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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 9, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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outrising, what will happen? and next team usa verse team usa. the question is, with only a few days of the games left, can't we all just get along? it's "way too early" for this. hi everybody, and good morning, i'm thomas roberts in for wi willie giest. shoot me an e-mail at waytooear waytooear waytooearly the next 30 minutes is your cram session for this thursday, august the 9th, and there's a
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lot going on today including a loss for rupert murdoch's news corp. and the greatest olympic medal celebration of the 2012 olympics. look at that guy go, look at him. first, let's get to the news here at 30 rock in new york city. president obama is campaigning in colorado. the president is trying to build on one of his strengths, his fav favorability with women voters. >> when it comes to a woman's right to make her own health care choices, they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21
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century. the decisions that affect a woman's health are not up to politicians. they're not up to insurance companies, they're up to you. and you deserve a president who will fight to keep it that way. >> also joining the president is sandra fluke, the law school student that was targeted by rush limbaugh. >> this election will decide whether the rights that generations of women fought for will be rolled back. president obama has our backs, and now we have him. but the romney camp is fighting back declaring that the health
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care law is a war on religion. >> president obama used his health care law to declare war on religion. forcing institutions to go against their fate. >> in 1979, a son of poland, poke words that would bring down an empire. >> when religious freedom is threatened, who do you want to stand with? >> one issue not going away is the controversial political add. the spot released earlier this weak links mitt romney to a woman's cancer related death. the man in the add explains that after bain capital shut down his employer, and then his wife died from cancer.
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it turns out his wife died in 2006, years after the steel plant was shut down, and that his wife had her own employee sponsors health insurance for a year after he was laid off, and there is questions if mitt romney was even in charge when the plant closed. last night the co-founder said he absolutely today by the ad and it's timeline. >> the point of this ad, is that, to tell the story of one guy and the impact on his life that halved four years and to this day as a result of decisions that mitt romney made. we're saying he was fired from his job, and as a result, he wasn't able to hold on to health care benefits promised to him, and he didn't have health care. >> his wife was diagnosed six
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years after mitt romney effectively left bain capital. >> he went to run the olympic games in salt lake -- >> when you're the ceo you're responsible for the decisions. >> he was the sole shareholder, he is responsible for the decisions made. >> the obama campaign is distancing itself saying they don't know the story of the man in the ad. >> this is an ad by an entity not controlled by the campaign. i certainly don't know the specifics of this man's case, i don't know the specifics of this person's case. i know through is huge anxiety about losing health care and how people pay for college. again, i don't know the specifics. >> we'll never get you to
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condemn. >> the political points out the man's story should have sounded familiar. not only did that host a conference call where he told his story. the obama campaign featured him earlier this spring. despite the anger, the romney campaign capitalized on the opportunity. he said if joe soptic and his wife lived in massachusetts they would have benefitted from his health care mandate. >> it's unfortunate when anyone loses their job. this was a plant closed years after governor romney left the company, and to that point, if people had been in massachusetts under governor romney's health care plan, they would have had health care. there's a lot of people losing
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jobs and health care in the obama's presidency. >> some were quick to react to that. erick erickson said this may have been when romney lost the election. moments later, romney talked about it in iowa. >> i know how to make a better setting than the one we have. those with pre-existing conditions need to get insurance. >> as president, romney vowed to repeal the president's health care law maintaining that while it worked in massachusetts, the federal government should not force other states to do the same. fighting is becoming more desperate for rebels clinging to positions in aleppo. they have been fired on with tanks and some 20,000 troops.
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rebels say they're outgunned, running low on ammunition. annan brokers a cease fire in march that turned into a civil war. news corp posted a $1.6 billion loss and let's look at the markets. geoff, what happened and is this loss strictly on paper? >> yes, it's a brutal number, isn't it? the key is understanding the restructuring that the business is going through internally. a lot of that was about the $2.85 billion restructuring charge imposed as a result of
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the way this company is trying to split itself up. you will know there's been all sorts of problems around the british newspaper groups, but it wants to separate it's newspaper and print operations into one business division, and put fox and 20th century fox into another one. the one bright spot in the earnings is how the cable networks are hanging in at the moment. one other story that is colorful right now and that's standard chart e chartered. monday we had the new york department of financial services ben istomin lawsky saying this
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is a rogue institution, but if you read the times over in this part of the world, they're saying is lawsky a loan wolf, did he go inappropriately. so questions asked if there will be a counter suit from standard chartered. this story set to run further. >> still ahead on "way too early" the u.s. was guaranteed the gold, but that didn't make the women's finale any more exciting. we have it, and the greatest celebration of all time? that story and weather when we come back.
