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tv   Predator Raw The Unseen Tapes  MSNBC  December 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> you caught me off guard. >> men stalking children over the internet. >> what conclusion am i supposed to draw? >> she told me she was 13. >> this time more raw tape. >> is there anything else you'd
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like to say? >> more elaborate excuses. >> you posed naked because you wanted to teach her a lesson. >> you can say that. >> shocking behavior. >> i need you to just arrest me and take me to jail. >> and a new twist. the police -- >> turn around for me, hands this was our third investigation in riverside county, california. these men would once again be walking into a house that we had wired with dozens of hidden cameras and microphones. they wouldn't know it obviously when they walked in, but every move, every word was being recorded, and it wasn't until after i told them who i was that the regular cameras would come out. after our second investigation, there was a lot of outrage from viewers as to why these guys weren't arrested. perverted justice, the online watchdog group which provides decoys for these investigations, was approached by the riverside sheriff's department and they essentially offered to do a parallel investigation so that when we finished talking to these guys who showed up they would be arrested, interrogated, and prosecuted. in the back of my mind i wondered if all the attention we had received from the first two investigations would prevent men
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from showing up and i worried that we'd come back with nothing but video of me, you know, pacing around a kitchen by myself. that wasn't the case. >> just hang out for a second. >> what's that? >> just hang out. i have to go to the powder room for a second. >> all right. i'll watch my hands, all right? >> the riverside investigation was scheduled to last three days. by the second day we had 35 men visit our house, including this guy, who shows up to meet a girl half his age. he comes in, and he's jittery. he's jazzed up. and he goes to wash his hands. well, i'm watching from the next room. and you know, i don't like every approach to be the same. >> paper towel is right over here. >> oh. >> so i grab a paper towel. he sees me and i hand it to him. and at first he just thinks oh, thanks. then he figures out that this is going to be a problem.
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>> have a seat right over on the stool there, please. who are you? >> i'm chris. >> chris. >> yeah. >> and who did you come to see, chris? >> what's her name. >> what's her name? >> i'm sorry. you caught me off guard. >> he's, you know, shaky. he looks like he's on some kind of a drug. and in fact, later police found methamphetamines in his car. >> you came to see kelly. >> yeah. >> kelly's way too young for me. >> way too young for you? >> yeah. >> then why did you come here, chris? >> i came here to tell her that, actually. >> to tell her the truth? >> actually, i did. i swear on my life. >> so you drove all the way from where? >> i drove from rancho, because i was tempted at first and then i was thinking on the way down here you know, what i can't really do this, i don't feel right in my conscience. like i'm a conscience type person. >> yeah. i could tell you're a conscience type person by -- >> very, very conscience, yeah.
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i was going to come here and tell her i don't want to do anything. i didn't bring any condoms. >> you didn't? >> no. >> i mean, you can take them out of your pocket now. >> i know from the chat that the decoy had asked him to bring condoms. so i asked him. and he reaches into his pocket -- >> i brought this, but this is really watered down. you can even test it. that's way watered down. >> way watered down. >> way watered down. >> what is that? >> it's a 151. but there was this much left and i put a bunch of water in it. >> you did? >> yeah. >> and why did you do that? >> because i didn't want to -- i didn't -- i wanted to leave it here when i left and just say here, you can have this, and that's -- you know. >> so you wanted to come over here and say look -- do me a favor, though, and just keep your hands out of your pockets. unless you're taking condoms out there have. >> that's fine. >> just get what you're getting and put them on the counter. >> there's one but it's no good. i always carry it with me. it's always in my wallet, and i took it out of my wallet when i was in my car. yeah. i have nothing to -- i honestly was going to come here and tell her i didn't want to do anything and tell her you know what, you're extremely young for this.
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you know? >> so you were going to come here and tell 13-year-old kelly that you didn't want to -- >> yeah. >> -- do anything with her -- >> i really didn't. >> here's some bacardi rum and a condom and -- did you transmit this photograph? >> oh, my. i -- i sent -- i didn't know i sent that one. >> you didn't know? >> well, actually, yeah, i did. but -- wow. i wasn't thinking of -- >> to a 13-year-old girl? >> i'm sorry. you're right. you're right. i wasn't thinking. >> and then he says, and we hadn't heard this before -- >> look at me. i didn't even take a shower. if i was going to do something like that, i would have taken a shower. you know? i mean, that's the first thing you'd do. >> how old are you? >> i'm 26 years old, sir. >> 26 years old. >> and i really -- >> 26 years of age and -- >> look, i really feel bad, dude. i don't even know how to tell you how i feel bad. now, i was worried -- >> so now you go on and do this. >> i'm sorry. because i was desperate sitting at home. i did. and it's not right to do. you're right.
