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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 25, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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city hospital. on suicide watch. it was 33 years ago today the then 6 years old etan vanished as he walked to his school bus stop in the weeks and months and years that followed, the name etan patz became forever connected with the plight of missing children. today, pedro hernandez, a man who worked in the neighborhood three decades ago, tells police he strangled the boy. >> in the years following etan's disappearance, hernandez told a family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> ron allen is outside the new york city courthouse where hernandez is set to be arraigned later today, if that still happens. what do we know about his hospitalization at this point? >> reporter: craig, as i understand it this is fairly standard procedure in a case like this, remember, this is
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extraordinarily emotional situation, a very high profile case, so to have someone on suicide watch, i don't think is extraordinary. we have every reason to think the arraignment will happen today sometime after 2:00. remember, this man has come forward and confessed to the crime. so there are a lot of questions the police said there is no physical evidence they could speak of that links him to the crime. he reportedly told the police he disposed of the body. so a lot of still investigative work the police have to do to make sure this story is valid. over the years, there have been other people who have been suspects in the case, you will remember last month the police dug up a basement in the neighborhood near etan's family home where they still live, by the way, because they thought there was another suspect linked to the case. over the years there was another man convicted in a civil proceeding of wrongful death in this case and none of those individuals have been linked to this man, pedro hernandez. so, police say he has never been a suspect or never questioned in
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the case before, but it's a confession the police say he spoke to them for three-and-a-half hours, it's videotaped, they said he was relieved when he did this and i will be charg -- he will be charged with murder. >> ron, what more do we know about pedro hernandez? >> reporter: we believe he's 51 years old, a former construction worker, lives in new jersey with a his wife and college age daughter. people in the neighborhood say he was quiet, stand offish, a chain smoker who sat on his porch and lived very close to a playground and grammar school where there were kids around all this time. 33 years. people can't understand how you can hide in plain sight. he supposely told relatives and religious advisor he did something bad but never named the kid. a baffling extraordinary
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development hopefully find out more when he's in court this afternoon. >> last question, yes or no, any criminal history here? >> reporter: none that we know of. police said no. >> ron allen with the very latest, thank you, ron, appreciate that. clint van zant, former fbi profiler and msnbc analyst. there is likely to never be any physical evidence in this case. everything at this point based on his confession, how will investigators vet her hernandez now? >> you have to consider the confession itself racism. tl hhere has been a ton of information in the newspapers anyone could pick up. there are people who falsely confess, they do it because they committed other crimes and want to be punished and figure here is a high profile case, i'll link myself to this, they will do it because they are looking for 15 minutes of fame. they want to leave the bad guy
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out there, and they are willing to sacrifice themselves, or they may be responsible, now, if this guy is the killer, he was 18 years old at the time. we're looking at this picture of this man in his 50s, we have to turn the hands of time back to somebody 18 years old, and say is this person at that time capable of committing this crime? >> i want to take a moment because it is worth pointing out here how close etan patz family lived where he may have been killed. we used google street view here you can see the building in the soho neighborhood where the 6-year-old lived with his parents. leaves that building, 33 years ago today, walks down the sidewalk toward the school bus stop, less than a block away, he passes the building where police conducted that intensive search last month, and it was just a block after that at prince streets and west broadway, if you're familiar with the new
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york city area, etan comes to the store, that is where pedro hernandez worked. we know he had access but won't it be impossible to find harder physical evidence 33 years later? >> absolutely. we always look at means, motive and opportunity. here we have the first time this little boy has ever been out on his own, first time, and we have to say that this individual, predator, whatever he is, was out there and was this just a random victim of opportunity? he allegedly lures the little boy in a basement with a promise of a soda, chokes him, murders him, puts the body in a bag, puts it out like so much trash, goes back to look the next day and the body is gone. is this a believable story and other than telling a relative two years after the disappearance that he did a bd d thing, that he killed a child, what other physical evidence do we have? the answer is probably none.
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so his confession and his proximity is about all we have. >> what a roller coaster ride all of this must be for etan's family. thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> day six of jury deliberations in the john edwards trial and jurors now have a mountain of evidence to pour over today. thursday, yesterday, they originally asked the judge to send back 20 pieces of evidence. they ended up getting all 300 exhibits involved in the trial. kendall coffee is a former federal prosecutor, also msnbc legal analyst, good morning to you. this is the sixth day of deliberations, very few people expected it to even take this long. what are the chances that jury, eight men, four women, what are the chances they are deadlocked? >> well, it's too early to conclude deadlock but i think we can assess this is a hard working jury, methodical jury and they have some questions about whether or not john edwards should be found guilty.
