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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  December 5, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PST

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good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that was left out bcs title game again this year by a flawed system. i'm glad you're up with us, watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an email, let me snow what you're doing up this hour. you can tweet me @williegeist1 or text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, december 5th. lot to tell but today, including president obama calling pakistan's president over the nato incident that killed 24 of that country's soldiers. plus, it was the preview clip that flew around the internet last week. and last night we finally saw in all its glory, the actual show, "virgin diaries" featuring the worst kiss ever between man and
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woman. enough that clip later in the show. first, the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. with the iowa caucuses less than a month away, newt gingrich surges. the former house speaker with 26% in iowa, a 21-point jump from october. mitt romney, ron paul with a statistical tie in second place. in new hampshire, romney in the lead, 39% support there from likely voters. he's dropped six points from october. gingrich gained 19 points in the state. now 16 behind romney there. ron paul in third. trailing gingrich by seven. these polls include herman cain, whoen on saturday announced he's suspending his presidential bid. cain told reporters the claims of sexual harassment and infidelity have been a distraction and ultimately called him to call it quits.
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>> these unproven allegations continue to be spined in the media and the court of public opinion so as to create a cloud of doubt over me, and this campaign, and my family. that spin hurts. it hurts my wife, it hurts my family, it hurts me. and it hurts the american people because you are being denied solutions to our problems. >> that was herman cain on saturday. we'll have more from mr. cain a little later in the show. the same poll also provides a look at the race without herman cain. cain supporters were asked to name their second choice. in that scenario, gingrich jumps two points. mitt romney, ron paul, rick perry each pick up one point. cain was polling far less
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strongly in new hampshire where his decision to drop out barely changed the shape of the race. polling shows mitt romney staying the same, and gingrich moving up one point when the polls are revised to take out herman cain. reports say cain will now throw his support behind newt gingrich and that endorsement could come as earl will i as today. with his rise, newt gingrich is taking some heat from members of his own party. fellow presidential candidate, michele bachmann and oklahoma senator, tom coburn who served with newt gingrich in the house, went after the former speaker on the sunday shows. >> he's been part of washington, d.c. for over 30 years. he's as establishment as you get. his address is located on the rodeo drive of washington, which is k street. his organizations have taken in over $100 million. just this year alone. to peddle influence. you don't have to be a lobbyist within the letter of the law, in order to influence the outcome of legislation. these special interests aren't
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paying him $100 million for nothing. >> there's a lot of candidates out there, i'm not inclined to be a supporter of newt gingrich's, having served under him for four years and experienced personally his leadership. there's all types of leaders. leaders that instill confidence, leaders that are somewhat abrupt and brisk. leaders that have one standard for the people they're leading and a different standard for themselves. i found his leadership lacking. >> again, iowa, those caucuses, four weeks now from tomorrow. with the december 3 1st deadline to extend a payroll tax cut approaching, the senate heads back to the bargaining table after rejecting two separate plans for the measure last week. the senate budget committee chairman kent conrad said the chamber's democratic leadership is ready to unveil its latest proposal. >> the majority leader reid called me yesterday and said he will propose tomorrow a compromise plan to extend the payroll tax cut. it will be paid for, it will be
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paid for in a way that's credible and serious, it will represent a compromise, and it's a serious attempt to move this ball forward. because we should not have a tax increase on the middle class, that just makes no sense in this economy. >> conrad did not offer specifics on the bill's funding, saying he would leave that up to senator reid, that's the central question that zwids democrats and republicans on the question of the payroll tax cut, how do you pay for it. with the unemployment rate at the lowest levels in more than two years, president obama is urging congress to quote step on the gas. by voting to extend the tax breaks which he says will boost the job market and help the economy grow. of course on friday the new unemployment number came out at 8.6%. in an interview with nbc's "meet the press" yesterday rnc chairman blasted president obama's economic record. >> everything he touched has
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gotten worse. the debt commission, he didn't follow it. supercommittee, he's out campaigning, he was nowhere to be found. health care costs, he said obama care would make everything bet anywhere regard to health care, it would lower the cost of health care, guess what, costs are higher, debt is higher, the deficits are higher. people are tired of this president's promises and his failure to deliver. and guess what, if this president was an employee of any business out there in america, he would have been fired a long time ago. >> he added that americans are quote starving toor what he called real leaders, obama campaign strategist, david axelrod also on "meet the press" dismissed criticism that president obama has not led, especially when it came to the deficit debate. >> the president has moved on $1 trillion or more of deficit reduction, he's proposed $3 trillion more. i think we'll get there by the end of next year. because i think the trigger is in place. the president is not going to unlock that trigger until congress acts.
