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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  July 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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missed you too, john. >> willie, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it is "morning joe," stick around right now for the dayy rundown hosted today by young luke russert. double trouble, president obama hammers mitt romney with a two-part tax attack. trying to link together what romney paid in the past and what he wants you to pay in the future. across the atlantic, hillary clinton reacts for the first time to the romney campaign, using her in their attacks against the president. find out what she has to say about the ghosts in 2008. and the kiss can. good morning from washington, it's tuesday, july 17, 2012. i'm luke russert, i'm filling in for chuck todd.
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president obama and milt romney take their blistering battle over who can run the economy today. the president will hold four fundraising events in texas as obama takes aim at the record at town hall and pennsylvania. he'll be greeted by the new obama ad. this time asking if romney and the unreleased years, quote, paid any taxes at all. >> tax havens offshore accounts, carried interest. mitt rom any has used every trick in the book. romney admits that in the last three years he's paid -- we don't know because romney has released just one full year of his tax returns and won't release anything before 2010. >> i have put out as much as we're going to put out. >> what is mitt romney hiding? >> it will not die, the taxes story and mitt romney, the
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president will not let it and he was back in ohio yet for his eighth trip to the state this year and it was his first town hall in the re-election campaign. >> what's your favorite girl scout cookie? >> i'm pretty partial to those mint -- >> thin mints. >> when can i cut your hair. >> you would not want a president who was disloyal to his barber. >> not exactly hammered with hard questions there in the town hall, but obama hammered romney for a tax strategy that would urge companies to create jobs. >> mitt romney's economic plan would create 800,000 new jobs, but the problem is the jobs won't be in america. i want to give tax breaks to companies who are investing right here in ohio, that are
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investing in cincinnati, that are investing in hamilton county. >> at a funtd raiser in jackson, mississippi, last night, romney said, quote, he's taken your tax money and given it to the businesses owned by campaign contributors and at best that stinks. the rnc is pushing that message in a new web video out this morning. >> wesley raised money for obama and then got half a million dollars. obama's friends are doing fine, the middle class isn't. >> nbc's political director joins me now and this campaign recently seems to be dominate by pain, the tax issue and now the rnc and the republicans are pushing this crony capitalism. if you look at coup goigoogle s
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of bain, and which don't know how much that does matter, but it is considering how much people use google. it's a newfound technology. the states where these are the biggest, massachusetts, virginia, d.c., ohio, florida, new york, north carolina, washington adds adds, six goosts in google. >> that's important one for fundraising for the obama campaign, whether or not these attacks are true what, bain actually did, and then you look at the swing states and whether or not those attacks will stick. we have seen that the president's team has been able to push this message and you haven't seen any democrats off message. the first time that this came up about a month ago, you saw a round of democrats who said i really don't agree with this attack on bain, i think that
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it's going too far, this time around, you haven't heard that from democrats and this time now the romney campaign having a much harder time 1307responding because they had those democrats to hang their hats on this time. >> vice presidential pick, there is some speculation it may possibly come this week. you guys this morning in first read with mark murray, you aid that a vp has not been selected this early in an election cycle. >> mark went back to 1980 and found that most of the time, actually every single time except for edwards in 2004, the vp had been picked within a week or afterward of the convention. edwards was picked before the election, you have an incumbent
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president, you can have another vice president to go and stump. this is romney closing two windows, he can do it now before he goes on his international trip before the olympics, or he can do it after that. if you look at the track record, most people i would think starting to look at, well, maybe it's going to happen after. >> and we're still the portman and the jindals? >> we look at the strengths and weaknesses of tim pawlenty, we did rob portman yesterday, pawlenty was there yesterday with romney rasing money. >> thank you for joining us. the obama campaign isn't taking its foot off the gas after hope and change in 2008 is tough talk, the way to go in 2012. for more on the battle over bain taxes and crony capitalism, i'm joined now by ben labolt for the
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obama campaign. so your campaign has gone from asking romney to release his tax returns. if barack obama wins this election, he's going to win ugly, job creation is anemic, voters think the country is going in the wrong direction and the president has been unable to convince them otherwise. so the path is clear, destroy your opponent and pander to your base, obama wan kinobi, it's your crate. have you guys completely thrown that out the wrd and are you going for the jugular on romney playing this type of tough campaign? >> well, we appreciate john's star wars advise, but i don't think that's what the president has been focused on, i'm referring to the speech in cleveland, and his stump speech every day, where he talks about
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his two competing visions. between a president who believes he would build the economy from the middle class out by investing in education and research and development and infrastructure and clean energy and mitt romney who believes we should continue to reward the wealthy with special breaks and assume that the market will take care of the rest. we believe that's a failed economic policy. we tried that in 2001 and 2003 by passing those tax cuts for the wealthest and it led to the slowest job growth we have seen since 2002. so it's two contrasting economic records and contrasting philosophies. >> with the exception of killing osama bin laden, what is there? it seems that the focus has been on attacking mitt romney not tumping up the president's own record except to say that he would defer all the bad things that romney does.
