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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a bleak picture in the august jobs report. the country adding just 96,000 jobs in august, falling well short of expectations, but the disappointing numbers could be blunted politically, at least in headline, as the unemployment rate did fall to 8.1.
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new numbers come just hours after president obama makes his case for four more years. again, framing the fight as a choice election and urging undecided voters to stick with him to finish the job of rebuilding the economy. and while the president mostly played good cop, vice president biden brought the tough stuff for mitt romney. one of the most bruising bashingings of romney came from none other than john kerry. good morning from charlotte. it's friday, september 7th, 2012. this is t"the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. we're about to pack up here on the last show before we all disappear from charlotte, but the jobs report just came out a few minutes ago. we'll have mark za di, our man, and later, get the the first reaction from the white house where the president's top adviser, alan krueger. we've got beau biden here, he'll talk about that speech, but let's get right to my first reads of the morning. let's talk about last night's speech. the president aides acknowledged
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the speech wasn't the president's most poetic or memorable, but even though the speech was more methodical, it was intended to accomplish many of the goals the president set out. facing the political fight of his life, the president made the case for his re-election, asking americans to stick with him for four more years despite these tough economic times. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we have may be harder, but it leads to a better place and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> four years after hope and change, the president felt he had to appeal to the cynical middle. disillusioned democrats who are exhausted by the tone of american politics. >> i know campaigns can seem small, even silly sometimes. trivial things become big distracks. if you're sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me, so am i.
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>> the president also worked to disqualify romney. he made him a punch line at every opportunity. they were dismissive, but oblique enough to make sure he didn't sound too negative. >> my opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy. you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. if you can't afford to start a business or go to college, take my opponent's advice and borrow money from your parents. >> speech lacked the soaring rhett are rick of his two more speeches in 2008. in 2008, the president used the the word promise 32 times. instead, the president used his workman like speech to frame the
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contest as a choice. those words, choice or choose, they were used more than 20 times. >> now, you have a choice. so now you have a choice. and now, you have a choice. now, we have a choice. this is the choice we now face. the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties. it will be a choice between two different paths for america. a choice between two fund m fundamentally different visions for the future. >> very much of the speech, it felt like the president was working, ticking through things he knew he had to accomplish. it wasn't until the end of the speech that you could see the president truly enjoying himself. the president talked to his base. trying to reenergize those young and hispanic voters that he has to have in order to win. >> the election four years ago wasn't about me. it was about you. my fellow citizens, you were the change.
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you're the reason a young immigrant who grew up here and went to school here and pledged allegiance to our flag will no longer be deported from the only country she's ever called home. why self-less soldiers wont be kicked out of the military because of who they are or who they love. >> you know, it's interesting watching the evaluation of the president's speech as being compared to himself, a little bit to clinton, but the fact of the matter here, you've got to compare the president versus romney. romney got graded on a curve for himself as many of his own supporters said he gave a good speech for romney. so when you compare the president with mitt romney and that's a case where the obama campaign feels good about where it stands. one thing that was very striking about last night's program, the amount of time the democrats spent playing the commander in chief card. not just talking about osama bin laden. we knew that was going to happen. but making the broader case for
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the president's foreign policy achievements. we expected vice president biden to play character witness and tough cop and he did, almost rubbing romney's nose though in the successuccess. >> when he was asked about bin laden in 2007, here's what he said. he said it's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just to catch one person. if you understood that america's heart had to be healed, you would have done exactly what the president did and you would move heaven and earth to hunt him down. and to bring him to justice. >> biden spent his 38 minute address testifying to the president's precisive leadership. it was clear last night why the obama campaign wanted biden rather than former president clinton at the warm-up act. massachusetts senator john kerry
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made fun of how hard romney's afghanistan policy is to pin down. >> is it fair to say that mitt romney doesn't have the position on afghanistan, he has every position. talk about being for it before you were against it. mr. romney, here's a little advice. before you debate barack obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself. >> did you ever think john kerry would use that line in his own speech? any way, here's the the question. if romney had not provided an opening by omitting afghanistan from his speech, we had seen such a heavy emphasis by democrats on the war, patriotism and veteran's issues, there were moments we looked around and thought which party is staging this event. romney did hold an event yesterday with veterans in new hampshire, but it paled with
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what the obama campaign put on last night. with 60 days to go, what's the state of the race? romney entered the summer slightly behind and had a few opportunities the change that. so far, he's not been able to do that. the summer was a battle. the president won that. romney had to spend his convention fixing his biography. we'll see if the president ticks up a point or two. at worse, president basically got by another moment. president hasn't broken open this race, but you saw the building up of the president as the man by michelle. you had the contrast and the economic narrative from bill clinton and you had the presentation on the way forward from the president. another way to look at it. michelle put down the building blocks, clinton put up the walls and obama put on the roof. but beyond an effort to make romney more likable, you didn't see the same thing last night in tampa. for romney, that's another missed opportunity and romney is running out of opportunities. campaign is rolling out a big ad buy this morning.
