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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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romney said today about the percentage of money he's got in the united states, he could be worth $6 billion and that definitely would make him the richest candidate in the history of the country. interesting. >> the one thing we do know is he's super wealthy. that is beyond doubt. >> he can buy coffee. no doubt. richard wolffe, great to haveio us. that's "the ed show." >> have a good weekend. >> i will do that. i'm on orders to do that. i'll do it. >> thanks and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. after two very bad weeks on the campaign trail, after really not being able to catch a break at all, with this week in particular just getting worse and worse and worse day by day, today the mitt romney for president campaign did something they have never done with their normally rather interview shy candidate. it was a wall to wall blanket the networks blitz of interviews. governor romney talked to abc, he talked to cbs, he talked to
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nbc, he talked to cnn, he talked to fox news. he talked to -- well, no, actually, mitt romney did not talk to msnbc, but in five hastily called interviews with everybody but msnbc, mitt romney repeated without variation the same thing over and over and over and over and over again today. he left bain capital in 1999. he left to run the olympics. and anybody kritdicizing him for what bain did after 1999 should apologize. mr. romney said specifically that president obama should apologize because he, mitt romney, was gone from bain by 1999. >> in february of 1999, i left bain capital. >> i had no involvement with the management of bain capital after february of 1999. >> i had no role whatsoever in the management of bain capital after february of 1999. >> i had no role whatsoever in the management of bain capital
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after february of 1999. >> i left in february of 1999. >> relinquished on management authority and role in bain capital after february of 1999. >> the truth is that i left any role at bain capital in february of '99. >> i will admit that pt of me was bummed that i didn't get one of these mitt romney interviews who everybody else got one. but on the other hand, i realize all he would have said to me is, i left bain capital in 1999. and i would have said, pardon? and he would have said, i left bain capital in 99. i would say, can i change the subject? he would say, i left in 1999. here is why it matters. the question of bain capital, when mitt romney was there and when he left. it's critical to mitt romney's vie blability as a political candidate that he left bain capital in 1999 as he says and says and says. his electability depends in part on that being true, which is why
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he says it all the time. >> i left that business in 1999 to help put the salt lake city olympics bab on track. >> with worked at one company, bain, for 25 yers, and i left that to go off and help save the olympic games. >> i left massachusetts to go run the olympics and left my organization. i was out there full time. >> i left bain in 1999. i was out there full time. i was here no time. the romney campaign should start printing that on shirts and coffee cups and bumper stickers and dog ouft's because that's central to his campaign. last year, that assertion appeared in plain english on the form he had to file to run for president. his financial disclosure form. it's plain ipglish. he retired from bain capital on february 11, 1999, to head the salt lake organizer committee. since february 11th, 1999, mr. romney has not had any active role in any bane capital
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entity in any way. you do not have to be a lawyer to know what in any way means. the reason mr. romney keeps insisting he left bain capital a few weeks into 1999 is he doesn't want to answer for th g things bain capital did after that. he doesn't want to answer for layoffs and bankruptcy at dynamic details, the layoffs and closing of the gst steel mill where the federal government had to come in and bailu out the pension funds or the way modus media and smtc corpses sent jobs overseaess. he doesn't want to answer for any of those things that happ happened add bain capital after he said he dog gone said he left that godoggone company. now he has a problem which is two fold. the first fold, reporters have
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been finding and publishing lots of incidents where he shows up in bain capital documents as being very much a part of the company after 1999. they have been publishing bain capital documents like this one from after 1999. this one from the year 2000, showing mitt romney as the sole shareholder, sole director, chief executive officer and president of bain capital. here's one from the following year, from 2001, same thing. bain capital telling federal authorities that mitt romney owns bain and is the boss. the boston globe yesterday built on that reporting finding financial disclosure forms for mr. romney that list him as the 100% sole owner of bain capital in 2002. as these stories have started breaking, as this reporting over the last couple weeks has started snowballing, the response from mr. romney is that these documents that show his name on them from bain capital after 1999, these documents don't matter. these are just legal mumbo