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they should have control things on those chat rooms. >> would you answer the door naked? >> and finally, when confronted with the transcripts, you know, he admitted that it didn't look good. >> i really wasn't even going to come down here. >> yeah, but you did. >> i did because i didn't want to hurt somebody's feelings. i didn't want somebody to be absolutely hurt. okay? and sit there and go oh, my gosh, he didn't show up. and i'm really like a conscious person. look at me. i'm so dirty. like -- >> i know. i tell you what's dirty is this conversation you had. >> yeah, i know. i really should not have done this. i felt absolutely -- >> "yes, don't take my blank out of your mouth till i'm done" -- >> yeah, i know. >> look, if somebody's telling me in the interview that they've got an addiction or a compulsion that led them to this situation, you have to say, look, you're an adult. having recognized, that perhaps you should have done something about it before you ended up walking into this house. >> i was not fantasizing about a 13-year-old for god's sake. you know, it's not right to do. >> "would you ever have two guys all over you?"
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>> it's just, like i said, fantasy type things -- >> what would you do with two? >> yeah. it's just i wanted to hear and -- >> now, do you know that it's illegal -- >> i figured that -- no, i didn't know it was illegal. >> illegal to send this kind of material? >> i did not know nap. >> to somebody who you believe is underage. >> i did not know that. >> that's against the law. >> oh, my god. >> here's what you need to know, chris. and that is that i'm chris hansen with "dateline" nbc. and we're doing a story -- >> please don't. >> you're welcome to leave. and take your stuff with you. but if there's anything else you'd like to say, please tell us. >> no. >> if not -- >> when he left the house, i didn't know that he was on probation. obviously, that made his situation worse when ultimately he was arrested. >> turn around and put your hands behind your back. >> please don't do this, please. because i really wasn't going to do this. >> go ahead and cuff him. >> sir. sir. sir. >> what? >> look, yes, the reality sets in right when i stepped out my front door. >> you're right. >> it did. >> you're exactly right.
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that's when the crime occurred. >> walter babst did not stick out of a crowd. he's the kind of guy you'd see standing in line at the dry cleaners or the grocery store. >> i need you to just arrest me and take me to jail -- >> i need to talk to you first. ] i call first player. no. i already called it. [ dad ] nobody's playing anything until after we get our homework done. thank you. hello? test drive's not over yet. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. [ louder ] hello? but we still need your signature. right now during sign then drive, it's never been easier to get the all-new passat, the 2012 motor trend car of the year, for practically just your signature. that's the power of german engineering. visit
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walter babst did not stick out of a crowd. >> i was watching you for like ten minutes. >> he walks in with pressed jeans. he was the kind of guy you'd see standing in line at the dry cleaners or the grocery store. never stick out of a crowd. clean-cut guy. but here we are on a saturday morning, and we know that this guy is a teacher. >> okay? >> okay. >> we know how old he is. we know he's married. we know he has kids. >> hey, how are you? >> pretty good. >> why don't you have a seat over there? >> right away -- >> i'm under arrest? >> no. i want to talk to you. have a seat. >> go ahead and bust me. >> you know what? sit tight. what are you doing here?
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>> getting my ass kicked. >> getting your ass kicked? >> yeah. i knew it. i knew it was a setup. >> no. i need you to sit down, please. >> i need to you just arrest me, take me to jail, and execute me. >> i need to talk to you first. >> you know what? i didn't bring anything. i didn't want to do anything. whatever. >> well, why did you come here, though? help me to understand. >> because i'm a sick son of a bitch. i've never done it before. i talk about it online all the time. >> well, help me to understand. what -- i mean, do you have a compulsion? an addiction to the internet? >> yeah. okay? i've never done anything with anybody except my wife, ever. >> babst was very graphic in a conversation he thought he was having with a 12-year-old girl. they talk about oral sex. they talk about intercourse. they talk about all of the things they're going to do together and how he would teach her. and he says "i just chat about it. i just talk about it online. it's fantasy." but it ceased to be fantasy when
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he walked into her house. >> now, who are you here to see? >> i don't even know. and you know what? i'm going to ask you something. am i under arrest? >> you're not right now, no. but i need to ask you some more questions first. now, you were here -- no, no, no. i want you to sit down, please. >> i need to go. can i go? >> i want to talk to you a little bit more, first. please just sit down. would you like some water? >> no. i'm about to puke. >> i'm just -- you were talking to a girl named beth. >> yeah, i think so. i don't know. you know what? i don't know. >> what did her profile say? >> her profile said i'm in trouble. >> the profile said she was how old? >> she said 12 or 13. >> 12 or 13. so you know you were coming here for a 12 or 13-year-old girl? >> i'm totally screwed. i know that. but it's -- forget it. >> do you have kids? >> yeah, i do. >> well, how would you feel if some guy in his 40s walked into your house trying to hook up with your kids? >> i'd feel pissed. >> what do you do for a living?
