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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  November 14, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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tonight. >> i have a special good night "the last word's" best and most devoted follower in missouri, patty brock, who has been watching every episode every night we've been on. great to have you every night, patty. good night, patty. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from new york. president obama went to bat for the middle class today and mitt romney is still beating up the 47%. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> with respect to the issue of mandate, i've got one manned day. i' -- mandate. i've got a mandate to help middle class families and people trying to get to the middle class. >> the president dry drawas line in the sand for the middle class. >> the only question is are we going to hold the middle class hostage. >> and gets as angry as you will ever see him taking on an old bitter foe. >> if senator mccain and senator
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graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> tonight congressman tim ryan of ohio on the president's middle class rally be cry. jonathan alter on the epic throwdown with john mccain. plus the new senator even nate silver didn't see coming. >> we missed the north dakota senator. >> yes, you did. >> heidi highcamp joins me for an exclusive interview. and republicans in ohio haven't learned anything. tonight state senator nina turner on today's republican vote to defund planned parenthood. >> good to you have with us tonight. thanks for watching. absence of arrogance. president obama continued his fight for the middle class today and hit back at republican bullies in the process. the president held his first new conference since winning the president once again pipts the first time he's faced the news media without the worry or pressure for reelection.
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president obama is staying in constant communication with the american public as he makes it clear the country cannot afford to extend the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. >> this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. if there was one thing that everybody understood was a big difference between myself and mr. romney, it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit, i argued for a balanced responsible approach and part of that included making sure the wealth yet americans pay a little bit more. >> the president's plan with this whole game, with all the card out in the open and on the table. you nome what, think about this, the president could have said i don't want to do that, i think i'm going to cave in today. you don't have to worry about anything, he's not up for reelection. he played with heart today. this is the guy you voted for. this is the guy who said all along he would fight for the middle class and that exactly what he's doing for his press conference, asking for $1.6 trillion in new revenue and the the public is okay with his approach.
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>> more voters agreed with me on this issue than voted for me. we have a claert majority if we're going to be serious about deficit reduction, we have do it in a balanced way the own question now is are we going to hold the middle class has toj in order to go ahead and let that happen. >> president obama continues to demand house republicans pass a bill extending the tax cuts. wouldn't that be good for the economy? the president is open for compromise but he's not going to give away the store, not this year. he learned his lessons back in the lame duck section of congress. >> what i will not do is to have a process that is vague, that says we're going to sort of kind of raise revenue through dynamic
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store and the reason i won't do that is because i don't want to find ourselves in a position six months from now or a year from you-from-now the only way to close the deficit is to sock it to middle class families. >> now that is the classiest way i have ever seen anybody say, you know what, somebody's got to pick up the bar tabs, boys. this is what president obama ran against notice presidential election. mitt romney's approach to tax reform was trust me. the american public wanted specifics and president obama continued to give specifics today but the economy wasn't the only thing on the president's mind today. earlier in the day here's another development. ambassador to the united nations susan rice came under fire from republican senators, senators john mccain and lindsey graham back at it trying to trump up
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the ben gansy roles. they took their shots and the president hit back. >> if senator mccain and others want to go after somebody, they should go after meand i'm happy to have that discuss with them. but for then to go after the u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence she had received and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> that's loyalty to a staff nem. if looks could kill, the president's look would be a cruise missile. >> it was the most sustained anger, i think it will be the most sustained that we have seen and will see coming from this president in a display in a television news conference. now, there is no evidence the ambassador did anything wrong
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regarding the benz attacks. president obama is not about to let a member of his administration get drugged through the mud by the righties. he was also very calculating on his take on the scandal surrounding former cia chief david pezus. >> i am withholding judgment on how the process around general pettia came up. and it's also possible you'd be asking why are we interfering in a criminal investigation. i think it's best right now for to us see how this whole process unfolded. >> the president also showed the immigration he has and pressure on republicans to reach a bipartisan agreement. >> before the election hi given a couple interviews where i had predicted that the latino vote
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to be strong and that and. >> i gets it's full steam ahead for the president's second term. he knows the work is not over on immigration. that is it going to be a big issue in 2013. climate chang came up today, which is very important to the economy and the economy itself. president obama needs to pain t -- maintain the support of the american people. at one point he was asked "you got a mandate"? >> with respect to the issue of mandate, i've got one mandate. i've got a mandate to help middle class families and families that are working hard to try to get in the middle class. that's my hand date. that's what the american people
