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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  August 17, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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issue. this letter sent by jim mess seen na to matt rhoades. it went out this morning. well, about two hours later, we got a copy and president obama wants nothing more than to talk about governor romney's tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters, like putting americans back to work, fixing the economy and reining in spending. if it's the core message of your campaign, there will be ample tyke for president obama to talk about it over the next 80 days. part of the reason that the romney camp has used, no matter how many years it releases, the democrats would never be satisfied. >> i did go back and look at my
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taxes and over the past ten years i never paid less than 13%. the most recent year is 13.6, something like that. so pay tacks every single year, harry reid's charge is totally false. >> i want to bring in washing ton post ryan greer. it doesn't sound like a flat-out no but i guess in the end romney won't take the offer. >> i don't think he will. it says that romney has told them, under no circumstances, are we releasing any more tax returns and the other day his wife said that they are not even going to release the full 2011 tax returns. so, you know, this is basically what we're going to get. his campaign knows that. and so i think the obama campaign could probably come back and say, look, just give us
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'09 and they would say no to that. i think they have dug in. they are going to try to ride this to election day. >> with the offer and then spoon, offer and then the response here, the obama campaign, the one thing you noticed in the offer, they did not promise this. that they would not attack over what is in the returns regardless of how many are released. >> sure. you know, that's why they want the tax returns so they can see what it is that he is hiding so they can attack him for it. every time the bar gets lower for him and the heat gets a little higher and he continues to withhold the tax returns, people are going to wonder, wow, what is in these tax returns that is so damaging? because we already know that he paid a low tax rate. okay, let's pretend he paid 13%. >> right. >> fine. we already know that. we already know he's extremely rich. we already know he used tax
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havens in the caymans and he had a swiss tax account. there's so much in that that you're willing to have a month-long national kfrg about your unwillingness to put out the tax returns so you can keep from releasing that. so what is it? people's imaginations start to wander and you start digging into the tax returns that are out to try to figure out, okay, what is it? did he list himself as a new hampshire resident to avoid paying massachusetts taxes? what is it? what's in it that is so horrible that he won't release it? >> there will be 81 more days that all we'll be able to concentrate on is romney coming out and saying, i never paid less than 13%. in fact, harry reid, a spoebs man for him said, we'll believe it when we see it. now, when harry reid and his camp say that, do they need here
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to release here some information in terms of their source where they believe that it is less than 13%? >> no, i don't think so. there's one way that this can be validated, by romney releasing his taxes, like every presidential candidate has done before. what i found awfully telling is when romney said harry reid needs to tell us who his source is so we can then decide whether or not that source is credible. that's crazy. if you're mitt romney, you already know whether or not harry reid's source is credible. because you know what your tax returns say. so the fact that he even left open the possibility that the source might be credible, you know, tells you a lot. >> for the democrats, they keep on giving in the last cycle. >> i want to bring in molly ball and joy-an reid.