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jumbo. it's just a quirk of the law. even though i mitt romney have signed these documents saying that i mitt romney am princeally engaged in the business of serving as the sole stock holder of the firm, that's just legal stuff. that's just a technicality. i don't mean it. it's not really true. if you were a rich investment manager like me, you would understand, really, you would understand in your heart. today, mr. romney elaborated on his defense by saying all of the forms, his norms being on all of the forms well after 1999, all of these forms, what they meant was that he was the owner, but he was not as the owner paying attention to these things that he owned. he was not paying attention to anything at bain. he was not spearing anything. he was not going to meetings, not making decisions, he was not doing anything at bain. he was just still owning it. if that's true, it means mr. romney wants us to believe, look at this, look. look. he wants us to believe that he
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gau got paid a lot for doing absolutely nothing. he made $100,000 in 2001 and again in 2002 for the job of doing absolutely nothing at bain capital. nothing at all. that $100,000 salary is not the return from an investment. that's not somebody paying him back a loan. that's mitt romney making $100,000 for a job that he insists he did not do. are there any more of those jobs available out there where you get paid $100,000 to do nothing? to swear you're doing absolutely nothing? are these jobs available if your name is not mitt romney? no, maybe, call me? well now mitt romney has a further problem beyond that. back when he ran for governor of massachusetts in 2002, mr. romney gave sworn testimony about being a legal resident of massachusetts and therefore being eligible to run for governor. i lived in massachusetts at the time, still do, and i remember
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people having consternation that this guy who lichbed in utah was going to be governor of massachusetts. he testified he lived in massachusetts. he said even though he had been busy running the olympics in utah, he traveled to massachusetts all the time for both personal reason and for business reasons. business reasons? he specifically mentioned having to come back for board meetings in 2002. including apparently board meetings for a company that bain had a stake in. so he swore then he was coming back to massachusetts in 2002 to go to board meetings. he says now he was doing nothing, nothing, nothing at all related to bain after 1999. so mitt romney says he was not there at bain. he also says he was there. it all depends on who's asking and why. this year, when republicans were trying to pick a republican nominee to run against president obama, mr. romney's opponents in the primary tried to nail him on
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this. they tried to say he should release his tax returns, he should clear up all this stuff. didn't really go anywhere in the primaries. the first person who realized mitt romney was struggling with this, that he was trying to create a little cognitive dissonance around this, trying to make people believe two opposite things at the same time, he wanted to evade responsibility for what happened at his firm while still getting credit for being at his firm, the first person who realized that, the first person who wrezalled with that was his opponent in that massachusetts governor's race. >> when you cut people's health care benefits, cut their pension benefits and close the plant, it has become known that your company made $102 million in profits from the sale of that company, from dismanltalling that company. my question to you is, couldn't you have made $80 million instead of $102 million and helped keep people in their health care benefits for longer or extended their pension
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benefits. >> i was off at the olympics -- >> are you going to answer the question? >> i was at the olympics when that occurred. >> the fact is you were still signing documents as ceo of the company while you were away. in the summer of 2001 when you were leaving the olympics you made a statement in the paper that in the summer of 2001, you were finally relinquishing 100% control of your position in bain, so apparently, you hadn't relinquished that beforehand. >> joining us now is shannon o'bri o'brien, mitt romney's democratic opponent in the 2002 race for governor. she's a former member of the state house and state senate. really nice to have you here. >> hi, rachel. nice to meet you and nice to meet a neighbor from northampton. i lived in east hampton. >> very good. looking back at the debate footage, as the first person to press mitt romney in that campaign about what really happened at bain capital and when he was responsible for bain