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15 new ads will run in eight battleground states. he's not buying time in wisconsin, pennsylvania or michigan. he's not expanded the map. the pressure on romney leading up to that first debate has only grown. today's disappointing jobs report will be the backdrop as the president and mitt romney both stump in iowa and new hampshire today. they will miss each other. i think they will be flying next to each other going east and west and those bad unemployment reports have been a constant, but romney continues to rely on outside events. is that enough to change the status quo? let's turn to those disappointing august jobs numbers. just 96,000 jobs added. the the unemployment rate is do but only because so many people stopped looking for work. mark zandy, a wide gap between what adp thought and what the bureau of labor statistics came
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out with. what happened? >> these numbers are based on surveys. surveys are incomplete. a lot of different things going on in the data. 100,000 jobs, that's a dispoint appointment. my expectation was between 125 and 150. the the biggest miss though i think in the data and the expectations was manufacturing. we lost i believe 15,000 manufacturing jobs. expectations were for a gain, so that's a big swing and explains most of the miss. >> on manufacturing, is this one of the first negative numbers in over a year? >> more than that. manufacturing has been steadily improving for almost three years. a lot of its driven by improvement in the auto industry. auto sales, production, are all picking up. auto jobs are picking up. now, could be this goes to the vague reason data, the automakers retool in the summer and if they get the retooling,
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doesn't measure exactly right, then it can affect these numbers. we'll see a bounce back next month. but as we know, these jobs numbers, these monthlyed a litt june and july were revised downward. >> here's the thing on that. almost all was government jobs cht we saw huge downward revisions and again, we lost a lot of government jobs in the month of august, so most of those weren't in the private sector. they were in the government sector. >> and you've been making a prediction that the fed is going to do quote, qe3, this idea basically pushing more money into the economy. a report like this almost guarantees it, right? >> it's a great debate, whether they do what they need next week, week after. i'd be surprised if they did qe in a couple of weeks. we have the election. it's very continue verse sal. it's gotten into the political discussion and each time they do
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quantitative easing, it's benefit to the economy, so i would think if i were at the fed, you'd want to wait until early next year. >> you really think the election these governors are going to say we don't want to play a role in it? we're going to wait until after november? >> i think the economy matters most. it's right at the top of their thinking, but all else being equal, if it's a close call, i think they're thinking about how this plays. >> all right. mark zandi, always good to have you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. still ahead, we'll get team oba obama's take, plus -- >> it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of the united states, my father, my hero, joe biden. >> vice president's son.
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b beau biden. he's here next speaking of political families, we've got a rare friday election result for you as the kennedies try to send another generation to capitol hill. mitt romney's schedule, they're both going to iowa and new hampshire today. but they're going to crisscross and their planes may pass in the day. maybe they somewhere over south bend, indiana. you're watching our last special edition from charlotte. we'll be right back. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office.
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vice president biden has been a guy who speaks from the gut, who can connect with union halls as naturally as he
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negotiated with fortune leaders. last night, he tiered up as his son, was also a major in the delaware national guard placed his name into nomination for a second term. >> four years ago, because i was going to iraq, i asked you to be there for my dad. and you were. and for the last four years, i can say with certainty, he has been there for us. >> vice president praised the president's gutsy move on the auto bailout. he's been effective at courting those so-called noneducated whites, demographically kacarvet up. >> it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people. never. my fellow americans, america is
6:18 am
coming back and we're not going back! and we have no intention of downsizing the american dream! >> joining me now, delaware attorney general, beau biden. >> i was thrilled with my dad and my mom. i think they both did a good job and obviously a good president delivered a great -- >> it was interesting, we hadn't had it this way before. normally, wednesday night is the vice president night. last night, he served as sort of the bad cop, good cop at points. what did you make of the different arrangement of this convention? >> when you're able to start with michelle obama and give bill clinton an opportunity to lay it out and then be able to give a ring side perspective like my dad did, that's what it was all about. michelle, bill clinton and then barack obama, that's, the convention was phenomenal. >> is he comfortable playing bad
6:19 am
cop sometimes? i was surprised at the bin laden -- >> he was. the reality is he wants to make, to give the american people the perspective of what the president does every day. to make sure average americans are taken care of and that they have a foundation to build a better future and that's what last night was about. given the decision, the single biggest decision in his administration, going after and taking out bin laden. that's what last night was about. >> were you surprised, i mean, did you guys look at what romney did on that thursday night, the lack of mention of afghanistan and was more add it last night to talk about national security than maybe a week ago? >> i don't know, but i'm confidence the president would talk about veterans any way.
