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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  December 13, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. it looks like the gloves are coming off as mitt romney and newt gingrich go on the attack. with three weeks to the first iowa caucus, you can tell it will get more intense. is it started with romney suggesting that gingrich give back the money he earned
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consulting for freddie mac. >> i would say if governmentor romney would like to give back the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees, i would be glad to listen to him, and i would bet him $10 that he won't take the offer. >> doesn't he understand how the economy work? businesses succeed and some fail. there's a big difference working in the economy and on k street, and working as a legislator or working to connect businesses with government. why did he profit as freddie mac fail? >> ouch and ouch. i want to bring in managing editor, joann reed, and former rnc chairman michael steele. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. let's start with some insider analysis here, michael. so romney, smart for him to go on the afab or in cenk 1234 or does it make him look scared?
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>> i think it's more the latter than the former. the problem is you sat back for the last seven months as challengers have come and gone. you're stuck at 25% in the polls. to now three weeks before the iowa caucus to come out swinging against newt, it seems a bit contrived in my view. i think at this stage -- >> does it feel like it's not the real mitt? >> it absolutely does. it's not the real guy, it sounds whiney and tinny to me. at this stage everyone knows the iowa caucus voters do not engage increase kind of back and forth. they want to hear you tack about the issues and see you on the ground there. right now whether -- you don't do that by climbing up newt's back. you do that by -- that's what they're looking for.
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>> just hours after he went -- after newt went after mitt romney, he's frankly making a total turnaround. >> i will release a her to my staff, to any consultants and any surrogates we have, indicating our determination to run a positive campaign and also indicating that any super pac that's doing so in my name attack any of my friends who are running, i would publicly disown them and urge people not to donate to them. >> what do you think of that? >> the magnanimous newt gingrich. this is hilarious. it's like the battle of the 1%ers. he can afford to go above. even the evangelicals are swinging his way, which is odd, but he can afford to be magnanimous. >> do you buy into the philosophy that this isn't about
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what we thought it would be about, that it's about jobs and about, you know, family and family values, but it's about who's going to go after obama the hardest? >> that's all it is. >> you have the guy saying i'm going to be nice, and i expect everybody with me to be nice, yet smell believe he will be the toughest on obama. >> he will be nice to the other republican. >> what newt gingrich has captured is that part of the party who wants a gunslinger. but he knows he has that part of the party behind him. what does he have, the corporate wing of the party it's just bizarre. >> another part of romney's attack is newt is not a real conservative. i want to pay a clip from his
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interview with politico. >> him calling the paul ryan medicare reform plan radical right-wing social engineering is in my opinion an enormous mistake. >> is that the right way to go, if you're advising romney, or do you frankly drudge up more of his personal baggage? >> i think you're on safer ground there. because as we all no, even evangelicals have endorses but i think more importantly, to the point that was just made, yeah, they want to know if you're going to go and fight against this administration. will you do the hard and heavy lifting of breaking down obama's very substantial recall that he's built over the last four years that any president would have.
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romney right now i think needs to figure out how to get beyond that 20, 25 zone, i don't know if he does is it successfully by climbing up newt's backside as much as he needs to convince the iowa caucus voters that -- >> correct me if i get this wrong it's a coalition between a corporate wing, a wall street wing. an evangelical win, and then you've got this third pardon, the tea party base that was enrage enraged they've tried even -- donald trump. they tried herman cain, which of those two pieces can he get?
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thanks to both of you. one of newt gingrich's trusted aides abruptly resigned. few know him better and what makes hits such a lightning rod. he will be our guest coming up shortly. but we want to tell you about this stunning twist at the preliminary hearing of jerry sandusky. sandusky was expected to come face-to-face with his ten accusers for the first time today since his arrest, but his attorneys unexpectedly waived his right to a preliminary hearing. sandusky spoke to reporters as he left. >> we fully intend to put together the best possibility defense. the standard course to fight for four quarters. we await for the opportunity to present our side, and we couldn't do that today.
