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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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in, coach. >> well, i don't know if i want him in the game, there is still plenty of things i disagree with jeb bush on, but at least he is dealing with reality. at least he is not bowing to the far right fringe of his party. there is a difference in a leader being flexible and a leader not showing any political backbone. thanks for watching, i'm al sharpton, "hardball" starting right now. the big chill, let's play "hardball." ♪ let me start with this horrific day for the american economy. the stock market dropped 275 points today wiping out all of the gains of the year. e have folen back to where we were in january.
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the jobless rate rose today. the underlying news is worse. the american economy created just 69,000 jobs last month, less than half of the number predicted. the economy produced a third of that number in the combined two months earlier. this recovery has run out of steam, we're in a stall, got it? what will the president do? what will the fed do? what will the american people demand they do. action. that's the word i'm interested in. what can we expect, what can we hope for. let's get to former clinton secretary robert reich, and ed rendell, they both join us now. let me start with robert reich. if you were running the show in the president's ear and had the power to recommend economic policy action steps, what would they be? >> number one chris i would say even if the republicans will not
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join mely propose number one that the first $20,000 of income be exempted from payroll taxes, effective immediately, a shot in the arm for consumers. number two i propose that we as a country know that borrowing costs are unprecedented because everybody else is pouring their money and we can borrow and have a major infrastructure program to fix our crumbling highway roads and port. and i will make sure that a large portion of the people, 23 million people unemployed will be hired to fix america, and the long term unemployed will be put to work in our parks and schools. if the republicans don't want to
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go along with this. if they want to be negative, that is fine, i want the american people to understand that i'm going to move forward on this. >> from your words to god's ears. ed rendell, i don't know how you can beat that it sounds like music to me. let's go out and do it, the rps may oppose it, and the idea you have been talking about years now, i hate the word infrastructure, but everybody knows what it means. we're behind the europeans. they have trains that go 300 miles per hour. we have the amtrak, it's nice, but it's yesterday. put a tunnel from new york to new jersey. tell that governor to get out of the way. we have bullet trains in asia, everybody is ahead of us now and we're going along like it's 1953. >> secretary reich is absolutely
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right. it's a time for action and the president should understand what the american people are looking for is what's next? what are the plans? we know the economy has improved and stalled, what's next? governor romney suggest we cut taxes, first of all that has never worked in the last 60 years, but even if it did work, it would be down the road. we need action now, particularly infrastructure. 25,000 jobs are produced for every billion dollars of infrastructure spending. every expert agrees with that. if we did a $200 billion infrastructure program. our electrical grid, broad band, dams, levees, everything we need to fix. it would make us more economically competitive, safer, and number three, if you do the math, it's 5 million good well paying jobs on the job sites and
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back in american manufacturing companies. >> let's go. today the president told congress to stop obstructing his limited jobs agenda. >> my message to congress is now is not the time to play politics. now is not the time to sit on your hands. the american people expect their leaders to work hard no mat whaer year it is. we need to prevent more layoffs and put thousands of more people back on the job. congress should have passed a bill a long time ago to put thousands of construction workers back on the job rebuilding roads, bridges, and one ways. instead of just talking about job creators, congress should give small business owners a break for hiring people. >> let's get to the politics. why is he -- if the congress and the republican side boehner and the rest will say no to spam, why don't they ask for steak?