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>> he talks a lot about his record at his campaign events, if you look at his speeches, about half is about his successes. the auto industry was on the brink, the manufacturing sector was in decline and because of decisions that this administration made, we have mane significant progress. manufacturing was in decline since 1997, businesses have now createded over 500,000 manufacturing jobs and that's because of decisions that the president made like to bet on the american workers in rescuing the auto industry, when a million jobs were on the line and mitt romney said we should let detroit go bankrupt, mitt romney is campaigning against the american people when he wants to repeal the affordable care act. by a 15-point margin, the american people disagree with him. >> there's a lot of polls that
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show that the american people are not in favor of the affordable care act. >> if you look at the polling, they support the individual provisions within it. mitt romney has made the central premise of his candidacy with his record at bain. he says he's been a job creator and he profited off of bankrupting companies and the loss of job and that's what's followed him throughout his career. in massachusetts he vetoed legislation that would outsource job. >> bennett, i wanted to ask you in terms of president obama and you guys being very transparent when you came into office there,'s a report that came out in the "new york times," about
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how you guys specifically deal with the press, and folks with its own network and publications asked you guys questioned. they are saveded by e-mail from the obama haurgs in chicago to reporters who have -- the press office has veto power over what statements can be quoted and attributed by name. why are you guys so fearful of being quoted by the united states press corps? >> i think that was a little bit overstated. there's no blanket policy here, sometimes when a reporter asks to have access to somebody who's not a spokesperson, we'll work out terms with that reporter like any other operator was. we provide access to our senior officials for on the record conference calls with the press
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corps, the romney campaign has not allow did press access to their candidate with a protective pool. he's largely lived on one network, and so if we want to talk about press access and openness, i certainly think the romney campaign had some questions to answer. >> ben labolt, thank you so much for joining us, take care. up next cruel summer, with temperatures and tempers run high, we'll tell you who's on the election trail. and dick cheney is returning to his old stomping grounds. but first a look ahead at the president's schedule and mitt romney's schedule today, you're watch "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. what the... ♪
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it's amazing to me that this president would introduce the word felon into the discourse. this is a president who wallowed in chicago, in the murky soup of politics/felons, a region where the politicians quite often end up as felons in jail. >> boom. the presidential campaign is taking a nasty turn with both sides ratcheting up the rhetoric to discredit the opposition ahead of the conventions and debates. so is one side getting the upper hand right now? let's break it down.