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craig mel run is outside i heard's audible gasp went up when this decision was announced. >> reporter: audible gasp in the courtroom, audible gasp in the overflow. jo amendola, the foreign for mr. sandusky has been holding court for at least 30 minutes, in a lot of ways revealing what they plan on to do in terms of the defense. as you mentioned, around 8:30 on the preliminary hearing, it was set to start, 8:230 on the dot. about 9 on 0 seconds in, the attorney asked for a sidebar. about two minutes after that, all of a sudden they cleared the courtroom. the preliminary hearing had been called off. the prosecution said they were fully prepared to present 11 witnesses this that preliminary hearing. afterwards they did not get into
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detail about the number of victims. there was also a rumor we might hear from mike mccareequeary as. they said the centerpiece -- the main reason was he wanted to question mike pluck query, wanted the credible of mike mcqueary. he was not going to have the opportunity to do that this morning. let's listen to what was said afterwards. >> today's decision was simply a tactical measure based upon an analysis of what was going to transpire. we would not have been able to present any witnesses, we would not have been able to present a defense. in fact we could not even have tested the credibility of the commonwealth witnesses. >> reporter: we asked if there was a plea deal in the works. there was a great deal of talk
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after this there might be a plea deal happening. amendola says absolutely not saying, quote, this is a fight to the death. >> craig melvin, thank you. were you as surprised as everything in the courtroom? >> not completely. it would have been fairly suicidal for him to have this preliminary hearing. >> let me stop you right there. the conventional wisdom is you want to have that, because you want to get a view into the prosecution's case. why is it different here? >> i think it's different, because they're going to get they're going to get the witness statements. what they didn't want is the rest of the world seeing those victims get up on the stand and tell their very sordid tales. maybe it's that we don't have the information yet to challenge
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them. >> do you think it was a tough decision? it happened at the last minute. up until this morning the word was this was still going to happen. >> i think it was a tough decision action in part because the defense lawyer has to convince his client you don't want to go through with this. i think jerry sandusky is saying this hasn't been happening. it's not until he shows up in the courtroom, sees all the witnesses ready to go that he realizes that the whole world is about to hear this story. >> obviously something they don't want to have happened. do they risk then, lori, this coming out and actually being longer, instead of one big news story today, maybe into tomorrow, these things start to leak out. it's the way it happens. you have ten witnesses here, we've already heard from a number of them, it's difficult to even read some of this testimony, so is he taking a
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risk? does he think it's not going to come out? >> he is risking. they're hoping by the time it comes out they can figure out something more to that are defense and look into the background of the individuals, point at mcqueary, saying he's the bad guy here, they have some time to strategize, but today with witness after witness and they didn't have a lot of ammunition to attack with. >> do you buy that they're not considering a plea deal? >> i don't buy that at all. i do buy that they didn't consider a plea deal today. i'm not sure what deal is being offered to them and what offer the prosecutors would want to make. but as they get more information, they're going to have some big decisions to make. i don't think most would say i'm taking a palace deal off the table. i think that's for you, the med media, to say we're going to
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fight. >> thank you. the military is investigating the crash of two helicopters that killed four army aviators. it's unclear if they collided or just crashed separately. both were on a night training mission. the names of the victims haven't been made public yet. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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that debate wag more a love fest. >> this is not a hollywood game, not a reality show. >> i can't wait to compare and contrast this format in the coming today. another light moment when huntsman joked about his
7:17 am
sleeping daughter. >> i can see my daughter nodding off that i've gone on too long. >> that's a good sign. let's move on. >> but which of husband daughters? a group of veterans is getting behind rick perry. >> pick perry is the man for the job. >> in a new video, five veterans give testimony about their service, and back the texan. and mitt romney had an uncomfortable exchange with a gay veteran in new hampshire yesterday. >> you do not believe that everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights? >> no, actually i think in a time -- i think at the time the constitution was written it was clear that a marriage is between a man and woman and i don't believe the supreme court has changed that. >> oh, i guess that question was too hot. six months ago analysts were calling his campaign over. but now of course he's back.