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because this could have been a quick deliberation, obviously if the jury had come back within a couple days, very bad news for john edwards. but they are taking it seriously, they're going through the documents. the judge thought it might expedite things to have all the exhibits brought back there, so hard to say when we'll get a verdict i would be surprised if it's today. >> with 300 pieces of send back to the jury room yesterday, what do you think happened there and what could they be looking for specifically? >> well, it appears they are following the road map in the indictment itself. earlier in the week they were looking for the records that were involved with bunny mellon, now fred baron, who is represented in the later counts of the indictment and the judge is saying take a look at everything. get through this, get us a verdict. the important thing from john edwards standpoint they are looking at documents, but rather
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than the jury react to truly ugly and upsetting nature of some of the allegations and some of proof against john edwards in terms of his personal misconduct, they are focusing on the evidence. >> it sounds like you think the delay could be good news for john edwards. >> well, what it is is a lack of bad news. it's much too early to say this is going to be a deadlock or if this is going to come out well for john edwards. i don't think the prosecution is getting nervous yet but if john edwards gets do the weekend without a verdict, he will start to have a little hope. >> kendall coffee, thank you, sir. prairie fire. but he left out some facts. his speech was more like a cow pie of distortion. >> he rolled up the sleeves and took gat loves off.
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president obama strongest swipe yet at his republican rival. also weakened but strong, hurricane bud churning toward mexico's coast while another storm system threatens florida. holiday weekend. speaking of florida, a live view of miami, how much will that trip to grandma's cost you this memorial day weekend? all that and lots more still ahead right here on msnbc.
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to pom politics, president obama taking off the gloves in a campaign turning point the president is engaging mitt romney in perhaps his harshest attack yet. not just taking aim at bain capital but also jabbing on his record as governor of
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massachusetts. take a look at the president in the critical battleground state of iowa yesterday. >> the world view that governor romney gained as a financial ceo explains something. it explains why the last time he visited these very same fairgrounds, he famously declared that corporations are people. human beings, my friends, that is what he said. he doesn't talk about what he did in massachusetts. but he does talk about being a business guy. he says this gives him a special understanding of what it takes to create jobs and grow the economy. even if he's unable to offer a single new idea how to do that, no matter how many times he's asked about it, he says he knows how to do it. >> time to bring in that friday power panel, msnbc contributor susan, strategist chris and
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washington post reporter nia henderson, good morning to all of you. chris, i'll start with you. why doen't we hear mitt romney talk about his times as massachusetts governor as much as he does talk about his time at bain capital? >> i think for a couple reasons. one it's a mixed record at best. if it was a great record he would have ran for reelection. the other part to it is and i think my guess is his campaign tested this, is every time he talks about massachusetts or his record, it brings up his health care plan, which then creates a liability for him, but when you look at both, his tenure as governor, his bain tenure, and i think -- it was a smart strategy by the president to go at both of them and say wait a minute, this mythology the campaign is trying to create is not real. and in the sense that he didn't fix things, he didn't make things better. it's a potent attack if it
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resonates with voters. >> romney talked with peggy noonan. here is an excerpt from the conversation, it's his own mistake -- it's my own mistakes that make me want to kick myself in the seat of my pants. i like to be able to fire pe people, i have to think about what i say in a full sentence, and a phrase, gosh we want you to be spontaneous, if you say anything in the wrong order you will be sorry. besides sticking to the script, what else do you think mitt romney learned from that bruising primary battle? >> basically that one, the bain attack won't work and that is why they keep using his background as a business person. and just to chris' point earlier the reason they focus on that instead of being governor, being a business person pulls off the chart compared to being in government. when you do a referendum on the sitting president, you want to
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come out as the outside government type. >> that is it? do you not think the romney campaign will talk up his years as governor? >> i think they will use it at certain points but right now since he does have to get to a lot of voters, they want to define him as a businessman. >> your paper conducted a poll, middle class white voters moving toward mitt romney, leading 58 to 32%. why is he's message or the candidate appealing to that group of voters? >> this is in some ways typical of the split among republicans and democrats when it comes to those so-called reagan democrats, some call them hillary democrats. blue collar workers, lean toward republicans. you saw in 2008 that barack obama actually did pretty good among whites overall, 43%, that
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is what clinton had of the high water mark among whites for a democratic presidential candidate. >> wasn't it a certain type of white voter? >> yes, these are people who are struggling financially and they typically tend to vote for republicans and they are certainly a feeling the heat of this economy, this high unemployment of 8.1% and they, let's face it, over the last 20 years in many ways, you've seen a downsizing in manufacturing, and that is why you see a barack obama all those ads coming out from the super pacs, they are hitting hard on bain, primarily those are some of the work hes most affected. white lower class folks who work with their hands they are hoping to chip in to that lead that romney has. >> susan, an interesting conversation between our own chris matthews and newt gingrich last night. here's the former speaker talking mitt romney. take a listen.
