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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  April 17, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. it's tuesday, april the 17th. here's what's happening. ♪ i am super man and i can't do anything ♪ >> confidence man. >> start packing. that's what i would like to say. >> i believe it is mitt's time. i think it is our turn now. >> the romneys on a roll and they know it. >> this campaign is just getting going. it will be fun. >> fun indeed. just ask romney supporter ted nugent. >> your goal should be to get a couple of thousand people per person to vote for mitt romney in november. >> we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in november. any questions? >> we will get to ted noog ents
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comments in a moment. in the battleground state of pennsylvania. what better excuse to send the bridge players shuffling off from the bethel park communicate center for mitt to roll up his sleeves and have a spot of lemonade with a female bus driver to his left and tim from the warehouse to his right. >> tim, you're working in a warehouse? are you paying tax this year or are you getting money back? >> we got money back. although you paid a lot in. >> we have our two deductibles. >> indeed. mitt has five deductibles of his own. sons. or wait. does he have more than that? we won't know, will we, because he's filed for an extension on his taxes until october. he is far too busy to do his taxes. as he suggested to diane sawyer, he is otherwise occupied, taking in ball game and measuring his
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velvetine drapes. >> start packing. that's what i would like to say. the president, i'm sure, wants another four years. but the first years didn't go so well. >> indeed, mitt has reason to be confident with signs that everyone from the tea party to the establishment are now rallying behind him. now included in that list, according to the "washington post," mitch mcconnell, just endorse mitt, and house speaker boehner. >> it is clear now that mitt romney is going to be our nominee. i think mitt romney has a set of economic policies that can put americans back to work and frankly, contrast sharply with the failed economic policies of president obama. and i will be proud to support mitt romney and do everything i can to help him win. >> and guess who else is mitt's day. that's right. the blow-dried combover king
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himself, donald trump, to the tune of about $600,000. that's the amount expected to be raised today from donald trump's fund-raiser and birthday party in honor of ann romney. let's hope she manages to look a little more comfortable than the last time they met at trump's endorsement of mr. romney. here's a picture of the cake made by none other than the famed cake boss. look at that. the trees are just the right height. chopped down to stumped. let them eat cake. we've got a terrific tuesday panel with us. msnbc contributor, joe-ann reid, and professor james peterson of lehigh university and a blogger for the "huffington post." in washington, political analyst david corn. washington bureau chief for mother jones magazine and of course the author of the new new york times best seller, showdown. this man is either completely shameless or utterly baseline to his own hypocrisy. he has the audacity to talk
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taxes with tim the warehouse worker. but he files an extension to keep his own affairs entirely secret until october and says any discussion of his own taxes is a mere distraction. >> shameless or oblivious. i don't know why there has to be a choice. it can be both. all the above. in the interests declared, i also ought to take an extension this year. >> that's because you're terrible at math. >> but then again, i don't have 47 accountants working for me around the clock putting my money in the cayman islands and elsewhere to get the best tax rates preferable. it is outstanding. given the issues he's had about his tax returns the past few months, this is the one date he knew he had to make and he does indeed have a staff that does this. not himself. so taking an extension really, i don't know how you see this other than as a strategic
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political decision to take, to exploit the loophole here that people like us need to put it to october. so i can't understand why his campaign wanted to do this. do they really want this coming out during the general election when more voters will be paying attention to now? how bad can it be? did everything from 13% to say, 9% this year? i don't know. >> is it at all possible that he could actually file for a further extension beyond october. >> he could do that. i think david is right here. this is pure political strategy. and i don't know what easinessly trying to hide. i think he just wants to defer the discussion about his tax rate for as long as possible. october might be preferable to now. even though it will be closer to what we think of as the general election, there's so much space right now to gin up different topics and different things to distract folks. that romney knows his political opponents will certainly seize on the fact he is taking this delay. >> during the debates, romney was asked about his tax returns
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and he was asked about whether he would be as transparent as his father. here's what he said as highlighted in the dnc video. listen to this. >> he said this. one year could be a fluke. perhaps done for show. when you release yours, will you follow your father's example? >> maybe. >> it's like the secret life of mitty romney. >> there's no way he'll be able to follow in his father's footsteps. he doesn't have his father's charisma. if folks were to see 10 to 12 years of his tax rushes, he would be solidified as a one percenter. >> i slightly disagree on the idea that delaying it to october was a smart political tactic. i think it is quite dumb. if you think about it, the obama campaign is teed up to set mitt romney up as the ultimate one percenter. he is a.1 percenter. they're going to be focusing on