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captop's actions, are you surprised to see it coming up again now? is this the same basic issue you were confronting him with ten years ago? >> it's the same basic issue and he criticized me deeply for having done something like this. for having deigned to question his truthful, and it's taken ten years to figure out that actually maybe he wasn't telling the truth. >> obviously, the obama campaign has been going after mr. romney for the apparent conflicts in the record. i wonder, have you been in contact with the obama campaign. are they interested in what you know? are they following any of your lead from what you raised with him a decade ago? >> i certainly thing that a lot of the record that was created in 2002, the obama people are looking at. i mean, i can't see this from here, but i guess you have had the videotape of one of our earlier debates from 2002, so i really think that after ten years, it's really making sure that you hold someone
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accountable for the statements they make. you know, governor -- former governor romney has demonstrated a pattern of basically not being completely transparent about his financial dealings. on the one hand he says the reason shehead be the president of the united states is because he's a job creator and the reason we should believe he's a job creator is because of his fantastic track record at bain. but then when pressed about the bankruptcies and the lost jobs, then he doesn't want to have anything to do with that. so i think that we were able to uncover quite a bit of that in 2002, and i think it's just looking at the inconsistencies, not only in 2002 but you know in his last race and in this race. just making sure that he's being truthful and making sure he's being consistent in the message he's pressing for making the case to the people of the united states. >> i have been marinating in the various documents for a few days, trying to figure out what is important, what might really
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be legal mumbo jummo the way his campaign is pointing out, and it sticks out for me he was paid $100,000 both in 2001 and 2002 by bain, not because of an investment but as a salary for being an executive, and if he is simultaneously claiming he did nothing, he did absolutely nothing, and that he was paid $100,000 for being an executive, it seems to me like one of the things cannot stand. this has to fall apart, if only on that point. is that detail about him getting paid $100,000 for each of those years, is that new to you? did you know that at the time? >> that was part of his statement of financial interest when he was in the campaign, and i think that's one of the reasons that we pressed him on this issue in 2002. and i actually probably believe that given the time that he was taking to run the olympics before he came back to massachusetts to run, probably the day to day operations of the business of the size and magnitude of bain he probably wasn't doing, but what happens
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in these private investment companies is initially in essence when you make an investment, you get seats on the board, and there's a reason you get seats on the board. because you're basically watching overseeing the management of the other companies, watching the decisions they're making, making sure they're following good corporate govern nns and protecting the investment you made. i have sat on a number of different corporate boards including some financial institutions and i understand that even if you're not involved in the day to day operations, it's that board work that also becomes important. he probably was getting paid for some of that board involvement he was continuing to maintain while he was still running the olympics. that's my reading from all of the stories i have seen in the paper. >> having him say so black and white today over and over and over again on all of the network interviewsuric was doing nothing, nothing, nothing, and then getting paid for something. >> as someone who sat on a
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board, it's sort of interesting because board members be good board members, and we get told this by management all the time, there's a bright line between what management does and what a board does. what a board does is very, very important, frankly not only to the governance to a company, the direction they're taking, the major decisions that a company is taking, so even though you may not be involved in the day to day management of bain or the companies you discussed before i came on, but you're certainly involved in the direction and the major decisions that are taking place. so i think that it's somewhat disingenuous for him to say he was not involved if he was acknowledging he did board work as a result of his involvement on behalf of bain's investments. >> shannon o'brien who ran against mitt romney. thank you for your insight and helping us figure this out tonight. this rabbit hole is yet deeper and we're going to keep going. but you helped us figure out some of it.
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>> one quick programming note. one of mitt romney's former partners at bain is going to be chris hayes' guest tomorrow. that's going to be really good. you should watch that. if you're not going to be up that early, dvr it. okay. >> lots still ahead including a popcorn worthy spy movie ending to this show tonight. please stay with us. of green cot is now in our new starbucks refreshers™ -- a breakthrough in natural energy. made with real fruit, starbucks refreshers™ are delicious low calorie drinks you can feel good about. ♪ rethink how you re-energize. ♪ get a boost of natural energy with a new starbucks refreshers™, in three re-energizing ways. try one on us, only at starbucks. in three re-energizing ways.