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said. they said work really hard don't worry about the party interests, don't worry about the special interests. just work really hard if can you help us get ahead because we're working really hard out here and we're still struggling, a lot of us. >> the president already said the bush tax cuts for the rish will expire and he said the tabs cuts for 98% of americans must be extended. now who can have a problem with that? as it is the ball is in the hands of the republicans. the president basically is daring them to defy his mandate. kind of they -- you know, i think they will. i don't think they want a deal. they'll talk about it but i don't believe that they want the
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deal. > . >> do you trust t-- joining me tonight is ohio congressman tim ryan. >> great to be with you, ed. >> are we seeing a different negotiator evolve here after the election, meaning he doesn't have to be rebolden for nv ib, he's not what he ran on, how energized are you and maybe some other democrats in the house when you see that? >> i was just thrilled today. i think this is the most presidential he's ever looked. he was strong, he looked like a leader. when you get into the process of governing, there needs to be a slow burning intentionity to
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push your things through. he this h that today and i think it showed real leadership. i think what. >> the people and he really got reconnected. he knows who he's fighting for and he's doing it in a way really that only he can do. >> congressman, collectively do you think the democrats believe that the republicans will do a deal? >> you know, we're skeptical. i'm trying to figure out which republican could vote for an increase in taxes and sill they have to go back home and get prime aired eye and if they can't come to grips with a balanced deal where you're asking the wealth yet in the
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country, who have paid -- made so much money over the last decade, then that really show what is kind of party they are. and this is about the values that we hold as americans, ed. this is not about numbers. it's about values. >> when you look at the way this is etting up, this has a lot 2014 talk to it already. these republicans are going to have to go home and explain why you couldn't get along with the 98% of americans. that would put that against the middle class, wouldn't it? >> imagine on friday and they're all sitting around the table and the president says, hey, fellas, you're going to be responsible for raising taxes on middle class americans. if you fail to agree to top are on the driveway on the way out of here.
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>> now, you just mentioned a moment ago that the president is well connected. he read a letter from the tennessee voter today who did not support him in this lek cycle but had a message for all poll signatureses in the wake of this election. here it is -- >> my home, he wrote, is that we can make light of personal and party principles, special interest groups and years of business as usual. we've got to work together and put our dinss aside. i doesn'tcy it better than -- they talk to each other. it's their own little group and they turn on each other and they get redurj waited and then turn the been patriot.
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>> there was no mandate for change in this election. of course not in your congressional district, you got 80% in a conservative public district. get your head out of the sand, look what's going on in the rest of the world and realize you don't always get your in live. but there are no relationships i've ever been in or anybody i've ever met where there isn't some compromise. so why would you come to the united states congress representing 300 plus mmm people, 435 members of congress and you think you're going to get your way 100% of the time. it just doesn't any sense. that's why the president has got to be so intense and so firm and stick to his guns here and let them collapse, let them told. >> quickly, congressman, 60 vsh 40, 70/30, where is it on a deal? >> the fact that you can't call if after what we've seen.
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>> they're getting into the back yards of these righties and tell them this is the way you want to go if you're going to save the refreshry. >> absolutely. now we see the business leaders come online, too, to get with the program. there's something bigger than justover own political still. be. >> we always loved to know what you think. coming up, john mccain is leading the attacks on u.n. ambassador to usan rice. mccain had a few words for cron than cain this afternoon. we are right back. ♪ if it wasn't for you
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coming up, the president gets after john mccain and smacks him down because of his attack on susan rice. these two stories and these two
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people have a strier. >> mitt romney's first remarks following his big loss last week are a total confirmation of everything we saw on his 47% tape. he says the president won reelection by giving big gifts to minorities and to young voters. full details coming up. and for some region, ohio republicans continued their war on women with a vote to defend than radical lngs in the works. ni nina turner. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees, all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound of tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, just 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake.
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welcome back to "the ed show." senator john mccain is leading a preemptive strike to keep u.n. ambassador susan rice from being nominated for secretary of state. rice's name has been floated as a possible replacement for secretary hillary clinton. but mccain says he's convinced that rice -- he pledged to do everything he can to stop rice's noom nation from moving forward. >> susan rice should have known better. i will do everything in my power to block her from being the united states secretary of state. she has prove i don't know that she either doesn't understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face.