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if they're going to say no, why not go all the way. why not go for something big fp if they're going to say no, make them say no to something worthwhile. >> that's exactly right. what the president needs to do is form a very, very clear contrast in the public's mind between his desire to go forward and create jobs and what the republicans want to do which is basically award tax breaks to the rich, they're not the job creators, award tax breaks to corporations sitting on $2 billion in cash they don't know what to do with. and also, what do they want to do? they want to cut the budget already, that's austerity. that's austerity economics. we saw what that got europeans in terms of making that situation even worse and creating a recession. >> i know. >> so what, you know, what president needs to do is say that's what their agenda is,
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here is mine, i'll get jobs back. if they want to say no, then you make sure i have a senate and a house of representatives that will say yes. >> here is boehner and canter with strong words. >> these job numbers are pathetic. and you know, the american people really deserve better and i think on the right leadership we can do better. >> it's clear that the policies that we've seen are not working. i'm not an economist, all ki say is that if they would have taken our advice and worked with us, the economy would be better. >> well, governor, he is not crying there. i have to tell you that boehner, this is putting a spring in his step. you were in the news today, you didn't, bill clinton made the news, but he was marching to your tune saying don't go after bain capital and the massachusetts experience of
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romney, defend your own record, build on it, don't go negative, are you sticking with that? speak for himself, he took an actiax to the whole thing. let's watch. >> i don't think that we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. this is good work. there is no question that terms of getting up and going to the office and you know, basically performing the essential functions of the office, a man who has been governor a a steriling business career crosses the qualification threshold. >> there you go, mr. clinton, i don't know what he is doing, governor you know him pretty well, he is saying go the positive route, you can't win by bashing him on bain, you have to do it positively. >> he is doing two things. he is saying get out is there
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and talk about what we're going to do, and we do have good plans. and you're dead right, don't do just $50 billion of infrastructure improvements, the cbo says we can afford $200 billion of spending for the next ten years. let's have a plan that will transform america, make us economically competitive, ten years of 5 million jobs each year god, well paying jobs, do something bold. the second thing the president is doing is very smart. he is going to be, of course, for president obama. he is building up credibility by saying mitt romney was a good businessman, etc., so when he does differentiate and gives people reasons to support president obama, they'll say bill clinton he didn't try to trash the other guy, he just gave us arguments why barack obama is better, it's great politics. >> i wouldn't have agreed with that two or three days ago
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robert reich, but now that we're seeing a rising unemployment rate, a pathetic creation of jobs. a revised look at what happened the previous two months, you have to say this recovery should not be called a recovery any more. we're not into a second dip technically. nothing is happening. so if the president doesn't do anything between now and november, nothing will happen, is that fair? >> i think it's clear the president has to put forward and affirmative, clear, concrete message how to get jobs back. i think he has to go after romney, with all due respect, i think my former boss is dead wrong. bain capital is part of the jpmorgan wall street part of it. that is a reason we got into the
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troubt we got into in 2008 and a reason why the economy is having a hard time getting out of it. >> so you say develop a strong program for the future. >> governor, i have to ask you about bill clinton who you still call the president, fair enough, he is the ongoing former president. here he is saying nice things about donald trump, let's watch. >> i know donald trump to be a sane smart businessman. romney comes and he talks about that birth certificate again, how do you put that out of their minds once and for all. doesn't he realize how uncool he is? >> i don't know, donald trump has been uncommonly nice to hillary and i, and i like him, and i love playing golf with him, but the evidence is pretty clear that president obama was
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born in hawaii, and this whole election should not be about any of these side issue zlps there he is giving the president the b benefit of the doubt. the evidence is pretty clear here that donald trump might be wrong. it is a strange way to phrase it for a fellow like bill clinton. >> we want donald trump to keep it up. i think he said important things, but every time he say it's it drives voter into our column i disagree with bob about one thing. i don't think this is the time to attack mitt romney. we can use that material for counter punching. it f he makes a speech and says as governor of massachusetts i did a great job with the economy, we can say but you were
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47th out of 50 for job creation. let's go on the offensive by telling the person people what we do. what american people are looking for is who is the best bet to get them out of this. i think it's barack obama because he has the best plans and i would pin the tail on that republican congress. they don't want to do anything, they're more interested in politics, let's roll and get this done. >> i think that's an agreement, more money and a major historic commitment to building this country up in terms of the infrastructure, the grids, mass transit and highways, as you point out the low interest rates is to critical. you have people ready to work, capital ready to be used, low interest rates, this is the time. we built the empire state building in 1931, that to me
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remains the great example of what you can do in tough times. >> chris, you remember what they said 75 years ago when they wanted to build the golden gate bridge? they said it's too dangerous. we did it, we used to great things, we have to get back to doing it. >> the golden gate bridge, i offer it as an example in the one case in which man kind has improved on nature, the golden gate bridge, it's stunning today every tomb i go near it, thank you for joining us. coming up, john edwards hints at a come back. could he actually rise again? maybe we all need his hopefulness, and why it republicans push a bill banning gender based abortions. it's a particular issue here in that community and i wonder if
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helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ here is another foreign policy move from president obama. the "new york times" reported that since he first took office, he secretly stepped up sooish attacks against iran. attacks on the computer systems that run the nuclear enrichment facilities began with president bush and they have grown more frequent and sophisticated in the obama administration. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99.