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here's scott walker. take a listen and then i'll get a response. >> this whole siissue is completely ridiculous. i've talked to my voters. they don't care about this. >> why won't this go away for him? >> i actually had a sense that the issue was starting to go away until romney himself revived it by taking the bait. the democrats are desperate to keep this issue alive and so they are baiting him, prodding him, coming up with new innuendoes and unsubstantiated allegations and for romney to basically feed that beast by giving us new information yesterday does bring the issue up again and does give it new light. voters are interested in this issue. i don't think scott walker is right about that. there's been polling on it and a majority of voters feel like they are entitled to more information about romney's financial situation. but the fact is, i don't think this is an issue that can be kept alive unless there's
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something new to inject into the debate and that's what romney gave us yesterday. >> the devil is in the details. that's what voters want to know. joy-ann, you talked about numbers yesterday. you saw joy-ann pull out the big white board. he has obama on the left, romney on the right. did that work? >> first of all, keep in mind the fact that where he brought up the tax issue and took the debate was at the same press conference where he was trying to do the white board thing. the reason i thought that was odd is that is paul ryan's thing. the white board is paul ryan's thing. paul ryan has branded that idea of, i'm going to explain my medicare plan on the white board. the top of the ticket is borrowing the guy who is second tier. he borrowed his act. >> he's supposed to be a big
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idea guy theoretically. >> exactly. >> he mentioned that in the same space. >> not at all. i think it it was such an ineffective presentation, so clumsily him. on the tax thing he is sort of showing us a little bit. he is determined to not let you see what is in those tax returns and it just begs the question, why, what is in them? maully, joy-ann, paul, romney joins ryan on the campaign trail this morning. they will be together later in the week. the campaign likes this energy when both of the men are together and campaign officials say it's part of a new offensive to deal with the medicare issue as well. speaking of medicare, paul ryan heads to florida tomorrow where
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his mother will be with him tomorrow to talk with him at the villages, the largest retirement community. molly, joy-ann, and ryan i'll go to you, they are getting back together. each was supposed to be on their own up until the convention. but a change in strategy. what do you think? good? >> i was with romney and ryan on the rollout tour last weekend. it's absolutely true. you can feel an energy when the two of them are together. romney feels a bit paternal and sees a bit of himself or the self that he wishes he was better at projecting, sort of this boyish emphasis on the issues that he always talks about with ryan and ryan is drawing much bigger crowds, draws a lot more enthusiasm from the base. so i think it's definitely true. >> well, it would be if you had romney in a different place getting a couple hundred at a
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time. but when they team up, it's a really interesting phenomenon. not only does romney get up there and get big cheers and excite people, romney is a better campaigner. romney is more energetic and persuasive. so obviously it would be more efficient in terms of the resources of the campaign for them to be at two places at once, but if romney is going to have this effect on romney, they better team up. >> to joy-ann, they are going to be at st. ann college together. how big will this medicare issue play there? >> this is interesting because they are generational divides. conservatives think that the younger people will embrace the idea of medicare because younger people don't think it will be there for them when they retire. >> but polls show that they are more embrace sif of the paul
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slash ryan budget plan. >> as sort of a theoretical concept, it's easier to explain this to younger people than older people. but when you look at the costs and explain the details, it gets more unpopular the more you explain it. that's the problem with younger voters and the problems with seniors. this is where you divide their tea party base in two. you have the base over 55 and then seniors, even republican seniors don't like the idea of changing medicare even for the future. that's where they've got a challenge. >> ryan, speaking of seniors and medicare, ryan is doing his big florida appearance this weekend. with his mom here, is his mom kind of a shield? >> i think he should hope so. it's a deeply unpopular plan. you know, yes, he keeps it that way for people 55 and over but if it's such a great plan, then why keep it the same for people 55 and over? and this whole thing of
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campaigning together is part of their decision to kind of go right at the medicare issue. you know, they are getting killed on it. earlier this week republican members of conference had a conference call and almost everybody who spoke up said you've got to do something at home because we're getting anile lated on this. and then they would say, paul ryan is brilliant, he's courageous, he's a leader. but, man, his medicare plan is beating me up. the obama campaign now running this ad. the first really pushing back about medicare. are we going to be seeing more of these, joy-ann? >> the first call i saw when i tried to find out, are you guys going to encounter this? i think this is the campaign that democrats in their dreams wish they could run.
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medicare has typically been a strong platform for democrats. i don't think they would even imagine that they were going to get to play on the economy. you're going to see a lot more on this from their associated super pac. >> molly, are they still figuring out the strategy here when it comes to the romney/ryan campaign day by day, if you will? >> no, i don't think so. it's a strategy that democrats have been playing for years and had in the can but were planning on rolling out later when the campaign was more fully engaged. it has been the plan from day one. obama has been on the attack tieing ryan to romney. but they were saving this. they thought this would be sort of the closing argument and now with ryan front and center it brings that much more to the fore and that may be why it took
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them a while to come up on this ad with medicare and why ryan was out of the attack first. >> okay m one saying no, one saying yes. let's try it and it didn't work out. thanks for trying to parse that all out for us. >> thank you. the ryan ticket is already one week old. can the pair do something that has not been done since the 1980s? win wisconsin and win pennsylvania. first to paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, a new poll that shows that president obama is ahead of governor romney 49 to 45%. but within the margin of error there and then in pennsylvania, the president has a six-point advantage, 44 to 38. there are 12% still undecided. a surprising verdict. a federal court rules on voter discrimination laws. we've got that next. the perfect use of the 7th inning stretch. get that great taste anytime with kingsford match light charcoal.