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we have been following this story closely. as you know, the state's only abortion clinic, only one abortion clinic in mississippi and it's been threatened with closure by a new law in mississippi. a new law that specifically targets new regulations only at abortion providers. new rules designed to be impossible for clinics to comply with, it seems. seems pretty clear it's designed to shut them down. the proponents of the law said that's what they were trying to do with the law. in this case, the law required all abortion clinics to have admitting privileges. something that mississippi's republican governor knew they did not have when he signed that l bill into law in april. >> i think it's historic that today you see the first step in a movement, i believe, to do what we campaigned on, to say we're going to try to end abortion in mississippi. >> they admitted they wanted to shut down all access to abortion in mississippi. the goal of mississippi lawma r
6:21 pm
lawmakers in passing the new targeted regulations was to shut down the state's only clinic. the clinic as we have been reporting here, sued in federal court to block the law, to keep themselves open. tonight, a federal judge has issued a ruling that partially grants the clinic's request. the judge did not block the law itself. he ruled tonight that the new law will be allowed to take effect in mississippi, but he's blocking the state from enforcing the law's penalties as long as the clinic is trying to comply with the new law. bottom line, as yet unseen. it seems that the statement is still trying to shut down the last clinic in the state, but they will not be allowed to take action against the clinic to insure that, alt least now. here's is how the clinic's owner is reacting to the ruling tonight. >> we're pretty happy. this is -- this was our major concern, whether or not we could be criminally or civilly prosecuted. as you know, we have done everything we can to comply with this law.
6:22 pm
we've put in all of our applicati applications. we're calling the hospitals weekly. but everything is out of our hands now, and into the hands of the hospital. so we'll be able to operate without fear of either being criminally or civilly prosecuted which is a major, major relief. i think that the judge was clear that we can come back at any time if we need to. i'm hoping that we're going to be effective and able to get the privileges. i would certainly like to extend an invitation to governor bryant and all of the officials who have been real concerned about this, maybe they can help us out and make some calls to the hospitals to see if they could, you know, hasten the process. otherwise, you know, we plan on seeing it through. >> so as of tonight, a bit of a reprieve. the law that's designed to end abortion in mississippi has been allowed to stay on the books,
6:23 pm
but access to abortion will not be ended in mississippi just yet. center for reproductive rights responding saying they will remain vigilant in their fight to make sure they're not subject to penalties that will force the doors to close and deprive women of their constitutionally protected rights. the clinic's owner saying if she's not able to comply with the law, she'll continue to fight it in court. we'll continue to watch it closely because mississippi is still trying its damnedest to become the first state in the country to ban abortion with or without overturning roe v. wade. including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning.
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did you ever go to even if you're not a person who is into boats, even if you don't live by a big waterway. if you're anywhere near as dorky as i am, you willfiant fascinating. you can zoom in anywhere in the world and see a live representation of what ships are doing in what body of water. so zooming in on new york city, you can see all of the little vessels there. if you click on one of the boats and that boat really is there in that spot right there where you clicked on it, it's a tug boat on new york city harbor. you get a name, a picture. sometimes you get a bunch of pictures, find out its size, home port, where it's going. it's totally mesmerizing and you can get it in real time all over the world for all kinds of ship
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traffic. because exists and i'm obsessed with it, i find it very easy to get full details and lots and lots of lovely photos of this guy, the altair voy j voyager. it's a chevron tanker that used to be famous. until the george w. bush administration took office in 2001, the altair voyager was called the condoleezza rice. she was a long time board member of chevron when george bush hired her to be the national security adviser. she had a tanker named after her. yeah, the former oil executive president picked the ceo of halliburton to be president and the board member of chevron to be national security adviser. it was a different time. pity poor chevron because when the bush administration took office, chevron faced the
6:29 pm
prospect of having one of its oil tankers floating around the middle east or off the coast of nigeria or something with the american national security adviser's name painted in big letters on the side of their tanker. that's awkward. that was awkward even before iraq. so chevron decided in 2001 they would change the name of the condoleezza rice. it would no longer being the condoleezza rice, it would instead being the altair voyager, which is the name of a star, a noncontroversial star. now the woman who once had her name poiainted or so it would sp as a floating symbol of the bush campaign is now for a man who hopes that name stands for something else. melissa harris perry joins us next.