6:20 am
i'm confidence michelle would have. my mom would have. i was stunned they didn't in tampa. stunned. you know, we've been at war for over a decade in afghanistan. 6,509 of our best and brightest fallen angels as killed in action. 50,000 with ptsd. the idea that mitt romney didn't mention veterans once, paul ryan i don't think mentioned them. paul ryan when asked about what his foreign policy expeesrience is, i'm told he said that i voted to send soldiers to war. i mean, come on. i don't get it. it was remarkable, remarkable oversight or i don't know what it was, but it was remarkable. >> let me ask you about who takes it more personally when you see the attacks on your dad? you or your dad? >> always harder to be the family member, i think. but you know, i've been around
6:21 am
this a while. i'm 43. in washington. my dad has relationships with world leaders. he's respected internationally, here, in congress, on both sides of the aisle. one of his closest allies who he didn't agree with much, jesse helms. strom thurmond. so, this is a man who has 40 years of experience building relationships and you see the attacks now. >> it has been a concerted effort to really -- seemeded like they singled him out. >> because he's scoring points. they know he's one of the best communicators to the middle class. they wouldn't be going after him if he wasn't scoring points. >> it's a convention featuring a president running for re-election, which means, one of my favorite nuggets was, oh, the leader of the democratic senate, state senate in iowa, just
6:22 am
happened to be an invited guest. that was not an accident. >> you know, we remember people who were friends. and so, they were labor leaders in the box. members of state legislatures all over the country. >> just some happened to be from iowa and new hampshire. >> they did. chuck, you know this. the only thing my dad's focused on is november 6th. in making sure the president gets re-elected. >> do you know for sure this is his last campaign? >> i know for sure he is only focused on november 6th. what i know for sure is all we're focused on is is november 6th. >> delaware attorney general, nice to see you. charlotte, good host? >> oh, the mayor's done a phenomenal job. the whole city, the whole state. i'll be back here and we're going to do our best to win north carolina again here. >> thanks. the stock market is set to open this morning at the highest
6:23 am
level since president obama took office. how will wall street though react to what were disappointing jobs numbers? market rundown is next, but first, today's trivia question. who was the most recent winning democratic presidential candidate to lose the state in which his party's convention was held? tweet me the answer. it's a tough one. it's a friday. first correct answer will get a -- from us. the answer coming up. we'll be right back.
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jobs market is providing ed of a recovery, levels unseen since before president obama took office. the dow surged 244 points to close at 13,292.
6:27 am
the highest since december of 2007. nasdaq hit a high and the s&p 500 reached 1432, closing at its highest mark since 2008. and check out the numbers when compared to the depths of the rescission in 2009. those have doubled in value. the dow and s&p and risen more than 100%. becky quick is here with the market rundown. try to help me out here. the markets love this economy and yet, we're not creating any jo jobs. >> yeah, the jobs number today was a disappointment. it came in at just 96,000 and the expec expectations were 125. a lot of analysts raised their number, so this was a disappointment. if you looked at the unemployment rate, it dropped. some would look at this and say it was decent. the headline tomorrow, it
6:28 am
dropped to 8.3%, but economists i talked to said it's hard to spin this as a positive number. that number came down because the labor participation came down substantially, too. $250,000 fewer people were looking for jobs. that brought the labor participation rate down and that's the lowest level we've seen in 31 years. now, this goes back to the same story we've seen that companies are doing well, for profits are there. but ceos we talked to at least still express a lot of caution about hiring because they're just uncertain about where we are headed. there's a lot of things still looming from the troubles in europe to the fiscal cliff we are facing at the end of the year to questions about what we're doing with tax rates down the troad. i think that's one of the things really keeping companies from hiring. >> hoarding cash, profits right now? >> i wouldn't say hoarding cash
6:29 am
or profits. if there's demand, consumers who are going to buy their goods, they will produce more. it's been a very uncertain economy. if you look back, every time it looks like we're about to get going again, something cuts into that. maybe that's a situation where you see a drop back because of what happened last spring with the other issues that are out there, but it's an uncertain global economy and companies and ceos say they're not going to hire unless they're sure someone is going to buy their products. >> thank you. next, our friday panel will be here. we're going to wrap up the week and still to come, we'll hear from the white house on those jobs numbers just released. first reacts from the white house. back in 30 seconds.
