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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 5, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. right now "news nation," getting clubbed. the masters is in full swing. the white house has asked for the president's take on augusta's long running policy that keeps women from being members. the issue is back in the headlines because of this one woman. why? >> what would you suggest i tell my daughters? >> i don't know your daughters. >> plus, will this turn into the latest battle between the president and some conservatives? and democrats in florida just day make official moves to start
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the battle to repeal the state's stand your ground law. that of course is the law that is at the center of the trayvon martin killing. and the world of whitney. reaction to the final report on how whitney houston died and the damage cocaine caused to her body. she is so beautiful that life is just too hard for her. well, that's what this writer claims. now she is being praised and attacked from the uk to the u.s. and she is our "news nation" gut check. hi, everyone. the "news nation" is following new controversy at augusta national golf club where women are not allowed to become members as the masters golf tournament is underway there today. jay carney says president obama thinks women should be admitted to that club. now the issue is flaring up again because the ibm has a new
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ceo, a woman. she has been offered a spot as the club's first ever female member. but the club chairman is refusing to comment. here's a bit of the testy exchange he had between report where's asked about the issue. even his granddaughter was brought up. >> my conversation with my grand daughters are also personal. >> what would you suggest i tell my daughters? >> i don't know your daughters. >> i'm joined now by nationally syndicated talk show host contributor michael smerconish, and report he for let me start with you. we do not know if she was offered a membership. they cloud themselves in secrecy. we do know the past ceos for ibm have been offered memberships. she is planning to host events at the golf club but we do not know if she will wear that green jacket. >> for the past ten years, this has flared up several times. you have the ironic situation
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that corporate america where the leadership of women has stalled for the last 15 years is now more progressive and has more women represented than this golf club that has a very prominent place in our culture. >> it's interesting. the white house was asked about it. jay carney said he thinks women should be admitted. obviously we wouldn't expect a difference answer. thought comes with this interesting timing that the conversation of the war on women, they just said the rnc chairman, that was like a caterpillar comparing it to something obscure. that there is no war on women. certainly, at least from some per perspectives, point to a climate that still exists in this country. >> they don't want to regard it at augusta as if it is a ban. they say their bylaws have no such preclusion which then begs the question, have they just not found the right woman? if they haven't, what exactly are they looking for? >> they're obviously not looking for a woman to be a member. >> and they're able to do this because it is a private club. and the standard is whether it is a place of public accommodation.
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there have been any number of cases that have been litigated over the years where the question is do you put folks up for the night? do you bring in outsiders and allow them to use your eating facilities and so forth. that's how they're able to cloak themselves. i don't think it will be the law that will do them in. it hasn't done them in yeflt i think it will be the changes in society. i'm a little shocked that we're sitting here having this conversation in 2012 and it has still not been addressed. >> they are within their legal right to do this. it is a private club so they're not any laws that would prohibit discrimination. as i pointed out, the white house commented on this so far. there has not been any major conservative to come out and slam the president or the white house for the response. nevertheless, in this climate that we are in, you are bound to get some blogger or someone from the right who will turn this as it is, into a hot button issue. i fear, i should say. >> not all same sex accommodations are socializing or created equal. some are extremely powerful and have ceos and very, very
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powerful people and make deals out on the course. the fact that we're still excluding women and they accepted their first african-american member in 1990, it just shows how the corridors of power are still very much controlled by the same people as they ever were. >> back to this woman at the center of it again. this has been a long running issue as you both pointed out. now you have this very powerful ceo here. i am not, and i think no one is in a position to talk about what she should do but often time, you know, when you're the first at something, a great responsibility is placed on your shoulder here. what do you make at least of her not coming out at this point and still planning to host some events? >> it is an interesting dynamic. she not only is a female. you would think that she would want to speak for herself on this. she also has a responsibility to ibm. they're one of the three major sponsors for this. so what is in the company's best interests, is what i'm asking. i'm not insinuating that their interests are different than her interests. what happened when we went through this almost a decade