8:20 pm
>> and of course, mccain has enlisted reinforcements. senator -- >> if she didn't know better, she shouldn't be -- >> when they go after the u.n. ambassador, partly because they think she's an easy target, because thern li because they have a often me. leading all the way back to the last presidential campaign, when mmm cane announced he was spending the campaign to try to solve the fiscal privacy in this country and automaker needled him with had response. >> it's my belief that this is exactly the time that the american people need to hear
8:21 pm
from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible for dealing with this mess. and i think that it is -- it is going to be part of the president's job to deal with more that be one thing at once. >> after mccain joked about going to war with iran, by turning it into a beach boys dong plet you're slate light right that theys have to be prudent in what they say, i don't know how credible that is. >> then there was this exchange over al qaeda. >> i have some news. al qaeda is in iraq. al qaeda, it's called al qaeda in iraq. >> i have some news for john mccain. and that is that there was no
8:22 pm
such thing as al qaeda in iraq until george bush and john mccain deto invade iraq. >> and when senator obama became president obama, the partisan rhetoric didn't stop there. instead he has constantly undermined the president and his policies. back in 2010, mccain had a list of complaints over health care reform. one of his issues, the negotiations were not being broadcast on c-span. heres at president responding. >> let me just make this point, john, pause we're not campaigning anymore. the election's over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> let's bring in jonathan alter. jonathan, i don't think the two
8:23 pm
like each other. it just seems john mccain is looking for any opening he possibly can to make problems for the president and the country. your take on it. >> well, the reason was president was so ticked in the press conference today is he learned just before the press conference that john mccain and lindsey graham were intending to fill busser should she mean. if you turn back the clock to when condoleezza rice was taking all she was george bush's secretary of state because she had fallen for this faulty intelligence on iraq. remember when she talked about the mushroom cloud, it's because she had believed the cia so all that susan right has done ands
8:24 pm
they only this kieer be. >> then senator obama defended condoleezza rice on is really hip crit call and really annoying to the president. she was doing exactly what mitt romney. in the third debate, mitt romney did not bring up benghazi. why? he was given an opportunity by bon schieffer. he had just gotten a classified briefing from the cia that told him what everybody who has got from in the glassified briefing knows that it was the cia's fault they department get information faster on what happened in benghazi. it was not at all susan rice's fault. >> the president said today the congress had the same information that susan rice had but john mccain was out there blabbing thorn saying she should
8:25 pm
have known better. as federal budget she doesn't have good enough to be in is that for this system and really it's discouraging for senator mccain who in the past i think has had wide respect on boothe both sides of the i'll it ton is to he was running against a wing er so the only reason he's doing this is out of personal weak or some other cranky motive and he just needs to give it up and lindsey graham needs to give it up, too. they need to suck it up and start to work across the aisle like they have in the past and show some basic respect for the president of the united states. >> this is the first shot over the bough as to how the next
8:26 pm
congress are going to feel about what another. do you think mccain can stop her. >> oh, sure, they can stop her in the senate. it only takes a couple of people to phil buster start. then in i they don't back down, did will be for confirm. >> a lot of the -- maybe drink something harder and try to work this out and establish some kind of relationship on behalf of the american public. >> mccain has not shown any interest to work anything out with the president. think think you wee can hold on both on that one. next up, mitt romney talks to big money donors and doubles.
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welcome back to "the ed show." president obama wasn't the only one speaking out today. the mister, mitt romney, held a
8:31 pm
conference call with his high doll dollar donors. he doubled down on his 47% comments. he said the president won by following the old playbook, in giving gifts to, quote, the african-american community, the hispanic community and young people." the former candidate went on to to say," with regard to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of collection can help come in handy. >> for more let's turn to john nichols, washington c pond sent.
8:32 pm
>> it turns out he was lying to fox, of all people. the fact is this goes deeper. this is actually not just saying there's 47% that relies on government, he's actually saying that young people, people of color in this country, working folks can be bribed with contraception? what do you think he was saying referring to them as gifts, when the people of this country voted for the krez when he said hfs going in the house and senate went along with it to pass something. how can that be a gift? >> this is government. and unfortunately it seems to me that mitt romney has been listening not to conservative media but to the fringe of the right wing, the people who actually this think country is
8:33 pm
divided into makers and to takers. this is a fantasy. we have a governor in this country who does some things and most of what mitt romney is objecting to is government. >> is there a government component here. mitt romney is talking about giving more tax breaks. >> paul ryan did an interview just this week where he was talking about the urban areas voting in a certain way. it seems that this is the fantasy, the delusion they've decided to carry on. they doesn't lose because their ideas were bad, they doesn't lose because of mistakes, they lost because somehow the 47% was given so many gifts that it dwru into -- got into 51%.
