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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- this man -- >> hope you're not married. >> wants the prostitutes in his neighborhood gone. >> if i catch you, you get a life sentence. >> he -- >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself! >> -- wants government officials to play by the same rules as everybody else. >> they're afraid of me. >> you're not allowed do that. >> and they're afraid of my video camera. >> and she -- >> i probably cried more than i have in my life. >> -- summoned the strength to protect her father. what all three of these people capture on camera is shocking. >> something just hit me like a ton of bricks. >> in plain sight. >> you're going to jail, buddy. >> get out of my face, man! >> and in their homes. >> using video cameras. >> get off my camera. >> to fight for justice for safer streets. >> do you want to go to jail?
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>> and for their loved ones. >> the camera saved my dad's life. >> "caught on camera: video vigilantes." have you ever seen something that made you so angry that you wanted to say something or even do something about it? but you weren't sure what? most of us can't hand out a ticket or arrest people. but the folks you're about to meet have found a clever way to take action, to get their own brand of justice. they call themselves video vigilantes. and armed only with their video cameras, they're fighting for what they feel is right. >> you made an illegal u-turn in a business district. >> don't do that. >> you made an illegal u-turn -- >> don't do that. >> he's patrolling the mean streets of new york city. >> you broke the law. >> get out of my face, man. >> but he's not handing out tickets or catching criminals. >> you broke the law. >> instead, he's catching them
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on camera. police officers, meter maids, and any other government official he sees violating the very laws they're supposed to enforce. and they are not happy to see him. >> are you going to run me over now? >> i've been roughed up. i've been threatened. i've been confronted. i'm jimmy justice. >> but the man who calls himself jimmy justice won't back down. >> they're afraid of me. >> you're not allowed to do that. >> and they're afraid of my video camera. >> what are you doing? move away from the vehicle. >> i'm filming you breaking the law. >> his goal -- to bring justice, vigilante justice, to the streets of new york, streets on which he says he sees a double standard. >> everybody else gets summonsed the second they break the law. you're in a "no-standing" zone. it's a bus stop. >> so what? >> you would give a ticket to somebody else that did that? >> yes. >> but the people writing those summonses drive around the city like cowboys and do whatever they want, with impunity.
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and i wanted to bring justice. i wanted to level the playing field. >> it all begins in 2005. a fuse is lit when jimmy justice sees a traffic agent make a u-turn over a double yellow line. in his mind, an obvious violation of the law. he starts reporting the violations he sees to law enforcement by taking still photos. but he says his complaints go nowhere. so he comes up with a plan to become a video vigilante. >> wherever i am in the city, i bring my video camera with me. the video camera is the great equalizer. the video camera does not lie. and it's just a matter of a few moments before i see something that i feel i need to videotape. >> jimmy, by day, a 37-year-old sound engineer and part-time musician, by night video vigilante. he doesn't make any money at it. but he says moments like these are priceless. >> why are you taking a picture of me? >> the sign is clear. no parking anytime. i'm taking a picture of you because you're a police officer who's supposed to enforce the law.
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>> no parking? >> and you parked your police car in a place where the sign says no parking anytime. >> you're harassing me. >> you're not doing your job. >> she confirms that there's a "no parking anytime" sign. >> the new york police department declined our request for an interview. but they tell us that marked police vehicles are allowed to park in "no parking" zones during emergencies. jimmy justice says the agent in this video comes up with the most creative emergency he's ever heard. >> you're not doing your job. >> you're taking pictures of me. >> you went into the rite-aid. >> i can go into the rite aid. you don't know if i have a feminine problem. you don't know if i have any type of problem. >> right. >> you don't know if i have my asthma, if i need my medicine, or anything like that. you don't know my business. so if i go to rite aid and i have my period, i can go in there. all right? >> and you don't have to park properly. >> i am parked properly. >> the sign says no parking anytime. >> a handicapped person could park in a no parking. >> are you handicapped? >> how do you know that? i could be handicapped.
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>> when he gets videos like this one, jimmy justice posts them on youtube, he says, to expose what he sees as a double standard. his clips have gotten more than a million hits. >> the general public loves what i'm doing. everybody would love the opportunity to yell at a police officer, scream at a police officer, when they catch a police officer doing something wrong. not everybody has guts to do it. so some of my fans on youtube are living vicariously through me. >> and jimmy's kicking it up a notch to keep those online viewers coming back for more. >> wah, i'm calling for backup. wah, i'm calling for backup. wah. he has a camera. he's dangerous. >> jimmy knows he sounds like a crybaby. but he says this is a serious issue that needs attention. and he thinks these antics help. >> you broke the law. >> what has jimmy justice so upset in this video? these new york city sanitation enforcement agents are blocking a bus stop. >> look, the buses can't get through, can they, thomas? >> yeah, yeah. >> look, skippy.