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rick tyler was a longtime spokesman with that group that left this morning? do you leave? >> i lost my perspective, and i'm grateful i have it back. i wish things were different, but it is what it is. >> you know newt gingrich well. >> i do. >> what was it that made you leave all that time. is there something in that that can't be an obstacle action do you think? >> i think he can absolutely win the nomination. he has been remarkably disciplined throughout this entire campaign. these debates, and we just heard another one, have been a true vehicle for them. he's shone in these debates. >> sorry to interrupt you, but isn't the reason you left is because you thought there was a lack of discipline. i mean, taking the vacations,
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not doing some of the legwork that seemed to be needed? >> there was an avalanche of bad publicity and a few missteps, the "meet the press" interview, we weren't getting traction. i did feel at some point it wasn't going to move forward, and it wasn't a serious debate. i was wrong. newt is clearly pursuing this nomination with all seriousness. >> let me play a clip of what former vice president dick cheney had to say about this. >> i remember about newt -- we came to congress at the same time, '78. when newt showed up, he said we can become the majority, we can take back the house of representatives. we hadn't had the house since the 1940s, and initially none of us believed him, but he was persistent, tenacious. he kept it up, kept it up,
7:20 am
finally by '94, the newly eselected speaker with a republican majority, so i wouldn't underestimate him. >> all of which i this i is true. it's also true he made a lot of enemies once he became speaker, of course, and we know what happened after that. so what do you think his plan is right now to win? >> i think his plan is to stay the course and talk to the american people. this country is in crisis. we have large unemployment. there's a lot of hopelessness, and we're -- we continue to go in the wrong direction. newt is the candidate that can articulate a clear, conservative message and translate those into policies that take the country in a different direction. i heard that he maybe made a lot of enemies. it's important to understand that he not only shook up the democratic party with the republican revolution, but more importantly he shook up the republican party. >> well, so much so that very few of the people that came into
7:21 am
the freshman class with him are supporting him now or endorsing him now. he did make enemies. that you can't dispute. >> i don't dispute it, but i would look at it from a different perspective. when he came to washington, he didn't come to make friends, but to shake up power. when you do that, you have to take power from some. even though they were freshmen, they didn't understand why they won, and couldn't understand why newt was putting people in chairmanship over them, because he broke up the seniority system. when you take power away from them, they're not going to like it. there's lots of people waiting in the wings, because he restored -- >> rick tyler, it's interesting to hear your perspective.
7:22 am
come back sometime. >> appreciate it. thanks. bye-bye. a showdown in court in new york whether the federal government is acting beyond its reach. this comes a week after the obama administration blocked over-the-counter sail of plan b morning-after pills to girls under 17. reproductive rights group say politics played into that position. acial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. removes 99% of dirt and toxins without dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. so skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] from neutrogena® naturals. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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countdown is on. just three weeks to go until iowa. the money being spent on political ads is staggering. the top four spenders have shelled out $12.7 mill qulon. two of them are super pacs, groups that don't have to disclose that you are donors. bernie sanders joins me from
7:26 am
washington. good morning. >> good morning. >> obviously changing the constitution is a drastic measure. why do you think super pacs rise to the level worth of a constitutional amendment. >> you're right, revising, amending the constitution is something i'm in general not in favor of, but chris, what you have right now is the undermining of american democracy as we know it. as a result of the supreme court's 5464 citizens united decision, which made the rather remarkable statement that a corporation is a person like you or me, entitled to unlimited first amendment constitutional rights, which means in the real political world that you can have corporations going into their treasuries, into their corporate treasuries, and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on tv ads, on radio ads without disclosure to elect or defeat the candidates that they