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ago. there were no sponsors. in other words, there was such heat put on at augusta for a while that they decided, we'll put this on without any sponsorship whatsoever. i wonder if it will reach that crescendo again. especially in the midst of the 2012 election cycle. i keep thinking, here's the romney campaign facing a 12, 14% deficit among women. he'll have to say something. especially now that the president has. what will he say? >> these days, all things are politics. especially to your point, michael. when the trayvon martin situation happened, the president was asked about it. he had to get out there. then the gop candidates at the time who were in the race, still all in the race, i should say, commented on it. these are the hot button issues that become fair game when you're in a general election with so much at stake. >> absolutely. the president has made his position clear. in fact, the president's policies, but also his campaign in the last few weeks, have shown where he stands on women's issues and have shown his support for his lack of support for gender segregated
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institutions that keep women out. >> is it fair to clump this into women's issues? as we've been about them in rerags to contraception, payee quality. >> i think that it is. fair or not, it will happen. it definitely will happen. serving fair game in the cycle in which we live. i think to ask a public official how they regard this issue when you have the ceo of the major sponsor who is a female, sure, it's appropriate. >> is it too personal when you turn to billy payne, for example, and they said what about your granddaughter? >> he should think about his granddaughter. and he's been given an opportunity. here is a qualified woman who is a sponsor. a perfect opportunity for them to correct on their history of segregation. >> thank you both teaming up together. and developing right now, we're waiting for president obama to sign the bipartisan jobs to help small businesses and some start-ups out there. house majority leader eric cantor will make a rare appearance with the president for the signing in the rose
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garden. all of this comes amid more positive news regarding jobs. the number of people unemployment benefits fallen to a four-year low. washington correspondent john harwood joins us live. as i mentioned, eric cantor will be there as well. we know the heat continues. it was on morning joe. they were talking about the fact that four republicans to get traction, they have to point to the economy. not improving. so these days don't help with that argument. >> that's right. but what does help with their argument is that eric cantor can show on some issues, maybe not the big ones but on smaller scale issues like the stock act yesterday, the jobs act today. he and other republicans can work with this president. it benefits both men as the economy is getting together. remember, republicans have a congressional job rating which is a fraction of president obama's. so they want something to show they can make some progress.
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as he rip the ryan-romney budget and engages on those issues of taxes and entitlements, he wants to show that there are some areas where he can work constructively with them. >> the republicans were saying yesterday the speech the president gave before the ap was one that was impressive and not, in fact, there was the language being used of bullying. if there is the strategy of going against the republican brand, and that's what our first read team says the president plans to do. when you have a moment like, this how do you counter that? it clearly shows the republicans are willing to agree on some things. >> they try to speak to the entire country including the independent vote here's will decide this election who say yes, there are areas in which we're fighting aggressively. those are the things that stir both their bases. but there are times that we can set aside those differences and
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do something good for the country. a year ago there was the possibility that the president and john boehner could have done something really big. we would be having a different conversation had that deal gone through but it didn't. in the absence of it, there are smaller things they can do. that they would like to do. there won't be many more of them but this is one. >> real quick with this number coming out, more positive news with the number of people seeking unemployment benefits. is that headline as positive as it appears? or is there something under the headline that we need to know about? >> i think it is positive. we'll see with the jobs number tomorrow how much momentum we are sustaining in this labor market. if we get another couple hundred thousand jobs added in the private sector, that will be evidence that the president will benefit and the country will benefit from an accelerating economic recovery. >> all right. john harwood live for us, thank you very much. certainly we'll bring the event from the rose garden on this jobs act the president will sign coming up. and coming up as well,
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duelling strategies. probe is running against the gop brand while mitt romney, of course, is running against, guess for yourself, the president. plus, in the trayvon martin killing, a florida lawmaker is launching a task force to review the controversial stand your ground law. the question is will it be repealed? join our conversation on twitter. my twitter page is @tamron hall. ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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we have a president who thinks he's doing a great job, an historically great job.