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>> having collided with his organization head-on, now working with him on the campaign. he has assembled a very smart group of people. and he listens to them well and he asks them tough questions, and he is approaching this as methodically as anybody i've seen. >> not enthusiastic. here's the thing. he's going to join romney and the donald, going do join do alleged tru trump on tuesday. does that drum up the circus aspect of the primary all over again? >> any primary when you get the chosen nominee you have that circus aspect. hillary clinton came behind barack obama after their primary. newt gingrich is known for calling it the way he sees it, he got beat up badly by romney, there is still ego involved, there is sore feelings. >> chris, how does newt gingrich and how do donald trump help
8:19 am
mitt romney? >> they don't. it's that simple. you think of the idea of mitt romney and newt gingrich on the same stage it's like sonny an cher, doesn't fit. these are two folks that killed each other in the primary and i think this is the mistake that i think politicians make again and again, this notion if you stand on the stage with a politician it wins you votes or shows voters that things have moved on. it's the worse message you can send. i don't see the logic. >> nia, the piece that you wrote yesterday on the romney campaign and african american voters, mitt romney went to philadelphia yesterday, and we should note, he went to the real philly, too, and was not warmly received by everyone there. is the candidate, is he trying to make legitimate inroads with
8:20 am
black voeters now or are appearances something else? >> it's trying to making rods in the african american community. weighs not greeted so warmly. he was in west philadelphia at a charter school, but also one of the things that does when a republican reaches out to try to expand the party among latinos, african americans, it also sends a signal to independent voters, independent white voters to say essentially that this is a compassionate conservative. so in a lot of ways it's an indirect appeal first to black americans but then of course there is some affect on white americans who see a different candidate if they reach out to african americans. >> compassionate conservativism. thank you for that, nia. susan, chris, have a fantastic memorial day weekend, guys. >> you too. >> wisconsin's total recall, or maybe not. a big debate tonight, is a walker victory now a foregone
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8:25 am
scott walker is headed for a blow out in wisconsin. did the democrats pick the wrong fight here? would it have been better to ride anti-walker sentiment in 2012? >> actually, craig it's not close to a blow out. the latest polls have governor walker at 50%, where he was a couple months ago. that is after spending 30 or 40 million dollars. right now statistical dead heat and we're 12 days away from june 5th and the recall election, so democrats in wisconsin we feel confident about what is going on given the thousands of volunteers in the field canvassing, making sure people are registered and they vote. >> 50%, which poll was that out of curiosity? >> there is a internal poll has it at 50 to 48. recent polls are right about 50%. again, if you look, too, to underscore this craig, if you look at the tone of governor walker's commercials he was running, a scorch earth policy,
8:26 am
that tiells you they know what s going on with the polling as well. >> outside money poured in your state to help the governor. republicans raised nearly $18 million, compared to $6 million for democrats. did you expect such a gap? >> absolutely, because the governor's campaign basically is a corporate campaign. there is hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing from all over the country, not from wisconsin but all over the country. there is no doubt the governor was always going to raise more money than the democrats in wisconsin. at the same time, again, thousands of volunteers throughout the state this weekend and all throughout next week up to election day to make sure democrats get out and vote. >> why haven't you raised more money? >> well, republicans traditionally wisconsin have always raised more money. democrats have been under-funded. at the same time if you look at the grass roots network of volunteers we have throughout the state of wisconsin the republicans can't match that so they're trying to match that with millions of dollars from
8:27 am
outside wisconsin. >> the president has taken a hands-off approach to what is happening in wisconsin. dnc getting in the game very late, maybe too late to save this thing for you guys. should they have been more involved and why do you think they weren't? >> i don't know why they weren't more involved from the beginning right after primary but the dnc has contributed $1.4 million. sent out e-mails, a big fund-raifund fund-raiser next week. >> you have been staffed with their involvement? >> satisfied. >> this is a grass roots campaign, has been from the beginning. you don't gather up over 900,000 signatures to recall governor walker with the establishment. this is every day people very concerned about the direction wisconsin is going right now and they've taken an active stand and gotten involved in the campaign. >> wisconsin state senator john erpenbach, thank you, appreciate your time.