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the welt and an out of touch rich guy and then release them. if they don't get a further extension, i think it might be political malpractice. >> it is not just his taxes that he doesn't like to talk about. he was asked about the lily ledbetter law by diane sawyer. and again, he wasn't able to give a category answer as to whether he would have proposed or indeed even signed that legislation. >> first mitt romney would have to scramble his advisers to go ask a tea party person what he is supposed to think about that. the problem for mitt romney is that his sort offering with don't know what his core values. are he has been spending so much time trying to refashion himself into a tea party friendly candidate. i'm not even sure he's clear on what his positions are on some of these issues. he has to find out from someone in the tea party and then he'll let you know. >> do you agree with that? >> his barometer is the wide range fragmented political party. >> david, go ahead. >> what's interesting though
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now, is that he has won the nomination for all intents and purposes. so as he tries to pivot toward the general election and toward those independent voters, trying to make up here's some flowers to those women voters he's lost. this would be the perfect time to have a position on the lily ledbetter act. he still cannot come around and tell us what he really thinks. >> although mitt romney won't talk about his personal taxes. he does like to talk a lot about the military and veterans in particular. he likes to talk about them at nearly every event. take a look. >> do we have any members of our armed services here? please raise your hand. do we have any members of the armed forces or veterans here? please raise your hand. >> do we have any members here? >> for all his endless
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references to military personnel, was this not the same mitt romney who managed to dodge draft during vietnam and spent most of his time i believe in france as a mormon missionary? >> indeed. learning how to speak french rather well, i understand. maybe even learning to dressage horses over there. this is just the republican play book. they think they can portray barack obama as weak on defense. why? because he's a democrat. the fact that he gave the orders that led to the death of osama bin laden. the fact that he helped put gadhafi out of office. all these things that is reality doesn't matter. what goes hand in hand with that, the lie he tell repeatedly that obama is out there apologizing for america. whether obama should or shouldn't is another question for another show but he hasn't done that. but romney is going back to 1970s, you know, ronald reagan
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style tax on the democrats. barack obama for being weak and weak on national defense. i think it is a harder case for him to make but he is doing it in such a retro way. like his tv is still black and white. >> i just despise the empty rhetoric that is sort of tossed at the military, tossed at veterans. i come from a military family. i agree with tamron hall that we shouldn't politicize this. people want to know and veterans want to know, what are your policies. don't give us a shout out. what are your policy that's will benefit veterans? the president has been very up front about those things. mr. romney needs to do the same. >> the other issue is that people forget mitt romney is surrounded by
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romney trying to explain why her family strapped the family dog to the top of the car. >> you said it was the most wounding thing in the campaign. >> the dog loved it. >> but the dog got sick. >> once. we traveled all the time. and he ate the turkey on the counter. i mean, he had the runs. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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mores on pretty detention poll numbers that offer very different election previews. a brand new cnn opinion poll showing the president up nine points on romney.
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52-43. over at reuters interesting president leads by just four points. 47-43. it is the fresh incarnation of the gallup presidential tracking poll that dems on edge. today's numbers updated this afternoon with mitt romney leading by five points over the president. we're joined by the director from the dnc. good afternoon, brad. you couldn't pick and choose these polls. i know you'll pick the form he. but the gallup poll surveys about twice as many voters as the other two. it has been updated i think just hours ago. are you worried at all that romney, despite what has been a tough primary campaign, may be getting his mojo? >> not worried. we know what we have in mitt romney as a candidate. we have somebody who is taking positions that are way outside the main stream. that we don't think will get 50% plus one support when we get to november. whether it is positions on
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immigration or taxes. he is outside the main stream of most voters. even in the polls that are close, you see that he still struggles with women and he still struggles with independents. >> we know that romney has his own problems. chiefly likability. his favorable against the president -- he has managed to be the defacto nominee despite the issues. why do you not think he could overcome this in the general election? >> i think, martin, to large extend, this will come down to policies. and he has ascribe -- >> not the economy? >> well, look, the economic policies will be a big issue. i tell you what. we'll measure the progress that this president has made, and we need to make more against mitt romney's record as governor of massachusetts any day of the week. we'll be glad to have that conversation.