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he describes the other people who he thinks were great presidents and he says he's like them. and he did not say this on saturday night live. >> mitt romney campaigning yesterday, picking off where he left yesterday. it seems to be part of this new strategy romney has laid out over the past several days. president obama, both over his record and some would say, mitt personally. meantime, president obama has been downering with what seems to be a strategy forming of his own. romney by name and tying him to the republican brand. nbc news senior editor mark murray joins me live. let's go deeper than this. obviously, mitt romney is going to go after president obama. that's the person he would be running against. so there is the superficial headline. take me deeper inside, please. >> what is interesting, we saw a tale of two different strategies that were unveiled at those dual speeches in washington, d.c. when you saw president obama's speech, he really talked about the republican party and the
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ryan budget plan in particular. and linked mitt romney to that. and when we saw mitt romney speak, he actually spoke all about president obama. in a way, you see the strategy for president obama. he wants this election to be a referendum on the republican party. in fact, he mentioned romney only once in his speech. however, mitt romney wants this to be a referendum on obama, mentioning obama or obamacare 22 different times, according to our political unit. >> how is it possible that either of those are novel or new ideas? if you're going to place someone in office or incouple benl, you'll go after their record. with president obama, we've seen other presidents do this same thing. go after the leader of the house. it was once obviously newt gingrich, and tie candidate closely tied to them with all of it and wrap it up in a big bow, if you will. >> you're right. this is not novel at all. when you're the challenger, mitt romney would probably be, as the gop nominee, you want to make
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this all about the president. you want to disqualify him and say this person was disqualified. please elect me. that's what bill clinton did to president george h.w. bush in 1992. what ronald reagan did to jimmy carter in 1980. what i think is interesting about the democratic strategy that is coming from the obama campaign is that they want mitt romney to own everything the republican party has done in the last two years including all the statements on the campaign trail. statements by some of the controversial governors in the states. the actions they've taken, that they think that mitt romney into this generic republican is the way to win in november. >> could a strategy like that really work? here you have again, the ryan budget tie-in. because mitt romney has come out and supported it. unlike newt gingrich who originally did not and was forced to change his position on that budget. but everything that has been done within the gop brand, could that be an effective strategy to
11:18 am
sell, especially to independents? >> i think it could be, assuming that mitt romney doesn't make any type of break with the republican party. it is going to be interesting to see if mitt romney tries to distance himself, come later this summer. maybe early fall. that he would end up disagreeing with something that house speaker john boehner might say. or house majority leader eric cantor. so that will be interesting. as we put it in our first read column this morning, that romney has two choices. one actually, some type of a break with the republican party or a big effort to repair the republican brand, which according to any poll you look at, has been reduced to tatters. >> which brings me to rick santorum because of that station you just made. whether or not mitt romney is true to the brand. especially the conservative portion of that brand. or if he's going to change, due to what we now know is the etch a sketch move in the general election. santorum has had some meetings. they were not about getting out
11:19 am
of the race. it is still about shoring up that support from the more conservative members of the party, mark. >> that's right. so every indication we see from the santorum campaign, whether it is this reported meeting, whether it was his speech that he gave after tuesday night's contest seems that he is fully in this race. he wants to be able to win pennsylvania, use that as a spring board to the future contest in may that might look better for him demographically. but of course, there is a big situation where rick santorum has done very, very well for himself. and there is going to be a lot of pressure for him to get out of the race, or if he doesn't get out of the race, to make sure that he goes very easy on the person everyone assumes becomes the republican nominee. mitt romney. >> thank you so much for joining us. greatly appreciate it. coming up, jerry sandusky in court today. his hearing ends pretty quickly. we'll find out why. plus -- >> women do not like attractive
11:20 am
women. and that has been proved to me by the thousands of vile messages i've had on twitter. >> take a close look at her. she said don't hate her because she's beautiful. she is facing a major backlash after writing an article on the downsides of being as beautiful as she says she is. many are wondering, is it a serious article or was it in kind of satire? it is our "news nation" gut check. first today's money minute. [ ce llph
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one rings ] [ female announcer ] with secret outlast, conquer your busy day. burn! let's do it! ♪ hi. [ female announcer ] outlast your day, any day, with secret's 48-hour odor protection technology. new secret outlast.
