2,000 or more for
7:24 pm
nearly a day. >> for nearly a year she was trapped by sex for sale orchestrated by a 19-year-old man she thought was the love of her life. >> i felt bad. when i was in the act, i thought why am i doing this. all i could think in my head is i can't wait until this is over. >> prior to raleigh getting involved, i'll be honest with you, my whole view of what prostitution was about was, hey, that's their problem, but then it became my problem. >> raleigh's mother, jean, watched her daughter go from a standout student to a rebellious teen she couldn't control. >> it's really hard as a parent at one point to know when you go to bed at night your kid is laying in the bed. you know they are there. then at
7:25 pm
another point, you don't know where they are. >> raleigh and jean's story offers a rare and candid look at how easily good kids can wind up in bad places and fall prey to those who traffic lost and troubled young children. >> it was basically her and i growing up. she was a good kid. she did the average stuff. she was active. >> jean was a single mom working hard to give her daughter a leg up in life. unfortunately she could not protect her child from a sexual predator. >> i was sexually abused four times by the time i was 10. >> the first assault took place while 9-year-old raleigh was attending church. there in the back bathroom, raleigh says she was raped by a teenager boy from the congregation. >> it was before church started, right before sunday school. he came in the bathroom, picked me up against the sink and
7:26 pm
ripped my panties off and just held my mouth and did what he had to do. >> raleigh said she was so frightened by what happened that she never told anyone at the time, not even her mother. >> no. what could i say? i was afraid because the setting was church. i did something wrong. i felt like i was going to be blamed. >> like many sexually abused children, raleigh felt she was the guilty one. and with each subsequent assault, the little girl tumbled deeper and deeper into a bottomless well of shame, silence and isolation. >> i felt unloved. i was being sexually abused by people that i knew and feeling like it's your fault when it really isn't your fall makes it worse. >> she would have fits where she would cry in class. she cried and sat at her desk
7:27 pm
and continued to ball up sheet of paper after sheet of paper. >> jean admits there were a number of clues something was wrong with raleigh. at the time she failed to recognize the real cause of her daughter's darkening temper. >> she would become really angry, to the point she wasn't voicing -- really being so young maybe didn't know how to put into words what she was feeling. >> you're nine years old. you shouldn't know anything about sex. if this continuously happened to you like it was to me, you start to feel like what are you good for, what are you here for. sometimes ask myself in the mirror, why am i here? >> with lines of communication down, mother and daughter started drifting dangerously apart. soon raleigh started to look elsewhere for what she felt she no longer could find at home. >> as a parent i blame myself. i blame myself for putting her in a situation and not knowing. i blame myself for not being there for her.
7:28 pm
because that's to me a mother's job to be there, to know what's going on and to make it right, and i didn't. >> up next, raleigh learns the ugly truth about life in the life. >> it's a career that's like the pits of hell. country. we need to protect the environment. what about the economy? what about our planet? [announcer:] at conocophillips, we're helping power america's economy with cleaner, affordable natural gas. more jobs. less emissions. a good answer for everyone. so with affordable energy that we can get to safely... we could afford to eat out more often. our daughter likes my cooking. don't you lori... lori? [announcer:] conocophillips. i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪
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i'm milissa ray burger. newt gingrich picks up an endorsement. egypt gearing up for parliamentary elections tomorrow. the first since the ouster of hosni mubarak. thousands continue to demonstrate against the military-run government now back to msnbc undercover.
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take a ride on any prostitution track in any big city in america and you'll see waves of young women trading their bodies for quick cash. what you adopt see is the pain and despair burning inside many of these girls who are often coping with a fallout from child sexual abuse. >> i was sexually abused four times by the time i was 10. >> like many of the women and young girls forced to strip or perform sex acts for money, raleigh was a good kid whose innocent childhood was suddenly cut shortly sexual abuse. >> if this continuously happening to you, like it was to me, you start to feel like what are you good for, what are you here for. i sometimes used to ask myself, why am i here. >> she started ditching school.