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>> i'm in education. >> you're in education. a teacher? >> mm-hmm. >> what grade do you teach? >> high school. >> high school? >> yes. >> we see men from all walks of life. but when a teacher comes in, it's especially disturbing because obviously this guy has access to children. you've got to wonder what's going on at school or after school. >> please, please, just sit down. >> i won't go anywhere. i'm not going to do anything. i'm going to go to jail. >> but i need you just to stay by the bench there, please. "what are you wearing at the moment? my boxers and tank top i sleep in." >> please don't read it. i know what it says. >> and then you sent this, john. is that appropriate in any way? you know, that's against the law right there. >> is it? >> to transmit that to somebody you think is underage. yes, it is. >> i didn't transmit it, though. no, i didn't transmit that to her.
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may i ask -- >> "do you see my pic in the chat window? yeah. you think you would like that in you? how big is it? well, you saw. go get a can of coke. dang, will it hurt? a little. yes, at first." now, what conclusion am i supposed to draw here, john? >> i can't say anything. i'm done. i'm fried. >> well, there's -- >> please arrest me. >> pretty much from the get-go babst seems to realize that 12 different things can result from his showing up and none of them are good. >> there's one thing you've got to know first. >> but when i tell him i'm chris hansen from "dateline nbc." >> and we're doing a story on computer predators. now, if there's anything else you'd like to say -- >> he knows this is even worse than getting arrested. he knows that this is going to be on television. he's starting to figure out that this is going to impact his career as a teacher. and he's starting to figure out
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that this is not going to go over well at all at home. >> if you cannot afford to hire an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you before any questioning. do you understand these rights? >> we had people from all walks of life, including an actor driving up in a convertible sports car. >> i made a mistake. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro.
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okay? >> okay. >> so i already showered once. do you still want to shower again? >> i'm kind of stinky. >> in riverside county we had a very diverse group of men show up. we had the teacher. we had an agent with the department of homeland security. we had people from all walks of life including an actor who we see driving up to our hidden camera house in a convertible sports car, and he's here to meet a young teenage boy. >> what's up? >> hi. how are you? >> why don't you have a seat right there? what's going on? >> how are you doing?
10:20 pm
chris. >> good. how are you? you're chris? >> yeah. >> what are you doing here? >> i was invited. >> by? >> by who? >> who did you think you were talking to? >> i thought i was talking to luke. >> luke. and how old do you think luke is? >> i thought he was 18. he told me. >> 18? >> yeah. >> want to try again? >> if he's young, i apologize. i didn't know. >> the problem, chris, is that i have the transcripts. so i already know what you said. so it would be probably better for you to tell the truth right up front. >> i made a mistake. >> so why don't you just tell me what happened? >> first time i've ever done this. >> the first time you've ever done this? >> yes. >> and how old are you, chris? >> 34. >> 34. and you thought it was okay to send this kind of material to a 13-year-old boy why? >> you're right.