8:28 am
is president obama missing his usual mojo on the trail? congress woman debbie wasser man-schultz will join me up next. also ahead this. >> i am just filed with so many emotions. >> redemption, jailed for rape, now cleared. what he's saying now about his accuser. also san fran's golden gate, live look there, hitting the road this weekend? how much it will get you from point a to point b, next. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees...
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8:32 am
what happened to him. >> i've had my moments where i was very angry and very vengeful, but i know it is best for me to try to move forward in a positive manner, for the betterment of me. it hurts no one but myself to hang on to that type of negative energy and it will only keep me in a stagnant position. i want to better myself as a person. >> banks had a scholarship offer to play for university of southern california to play football for those guys. that was when he was accused of raping a teenager in 2002. he says he hopes to get an nfl try out. facebook stock slipping again today, down 15% from the price of the initial offering one week ago. the stock price just over $32 a share now. the price during the debut was $38. angry investors are complaining that they paid a higher share
8:33 am
price than they thought when they made the purchases. morgan stanley will compensate those investors who overpaid. the first privately funded rocket carrying a nasa cargo ever launched in space made history earlier today when it docked at the international space station. astronauts used the space station's arm to snare the dragon capsule, built by the company spacex. the drag on will stay at the station for a week, freed next thursday to return to earth with the load of experiments. check out this impressive image from nasa, shows hurricane bud from space, off the southwestern coast of mexico, first hurricane of the season losing strength, downgraded to category 2 storms, with 110 miles per hour winds. several hurricane and tropical storm warnings are in effect across several states where bud is moving closer to the tourist town of puerto vallarta. the hurricane center says bud
8:34 am
will dump heavy rains that may produce floods and landslides. florida could face its own brush with bad weather with the storm system threatening to derail memorial day plans there. if you have travel plans, triple a says 35 million americans will be sharing freeways and airports with you. that is a number of people heading 50 miles or more from home. an increase of 500,000 travellers over last year. these live pictures from 76 expressway in philadelphia, showing there is folks out there not wasting any time, almost nine out of ten people traveling by car, about 31 million of us. but pain at the pump slightly less severe than this time last year for those travellers. mike joins us from rockville, maryland. sun glasses, sir. >> summer is here, the time is right, craig. >> looks like folks will have
8:35 am
less pain at the pump. >> yeah, drivers are up this memorial day weekend, you recited statistics, 31 million of us americans will take the road, up 1% over last year. what is down are gas prices, down to 3.67 a gallon across country. in california and on the west coast, those gas prices remain stubbornly high, over $4 a gallon in some places. a lot of people, 31 million americans taking to the road, traveling more than 50 miles or more away from home, those gas prices again after peaking in april, they have been dropping for seven straight weeks, down 17 cents a gallon in the last month after everybody became so alarmed and a lot of people are still concerned after those prices started rising, but very early in the season this year. what is down again is air travel, craig. while the number of people taking to the roads will be up about 1%, air travel is down at
8:36 am
5.5%, air fares are almost 7% higher than they were last year. so when you're out on the road, take all the usual precautions, there are a lot of accidents, the memorial day weekend has a lot of fatalities, 40% of them are alcohol-related keep all that in mind as we know people will and watch out, click it or ticket, the national campaign from the police to make sure your seat belts are fastened in full swing this weekend, craig. >> mike, thank you so much, appreciate that. folks pass along breaking news that we are following here at msnbc. there is a man in custody there in miami, this is a live look, live look there at miami airport, we understand he was taken in custody after american airlines flight 320, flight 320 landed. a boeing 757, was met by law enforcement in miami after disruptive passenger. we're working to get details. we're being told that man may have tried to rush the cockpit on that american airlines
8:37 am
flight. there is a man in custody and you're looking at law enforcement there, law enforcement on the tarmac at the miami international airport where that flight, flight 320 was met by law enforcement. that flight was scheduled to go from montego bay to miami, we'll follow this breaking story and pass along new information as it becomes available. back to politics now. the first 20 days for the president and reelection team have been far from smooth sailing. the headline in politico says it all. obama, stumbles out of the gate in the past week the president has been under fire from members from his own party over attacks on romney's record at bain. this after the president was forced off message by vice president joe biden on the issue of gay marriage. the question now, can president get his mojo back? congress woman debbie wasserman-schultz joins me.