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a federal court saying that they can keep things to the original link of 12 days. reducing early voting days would make it more difficult for some minority voters to cast a ballot. florida, just one of 32 states you see here where some time of i.d. is required to vote at the moment and more may soon join. joining me now is gerard bush, chief creative record. thanks for being here. you've written on this very subject of voter suppression or the concern thereof. what's your reaction to that ruling coming out of florida? >> well, it's encouraging. at least to a certain extent. it certainly isn't going to, i think, do anything substantial to sort of stime.
7:18 am
>> you wrote about the power of social media and voter suppression. one example we cannot help but think about is egyptian president, hosni mubarak, before he resigned, the votes increased by ten fold. is that the sort of volume you need or is needed to get the word out on voter suppression? >> well, first of all, i think that the word is going to have to get out before the voter suppression actually happens. the grounds will -- i think that's going to be the tipping point in terms of numbers. but what happened with hosni mubarak and in egypt, it was about him not having any control over that particular type of media. >> uh-huh. >> and so the voter was actually able to go out and take pictures of the injustice and that's what is going to happen this time around. you're going to see a lot of voters at the polls that will are release what is happening to
7:19 am
make sure on every level their rights are protected as american citizens, as voters. >> let's say you get the volume. you're talking about government agencies that would not necessarily be associated very closely with social media. you've got the word out there but you have government agencies working with the very process cease that want to change. will it fall on deaf ears? >> you know what, i don't think so. i think that they are a little bit -- the government agencies at this point, i don't think that they understand the potency, the power of social just yet. i think from their standpoint that it's more cosmetic than anything else and they are going to be proven wrong this time around. i think a lot of the voters are going to go out and associate hash tags on voter and post on facebook. >> i want to play this statement from bill moyers as he put this out the last 24 hours. take a listen and i'll get your response. >> recently i've been coming across messages from some of you
7:20 am
who say you just want to give up. there's so much going wrong in america and you feel overwhelmed and restless. i wanted to meet you here for a moment, face-to-face, so to speak, with a simple three-word response. get over it. get over it. >> really plain english there saying, if you're upset, do something about this. he's talking about social media. are you seeing that sort of reaction? are people putting their hands up in the air and saying, i'm not going to use social media? >> no. i think it's precisely the opposite. i think what it's going to take is a few people to spearhead, people that wild the weild and folks are completely unaware. when you find out that your basic rights as an american citizen, you know, the basic tenant of this country, the power of the vote, that that's being eroded by the officials
7:21 am
that we've elected to put into government. i think that there is going to be a tremendous backlash and it's going to happen on social. >> your firm and you specialize in social media and we're talking about voter suppression and getting the word out. what are some of the tactics that may be used moving forward to the election on november the 6th. specifically, and i'll show this to you, regarding voter suppression, they say you use twit pics. this is a guide that they are handing out to all of their members. what do you think are one of the tactics that can be used? >> i would suggest a hash tag, most definitely. they enable any subject to be aggregated under one line. there's voter suppression happening in florida. we can make a hash tag around that. any conversations in terms of video content or actual images with voter suppression will go
7:22 am
under that one hash tag. that's a really effective way to sort of spread the way in an effective sus sint way. >> gerard bush, thank you for your perspective on this subject. >> thank you for having me. >> you bet. time for your entrepreneurs of the week. the new york-based family owned business known for its matzos. for more, watch "your business" at 7:30 a.m. on msnbc. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic.