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can the buses get through? no. they can't get through because of you. they can't get through because you parked your official vehicle, blocking a bus stop. a designated "no standing" zone, skippy-o. >> they parked not at the edge of the bus stop, to allow room for the buses to come in and out. they're right in the middle. it's disgusting. >> jimmy isn't only furious because of what he sees here at the bus stop. minutes earlier and a few blocks away, he caught these same sanitation enforcement agents blocking a fire hydrant. >> you're parking your official city vehicle blocking a fire pump? you ought to be ashamed of yourself. you're supposed to enforce the law, not violate the law. are you allowed to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant in new york city? >> yes. >> you are? so you don't even know the laws. >> get out of my face, please. >> jimmy's not surprised he catches these agents with his camera, twice. first at a fire hydrant and then at a bus stop. but when they pull their official vehicle up to another hydrant -- >> ooh, it's a fire hydrant. oh, my.
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>> a third violation? he's seen enough. >> she's in there writing a summons to someone else when she commits a violation with her own official city vehicle. what a shame. shame on you! it just shows the systematic abuse of authority. that's why i do what i do. that's why i make these videos, because i'm trying to change the system. coming up -- >> get out of my face, man. >> danger ahead. a department of education employee tries to teach jimmy justice a lesson. >> stop. >> and playing with fire. >> you ought to be ashamed of yourself. while you're in the store, you don't hear the siren? what's the matter with you? >> when "caught on camera: video vigilantes" returns. [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath?
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[ siren ] video vigilante jimmy justice is a fixture on the streets of new york.
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he's out there roughly 20 hours a week, keeping track of law enforcement and government officials, catching them on camera. >> what is your problem? >> here's a traffic agent, parking in front of a fire hydrant. she goes into the store to get some food, and while she's ordering, sirens, flashing lights, fire trucks pull up. and jimmy justice is hot under the collar. >> you're a traffic enforcement agent, and you parked your official vehicle blocking a fire pump, and there's a fire outside with firemen out there and they have no access to the pump? you ought to be ashamed of yourself! while you're in the store, you don't hear the sirens? what's the matter with you? and fire engines were coming from every direction. and the nerve of this woman just to stay there on line and order her food and not come out and move her vehicle. that was just a little too over the top for me, and i lost my cool. >> have a good day. >> what's the matter with you? >> jimmy often gets aggressive in his videos. in his mind he's doing a public service. but critics say he goes too far
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to embarrass people in uniform. >> thank you very much. >> you've been parked at a bus stop for 20 minutes. you broke the law! >> james huntley's the union president for traffic and sanitation enforcement. he wants jimmy justice to let up. >> basically, traffic enforcement agents are doing a job, a hard-working job for the city of new york. i'm disappointed that a new yorker doesn't understand what a traffic agent goes through every day. >> so you don't even know the laws? >> jimmy won't deny he treats law enforcement with contempt. and he won't make any apologies. >> you broke the law! i'm treating them in the same way that they treat the public. they treat civilians with such disdain, i have to go at them in the exact same way. >> take, for example, this guy who threatens to hold jimmy for videotaping. >> otherwise, i have to call somebody. i'm going to let you go. >> call whoever you want. >> he's trying to intimidate me. he's trying to tell me that i'm not allowed to videotape him. >> can i see an i.d., please? >> who are you? >> i'm an agent. i'm authorized.
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you're making movie, okay? >> show me the badge. i want to see it. >> sir, i want to see your camera first. >> and he's asking me to hand over my camera and my footage to him. i'm not responsible to provide this footage to him. the footage belongs to me. it's my camera. and i can do whatever i want. >> jimmy isn't intimidated and turns the tables. >> you're parked in a bus stop. that's a "no standing" zone, sir. that's a "no standing" zone. >> sir, put your camera down. okay? >> that's a "no standing" zone. are you allowed to park in a "no standing" zone? >> yes, i do. >> why? >> because i had an emergency. >> where is the emergency? >> the truck is over there. i had to write a summons for this truck. >> that's an emergency? >> yes, sir. it is an emergency. >> when we asked, the nypd wouldn't define an emergency for us. based on the video, this agent is writing a summons. appears to be doing his job. but what he says next crosses the line for jimmy justice. >> it's an emergency to write a $115 summons, to generate revenue for the city?
