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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 21, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PST

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here we go. good morning. i'm mika brzezinski here with joe scarborough, this is "way too early." it's -- it's thanksgiving. does it get any better than this? >> this is just fantastic. >> thank force being up. we have a lot to talk about on this wednesday, november 21st. >> secretary of state hillary clinton rushes to the middle east to tackle the rising violence in that troubled region. you will see what she said after a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin net yahnetany. >> first breaking news, a bus has exploded in the middle east. the bus was across from the milita military quarters in tel aviv. one witness calls the bus completely charred, this as hillary clinton is in the middle east trying to diffuse the
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explosive outbreaks between israel and gaza. she met with president abbas this morning and will also sit down with egypt's president. last night secretary clinton mourned the deaths on both sized but that the u.s. backed israel's right to defend its borders against hamas which she referred to as a terrorist organization. >> america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that's why we believe it is essential to deescalate the violence in gaza. the goal must promote regional stability and advance the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> as diplomatic efforts ramp up, the u.s. blocked a u.n. security council resolution yesterday condemning the conflict because the resolution didn't address rockets fired from palestinian territory.
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to politics, one thing not to be thankful for on the eve of this holiday season -- 2016. that's right. just two weeks after the longest, most expensive and most exhausting election in u.s. history, troubled eyes are turning this morning to 2016 speculation as it begins over the next batch of candidates. republican up and comer jeb bush jr. says his dad needs to make a run for the white house. >> your dad going to run for president? >> i don't know. no comment. i certainly hope so. >> which is it, i don't know or no comment? >> you said. i don't know. no comment, and i hope so. which are all kind of contradictory. you hope so but -- >> full loaf of bread there. >> word out of florida is jep bush is getting his ducks in a row for 2016. jeb jr. also weighed in on marco rubio, another potential 2016
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candidate. earlier this week rubio passed on a question on the age of the earth, calling it one of the great mysteries. not to scientists, they say it's 4.5 billion years old. jeb called rubio's response a head-scratching type of answer. senator rand paul of kentucky is ready to follow in his pop's footsteps and make a run for the top spot, but the 2016 republican field may be missing out on one famous campaign ritual, the iowa straw poll. after 33 years, governor terry branstead said the event outlived its usefulness. that's an understatement. it does not predict success in iowa. just last year, michele bachmann won before finishing sixth. as the northeast recovers
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from hurricane sandy, new jersey governor chris christie is receiving praise. 36% of new york voters say christie did the best job respond together disaster. 22% say president obama's was the strongest. not everyone is happy with christie. some republicans recent the popular governor for doing his job. they say the governor's praise of the president hurt mitt romney's chances on election day. romney -- >> wait. wait. wait. helping people through a storm is a bad political move? is that what they're saying? >> who are these? are these undisclosed names or people speaking out? all right. well, they're talking about data showing a high number of undecided voters who chose president obama at the last minute citing his handling of sandy as the major reason. >> congressman allen west of florida is admitting the song is over. the tea party republican conceded to his democratic
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challenge er patrick murphy aft two weeks of recounts and accusation saying the vote was unfair. west released a statement he believes there are inaccuracies in the results but his legal team doesn't believe there are enough votes to change the outcome it was the most expensive congressional race in history. no word yet on whether allen west believes his opponent will join the fabled communist caucus. >> that's a good question. in business news, markets look to rebound after stocks finished relatively flat yesterday following a new warning from the central bank about the fiscal cliff. speaking to the economic club of new york, bed bernanke urged lawmakers to reach a deal to avoid the automatic spending cuts and tax increases. bernanke said going over the cliff would pose a substantial threat to the economy. hewlett-packard stunned the markets after alleging an
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accounting scandal at its british software unit would cost the company $8 billion. hp stock plummeted 12% on tuesday. then there's the fate of the twinkie. it's not looking good. >> oh, no. >> hostess brands will proceed with a plan to go out of business after last-minute talks with striking workers broke down yesterday. the company and bakers union had entered mediation in an effort to try to save over 18,000 jobs. president obama is calling on congress to follow the example set by former u.s. senator warren rudman of new hampshire who called for bipartisanship during his time in washington. he passed away on monday from complications from lymphoma. he warned against large federal deficits and was a fierce critic of the reagan administration in the 1980s iran-contra affair. >> the american people have the constitutional right to be wr g
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wrong. and what ronald reagan thinks or what oliver north thinks or what i think or what anyone else thinks makes not a whip if the american people say enough. there comes a point that the views of the american people have to be heard. >> the new hampshire senator didn't seek re-election in 1992. later saying "i can see the republican party gradually being taken over by movement conservatives and self-commissioned christian soldiers whose social agenda i found repugnant." warren rudman was 80. as the president considers his cabinet for a second term, the "wall street journal" reports eric holder will likely stay on, at least for the start of the new administration. holder clashed with congress for refusing to turn over certain documents in the fast and furious gun trafficking scandal. he had been the first sitting attorney general to be found in contempt of the house of representatives and he faced