7:33 pm
her grades sunk. >> raleigh's mother jean reached her wit's end as she watched her daughter go off the rails in high school. >> her and i had several altercations, physical altercations because she was extremely disrespectful, cursing. the police came to my house so much, one cop told me, you love on a pretty quiet block. any time we get a call, it's to your house. it was to make out a missing persons report because my daughter wasn't coming home. >> at 16 raleigh quit high school, left home and joined the ranks of runaway kids walking the streets waiting to be preyed upon. >> so many are homeless, come from broken homes or abusive homes or homeless out on the street. and we've seen this survival sex where there are young girls and young boys, too, out there doing whatever they can to survive.
7:34 pm
so many times the exchange of sex for food, a place to stay, for clothing. >> as crazy as it sounds alvarez says the promise of daily food can be enough to keep a young girl or boy dependent on their pimp. >> we had a case where a young girl who did not want to testify against her pimp, the reason was he buys me a subway sandwich whenever i want it. >> in raleigh's case the spell was love. he took her in, told her he loved her and pimped her out on the internet. >> it was extremely easy. write a food words, put your picture up and there you have it. there you have it. >> raleigh says it wasn't long before the phone started ringing and men started showing up with a cash in hand.
7:35 pm
>> i would say in a day i would make about $2,000 or more, depending on the day. fridays and saturdays and wednesdays were my best days. >> at $200 a date, raleigh says selling her body also meant selling her soul up to 10 times a day. >> it was really hard. i couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. it's an act that makes you hate yourself and make you feel so dirty. it makes you take like 50 showers a day to wash away the dirt and filth and the hate. >> nonetheless, raleigh remained with rick for a year running on the misguided notion he loved her and whatever was good for him would somehow be good for her. >> how foolish could i have been? i wasn't even myself. i was like lost in the world
7:36 pm
somewhere. i didn't know who i was. i didn't know where i was going. i didn't know what i was living for. >> i was an emotional wreck. i was like a zombie. >> for almost a year after raleigh left home, mother and daughter had little contact. jean could only imagine where raleigh was and what she was up to. >> i get a knock at the door, and it was the police. they were bringing raleigh home. >> finally at the end of 2010, the cooke county task force arrested raleigh's pimp in an undercover sting. raleigh was apprehended the next day and delivered home to her mother. >> i couldn't process it. i remember leaning back and leaning on the wall for support because i thought i was going to pass out. i could not believe it. and i remember thinking to myself, this has got to be a mistake. how could it be? not my kid. >> in february 2011, raleigh's 18-year-old pimp was convicted in the first case brought by
7:37 pm
illinois's human trafficking task force. anita alvarez says it won't be the last. >> this is a priority. it's a priority for all of us in chicago, cook county. any mother would agree with me it's a priority. i don't believe anyone wants to see their child fall victim to this type of crime. >> today mother and daughter are reunited and working on mending their past. >> i feel blessed. i think god gave raleigh and i both a second chance at bettering our relationship. >> i'm just trying. >> had that test not been in place, i don't know where i would be right now, maybe putting flowers on her grave. i don't know. >> for every girl walking the track or smiling in a sexy online ad, raleigh wants the public to understand that despite all outward appearances.
7:38 pm
>> they need help. they need to be loved. they need someone to reach out and give them a hug. all of us had situations that hurt us and broke us down to the point we felt like we were unloved and we hate ourselves. >> up next, oakland's finest females go under cover. and turn the tables on unsuspecting johns and pimps. they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. let's do it, let's go to vegas.