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to politics now. played by congressman chris van hollen. paul ryan already taking a shot at the vice president yesterday. take a listen. >> it is great to be here in north canton. or as joe biden might say, it's great to be here in nevada. >> well, tuesday biden told a virginia crowd they could help the president win in north carolina. she's not a witch but christine o'donnell is back. the candidate made famous by
7:26 am
this ad. it's a fine day going on at the same time at the republican convention. patrick kennedy visited jesse jackson at the mayo clinic. jackson is in a deep depression with a lot of work ahead. kennedy and jackson are long-time friends. he served in congress with jackson. kennedy was also treated for depression and addiction. back in 1998, president clinton traveled to uganda and parents in a small village there named their baby after him. now baby bill clinton is a teenager and met back up with the former president last friday. the teen's full name is master bill clinton calagani and he wants to be a doctor. coming through the flames, firefighters are getting a handle on a massive fire burning out west. and the nfl opener has been announced. mariah carey will perform before
7:27 am
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i'm the regular guy. no, i'm the regular guy. so many words, that's what the presidential candidates are trying to say to voters. why does that matter? it's a battle for the middle class. the largest chunk of voter polling in november. on the campaign hour next hour and the visit comes as the obama campaign wraps up its efforts that is out of touch with average american. let's bring in democratic strategist, former chief of staff for senator joe manchin.
7:31 am
good friday to both of you. robert, we'll start with you. the president at the moment pushing the argument that he's the regular guy, the one who is from and knows the middle class the best. first lady michelle obama trying to help make that argument on the campaign trail. this is what she said. >> your president is the son of a single mother who struggled to put herself through school and pay the bills. >> and barack obama knows what it means when a family struggles. and he knows what it means to want something better for your kids and your grandkids. >> robert, is this campaign of "i'm the regular guy," is that message resonating? >> in every presidential campaign, there's a question of, which candidate would you rather have a beer with? i know mitt romney would have struggled with that question in the past. some people don't think he can connect with voters.
7:32 am
i've seen him on the trail. he engages with voters. paul ryan is very smart because he bring a different biography. he grew up in janesville, wisconsin, catholic home, went to miami university. he likes to hunt, he loves to fish, he loves sports. he can connect with the regular people. >> robert, the criticisms have been that mitt romney is not the average guy, clearly because of his background and his wealth and he appears to be a bit stilted on the campaign trail. i'm sure you'll admit to that. >> what i think about mitt romney's candidacy is that he's not running because he has the best blue collar biography, but rather to those who have blue collar jobs and white collar jobs, he's offering an economic plan that is based on pro-growth policies, and his question is, i may have grown up under the same circumstances as you but when it comes to getting a job, i'm the best candidate here. >> chris, is it a winning
7:33 am
strategy? as we look at both sides, it's a difficult argument to make. the president, you know, attending these $35,000 dinners as well as going to these far-flung places. this is a tough argument to make, isn't it, for both sides? >> i don't think it's that tough for the president. if you look at the most recent polls in ternls of who is standing up for the middle class and who wins that by double digits. look, in terms of mitt romney, you've got to laugh to any notion that he's a regular guy. he's a regular guy that is worth a quarter of a million dollars. yeah, he's just a regular guy. i mean, listen, if this ends up being a debate or referendum on who better understands the middle class, i can tell you without a shred of the doubt, barack obama is going to win
7:34 am
this and when you look at the policies and you really bear down, it's really simple. you look at the ryan budget, it hurts the middle class. >> but it's not only the policies -- >> the majority of the discretionary cuts hurt working class and middle class families. >> the middle class will say, why aren't we debating -- van jones saying, look, one of the major issues out there being debated are foreclosures and the housing market alongside we've got jobs, food and gas prices as well. so why isn't that now at the moment part of the debate, is what he's asking, chris? >> well, i would say that this is the vague reason of american politics, right? right now we have this big debate about medicare and entitlement programs. i believe it's about the middle class and the future of this country and we see a very different choice between these two campaigns, one that wants to maintain medicare and one that wants to restructure the medicare program.