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11:24 am
grand jury investigation. after court today, both sides in this blamed each other for the delays we're seeing. >> when the day before the preliminary hearing, i told the defendant and counsel that i was ready to proceed. on all charges, all counts, all victims. elected not to hear that testimony. he will hear it one day and we'll be ready. >> apparently i was accused of filing everything we could have smild filed in order the delay the presentation of the commonwealth witnesses at trial. my question is, if the common wealth had been more specific, we probably wouldn't be here today. >> michelle franzen is in bell font, pennsylvania. what is interesting as well, i think to a lot of people, the grand jury investigation is still ongoing with so much evidence and so many words said with these accusations. >> reporter: it is. and some of the grand jury testimony, some of it is related to specifically this case that
11:25 am
prosecutors say they will present. and there are other details that we don't know about. that they say are unrelated. what we do know, and you got a sense of just the back and forth going between prosecutors and the defense in this. it started in that court hearing this morning. that's where the judge, judge cleland was expected to hear the arguments of sandusky's appearance. instead, they asked the judge to withdraw that motion for. now he said since the case is in flux, he will wait to see what evidence there is. he has accused prosecutors of not giving them enough information about the alleged victims, ten from the grand jury report before that brought on all of these charges. and he said that there are other details. not enough evidence. sufficient evidence in many of these charges that should not allow them to move forward and present in front of a jury. that they will not have time to
11:26 am
present their case and prepare their case to prepare an adequate defense. you saw jerry sandusky arrive at court here today. his attorney said he felt it was important for his client to be here, to show he is still doing october. he is confined to his home when he is not going back to court and meeting with his attorney until this court case plays out. as for the charges, the judge will take those arguments into account. those charges still stand. and the delay in the trial from mid may to june is now expected to stick unless there are any other delays. and of course, the defense could reserve those rights to file any more motions to ask for more time. tamron. >> all right, michelle franzen, thank you very much, in bellefont. to the burns on her nose from scalding hot water. we're learning new graphic details about whitney houston's
11:27 am
last moments and the condition of her body. but first, more protests are expected across greece today, following massive riots sparked by the suicide of an elderly man outside parg amount. police clashed with protesters, hurling molotov cocktails in a suicide that the 77-year-old man said he could not survive after his pension was slashed. the greek government has impaired severe austerity measures to avoid bankruptcy. unner,marathon r in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer. i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables.
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but that label can lead to prejudice and discrimination, and we don't want to go there. so let's try to see people for who they really are. you can help create a more united states. the more you know. [ male announcer ] we believe
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small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. purina one discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. with this kind of thinking going into our food, imagine all the goodness that can come out of it. just one way we're making the world a better place... one pet at a time. vibrant maturity. from purina one smartblend. welcome back. will florida's controversial stand your ground law be repealed? a florida lawmaker launching a brand new task force to investigate it. and ready to retire, a surprise announcement from illinois republican congressman tim johnson. plus -- >> take a photo of this. >> google eyes. google gives as you sneak peek
11:31 am
at its newest project. glasses that let you take pictures, see messages, basically it would one day replace your phone. but we begin this half-hour with new details from whitney houston's autopsy. the final coroner's report indicates the singer had a hole in her nose, which is common in long term drug abusers. a white powdery residue was found in a spoon on the bathroom counter. and medication, drugs, marijuana, were also found in her system. none of the drugs on their own were at lethal levels, according to the report. but the combination may have contributed to her losing consciousness and falling into the tub where her body was found face down. she also according to this report suffered burns from the scalding hot water she drowned in. i'm joined by the senior editor for us weekly. thank you for your time. this is the final report. at least an official one from the coroner, from medical personnel involved in all of
11:32 am
this. and some of these details are, the whole story we know is tragic and heart-breaking but you see the effects. >> it is extremely deed. this is a 42-page report that should stand as a testimony to kids for the dangers of drugs. the beautiful whitney houston but look at this grim picture that it is painting of her final hours. cocaine in her body, not to mention xanax, benadryl, pot, muscle relaxants. things in the room. an open bottle of beer, champagne, as you mentioned. a white powdery substance on the spoon and on a mirror and something that sounds like marijuana rolled as a joint. all this in one hotel room the night of the grammys. >> and doctors point to obviously some of those things you name are legal, but combined, the xanax, combined with the cocaine, which was in her body and obviously, the
11:33 am
other medicines can prove lethal. with that said, what i find intriguing about it is that we've heard from so many of whitney's friends and family members who i interviewed the hairstylists who worked with her for a decade or so who say that she was either clean or they didn't see any of this. >> the family, of course, will stand by whitney. the family wanted to paint a picture of a different whitney that kept saying she was really on a comeback the last few months. >> understandably, you love someone. you want to see them get out of this hole. >> she is your blood. she is your family. but the truth of the matter is, it was not the case at all. she was just suffering just as serious addictions as she always had. and the proof is in this report. >> and we pointed out the damage to, for example, her nose which is common in people who have long-term cocaine abuse issues there. >> there was a hole in her nose. i mean -- >> it's graphic, it's hard to read and say.