6:30 am
this morning, a kennedy may be returning to congress. and gabbie giffords brings the dnc to tears. he defeated two lesser known democrats to win the massachusetts primary. kennedy is the son of former congressman, joe kennedy ii and the grandson of robert f. kennedy, so a new generation possibly of kennedies coming to congress. he faces a republican business man in november for a house seat left open by retiring democrat, barney frank.
6:31 am
now, a bizarre update to the story we reported here yesterday where for one philadelphia man, it turned out the joke was on him. so christopher shell was the target of a prank yesterday on a dallas bound flight when someone called us airways to say he was carrying liquid explosives. he was removed from the plane, questioned and the situation was determined to be a hoax. but after the plane finally made it to texas, shell was arrested by local police on charges completely unrelated to the prank call. it turns out he was wanted on several preexisting warrants in texas. finally, former arizona congressman giffords brought the dnc crowd to tears last night as she led them in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> as giffords left the stage,
6:32 am
she blew a kiss to the crowd, chen chanting her name and wiping away tears. all right, the conventions are done and the candidates made their cases. we've got 60 days until election day to hear a lot more of it, but the messages we heard in tampa and here in charlotte work? look at it side by side. >> president obama began his presidency with an apology tour. america, he said, it dictated to other haitinations. no, mr. president, america has freed other nations from dictators. >> you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. >> president obama began to promise to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. my promise is to help you and your family. >> i never said this journey would be easy. and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder. but it lead to a better place. yes, when we keep our eyes fixed
6:33 am
on that horizon knowing that confidence is with us. >> there it is, a little side by side comparison. let's bring in the friday panel. conventional wisdom going to be set here. before we get to the convention, how much, john harwood, do you think this jobs report stepped on the president's speech? >> not much. i think it's not helpful to the president. it's a weak number. but we've known the job market is weak. it would have only made a difference if it was catastrophically low, like negative. it's not much of an asset for the president and i think the, this was baked into expectations. >> it was interesting to watch the grading of the speech. romney was graded on a curve up.
6:34 am
seems like the president was graded on a curve down, but you've got to put them side by side. >> i think obama -- is a better speaker and the the speech was better in terms of concrete specifics. i was sort of struck by how some of the speeches with your workman like approach. expectations for romney were quite low and he exceeded them and expectations for the president were much higher and he did not beat them. especially because he knew the jobs report was coming. >> now everybody's looking at the patience line. i think they knew patience had to be. >> if this was a horrible, horrible, horrible jobs report, maybe he would have altered the speech. i don't think they had to do much to change the speech because it was kind of knew this was coming. the white house knew what was
6:35 am
going on here and i don't think had to augment it much. >> who had the better convention? >> democrats. bill clinton's speech was really memorable. joe biden's speech better than paul ryan's. michelle obama's speech really fired up people as well. nothing has changed the number, they've been so stable all year long. it's hard to know if there's going to be a big shift, but more consistent of a democratic set. in a room, more enthusiasm from the democratic side. >> you've got to divide up this campaign in parts, right? so, general election when it started in april, basically, a dead heat. romney got a little bit of a bump, then the summer happened. president won the summer. conventions at best, romney got status quo, but i think we'll probably see how the president maybe goes back up, bumps up a point or two. romney's running out of moments
6:36 am
in time to change to race. >> i looked at the real clear averages for battleground states, the president was leading in 10 out of 12. new flight of advertising. >> wait a minute. you call them 12 battlegrounds. what does romney call them? eight battlegrounds. >> not in wisconsin. not in michigan. his options are narrowing. i agree with perry and i talked to a republican congressman yesterday who said look, their convention is better than ours. the question is, does it matter this late in the game? we will see whether it gets a bump. if the president gets a bump, that puts him in a fairly strong position. >> i remember in '04, i would say kerr iy lost the convention. there was a point in time in september, looked like the president was about to break open the brace.