7:35 am
in the terms of the next 60 days, we're going to see a very heated and passionate debate about the economy, about jobs, about foreclosures. by no means is this debate going to simply be about medicare and other title programs, economy, jobs, foreclosures, those kinds of bread and butter, you know, lunch table issues are going to be the focus. >> chris, robert, thank you so much for your time on this friday. have a very good weekend. >> thank you. nearly a week after paul ryan was tapped as vp, the romney campaign is reporting an influx of campaign cash. nearly $125,000 donations have poured in, totalling more than $10 million. 68% of the donations were from new donors. the romney campaign hopes that paul ryan's youthful exuberance will get votes from those who historically stay home on election day. about to kick off the nationwide bus tour, talking about rock the vote and mtv, paul ryan is the
7:36 am
first ever generation x-er from that mtv generation. could this help capture more x-ers or more millenials? >> it's great to be here, rich around. there's a difference between gen-x and those voting for the first time. yes, youthful ex sub better rans is attractive but what's more important is whether they are addressing the issues of the young people today. >> which would snb. >> well, like most other voter, the economy and jobs are top of mine. unemployment rates for young people are at record highs. making sure that there's a real plan for how to address the economic situation that young people are in today as well as things like college loans and the incredible debt that many
7:37 am
students carrying to social issues to even issues around, you know, the wars in iraq, afghanistan, even iran. these are issues that people are concerned about today. but i would say, first and foremost, jobs and the economy for young people. >> heather, president obama in '08 did very well with millenials. he got two out of three votes with the under 30 crowd. are we going to see a repeat here? >> well, i think young people are just starting to pay attention, despite what we are doing in d.c. and all of the talk that is happening. they are just going back to school. they are just starting to pay attention to november what they are going to do there. even at rock the both boat, we're just starting to roll out our campaign. as they start to pay attention, the candidates are going to have to go out and talk to them. they will have to go and address these issues, go into their campuses and into the communities. if the president does that, he can continue to engage these young voters and turn them out.
7:38 am
i also think that the romney campaign can take a slice of those young voters away if they do the same. >> heather smith, thank you so much from rock the boat. >> thank you very much, richard. >> sure. making news this morning, a disturbing trend in afghanistan this morning. a member of the afghan local police shot and killed two u.s. service membs. nbc's atia abawi is live. >> reporter: richard, two more americans died in these insider attacks, known as green on blue. they turn on their coalition partner. today it happened in western afghanistan's para province. it was members of the u.s. special forces and it was when they came to train and give weapons to new recruits for the afghan local police. that's village police officers recruited within the village to help protect their area. the taliban obviously claiming more and more responsibility for these insider attacks and
7:39 am
calling for more to turn against the coalition forces here. >> atia abawi in afghanistan, thank you. >> back here at home, firefighters have got a massive fire burning in washington state about one-third contained. it's burned almost 300 structures. kristen dahlgren is joining me live from washington. do officials think that they will get ahold of this very soon? >> reporter: richard, they are hopeful. we're here at the command center and we've seen dozens of crews to try to fight this for one more day. they hope to have it fully contained by sunday but a couple of things working against them. one, the fire has moved into the dense, dry forest here and so that's a big concern for them. and also the weather. they are not really getting much help from mother nature again today expected to be in the 90s. these are near record temperatures for this area. that is going to make fighting this fire very tough as well. the winds, though, expected to
7:40 am
stay low and so that's one thing that has them pretty hopeful. you mentioned all of the structures burned at least 70 of those have been homes. and so we were out yesterday with some people who were evacuated and went back and found nothing left of their homes. another area today expected to let residents back in. so a lot of disappointment for people here today, richard. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you so much. facebook face plant. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what is moving your money. facebook hit a new low today, right? teens? >> absolutely. it's in the teens. the early investors, pre-ipo investors were freed up to sell some of their stakes if they wanted to and the result is that the stock is now down about half from where it was at the ipo. remember, it was 38 bucks at its ipo. as for zuckerberg, he's been telling employees, up until kind of recently, don't pay attention
7:41 am