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47th out of 50 in jobs. loss manufacturing jobs at twice the national average. and all accounts are that when he was governor of massachusetts, jobs and the economy was an afterthought. he was thinking about running for president. so we'll be glad to have that comparison. >> he has been thinking about this for about ten years. but you know that romney is going to go hard after voters. for example, the pennsylvania suburbs where he was today. he had a woman bus driver on one side. awareç houseworker on the othe. and he is promising everyone lower taxes and more jobs. he could tip the balance there, couldn't he? >> well, he could. except even if you look at what he said this weekend, in an open mike moment about what he would do to balance his own tax plan. the numbers don't add up. so look. he can have photo ops and he can have campaign events. in the end, he will have to stand on the stage and he will have to face the president and
12:18 pm
the moderator and defend his policies. and here's the thing. this is a man who has said he is all about the economy. he understands it better than any candidate who has ever run for president. what he's done on his economic policies is taken them off the republican shelf. the same stuff that got us in trouble. >> indeed, he's called paul ryan's budget marvelous, as you know. finally, i know you've been hitting hard on one other issue. mitt romney and shamus the dog. he was asked about this by diane sawyer. take a listen. >> would you do it again? >> certainly for the attention he's received. >> now that everyone is watching, he wouldn't do it again. that sounds similar to what he said when he was told he was employing illegal immigrants. he said i can't do that. i'm running for president. so shamus can't be on the roof when he's running for president. >> he said i'm running for
12:19 pm
office is what he said about undocumented workers. it is, mitt romney, if nothing is!óften candid about how transparent he is politically. you know, it was fine to have the dog up there but i wouldn't do it again. i wish the dog was around to ask the question if it was fine to be up there. >> indeed. apparently, he was a bit sick on one occasion because according to mr. romney's wife, he ate some meat that was on the shelf or on the table and he shouldn't have done so. >> well, sounds like to me he may have to then sick being strapped on top of a car. but that's an issue we may have to leave to the inchesages. >> i think so. next, romney support he ted nugent. what a guy. >> can you can't go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil,
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you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. guitar legend ted nugent spent decades producing music but these days he has a very different axe to grind. take a look at nugent addressing the week convention at the national rifle association. >> barack obama becomes the president in november again, i will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. you can't galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for mitt romney. we're done. we'll be a suburb of indonesia. we are braveheart. we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off. any questions? >> yes, mr. nugent. we do have some questions.
12:24 pm
such as, are you threatening acts of violence? even your own suicide mission to prevent the re-election of the president? are youç suggesting to your yo had a against, gun lovers one and all that they inflict decapitation on the current president in the name of mitt romney? interestingly, this type of hateful bomb throwing isn't new after your songwriter career came to a natural end. consider your on-stage rant in which you describe candidate obama as a piece of excrement who could suck on your machine gun. a clever gun with said weapon in hand. what we would really like to know, what is your relationship with mitt romney? yes, that mitt romney whom you blessed with your endorse many after a personal phone call with him. according to the cat scratch fever rocker, in return or the your support, mr. romney promise that had there would be no new gun laws if he became president.
12:25 pm
the whole union was then blessed with a tweet from one of your sons. sorry, from one of mr. romney's sons. ted nugent endorsed my dad today. ted nugent? how cool is that! he joins kid rock as great musicians on team mitt. team mitt. a group that now includes mr. nugent who says america will become a suburb of indonesia unless romney wins the election and recommends decapitation as his preferred method for democratic change. and to cap it all, after their hyperbolic response or the hillary rosen's comment about ann romney and work, one might have thought that mr. romney would offer at least some condemnation for mr. nugent's outright abusiveness. not mitt. if he is tooç frightened to criticize rush limbaugh, he will hardly pass judgment on this. stay with us. the top lines are coming up.
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mitt romney. saturday night live host. a war on chocolate milk. and no one is laughing at you, mr. nugent. here are the top lines. >> start packing. >> if it's mitt's time, it's our turn now. >> mitt romney in the house. >> i'll take a look at that. that sounds like fun. >> are you my robot daddy? >> don't be silly. i'm not a robot. i'm a human man. >> who is funnier. you or president obama.