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is that the emergency? is that the emergency? >> that is an emergency, sir. i pull him over. >> i thought an emergency is when somebody's life is in danger. >> maybe your life is in danger. >> it is completely inappropriate for a traffic enforcement agent to threaten a civilian and tell them that their life is in danger. why is my life in danger? you call yourself a police officer. shame on you! shame on you! >> jimmy says he knows he gets under the skin of law enforcement and government officials. but on this day he finds out the hard way, it's risky business. >> belongs to the board of ed. -- the city. >> as he strolls down a city sidewalk on a nice spring afternoon, he sees several city vehicles parked illegally and decides to film them. but the man he's filming becomes increasingly agitated. >> this van, this one, and all the other vans belong to the city, the board of education. >> oh, okay. >> so all of us were told to park here. >> who told you to park here? because it's a "no standing anytime" zone.
12:15 pm
>> the board of education employee isn't standing for any more of jimmy's backtalk. >> they believe to the board of ed. -- the city. man, get out of my face. >> you're parked on the sidewalk. >> come on, man. >> get off my camera. >> who you work for? get out of my face, man. come on. stop! >> and when the dust settles, jimmy's camera is broken. how can a video vigilante work without a camera? so when the board of education asks him what they can do to fix the situation, his request is simple. >> all i wanted was my video camera paid for and replaced, so that i could continue on my crusade to right the wrongs within the government here in new york city. >> wish granted. new camera, compliments of the board of education. >> i think it is so ironic that the board of education, and essentially the city, bought me a new camera and a better one, than the one that this man destroyed so that i can use that camera to police them.
12:16 pm
>> back in business, jimmy says bring it on. he's on the streets, searching for justice, no matter the danger, proving an ordinary citizen, armed with a video camera, can make a lot of noise and, he hopes, a little difference. >> business district. >> who are you? >> i am jimmy justice. and your days of running around this city like a cowboy are over. they still don't know exactly who i am. they just know there's this guy who calls himself jimmy justice, and he keeps publishing these embarrassing videos of our officers and our agents violating the same laws that they're supposed to enforce. coming up -- >> i can do something that in a lot of cases an entire police force and millions of tax dollars can't do. >> a man on a mission, catching prostitutes and their johns on camera. >> you're going to jail, buddy. and a daughter's horrifying discovery. >> something just hit me like a ton of bricks and said you really need to look at these cameras now. >> when "caught on camera: video vigilantes" returns. step. [ female announcer ] it figures...on your busiest day
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in any major metropolis, there's a place that's notorious for prostitution. but in oklahoma city one man is trying to force the world's oldest profession out of his neighborhood. he's got a video camera, an internet connection, and a lot of guts. and he's putting the hookers and their johns on notice. ♪ >> it was in my neighborhood. it was in my front yard. it was at my neighborhood grocery store, in the church parking lot. >> brian bates says street prostitution infests his oklahoma city neighborhood. >> don't be bringing hookers down here, buddy. >> brian is a husband and father, with a teenaged son living at home. if brian can see it, kids can, too. and what kind of parent would
12:21 pm
want their children to see this? >> no child should have to grow up where their memories of childhood involve prostitutes, drug dealers, and pimps. >> in the mid-'90s, brian bates first notices lewd behavior in his neighborhood and files reports with the police. but he feels his complaints fall on deaf ears. so he decides to do something about it. he picks up his video camera and takes to the streets. >> i hope you're not married. >> and before long, the media notices. >> he calls himself the video vigilante. >> and bates realizes he's on to something. >> for some reason, when an eyewitness tries to relate it to the police, it just doesn't have the punch that the video has. the video says it all. and that's really all i am. i'm just a security camera that moves around. >> it starts out as just a man and a video camera, but quickly
12:22 pm
grows into something much bigger when this regular guy turned video vigilante sees how powerful the camera can be, exposing hookers and the men who pay for them, drawing them out of the shadows. >> do you want to go to jail? >> i can do something that in a lot of cases an entire police force and millions of tax dollars can't do, and that's scare the bejesus out of the prostitutes and the johns. >> police are on their way. >> what the camera does is it not only proves that what they were up to is criminal, but it also serve to shame them publicly. >> very publicly. bates says he gives the footage to the police and then posts the video on youtube and his own website, >> if i catch you, you get a life sentence. and i don't catch people more than once or twice because they don't come back. >> the johns may not come back. but brian's fans do. to his website, again and again. his clips on youtube are wildly popular. 500,000 hits. 600,000 hits.