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gentlemen, welcome both. >> good to be here. >> doug. >> yeah? >> introducing mitt romney as a felon, foul or fair from the campaign? >> he's clearlily misinformed the government with the forms he signed or the voters, he's not straight on when he left bain, clearly he was there as ceo and chairman of the board for three years after he said he was, and that makes him responsible for the bad business moves that were done when he was there. >> everyone knows where mitt romney was in 1999. he was turning around the olympics and the united states won 34 med dals. he was there in 1999, he was there in 2000, he was there in 2001. >> if you're a ceo of a company,
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how can you say u you're not aware of what's going on inside the company. i don't think the voters buy that. >> is there too much of a disconnect there, his name is attached, much of the money was his. >> people know he turned around the olympics and i think once mitt romney start talking about the olympics and he saved the olympics for this country. there are people who knew he was running the olympics, they were people at bain who knew he was there. >> how do you conduct the narrative, do you have a vp nominee? >> he's going to have to be transparent and be honest with the american people on when exactly did he leave bain and for those three years when he was ceo, what sort of decision-making process of -- what decision making did he have going on there? and he has not been honest with his taxes either, two years of tax papers when he gave 23 years
6:19 am
to john mccain, the american people deserve as much as john mccain did. >> he has to be honest and he has been honest. there's no question about where he was in 1999 or 2000. and the attack that's showing up on this -- 50% of americans don't consider -- >> george will, bill crystal saying you should release six, eight years of taxes why not. >> pete sessions believes this is fair game. there are amount of republicans who want him fob honest. >> it's not working. >> i have said that in focus groups and this issue is getting out there? >> money and politics is an issue. harry reid said this yesterday on the senate floor which i wanted to throw to you guys. >> if this flood after the election continues, seven old angry white men will wake up and
6:20 am
realize they just bought the country. about 60% or more of these outside dollars are coming from these 17 people. >> brad, we also understand that from an fec commission report, that the yg action report got a $5 million contribution from sheldon and miriam adelson. what do you think of harry reid who says that 17 men will have bought the presidency. >> that sounds his democratic caucus in the senate. yg action had a great quarter, we are prepared to go on offense with the young gun style candidates, we have open process, open disclosure and that's part of what make this is country great. >> the american people deserve
6:21 am
to know who's paying for these ads, than's something that eric cantor supported. he support ed -- the american people don't know who's paying for it. and the disclose act says, look, if you having in to high, you have nothing to fear. i think that's a basic principal that voters support. >> if we don't know who's giving the money, how -- >> that's because it's going to 927 which is a c-4 group which you also have. those will not disclosed. >> but this is settled law. >> do you think it works politically for harry reed to go out there saying 17 angry white men, does that resonate the rotor? >> it didn't resonate when he's looking pretty angry saying it. >> the overall point is do we want to shine some light on the political process or do we want
6:22 am
to keep americans in the dark. c-4 is in a lot of these other groups that are influencing the election, do not disclose and you know that. >> i think from top to bottom, conservatives support full disclosure. full disclosure of everything. full disclosure also includes freedom of speech. are you willing to say that the democratic party supports people in virginia and complete open disclosure? >> it's not about freedom of speech, it's about disclosure of who's paying for the ads. so you can't say you support transparency. >> are you in a system like in virginia where there it's unlimited contribution but complete and open disclosure. >> i want a system where the american people know -- the republicans blocked it in the senate and you block it in the house last year.
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>> i'm sure this conversation will continue on in the living room afterwards. thank you so much for joining us. wall street is waiting on word from the fed chair, plus yahoo's corporate coup, the rundown is next, and scorched earth why the worst drought -- who's the first president to serve less than a full four-year term. the first correct answer will follow tuesday from us. we'll take your questions. ohio based interior designer pamela bayer was doing well serving corporate kansas hers. when the work stopped coming she had to rethink our business
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attention to see if the fed is ready to take any additional steps to boost the economy. >> this is a game -- see if there's any -- quantitative easing any stimulus. certainly job reports, signs that consumers are more skiddish request retail sales down for the third straight month. that certainly gives the fed room. but while traders will be listening for that, expect to get an ear full from the fed chairman as well toward congress about the fiscal cliff. if they don't do something soon to try to address the tax cuts that will expire at the end of the year, this is something that wall street is very intent on seeing them take some action on sooner rather than later. >> bertha, thank you so much we appreciate it. >> up next, the obama's missed
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kiss. that's just one of the stories on our radar this morning. and democrats say they won't be the ones to blink in the latest game of chicken over the debt. and it's the story that got's washington all atwitter this morning, how soon is too soon for an anthony weiner come back. ♪ [ jennifer ] better. stronger. believe. happier. healthier. i believe weight watchers made me more powerful. it's time to believe again. stand up and take charge. i believe if you want to change your life, you can. ♪ believe in yourself [ female announcer ] weight watchers -- rated number one best plan for weight loss by u.s. news and world report, again. [ jennifer ] join for $1. weight watchers. believe. because it works.