10:21 pm
it wasn't right. >> you're asked, "you're not working? because i'm rich. laugh out loud. way? not way rich but enough to support myself comfortable. and not work? i do work, just not very often." what do you do for a living, chris? >> just i work in background movies. >> in movies? >> and television. >> and television. and what do you do for movies and television? >> background stand-in work. >> like as an actor? >> yeah. >> he says, "i want to be a model." you say, "i can see that. you're sexy enough. really? or are you just saying that? nope. i think you're hot. can we blank each other? totally. how many dudes you been with? so tell me what you want to do in the shower." and you get into detail about what you're going to do with him in the shower, a 13-year-old
10:22 pm
boy. and then you say -- >> i really made a mistake. >> you can't help but feel sorry for some of these guys, but then when you go back and you reread the transcripts and you see the explicit nature of what was said, you feel less sorry for them. >> and then you say, "and you're not some cop on a sting operation?" i mean, that indicates that you are worried that you are doing something wrong. >> i know. >> right? >> i know. >> "i normally don't meet guys as young as you." so you send this. >> he asked and i -- >> you know, that's against the law. no, no, i'll take that back. that's against the law right there. what do you have to say for yourself? >> i'm ashamed. i was going to turn around halfway and, you know, and then he calls and he's like what car are you in? i don't know. i just wasn't thinking right,
10:23 pm
and i feel terrible, and this was seriously the first time. and i knew i was taking a huge risk and i -- >> so you knew what you were doing was wrong? >> yes. i mean, even when i got here, i was still kind of wondering like i probably shouldn't do this. >> why did you do it, then? tell me what was going on in your mind. >> just -- >> i mean, do you have a compulsion? an addiction to this internet activity? >> actually, no. i mean, i go online but it's, you know, majority just to talk and chat and all that. and, you know, sometimes if i meet a guy, you know, they are, you know, at least over 18. you know? and i normally have people come over to my place. and all that. and this was just the first time and i don't know why i did. and i know i made a huge mistake, and i -- >> well, you know how people
10:24 pm
will react when they see this. i mean, this does not look good. >> i know. i know. >> chris, what would have happened if i hadn't been here? what would have gone on in this house? >> i don't know. >> i mean, you sure sound like you knew here what you wanted to do. >> yeah, but i'm -- >> i mean, it's hard to draw any other conclusion from this. and there's a -- there are a couple of different laws that have been broken here. the picture. and using the internet with the intent to have sex with an underage person. i mean, what am i supposed to do here? you tell me. >> i'll never do it again.
10:25 pm
>> you'll never do it again. >> you have my word. >> why should anybody believe that? do you see what i'm saying? so you've been in movies. you've been on television. well, you're about to get another role because i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story on computer predators. you're free to go, but if there's anything else you'd like to say we'd be happy to hear it. >> you have to wonder obviously when you're talking to an actor if he's not putting on an act then and there. but i think reality sunk in pretty quickly and i think he knew he was in trouble and he knew that this was not going to be a great day for him. so i think it was -- it was really him we saw. >> you'll receive a date to -- when you bail. they'll tell you when to appear in court. >> she told me she was 13. >> what was your plan with this 12 or 13-year-old girl?
10:26 pm
>> she had some video games. >> sounds like you wanted to play more than video games. >> you can converse but it doesn't mean i'm going to do it.
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we had one fellow come in who was pretty cocky that he was going to come away from this unscathed. he tells me, "i know the law.
10:30 pm
i didn't do anything." i said, so are you a lawyer? he said, "no, but i'm a highly educated man." >> hello. >> hey, come on in. i'll be just a second. i've got to finish brushing my teeth. >> you're alone? >> come on in. i just have to finish brushing my teeth. just hang out at the counter for a second, okay? >> many of these guys have an instant change in terms of the look on their face once i walk into the room. you see them come in. they're chatty. some are nervous. some are more comfortable. but as they have this dialogue with this decoy, they're starting to think that their dream date is going to come to fruition. and then i walk out. >> why don't you have a seat for me, please, on that stool? >> and at this point, some of these guys still didn't know whether i was with law enforcement, whether i because a parent who walked in, or whether i was, you know, chris hansen with "dateline nbc." >> what's up? >> not much. >> what are you doing today? >> just came to meet julie.