6:37 am
change the trajectory of the race and it was dead heat the rest of the way. >> they've made no bones about this is where they see a turning point. the obama campaign knows this is going to be important and it's hard to decide who to give the edge to. romney has debated multiple, multiple times. much better on offense than defense. both have a tendency to look at the -- so, i think it's going to be an interesting. >> let's talk quickly, joe biden. it was interesting they basically made him a warm up act for the president and used president clinton in the position that the vice president normally takes. >> there's a couple of things. this was a good speech for joe biden. he's had a couple of weeks where he hasn't looked as serious as he could be. this was a serious speech. the fact they made him a warm-up act, i think that was interesting, but when you look at bill clinton's speech, you understand why. >> they wanted clinton.
6:38 am
they decided this. >> absolutely. that speech was huge. >> also, the poll numbers. bill clinton, michelle obama, extremely popular. joe biden is viewed more negatively than positively. >> the three most popular democrats in order are michelle obama, bill clinton and barack obama might be third. >> right. >> no question about it. stick arpd. you guys are sticking with us. we're going to go to the white house. alan krueger coming up. programming note for you. a big sunday on "meet the press." an exclusive interview, david gregory sits down with mitt romney, his first appearance on "meet the press" in five years. but first, i know you guys want to know this. the white house soup of the day. the staff will be eating roasted chicken and vegetable. don't forget, check out our facebook page for a look we hind the scenes of our show here in charlotte. these folks have been great. the applause sign went up right
6:39 am
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so it's energy straight from nature to you. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can.
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that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. the conventions are over, the race to november is on. they're shadows each other today. both have events in iowa, new hampshire. what do they need to do to win in november? let's bring back the panel. here's a number to think about. we have the eight states romney's in. so if you're conceding wisconsin, that means if mitt romney wins seven of the eight states he's targeting, but loses florida, president wins re-election. he wins six of the eight states and loses ohio and virginia, president's re-elected. that's a problem. >> no question about it, barack obama is favored in the race at this point. it looks close nationally. it is close nationally, even close in a lot of those swing
6:43 am
states, but the president's got more options, leads in more places and he's got a likability factor that helps him a lot. just as mitt romney saw in his speech the need to raise his faif favorablety, the president's task last night was to deal with the disappointment factor and give people who vote for him, but don't like the results, a reason to be hopeful and i think that's how his speech was. >> this is my theory on how to see the bump. it's not going to be in the head to head. you'll know if there was a bump. likabilile tility for romney. >> likability gap, yes, romney has not solved that problem. >> we'll see. first poll's in ten days. >> i think it's going to come down to ohio. it's going to be ohio, florida, virginia. that's what we're going to end up watching at the end of the day. >> i think he's added two of the three states. >> i'm with you. nothing novel here to say.
6:44 am
the race is pretty stable. static, not much has changed. i don't know that mitt romney did enough to solve his negative rating problem. >> all right. stick around. now, alan krueger is finally done with some other network that ends with the letters, nbc. who was the most winning democratic candidate to lose the state in which his party's convention was held? the answer was john f. kennedy. it's hard to imagine today that a democratic would lose california. remember, he was running against a californian, richard nixon. nixon won california. if you have a political trivia question you think should be on the show, e-mail us. we'll be right back. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor.
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well, the obama
6:48 am
administration wanted to employment rate to drop, but we're guessing not like this. the rate fell to 8.1% primarily because of people leaving the workforce. at its lowest level since the start of the reagan administration. joining me now is alan krueger. i got to ask, how is this feelsfeels like ground hog day. when do we get out of this? >> no, chuck, as you know, i try and look at the big picture and i think the big picture is that the economy's continuing to recover from the very deep recession. when the president came to office, the labor force participation rate was already down to where it was in the reagan years. but when you look at where the economy's going, we're on a much better path than we were when the president came to office. we've now had 30 months in a row of private sector job growth and we're going to keep at it. the president is committed to
6:49 am
per suing policy will strengthen job growth. he's not satisfied with things are right now, that's why he asked congress for additional funds to invest in infrastructure and to ask state and local governments to keep first responders on the job. >> you said we're healing. is the patient out of the hospital at least? >> i think we're providing the patient the right medicine. it's important we continue with that medicine. i emphasized the american jobs act. also, president proposed extending the middle class tax cuts. everyone says they agree with that. congress ought to get that done. that will be additional medicine that will help reduce uncertainty, help middle class families who need help, use help in this economy and strengthen the recovery. >> it seems the biggest reason for the surprisingly small growth in jobs was a negative number from manufacturing. that had to be the most alarming
6:50 am
statistic in this report, was it not? >> well, as you know, because you talk to me each month, i try to not make too much out of any one month's number. over the last 30 months, we've added over half a million jobs, which is a remarkable turn around given the past two decades. going on in manufacturing was we had a benefit of fewer temporary plant closings back in june and july so there were fewer recalls and given the way the seasonal adjustment works that had an effect on the numbers for the auto sector. but manufacturing also is particularly affected by what's going on in the world economy, why it's so important that we take the steps that we can take to strengthen our own economy, such as the infrastructure investment and teachers and also the last thing i would add to that list is helping families to refinance their mortgages which congress has legislation before them right now that they can pass. >> you described unprecedented
6:51 am
headwinds. it seems europe is doing something healing. do you expect bigger job gains over the next couple of months or do you think we're stuck in this rut through the rest the year? >> you know, the situation in europe remains somewhat fromagi. the announcement from mario draghi was received very well. it's important european leaders implement the commitments they announced. they have the capability to address their problems. we need to be aware that there are headwinds out there from europe, potentially other sources, and that's the nature of economic recoveries, there's ups and downs and we need to take the steps we need to take to strengthen our own economy. >> mr. krueger, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, chuck. >> let's bring back the panel.