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john edwards may have gone
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free yesterday, but can he rebuild his career? three jurors spoken to today said they thought he was guilty but they didn't have the evidence. >> i think he had knowledge of where the money was going. >> he was just smart enough to hide it. >> raise your hands if you think john edwards was guilty on at least some of the counts against him. >> okay, raise your hands if you think he is a bad guy. interesting. >> they chose wisely there. is he out of touch? let's ask our two next guests. we have a long term democratic strategist that met him working on his 1998 senate campaign, and joan walsh. >> what is with john edwards, is
4:20 pm
he all delusion? does he have so much optimism he doesn't connect with reality talking about god still has a plan for me. >> the people don't have a plan for him. look, he can maybe redeem himself a person if he doesn't talk about himself. that's what was wrong yesterday. what he does, it can't be about him. he has to be quiet, he has to quietly give himself to a cause he cares about. stay in the valley, no publicity, no oprah like interviews. maybe he can never undue the nonjudicial verdict rendered on him, but he might change people's lives. if it looks like he is manipulating this, it will tarnish him even further. >> i was wondering if he was making a call out -- by the way
4:21 pm
whatever your religious beliefs, you to wonder about a guy explaining god's plans finish dr i think god would like to make his own plans and he doesn't like somebody predicting them. your thoughts, joan, about that strange ego moment last night when he began acting narcissisticly. >> i could not believe it. i speak as somebody that supported him in 2007 and i speak as somebody that voted to put him a heart beat away from the presidency in 2004, i apologize to the american people for that. when he started speaking, i knew he was a narcissist, but it was so wrong and it was from the moment he started. maybe a thank you to the judge, jury, and family for standing by him, but that performance showed a man so out of touch with the world, with himself, and just so full of himself.
4:22 pm
i mean, love your children, go out and love your children and be a good father, help the world help the children of the world, but don't -- >> and don't say your favorite kid is the one you have with your children. >> here he is speaking for himself, and i have to say in a narcissistic fashion. >> i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there is still good things i can do. and whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward, what i'm hopeful about is all of those kids that i have seen in the poorest parts of this country and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them. and whatever way i'm still capable of helping them. and i want to dedicate my life to being the best dad i can be, and to helping those kids that i think deserve help.
4:23 pm
>> public opinion in this county true is not on john edwards side. 3% have a favorable view of him. he has been in the bars and restaurants of chapel hill. it's not stuff that gets you into the 12 apostles. >> i don't think he is trying out for the 12 apostles, he would be lucky to get into the lower ranks of heavy. >> i want to go after you mr. shrum. you believed in this guy, people fell for this guy. it was his cute manner, that little boy -- >> when i met him in 1997, i thought he was a person of extraordinary talent. >> why? >> he was articulate and smart. nobody thought he could win in north carolina in 1998 and he did it. and he came to the senate and john mccain was impressed, ted
4:24 pm
kennedy was impressed but he never fulfilled that potential. >> did he ever read a book or a newspaper? >> i think he read a newspaper. >> i don't think so i watched him. >> i don't think he worked hard at being a senator. i watched him in the 2004 campaign. i went to his debate practice, he was not ready for that debate, he had to go back to his room. >> of course, he is never ready. >> this is what i teach people about politics, study study study, learn what you're talking about. i was in his bus in iowa, i'm looking through the bus and i don't see a single piece of paper. he was all bs. it was all cute, it was all hair. it was nonsense. and he fell for his own bs. he believed he was a sparkling savior of the nation based on
4:25 pm
what? what? >> based upon being a good looking southern guy at a time that we all thought the next president like bill clinton should come from the south. >> bill clinton was a rhodes scholar. >> john edwards is kmart. he is very self very self invol. when i told him not to run in 2003, he said i will never forget, even on my death bed, what you have done to me and my family. it was an extraordinary statement. >> he does have a sense of his own power. >> on his death bed, really. >> sadly he is in the dark valley, i'm glad he was not
4:26 pm
convicted because his family has been through a lot of tragedy. >> thank you very much, the great avenger. joan, i love it when you're simp thetic to the beautiful young men of the world. wait until you hear about donald rumsfeld. he is back. i would say president obama has a slightly better foreign policy track record than rummy, that's in the side show. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ back to "hardball" and now to the side show. that proposed ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces is causing
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noise. so let me get this straight, i can go to carnegie deli, i can go to hooters for wings deep fried, tossed in sauce and butter, with a bowl of cheese, how about a frozen hot chocolate. >> this is legal! >> mr. mayor, i know you can be intimidated by these large size drinks, you and i are both small. we may see a generally portioned drink and think of it as a drowning hazard, but it's not fair. >> actually he marked today as national donut day. i think there is sugar in