10:31 pm
>> julie. you came to meet julie? >> yes. >> and how did you meet julie? >> i met her online last night. >> online last night? >> yes. >> and who are you? >> my name's andy. >> andy? >> yes. >> and how old are you, andy? >> i'm 23. >> and why did you want to come here to meet julie? >> am i being framed or something? >> framed? >> because she told me to come over so we can watch a movie or something. >> so you can watch a movie or something. and she told you she was how old? >> she told me that she was 13. >> 13. how about 12? >> no. she told me she was 13. >> 13. see, i've got the transcript right here. she says that she's 12. 12, female, riverside. >> i looked up her profile. it said 13. >> 13? >> yes. >> all right. so 12, 13. she's pretty young. and what was your plan with this
10:32 pm
12, 13-year-old girl? >> she had some video games. and we were going to play some video games. >> video games? >> yes. >> you ask what her chest size is. she says 32b and you say "sweet." you ask if she's ever had oral sex. you ask her to show you her crazy side. you ask her if she feels the need for sex and then you say "if you do, i can fulfill that need." you say, "i'm a bit concerned doing underage." >> no. well, our conversation was -- well -- >> i have the conversation. >> yeah. she talked about it. and i talked about it. and then we -- we kind of started -- got to a point in saying okay, let's meet up and let's have a -- let's watch a movie or go for some food or something like that. maybe play some video games. >> it sounds like you wanted to play more than video games based upon this conversation.
10:33 pm
>> well, it could be -- it could be anything. but -- >> it could be anything? like you say you like playing in the shower. "maybe we do that afterwards." then you say, "unless i'm not talking to a cop who's going to arrest me tomorrow." >> are you a cop? >> i'm not a cop. >> many of the guys in this investigation assumed that i was a police officer. and the truth is i don't tell them who i am in the beginning because i want to get in their head a little bit. i want to find out what was going on that led them to show up at this house to try to have a date with a young teen. and so often they'll say, well, who are you? and i say, well, i'll get to that in a minute, but first i would like to know a little more about you. >> did you bring condoms? >> no. >> you did not? >> not planning to have any. >> but you say "do you like to have it in the blank doggy style?" >> well, you can search me. i don't have condoms. >> i'm just telling you what -- you say "you like to have deep in your throat."
10:34 pm
what conclusion am i supposed to draw from this? >> well, you can talk. you can converse, but it doesn't mean i'm going to do it, right? unless i do it. unless you catch me on point doing it. of course. so you say i would have to catch you having sex with a 13-year-old girl before you could get in trouble? >> before -- before you can put me against the law. yes. >> so you're a lawyer? >> i'm not a lawyer. >> oh. well, you sound pretty familiar with the law. >> well, i'm pretty much into academics. so. >> you're into academics. so what you're saying is for you to be breaking the law you would have to be caught in the act having sex with a 13-year-old girl? >> yes. or let's say -- >> but you'd have to be caught in the act actually having sex with a 13-year-old girl before -- >> or you have proof that you did it. >> or you have proof that you did it. >> yeah. >> singh in his mind truly believes that in order for him to be prosecuted he's got to be caught in the act having sex
10:35 pm
with an underage teen. that's not the case. the discussion he had online is enough to be charged with a misdemeanor, and showing up in california is enough to be charged with a felony. >> well, let me correct you a little bit on how the law works. because it's against the law to try to solicit sex from somebody who's underage on the internet. >> i didn't know that. i had no clue. >> i mean, come on. >> you can converse. right? that's no problem. >> why talk to somebody who's only 12 or 13 years old, though? why not talk to somebody your own age? >> can i just -- >> sure. you want some water? you got some. >> i think it's nervous reaction. you know? they don't know what to do. a lot of guys will pick up the chip and eat it or the cookie or the brownie or take a sip of water. i think they just don't know what to do sometimes and it's sitting right there and they just automatically do it. i think it's out of nervousness. >> so are you guys conducting a study or something like that? >> no.
10:36 pm
actually, what we're doing is a story. because i'm a correspondent with "dateline nbc." >> okay. >> and we're doing a story on adults -- >> are you guys going to put me on the camera? >> those cameras are rolling right now, yes. we're doing a story on adults who try to meet young teenagers on the internet. if there's anything you'd like to share with us, we'd like to hear it. >> can you take me off the camera? >> if not, you're free to leave. >> thank you. >> a lot of things were going through my mind after i'd finished the interview and these guys would leave. one, i'm hoping obviously that the arrests go smoothly. two, i'm hoping that they go quickly so we don't alert the next fellow who's about to show up that, you know, there's an investigation going on here. and for the most part everything went smoothly. >> hi. good. keep coming. set your water down. keep coming to the street. go ahead and turn around for me.