7:27 am
want. that in my mind is not what american democracy is about. it means more and more special interests, corporate money coming into the political process, which the result of which will be that the middle class continues to decline, poverty continuing to increase, and the wealthiest people in this country continue to get what they want from washington. >> but you also believe that the system that was in place before citizens united was a disaster too, so what do we do? >> you're right. let's be very clear. what we had before was certainly quite bad, and everybody understands that time after time legislation that comes to the floor of the house or the senate is literally bought and paid for by wealthy corporate interests. it was bad before. right now it is much, much worse. who in america believes that a group of dormant leaders should be able to sit around a table and say 50 million into california, 30 million into ohio
7:28 am
and elect or unelect the candidates they want. that's not democracy. we have introduced the constitutional amendment. got to tell you, in five days, we have 140,000 signatures on a petition supporting our effort. r there is widespread report who are saying enough is enough, we cannot allow corporate big money to dominate the political process. >> look, even if people agree with, and obviously you've pointed out there are a number who do realistically we're looking at a congress that can't agree on extending the payroll benefits. i mean, is this an exercise in futility? what's going to happen here? >>, it is not. you expect this constitutional amendment to be passed tomorrow or this year? i do not. but you've got to start somewhere. women didn't get the right to vote after three weeks of
7:29 am
political effort. it took years and years to rally the american people to say enough is enough. that's what we're in the process of doing. there's profound disgust at a political process today, which says that people who have the money can have enormous influence and power in electing or unelecting candidates. the american people are not happy with that. i think that we've got to start someplace. ted deutsche has introduced that same legislation, constitutional amendment in the house. we're in the senate, i think we're off to a good start, and i hope as many people as possible can join us, sign the petition and work with us. >> senator bernie sanders, good to see you. thanks. >> thank you. are the front-runners completely out of touch when it comes to their immense wealth? we'll talk about it. nurse...! [ female announcer ] dawn power clean can give you the power of an overnight soak in just 5 minutes. [ sponge ] it's a scientific miracle! [ female announcer ] dawn does more. [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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in flagstaff they've had as much as 16 inches. last winter they had none, but last winter we had the snow back east and in the midwest. back on the map, still snow falling in mt. lemmon, up at the snowball where they have to go with the real stuff. notice rain, kansas city, des moines, chicago later today. tonight and tomorrow, rain coming in and not snow. look at these temperatures. 40s and 50s, near 80 in orlando. the warm weather will continue as the front continues to head east. rain into western new york and pennsylvania. the only air that may see snow and ice is far north in minnesota. look at they temperatures, chris. even up in the northeast, new york city pretty seasonal. i think here in atlanta i'll go home and cut my grass. >> listen, mister, you have 12
7:34 am
days to get some snow going. >> it really does not look good for no shall season east and the midwest. this storm and the one next week, rain storms, a complete opposite pattern. >> i don't believe you. el refuse to believe you. mike seidel, thank you very much. >> okay, chris. news for you. a few minutes ago house republicans were insisting the new payroll tax cut bill will pass and it's democrats playing politics. >> today the house will consider the middle-class tax relief and job creation act. i believe it will pass with bipartisan support today. the president says that the american people can't wait for jobs. well, clearly if we pass this bill today, we will be taking the first big step toward creating jobs in america and it will be time for the united states senate to act. >> kelly o'donnell joins me now. what, 5:00 a vote?