12:23 pm
this one, more than a million hits. >> one of the things my camera helps to dispel the myth is that these activities are kept behind closed doors, that they are going on in hotel rooms. they're not. these neighborhoods are full of parks. yet, the parks are not full of children. >> like this park. this is no place for kids because this guy and this prostitute are brazenly engaging in a lewd act, in plain sight. on the hood of a truck. >> what are y'all doing? huh? >> nothing. >> huh? what are you doing? >> nothing. >> you're going to jail, buddy. >> those are the ones who make me very angry. someone who would pick up a prostitute in front of kids playing and take them to a park, where more kids are playing, take them to a vehicle and have sex out in the open on the hood of the car and then when you approach them, oh, we're not doing nothing.
12:24 pm
it's just me and my girlfriend. >> bates makes his living off various websites, including youtube and johntv. he knows this type of in-your-face work is not for everyone. >> what i do is really insanely dangerous. critic or fan alike -- yeah, i need an officer. i've got a vehicle trying to run me off the road. the only thing they agree on is they can't believe i'm not dead and that i've never really been hurt doing this. >> sergeant paco valderama is a ten-year veteran of the oklahoma city police department and also wants to get the hookers off the streets, but he says no one should put themselves in danger to fight crime on their own. >> we want citizens to get involved. we want them to call the police. the public are our eyes and ears out there on the streets. but at the same time a citizen is not trained like a police officer. basically to effect an arrest, an officer receives up to two years of training before they're out there by themselves. >> bates agrees. he warns aspiring video vigilantes, this is dangerous work. he says he's very careful and takes many precautions.
12:25 pm
when he approaches a prostitute and a john, he already has 911 dialed on his phone. he keeps his camera rolling at all times. and he tries not to get into a situation without an escape route. and yet often he walks right up to people in very compromising positions. >> really wasn't thinking. >> bates catches this man on camera, with a working girl only seconds earlier, and vents his frustration. >> our kids can't play outside. our wives can't walk to the grocery store. why? because of the hookers out here. why? because guys like you keep picking them up. >> what's going through your head, buddy? >> nothing. i just don't think. >> can you understand why i'm out here doing this? >> yes. >> this video is one of his more popular ones on youtube. more than 300,000 hits and counting. maybe because of how shocking it is. only moments before this confrontation, bates is out on his normal rounds, shooting video, when a big delivery truck catches his eye. >> i didn't pay any attention to it. it's a huge truck. except, i notice he kept
12:26 pm
circling this prostitute in this park. and so i decided to start rolling on him. well, sure enough, he pulls up to her, she gets up to the cab, starts talking to him. a minute later, boom, she's around. she's in the cab. they're driving away. >> so he follows the truck to a popular local restaurant, where it parks. >> i'm thinking this is it, they're going to do it there in the cab of the truck. no. they get out of the truck. they go around to the back of the truck. they open up the back of the truck and they go inside, shut the door, and i'm assuming proceed to engage in a lewd act. i called the police. i called lowe's. lowe's didn't have any way to contact the driver. >> bates says he hears violent noises coming from the back of the truck. it sounds like somebody's getting hurt, so he decides to take some action. >> i opened up the door. sure enough, there's the lowe's driver having sex with this girl on somebody's appliance that was supposed to be delivered. and the rest is sort of history. >> amazingly, after this brazen act the john sticks around to
12:27 pm
talk to bates. >> are you a married man? >> yes. >> what would your wife say? and why don't you have a wedding ring on? >> i lost it in iraq. >> you lost your wedding ring in iraq. why don't you buy another one? >> i don't have the money. >> you just paid for a hooker. you can afford a hooker, but you can't afford a wedding ring? you know, it's funny, these johns go out and think wow, what a great deal on robinson. you can buy just about any sex act for $20. i'm here to tell you, $20 can also cost you your job. it can get you a disease. it can cost you your marriage. it can cost you your reputation in the community. and if i post the video online, it's a life sentence. so i guess it's quite a deal for 20 bucks. so this is your ride. i was just stalling till the cops got here. >> i'm going to jail? >> we called lowe's, and they tell us that the incident concerns them. they have this to say -- "the behavior we observed on the video is clearly a violation of
12:28 pm
lowe's policy, and we have taken corrective measures to address this matter." as for the john, police arrest him, tow away the truck, just another day in the life of a video vigilante. >> if i was just some psychologist out there talking about how bad prostitution is, nobody would pay attention. but if i've got these over-the-top videos, people caught in the act, literally with their pants down, it becomes the water cooler talk the next day and people say, have you been to that nut job's website that catches those people? and that's fine. if i have to be known as the crazy guy with the video camera, that's great. because you can't help but go to my website and watch a handful of these videos and realize virtually everything you know about prostitution is a myth. coming up, a bust that gets brian bates national attention. >> the hunt is over. there are probably no less than 15 or 20 squad cars in that parking lot. >> and the man behind the lens dives into the action, into a vicious fight. when "caught on camera: video vigilantes" continues.