8:34 pm
>> they are going to be dogged by comments like this. it's not inclusive. how. >> we have republicans across the country saying we have to reconnect and connect with people young. dollar this gave them. >> john nichols, great to you have with us tonight. thanks so much. >> there's a lot more coming up in the next half hour of "the ed show." >> in my own personal experience, it was very important for me to elect young people and encourage people to come and when they come here to give them opportunity to serve. >> 2012 is the year of the woman in congress. tonight north dakota's first female senator heidi highcamp
8:35 pm
joins me exclues i. >> hons ka'. >> ohio republicans are already trying to defund planned parenthood. state senator. >> last time i was at a gas station of i would say two months ago zip rarely put gas in the chevy volt. >> i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget some good honors cars. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 dusters extender can clean hard to reach places
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8:39 pm
house democratic leader two more years. she actually hummed the song "hallelujah." this is a record breaking group, my friends. there was barely room on the platform for all of them to show up and be a part of it. pelosi will be joined by 80 other women in the u.s. hope of represents. it a dis are prn. republicans counted on congressman rick berg to defeat heidi hitekamp. >> we missed the north dakota senate race. >> yes, did you! you said republican rick burke would win.
8:40 pm
he lost. >> he lost. >> former north dakota attorney general -- 59% of the folks vot voted him. i can tell you anybody is saying how in the world did a democrat win in north dakota? you know the culturalish ushs gays, guns and god, the g word," how did you a tlut about all of this they care about a farm bill, they care about energy policy, but mainly they care about sending people who know how to get along and get things done and it's no different than anybody you've been hearing all across the country.
8:41 pm
the american public is tired of the partisan bickering, they are tired of all of the back and forth. they want solutions to these problems. >> solution, tax cuts, would you go for getting rid of the bush tax cuts and taxing the top two%? would you go along with that. >> le take -- my big concerned is the difference between earned and unearned income. i say this every time. the bob cat worker in north dakota pay as higher tax rate than paris hilton because she doesn't earn her income. he just lets her money make her money. we need to figure out a way to equalize those rates. maybe not to make them identical but to equalize them. when mitt romney pays 15% and
8:42 pm
the average american mied family pays much higher, there is something with the tax code and that needs to be fixed. >> what about going back to the old race, going back to the wealthiest americans paying almost 50%? what do you think about that? you need to look at on what kind of income. to me the discussion is more about rates, what do we apply those rates to and how do we equalize people who make a lot of money on -- >> how did you say about houm wear.
8:43 pm
. >> there's good and bad in the health care law. we need to keep the good parts. a lot of people thought you should run away from it. i said, wait a minute, there's some really good things that need to move on. health care is way too important to politicize it the way it's been politicize z the lar year opinion. >> what advise would you give after today's press conference, trying to fight through the obstruction we can anticipate what it's like from the republicans? >> i thought the president was right when he said what's his hand date? his mandate is to help working cls class folks, get starting some jobs and real economic involvement in our country so woo get people back to work. >> i was going to ask you about that, about energy policy. i know that oil is huge in north
8:44 pm
dakota, no doubt. what about the pipeline? would you support it? >> i've always supported the key foen tie you have people on the left who say it's all about renewables. if we were going to have avenuend went -- >> whatever it takes to get this back working. >> heidi, you are a tough person. i hope can you cut through it all and do deals for the countrynd the people of north dakota. if you were to compare yourself to a senator, thinking alike, who would it be? >> it would be kent conrad. that's no surprise to you.
8:45 pm
kent and i have been friend as long time. he encouraged me to make this run. he cares about the deficit like no one cares about the deficit in this country. i intend to pick up that mantle and deal with farm bill and help our stay become busy. >> heidi being good luck to you. thank you. and she's a friend of mine. you can tell. >> thank, ed. >> coming up, i'll show the fat deniers. and as we head to new york break, one of the great hashi harbingers. 'tis the season.
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and we always love hearing from our viewers on twitter on "ed show." many of you are applauding the defense of u.s. ambassador susan rice. hank from las vegas says why are republican men always picking on democratic women like susan rice? this makes them appear very week. and denise thinks senator grahams and mack cane are still smarting over the 2008 loss. we'll have all the details next. stay with us. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat.
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it's like earning capital. you asked do i feel free. let me put it to you this way. i earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now i intend to spend it.