12:30 pm
>>? most of our dinner table events written volving humor. >> you should have seen the look on his face. >> you took your irish setter shamus on a 12-hour road trip tied to the roof of your car. >> would you do it again? >> certainly not with the attention it has received. >> the dog loved it. >> there is an elevator for your car? >> what is your title? >> i respectfully decline to answer it. >> it is not your money. >> hillary clinton was spotted in a bar in cartagena. >> somebody really loosened the buttons on her pant suit, didn't they? >> let's get on with this. >> i got bit by a penguin. >> war on fishermen. >> can you accept the war on salt. >> it's the war on chocolate milk. >> oh, my god! -"ayrñ we need to respect choic women make. >> hillary rosen just made the republican party pro-choice. >> it was a birthday gift to me.
12:31 pm
i love that we're talking about this. it was an unfortunate comment. >> barack obama becomes the president in november. i will either be dead or in jail. vile, evil, america-hating administration. if you cannot get people to vote for mitt romney, we'll be a suburb of indonesia. >> we are braveheart. we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off. any questions? >> let's get right to our panel now. a social activist and political strategist. jonathan alter, political analyst and towere, an author and msnbc contributor. we've just spoken to the secret service. they are aware of nugent's comments and are following up. it is important to say that romney called him for his endorsement. this is a man calling an individual musician for an endorsement years after he said the most offensive things about both hillary clinton and then
12:32 pm
candidate obama in 2007. >> you can imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and if say, president obama were talking to jon bon jovi or a musician who supported him after these kinds of comments. what would the right wing be saying? they were all over obama for calling trayvon's parents. imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and he were calling someone who made these kinds of incendiary comments. sometimes weç take this too seriously. i don't think the secret service needs to be involved. this guy is an idiot rocker who wasn't exactly jimmy hendrix to start out with. the could be text is important. i think there's a double standard here. they should have to disassociate themselves. >> we'll come to that. toure, what about the outrage over hillary rosen's koemts. she said this statement which she has since apologized for
12:33 pm
this. here's this guy out holding seminars, promoting stuff that is essentially absolutely horrendous about decapitating the president. >> this is completely inappropriate. i mean i'm glad to see that mitt romney is sewing up the detroit rock 'n' roll vote. he has ted nugent. no he just needs insane clown possie. >> and eminem. >> looking at nugent and this history of these horrific things, and he wanted to be the governor of michigan twice. so he is the sort of person, it seems like he very well may end up dead or in jail no mat here is in the white house come this fall. i don't know what will happen to this person. but this sort of violent rhetoric is unamerican, unappreciated, it is inappropriate and this is not the way we're supposed to conduct these political discussions. this is yelling fire in a crowded theater. especially at an nra rally.
12:34 pm
it is not right. >> i can hear you agreeing repeatedly. >> absolutely. i mean, all i can docy say it in text talk. omg, oh, my god. this heavy metal rocker iç asse is obviously off his rocker. no matter what you think about president obama, this administration, i think it is devilish. when is it a crime to care about people and their health care? when is it a crime to care about women and making sure they get equal pay? when is it a crime to care about education? to take care of our veterans with the great programs that the president's wife has, michelle obama work our veterans out. there what is criminal is that you forget you want the take an american presidential candidate and make him your golden calf to bend down. to you ask him to pledge allegiance that he won't change the gun laws, the 19th amendment. and to bow down to you. rush limbaugh, watch out.