11:34 am
you just see the outside of someone. this was tearing her apart inside. >> yes. >> i'm not sure exactly -- >> she's had a heart condition. we're not born with this issue with our nose, as i pointed out. it is from long-term drug abuse. so that is internal damage. >> that's true. yes. we would have to read her journals to know if she was really, really trying to battle this out herself. but the truth of the matter is she was going to be at the grammys seeing all her friends and her colleagues, and she was participating in cocaine use and all this just in the last few hours before, beforehand. >> thank you very much. this is the final report on her life. >> yes. texas governor rick perry surveys tornado damage. his tour took him over north texas this morning. about 200 homes were destroyed and those tornadoes we watched
11:35 am
tuesday, officials say between six and 13 twisters tuxd down between the dallas area alone. officials in washington state say whooping cough has reached epidemic levels there. about 640 cases have been reported since march 31st. that compares to just 94 cases during that same period last year. the state is now urging all children and adults, get vaccinated against the disease. and the group invisible children released a new video today. a follow-up to their viral video kony 2012. the videos are aimed at bringing global awareness to joseph kony who was accused of abducting children to serve as soldiers and slaves. a major difference in this sequel if you can refer to it as that, the organization's co-founder is not narrating the film. you may recall jason russell was diagnosed with a psychosis issue shortly after the video went viral. he was found wandering around the streets in california. now to the latest on the trayvon martin case. moves are being made in florida
11:36 am
today to recommend changes or possibly repeal that states stand your ground law. the task force set up is hearing from judges, even other officials. the stand your ground law is what police say prevented them from arresting george zimmerman after he shot trayvon martin more than five weeks ago. martin's parents attended another huge rally in south florida last night, asking for justice in the death of their son. we're also hearing from zimmerman's new attorney who claims there has been a huge rush to judgment. he says in this case. >> the people that have been protesting, the one thing they have in common. they weren't there. the other thing they have in common, they're summitses that are not based on fact. when all the evidence comes out, it will be absolutely clear. if you apply the law to what actually happened, by the way, the forensic evidence all support his version of what happened. >> we'll take you to the white house rose garden where probe is about to sign this jobs act. jump start loans and businesses and small businesses.
11:37 am
>> we are a nation of doers. we think big, we take risks and we believe that anyone with a solid plan and a willingness to work hard can turn even the most improbable idea into a successful business. so ours is legacy of edisons and graham bells, fords and boganses, googles and twitters. this is a country that has always been on the cutting edge. the reason is that america has always had the most daring entrepreneurs in the world. some of them are standing with me today. when their ideas take root, we get inventions that can change the way we live. when their businesses take off, more people become employed. because overall, new businesses account for almost every new job that is created in america.
