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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  December 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i get to ride my bike. for a living. i hope to be able to do it for a number of years, yeah. xx . terrifying, dangerous, explosive situations. split second dilemmas. a house on fire. >> the flames come through the window like they belonged in the house and i didn't. >> a car out of control. >> i knew i was probably going to die. >> a down sightseeing plane. and abduction in broad daylight. >> it looked like she was fighting for her life. >> witnesses must decide whether
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or not to intervene at their own risk. >> i got to think quick before this guy kills someone. >> "caught on camera: what would you do?" if you're a clerk at a store that trades in gold, you never know when trouble is going to walk in the door. >> there was something that just didn't feel right. >> december 23rd, 2011, hendersonville, north carolina. it's 15 minutes until derrick will close for the day when a guy in a hoodie comes in and heads straight past the counter. >> he's like i have a gun. give me the money. give me the money. give me the money. >> derek's choices in the next few seconds could determine the rest of his life. >> gimme the money. >> i figured he was just going
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to rob me and shoot me. >> if someone who says they're armed tries to rob you, what would you do? give the robber what he wants? somehow try to call for help? or would you risk everything and fight back? >> so i reached in the counter to give him the money, and i kind of looked over, and i saw he was pulling out a bag, and when he extended his arm out to take it, i just saw like an opening. hit him real clean, and kind of just knocked him out. it's like when you hit a baseball and you know it's a home run. >> derek's never been robbed before, but earlier that day an inexplicable premonition creeps into his normal routine. >> i had a weird feeling, just kind of one of them instincts that something was going to happen. >> armed only with his sixth sense, he stays on the lookout,
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and when danger walks through the door, it's almost like derek expects it, but that doesn't keep him from being afraid. >> you know, there's a lot of stuff going through my head. first it was panic. like, to give him the money. then when he came around the counter i started thinking about my family. i mean, all this happened within probably probably a second. who are you son? you know, i kind of shook him, just shook him a little bit, slapped him on the face. when i saw the gun was a fake, i felt, what is your problem? don't you [ bleep ] move. who you trying to rob? you punk [ bleep ]! >> derek calls the o cop and while he's waiting he notices his clean punch has caused a bloody mess. >> i started looking at the blood while we were sitting there, and i'm like, i'm not cleaning this up. we have a roll of paper towels there. i grabbed the towels. i said, man, you can start cleaning up your own mess.
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>> [ bleep ] you. you can start cleaning this up while we wait. get to cleaning. i swear to god, man. i one here to rob you, man. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> as the cleanup continues, the cops burst in ready to take down anything that moves. >> all the way down. >> for all they know, derek could be the perp. >> put your feet behind you. put your feet behind you. >> instead of going out in a police car, the robber, identified as mustafa hindi gets carted out to an ambulance as a result of derek's beat down. what derek called a fake gun turned out to be a pellet gun and he's charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. he pleads not guilty and
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awaiting trial. >> if he would have got the bag and got out the door with it, he would have only got $37. >> when the cops first question derek, they doubt the details of his story. >> they were definitely asking me, what happened? what happened? i said, i hit hit one time, and it knocked him out. they're like, no, really? they're like, how many times did you hit him? >> but it's all there. caught on camera. >> once we went over the footage, they were like, oh. so it was pretty funny. you know, all the cops were like, we don't encourage this, but they're like, nice hit. we've all felt it, the rush and crush of getting ourselves and our possessions through airport security. but have you ever left anything behind? even for a moment? >> you're trying to catch your flight. you have to take your shoes off, your jewelry off, there's a