12:35 pm
you have another golden calf out there. we're all american citizens and maybe you forgot these words since you like to sing songs. we pledge of allegiance to the use of america. this undivided country of ours. maybe should you listen to some great republican women that i absolutely adore. like nancy reagan who said, no to drugs and laura bush who said get literal. massachusetts is part of america. so governor romney was not there and you said he was considered unamerican, you need to learn your geography. i think hating is not the great thing to do. >> you know, martin, i would just add that if you listen to what nugent said, like he's going to make, you know, the united states a suburb of indonesia. >> which of course is the largest populated country of muslims on the earth. >> he will end up dead or in jail. in other words, what people f)m the administration would kill him or put him in jail or something? these are the kinds of things
12:36 pm
that maybe might be somewhere within the debate in terms of scaring people about obama. in 2008. but he's been president for almost four years. what kind of planet are they living on, trying to tell people that he is going to make us a suburb of indonesia. he's already been president. we know he is a moderate guy who is not this crazy lunatic that they're trying to make him out to be. >> he clearly speaks for the lunatic fringe and clearly speaks for them very well. the thing that throws me off. the republicans are constantly wrapping themselves in this america first rhetoric and the flag and these things. and this sort of violent rhetoric against the president and these promises of, i will kill myself or end up in jail trying to hurt him. as well as the obstructionism that we've seen for four years. this is not america first. this is not embracing the president as, hey, we fought
12:37 pm
hard. we did not win the election. we will roll with this guy. >> jay carney at today's briefing downplayed nugent as, quote, noise. we've just learned that the romney spokeswoman denounced it as divisive language. that mitt romney and i'm quoting, believes everyone needs to be civil. shouldn't we be hearing from the candidate? i recall that both vice president biden and the president and the president's wife were critical when;hhilla rosen made that mistake and commented about ann romney. yet mitt romney can't come out and condemn this himself? >> i think he needs to be more audible about the situation. when he says he wants to take america back to the way it used to be. does this person who endorses you want to take it the way it usds to be preor post civil war? because this is most divisive.
12:38 pm
his virulent language is not suitable for any american citizen. i'm telling you, when he talked about the gun and ammunition when he was down there at the nra convention. he almost makes the charlie manson klan look like a norman rock well painting. >> if it is at an nra convention, this does change the context of this. we all know there are gun nuts out there. does ted nugent really want to be inflaming gun nuts? the problem is he is a gun nut himself. >> there you go. >> thank you all. next, religion and the race for 2012. what is fair? what is out of bounds? stay with us. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years. today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it.
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after the worst financial depression, many people are still working to feed theirç
12:46 pm
families. so paul ryan figures, what a perfect time to cut money for food stamps in order to pay for tax cuts. number are difficult to come by but "the new york times" reports the house agriculture committee is tasked with cutting $33 billion over ten years. mostly to focus on nutrition and food stamps. joining me, barbara lee from california. >> good afternoon. >> do you have an exact number for how many families could be affected if these cuts were ever to be enacted? >> first of all, this is an outrage that they're even thinking about doing this during this economic downtime. we're talk b 46 million families. the facts are, three out of four households who are on food stamps, they work. people work in these families. they're part of the working poor. they don't have enough to eat. so food stamps provide that bridge over troubled waters. what the republicans will also
12:47 pm
want to do is enact this cut which is about 11%. can you imagine if you have a low wage job? a huge 11% cut in food stamps? that's downright wrong. i think we really have to come to grips with the fact that what they're doing is that they're looking out for millionaires and billionaires in this bloated pentagon budget. that's their priority. they'll do that at any cost. >> it seems remarkable. do you think paul ryan or any of his gop allies know how many families will be affected? >> i'm sure they do. it gets down to the point, they're doing the right thing. who wins, who loses. it gets down to how do you pay down the deficit? do you pay it down? do you try to have a budget that is balanced on the backs of the poor and our senior citizens and children? do you look out for millionaires and billionaires? or do you come forward with some tax fairness and do you come forward with some job creation
12:48 pm
efforts that really do help reignite the american dream for all? i don't believe that they really care about who they're cutting at this point. as long as they're taking care of the millionaires and the billionaires and the very bloated pentagon budget. and marine, i do have to say, this pentagon budget has nothing to do with our national security. there are so many areas of waste, fraud and abuse and there are so many areas where we're seeing budget allocations or cold war that doesn't exist. >> interestingly, the usda reports, the federal food stamp program lent to decline of 4.4% prevalence of poverty over the last decade. so it has been effective. why are republicans loathe to invest when it comes to people. i just don't understand it. >> i don't understand it either. it is very unethical and it is
12:49 pm
immoral. when you look at the fact that for instance, $33 billion in supplemental nutrition assistance program. that's snap. food stamps. that brings into the economy almost $66 billion. this is a job creator. this provides for economic vitality and that bridge over troubled waters. many times i was on foodráups( and i thank my government for helping me during those difficult times. >> the report goes on to say that child poverty was reduced by almost 16% annually. again, i have to say this sounds like a major success. >> it has to be about priorities though. and this is a major success. we have helped children who were hungry to have some semblance of food security. when it comes down once again to what they're trying to do, it's about protecting the millionaires and the billionaires and the bloated pentagon budget. it is not about putting people first.