11:38 am
now, because we're still recovering from one of the worst resessions in our history, the last few years have been pretty tough on entrepreneurs. credit has been tight and no matter how good their ideas are, if an entrepreneur can't get backing from a bank or investors, it is almost impossible get to their businesses off the ground. that's why in september and my state of the union, i called on congress to remove a number of barrier that's were preventing aspiring entrepreneurs from getting funding. and this is one useful and important step along that journey. here's what's going to happen because of this bill. for business owners who want tow a their companies to the next level, this bill will make it easier for you to go public. that's a big deal because going public is a major step toward expanding and hiring more workers. it's a big deal for investors as well because public companies operate with greater oversight
11:39 am
and grart transparency. and for start-ups and small businesses, this business is a potential game changer. right now you can only turn to a limited group of investors, including banks and wealthy individuals to get funding. laws that are nearly eight decades old make it impossible for others to invest. but a lot has changed in 80 years. and it is time our laws did as well. because of this bill, start-ups and small business will now have access to a big new pool of potential investors. namely, the american people. for the first time, ordinary americans will be able to go online and invest in entrepreneurs that they believe in. of course, to make sure americans don't get taken advantage of, the websites where folks will go to fund all these start-ups and small businesses will be subject to rigorous oversight. the s.e.c. will play an important role in implementing
11:40 am
the bill. i've directed my administration to keep a close eye as this law goes into effect and to provide me with regular updates. it means to all the members of congress today, i want to say publicly before i sign this bill, it will be important that we continue to make sure that the s.e.c. is properly funded like all our other regulatory agencies so they can do the job and make sure that our investors get adequate protections. this bill represents exactly the kind of bipartisan action we should be taking in washington to help our economy. i've always said the true engine of job creation in this country is the private sector. not the government. our job is to help our companies grow and hire. that's why i pushed for this bill. that's why i know that the bipartisan group of legislators here for this bill, that's why i have cut taxes for small businesses over 17 times.
11:41 am
that's why every day i'm fighting to make sure america is the best place on earth to do business. our economy has begun to turn a corner but we have a long way to go. we've still got a lot of americans out there looking for work. or looking for a job that pays better than the one that they've got. we're going to have to keep working. >> some of the folks beside me here today are a testimony to that. day after day they're out there pitching investors. some meetings go well. some meetings don't go so well. that's true for me, too. but no matter what, they keep at i. and who knows, maybe one of them, or one of the folks in the audience here today will be the next bill gates or steve jobs or mark zuckerberg. and one of them may be the next
11:42 am
sbroop flo entrepreneur may be the next one to turn it into a new industry. that's the promise of america. that's what this country is all about. if these entrepreneurs are willing to keep giving their all, the least washington can do is to help them succeed. i plan to do that now by proudly signing this bill. thank you very much, everybody.
11:43 am
[ applause ] >> there you have it. the president in the rose garden. you see right beside him house majority leader eric cantor smiling with the president. a rare sight it seem these days, as the bipartisan bill for small businesses and start-up get better financing is signed by the president. a bipartisan effort. you heard the president saying to create jobs and continue to grow this economy. we wanted to bring you obviously this moment. we want to get back to the story we're following just prior to it
11:44 am
which is the development in the trayvon martin investigation. let me bring in criminal defense attorney, john burriss. right before we went to the president, we mentioned at least one democrat in the state of florida, a state lawmaker, wants to start closely with action, perhaps, at this stand your ground law. either repealed or amended. we had one of the co-sponsors on the law right after the shooting. and he said that he does not believe that in this case with zimmerman, that it applies. that it is a misuse of the law. do you think that will pick up any steam? >> it should. i do agree this law should not apply to this individual case with mr. zimmerman. but there are examples all around the country where this law has been misused. particularly when a person leaves their place of safety and chases a person down. where they have become safe but they still use deadly force. there has to be some restriction on the law that says once you have reached a position of safety, you do not have a right to chase a person down.