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little bit of heightened stress just going to the check point. >> january 18th, 2012, ft. lauderdale hollywood airport. getting through the line, this woman forgets her rolex. what would you do, like this man, you spot a $6,500 watch lying there? run after the owner to return it? give it to airport personnel, or play finders keepers? so what does he do? >> even though there's no audio to the video, you can almost hear his thoughts as he's looking at the watch, and it's almost like, there's the devil on one side of him, and, you know, the good samaritan on the other side of his shoulder. >> and off he goes. he may not have planned it, but now he's a thief with a brand few rolex. 40 minutes go by before the woman realizes her watch is missing and unreported. broward county sheriff officer lieutenant bryant montgomery
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gets the case. >> when i first viewed that video, i thought, this guy had several opportunities to do the right thing. he had several opportunities to stop the lady. he could have handed it over to a tsa agent. he didn't do any of that. but what was more aggravating, was that the victim then goes over to a bench, get herself straight with her belongings, and he did the same thing right next to her. he looked right at her and knew that was the same person right in front of him. >> even with all this video, the odds are pretty long they'll find a thief that has flown off to who knows where. >> there could be thousands of passengers flying out at any given time. they might live here. they might not. they might live overseas. just because we have them on video doesn't mean when he know who they are. >> it takes him three days of pouring through hours of airport security video to find the
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thief. >> finally found him coming into the airport. went up to a kiosk, and that's how he checked in. and only one person used the kiosk at that precise moment. we got his name. we got his picture. it's the same person in the video, so we knew who he was. >> after more digging, lieutenant discovers that the man lives right there in south florida. we knocked on the door of his condo and he answered the door wearing the ladies watch. he said it was a gift from god. i think he really believed thatful he said ever since i believed this watch from god i've had nothing but good luck. the grateful victim gets her watch back three months later. the thief gets a fine and probation. safe to say his luck has run out. coming up, flames devour an occupied house, and a neighbor has a decision to make. when "caught on camera: what would you do." returns. try running four.
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ah, just another day in paradise. until it suddenly turns into a terrifying nightmare. >> one minute we're flying. the next thing i know i'm upside down in the water strapped in asking myself what happened. >> january 2012, honduras. a float plain with pontoons for landing on water crashes in the caribbean sea. >> it just skimmed over the surface, and then it flipped over. with only the wreckage to hold onto, a stranded family and pilot struggle to survive. but they then spot it. >> that plane just crashed. >> by a boatful of day trippers who change course and race to get there. >> i said, go, go. let's get over there as fast as we can.
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>> larry, friends and crew will soon have a decision to make. should they attempt to rescue the victims with a possibility of leaking fuel and sharks in in the water or wait for a professional rescue team to get there? what would you do? >> i didn't think twice. i knew we had to get there. it was just go for it. seconds makes the difference between life or death. >> andy atkins, his wife jenny and 4-year-old son logan just bought a condo and made this part of honduras a home away from home. >> it's a really nice island. very great beaches. wonderful scuba diving. >> two months before the crash, andy took his first ride on the float plane with his old college buddies. >> it really was a fun ride. you get up there. you can see views of the island that you can't get any other way. it was the highlight of our trip
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in november. >> so in january andy decides to share the thrill with jenny and logan, and by coincidence the crew films them flying overhead. >> we waved at everyone on the beach. really didn't know that anything was wrong. i only learned later that an engine went out. >> first toe arrive on the team are forsysth and his band of rescuers. they fear they're already too late. >> we couldn't tell if everybody was out of the plane. >> you got anymore? they're all out? where they at? in the rescuers go. full speed ahead. >> we swam as hard and as fast as we could. >> holy. >> andy and the pilot have gotten free from their harnesses and bring jenny and logan to the
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surfaces. >> they were alive, but they were both rag drols. appeared to have drown or nearly drowned. foaming at the mouth, eyes in the back of the head, just unresponsive totally. >> logan finally takes a breath, but jenny is still unconscious and not breathing. >> they all appear to be in shock. i remember her lips were very blue. i was very fearful that she may not have been alive. i'm thinking, we need to get her out of the water. >> with jenny in tow, forsyth starts swimming back to his boat, afraid time is running out. >> just then he sees a vacation yacht. >> they yell out to us, we have doctors on board, bring her here. >> so right away we started swimming her to the yacht. as we got close, they reached down and pulled her up on the swim deck. >> linda, a trained emt, doesn't hesitate to join two doctors who happen to be among the