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hello. a man was found murdered inside a barn at churchill downs sunday hours after the kentucky derby. police haven't identified the body but are pretty certain it's not a jockey. the ballots were counted in france and projections say francois hollade is the new president. nicolas sarkozy has just conceded defeat and wishes hollade good luck. now back to "caught on camera." brian bates is no law man. he isn't a police officer. he can't arrest people. and he doesn't carry a gun. but over the years he's captured hundreds of prostitutes and their johns on camera. he's made a name for himself
12:33 pm
locally, with his eye-popping video. but then, what he catches on tape here vaults him into the national spotlight. >> tell me what you were shooting and how it unraveled. >> well, at that time i was actually just driving through the neighborhood and saw -- >> the date is monday, july 8th, 2002. and brian bates is out videotaping, as usual. he sees a truck pick up a woman he knows to be a prostitute. so he starts rolling. >> no big deal. like every other case, i'll follow it and see where they go. well, the first thing that caught me odd was they went to a church parking lot. i get out of my car. first thing i do is i record the car's tag number, and i call 911 because they moved to the back of the truck. >> police arrive on the scene quickly, within a couple of minutes, and ordered those two out of the truck. >> the john is getting out. very large, black male. he's getting out. and something odd happened at that point. the police officer did something i've never seen a police officer do.
12:34 pm
he had his gun drawn. but he approached the man, literally putting it inches from his head. and says, "i'm going to f'ing shoot you right in the head." >> brian stands just feet away, keeping his camera trained on the action and watches at that officer gets more and more physical with the john. >> down to the ground. >> the police officer is trying to handcuff the john. but then the officer thought he noticed something in the guy's mouth and started accusing him of having something in his mouth. he wasn't fighting. i think he easily could have taken on this officer, and he didn't. but he just wasn't going to allow himself to be handcuffed. and the officer, he decides to, you know, start whaling on this guy with his asp and hits him several times. and by the time this is over, there's no less than 15 or 20 squad cars in this parking lot before they finally got this guy handcuffed and in the back of the truck and hauled him away. >> the oklahoma city district attorney won't press charges against the cops, but the video grabs headlines nationwide, and
12:35 pm
bates says that was a real turning point in his friendly relationship with the oklahoma city pd. >> up to that point i think the police really looked at me as being on their side, and when i released this tape and was critical of the tape, things changed, and they change ed dramatically in my relationship with the police. >> despite his rift with law enforcement, nothing will stop brian bates. he's out filming on a spring afternoon and sees another scuffle. and this time, he breaks his own rule and gets dangerously close to the action. >> one afternoon, i'm out taping. there was a large group, probably five or six known prostitutes. fairly attractive prostitutes. they were really causing quite the crowd to form. and i'm just taping them, assuming one of them's going to get picked up soon. and then literally, you can tell, it's almost like, you know, a bunch of birds scattering, these girls start to take off in different directions. >> a rival pimp and prostitute arrive on the scene. and they are an angry. as they chase one girl, baits realizes she's in serious trouble.
12:36 pm
>> take this. >> he asks someone to hold his camera, and he jumps in. >> literally, you have this girl who is down on the ground with another prostitute holding her hair, beating her in the face. the pimp's beating her too. and cars aren't even stopping. they're just kind of slowing down. i'm trying to pull the prostitute off, but i'm trying not to aggravate the situation into a bigger brawl. i can't throw any punches. i don't want to do anything now that's going to focus all their energy on me. >> bates breaks up the fight. watch, as he tears the attacker off of this woman. >> let go. >> the girl had broken bones to her face. it would have really been bad if somebody hadn't intervened. it just so happened it was me. >> the hooker got hurt. but brian was fine. and no regrets about getting involved. the experience reminds him how violent prostitution can be. and he doesn't think most folks realize that. >> i get people all the time say, brian, why prostitution? why don't you go after the murderers?