10:37 pm
put your hands behind your back. that's all right. i'll put these on. >> i can do interview or whatever. but can you please just let me go? >> let you go? >> i have a school that's starting up and i haven't done any other crime in the past. i'm very clean. >> this is the first time? >> yes. >> okay. >> i said have the sex fix and she said -- >> okay. 12 years old. the girl's 12 you're talking to. >> why did you do it? >> you know what? >> what? >> it's going to seem crazy. >> try me. >> because it happened to one of my cousins. >> how old is that cousin of yours? >> she's dead. >> she's dead? >> yes. hello? got to stay loose. how do you do it? i have my little helpers. boop. oh. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] hurry in to chevy's giving more. these savings are almost over. now qualified buyers can get 0% apr for 72 months on the 2011 chevy silverado. or 0% apr financing for 60 months
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plus no monthly payments until spring. hurry in before they're all gone. ♪
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hello? hello? >> hello? sammy? >> hey, come on in. >> where are you? >> i got to finish brushing my
10:41 pm
teeth, okay? >> okay. >> just wait at the counter for a second. >> okay. >> we had already done two investigations. going into this third one, i wondered to myself, what if nobody shows up? i mean, people must know that "dateline" is out there doing another investigation. well, in fact, we had guys show up who had seen our previous shows and came in anyway. and daniel pulido was one of them. >> how are you tonight? why don't you have a seat right there, please? do me a favor and keep your hands out of your pockets. okay? what are you up to tonight? >> nothing. >> nothing? >> no. >> nothing or nothing good? >> nothing good. >> nothing good. >> no. >> yeah. who are you here to see? >> that girl on the internet. >> the girl on the internet. and what is that girl's name? >> i think it was sammy. >> sammy. >> yeah. >> right. and how old is sammy? >> i don't know. she said she was 14.
10:42 pm
>> and how old are you? >> i'm 40. >> 40. and you think it's okay to -- >> no, it's not. >> -- come see a 14-year-old girl at 40? >> it's not okay. >> then why did you do it? >> you know what? >> what? >> it's going to seem crazy. >> try me. >> but i was going to tell her that there's a lot of people do that stuff like that. i wasn't going to do anything to hurt her. because it happened to one of my cousins. >> and then he goes into this long story about how one of his young female relatives had actually been killed by a potential predator. >> what happened to one of your cousins? >> she got raped. >> really? by somebody she met on the internet? >> yes. >> and how old is that cousin of yours? >> she's dead. she's dead. >> she's dead? >> yes. >> she was killed? >> well, the first time she got raped, she didn't get killed, but she got killed after that. >> your cousin was raped by someone she met on the internet. >> mm-hmm. >> and how old was she?
10:43 pm
>> she was 16. >> 16. >> yes, sir. >> that must have had a big impact on your family. >> tell me about it. >> and what was her name? >> we looked into pulido's story and we were unable to confirm that in fact it had happened. >> so based upon that, you decided to come over here and tell sammy about the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet. >> yes. >> and what were you going to tell her? >> i was going to tell her that, you know what? if you keep doing this, there's no other people like me, but there's other people that are kind of dangerous and they can do it to you. i know i show myself to her on the internet. >> what do you mean you showed yourself to her? >> i mean, i showed her my web cam. >> yes. >> and the only reason, you know, because i mean people like that gets killed. >> i'm confused. you showed her what on your web cam? >> me. >> you. doing what? >> naked.
10:44 pm
>> naked. >> to get her attention. >> you posed naked on your web cam? >> mm-hmm. >> so a 13-year-old girl could see it because you wanted to teach her a lesson? >> well, you can say that. >> so this is like a tough love thing? >> no. i don't know. >> i'm not there to be a detective. i'm there to get information as a reporter. and obviously, i'm not going to let them take advantage of me. you know, if i'm get jerked around. but i'm there to get information, not to, you know, punish these guys. >> well, what is it, exactly? >> i told you, to make sure, you know, she don't do stuff like that. >> you sent these -- you allowed her to see these pictures of yourself. >> yes. >> this? >> yes. >> that. that's you? >> yeah. >> and you're, what, masturbating there? >> playing with myself. >> playing with yourself. >> yeah. >> and you knew that a 13-year-old girl was going to see those? >> yeah. >> and you did this just to teach her a lesson? >> well, basically, yeah. >> basically. do you see why that's hard to
10:45 pm
believe? >> i know, yeah. it is. >> first of all, you lied and told her you're 30. and you're really 40. >> i'm 40. >> you say "you're cute, you don't look 13." you ask where she is. "just asking because i'm naked." >> right. >> you ever see a naked guy before? you ever feel a blank before?" >> yeah. >> yeah. "what have you done? did you like it? how old was the guy? will you give a" slang for oral sex. "but remember, i'm 30." it sounds like you wanted to date her, not teach her a lesson about the dangers -- i mean, i guess she would have learned about the dangers of the internet had i not been there and had she been here, huh? >> well, you're going to make it sound like that. >> have you done this sort of thing before where you try to teach a girl a lesson? >> no, this is the very, very first time. >> very first time. why even talk to somebody who you think is 13 years old? >> it was stupid. >> it was stupid. >> yeah. stupid.