5:16 pm
vacationers on board. >> my feet just took me. i just got a -- a feeling of -- i can help, and immediately went right into action. >> they tried to keep me away. they tried to get me up on the main deck of the boat because i was no help and i was panicking. >> the doctors work feverishly to keep joanny and logan alive. >> it was pretty serious. she started to throw up bubbles, froth. she's not getting oxygen to her body. in any kind of emergency like this, oxygen is one of the first things you can do to save a life. >> within half an hour, the rescuers get logan, jenny and andy, all still in dangerous condition, to an emergency room on the island. the pilot, not badly injured, stays with the plane to get it towed to shore. it never makes it and ends up
5:17 pm
sunk and unsalvageable. after four days in the hospital. father, mother and son slow slowly mend. the team work and commitment of strangers has saved their lives. >> it's such a rewarding feeling knowing that you were there at the right time, at the right place to help another human being. >> good to see you. really good to see you. >> i thought about what a hero is. it's somebody that doesn't hesitate. when they see someone that needs help, they don't hesitate at all. >> a raging inferno with the building's owner possibly trapped inside. a merchant down the street sees the smoke and dashes to the scene. >> i'm thinking if i don't help the people are going to die. >> february 18th, 2012, massachusetts. bobby sing runs the convenience
5:18 pm
store across the street from nebraska funeral home. he knows the owner well. security videos capture the house starting to go up in flames. to save his name, wayne brasco, bobby has a fateful decision to make. call 911 and wait for the fire department or risk his life and run into the burning house that's connected to the funeral home. what would you do? without a moment's hesitation, bobby singh dashes up to the house to warn wayne and his brother kenny. no time to call 911. >> i tried the front door. i rang the bell. almost five, ten times i rang the bell. nobody gave me a response. but i go inside just to yell out his name. kenny! and i said fire! fire! fire! can you come out? >> i was just watching
5:19 pm
television. >> in the back of the house wayne brasco, laid up with a leg injury is unaware of the fire up front. >> first i thought, oh dear, someone's house in the neighborhood is on fire. you're used to the noiss on the street. >> from another part of the house, kenny staggers out behind bobby singh through the thick choking smoke, but where is wayne? >> by the time i got eight or ten feet into the living room, which is in the front of the house, i saw flames coming up through the windows. the flames came up through the windows like they belonged in the house and i didn't. >> just three minutes after someone out in the street calls 911, fire trucks arrive. the house is totally consumed by flames. >> i say, listen, the rain is still inside the house.
5:20 pm
>> unbeknownst to kenny and bobby, wayne has managed to hobble out the back door. the house was totally engulfed. i kept trying to holler to him so he would know i was outside. i just hope he heard me. >> out of earshot from wayne, bobby still has no idea that his friend has escaped. >> he said when he pulled up, bobby singh. he had tears in his eyes. he said he couldn't get he out but he tried. so he brought him over to see me and saw me in the driveway and started to cry. >> the fire department later determines the cause to be improper disposal of smoking materials. >> he demonstrated an act of courage and bravery. >> a few weeks later wayne's son paul presents a resolution to
5:21 pm
the council honoring bobby singh. >> you have to pause and put yourself in his shoes and ask, would you have done what he did? really would you? his son is with his him here. and also his dad dpod give me the strength to save somebody. >> yes, i can bobby to be a hero and my hero. >> coming up, bike thieves go to work in broad daylight. >> my bike was stolen from right in front of my apartment. >> when "caught on camera: what would you do?" returns. what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education.
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by the end of this, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. that makes watching tv even better. if your tv were a hot dog, zeebox would be some sort of fancy, french mustard. just like adding fancy mustard to a hotdog makes you go "woah!," zeebox adds video, info, and playalongs to spice up your favorite shows. download zeebox free and say "woah" every time you watch tv. bold thieves prowl the crowded streets of manhattan, brazenly breaking bike locks in front of dozens of witnesses. stealing the bicycle and disappearing into the urban jungle.