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we wake you up with a live look at the capital right now, now we'll check in with your weather. >> good morning, they released the official numbers for july, and to no ones surprise, it was a record. this is, up to this point in the lower 48, the warmest year we ever had through the first seven months. it's still hot out there to
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start our august. yesterday was easily into the 100s, but the changes are on the way. the cold front and the rain is now moving down through areas of minnesota, we're getting drenched with thunderstorms through ohio and indianapolis. this is where we need the rainfall and we will get it today. we'll get an inch to three inches. it's so humid out there, that when that cold front runs into that humid air down into kentucky, tennessee, and arkansas, we'll get strong storms. they will make their way into the drought zone including areas from arkansas to memphis, much of missouri, no rain in the forecast for you in kansas. in the east, a few storms in the northeast, but it will not be all that widespread. it looks like for even in new england area it will be very
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stormy. >> we'll check in now with the olympics in london now where misty may-treanor and kerri walsh submitted their title of the best beach volleyball players. they claimed the title in what was likely the pair's last match together. they finished with a perfect record of 21-0. congratulations to them. the dream team punched their ticket to the semifinals over australia. kobe bryant had 240 points in the second half, and lebron james had a triple double. so to the track now where allison got a gold medal by winning the 200 meter final last
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night. that runner conceded her spot so she moved on. she won in the previous olympics before breaking through for gold this time around. pole vaulting never looks safe when someone had his pole snap into three pieces. somehow, he walked away with no injury. and lolo jones finished fourth in the 1090 meter hurdles, her teammates who both medals in that event didn't hold back about the media's fascination with jones. >> to come away with the medal,
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and they're favorite didn't win, it hurt. >> i think on the podium, the three girls earned their spot, got their medals, worked hard, prevailed, and that's all that needs to be said. >> and it was questioned if jones ability lived up to her talent. jones responded. >> the fact that it was from a u.s. media, they should be supporting our athletes and they ripped me to shreds. i thought that was crazy because i worked six days a week, every day for four years for a 12 second race. >> jones says she hopes to
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compete in rio four years from now. >> after germany's robert harding won in the discus, he took off his shirt, and went down the track hitting nine hurdles without a stumble. he may have a second calling as a hurdle jumper. china continues to win more gold medals, but the u.s. has more total medals. london has 22 gold medals so far. this afternoon, the gold medal is on the line for the u.s. women's soccer team as they face off against japan. this match, of course, comes just days after their nail biter win over canada in the semifinals. later the u.s. women's basketball team will try to keep
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their hopes alive in the semifinals. and usain goes for his second gold medal in the men's 200 meter finals. romney tries to undermine the democrats. we break down another crazy day on the campaign trail, and we'll watch a lesson in robbery 101. [ male announcer ] if you have to take care of legal matters.
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we told you earlier in the show that misty may-treanor and ke kerri walsh finished with a perfect record. before they took gold last night, no women's beach volleyball team had ever won three medals of any kind. they were also the first to win two in a row when they won in beijing. let's watch steven colbert weigh
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in on the mechanic law and the impact on the price of pizza. >> the ceo of papa johns saids in 2014 will cost between 11 and 14 cents per pizza. >> 14 cents? i think everyone has a right to affordable health care, but at what price? there has to be a line we don't cross, and it's 14 cents. because if we sit by while every gets access to a doctor today, 14 cents more for a pizza, it could be three more cents per
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taco. the first takes place in new bedford, massachusetts where robbers try to hold up a convenience start at knife point. he beats them with a broom handle and then a shelf. in evansville, indiana goes into a e empty mcdonald's and trying to take one of the registers. after that he sets his sights on an easier target. a cooler filled with yo gugurt parfaits. still ahead on "way too early" your super sized tweets and
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♪ the top story on nbc news this morning is the wife of a politician that fell out of favor is being tried on charges of murders an associate. it's being held behind closed doors. at the top of the show we asked you why are you awake. we have some of those answers? >> we have a dan that says recovering from hip replacement surgery after sleeping on the easy chair every day in my living room. >> next is mr. cameron kruger, because my 18 month old likes to watch politics while his diaper is being changed. >> does it watch politics during while he is