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we're going to pursue many of the principles that were contained within that plan. >> did the president miss an opportunity to lead on slashing the debt? >> no, i think leading is moving things forward. i don't think that, that had we thrown the proposal out to be savaged and defeated, that would have been moving the proposal forward. >> the united states debt has now passed $15 trillion. the united states military is pulling resources after an air base in pakistan in an effort to ease rising tensions with that country. it follows a nato air strike last month that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. protests erupted with pakistan responding to the incident by could closing a key border crossing into afghanistan and by demanding the united states leave the air base. over the weekend, president obama called pakistan's leader to personally express regret over the nato air raid. still, pakistan says it has no plans to reverse its decision to boycott a conference on the future of afghan security.
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and the u.s. still has no plans to slow down drone strikes against militant targets. vice president joe biden is in greece right now as european leaders try to find some solution to the region's massive debt crisis. let's get be a early look as we get all up in your business this morning. cnbc's geoff cutmore live in london. geoff, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. yeah, you know what, there will be a few obama administration officials racking up the air miles over the course of this week in what's being seen as a make or break for the european crisis. we've got biden in greece, speaking to the prime minister and others, we've got the treasury secretary, timothy geithner, coming over mid-week to meet with prime minister sarkozy in france. and he'll camp up with prime minister mario monti, president sarkozy in france. the aim is to stress to the europeans you need to get this fixed. otherwise it's going to hurt other people as well.
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the italians just announcing a $30 billion austerity package. we've got a major meeting at the end of the week. which is meant to come up with all the right answers, back to you. >> it seems like every week is a critical week in europe. thanks. still ahead on "way too earl early", tim tebow is 6-1 and even the doubters are starting to hand it to the kid. plus a sight we've haven't seen in two years, tiger woods pumping the fist after winning a tournament. that and a check on the weather, when "way too early" comes back. his followers called it a turning point for america. gingrich, who has aspired to be speaker since he was a teenager, warned he may break a little china from time to time. >> occasionally i appreciate
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okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. 5:43 in the morning, a live picture of the beautiful rockefeller center christmas tree. let's check the weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins after some well-deserved rest. bill, good to have you back, man. >> it's no rest, i have an 11-week-old. it's easier being here at 2:00 a.m. >> it's a nice escape. >> it hasn't felt like december yet in the eastern half of the country. heads up with dense fog, southern new england, new jersey, back down by the chesapeake. temperatures are very warm and it continues today, we're watching the dense fog. until probably about 9:00 or
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10:00 and then it will be gone. today in the 60s. not bad, rain for buffalo, pittsburgh, erie, all of ohio. we got soaked this weekend, down through areas of the tennessee valley, also through mississippi, that continues from dallas to shreveport. the wet weather spot today. as far as the cold goes, it is out there. but you have to go to colorado and the northern plains, where this morning, willie, minus 7 in denver. that's where the cold air is, it will get to the east coast this upcoming weekend when we end this warm spell we've been under. >> a high of 13 and snow in denver. >> not pretty, but it's coming our way. >> welcome winter, bill karins, thanks so much. sports now, the defending super bowl champs got a big test yesterday in the swamps of new jersey. the packers visiting the giants and adding to the legend of aaron rodgers. skip ahead to the fourth quarter, a one-point game, aaron rogers in the red zone. a bullet to donald driver. rodgers' fourth touchdown pass of the game. he had 369, did rodgers.
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green bay takes an eight-point lead. next possession. give eli manning credit. he drives 69 yards, tops it with a touchdown pass to hakeem nicks. get this. he'll hand off to dj ware, sneaks in for 35. all aaron rodgers needed was the 58 seconds he had left to drive his team down the field. three passes, almost immediately for 69 yards, including this 27-yard pass. nice catch by jordy nelson. lines this up for green bay, mason crosby knocks it home from 30 yards out. packers 12-0. and clinch a spot in the playoffs. what a drive by rodgers. the lions drying to keep pace with the packers in the nfc north. taking on the saints in new orleans, drew brees, too much for the detroit defense. and the second, brees threatens the needle between two lion defenders, lance moores is the target. brees, 342 and three touchdowns. in the fourth quarter, lions
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down by two touchdowns, and frustration this is tight end brandon pettigrew, get nag a shoving match. ends up pushing the ref after the play. you don't want to push the ref after the play. bad idea. personal foul. he's flagged for there. lions lose 31-17. they've lost three of their last four. the saints improve to 9-3, stay atop the nfc south. cowboys and cardinals, fourth quarter, game tied 13-13. cowboys lining up, a 49-yard game-winning field goal but right as the ball is snapped, the cowboys head coach, jason garrett calls a time-out. icing his own kicker. second chance for bailey. let's see how he does it -- no, he hooks it and leaves it short. garrett, what are you doing? in overtime, watch this run. this is the first possession, kevin kolb, 52 yards, weaves