to the stock prices. just focus on developing the company. but in a companywide meeting earlier this month, apparently he did concede that it may be painful to watch as investors continue to retreat from stock. that is the question. we will only know come november with the next expiration of a lockup is. >> if you're feeling the pain, maybe you just need to eat. >> as they say, say hello to your cheesy friend. cinnabon is using a cafe in georgia's mall that includes this cinnabon. cheese, marinara sauce, pepperoni on top of a cinnamon roll-size dough. take a look at that picture. let's hope it's popular enough, richard, to expand to other locations. i wouldn't mind it coming to new
7:42 am
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total knee and hip replacements may increase your chance for a heart attack. it was strongest in the two weeks after surgery. the ris something only associated with patients over 80 years old. are you better off than you were four years ago? it's been a central question in elections past and now something "the washington post" is asking to regular people in virginia, a key swing state. if you look at the numbers, the unemployment rate is below the national average but these folks are cutting back or making do with less. a politics feature writer for "the washington post" was part of this project. the pictures really do tell a story. what was by far the biggest concern or gripe that you consistently heard? >> i think people are very concerned about how they are going to pay for their families and how they are going to make do, as you say. virginia is doing much better than the country as a whole and
7:47 am
yet when you breakdown that number, when you talk to people behind the statics, you hear a different story. they are all quite anxious and really quite thoughtful about the economy and the role that they expect any president to play and what i was struck by, how much anger we heard through the long interview process with about 40 different people that photographer talked to across the course of this reporting. they don't show up at rallies. they don't yell or wave signs. they are mostly bewildered as americans. >> i want to talk about some of the faces that you were alluding to there. i want to play a clip from linda who is 55 and a lawyer. >> there's a lot more certainty now and if i lost my job it would be entirely different. it would be a depression from me. >> when you think about this, you know, it does appear to be represented of a lot of people's
7:48 am
feelings across the country who maybe think it's not bad for them but have an overall feeling that things are just not good. >> well, everybody knows somebody, right? >> yeah. >> there's only one or two steps away and for some people, that's a closer link than others. she was a woman who headed her own firm. she felt that her 401(k) was in far better shape than it was in 2008 when everybody's bottomed out. but she knows people who work with her, clients who are all struggling and she doesn't feel that removed from it. >> she felt very -- i listened to what she said throughout the entire piece on the gallery on your site. and another person that i thought was interesting was antonio brimmer, a marine veteran. take a listen. >> when i say i'm better off financially than i was four years ago, no i'm not. i lost a job that was a great-paying job, great benefits, great insurance. those things are a thing of the
7:49 am
past. >> what's interesting, he's not better off. he doesn't necessarily blame the president. >> yeah, i think that's true. we heard that from a number of people, even people who would not vote for the president. mr. brimmer is a former marine. he had worked at a steel mill which ha the highest unemployment in all of virginia. he was wouldn't be able to have this conversation over and over again. >> the situation that we talk about the economy for those specific virginians. and then on the other side, you have someone like russell tompkins. this is what he is saying. >> when you have an unstable or uncertain future, people will not invest. >> now, did you get a sense there that for some of these
7:50 am
people, people like him, they think the president just doesn't get it? >> well, he was quite eloquent on that subject in the full context of his conversation. although, he, too, said look, i understand that president obama inherited a lot of this but he had a very vague concept of change and didn't articulate clearly what it was he felt we should do and he is someone from the investment world felt that that uncertainty and lack of surity, if it were, really helped to make the problems we're having and wanted more from the president in terms of clarity. he was much more impressed with mitt romney's task to articulate a vision for financial stability. >> it's a great gallery there in "the washington post," a look at those in virginia, a key swing state, and what the voters are thinking about their situation today. thanks for sharing those stories with us today. >> thank you. up next, punk rock riot
7:51 am
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a horse on the loose. thousands of people around the world demonstrated in support of a russian punk band accused of speaking out against vladimir putin. they were sentenced to two years in jail. paul mccartney and madonna has called for the band's release. ouch. a baseball player was hit in the head by an equivalent 99 mile per hour baseball on the first day of little legal series. the player is 206 pounds. the batter was one of the smallest kids on the field but got right back up after the hit. he is okay. good to here. take a look at this mess. that's what left of a carriage in new york city after a horse got free after he was spooked.
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