4:31 pm
donuts, mr. mayor. a debate on a pension bill in illinois on tuesday, mike bost took to the floor to say it was too soon for a vote. >> total power in one person's hands. these damn bills all the damn time, i have to try to figure out how to vote for my people, i'm sick of it. every year we give power to one person. it was not made that way in the constitution, he was around when it was written. enough! i feel like somebody trying to be released from egypt. let my people go! >> i think he had a 16 ounce sugar drink. he says he never usually acts that way. and robert gates said that president obama made a gutsy call. in an interview, he said donald rumsfeld say the decision should
4:32 pm
have been a fast and easy one thanks in part to past administrations. >> you spend billions of dollars and lives trying to track down osama bin laden and you have 40 to 80% confidence in your intelligence. it seems to me that it is a 15 minute decision and the first 14 are for coffee. could it be wrong, you bet. >> with enormous consequences, ask jimmy carter. >> listen, our special forces in that era were so early. the investment in a the obama administration benefitted from, their capabilities were developed during their predecessors. >> meaning the bush administration? >> exactly. >> wasn't rumsfeld the guy who said that saddam hussein had
4:33 pm
nuclear weapons? next, republicans in the house try to ban gender based abortions, are they really just going after the asian american community here and can they change that culture on these issues? we'll talk to two members of congress on either side of the ball. good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ normal voice ] nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. [ normal voice ] same agent and everything. it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the value plan. are you in good hands?
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>> i'm milissa rehberger, storms blue through washington dc, funnel clouds were seen and a warning is in effect until 8:30 tonight. a wild fire an grown in new mexico and is the biggest blaze in the state's history, and jerry sandusky's trial will
4:37 pm
begin on tuesday. back to "hardball." >> this is the ultimate war on women, mr. speaker. if we don't allow women to be born, we cannot talk about any other rights. >> you talk about a war on women, this is a war on ethics. whoa to you if you vote against this bill. >> the members there on the floor was a bill that would ban and criminalize gender selection as a reason for abortions. it didn't get the two thirds in the procedural rule in which it was brought up. so here we go. let's talk to two congressman on both sides of the bill. we have cliff sterns who voted for it and donna edwards who
4:38 pm
voted against it. i want mr. sterns to make the case, what community in this country is engaged in gender selection in terms of abortion. >> it's across the united states. the university of california has shown through evidence by interviewing women from 2004 to 2009 that a lot made this decision based on sex -- >> which community is it? >> the immigrant community is one of the large ones that he looked at because of that -- >> anyone else involved in this to your knowledge besides asian women that come to the united states that bring their culture with them? any evidence beyond that community? >> well, you talk about -- >> no, i want the answer to that question. do you have any evidence? >> yes, the national academy of science did a study from the last census and they found there is a deviation that shows more of the abortions occur and there is sex selection. so i think at the national
4:39 pm
academy of science shows that evidence strongly been. >> but you don't have any evidence of cases if you were going to court. you wouldn't have cases would you? you're talking about a law here. my problem is this. you don't want to punish the woman, you want to punish the doctor. if a woman did have this intention because of her background or values, she would simply go from doctor to doctor to find a doctor that would not ask her the question and she would not proceed with the abortion. >> this same law has been passed in all of the western civilization countries. including france, germany, sweden, norway, i can go on. when you go to the asian community it's banned in singapore and thailand. so to think that the democrats voted against a bill prevalent in all of these countries in the european community and asian
4:40 pm
community. >> they don't ban abortion in china. >> no, but they ban sex collection. >> i think you are sporting for trouble here. i think this is about one community. and i don't certainly like what i see in that community if they do this. the idea, first of all, i don't know who is against having girl children? who doesn't want to have a girl granddaughter or child? >> the whole question is why did we try to mass in bill, we have 246 people that think it's the right bill. it's the same bill passed all through europe and asia, are you arguing against the bill yourself? >> you're doing it to find moderate republicans from swing districts you can nail. >> no, this is pure principal and those people that voted against this bill, whoa to them because they're immoral. >> whoa to them, what are you
4:41 pm
lincoln? >> whoa to me. first of all the study he sites, they interviewed 65 women and that's the basis for national policy here? this is ridiculous. the republicans on one hand don't want us to say there is a war on women and every single week there is a new measure to ban abortion, to end family planning. they don't want to provide for family planning, but then they want to prevent so called sex-based abortions. finding a problem that really is not -- doesn't exist in this country for merit for the level of national policy. >> can i reply? >> sure. >> the united nations agrees with this bill. donna is saying this is a war on women, it is not, the united nations said if you base abortions upon sex selection that's bad. that they said is a war on a woman. >> you just agreed to end family