6:52 am
john, you're the cnbc guy. you hear that. i've heard that from mr. krueger every month it seems for the past six months. >> yeah. >> what else could he say? >> nothing else company say. nothing else he could say for quite a long time. that was the point of the president's speech, patience. the irony of this economy, good for corporations, good for investors, by and large those people have turned against the president, and the president is trying to court are the ones way down by the weak jobs market. >> i'm struck by the fact that the mountain accepted his nomination on the night that the stock markets, all those indices, the highest it has been in his term. >> incredibly striking. we're watching this kind of stasis. you mentioned before these things are not running in tandem. i think the president did not make a very strong case for moving forward but do i think he made a strong case for patience. >> we do have a paul ryan
6:53 am
response. he just on cnbc a few minutes ago. here's his reaction to the jobs report. >> this is not even close to what a recovery looks like. look, we would need to actually have 150,000 jobs traded just to keep in pace with population growth. this is not what president obama promised. i would argue this is the result of failed leadership in washington, bad fiscal policy coming from the administration and that's why we have this very tepid report. >> interesting that he used the word failed leadership in washington. he didn't throw it all on to, almost like -- i don't know if he meant it bipartisan but may have been. >> he's talking about washington except the house republicans. >> he didn't make that exception. it was interesting. but, you know, look the obvious this sort of help them recover after what was a convention that put them on the defensive. >> absolutely. what else do you expect to hear from paul ryan. if it was 130 it would have been higher bar. so it's one of those things.
6:54 am
it help them maintain this theme going forward in the last two months. if they had a particularly good jobs report it would have taken the within out of the sails. >> watching the romney campaign when they picked ryan they were saying okay i want to go big, i want to have a larger conversation, we won't do this little campaign by press release. when you see them react the way they are reacting to the jobs report which s-again, you would expect them to do, somehow in the last week or so are going back to let's try to win this as a referendum on the economy. >> it was very much in that direction. the challenges, they've already got 40% based on job numbers being bad. it's baked in the numbers already. i'm not sure he's going to keep persuading new voters with some other message. >> you think that -- >> different policy but that hasn't caught either. >> they seem to be back to the referendum, john. >> yes, they are back to the
6:55 am
referendum. that's what the romney campaign want this to be. i don't think they want to run on the medicare plan. by the way, chuck, is perry bacon jr. is another way of saying pb and j. >> you want to end on a lighter note. do we a video of sarah palin reacting to john kerry. >> i think he diminished himself by even mentioning my name. how does he know my name. are these bigwig elites that don't waste their time on little people like me. >> such an obscure figure in american politics. >> palin. how do you pronounce it? >> i remember her vaguely in the news. >> you know, there's something going on there. it looked like she's only going on via skype. what was she doing there?
6:56 am
>> the normal little people, you got to use skype to be on national television. >> don't know why john kerry would bother -- >> she is irrelevant. >> we'll get you to play to the crowd. shameless plugs. >> good story about delegates who came here and are unemployed. >> charlotte international airport. keep moving, guys. >> saw a story yesterday about the negative politics of the obama campaign. >> i would like to point to the people who made the very effective videos at both conventions that didn't get too much air time including one on veterans. >> my plug is to charlotte, great food. you easily top tampa in the food department. trust me i put on weight because of it. barbecue, hamburgers.
6:57 am
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