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through traffic. the cowboys stunned, i losing by the score of 19-13. broncos and vikings, late in the third, tim tebow doing it under pressure. shakes off the defense, a couple of times. gets outside -- tell you what, that's a hell of a play. thomas does the rest, 41 yards for the score, 144 yards, two touchdowns for thomas. game tied in the fourth, 90 seconds left, minnesota with the ball, christian ponder, no, you can't make that throw, you see. it's picked off by andre goodman, returned by denver to the minnesota 15 yard line. that sets up a field goal attempt here. matt prater kicks it through. tebow a season best 202 yards, 6-1 as a starter. talked about the win after the game. >> first and foremost. i would like to thank my lord and savior, jesus christ and my teammates, coach mccoy said the
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script is not going to change. our play calls aren't going to change. you have to decide when you look in the mirror if you want it or you don't. i think to a man we decided we got to go out there and lay it on the line. >> the 49ers playing to secure a playoff spot. up against the rams. san francisco up 19-0. alex smith hits kyle williams, 56 yards for the score. the 9ers win 26-0. back to the postseason for the first time since 2002. congratulations to harbaugh and company. rams fall to 2-10. the jets and the redskin, shawn green, going to push this through from 25 yards out. just busts through the pack there. his third rushing touchdown of the game. 34-19, jets win, washington falls to 4-8. here's the nfl playoff picture, in the nfc, no, this is not the nfl playoff picture. this is good, but not the nfl playoff picture. let's go to this, that's tiger woods, remember tiger woods?
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it's been two years since he won a tournament, the australian masters about two weeks before he had the car wreck outside his home in florida. that led to his unraveling, he's back in terms of golf, anyway. yesterday winning the chevron world challenge. beating zach johnson by one shot. let's do college football now. this is fun, like a grab bag of sports. y undefeated lsu remains atop the bcs. and alabama got the number two spot. people in stillwater, oklahoma not pleased. stanford and oregon rounds out the top five. lsu gets the rematch with alabama. other notable bowls, third-ranked oklahoma state gets stanford in the fiesta bowl. rose bowl, a good game between wisconsin and oregon. coming up on "morning joe," newt gingrich getting strong anywhere the polls, 29 days from the iowa caucuses, is he in for
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the long haul in we'll bat it around with the crew and we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch the kiss heard around the niche cable tv world. the "virgin diaries" when "way too early" comes back. can i help you? yeah, can i get a full-sized car? for full-sized cars, please listen to the following menu. for convertibles, press star one. i didn't catch that. to speak to a representative, please say representative now. representative. goodbye! you don't like automated customer service, and neither do we.
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we told you at the top of the show, senate democrats will unveil their latest plan to extend the payroll tax cut, a
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measure that gave a nice boost to the u.s. economy last year according to one government agency. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends the payroll tax cut bill signed into law in 2010 provided about $112 billion in tax relief according to the irs which says more than 155 million workers benefitted. the question now is how do you pay for it that's what they're going to try to work out this week. let's huddle around the water cooler to watch herman cain's presidential campaign end as so many have before. with a reference to japanese anime. there's a reason we're playing the pokemon theme song. >> let me leave with you this -- i believe these words came from the pokemon movie -- life can be a challenge. life can seem impossible.
2:54 am
it's never easy when there's so much on the line. but you and i can make a difference. there's a mission just for you and me. just look inside and you will find just what you can do. >> that just happened. that's from the song "the power of one" those are direct lyrics he quoted, in the closing of his speech to end his presidential campaign from the movie whose trailer you're watching here "pokemon 2000" the song sung by the great donna summer. you can't make it up, the end of his campaign, quoting pokemon. if you were on the internet last
2:55 am
week, you saw this clip from tlc's new show "virgin diaries" a couple of virgins getting married. they had never kissed until their wedding day. 31-year-old ryan, 27-year-old shanna. let's see how it went after they said their i do's. >> i now declare you to be husband and wife. ryan, you may kiss your bride. >> really? [ cheers and applause ] [ applause ] >> it's their first kiss, what do you want? it will get better. it looked like a bird feeding its chick in the nest it gives us cheap cause to show you this.
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number one story right now on, a last-second field goal lifts the green bay packers to their 18th straight win, beating the giants 38-35. improving their record this season to 12-0. we asked you at the top of the show what you're doing up this hour. our producer has some answers. >> we got a gary who says i'm watching because i lost a bet. >> yes, i like that one. we haven't heard that. short and sweet and insulting, just the way lee like them what else? >> rebecca, i'm awake because the cat knocked down a freshly-decorated christmas tree. >> the whole tree came down? you got to keep those ornaments higher. i got a good one for you from twitter. please don't keep showing that kiss from tlc's


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