4:42 pm
planning for the work of the united nations is doing across the country. stop this already. the republicans, every single week in this congress, chris, republicans put forward another measure that says to women, you don't have privacy in the decisions with your doctoring and we'll criminalize the doctor. >> let's get our ideology state. mr. stearns, i want to know your background on this, if you could pass a law in this country that banned abortions would you do it? >> certainly. >> so you're toe day he looks like against a woman's right to make a decision across the board. so this is one step forward in terms of your ultimate goal? >> no, this is not talking about one step guard, it's talking about basic moral values. are you oak with aborting a baby because she is female. she voted against it. >> why don't you punish the
4:43 pm
woman? >> we can punish the doctors -- the way the bill is set up is the doctor has no right to perform the abortion because it's a girl. >> you punish the doctors, you ask the doctors to be mind readers and figure out when a woman comes to the office why they want. >> what should be the punishment, sir? i think we're all pro-life, but let me ask you this. what should be the punishment for a woman who chooses to have an abortion. >> no, chris -- >> you want to outlaw it, you call it murder, terms like that, what should the punishment be for a woman that chooses a doctor and asks for this procedure, what should be the punishment for that. >> if we're talking about abortion, we have the hyde rule for incest, life of the mother,
4:44 pm
things like that and rape. so we have that in place. >> so what should be the punishment for a woman that wants an abortion because she doesn't want to deliver the child. you don't want to answer this is. >> i asked questions. >> you want to outlaw abortion and you don't want to do it because you know deep down the average voter even in your district doesn't believe the woman is really guilty of a murder or think it should be a murder charge, they may not even think it should be fineable. it's a difficult moral dilemma and that's why we let the person make the decision. that's why we don't make all these laws you want to pass because it's a difficult decision. why don't you let the women answer it. >> it's your show. let me answer. >> you won't answer it. >> i'll answer the question the way i want. it might be your show, you can do all the talking but i can answer the way i want. the question is should there be
4:45 pm
a law for a woman to make a abortion decision based on the sex of the embryo. >> what should be the punishment be? >> it should be against the law. >> what should be the punishment? >> i think it should certainly be very serious and more than civil. >> what should it be? >> more than a civil case, something very serious. >> so it should be a criminal matter for the woman and a doctor. >> i think so you're killing an embryo, sometimes one that is four or five months into gestation. >> i agree, i think we get law involved in personal decisions. >> i understand but you just said you agree with the bill. >> no, i don't believe in punishing people who want abortions. people should make that decision. >> but you said you agree that sex selection is bad. >> of course it is. >> okay, that's the bill we're talking about, that's what will come back on the floor not under
4:46 pm
suspension. >> please come back, you are a good sport even though i think you need to rethink the moral decisions. i think sometimes you guys on the far right think women cannot make a decision like this. i think you have a problem and you don't want to admit it's a moral conflict here. that's why we leave it in the hands of the woman because it is so difficult. that's why we let the woman decide. >> of course, it is a really difficult decision that needs to be between the doctor and the woman. we don't need the government in the doctors office. and you don't need to punish women. we can educate them about sex forced abortions. >> can i have the last word? >> quickly. >> the basic question is that all of europe and most of asia has the same rule that you cannot have sex selection as an abortion, why can't we pass the
4:47 pm
same bill. >> it's amazing when you want to import the values of any countries and when a liberal or progressive tries to do it they say you're bringing foreign values into this country. thank you both for being here. up next, why is bill clinton off script in praising mitt romney's work at bain, and talking up donald trump? what's with this guy? is he really helping the obama campaign? we'll see. ] this... is the at&t network. a living, breathing intelligence teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions, to bring all the right results. [ whirring and beeping ] it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. okay. this is a great question. we're back. what was bill clinton thinking -- that's an old question, of course -- by criticizing the obama campaign's attack on bain capital and then saying nice things as hell about donald trump? it's the big question for our strategist steve mcmahon. he's a democratic strategist and todd harrison, republican strategist. how much fun is this to watch the democratic party come apart over these stupid things like donald trump and bain? >> when you are an ex-president, it's sort of like being an 85-year-old man where you can wear your pants up to here and socks up to your knee, you just don't give a damn what anybody thinks.