8:50 pm
>> the good ol' day, president bush flaunting his political capital in 2004. since last tuesday, republicans have been making the presidential candidate and frequent rewriter of american industry, congressman paul ryan of wisconsin, rejected the notion that his party's ideas lost by making the claim the election was too close. but the fact is, president obama won a mandate, a larger mandate than john f. kennedy in 1960 or richard nixon in 1968, or jimmy carter in 1976. he wasn't that old. and definitely larger than george w. bush in 2000 and w. in 2004. president obama won the popular vote by 2.9%, added seats in the senate, and added seats in the house. my friends, that's a mandate. it should come as no surprise, republicans are once again ignoring the facts, it's what they do, isn't it? but no matter what they try, how
8:51 pm
they try to spin it, the numbers just don't lie. when president obama was asked if he felt like he had a mandate, this is how he responded. >> i've got one mandate. i've got a mandate to help middle class families and families that are working hard to try to get in the middle class. that's my mandate. that's what the american people said. they said, work really hard to help us. don't worry about the politics of it. don't worry about the party interests, don't worry about the special interests. just work really hard to see if you can help us get ahead. because we're working really hard out here and we're still struggling, a lot of us. that's my mandate. >> and that is not a president boasting about political capital. there is a completely absence of arrogance that makes it very clear. he's married the message from the middle class, he's got work to do, he's going to get it done, and this fight for those
8:52 pm
middle class americans out there to continue on in our economy has just started. tonight in our survey, i asked, do you trust republicans to protect the middle class tax cuts? 3% of you said yes, 97% of you said no. coming up, ohio republicans push an extreme agenda against the will of the voters. and ohio state senator nina turner joins me to set the record straight. stay with us. we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪ zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil.
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[ husband ] transfer! [ male announcer ] free data transfer at home. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. and in the big finish tonight, ohio republicans are pushing an extremist agenda, just one week after an election in which voters re-elected president obama and reaffirmed
8:56 pm
progressive ideals. well, they didn't get the memo in ohio. today, a house committee approved a bill to essentially defund planned parenthood. house bill 298 passed on a party line vote, and it will strip $1.7 million from planned parenthood. nearly 100,000 women in the state use planned parenthood, mostly for preventative care and birth control. every single medical professional in the state testified against the bill. at a news conference opposing the measure, ohio state senator nina turner wore a t-shirt, offering a different meaning for gop. there's a closer shot of the t-shirt. so you get the picture. it's not just about planned parenthood. ohio republicans also want to revive the so-called heartbeat bill. which would unconstitutionally ban all abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. on election day, 56% of ohioans say they believe abortions
8:57 pm
should be legal all or most of the time. joining me again tonight is ohio state senator, nina turner. senator, great to have you with us tonight. i guess your t-shirt says it all. what the heck is going on in ohio? they just haven't got the message. is this going to pass, to defund planned parenthood? >> it will, ed. unless god himself comes down here, and even that, i'm not so sure. you know, the gop will not be satisfied until women are barefoot, pregnant, and back home by 5:00 p.m. to cook dinner. and as one of my tweeter fans put, back in the binders. you know, it makes absolutely no sense. they don't want women to have any choices or any voices. this is not about whether somebody is pro-abortion or pro-choice. this is about whether or not women will have the preventative care, services that they deserve and they need. this is about our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our aunts. and an ideology that has gone absolutely wrong. ed, i've said it many times
8:58 pm
before. i am absolutely, unequivocally convinced that the republicans have lost their ever-loving minds. >> what about governor kasich? is his hands on this too? where does he stand? >> well, you know, ed, you know, i saw information that the governor met with the gop to talk about the lame duck agenda. i'm not so sure whether or not they mentioned this to him or not. the fact of the matter is, he does know now, and he has not said anything up until this point, but this is about an extremist agenda being pushed by the gop legislature, namely in the ohio house. and as you mentioned in your opening about the so-called heartbeat bill, that would effectively make roe v. wade not the law of the land in the state of ohio, which is unconstitutional, and even if a woman is dying, she could not have an abortion in the state if it passes. it is not the heartbeat bill, it is the heartless bill. and we're sick and tired of men trying to make women second class citizens in this state and in this nation.
8:59 pm
and i hope that all folks are outraged by this, ed. this is immoral to take services away from poor women, young women, african-american, latino, asian. you just name it. women are not second class citizens and we are not extensions of children. we are grown women and we know how to make decisions when it comes to our own bodies. >> nina, i understand that you're considering running for secretary of state of ohio to replace john huested in 2004. is that correct? >> well, i am considering that ed. we will see. but ohioans need not only state legislators who will stand up for their rights, but they also need to have a secretary of state who understands that voting in this state has nothing to do what your party affiliation is. it is a fundamental right and it should be protected by the secretary of state, not abridged. >> all right. state senator nina turner, thanks for joining us tonight. appreciate your time. crazy stuff happening in ohio. it just starts right up, doesn't it?