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so freestyle lite test strips make testing... easy? easy. great. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. free is good. freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. human trafficking equation. >> first location is going to be 17th and international. >> they are hitting the track in
7:42 pm
a reverse sting operation, targeting the men whose continuing patronage drives the underground sex trade. >> male johns, customers. >> we're going after johns. a lot of times in these operations you see we're going after females. females are a major part of the problem but also victims. if we can attack this, if we can address this situation by going after the customers, i think it's our duty to try and address this problem on all sides of the coin. >> undercover officers will be wendy, everybody take a look at felisha. >> two veteran female officers prepare to go under cover as street walkers. >> want it through your bra. >> stick it underneath the straps. >> they are wired for sound and must also brace themselves for the very real danger that comes from playing prostitutes out on the track. >> i've been doing undercover work for about six years and had
7:43 pm
interesting experiences. i've been hit, spit on. they can grab you under their car. they can take off before you have a chance to react. >> everyone make sure they are on top of their game. we have undercover officers out here that can turn bad quick, especially things we're seeing so far, pimps walking around with guns flashing, trying guerilla tactics. we need everybody on the game. >> a little after 3:00 p.m. when the task force hits the streets of oakland and rolls out to the track. >> put them on that northeast corner. >> i'm not going to let anything happen to you, wendy. >> you got eyes? >> yeah, i got eyes. unders are out, northeast corner.
7:44 pm
>> with a quick tug on her hail the undercover signals there's enough to make a case and arrest teams swoop down on the unsuspecting john. >> we got her. >> what was my time for that. >> go with 15:40. >> the undercover jots down the details of the first catch knowing there will be many, many more. >> an old boy in a driveway. >> a few minutes area, another man in the mood ducks into a
7:45 pm
nearby alley and signals the woman with her horn. >> making contact. i think he might want felicia. >> when the women approach the vehicle, they find the man more than ready to make the deal. >> i've got eyes on both of them and then we can hear. this dude is actually exposed right now. >> the man agrees to $40 for oral sex and the under covers direct him into the waiting arms of arresting officers. the stunned john is quickly zipped up and hauled off to a holding cell. >> honda. >> kia. >> was he driving a stick shift or what was the situation. >> yes, he was driving stick and he wanted me and my friend to help him out with that. >> it's now less than an hour after the operation and the team is beginning to hit the stride.
7:46 pm
>> stand by pt cruiser working northbound 1400, 17th. >> all right. going to be good to go. >> yet another john is quickly cuffed and police have more than enough to book him despite his insist answer of innocence. all of this day's catch are hauled off to a nearby oakland pd substation where one emerging trend becomes clear. >> the johns are not the scary stranger lurking in the shadows. these are regular every day guys, people who you probably wouldn't suspect doing things like these. >> listen to what they are telling you and it will run
7:47 pm
smoother. >> they are showing up with car seats in the car. they are regular guys. it really does affect all of us. >> meanwhile back out on oakland's track, undercovers capture a middle aged man in an suv. >> start working the tan car. he's saying he thinks she's a cop but he's not 100% sure. >> as cautious as he is curious, the man appears reluctant to make the next move. instead he drives around the block to find a chance to eyeball the women from a safe distance. >> he's parking and then we'll see what he does from there. he's kind of watching the girls. >> it's a bit of cat and mouse with this one but not for long as the undercovers must move on to the next customer in line. >> blue truck hasn't pulled off now he's honking at them.
7:48 pm
>> red swit shirt, black cowboy hat, old beat up blue pickup truck. >> it's going to be a swoop on a blue truck. >> as soon as the old blue truck pulls into the motel parking lot, he's immediately greeted by oakland's finest. >> meanwhile the cautious window shopper in the suv, his suspicions now confirmed, takes off. >> someone coin and get the ford going northbound. id him. >> you live around her. >> no, sir. >> this man is a long way from his home in the quiet east bay suburb of dublin, california. though no deal for sk was made, police can charge him with loitering and hopefully discourage him from browsing in
7:49 pm
this neck of the woods again. >> we want him to know human trafficking and child exploitation is one of our top priorities and we will not tolerate it in the city. the residents and city of oakland say we don't want to be this type of hub for this crime any longer and we're not going to tolerate it. >> okay. thank you. >> coming up, undercovers split the script on the pimps turning predators into prey. ♪ ♪ mom? dad? guys? [ engine turns over ] [ engine revs ] ♪ he'll be fine. [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes, and lexus for audi than ever before. take advantage of exceptional values during the season of audi event.