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if you were walking down the street and witnessed a blatant robbery like this, what would you do? would you mind your own business? call the police? or would you con front a potentially dangerous thief and risk putting yourself in harm's way? in real life casey is no thief. he's a filmmaker working with his brother van and his pal malik to discuss human nature. >> our goal is to steal the bike in the most audacious way possible. all we wanted was to get caught. all we wanted was somebody to stop us. >> after moving to new york city in 2001, casey quickly lurns what can happen to bikes and bike parts that are locked up outside. >> my first job was as a bike messenger. i lived here a couple of days and my bike, my means of income,
5:26 pm
my means of transportation was stolen from right in front of my apartment. >> he decides to see what people will do, if anything, when they reasons a flagrant theft right in front of their own eyes. so he locks up his own bike in various public places in new york and prepares to steal it. all captured by a secret camera. >> we shot most of the video on these little shoots. these things can zoom in pretty well. it wasn't a camera crew with us or anything like that. it was somebody standing across the street with a little camera. we tried to make it so there was no question about what we were doing. >> first stop, a hacksaw at 1:00 p.m. in the heart of downtown manhattan. >> we started with a hacksaw. it's noisy and took a while. >> as the video shows, more than a dozen people watch him and do nothing.
5:27 pm
>> just hacking through that chain, waiting for somebody to grab me on the shoulder. waiting for somebody to ask what i was doing. >> the second theft takes place directly in front of a police station. >> i'm going to use every criminal's favorite tool, the crowbar. >> in two minutes, the lock is off, and casey rides away. the nypd doesn't seem to notice. he might as well be invisible. >> for this next experiment, my friend malik is going to steal the bicycle. >> i'm black. >> brandishing a pair of large red bolt cutters, malik strolls into a public park and cuts several large chains off the bike. do onlookers behave any differently? >> they didn't.
5:28 pm
it's just like, it speaks volume to just how little people give a [ bleep ] about bike shetheft. i just got a lot of glares. one person screamed somebody while they were working, but nobody stopped. >> off camera a parked policewoman does approach malik. >> she came up and said you can't ride that in here. you have to walk it out of the park. and i had giant bolt cutters in my hand and a stolen bike. >> hood up. sunglasses on. trying to look as criminal as possible. >> casey's next tool takes the game to a whole new level, a noisy cordless angle grinder that winds its way through chain. this time the police do show up. after nine minutes. >> and casey tells them his story when the police finally showed up, i was kind of reli e relieved, once they didn't
5:29 pm
arrest me. i was a little bit happy to see them. >> but the truth is in the big apple bike theft is a low police priority. so what is the takeaway? is there a lesson to be learned from their study? >> people are so crazy about certain things in new york. you see people arguing over basically nothing. like you bump into somebody by accident and that will be a huge fight. but you steal a bike right in front's face, and they just look at you. >> coming up, an attack on a cop tests the onlookers at a fast food restaurant. >> i was worried about the guy grabbing the officer's gun and shooting all of us. >> when "caught on camera: what would you do" returns. the truth about mascara is... it clumps.
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i'm milissa rehberger, here's what's happening. the kansas city chiefs beat the carolina panthers on home turf, a day after one of their players
5:33 pm
committed suicide. flooding in northern california isn't quite as bad as expected after the area was socked by the third straight storm. high winds and heavy rain caused evacuations and airport delays. now back to "caught on camera." a security camera video catches a police officer struggling to restrain a violent thief inside a fast food restaurant. >> i took him to the ground to effect an arrest, and in a split second i was up in the air. >> but when the cop starts losing the battle, customers are faced with choices that could have deadly consequences. >> nobody is doing nothing. i got to think quick before this guy kills someone. >> march 3rd, 2012, pompano beach, florida, if you were here, and a witness to the police officer being overpowered
5:34 pm
right in front of you, what would you do? would you flee the scene? call for help? or would you put yourself in danger to assist the officer? >> i was patrolling the western part of the city. >> deputy kevin meyer of the broward county sheriff office is on his morning patrol. >> the dispatcher came across the air advising there was some sort of disturbance inside the mcdonald's. >> depty meyer responds to the call. >> the manager approached me and pointed the gentleman out saying he had stolen property from a patron inside the store. >> the security video shows the manager pointing to 29-year-old patrick davis. >> i had a feeling he was up to no good. just minutes earlier customer jose ramos observed davis behaving strangely. >> you know when somebody is not normal. he was not normal. his eyes were wide open and staring just into nothing.