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handling of bad news over there. all of the new detail on bain, the swiss bank account issue, even as surrogates call for tax returns as some say no. the members of rom calm have been back on their heels all week long. here is how team rom com handled just the last 24-hour news cycle. this right here, i can't make it look any better than that. this right here appears to be the only picture that exists of mitt romney's high profile fund-raiser in wyoming last night with former vice president dick cheney. that's it, a picture of people's backs taken from a distance from behind a pole, maybe a tree. that's the only photo. the romney team was so nervous that their candidate would be photographed alongside dick cheney, mr. 13% approval rating, that they banned tv cameras frame covering the event. the l.a. times reports a pool of reporters was allowed in, but
6:34 pm
media photos of romney and cheney together were not permitted. not only were they banned from photographing romney and cheney together, they weren't even allowed to eyewitness the two men standing together. quote, when mr. romney arrived at the recension, he greeted mr. cheney with a hand shake and his wife with a kiss, but reporters were promptly escorted out by the campaign. later in the evening, quote, once at mr. cheney's private residence, a reporter within earshot of mr. romney's remarks, heard mr. romney invoke mr. bush but was not able to make out the context and was again escorted away by a came pain staffer. the romney campaign went to great length to allow there to be a meeting but also squelching evidence they had had anything to do with each other. and in the same news cycle, in
6:35 pm
that same news cycle, somebody in romney land had the genius idea of floating as mr. romney's vice presidential nominee, the highest profile person from the bush/cheneystration who was not george w. bush or dick cheney. so they're getting new communications in over at romneyland. seems like a good idea. with or without these, i'm sure excellent new communications folks coming in to try to tune up the shop at rom com, it's going to be hard for them to run from the real connections between mr. romney's campaign and the last republican presidency. i mean, even if mitt romney has so far managed to avoid being seen next to george w. bux, there are now a bush of statements on the record of him and dick cheney making proverbial googly eyes at each other. romney saying dick cheney is a man of wisdom and judgment, somebody he would model his own
6:36 pm
vice presidential pick after. dick cheney saying last night, when i think of the kind of individual i want in the oval office, that man is mitt romney. mitt romney then returning the favor, saying of dick cheney last night, quote, that's quite a man. quite a leader. 17 of mitt romney's 24 foreign policy advisers are people who served in the bush/cheney administration. when joe biden accused the romney campaign of being laden with bush/cheney guys, they rebutted that charge with two bush/cheney guys. on matters of policy in terms of what they're in favor of, they're on the same page even on simple issues like the wars. cheney said it was a great mistake, in his words, it was tragic to end the war in iraq. and like doick cheney, he also does not want an end to the afghanistan war. i understand some of what they might think is the appeal of
6:37 pm
floating condoleezza rice as mitt romney's vice president, particularly since it's not about bain capital and that makes it a comparatively good topic of conversation today. did they not realize that putting condoleezza rise into today's news make them think about all of the connections between the bush and romney administrations. do we not remember why it is she's that famous? maybe it was an intentional thing. maybe the romney campaign is getting closer to allowing the photos, right? to say publicly that a mitt romney presidency might be a third term of bush/cheney and what about it? joining us, melissa harris perry. great to have you here. thank you. >> thanks. >> which is your dream ticket. mitt romney/cond conrice, or mitt romney liz cheney? >> it's romney/rice? >> why?
6:38 pm
>> well, romney rice is fun to say. one, i like the idea of a condi rice/joe biden debate. it's a debate about folks who have foreign policy about the two big issues that have dominated our foreign policy scene, afghanistan and iraq. and i would like to hear condoleezza rice talk about how she would defend that, particularly in a political circumstance because she hasn't had to do that. i would love that debate. the other piece of it is i just -- i am ready for an america with an african-american woman political scientist who used to be provost of a university as a vice presidential candidate. it makes me happy. >> she was secretary of state, national security adviser. i was an attendee of the university when she was the provost there. if it was an audition for something, i don't think i would have recommended her. the idea of liz cheney and mitt
6:39 pm
romney has long been my favorite matchup because i want to call the question, i want to call the question on whether or not the current republican party is an inherited or the bush/cheney legacy or whether something has changed. if something has changed, what has changed because there's this lacuna to use a favorite term of condoleezza rice between what they are allowed -- what we know happened in the bush/cheney era and what republicans explain about what they do different. there's this gap. >> part of this is interesting like we can't stand next to lynn or dick cheney, we're not going to say george w. bush's name in ear shot of a reporter is this challenge of what the republican party is. we have talked about it in the primary season about the kind of moral, southern, right-wing base, and how is a relatively moderate rich guy going to sort of pull along those populous right wingers, but the real
6:40 pm
challenge, i think is not just showing those up, that's part of it, but the other real challenge is how do we manage the fact that the last republican president was not ronald reagan. it was george w. bush. there's a real record of republican decisions and those are all decisions from tax policy to the reduction of a social safety net to foreign policy that looks precisely like the record that mitt romney wants to run on. >> are we getting close to a point where romney starts positiveting to defending bush/cheney w all of the advisers, the dick cheney thing, the float of the condoleezza rice thing, which i can't say is from the romney campaign, are they getting close to saying the bush sla bush/chaina years are good years? >> i don't think 13% approval for dick cheney -- >> that's where he was when he left office. >> we saw the bumper stickers, do you miss me yet?