7:35 am
>> reporter: should be in that ballpark. there will be some debate about this. when the speaker is talking about create jobs he's refer to the keystone project, and it would be a job creator in the plinds of many republicans. it's become a real political hot button here. what we have even happening now, chris, is that republicans are saying that the white house and majority leader harry reid are sort of plotting to block a big end of year spending package that's been worked on for quite a long time in order to prevent this keystone pipeline from going forward before the president's reelection next year. democrats saying, no, that's not the kay, there are still things to be worked out. speaker boehner says, no, they shook hands, they smiled at each other, meaning the democrats and republicans who worked on that together, so there's lots brewing here. we do expect that vote on the
7:36 am
payroll tax, which has been a big headline to go forward with that this afternoon. there's some question about what happens next and when will members go home for the holidays. so there's a lot of cliff-hangers as the year winds down. mitt romney path to victory has gotten rockie. now romney says he's ready for a long, drawnout contest. >> this contest is not going to be decided in just a couple contests. i certainly have to be in a position to run the full campaign just like what happened last time with the democrats. >> but a major election test is around the corner. it's florida. the fourth contest in january, and it could be romfully's make or break moment. jonathan capehart is a opinion writer for the post, and a msnbc
7:37 am
contributor. >> good morning. >> new hampshire advantage romney, but then south carolina and florida, and ging ri6 is ahead in both significantly. can romney avd to finish out january, getting shellacked two in a row? >> he's got to win. if he doesn't -- he's got to win something, and if he doesn't win new hampshire action which everyone expects him to win, he's going to be seriously hobbled. you'll look at him going into florida, where it's a big state, it's a bellwether state, and if he can't even win there, he's in serious trouble. look, he's got a lot of money so he could keep going for as long as he wants, but politically it will be difficult for him to make the case that he's the guy that should go up against president obama. >> you've analyzed the new poll for "the washington post." it was really interests. 56% of likely gop voters
7:38 am
described romney as moderate. just 10% say he's liberal, but florida republicans are a pretty conservative bunch, right? >> right. that was what was leapt out at me in the results, diving down into the weeds of the poll, 66% of likely republican vote ersz view mitt romney as moderate or liberal, but when they were asked to self-identity, 70% of likely republican primary voters identified themselves as conservative. they're not going for mitt romney. and another tidbit, chris, when folks are asked -- so newt gingrich is leading mitt romney. 60% of the people who say they like newt gingrich say they will actually vote for him. the percentage for mitt romney, only 38%. >> and then there's the head-to-head matchups. romney is doing better against
7:39 am
president obama than gingrich. he's trailing the president by seven points. your take, does that matter right now? >> it matters if there are people in the likely primary voters who are looking for someone who's electable, someone who can go up against the president. yeah, mitt romney is doing better, but the president is clearly better preferred, as we say, but what we need to do is see once the voting starts happening in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, we start sealing where the voters are going, we're going to see those numbers tighten. the fact that folks look at mitt romney more favorably than newt gingrich is a ray of hope for mitt romfully. >> jonathan, always good to see you. >> you too, chris. >> interesting column, by the way. one of the great holiday mysteries, and that's handing out holiday tips. who is expecting what?
7:40 am
well, everybody is expecting something, that's probably the answer. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. it's tough out there. >> well, going on what we saw last year, chris, 62% of americans still tipped service providers last holiday season, at least according to "consumer reports" among the most common were child care providers and housekeepers followed by teachers and hairdressers, but the least sanitation workers. in fact 38% of people didn't even tip anyone at all, either because their budgets were just too tight or they don't feel it's customary. who got the highest? house december keepers, others receiving an average tip of mostly $10 to $20. if you dread holiday tipping for fear of getting it wrong, you're not alone. >> let's talk about the winner this holiday season.