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kritd sic criticism also for the general petraeus situation. the white house has remained largely quieted about potential staff shakeups. france is ending combat operations in afghanistan, ahead of nato and the american military's draw down in 2014, france is leaving now. on tuesday, france withdrew its final 500 troops. it once had 4,000 troops deployed in the war zone, among the most of any allied nation other than the united states. 88 french military personnel were killed during the country's 11-year commitment. there are new details, joe, emerge bgt e-mails sent to jill kelley, a friend of david petraeus which ultimately exposed his affair with biographer paula broadwell. according to daily news
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broadwell sent kelley an anonymous message saying "i can make you go away." >> she's magic. >> the sender also posted of having powerful friends. the investigation into the e-mails also revealed general john allen was communicating with kelley. his nomination to serve as supreme allied commander of europe is on hold after some of those messages were described as flirtatious. a new gallup poll points to the scandal on general petraeus being considered once a presidential candidate. since january of his last year, his unfavorable marks are up 20%, his favorables are down 15%. >> if you look at those numbers, he still has four times the support as congress. >> that's true. i guess that's one way of looking at it. we'll move on. it could take another five years for the church of england to reconsider a measure to consecrate women as bishops after the motion fell just short of approval yesterday.
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opponents argued against the church's authority to change the policy suggesting it went against the bible. supporters say female priests represent an important role in the church and deserve the opportunity to attain the title. yesterday's vote came 18 years after the church opened the priesthood to women. finally, kevin clash, the puppeteer behind "sesame street's" elmo character has denied allegations that he sexually abused boys. a $5 million lawsuit accuses clash of having sex with a boy almost a decade ago. another man made claims last week but later recanted the story. sesame workshop said the didn't became a distraction to the show. still ahead on "way too early," history was made last night as a sophomore from a college you've probably never heard of smashed the ncaa scoring record.
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my parents -- >> do you get champagne goblets -- >> i'm cooking for me and my mother and father and i will get in big trouble because i can't cook. let's check the weather now. >> i'm not cooking. >> yeah? >> no. >> i believe it. >> near is bill karins. >> oh, i am. i'm going to bring it up to mika's house for dinner, she invited me. >> my goodness. >> i'll see you there. >> i'm just waiting for those directions. >> those -- lewis! can you google directions? >> i was hoping to have no concerns for people today, i'm sure a ton of people are leaving and heading out the door as we speak to get to their destination. fog is the big issue. not so much on the east coast but through the great lakes. anywhere near lake michigan, wisconsin, indiana, illinois, portions of iowa, missouri. this is the pea soup thick fog, too. once people get on the roads and the airports started getting
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busy, i think we'll get delays. visible in saint lewis is down to a tenth of a mile. chicago down to a quarter mile. that's dense enough that we'll have delays at the st. louis airport and at owe pair. right now, no delays. the plains are just starting to get up and running. it's still very early in the morning in this area and region. i don't think the fog will lift until 10:00, 11:00 a.m. the afternoon will be fine, but airport delays likely in the midwest. seattle to portland, more heavy rain for you on i-5. that will improve as we go throughout the afternoon. your wednesday forecast, no issues whatsoever from boston to new york all the way down through the southeast into atlanta. but, again, early today around chicago and st. louis, the afternoon looks gorgeous. look at denver and kansas city an st. louis, record highs today. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. thanksgiving day parade, no problem whatsoever in new york city. 54 an sunny. there won't be issues with fog, just a few showers late in the
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day. once again, anyone in the midwest, especially near lake michigan and chicago, you are the travel trouble spot with dense fog. that's about it. >> thank you very much, bill. greatly appreciate it. let's turn to sports. setting up what is sure to be an epic collapse next year, the new york knicks remain the hottest team in basketball. last night they took on the hornets in new orleans. the first quarter, carmelo anthony with the spin move and foul. anthony would finish with 29 points. second quarter, knicks up by six. raymond felton with the wide-open three. knicks win 102-80. they own the best record in basketball at 8-1. to the west coast, the lakers playing under new coach mike d'antoni who resigned from the knicks last year. ko kobe bryant dishing to gasol. the dunk. l.a. up by three, four seconds left. williams up for the three. it doesn't go. the lakers win their first game
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under coach d'antoni. they improve to 6-5. finally ncaa history was made last night in iowa during a division iii game between grennel and faith baptist bible. jack taylor set a new ncaa scoring record with 138 points. >> hello. >> 138 points! >> oh, my gosh. >> in his team's 179-104 win. taylor was 52-108 with a whopping 27 three-pointers made. according to espn he took 77% of the team's shots. it amounted to a shot every 20 seconds. the previous scoring record was set in 1954. >> crazy. >> when rio grande scored 113 points against hillsdale.