6:41 pm
i think the re-sounding -- >> everybody is like, no. >> no, in fact, no. >> no, thanks for asking. >> exactly. >> melissa harris perry, thank you for being here. the new melissa harris' her perry so is weekends, 10:00 a.m. >> the man turning out the be the strangest senator in washington is still refusing to do an interview on this show, but he's making strange news. strange news from senator mcstrangy strange. from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred.
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6:44 pm
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last time we checked in on senator scott brown of massachusetts, he was trying to recover from what turned out to be a whole sor series of exagges he made about the type of high level meetings he was taking as
6:46 pm
the junior senator from massachusetts. >> i have been discussing issues, meeting on issues in secret meetings with kings and queens and prime ministers and business leaders and military leaders, talking, voting, working on issues every single day. >> secret meetings with kings and queens. that was the strange claim scott brown made in a radio interview last month. a strange claim that as you might have guessed was not strictly speaking accurate. his spokesman attempting to clarify the comments to the washington post by saying senator brown was speaking generally about private meeting he has had with foreign and domestic leaders. private meetings not secret meetings? but kings and queens? no, next claclarification, he
6:47 pm
misspoke. it didn't come in daydreaming like abandon. it turns out his fantastic secret meetings with kings and queens is something he talks about a lot, which the massachusetts democratic party had made tape of and which they proceeding to gleefully unleash to the interwebs complete with a sound track from abba. >> meetings with kings and queens. world leaders and business leaders, kings and queens. >> from the kings and queens. >> if you thought that the humiliation of seeing your humilitatingself would be enough to deteryou from further embarrassing exaggeration on the campaign trail, you're not scott brown. don't forget, this is also the guy who said he saw the photos of dead osama bin laden. >> i have teen the picture, he's definitely dead, and if there's any conspiracy theories out
6:48 pm
there, you should put them to rest, okay? >> no, scott brown, no. you did not see a picture of dead bin laden. you saw the same hoax picture on the internet everyone saw, only you thought it was real, and you told everybody it was real so you would seem important, a big important senator that gets shown big important things regular people don't get to see. his staff had to clafify that as well. now he's got a new one. >> i can name a litany of democratic sponsored bills that never would have passed if it wasn't for me. the president had called me and the vice president calls me and secretary clinton calls asking for my vote all the time. >> my phone will just not stop ringing. hillary is calling and calling and calling. the inevitable clarification coming by way of the boston globe today, quoting the globe in reality, senator blown's staff said he has spoken by phone with hillary clinton just
6:49 pm
twice in his whole senate career. most recently over a year ago on july 5th, 2011. the other in december 2010. >> senator clinton calls asking for my vote all the time. >> by all the time, he means twice ever. the last time more than a year ago. and when he says the vice president calls him, senator brown's staff now clarifying what he actually means is he had a phone call, one with the vice president, and that was a year and a half ago. presumabl presumably, scott brown did not clarify these remarks himself because he was in a very important secret meeting with kings and queens looking at bin laden pictures he found on the internet that he swears are real.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
because it's friday and we love you, here's your real life spy story.