7:41 am
surprising, champagne. >> the french industry is preparing for a good bubbly season. this is a recovery from just two years ago when they slashed production in the face of the global economic downturn, so by the end of september this year, the champagne industry had shipped 192 million bottles, when you consider the festive fourth quarter is usually the strongest for obvious reasons it can account for up to half of annual sales. the industry could be on track to get to the record. >> i toast to that, with my mug full of water. thank you so much, mandy drury. good to see you, always. lowe's home improvement is standing by the decision to pull ads from the show "all-american muslim." a florida group accuses the show of trying to undermine american
7:42 am
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atting fish to your diet could boost your brain health. baked or broiled fish at least once a week had more good gray matter in areas of at the brains at risk for alzheimer's eating fried fish was not shown to protect against alzheimer's. good morning, i'm thomas roberts. in the next hour, the developing details and unexpected court motion. jerry sandusky waives his preliminary hearing. he goes straight to trial. does that mean he wants to make a plea deal? the gloves come eve. the two trading barbs in new hampshire, and it's getting personal. i'm going to speak with the gay vietnam vet. that and much more in the next hour, chris. we look forward to it. mitt romney's $10,000 bet could be a breaking point in his
7:47 am
debate. he's being called out for being out of touch. some other candidates they're not exactly poor, either. richard lui is looking at it. >> it's a bet that romney opponents are doubling down on. >> i'm saying you're for individual mandates, my friend. >> you have raised that before, rick, and you're still wrong. >> it was true then and it's true now. >> rick, i'll tell you what, $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business, but i'll -- >> okay. >> he parlayed the potential gaffe there into a jab at perry. >> i was startled, because i know rick perry pretty well. i can't imagine he can cover it. he's been a public servant all his career. and jon huntsman antes up, 30 articles on the bet perry
7:48 am
would have run, including a picture that haunts romneys him holding $20 while at bain. democrats posted a new ad. >> corporations are people, my friend. $10,000? >> $10,000 bet from a multimillionaire? >> so if more money means that more problems candidates have vibing with middle-class voters, how much are we talking about? >> for gingrich, $60,000 a peach, earnings of $100 million in washington according to "the national journal" and half a million tiffany's credit line that is now closed romney's speeches are $68 those, net worths $264 million. here's hadn'tman's disclosure, 15 to 66 million in personal assets. as for the president and first lady, up to $11 million, so candidates calling each other
7:49 am
elitest this election? unlikely, but who knows as they get closer to going all in. >> let me bring in "the washington post" columnist dana milbank. this has touched off a firestorm. is there a difference between being rich and we just saw from richard they pretty much all are, and being out of touch? >> you bet there is, chris, so to speak. it's not just withes display of wealth or the -- you know, the excessive amount of the bet. the same sort of thing happened, you'll remember with the first president bush, not being exactly shower how much groceries cost. it's a perpetual problems for democrats and republicans alike. the senate of the united states is millionaires' club. you don't have to be wealthy, but it sure helps. it's not surprising that virtually all these guys are extremely wealthy, and sometimes they forget that the rest of the
7:50 am
country doesn't see as many zeros, and they get swept up with this. that happened with the $10,000 bet. it happened with newt gingrich saying $1.6 million i got from freddie mac wasn't lobbying, because i was getting $60,000 a speech, which is more than the average american makes a year. >> could this bet be the undoing of a campaign that frankly was already on the down side? >> very difficult to predict, because this has been so volume tiff. we have to preface it with that. those of us who watch politics and elections are always thinking of that, because politics is more and more all about money.
7:51 am
>> and is this campaign ultimately going to be, i think, as the president would like to frame it, going to be about populism versus privilege? is it going to be about this income gap? >> there will be a lot of that. 9 republicans have given them a lot of ammunition. and they're continuing to do so. but let's not forget president obama is on course to perhaps by the first $1 billion man in terms of what he's raising. that's not personal wealth, but a lot of money is being throw at all these guys. >> and in a way that most americans simply cannot relate. dana milbank, always good to have you on the program. >> thanks a lot, chris. >> today is a finishy decline from dane cook. a cold robotic voice said, wrong move, human, reper cushions. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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michael jackson auction, $100,000 toilet, and the close encounter. let's go down to the wire. michael jackson fans, you can own some of the items from the mansion where the king of pop spent his last days. hundreds of items up for option, ranging from memorabilia to vintage paintings, one worth an estimated $30,000 to $40,000. major red carpet premiere, stars daniel craig and rooney mara on hand for the premeefr "the girl with the dragon tattoo." it opens in theaters december 21st. maybe only a celebrity with afford something like this. a toilet decorated with crystals. it took craftsman about a month to apply all the crystals. it's on display at the headquarters of the manufacturer in tokyo.
7:56 am
just weird. this video, a killer whale swims up next to a tour boat. others whales wering spotted breeches the surface. very cool that wraps up this hour of "jansing & company." thomas roberts is up next. i'll see you back here tomorrow. man: my electric bill was breaking the bank. so to save some money, i trained this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row!
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