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meat prices could jump as farmers kill off cattle they cannot afford the feed. senate democrats are take another shot at passing a disclose act today. legislation that would have forced big superpac donors. democrats launched into a spring of speeches that lasted until midnight. another procedural measure is set for this afternoo dick chain returns to capitol hill to council congressional republicans on how to avoid $100 billion in defense cuts. according to aides he'll join senate republicans for a his weekly lunch and will meet with house gop member this is week. >> attendi inin ining last nigh basketball game between usa and team brazil in washington, d.c., the president and first lady
6:33 am
appeared on the in house kiss cam. here's what happened the first time around. >> basketball coach. >> they got president obama on the ever popular in house arena kiss cam. >> the fans in washington wanted a kiss, but never fear, the president got another chance later in the game and this time he delivered the goods to a rounding cheer of applause. a bit of editorial advise from the program, when you're on the kiss cam, unless it's a relative, always good in for the kiss, you can never lose. the president is heading to a traditionally red state for campaign fast food this morning. officials here in washington are keeping a close eye on the debate over big cuts and expiring tax breaks on capitol
6:34 am
hill. kristen welker is live at the white house with a preview. we hear it's going to be part of the president's talking points in the next few days. >> reporter: absolutely and the president continues to call on congress to extend the bush era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000, essentially meaning letting the bush era tax cuts expire for the folks making more than $250,000. a big issue when debating that fiscal cliff, that democrats said yesterday they were willing to dig their heels in on that issue. but you're right, president obama heading to the lone star state, not exactly a big democrat area, in fact it hasn't voted for a democrat since 1976, but the president is heading there to rake in big sums of cash, hoping to bring in as much as $5 million, he'll be holding events in san antonio as well as austin. one of the event also include eva longoria keep of -- this
6:35 am
comes against the backdrop of this campaign which seems to be getting increasingly negative, as you know, president obama yesterday when he was stumping in ohio criticized romney for criticizing a tax plan who he said will create jobs overseas, as many a 800,000 jobs. with just a little bit more than three months to go until election day, it seems like this campaign is going to continuing to get more and more negative. and by the end of the week, the president heads to the big battleground state of florida. >> florida, ohio, we're getting it all in texas to raise some money. republicans are accusing the president of holding defense spending hostage to get a deal that would have raised tax cuts for the wealthy. democrats say if they don't get it, they'll let the economy go
6:36 am
over the so-call fiscal cliff. >> if we can't get a good deal, a balanced deal that calls on the wheealthy to pay their fair share, i will absolutely be talking about it next year. i think the party and the american people will support that. >> my colleague, the great kelly o'donnell, congressional correspondent joins me now. kelly, it seems like that democrats are digging in much like republicans did during the debt limit deal, saying they have the cards here, what are you hearing on the hill and what's going to be their plan. >> good morning, luke, we have our hands full up here, don't we? it seems the big bargaining chip this summer is going to be the so-called fiscal cliff and what happens to tax cuts, you heard patty murray there, she was in charge of trying to keep democrats in control of the
6:37 am
senate when the election comes, there is a big fight looming and democrats have seen the idea of middle income tax breaks, the same thing that people are paying now continues into the new year. we're hearing the president say that on the trail and we're now hearing democrats talk about it on the trail. if it go into the new year, if everyone's rates go up, they can successfully blame republican force that. they say they can hold the entire economy by doing that. so you have got another one of those pressure points and you also have the automatic cuts of defense spending that were a part of last summer's big deep. and you'll see the former vice president's dick cheney, who rarely makes appearances on capitol hill anymore here today fogow republicans to give his advice on what to do about that. so he is a big figure today
6:38 am