11:45 am
essentially, go beyond that zone of safety where you were. >> so that wouldn't be a repeal of it. that would be an amendment of some sort. we know that the nra has great influence. we've talked a lot about that. those who lobbied for this law, including jeb bush who signed the law, who was governor of florida at the time. who supported at least not in this case, and i can't say where they stand on that. in theory, the need for such a law. >> well, certainly there's a rule that says a person should have the right to defend themselves in their own home. this particular law is an offshoot of that. i think that is probably going to stand this test of time and i think that's an appropriate thing. to the extent that you want a law that incorporates that doctrine, that's fine. to the extent the law is more expansive than that, it allows the action this person zimmerman thinks he is entitled to, or other people think they can chase someone down, should be eliminated. so the law should be at least modified to place limits on the type of force and action a person can take when they feel
11:46 am
threatened. >> and john, there is an article in the orlando sentinel. like so many others examining whether or not at least the information that we're getting in from george zimmerman's attorney, indicates his defense will stand up at this point. what are your thoughts? >> well, i don't know that his defense will stand up. i don't know all the facts. given what we do know, that a legitimate argument that he doesn't have a basis for self-defense. and that basically, he was the aggressor. we now know that. he was clearly the aggressor. it is pretty difficult to be the aggressor, chase someone down, create a confrontation. get into a struggle and then shoot your way out of it. when you're the only one with a deadly weapon. i don't think that defense will hold up. at the very least, this is a manslaughter case. he should be charged with manslaughter and he could be convicted of manslaughter. it is not murder probably but clearly manslaughter. >> thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. we'll see what happens next in that case. anywhere near my coffee. not in my house.
11:47 am
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president obama moments ago strikes a bipartisan note in the rose garden. while his republican opponent continues his game of who is out of touch. plus, case closed for george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin. mr. zimmerman's family and lawyers seem to think so. now back to tamron. if seeing is believing, then this could be a new concept in phones. it shows how google glasses might work. the person in the video uses the glasses to perform tasks commonly handled by your phone. all just by looking and speaking. i'm joined by scott steen. a glimpse into the future. is it a reality? >> not yet. this is being developed by google x, a secret development lab them work on space elevators, robots, all sorts of things.
11:51 am
it is in their interests and ours to explore where this is going. we live with the internet always on all the time the way we look around. the idea is that it overlaps and it is called augmented reality. when you wear it on your head as an overlay display, there is a question of how functional that will be. it will be sending you the visual version of what you get on a blue tooth headset. like message jump dates? is it going to be something you can interact with easily? they'll claim you will use your voice with it. using the connect on the x box 360. some people like it, some find it frustrating. but they are going to be testing this out and about and seeing how it works. >> that's incredible. you have enough people bumping into each other while texting and down at your phone. so imagine trying to communicate with the glasses. >> the distractions are ridiculous. it looks like they're trying to pare down the functional stuff. if you look up you can tell what the weather is. if you look up someone and you
11:52 am
can pull up a history when you've talked them to last and maybe help you. >> if i look ought, i would be able to tell the last time you were on the show rather than asking you and embarrassing myself. >> so a cocktail party tool. >> so freaky. we'll see if it becomes part of the future. thank you vex. we'll be right back. first, remember, you can join the "news nation" on our facebook page. it is"news nation." you know, those farmers, those foragers, those fishermen.... for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new location for my next restaurant. when we all come together, my restaurants, my partners, and the community amazing things happen. to me, that's the membership effect.
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rometty. you can certainly check out our facebook page about the woman who set off a firestorm online. she wrote an article entitled, there are downsides to being this pretty. she said she is being hated because she is so beautiful. that has set off, you cannot imagine some of the things people are writing about her. nevertheless, some are asking is it satire or was she serious? what does your gut tell you? go to our facebook page. martin bashir is up next.
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good afternoon. it's thursday, april the 5th. here's what's happening. >> i think he is so out of touch with the american people. >> his intent is on hiding. you and i are going to have to do the seeking. it is enough to make think you might be a little out of touch. >> who is out of touch? not mitt. >> good morning. this is mitt romney calling. how are you this morning? have you ever heard of me? you have, huh? ♪ reach out and touch someone ♪ reach out and call up and just say hi ♪ >> is this carol? this is mitt romney calling. >> on second thought -- >> how much money do you have? >> you tell me. i'll tell you. it is between $150 and 200 some odd million. it is probably closer to the 15% rate. in the last ten years my income come from investments.