8:38 am
>> good morning, craig. >> bain has turned into -- bain has turned in a real pain of sorts with the corey booker mess, the president's approval rating not budge, mitt romney out fundraising the president. do the president and democrats do they have a message problem now? >> no, on the contrary, in fact this election is really going to be one of the most dramatic contrasts between the two directions voter could choose to go that we ever had. on the one hand you have president obama who has been fighting for the middle class and working families who has brought us from the brink of economic disaster to now three years later after 750,000 jobs a month in job loss when he first started, we had 26 straight months of private sector job growth, more than 4.2 million jobs created. resurgence in the american manufacturing industry, the economy is on the mend. so i think actually while the
8:39 am
republicans were engaged in their circular firing squad during the primary we were gearing up the largest most difficult nationalic grass he -- dynamic grass roots campaign. >> do what do you attribute the narrowing of the numbers? if you look at any poll now the president's lead has dwindled considerably especially in certain key demographics. >> this was always going to be a close election, not something that we ever predicted to be otherwise, which is why we have been focused on the campaign side on making our grass roots people-to-people, neighbor-to-neighbor campaign what was building while the republicans were really busy trying to out right-wing each other. i'll give you an example, a couple weeks ago i thought it was funny when mitt romney's campaign was touting the opening of their first office in pennsylvania. on the same day that the obama campaign announced the opening of our 24th office in
8:40 am
pennsylvania. the battleground states, especially, we have ground operation that is second to none. >> let's talk about a theme become central to the campaign over the past week or so, the obama campaign pushing against romney's record at bain capital, about middle class layoffs, let's go back to dwen, a new york times report that highlights a push from the obama administration on gm-chrysler to close car dealerships, let go of worke workers, considering that, aren't all the attacks on romney's record at bain totally fair? >> oh, absolutely, especially because mitt romney has made the central premise, the central case for his candidacy, he has based on his private sector job experience, his lead role at bain, and so as a result, it's important for voters to be able to lift up the hood, and take a look around and more closely examine that record and what that record shows voters in this
8:41 am
country is that mitt romney, bankrupted companies deliberately, fired thousands of people, left creditors holding the bag and made sure that he and his partners made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. that is not how all venture capitalist also practice that profession. but it is how mitt practiced it and the only example we have of his job creation experience as a governor in massachusetts, his record showed massachusetts at the time was 47th out of 50 in job creation, no wonder he's not talking about that record. it's abysmal. always a pleasure, thank you, congress woman, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> folks, update you on breaking news we told you about moments ago in miami, a live look there at miami international airport. there is a man in custody there, taken in custody off american airlines flight 320, a boeing 757 headed from montego bay to
8:42 am
miami. we're told the man is in custody because he was "disruptive" we're also told he may have tried to rush the cockpit on that flight. there were a couple of passengers who may have restrained the man before it landed safely. that happened a little over an hour ago there at the miami international airport. no indication there were any changes or other precautions made to other flights and business seeps to be progressing as usual there at miami airport. we'll stay on top of the story, if there is another development we will pass it along to you. fo, our town had a "brilliant" idea. support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa... [ cheering ] in true london fashion. [ male announcer ] now citi thankyou visa card holders can combine the thankyou points
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8:46 am
co-sponsors, good morning to you. >> good morning, craig. >> the bill's sponsor in the house, kelly cassidy is a lesbian and in illinois there is fa onerous bullying bill must be stopped. they outline the lgbt group backing the measure. do you think that prompted opposition to the bill? >> i do believe the opponents are trying to paint this bill as an attempt to force kids do embrace homosexuality which of course is absurd, that is not what the intent of the bill is. the bill is just -- requiring a policy to prevent school bullying that delineates what that policy should include. >> senator mccarter said there are anti-bullying programs that have an agenda, only to only protect one class of individuals, so to set the record straight, what does this bill do and is there anything in
8:47 am
it specifically that refers to lgbt students or anti-gay views? >> no, the bill is entirely to make sure that a school has a policy for anti-bullying that outlines several things. includes some sort of a process for student to identify if they are being bullied and to insure the school has some measures in place to have repercussions around that bullying, to try to prevent that from continuing to happen for the student. also just insures students, parents, teachers are involved in developing the policy and posted. so a student knows how to identify that, who to report it to. i think ironic that religious folks are concerned about it when in fact we find that 19% of people who are bullied say they are bullied because of their religious views. this would protect them from being bullied as well. >> what is next for the measure? >> we just fell one vote shy and we have -- a few more days of
8:48 am
session. i think we have enough votes now i'm planning on calling it back for another vote when we have all the members present. >> thank you so much, appreciate your time. >> thank you. folks get back to the breaking news, disruptive passenger on the plane in miami. tom costello has the latest. what did you find out? >> it was american 320, a 757, boeing 757 coming in from montego bay to miami. miami law enforcement source tells me that this was a passenger that started becoming unruly once the plane had landed. it was a male passenger, as the plane was starting to taxi to the gate, the flight attendant makes that announcement ladies and gentlemen, stay in your seats, yada yada, he got up out of his seat, according to sources, was very agitated tried to make his way very aggressively we are told or anxiously, down the aisle. he at one point as he was making his way down the aisle, tripped
8:49 am
and as he got to the galley, two different passengers held him down in the galley until he made his way -- until the plane rather, made its way to the gate. they were met by i'm told by 20 different miami-dade police officers as well as tsa officers, air marshalls, customs and border patrol and fbi. the flight was never in danger, the suspect is now in custody as they try to determine what his motivation was. they think he may have been confused and what they described as in an altered state. craig, back to you. >> tom costello with the latest on the breaking news, thank you. we will be right back. whoa.