coming in to try to rally the republican troops on how to approach this, because they want to prevent the automatic cuts that also happen in january. and they believe that leads directly to jobs, with in their estimation, more than a million jobs at stake, so you've got the middle class family budget, you've got jobs and both parties coming at each other, with the heat in summer and a very intense political battle. >> it's going to be an interesting game of chicken especially with all those defense jobs, virginia, ohio, florida. kelly, appreciate it. our political panel joins me next in a programming note for you. don't forget florida interview. a lot of folks think he's going to be the pick, he's on romney's vice president short list. also a big hockey fan, that guy pawlenty, soup of the day,
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going away, and the call for him to release more of his tax returns aren't slowing down. >> i have already put out one year of tax returns, we'll put out the next year's tax returns as soon as they''re prepared. that's enough for the american people to understand about my financing. >> something about just the two years when you knew you were running for president. nobody gives a [ bleep ] about those two years. it would be like if the keith richards auto biography was called "my years as a movie pirate." >> i love getting a little keith richards reference.
6:44 am
>> i'm welcoming a great panel. this past weekend, you have bill crystal, george will saying mitt romney, get those tax returns out there, obviously getting hammered for it in the late-night comedians, he's talking about know now. >> what's the number? what will feed the beast? >> what's wrong with five or ten? >> it seems to me if it's two, it's five, if it's eight, it's 10, if it's 10, it's 15. it's all noise because this is all about the president not having to talk about the jobs report, it's all about the president not having to talk about the state of the economy, it's summertime, people are at the baseball games and this is what we do, i guess. i just don't think it's that big deal. >> you think it's feeding the media beast? >> of course it is. all this par enthreat kl stuff,
6:45 am
it's all noise, it's not about generally what people want to talk about. >> rodell, are you seeing inroads as to what people are doing? >> i think this is only going to get worse for romney. whether it's five years, whether it's ten years, it has to be more than two years and i think that the drum beat is only going to grow larger. and when you're getting it from people in your own party, then you know you have a problem. >> molly, you obviously coffered both of these campaigns, it seems that the romney campaign isn't going to slow down at all, how long do you think this can go on? >> i think the governor is right, this is not going to end, he can't put it to rest necessarily by just releasing some large number of tax returns because then the democrats are going to be talking about what
6:46 am
in the tax returns, we have talked about what's in the tax returns that he did release and there's a lot of attacks based on that, this is the down side of running for office. >> how about this, we say you know what? he's got some bucks, he's really successful, he's got a lot of money. >> does that not open the door to take the lead on tax return. he can say, you know what, i paid taxes, it was all legal. here are the loopholes i want to close. >> i do see that in the fall campaign, i know we're talking about the budget here, i think flattening the tax code, getting rid of some references. there's a lot of congressional republicans and democrat who is will sign off on this, it's one issue, it's one area the parties today can agree on. >> and i would like to see it happen. >> i think the problem is that
6:47 am
if he gets into these tax returns there's going to be some years that he paid little to no taxes, it's going to be hard to explain to the american people that i made a lot of money and i paid less taxes than you. >> hillary clinton saying shame on you barack obama about that the intense attacks that went on in the primary race. hillary said this about appearing in the romney ad. >> i think it's a waste of money, everybody knows that i ran against obama in 2008. that's not news. everybody knows we had a hard fought campaign, and he won and i have been honored to serve as his secretary of state. >> isn't it all about the romney campaign to dis -- does it resonate? >> i think it's really interesting too, she's a very popular figure on the one hand,
6:48 am