4:52 pm
>> but he shows up in those crazy socks at the white house. >> you just don't care. and unfortunately for the obama campaign, the former president of the united states loves, loves talking to the media. >> okay. >> and the thing is he's so smart, you know this wasn't a mistake. >> he's not joe biden. talking to harvey weinstein. a guy he probably like to be friendly with, a big hollywood producer, 70 oscars. here he is talking to him about donald trump. >> i know donald trump to be a sane, smart businessman, but he has this benefit. romney comes and he talks about that birth certificate again. how do you put that out of the minds of the american public once and for all and doesn't he realize how uncool he is? >> i don't know. donald trump has been uncommonly nice to hillary and me. we're all new yorkers. >> me, too. >> and i like him and i love playing golf with him, but the evidence is pretty clear that president obama was born in
4:53 pm
hawaii and this whole election should not be about any of these side issues is. >> well, if it's pretty clear that evidence he's from hawaii, he didn't exactly lock it in there, did he? pretty clear the evidence -- >> the president, the former president's in a different business now. and he runs with people in new york, he raises money for his foundation. he golfs with donald trump, he hangs out with venture capitalists. with bill clinton, todd's right, like being the 85-year-old man, you goat say whatever you want, you don't have to worry about it. but it certainly isn't doing the obama campaign any good. >> we're noticing just quickly, i wouldn't notice a pile on, but it's a pile away from obama. nobody is making any special effort to give away credit so they can help obama. cory booker, ed rendell, all these heavyweights in the party are saying, yeah, i don't agree with him. i don't agree with him. >> within the democratic party, what you hear time and again is that the white house and obama in particular has never made any special effort to reach out to any of these
4:54 pm
people. >> yeah. >> notary publ sits around. ro roosevelt would sit around all night. isn't he doing that? >> all that may be true, but the democrats who are walking away from the president are all democrats from the northeast that hang out with the equity people. they are choosing their friendships over the president. >> follow the money. >> they all think he has done great job. they are all campaigning for them. >> with friends like these. >> moment of the obama campaign so far was produced by harvey winestein. >> it's not great day. what a bad day for this economy. thank you. when we return let me finish with why president obama needs to do something to get this
4:55 pm
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let me finish on this tough, hard note it's come to. i'm talking about this coming election. there was a sense on the part of the obama people in the white house and out in chicago that the main thrust had to be negative. the economy is not going to perk up that much so the goal had to be going at romney as hard as
4:59 pm
possible. you couldn't rely on defense. only a strong offense guaranteed the best chance of victory. the pathetic number of new jobs and even worse number of new jobs coming in for the previous two months must be wake up call. now hear this, there's little way that obama will win the election in the middle where it will be fought by telling people that things are bad but they would be worse under romney. the american people are at their core an optimistic people. we don't believe the only alternative to a bad outlook is a worst outlook. that's not how we're put together. we have to believe. we have to have faith. we have to see a better day coming if we make the right decision. romney promises a fresh start. if he's to beat him, president obama needs to promise fresh hope. the only way to do that is to do something. it's june 1st. time for a summer offensive. it must be based on a policy, an economic policy, n