5:35 pm
>> and now deputy meyer notices something else. >> when i looked at it has, they looked like they were clinched and he was concealing something. that's when i decided to take him to the ground to effect the arrest. you have a split second to decide how you were going to bring him down. i used a leg sweep effectively. he went to the ground. i had my knee on him. i was attempting to put the handcuff on, and in a split second like superman, he lifted up, and next thing i know i was up in the air with him. >> in a single movement the suspect gains his footing and lifts meyer off the ground. >> grabbed the officer, picked him up. to me itted like the guy was trying to slam his head on the floor. >> the security video shows officer meyer struggling to gain control. but the suspect seems to possess amazing strength. >> once he lifted me in the air he was determined to try to
5:36 pm
break away from me. my only concern was holding onto him and keeping him there until my partner arrived so we could take him into custody. >> it looks like deputy meyer is on his own until backup arrives. as ramose watches, he knows he has a decision to make. assist the officer or stay out of the way. >> i said to myself, i have to do something. i was worried about the guy grabbing the officer's gun and shooting all of us. >> so what does he do? ramos enters the fray and several other men follow his lead. >> i grabbed his two wrists so ho could pull out the taser. >> i deployed my taser. he had no problem at all taking the taser. >> the taser has minimal effect. so deputy meyer tries again. >> the whole time on the video when i'm in the front the taser is deployed in the upper chest area. >> this time the taser subdues
5:37 pm
the suspect and myers is able to get the cuffs on him. >> it seems like it took forever for backup to get there. in reality i believe he was there within a minute. >> more officers arrive on the scene and the fight is over for the moment. >> i walked him outside and turned around to get my paperwork started, and then he kicked out the window. we had to taser him again. take him out of the police car and then shackle his legs. >> davis is transported to a local hospital where he's found to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. >> a lot of times drugs have an influence on people. specifically cocaine and pcp can give them super human strength with a lot of adrenaline. >> he's charged with multiple offenses, including battery on a police officer, attempted armed robbery, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest. he pleads not guilty and is
5:38 pm
currently awaiting trial. in the end nobody is badly hurt. deputy meyer has only minor injuries. >> i sustained bruised ribs from the wrestling and body slam that the suspect gave me. >> but is it really a good idea for bystanders to step in? police usually encourage witnesses to call 911 and not get physically involved. >> in that particular instance, i believe they made the right decision, a violent felon was taken off the street with the assistance of three complete strangers. i think each individual person has to make their own decision. >> it works this time, but it's a risk that must be taken carefully. all aboard bus 91, april 2012, boca raton, florida. two elderly sisters, one in a wheelchair, are about to get on,
5:39 pm
when they're attacked from behind. >> and all the sudden you see him real fast grab the purse. >> in a terrifying instant, the women, one is 84, and the other 96, go down. stunned passengers and bystanders race to the rescue. rose cohen, on her way to class, has just boarded. >> the younger sister, when she fell, the wheelchair came down with her. her head was off the edge of the curb, and she's laying on there. >> if you were there, what would you do? call 911? chase the mugger? or tend to the fallen victims. in this case with the bus full of people, it's all of the above. >> the bug driver already had his phone and he's screaming. everyone is running off the bus trying to see what happened. bystanders actually did run after the kid, but of course no one physically got him. >> the purse snatcher gets away
5:40 pm
in an accomplice's awaiting car. >> everyone is contemplating should we lift her up? they could have broken bones. after we got her up, she said nothing hurt. and we were all right. the younger sister, she had a 200 over 100 blood pressure. >> the strong armed robber remains at large for 12 days, and then an odd thing happens when a news report plays a security video moments before the attack. the suspect can be seen staring at the women, and then riding off on his razor scooter. >> somewhere in the newscast viewing area, a man recognizes the guy on the scooter. it turns out to be his own son. what would you do if you saw your child on the news committing a crime? this father tells his son to turn himself in. when the son refuses, his father
5:41 pm
calls the police. the 96-year-old ends up with two broken ribs, but both women recover, physically if not financially. their attacker awaits trial for battery and strong armed robbery. >> he got busted for theft. which actually i think he deserves. there's your gift. it's karma. enjoy your birthday in jail. >> coming up -- a subway fight that turns a mild mannered subway rider into a super hero. >> i just like, whoa, this is crazy. >> when "caught on camera: what would you do" returns. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it.