12:50 pm
i hope the country recognizes that the tea party republicans have really put up this kind of fight. it is about who wins and who loses. unfortunately, the budget is balanced on the backs of the poor and the vulnerable and our senior and the vulnerable and o senior citizens and our children, and that's just down right wrong. >> and it focuses, does tnit no because one in five now live in poverty, a far larger percentage than the population as a whole. it's that very vulnerable group that this is supposed to be assisting. >> the entire budget really impacts the most vulnerable in our society, whether they're efforts to try the privatized medicare. i mean, what is this about, really? it's about, you're on your own. go for what you know. this is survival of the fittest. well, this is america, my
12:51 pm
friends, and this is not who we are. we look out for the common çgo. if people want to work when we create jobs, they will work. people would be happy to change their food stamp book for a good-paying job. that's what it's about. this is very callous, it's very crass, and for the life of me, i don't know why it's the priority, because we have to remember who we are as a nation and what our values are. >> can i briefly turn now to the secret service scandal? the senate judiciary committee is starting the testimony. the secret service has given the entire agency a black eye, and a trans parent, independent review
12:52 pm
to regain some respect in the world. do you agree with that? >> we need a full and thorough investigation, and we need to make sure those responsible are held to account for this. >> there are some people that suggested that the scale of this may even indicate this has happened before, and may even involve a larger number than those currently accused. >> that's why we need a full investigation. we have no information at this point about what the grass and so soap and background and history of this is, but believe you me, we need to move forward with a very aggressive investigation. >> congresswoman, thank you for joining me today. >> thank you. >> we'll be back to clear the air. hi, i'm sarah james. and i blog at lightweight nourishment is the best of both worlds. [ female announcer ] it's new aqua light, with zero weight, 100% more nourishment. [ sarah ] it's light and healthy and just makes me so happy.
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after a bloody and çtorturous campaign, john boehner said this just a few hours ago. >> i will be proud to support mitt romney and do everything i can to help him win. >> boehner says he will now do everything he can to propel mr. romney to the white house. but he'll be hard pressed to compete with the support that's already behind mitt romney from one of his most dedicated fans: one ted nugent. it was actually on march 2nd that the 63-year-old guitarist made this announcement. after a long heart and soul conversation with mitt romney today, i concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people and i endorsed him. after their brilliant exploitation of hilary rosen's comment about ann romney having never worked outside the home, one might assume that the romneys would be extremely
12:57 pm
careful about the kind of surrogates and endorsements they would want associated with their presidential campaign. which is why i was beginning to wonder what attracted mr. romney to seek out ted nugent. perhaps it was mr. nugent's comments before the last election when he offered a carefully considered response to the two democrats who were fighting for the nomination. >> hey, obama. you might want to suck on one of these, you punk! obama, he's a piece of [ bleep ] and i told him to suck on my machine gun. let's hear it for him! and then i was in new york. i said,ç hey, hillary! you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless [ bleep ]. >> then he said this at keath
12:58 pm
note address. >> if you can't galvanize and promote and ask people to vote for mitt romney, we're done. we'll be a suburb of indonesia next year. our president and attorney general, our vice president hillary clinton, they're criminals. they're criminals. we need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in november! >> now, consider this. the romneys attacked hilary rosen because she had failed to include the words "outside of the home" when she said ann romney had never worked a day in her life. hilary rosen, who doesn't work for the president and is an independent commentator, has admitted it was a mistake and has apologized. meanwhile, mitt romney welcomes the endorsement of a man who tells the president to suck on his machine gun, calls the president an expletive, calls the secretary of state an
12:59 pm
expletive, and claims the entire administration wants to turn america into an islamic suburb of the most populated muslim nation on earth. mr. romney's spokesperson has just said that he believes everyone needs to be civil. but no sign of him yet rejecting nugent's endorsement. you have to hand it to mitt and ann romney. even their righteous indignation is as fake and as two-faced as everything else that marks theiç presidential campaign. thanks so much for watching. dylan ratigan is here to take over. hi, dylan. >> hi, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, sir. >> pleasant tiedings this afternoon. >> gracious and pleasant tidings. >> the show starts now. well, good afternoon to you. nice to ee


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