6:53 pm
if you are watching on a podcast, now is a good time to hit pause and get popcorn or near beer or whatever area come back. because this is nuts. ready? here it goes. georgy markoff, defected from bulgaria from eng fland 1969. went from the soviet you know, left went to england. he went to work for the bbc and communist overlords back home went to work trying to figure out how to assassinate him. while waiting for a bus in london, georgy markoff felt a little jab in the leg, a scrape or something. he saw a man picking up an umbrella like this. the man reportedly apologized for bumping in to him and hopped in a cab and took the umbrella with him. while this is what it looked like on the outside, this is what it looked like on the inside. it had a trigger, release catch, gas cylinder, barrel and poison
6:54 pm
pellet. it was a tiny concealed gun to fire out of the tip of the umbrella. a few days after this man jabbed him with an umbrella, georgy markoff died. the pellet contained a deadly poison called ricin that is derived from caster beans. to this day we don't know who killed georgy markoff, who ordered the killing, who carried it out. after the soviet union fell ark bulgarian general and former intelligence chief was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for destroying documents in connection with the assassination. a third guy who supposedly ran the assassination plot died in a mistear 0 us unexplained car accident. the guardian newspaper in britain reported when the bulgarian government collapsed a stack of those special umbrellas was found in the interior ministry. because this kind of thing is the stuff of spy novels it can
6:55 pm
be hard to get your head around the fact it really happens in real life sometimes. we think our targeted killings abroad by drone aircraft is a bizarre thing but whoubt how about murder by murderous gasser the bean gun. alexander, a spy, he defected to brit enan worked as a journalist and consulted with the british equivalent of the fbi and cia. in the fall of 2006, he met with men who he believed to be former russian spies like himself. they met at a fancy hotel in london and had tea. later that day he became very ill. shortly speaking, his hair fell out, his organs failed, he was hospitalized and ultimately turned blue. within a few weeks he was dead. what killed him was pa loan yum
6:56 pm
210, a rare radioactive material. some small amount was dropped in his tea at the meeting with the former spies. alexander -- had to be buried in a coffin lined with lead. his body was quite radioactive. the brits traced the pal loan yum used to kill him to a nuclear power plant in russia. when they tried to extradite a suspect from russia the russians declined. so the mystery of who killed him was never solved. his death is sometimes called the first death by nuclear terrorism. either a state denying its actions or someone using radioactive materials to kill someone. he was the first they used to say but there are allegations there may have been another. in late 2004, yasser arafat became ill. nobody knew what was wrong with him. he flew to france for medical attention. a few weeks later he died. doctors said the death was caused by a massive stroke and a
6:57 pm
blood condition that couldn't be explained. the sudden illness, nondiagnosis and the political stakes of him dying, it is not surprising his death is a subject of wild conspiracy theories, everything from him dying of aids to deliberately infected with hiv to cause aids to another poisoned plot. at t the heart of most conspiracies is they allegation that israel was responsible for killing him. >> a nephew of yasser arafat said on saturday his uncle may have died an unnatural ral death. many palestinians believe arafat was poisoned. israel denys that claim. >> israel's denials did not stop the poisoning rumors and conspiracy theories. how he died is a source of rumor and intrigue and investigation. a couple of years ago, a couple of israeli journalists got ahold of the medical report. and the doctors looked for evidence of the most common poisoned but didn't find the evidence. there were two investigations by the palestinians that turned up
6:58 pm
nothing in terms of cause of death. no evidence of a conspiracy or poisoning. nothing fishy except rumor and suspicion for eight years until now. the news channel al jazeera conducted a long, detailed investigation in to yasser arafat's death based in part on his widow giving her late husband's medical files and belongings including some of the clothes he wore at the end of his life and a toothbrush of his. al jazeera sent those items to a lab in switzerland to be tested for all sorts of thing. first doctors looked for heavy metals and common poisons. they didn't find any. you have to know what poison you are looking for. after looking for common poisons they decided to look for something rare. a certain radioactive element which they found. they reportedly found on arafat's clothes and on his toothbrush pa loan yum 210, the same that killed the russian
6:59 pm
exspy in london two years after arafat died. here's why this arafat was killed by nuclear terrorism theory is seen as wobbly. the french hospital where arafat was treated never tested him for plu known yum. we also know that it degrades quickly. it has a life of four months. why would they be able to find it in his clothes in high concentrations eight years after he died and if there was plenty of this material on his belongings, why didn't it make his widow sick as well. she was in possession of the items tested. it is unlikely they were held in a lead safe. maybe it was planted on his belongings after he died. maybe. what's the next step what would you do from here? you dig him up. seriously. they are going to dig him up. yasser arafat's widow has asked them to exhume