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bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. whoa. it's getting downright ugly on the new york subway.
5:45 pm
it's a dangerous situation, and somebody might get hurt. >> i don't like to get involved, because you really don't know what people are capable of. it's none of my business. however, it is a public place. >> march, 2012. the number six train is headed uptown with a man and woman battling it out in a closed subway car. if you were there, what would you do? move away from the explosive melee? wait till the next stop and call a cop? or try to intervene possibly at great personal risk? >> i was just like, whoa, this is crazy. i quickly reached for my phone and started videotaping. >> well, without that response we wouldn't have our story, but then a new subway super hero comes to the rescue, snack man. >> he just seemed real cool. just walked right in there.
5:46 pm
kind of didn't say nothing to anybody. just walked right in, smooth, eating his chips. >> i was eating chips at the time, and they were in my hand. everything happened so fast. i just got in the middle of them and kept eating. i wasn't nervous. >> his real name is charles sonder, and his simple effortless move separates the combatants and creates space for another passenger to move in and referee. >> please get off. >> she's standing in the guy's face pretty much until he got off the train at the next stop. she also diffused the situation. she wasn't eating no snacks, though. >> he takes his video home and uploads it to the web, and the legend of snack man is born. >> i posted the video on youtube probably like a few days after the incident. it was on there for about a week and it wasn't getting any attention. it was about 400 views. the next day i wake up, and it was just completely blown up. it just spread.
5:47 pm
>> but snack man himself has no idea until he gets a heads up from his mom. >> i had completely forgotten any of this ever happened, and then she found out through facebook, and i got a text message that morning that said, hey snack man. i had no idea what she was talking about. >> more than a million youtube videos later, he rockets to stardom. >> peter parker would rip open his shirt. he had on the spider man gear. superman had his alter ego. if you pop open your shirt, what's in there? >> a special suit. i'm not going to do it on live tv. >> chip jokes aside, a serious question still lingers, was it wise for charles to step into the middle of a subway fight? >> i didn't think either of them would try to hurt me. the second i stepped in they
5:48 pm
both stepped out of to get in their own space. you have to assess the risk. if you're going to put yourself in between two people that can hurt you, then you shouldn't step in. a terrifying abduction in broad daylight caught on a security camera. two people grab a teenage woman from behind and pull her to a waiting van. >> she immediately starts fighting back. they drag her kicking and screaming. it locked like she was fighting for her life. >> may 29th, 2010, stafford, virginia. as this chilling crime takes place before their eyes, witnesses seem to keep walking and try not to get involved. in a dangerous situation like this, what would you do? risk intervening to rescue the young woman? call 911 and hope they get here in time?
5:49 pm
or mind your own business? though you can't tell from the video, someone does call if police. the case immediately goes to captain william bowler. >> when i get the call, it's an abduction, a stranger type abduction. >> two minutes before the abduction, a parking lot camera captures the van hovering around the intended victim, with another woman following in pursuit. >> you can actually see the vehicle kind of surveilling her through the parking lot at different vantage points. >> the soon to be hostage runs across the lot with the woman and van still chasing. >> she's on foot. she's obviously distraught. she's walking at a pace and looking over her shoulder like she's concerned about this van following her. and that's when the van makes its move. it coming up. the slide door slides open. two or three of them jump out. they grab her.