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>> the northeast corner. >> investigators with the oakland pd's human trafficking task force are out again on the city's notorious prostitution track conducting undercover stings. but today they are not after the
7:53 pm
women, they are targeting the buy side of the equation the johns. >> working a green ford pickup. >> it looks like she's going to go over there and make contact with him in the parking lot. >> in the first few hours of work, the team appear henderson nearly 20 unsuspecting johns. as the light fades and day becomes night, an entirely different sort of creature comes out to prowl the track. >> looks more like the pimp side. >> pimps are always on the lookout for new girls. we're going to be the new booty on the street and they are going to know that. >> if they have a couple of fresh faces out there, new girls trying to make money on the track, the pimp will see this as a sign of disrespect for one, and, two, he'll try to recruit them. >> for pimps recruitment techniques can run the gamut from sweet talking a girl to kidnapping her and stuffing her
7:54 pm
in his trunk. >> we've had several close calls feeling the pimps are being aggressive and ultimate goal is to kidnap the undercover officers. >> one close call occurred in front of one of our cameras in 2008. during this sting they caught the eye of two men driving a cargo van and looking to expand their stable. >> two guys on foot coming out of the van. one lurking up the block. >> as unmarked police vehicles moved in to provide closer cover an unidentified drive-by let loose a hail of bullets. >> jesus christ. >> westbound marin, turning southbound. >> no one was hurt in that incident and the unknown shooter escaped into the night but it was a startling reminder of the ever present dangers that lurk out on oakland's track even for the cops that work to clean it up. >> what we rely on as female
7:55 pm
undercover officers being placed on the streets of oakland is number one our training. we're very well trained. you don't just put any female officer out on the track. it has to be a female officer that's gone to school. second you rely on officers there. they are well trained and know what the danger signs look like on the track. >> got the door open. >> as dusk descends on the track, this particular browser captures the team's complete and undivided attention. >> the driver door is completely open. he might be trying to recruit her. stand by. >> trying to be friends? this will make you happy. >> police are not sure if this browser is a would be john or pimp but he does appear to have enough street smarts to evade their sting. >> all right. no play.
7:56 pm
what does that mean? that's that romeo pumping style. >> there's not enough to make an arrest here. a few minutes later they find someone interested in the sell side instead of the buy side. >> he was trying to recruit us is what he was trying to do, talking about how his girls make so much money. he takes them to the hot spots where the money is out. >> the undercovers notice a young woman riding in the man's car and they suspect she may be working for him. >> he's pimping, right? >> with her in the car, yes. his thing was he didn't want to talk here. he said i want to get you
7:57 pm
someplace else and we'll talk. >> the little girl -- >> northbound 17th avenue, eastbound turn onto marin. >> given the suspicious circumstances and unknown age of the young woman police decide to stop the vehicle and investigate further. >> what's going on? why on tv? >> a quick record check show the man is wanted on violation of probation for a previous felony conviction. police are momentarily relieved to learn that the young woman, michelle martinez, is not a juvenile but she is a convicted flown. tonight she'll be taken in for violating her parole. >> take them both. she was trying to recruit also. from what i understand they are both on probation. we have more than enough with the conversation, totality of
7:58 pm
the evidence, misdemeanor. >> as night falls the two are husband he would downtown while undercovers continue to work the corner of 17th and international. >> all right. we got one working. >> >> might be a pimp case. >> he just told her she's posed to have money for him >> this man is so intent on recruiting the undercover officer he makes one incriminating statement after another. >> he was very blunt, talked about protecting her, even picked up a bunch of money from the door and told him his money
7:59 pm
was here. >> definitely good to go. he said she can't be out here by herself. she needs protection. >> he's seen more than enough. he gives the swoop signal and arresting offices descend on the suspect. >> got him out of the car. >> what did i do? i did nothing. >> marks the success of another operation for oakland police department's human trafficking unit. but the work must and will continue, bust by bust, block by block, night by night, in a never ending fight. >> we're trying to change a culture out here. we're trying to send a message and change culture this type of behavior isn't going to be allowed in our city.


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