10:46 pm
>> why don't you -- >> i want to tell you straight up. i have a -- well, i had a stepdaughter. and she was -- and i have a 5-year-old kid. and my stepdaughter and she was at the moment she was 14. and she was doing the same thing, playing on the internet. >> right. >> and she met a guy, though he wasn't old enough, but he was like 17, but she was 14 at the moment. and i swear, i got so pissed. i even told my ex, you know what, i don't want her -- she's not going to go by the rules in the house -- >> so wait, wait, wait, wait. so you're telling me that you had a 14-year-old stepdaughter who met a guy on the internet to have sex. >> no, she met him, you know, just to be friends. >> to be friends. and that upset you? >> yeah. >> yeah. so you're upset, and you didn't want her meeting guys on the internet. >> i told her -- >> so you walk into this house to meet a 13-year-old girl. >> i know. it's stupid. >> why is that okay? >> as a parent, you know, when
10:47 pm
somebody comes in and tells me a story like pulido did about how his stepdaughter had met somebody online, and he's all upset about that when it comes to his stepdaughter but he's willing to walk into somebody else's house and meet somebody else's daughter, that's the ultimate hypocrisy. >> would you be okay if a grown man of 40 years old walked into your home to meet your daughter? >> of course not. of course not. >> then why is it okay for you to do this? >> i don't know. it's stupid. very stupid. >> so all that stuff about teaching her a lesson and being the protector, that's a big lie? >> no. it's what i was going to tell her, too. >> why couldn't you just tell her on the internet? >> i don't know. >> why couldn't you just say this is a bad idea, you're young, you shouldn't be doing this. >> that's true. >> why not call the internet service provider, say there's a girl here who might be in danger? >> that's true. >> but you didn't do any of that, did you? >> no. >> you came here. did you bring condoms with you? >> no. >> are you sure? >> i did. >> you did bring condoms? >> yes, i did.
10:48 pm
>> what part of the lesson -- >> i wasn't going to use them, i was going to give them to her. >> you were going to give her condoms. you just came over to tell her it's a bad idea to talk to guys on the internet, but if you're going to talk, here, use some condoms. >> yeah. >> danny, it doesn't wash. >> i know. >> it doesn't wash. >> well, i'm sorry. >> why don't you start again and just tell me what your plan was tonight? >> just to meet her. >> just to meet her? >> yeah. >> but the condoms, the sex talk. >> i know. i know. i've never done this before. i mean, i have never been in problems with the police. >> do you ever watch tv, danny? >> yes. >> do you ever watch "dateline" nbc? >> yes. >> have you ever seen our stories on computer predators? >> yes. >> this is one of them. now, if there's anything else you'd like to say for yourself. >> no, that's it. >> then obviously, you're free to leave. >> thank you. >> i think some of these guys truly believe that "dateline" can't be everywhere, and what
10:49 pm
are the odds of it happening to me? law enforcement can't be everywhere. i'm not going to get caught. >> walk all the way to the street. >> stop. >> turn around. >> there's another group of guys who i think, you know, are so caught up in the chats and the addictions of the porn sites that they get to a point where nothing will satisfy them but a face-to-face meeting. and that's when they blur that line between fantasy and reality and that's when we see them show up at one of our houses. >> go ahead and turn around for me. put your hands behind your back. >> i'm doing it out of fantasy. not out of -- >> how can it be a fantasy when you sent a picture of your penis to her? >> i said the sex fixed and she said -- >> okay. 12 years old. the girl's 12 that you're talking to.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
turn around for me and put your hands behind your back. >> can you please just let me go. >> let you go? >> i have a school that is starting out, and i haven't done any, any of the crime.