she may be -- on the other hand, i think she's right, people know that this is from four years ago, people know that she's not out there criticizing him today and they have had a very effective partnership, we don't even hear behind the scenes that there's trouble in paradise there. but given that what romney's message is mostly about is that the people feel let down by the president. i don't know if something from four years ago saying he's already that bad is as effective that someone saying now that they once believed in him but now they don't. >> does this stir up democratic divisions or independent divisions saying, oh, hillary clinton doesn't like obama in this respect, obviously it was from four years ago. but does that point this out? >> when mitt romney was making mincemeat of every single one of his primary opponents, the j d-league there during the primaries. he didn't have a problem going on the attack against perry,
6:49 am
against gingrich, against santorum. now you're in the nfl, these are the big leagues you, have a president who has a vision and is going to also go on the offensive and to sit there and white and say, my record's being this or that, i think rahm emanuel said it well, stop whining and let's talk about the issue. >> it's a limited point, it's setting the predicate, it's the great uniter, the great bipartisan president is the great divider. that's been his message from day one, maybe the most divisive president we have ever seen, but he'll say and do just about everything for power, i do agree that it's hardball and it's in the big leagues. people don't like whining and i think we're having a little bit of fun with it. but it does have a little predicate for what this president is out there doing now, which is clearly dividing the country. >> i just say, listen, you can't
6:50 am
look at this in a vacuum, it's not as though this campaign started the day when mitt romney won the nomination. you have a republican congress, leaders in the republican party that have actively been campaigning as the president for over've three years, questioning everything from his economic policies to his religion to whether or not he's you got standard controversy which is obama against romney. to say this has been over only the last few months, this has been going on for three years. i think there are times when democrats wish that president obama was a little more forceful in going after republican congress and wasn't. >> this is about failed stimulus, failed economy, lack of jobs, disaster in obama care. that's what this election is about. >> and we'll have plenty more to talk about when we get back. trivia time. we asked who is the first u.s. president to serve less than a full four year term. the answer, george washington. washington's first inauguration was delayed until april 30th, 1789 because bad weather kept
6:51 am
members of the first federal congress from being able to get to new york on time to talley the electoral ballots. washington's first term was only 3 years, 10 months and 4 days long. that was an unbelievably difficult question. we want to thank preston saint clair for sending us that one. do you have a political trivia question? e-mail us at the show and we'll be right back. we're going weiner -- anthony weiner that is. [ male announcer ] if you have to take care of legal matters.
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so go to today and see for yourself.
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. all right. we're going that talk about anthony weiner. it's been a year from his fall from grace. there are rumblings he could be making a comeback. when asked to speculation by "the wall street journal," he
6:55 am
said, "it's a clown story, bro." he said to the new york observer. so quoting there on brice harper. molly, anthony weiner, any chance of him making a political come back the next few years? there is a $4 million war chest. >> you see from that clip, politics is just in his bloodstream. he's not good at anything else. he needs a job. he's not a lawyer. he's not anything else. i think this is just -- he might as well try it, right? what is the down side? >> you served with him. do you think he can come back? >> i don't care. i just don't care. >> you're a democrat, does it -- >> no. god no. stay at home. be with your family. get another skill. >> all right. >> i'm going to plug my beach reading, a novel called cloud atlas. a surreal journey. >> i read it three times over. "cloud atlas". >>
6:56 am
calling mitt romney to release his returns. a couple months later, it is still relevant. >> texas a&m students form a human wall to protesters from soldiers funeral. yeah to texas a&m m. >> i want to say team usa basketball, we beat brazil yesterday! maryland's own kevin dur anlt, kevin durant. we love you. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up next on msnbc, chris jansing and company. a big, big interview at 1:00 p.m. take care. i'll be back tomorrow. the goatee, not back until the end of the week. you got me again. hope you come back. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision.
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