12:37 pm
the drug dealers? the child rapists? why don't you go after those people? well, i'm here to tell you, those people are our prostitutes and our pimps and our johns on south robinson. these aren't pta moms making a few extra bucks. these are hardened criminals. >> out on his beat, bates has seen it all. armed robberies, drug deals and violent crimes. on this day driving his normal route, he witnesses another scary scene. >> i notice there's this group of black males surrounding this black female prostitute, and they're trying to force her into a car. >> a kidnapping. and unbelievably, it's happening right in front of him. >> and so i'm literally driving, 911 in one hand, camera in the other, and i'm steering with my knees, trying to get the evidence i need. and really, all that i can remember is them pushing the girl in, shutting the door, and then another guy diving in the back window to try to keep her down inside the car. >> bates knows he needs to do something.
12:38 pm
so he tries to get their attention. >> and so i bumped their vehicle with mine, bumped it rather forcefully with my vehicle. and they opened up the door and threw the girl out and took off. >> battered, bruised and bleeding. the woman staggers to brian's car, with a message. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. and i'm sorry i maced you the other day. and sure enough, i realized this was a woman who probably three weeks before that had maced me at a pay phone. and here i am trying to save her life. coming up -- ride along with a video vigilante. >> why are you taking pictures of me? >> because i can. >> a rare trip inside this secret world of prostitution. >> this is the most notorious area right in here. plus, a personal story. >> i probably cried more than i had in my lifetime. >> a betrayal one woman can't forgive. when "caught on camera: video vigilantes" returns. and i thou, it's just too hard." then there was a moment.
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this is robinson avenue, south robinson avenue in oklahoma city. it's notorious not only here in oklahoma city but really all over the globe, especially through the internet, for the availability of street prostitutes. >> with video camera in hand, brian bates is trying to drive prostitution out of his hometown, oklahoma city. >> this is the most notorious area right in here for prostitution and all kinds of criminal activity. a lot of them live in these little flophouses around here. little rooms for rent. >> this time, he's taking us along for a rare view into his seedy, underground world, and it doesn't take more than 15 minutes before bates and our cameras spot a prostitute working a street corner in broad daylight.
12:43 pm
>> she might know this car. so i'm going to kind of pull further away. act like we're not interested in her and see if she's going to get picked up. >> he doesn't want to get too close and scare her off. so we pull off to a side street about a quarter mile away. now, it's a waiting game. >> she's behind that green suv. >> a car approaches, even swerves for a closer look. but no pickup this time. and then, suddenly, that same car reverses. and the video vigilante goes for his camera. >> in a situation like this, got a girl. i know her to be a convicted prostitute. she's out here working. she's actually out here working right next to what is one of our school bus stops. and i'll just simply tape her activity and wait and see if somebody picks her up. and if they do, then we'll see where she takes them. >> but as he sits and waits with his camera, trained on the subject, the suspicious car pulls away and the prostitute deserts her post.