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taylor told reporters that prior to the tipoff he met with teammates for a pregame devotional, the first time he's ever done that. >> he'll do that from now on. >> as always, shoot us an e-mail at waytooearly@msnbc or tweet us. let us know why in the world you're awake this morning. we'll read the best responses later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," as if congress neededre raises new alarms about the fiscal cliff. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler. >> oh, my lord. >> what is going on with the lab coat? >> let me read this. a helpful crash course on preparing your turkey. >> all that when "way too early" returns. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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all right. this is where we say enough with the real news, let's send it ov over. what is lewis wearing? >> will you learn how to cook turkey today. he's a gentle creature with
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frail hands, frail bone structure. as you talk about slaughtering turkeys this weekend, i think turkeys have much more of a masculine bone structure. >> take it away. >> it's time to gather around the water cooler. president obama pardoned some turkeys. peta has objected to the pardon saying -- >> what are you wearing? >> it's more like a chef's coat. >> really? you look like you're about to perform a state-sanctioned probe. >> last night david letterman was in on the turkey jokes with governor chris christie as the punch line. >> did you see him yesterday? he was testifying before a senate subcommittee. did you see this? >> i didn't. we have footage. >> the republican governors.
2:54 am
and one of the reasons why you have 30 republican governors in america, and why we were the only organization to add strength, we went up from 29 to 30 republican governors is because people see us getting things done like this, getting things done for people. that's what we hope to emphasize and talk about. i don't think this is a core, philosophical examination we have to go through. what this is is about doing our job jobs. >> he was on "morning joe," that's where he was. >> that's funny. >> i don't remember that cooking segment on the show. do you remember that? >> yeah. yeah. >> he's always multi-tasking. >> since we're on the topic of turkey prep there are many different ways to prepare your holiday bird. some more dangerous than the next. let's look at what we got. the leaves on the trees have all changed. ♪ hand turkeys adorn the walls of every kindergarten in america. and your mother-in-law can't
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wait to tell you about the new romance novel she's been reading. there's only one escape -- they tell you it's too dangerous. but you're going to do it any way. ♪ because it's delicious. >> that's a bad idea! >> drop and run, dude. drop an run. >> i think it's working! oh, lord! >> the turkey! >> this year fry smarter. ♪ >> oh! >> so how do they -- they get cameras inside your kitchen, mika? >> inside your kitchen. the national turkey federation
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has a set of safety tips that you need to follow. >> there's a national turkey federation? >> there is. make sure your bird is defrosted completely. avoid having the heat on too high. don't leave the fryer unattended. commonsense stuff. but we tried our own turkey, it broke apart obviously, but i thought i could cut you a slice. that beautiful golden brown sheen. >> you do that. we'll see you later, thank you very much. "morning joe" is coming up soon, right? >> yeah. we have texts, e-mails -- >> we'll read those, see you soon. >> i think i'm breaking it here. >> that's great. >> put the knife down. >> oh, gosh. almost every weekend. derrell hasn't been able to visit his mom back east in a long time. [ shirley ] things are sometimes a little tight around the house. i wasn't able to go to the wedding. [ emily jo ] since derrell couldn't get home, we decided to bring home to him and then just gave him a little bit of help finding his way. ♪
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[ laughs ] [ applause ] i love you. i love you, too.
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[ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later. i don't know what he's still doing here. at the top of the show, we asked why you're still awake. why are you still here? >> we have to make sure this bird is stuffed. >> out. leave. >> you got it producer john tower has your answers. >> jay writes a big fan, but why all the leg? you're better than that. >> no, i'm really not. what else you got? >> john in ma