5:50 pm
throw her in the van. just that quick. >> the van speeds off with the woman inside, as bystanders look on, apparently immobilized. but while it may look like no one is reacting, that's not really the case. >> two actually dialed 911. then we had another that went into the store and had them call. and one gentleman got -- >> law enforcement springs into action. an amber alert goes out. authorities trace the license plate, identify the vehicle's owner, and then track his cell phone headed south to florida. >> jacksonville sheriff's office put a chopper in the area and they located this vehicle and stopped them. between the time we got the call and that vehicle was stopped, probably not. >> once they stop the van, police are in for a big sur
5:51 pm
pri surprise. >> the family was from rhode island, florida. the 17-year-old did not want to go. they stop and she gets out and walks away. she's not having any part of the trip. she was being a very difficult teenager, so they just decided to put her in the van. >> as it's a family matter, no charges are filed. but the people in the parking lot who thought they were witnessing a crime took important action without putting themselves in danger. coming up, a car going 60 stuck on cruise control. >> okay, sir. calm down. >> when "caught on camera: what would you do" returns. questions?
5:52 pm
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july 30th, 2011, huntsville, texas. police dash cams record a high speed hunt for a man in a
5:55 pm
runaway car. >> yes, sir, i need help. my car is stuck on cruise control. i can't get it off. >> my first thought was, i'm going to die. >> responding to the 911 call, police find his out of control vehicle barrelling down 190. his life and the lives of others may hang in the balance. >> how fast are you going, sir? >> i'm going about 60 miles an hour. i tried the gear shift, emergency brake, regular brake. >> the first to respond to the call is rocky carol, a pennsylvania troll man from sam houston university. >> i medially grabbed a set of keys. >> a fellow officer follows carol. his dash cam is also trained on the chase. >> i'm in a green ford expedition. i don't want to kill anybody. i tried the ignition. it wouldn't work. i tried the dashboard. that wouldn't work. i tried all i thought i could do to try to get the car stopped.
5:56 pm
>> as patrolman carol's car sets out to find jeter, jeter is facing a life or death decision. how to keep from hitting somebody and killing them and himself. what would you do? would you drive off the road at 60 miles per hour? and purposely ram into something, or stay the course and risk dozens of life in hopes that someone, somehow figures out how to safely stop you. >> my thoughts were to swerve off the road, hit a tree and hit something. while officer carol's car races in hot pursuit. he's haunted by a fatal accident in san diego two years before. >> i remember a youtube video with a family of four or five in me. made a phone kwaul to emergency dispatch. and captured all the way to the scene of the crash. and everybody died. >> we're approaching the interception. we're approaching the interception.
5:57 pm
hold on. >> hello. it stuck in my head. it just repeated flash backs. they're on their way, sir. >> cruise control. okay. really. seriously. >> once he's heard jeter's location officer carol also has a decision to make. even if he's able to catch up to jeter's car, what can he do to stop it? >> i didn't have a game plan at this time. i had to focus on getting there. i was emotionally terrified to the point where i thought i was going to pass out. my hands were shaking. my heart was racing, and i was really scared. >> oh god. i'm about to hit a car.
5:58 pm
oh man. >> okay, sir. mr. jeter. calm down. keep it calm for me. >> i knew i was probably going to die at that point. that's when i saw a police car, another suv coming over the hill towards me. all right. i see one trooper right now. university police. lights and siren and everything coming at me. >> and i get up over the hill. i see him approaching. i turned around, and when i did i started from pretty much zero making a u-turn and he's still at 60. i was in that three-digit speed somewhere just to catch up to him. first thing i tried to do to stop the vehicle was get in front of it and slow down, let him make impact. >> about to hit him! about to hit him! [ bleep ]! >> are you still going, sir? >> i'm still going. the first impact fails to stop
5:59 pm
jeter's car. carol slows down and tries again. >> when he got up against me the second go around i just slammed on the brakes and it was just like a train ride. it was like a slow stop. the second impact finally releases jeter's cruise control, and carol's suv brings it to a stop. >> are you stopped, sir? >> yes, sir, i'm stopped. >> once the vehicle came to a stop, i jumped out of the vehicle. i threw the cell phone in the car, and i ran over to the officer that was in front of me in his suv. and he came out, and i told him thank you for saving my life. >> it's okay, man. the ride is over. it's good. you're not hurt. everybody is fine. just chop it up for us. >> jeter later notifies ford. the company has told msnbc our inspection of the vehicle uncovered no defects that would have led to the situation. in general, we are not aware of a safety issue with this cruise control system.


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