12:44 pm
and bates goes fishing for his next catch. >> there's two hookers working that street. and that's right in front of an elementary school. you get to know these people on sight. a lot of people go how do you know she's a hooker? she's not dressed like julia roberts, you know, in "pretty woman." you just start seeing the same people every day. it's the same sad story. >> another woman bates tells us is a prostitute is pounding the pavement. so he settles in again, a distance away, and pulls out his camera. this one up close. he just pointed us out. >> bates never knows what to expect while filming. but he knows danger is never far away. his camera's recording as this woman gets a little too close to his car window. >> why are you taking pictures of me? >> because i can. >> why? >> because i can. >> okay. so what do you think i'm doing out here? >> i didn't make any allegations what you're doing. >> are you the police? >> no. >> okay. well, you have a nice day, and god bless you. >> you too. >> the woman walks away, but
12:45 pm
bates isn't sure whether she'll be back, so he decides it would be a good idea to change locations. he goes to check out a hideaway he recently came upon by following a prostitute and a john looking for some privacy. >> this is the hot spot right now where the girls take the johns. a good number of them. this is their spot they use for each john all day long. >> the coast is clear when we visit the abandoned building today. >> well, we don't have to look very hard today. we've got two very fresh condoms. >> but only a few days earlier in this same location this house isn't nearly as abandoned. it's a sunday afternoon, and bates is out running errands with his wife. >> i'm pretty sure he went up in here. >> when he spots a car pulling into the abandoned property. >> pull in. >> so he gives his wife instructions and goes in for a closer look. >> let me out here. you're going to keep pulling up there and just wait. lock the doors. >> he takes an alternate route
12:46 pm
so he doesn't get spotted. >> it's a felony. you're over here by a church. >> and this guy is in a pretty big rush to vacate the hideaway. for an abandoned lot, this property sure seems to get a lot of traffic. it's only a few weeks later when bates sees another car parked outside. he hears noises. this time coming from inside the house. so he goes in for a closer look. and sure enough, these people are getting pretty comfortable in a home that isn't theirs. >> you do realize this is private property, don't you? >> so brian chases another couple off. >> cops are on their way. i already got the tag number. now some people would say, well, this is kind of out of the way, it's not in the public, nobody's seeing it. we're in the middle of a neighborhood. we're within a thousand feet of an elementary school. i mean, it's just disgusting. but these pockets of places, they'll show up. this one, they'll stop using this one here in a month or two. and they'll have to figure out where the next one is.
12:47 pm
>> next stop, an apartment building. a truck pulls up. a woman gets out. bates initially doesn't think this woman is a working girl, but he has a bad feeling about what these people are doing. >> it's no good, whatever it is. >> sensing danger, he takes off and parks in another area. >> here we go. >> here we see the same woman, same green pants, who bates didn't think was a prostitute when she got out of one car only moments earlier, getting into another car as our cameras record the action. >> if he comes toward us, put the cameras down. she is. >> the car drives right by us. and we have to put our cameras down, out of view. >> that's a pretty good example of what i see out here every day. >> as bates keeps his camera rolling, the chase is on. he thinks we're trailing a prostitute and her john. and he's making sure to keep his distance so we don't get spotted. >> i try not to stay in their
12:48 pm
rear-view mirror if we can. >> the red car turns right, and we follow on a parallel street. he catches them at the next traffic light. and as we get close enough, bates has safety on his mind. >> the very first thing i want to record either visually or audio is the tag. and that way if something was to happen, i was to get hurt, they were to hurt somebody else, whatever, i have the tag number so that the driver can be identified later. >> as we trail this possible prostitute and her john, bates explains what he's feeling. >> there's certainly a rush that's involved in this. some people make the mistake, and they think, oh, catching people out having public sex, there must be some sort of a sexual rush or perversion to it. you don't have to spend 20 or 30 minutes out here to know that the rush is you're catching the bad guy. a guy who thought he could come down here and prey on this community. and you know you can actually make a difference.
12:49 pm
>> but as we follow, the red car gets too far ahead. they make a left turn into a neighborhood. >> they don't normally go this direction. so he may actually have a house down here that he's taking her to. >> with this unexpected left turn the two are gone. no "gotcha" moment to post on the web -- this time. >> you figure the hookers aren't going anywhere, so they'll be back. we'll have another shot. >> as we pass through town, he spots a prostitute he knows, so he takes out his camera. >> the last time she got arrested, she had a set of brass knuckles with knives coming off each hand on her. >> as bates tells our crew about this woman's violent past, she spots us across the street and reaches for something hidden in her coat. a tense moment. will she pull out a weapon? >> she's going to take a picture of me. >> but she whips out a camera and turns the tables on brian. >> i'm sure for the mantle. >> she's obviously making a joke. but she's got a violent past. so bates plays it safe and calls 911. >> i just wonder if there's an officer available.