10:53 pm
>> turn around and put your hands behind your back. >> please. >> one of the questions i was asked most after the second investigation was, why aren't these guys being arrested once they left? and i felt that we had some responsibility to at least examine a way where police could do a parallel investigation and these guys would face the criminal justice system once we got finished talking to them. we are talking about guys that brought everything from lubricant to condoms to alcohol to food, sex toys and these guys were prepared to fulfill their fantasy. instead, once they walked out, they were cuffed, taken away, interrogated and prosecuted. >> what is your home address? >> do you have anything illegal on you? >> any drugs or anything like that? >> when is the last time you used speed? >> two months ago. >> that usually means two days
10:54 pm
or two hours. >> i am on probation. >> what are you on probation for? >> for possession in july, and that's the last time i used it. it's been two months. >> for possession of meth? >> yes. >> please, let me go. i am not trying to get rid of it, sir. i really am not. >> in the pocket. >> i know, it is because i have to sign up for a class. i hadn't used it since i'd gotten in trouble with it back in july. >> you'll receive a date when you bail. they'll tell you when to appear in court. >> what's your screen name? >> daniel, that little line on the bottom. >> if i was going to have sex with her, i would have brought condoms. >> okay. it doesn't look good for you because you're lying the whole time. we already have what you said. so when you say -- >> no -- >> wait, let me finish. when you say the whole time that all this was for was to have -- to come meet a girl to play video games, that's a lie, singh. >> you're talking to this girl about doing all kinds of things. >> okay. i'm doing it out of a fantasy, not out of -- >> how can it be a fantasy when you sent a picture of your penis to her?
10:55 pm
>> i said the sex fixed and she said -- >> okay. 12 years old. the girl's 12 that you're talking to. >> once the men were arrested, they were taken to a makeshift booking area where they were interviewed by detectives, and we were able to videotape that entire process, but i didn't get a chance to see it until afterwards. and it produced some compelling moments. i mean, especially when it came to, for instance, the man who is an agent with homeland security. he showed up while they were arresting somebody else, so they had to grab him in the street. i never got a chance to talk to him. his interview with police was very telling. >> my father was a police officer. i was a police officer. i work for the department of homeland security. okay. i understand you guys have a job to do, and i'm not trying to tell you anything else other than that. i swear to god as god is my witness, i'm wearing st. michael's medal right now. okay? i was not going to do anything with her. may god -- may the lord upstairs strike me dead. i had no intentions on doing anything with that young girl,
10:56 pm
at all, period. i swear to god. >> you can sit here and tell me that you didn't have any intent to have sex this time? okay. i can believe that. but i'm telling you, i don't believe it that you didn't intend to have sex at some point. >> i swear to god -- >> it would have happened. >> i swear to god -- >> i guarantee you it would have happened. you're no different. >> i'm not. i'm telling you -- >> every guy, first time, third time meeting, fifth time meeting, it would have happened. because you meet the first time, it's going to happen. there's no reason to meet at all. >> as reality sets in, dude. >> look, yes, reality sets in right when i stepped out my front door. >> you're right. >> it did. >> you're exactly right. that is when the crime occurred, the minute you stepped out of your front door you were heading toward meeting a 13-year-old girl to have sex, that's where the crime occurred. >> you had a conversation, right? that's no problem. you have it, right? >> i have it. but here's the thing, singh.
10:57 pm
when it comes to the district attorney's office and what they are going to do to you, okay? listen to me. listen to me. what they're going to do is they want to see if somebody is sorry for what they did, if they know that they made a mistake and they owned up to it. but if you sit here and say all we talked about, to me all we talked about was going to play video games, then guess what? they know that singh is lying. >> you have the right to speak to an attorney and have him present before any questioning. if you cannot afford to hire an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you before any questioning if you wish. do you understand these rights? >> yes. >> having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to me? >> no. >> just days after babst was confronted and arrested we find out he's back teaching at the high school where he worked. and somehow this slipped under the radar of authorities, who didn't immediately report this to the school. ultimately, it was reported to the school and he was suspended, but he taught just days after
10:58 pm
his arrest, like nothing was going on. >> which one? >> right there. second row, right there. just walk in, have a seat right there. >> put him in the car, please. >> over three days 51 men showed up at our house in riverside county, california. at one point there was so much activity at the house the sheriff's department actually runs out of manpower. they didn't have anybody available to make the arrests. after we did the first investigation, i thought that maybe we'd do one more and that would be it. but given how many men showed up, i started to think that we could probably do this in any town in america and we'd always get guys showing up. and i figured there was a lot more work to be done. and that, you know, we'd be conducting future investigations.
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