8:50 am
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for six years, i served in the u.s. military with one of these. >> that's a rubber chicken. that's just part of what's easily become one of the most unusual campaign ads, if not of
8:53 am
all time, certainly of the season so far. jeff barth is running against republican congresswoman kristi noem. in that ad, barth walks down a long dirt road while describing his record. he talks about his platform. as he walks, a series of unusual props appear. >> and i learned chess in iceland. i by sickled 1,000 miles through great britain with my church youth group. congress is broken. who is going to fix it, cristy noam and the tea party. >> the congressman joining me live, candidate yef barth. congressman, we should note here that you have made more traditional 30-second spots for your campaign. but where did the idea for this one come from? >> well, i tell you what, i was the first south dakota politician to be on youtube back in 2002.
8:54 am
and certainly, there was some inspiration we found on the internet, and we perried that, but honestly, our mission was to give an authentic view of how i am, jeff barth, a county commissioner, a south dakotian and explain why i'm concerned what's going on out in d.c. and a little bit about about what makes me >> he what's been the response so far? what have people said to you about the ad? >> well, it only came out yesterday. it's i believe approaching 20,000 views. my relatives some of whom i haven't heard from in some time are calling me up. i'm getting texts and e-mails. i think i had 65 friend requests overnight. i got to say though that i received ten online contributions yesterday, but the total was only 130 bucks. i am convinced that they are democrats and not d.c. lobbyists. >> just out of curiosity, how much did that thing cost you to produce? >> well, i tell you what, i had
8:55 am
a lot of help, and i'm not going to say but i know that i've only raised about $50,000 and my opponent has raised six times that much. so i'm kind of taking a shot here, no question about it, a shot to break through to the consciousness of south dakota voters democrats and independents whose votes i need on june 5th. >> south dakota congressman, democratic congressional candidate, excuse me, jeff barth. thank you so much, mr. barth. i do want to let viewers know we did reach out to your opponent, republican congresswoman christie nome for a comment. we have not heard back from them just yet. thomas roberts will be back next week. now, with alex wagner is up next. alex, what you got coming up? >> a lot of amazing stuff, craig. >> really? a lot of amazing stuff. >> a lot of amazing stuff. happy friday to you, sir. happy memorial day weekend. >> to you, as well. >> mitt romney has spent months and millions touting his
8:56 am
business background, but governor romney has been awfully quiet about his time in massachusetts. mark halperin talks timal warp. donald trump is hosting a fund-raiser for romney and at the same time bringing up the birther issue? how will mittens handle it? plus a look what just happened the college years when now okay starts in a mere 180 seconds. no. whoooa i'm in a river. what are some good kayaking words? like...rapids? look, i'm going through the rapids. ok. i'll take it. new offers in new places so you can try new things. sync your american express card with facebook, foursquare, and twitter to find savings. that's the membership effect of american express. we charge everything else... maybe it's time to recharge the human battery.
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cow pies, prairie fires, gasoline on prairie fires, gasoline prices, oil exploration, wind, energy and wind bagry. president obama has been in the heartland and on the stump. mitt romney has been in west philadelphia and on the defensive. it's friday, may 25th. and this is "now." joining me today, frank bruni "the new york times" nbc