12:50 pm
prostitute and her pimp out at southwest 33rd and south robinson. >> she walks right up to the >> how does it feel to be filmed? >> finally, a money shot for the video vigilante. the truth is, bates doesn't necessarily mind having his picture taken. in fact, he's actually glad this woman is recording. he thinks everyone, himself included, is fair game when it comes to being caught on camera. >> i think when i first picked up my camera 12 years ago, what i was doing was extreme. and now, when we're becoming a society where people, everyone has a cell phone, everyone has a video camera, everyone has access to the internet, what i do is no longer an oddity like it was 12 years ago. and i think it's a good thing. up next, shocking abuse, caught on camera. a woman summons all of her strength to protect her father. >> my insides were churning. daddy, are you okay? >> when "caught on camera: video vigilantes," returns. tourism season in years.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. brian bates and jimmy justice use their video cameras out in plain sight, looking for that big "gotcha" moment. but the savvy woman you're about to meet never wanted to catch anything like that. and hers is a very personal story. jackie taylor installed a security system, so-called granny cams, in her house, when her elderly father became bedridden. the cameras were meant to give her peace of mind. but what they recorded did anything but that. 90-year-old john taylor, a stroke victim, lies defenseless, as his nurse repeatedly beats him over and over again. >> she just was angry right from the beginning, shaking her finger at him, pounding him in the chest and his stomach. >> john's daughter, jackie, catches it all on a security
12:55 pm
camera, she installed on her home to be her eyes and her ears while she's away. this was a woman she trusted. a woman she considered a friend. >> she would say, jackie, you're like a daughter to me. you know, mother's day, i bought her flowers, things of that nature because even in the short period of time she was here, i thought we bonded pretty well. >> it all begins two months earlier. jackie's a single woman, working seven days a week, to pay for her dad's soaring medical expenses. so she hires anna to care for her father. he suffered two strokes. jackie wants the best possible care if the man who's doted on her all of her life. >> daddy's little girl. always gave me anything i wanted. >> she especially wants loving treatment for her dad after a recent horrifying experience at a rehab facility where jackie learns her father had been abused. >> i probably cried more than i
12:56 pm
had in my lifetime. just the frustration. not knowing where to turn, who to turn to, what do i do kind of thing. but i can't be falling apart. i can't help my dad falling apart. you know, i have to show that same strength, that same tenacity, the same motivation as i've seen my dad show through his ordeal. >> jackie, a woman with her instincts, decides to bring him home, to the house she grew up in as a little girl. but experience tells her to be cautious. so she installs video cameras in her home. >> at this point, i didn't trust anybody. so i wanted to make sure that he was really being taken care of. >> on first impression, jackie really likes the new nurse. >> she was someone that sat in the dining room and read the bible every day.
12:57 pm
so i think, hey, i have this really nice christian woman, you know, in my home taking care of my dad. she seemed very nice, really down to earth. >> despite her good feeling, jackie checks her security cameras regularly for the first couple of weeks. she says she sees a nurse doing her job -- changing her father. feeding him. bathing him. everything she's supposed to do. weeks go by. jackie's working hard. her father seems very happy and well taken care of. so she stops checking the footage. but then, suddenly, that nagging instinct kicks in. it's saturday afternoon. and jackie's coming up from doing some laundry in her basement. >> and something just hit me like a ton of bricks that said, you really need to look at the cameras now. it just stopped me dead in my tracks. and i went back down the stairs. and to my surprise and shock, i saw her just beating my dad with her fist.
12:58 pm
and my dad wasn't doing anything but lying there. she was trying to change him. >> horrified, jackie knows she needs to go back upstairs. she runs through her options. should she confront the nurse? should she call the police? she wants to see what her father remembers. >> i said to my dad, i said, daddy, are you okay? and he says, yes. and i say, are you sure? and he goes, yeah, i'm okay. >> the man has had two strokes. his short-term memory is gone. he can't remember what happened to him. and he can't tell his daughter about the beatings. so she turns to anastasia. >> my insides are churning. i looked at anastasia and i said, anastasia, do you like working here? and she says, yes, of course, jackie, i love working here. you know i like my job. why? >> jackie had already called the police. minutes later, they arrive. look at jackie's footage. they arrest the nurse. the ordeal makes jackie very angry. but she's thankful about one thing. >> the cameras saved my dad's life. the cameras were able to see
12:59 pm
what i couldn't see since i'm not at home, so they were one of the best investments i've ever made. >> jackie taylor wants her story to be heard. she's written congress. spoken to her senator. and wants the penalties for elder abuse to be harsher. but most of all, she wants everyone to protect themselves and their loved ones with a video camera. >> i mean if i can help one individual, you know, sitting in a nursing home today, keep them from being beaten, if i have gotten through to one caregiver that maybe thought about hitting a person today and said, you know what, i don't know if they installed cameras while i was off this weekend. maybe i shouldn't do it. maybe i shouldn't push them down. maybe i shouldn't be verbally abusive. then i think i've done a lot. >> these days, video cameras are everywhere. in stores. mounted to traffic lights. even on cell phones. and you can bet, if you're doing something wrong, something outrageo


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